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Patriotic, Red White and Blue

These thoughts are not for the middle ground, not for the weak kneed and not for those who belittle our country and search for change.

These words are directed to those who are strongly nationalistic and believe that we are blessed for our beliefs and our actions.

Our world as we know it, starting somewhere in the caveman age and to the very present, has involved mankind"s search for our being, the how, the why and the where to.

Before I continue, let"s get rid of some politically correct nonsense. The term „"mankind""

includes both the male and female species. That said, let me continue. The human species has from the beginning, asked questions and looked for answers. Beginning with hunting and gathering, discovering fire and making tools, we have been on a non-ending search.

Our America and it"s people have excelled in invention, science and innovation. We are thinkers, learners and teachers. Our founders gave us a solid foundation with laws that were well thought out with a common sense approach of what is right. Though there are differences between us, we remain one people joined at the hip and bound together to make us a great nation.

This soap box rhetoric is but one small flicker of a much bigger flame, sometimes called the silent majority, all together saying that America is the greatest country in the world and the American people hold dearly to that belief.

We offer up ourselves to the world everyday to all who will listen. We do so with happiness and joy in our hearts and our hope would be that all the peoples of the world could enjoy the same freedom.

It is the people and not the government who share the goodness, wisdom, caring, and teaching that matters most. Without fanfare, time and time again Americans have been the shining light for all to see. Throughout the generations it has been our citizens who are asked first, to help whenever and wherever help is needed. History has taught those who are victimized, that Americans will positively respond to their needs. They know that we will be there for them! We are the Citizen responders and the angels of mercy for the world.

The United States is, and always will be, open to those who would search out for a fresh start. We are a country of immigrants! New citizens have and will continue to refill our vessel. They offer fresh energy, strength and enthusiasm to their newly founded home.

They bring with them the passion for freedom!

America is a statement, not a question. We are proud, strong and commited. Our citizens speak of our country like they would proudly speak of their children and of their family.

Always with a smile and a rise in their voices, they acknowledge with pride and for all to hear, I am an American!

Yes, we sometimes go over the top with our enthusiasm, but please excuse our sometimes high and mighty attitude. There are those who may come off that way, but deep down they are usually very genuine and perhaps need just a bit of “humble pie.” Please accept our apologies as we offer the world our hand. We hope you will join us in our joy.

American citizens are not greater or lesser individually than those from outside our borders. However, we are uniquely different because of a government designed to be “of the people and for the people.”

Our forefathers, from their experience and foresight, committed their reputations and their lives for the values framed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

This powerful committment given to and for the American people, has allowed us to expand and grow and yet remain loyal to the bond for over 200 years. This difference in governance allows common ordinary men and women to achieve extraordinary feats. Our history books are full of great and notable men and women who have excelled. They are the heroes who gave of themselves for others.

The results of this experiment (the American dream) are of the greatness to which we are.

Generations of dreamers, scientists, teachers, craftsman, doctors, historians, philosophers, artists, builders, thinkers and achievers and last but not least, the great American family, the moms and dads and their children, who love God and country and bind us together with a rock-like steadfastness.

Time in a Box.

My story.

Time and my being. It binds me not by choice, but by nature.

I am bound to the time and to the space that is allotted to me. This miniscule place in infinity where I can only be now and the whole of it, is somewhere within me.

To succeed or fail, to learn or not, this remains always unknown. Only my experiences coupled with those who have shared my ride will know. This experiment, this adventure is given to me by God. My imperfect nature and my ignorance so tightly grips me that I let opportunities pass by. I allow the golden moments of my time to so easily slip away, never to be seen again.

These forever lost moments I let slip by so nonchalantly, wrongly thinking they would last forever. The fact is, that they are a sliver of time, with my borrowed friends, that have deeply etched marks in my soul.

Much of one"s life seems mundane and with wasted time. We seem to neither regret nor rejoice. It just passes.

I would prefer the more memorable things to fill the spaces of my box. The total good of my being and those whom I have loved, along with the place and the time will be a painted reflection in my memory box.

An early life"s memory for me involved a Christmas morning when all the goodness of the season and the comfort of my mother and father, presented to me the true meaning of love. All of the goodness surrounded me on that special morning, yet it passed so quickly and so easily.

I now know how fleeting that time was. I keep that moment wrapped tightly in my box. It is mine and it is forever and nothing can take it away.

I am left with these overwhelming memories, and not knowing exactly what to do with them, I have stored them in my minds box.

Perhaps that is what heaven is all about. This may be the final place where we can open that box and relive forever those golden moments in time.

To my loving mom and dad.

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