I Trusted Him


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Book Description

Teen relationships are often controversial and severely misunderstood. In some cases these relationships can escalate into what is commonly known as domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV). The more tragic of these cases sometime lead to murder . As was the case for 16-year old Anna Lynn Hurd. This book, "I Trusted Him : The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd," methodically documents the months and days leading up to her gruesome murder, a murder that no one in the small town of Northern St. Paul could have seen coming, or could they?

Susan Moore

I can relate to this. As a teen I was in an abusive relationship but no matter what anyone says there is nothing anyone can do if the person does not tell or will not leave an abuser. Family, grandparents, no one will be able to get you to leave if you don't want to. In my case I didn't have anyone to turn to as I was abused at home too. But I did get out of it both with the guy and a couple of years later out of the abusive home too. I walked out and never to this day looked back. I wish more young girls would learn that they deserve so much better even if things are bad at home they don't deserve to have a guy abusing them. I did and now have a happy life and a wonderful hubby of 35 years. This book could help teens if they would read it and learn that they don't have to stay.

Satish Kumar Bhandari

It is a awesome and sad story of any teenage. It could be you or your friend or a girl in the family. Must read and learn the lessons it teaches


It Was a sad story ( Anna Lynn Hurd ) but in the end I have realized that It was a very helpful book. Thanks for all the advice and for all dhe tips .

Diane Carter

"If the numbers we see in domestic violence were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire world would be up in arms, and it would be the lead story on the news every night." ~ Rep. Mark Green, Wisconsin This statement should outrage everyone reading it. We have a national problem and **we** need to fix it, men and women. Public outrage can make a change. Think about your child. Grandparents are very active in their grandchildren's lives; think about them. When and where does it stop? Who stops it, if we don't? Take action today. Get involved. So many issues start at home in our personally relationships that we build throughout our lifetime. We might be pleasantly surprised at the dysfunction we can repair in our society if we just say: "Enough is enough; stop the insanity now". Read "I Trusted Him: The Story of Anna Lynn Hurd" and you'll see how simple it would have been to save her from walking down the snowy path that February night... yet no one did.


Check out the YouTube video for "I Trusted Him : The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd" Click here now: http://youtu.be/8CPbViNH1hs


Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is more than just the mother of murdered 16 year-old, Anna Lynn Hurd. She is a crusader for anyone who has suffered at the hands of a parent or intimate partner. Having come from a childhood of abuse herself, Jennifer Smith strived to be the parent she never had growing up. Leaving her hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota for Texas, Jennifer Smith was a single mother with the world on her shoulders. Committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence that had played out in her own childhood and young adult years, she set out to make a new future for herself and for her children. The unfortunate events that led to her daughter’s death would serve as the foundation for what she calls her true purpose in life. Helping other parents and teens with awareness about domestic violence as it relates to teen dating is her sole mission in writing the book and in continuing her own journey toward peace and understanding.

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