Love It or Leave It: The End of Government as the Problem


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Faith in the free market leads many to believe that government is the problem. Conservatives claim that if we could only get the government to stop interfering in our economy and in our lives, then market forces would solve the problems plaguing us today. While politicians offer them the fantasy of ending government through government, this book proposes a simple, realistic plan called the Total Freedom Act that would make it possible for individuals to choose a life either with government or without it. Love It or Leave It strips down some of America's most deeply-rooted, widely-held political beliefs by offering a realistic plan that would give Conservatives exactly what they say they want. What the author has learned through his appearances on dozens of conservative talk-radio shows, is that nobody on the Right actually wants to live according to their ideals. The book is written for Conservatives and for anyone trying to find a new, more effective way to talk with Conservatives. The arguments are straight-forward and infallible.


Total Freedom Act is his sarcastic way of deriding right-wingers. As a fiscally conservative liberal, I could have put forth a few ideas to better gov't efficiency and limit it's size...but I don't think that was the authors goal. I think he is like most of us, fed up with the ineptitude and deciept in gov't and how it has run out of control of the people that it is supposed to represent and serve. Workable solutions are far and few between given the polarity of the parties. What we need is a strong 3rd party(Labor Party?) that could garner enough support to at least shift/moderate the extreme views of the Big 2.

Sheila Robinson

This book really makes you think. It discusses how you perceive the government and what it should (or should not) do for you as an American citizen. Although his idea of the Total Freedom Act is a bit extreme, it reminds us that we all have a choice as Americans to create our own destiny.

eric battles

This manifesto erects the king of all straw men and knocks it down. So we either accept the status quo or become hermits? The author's all-or-nothing idea is ridiculous. Very few conservatives or libertarians are anarchists. Would he be willing to give up every freedom and let the government make all his decisions for him? I think not. His Total Freedom Act is as dumb an idea as a Total Citizen Act would be. The author claims he tried to remove the sarcasm from the book, but his disdain for those with whom he disagrees is obvious. Try again, Mr. Manney. Your book is no help at all.


we need these types of thouts to come into life here in Sudan

don rehrer

I like any book that discusses openly changing government,and how to bring that change.


Mark Manney

Mark Manney is an American writer, recording artist, and social commentator who uses the alias Abscondo to share his ideas across multiple communication channels and art-forms. Important ideas beg to be shared. Some ideas are best expressed through writing. Since 2004, on the Abscondo Blog, Mark Manney has put together what has become a life philosophy and worldview that connects personal topics such as love, happiness, life purpose, health, finance, and politics. In 2011, Mark also published his political manifesto, Love It or Leave It: The End of Government as the Problem. Other ideas are best expressed through the emotion of music. Abscondo is a solo musician who released a well-received debut album called Midnight Snow in 2008. In late 2011, the artist released an ambitious new full-length called Victory in a Landlocked Sea (FREE download here: Still other ideas are best expressed through the dynamics of conversation. The Abscondo Podcast includes honest conversation and interviews with fascinating and accomplished guests. Mark, is also an experienced talk-show guest. Worthwhile ideas speak to our deepest truths, but also must be compatible with present-day reality. Mark is an MBA with more than 15 years of international business experience in the software industry. In the past 7 years, he has worked with many of the world's top brands to generate $19 million in software revenue. Mark is from Seattle but spends most of his time in Eastern Europe with his wife and young daughter.

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