Lucid Dream I


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Download this FREE e-book that picks up the story as Samiya Mittal returns to her secluded boarding school in Himachal Valley after her vacation. She is prepared to suffer the hardest time of her life as she is in year 11 now, and has chosen science as her major. But once she sees Aadil, her life takes a thrilling turn. Up until that point, Samiya has just been another person in the crowd; but now she will be recognized as the person whose fate is somehow connected to Aadil--the alluring boy, even before her birth. Deeply romantic, Lucid Dream I capture the feelings of a 16-year-old girl who stands on the fine line between dream and reality--the extraordinary love story of an average teenager. Download it today!


Just loved it, a simple & sensitive account of a 16 yr old's feelings, can't wait fr 2nd part


Just started reading yesteday till page of 90. eargerly waiting for free time to fnsh reading it.. so far the plot was superb

Hemlata Rakhecha

Are you serious. Is the book related to her bad health? Plz reply

Hemlata Rakhecha

I am eagerly waiting for the second part. I have read it number of times and it still likes as if m reading for the first time. eagerly waiting for it to complete. please make second part come soon


what?? are you sure or is it just a rumour?? I keep thinking why she's taking so long to finish the next book. Hope she's fine..

Zahid Ahmed

Swati,I really want you to complete this story & help me get it out of my mind. I am just stuck with it, as Story does not complete in the first book..


what happened to her? is the book kind of a real life story? i just loved the book.. was waiting for the book's release from the past two years.. hope she recovers fast..


Wht a Poem! Plz don't end up the book like this... She can't give up so soon She's way stronger than I knw! God!!! is it going to be true wht I'm thinkin of :0 Please!!!!!!! Hope where ever u r stay in good health n plzzzzzz stop the awaits of so mannyyy ppl dying 2 read the next sequel!


i loved this book. I can't wait for the next book!

Sindhu Potnuru

Hey, how did u come to know that she is in coma? what happened to her?

The writer of this novel is in coma and she is in india presently. Please pray for her


I absolutely LOVED it. Man I feel strange now the book is over. It's like I have been in some sort of trance for a while. Can't wait for the second book. Great job Swati!!


In one word....WOW! cldn't stop turning the pages...the 2nd part pls.


Nice romantic story! Is the sequel already published? Waiting for the 2nd part of the story and its completion...

vishwashree vivek

wow...nice story..though i was a lot fascinated by twilight series... similarly got fascinated by this tangled love story of adi n samiya... really lookin forward for the happy endin climax...plz reveal the climax soon!!!!!!!

Nat Mudge

Loved the story. Well, most of it. Sara felt like an extra leg, most of the time, serving no real purpose to the story-line. She could have easily been left out, and not made a ripple of difference. There's a serious need for editing. It is difficult, to say the least, to have 3 or 4 words connected, in every sentence. I don't know if it was the formatting, or not, but it's a pain.Still, I'd be disappointed if there wasn't a follow-up.


I Loved this book....Its Wonderful....please release the second part soon.........waiting for it...


I am not sure where it's heading but the plots are too much like Twilight.

Deep Sira

I'm waiting impatiently for the sequel and hope that it wud have a happy ending or some sort of happy/paranormal...but I really really like this book...congrats Swati.


I just loved the book....can't wait for the sequel..hope it comes out soon!!

vijay kadam

Loved the book, please get the sequel out soon and let everyone now when its out


i loved the book very much.I couldnot forget the characters Aadil and Samiya.very well written.i am eagerly waiting for the sequel.may i know when it will be released.

Prabhjot Kaur

i loved this book, i failed to stop reading untill i finished it....but end just left me restless...plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz release d 2nd part soon....dying to read!!


Okey... I lost number of how many times I have read this book and I'm dying for sequel ! ! !Really, it was worst feeling ever when a few years ago I understood that there will never be a sequel for this book. Please prove me wrong!As about book it's clear that I love it. Even if it's similar to Twilight I don't care because Lucid Dream is written in much better way.PLEASE STOP MY SUFFERING AND SUBMIT A SEQUEL! ♥


when does the second part come out? :S

sara maan

wow really i adored n loved samiya n aadil's pair ... it was a very wonderful story... i'm eagerly waiting 4 the 2nd part of the story... i hope u realease it soon...


is it end of the story or there are more please tell me theres more

shweta kushwaha

waiting eagerly fr nxt sequel

Harisah Mukati

Really great book... when is the second part gonna be release?? Hope soon...

Sindhu Potnuru

I can never forget this book in my has changed my way of thinking..It took 24 hours for me to read this book..believe me i felt as if was at pinegrove with Samiya and Aadil..thanks for the book Swati..hope u release the 2nd part soon..

Sindhu Potnuru

will i ever get to read the second part of the story??im craving for it

Sindhu Potnuru

This book makes the top of my list of my favorite books..Waiting for the second part..actually craving for it...


please do write the sequel


nice book, very interesting. But I hate the books without endings...


I absolutely loved the book. Good work!!!


loved this book. I too can hardly wait for the sequel


In addition to my previous comment I'd say take a chill pill guys. if it seems a lot like Twilight it's no offence to be inspired from your favorite author. I like Stephenie too but it's true that Twilight was inspired from Vampire Diaries.The fans of the later keep making fun of Stephenie and Twilight. It's not about the idea it's about the way it has been written. Though I expect a good editing in its sequel..:)


Nice work. capable of keeping the reader bound until the end. Too bad it had no ending. I am very eager to read ahead. Though it was inspired from Twilight, it had a lot of Indian taste in it. Grammatical mistakes can be avoided as they are inevitable while writing in Indian background. In all good work Swati. keep on writing. :)


I love this book so much that I read it over 10 TIMES!!!! It is such a great romantic book and I love the characters so much, I am really looking forward to part 2. Keep up the good work

nikita bokde

loved the book,just can't wait for the sequel.. please let me know when it comes out.

Dorie Wallace

This writer's English left a lot to be desired. Only read a few pages before I packed it in.


A Great read I couldn't stop turning pages.


Loved the book. Waiting for the sequel... :)


Loved this book Swati! Regardless of whether this was inspired by Twilight or that there were some grammmatical mistakes, I was totally into Aadil and Samiya's story. Let me know if you need any help with editing your 2nd book - will be glad to help you...


i just loved the book. where can i get the 2nd part please let me know.


Ok but now when can we expect the sequel?


well i must say you did a good job on this one but please dont use too much of twilight in your next book cause it was too similar in this one. it s not very good too as an upcoming writer cause people might still prefer twilight to this. but keep up the good work cause you have a great storyline and im sure the sequel will be a 100% better.thanks for keeping me entertained this past weekend.


Cant wait for the sequel, wow, amazing book, plz plz let it b soon


Absolutely love this book words can not explain how much I do I hope the ending to part 2 ends with him being cured of hiv and them living happy together with their child I think I love this book more than twilight and I'm a true fan I feel like she really captured the love he felt for her I believed in there love more than twilight im going to recommend this to every one


Yes, indeed it is a nice book. Swati is saying, she is not a professional writer, but what would the novel had become if she actually had been a professional one! In the middle of the book I started searching for the school to come to know whether she had actually been the student of Pinegroove school, Simla. I could not find the name in the alumini. Swati must have been a nice product of that or some other nice school. Congratulations to that school and the students there of!


Swati Singla

23 year old female residing in a quite melbourne suburb...just another soul..lost, confused, in habit of day dreaming (that is where lucid dream came from!!!).. An ideal holiday to me is playing wii and reading books. On an average I read 100 books a year and spend 100 bucks a month on buying wii and ps2 games..lols!! I m a girl who stays indoor on contrary to girl next door.." go get a life" is sumthin that my mum texts me every morning wid immense hope.. I m a student presently and one thing i desperatly want to do after finishin studies is to travel around the world. Fingers crossd! Characters like edward cullen and aadil have made it really hard for me to stumble on wid any common human like guy:( so i m planning on maintainin my single status through out..though i want to adopt a baby girl one day..thats another hill to climb.phew!! My favorite thought in this world that inspired this book comes from a song by the script " I know it makes no sense but what else can i can i move on when i am still in love with you". Thats story of my life....u can always tell me urs at swati_!!!!!Cheers!!!

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