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In this chapter we will apply the knowledge we have gained. The ionosphere, of which I spoke, is not a problem as long as we realize that it is there and refuse to be blinded by it. By this I mean that we can begin to trust in the subtle impressions we receive from the Higher Self. Those who have greater psychic abilities are less affected by the ionosphere, and tend naturally to accept their subtle impressions because they are more profound. Our inner communication process however, can be of great value to all of us.

In the chapter entitled ―following In the Footsteps of Jesus‖, we discussed turning within to the Higher Self, known variously as the Hamingja, the Atman, or the Father. Mahanta is another related term from out of ancient Tibet.

We often receive promptings from the Higher Self as he or she attempts to get our attention, but Christians perceiving everything outside them selves, generally refer to these promptings as being from the ―Holy Spirit‖, which they don‘t realize was originally a reference to the Higher Self. We can all receive these promptings as a matter of birthright, but to establish an inner dialogue requires that we employ a universal law. Allow me to explain.

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Our entrapment here in Dominion‘s realm included the severing of the 7th, 8th, and 9th bass tones of our third DNA strands, which separated us in consciousness from what we now refer to as the Higher Self.

All other beings throughout the universe are what they call whole, and thus they enjoy their natural instincts. We are universally called ―Shells‖ due to our emptiness of spirit (Higher Self), and this is what Christ referred to when he turned his disciples inward. Consequently, we possess only rudimentary instincts as acknowledged by scientists, and we are less intelligent than beings that live on other planets and in other dimensions.

Therefore, the Spiritual Law of Ego Sovereignty, which states that higher dimensional beings are not to interfere in the processes of those in the lower dimensional realms, dictates that we must first recognize the Higher Self (or the God within), then approach him or her (knock on the door) through the process of meditation.

For those who can‘t, or think they can‘t meditate, there is nothing to worry about. We need only to close our eyes and relax the mind. Focusing all the attention inward, simply make it known to the Higher Self that you wish to make contact and establish an inner dialogue; that you wish to both receive and live by his or her inner guidance.

Technically, the Higher Self, being indigenous to the true spiritual realms beyond the Great Abyss, possesses no gender. However, we have all been incarnating within the material worlds of dualism for eons of time now, and each one of our Higher Selves have picked up certain traits which lend themselves to either one gender or the other. If we are heterosexual, then Escaping Hell©

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chances are that our Higher Self is of the same gender that we are in this incarnation.

Once we have made this commitment, we need to realize that it is possible to relax the mind while focusing inward with a question, and to have that question answered. For most of us, it is advantageous to receive confirmation of the answers we receive, through a physical response to questions designed to elicit either yes or no responses.

For example, I might receive a fluttering in my right eyelid for a yes response, and a fluttering in the left for a no response. I might receive a rush of warm energy up my torso for a yes, or a cold rush of energy downward for a no. Most people balance on their feet, and are pulled off balance forward for a yes response, or pushed backward for a no.

Personally, I receive a movement in my neck muscles, either pushing my head forward, or pulling it back. Ultimately, we want to receive direct communications from the Higher Self, and use the yes/no response to verify our interpretations.

There are a few Adepts who are capable of establishing one‘s connection to the Higher Self, while releasing all potential interferences from the auric field, and establishing protection against outside forces which would attempt to mimic the Higher Self. Some people, however, either feel that they have no need for such procedures, or that they are fully capable of establishing their own connections.

I won‘t be so presumptuous as to suggest they can‘t do this, but for those who feel that they would like assistance, that which is required will be forthcoming automatically, through the Mani-Om-Saw Institute, at Escaping Hell©

Page 43 For those who elect not to take advantage of either the discourses or the workshop, be aware that unless a person is undergoing spiritual purification, interference in the inner communication process is generally not an issue in any case.

Many people are of the erroneous notion that once we have learned all our lessons, we can stop incarnating here and move on. Learning lessons is not what it‘s all about. First of all, we must undergo a spiritual purification process as I mentioned before, wherein certain energies retained in the subconscious, along with associated emotional passions are released in our transcendence of those karmic issues. This allows our vibratory frequencies to increase beyond what would normally be the case.

Secondly, Dominion‘s electromagnetic time loop interfaces with a psychic time loop placed on each of us, keeping us within its cyclic pattern. Thus, our awareness and ―conscious will‖ in the after-death state, may allow self determination between incarnations; but they will not prevent us from having to return to Dominion‘s hell, eventually. The psychic time loop is easily removed as one becomes attuned with the Higher Self through either the discourses or a workshop, but another karmic trap exists.

In the Hindu tradition, there are four kinds of karma discussed. There is past karma, present karma, and future karma which are explained in accordance with the perspective of the guru giving discourse at the time.

The fourth kind of karma is not elaborated on at all, but simply mentioned as being ―allotted karma‖. This is what Dominion‘s archangels have placed on us during our stay in an astral center between incarnations. This is why we never really resolve all our karma – talk about the ―Twilight Zone‖!

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Even for those on spiritual paths where a purification process facilitates the transcendence of all karma, a trap exists wherein the seeds of additional karma are continually fed to us. Beginning the discourses or taking the workshop will release the individual from the tonal frequencies creating disharmonic vibrations within the Causal Body, and any karma requiring a return to hell will undergo purification. In the process, damaged DNA will be repaired gradually, and the vibratory frequency will begin to increase in order that the individual will be able to exist in one of the higher dimensional realms. Those who feel that they are shamanically adept enough to facilitate this for themselves should do so as soon as possible.

Finally, we must deal with our connection to the collective unconscious.

This means that we must come to view all the distractions of the world in terms of a trap that keeps us from perceiving and embracing the reality within. This includes games of one-up-man-ship, table games, television, movies, video games, face book, and generally chasing tails with the


Furthermore, we must have a desire to transcend this world and all its distractions. It may appear that this statement is redundant, but not everyone has a desire to move on from this realm. The lower emotional passions keep many people preoccupied with this world, and with everyone in it. Allow me to provide an analogy.

Many prisoners are released when their time is done, and discover that they no longer fit into society. They have developed a whole new set of ethics, social morays, and view of reality. They have become used to prisoner status and the social machinations that occur between captives Escaping Hell©

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and captors. Thus, many of those who are released do what is required in getting them selves put back into prison, even though they hate being incarcerated.

It‘s the same thing for us. We are accustomed to our environment, and we therefore tend to fear the prospect of having to adapt to a new one, especially if we haven‘t turned within, and come to realize the Self.

Even though this hell is a constant struggle for segments of happiness, and even though most of us believe in a better life after death, we still kick and scream to stay here, regardless of how much we suffer. Those with terminal illnesses will make poppers out of their families, taking shots that cost $20,000 to $30,000 per month, just for the hope of a few more months of life.

To sever our connection to the collective unconscious, we must lose our fear of what we perceive to be death, lose our attachment to this world, and lose our attachment to all the distractions of this world. Finally, we must transcend the passions of lust (not just the sexual variety), envy, anger (associated with unfulfilled desires), greed and undue attachment. These lower emotional passions keep us locked into the collective unconscious, because they provide the mud and dung within which we play like pigs.

Beyond the inner dialogue with our Higher Self, our inner connection will become fully developed through an alchemical process which releases us from another one of Dominion‘s traps. This trap consists of hydrogen electrons in water on the mental level, which effectuate DNA degeneration when we attempt to reconstruct severed DNA strands separating us from the Higher Self.

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In order to benefit from the alchemical process, we must first come to realize that the seeming dichotomy between what we have perceived to be good and evil does not actually exist. This does not negate positive (beneficial) and negative (detrimental). For example, existence outside Dominion‘s hell is a positive experience, while existence in hell is negative.

All things are part and parcel of the ―All‖, however, and the ―All‖ simply is.

Therefore, we shouldn‘t view Dominion as being evil. When we have purified the lower emotional passions, we will be able to perceive him exactly as he is, make proper decisions regarding him if and when necessary, and even fight against him and his forces if we so choose . But we will do so with full realization of the fact that Dominion himself does not constitute an evil force separate and distinct from the ―All‖. For some, this will translate into just so much nonsense, but as we progress on the path, and begin to embrace the reality within, our capacity for abstract concepts will increase.

Along these same lines, we should be cognizant of the fact that the light which is refracted through our ionosphere is distorted, creating disharmonic tonal frequencies, and causing interference which limits the Higher Self in the communication process. Without going into more detail, suffice it for me to say that this additional trap (compliments of Dominion) will be dealt with for those who contact the Mani-Om-Sah Institute, at

Again, those who feel that they are sufficiently adept as to not require assistance with this process are free to utilize this information in effectuating their own freedom.

When we begin the path, the thymus chakra is stimulated, and a built-in trap causes it to send out a message that says: ―Hey, I have nothing to do!‖

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In response, the universe (and society in particular) tries to occupy all our time, and we find it very difficult to find the time required for turning inward.

This issue will also be dealt with, but initially, the Higher Self may use it to determine to what extent the physical consciousness really desires spiritual freedom.

We must keep in mind that as conscious beings, we constitute the ego-self.

Since the ego-self cannot purify itself, we shouldn‘t get caught up in all the New Age systems of self-purification. These systems constitute another trap which keeps us turning outward, rather than within. All we need to do after our process begins, is stay focused within, continue to meditate, and practice the art of emotional detachment.

We must turn our lives over to the Higher Self, and quit trying to be the Captain of the ship. This is called ―Self-surrender‖, and sometimes,

―Walking in the Spirit‖. If we fail to accomplish this, we will undoubtedly fall under the spell of life‘s distractions once again, and our processes of purification and increasing vibratory frequency will come to a halt. This is why most people need a guru, even though none is actually required.

Enlightenment involves recognition of our trap, perceiving the illusion, dispelling the illusion, and achieving detachment from this world, its many distractions, and the lower emotional passions. A oneness with the Higher Self or ―Father‖ if you will is integral to this process. Being someone‘s

―sheep‖, and becoming as ―little children‖ is not conducive to enlightenment. This is the truth that will set us free.

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In Christianity, the enemy has been presented in a three-fold working model. First is the devil, second are all the fallen angels and demons that serve Satan, and third are all the heathens who will not accept Christ as their Savior. Christians today, would not admit to the thought that heathens are their enemies, but if we were to remove the constraints of modern day society, history would repeat itself.

Islamics consider all non-Muslims to be infidels, and these are enemies to them, while Jews consider all non-Jews or gentiles/goyim as they call us, to be the enemy. If you doubt this, just read the Torah (the Old Testament), and if that doesn‘t convince you, read the Talmud if you can come by the many volumes kept out of gentile hands.

The bleeding-heart- pacifist- type of Christian says that we actually have no enemies, while quoting scripture which advocates that we love even our enemies. Of course, this admits to the fact that we have enemies. Then again, Muslims and Jews have no problem admitting to the fact of enemies existing in the world.

In the New Age Movement it is often believed that to be enlightened, we must perceive the oneness of all creation, and therefore give up the notion of contrary forces outside ourselves. Those who have embraced this philosophy, however, live in denial of the fact that we presently exist within the material worlds of dualism. To survive, we must be realists, which is Escaping Hell©

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why most people who walk spiritual paths will not survive the machinations of their enemies long enough to escape Dominion‘s trap. They will not escape from hell.

Our enemies consist of those who are active in trying to prevent us from gaining enlightenment and escaping hell. Beyond this realm is Dominion himself, his hierarchy of archangels and angels, and finally, all the ―astral clowns‖ as I like to call them, who work diligently on the astral plane, to serve as ―guides‖ for both, the living and the deceased.

In this realm, is the Preure de Sion, or simply the Priory of Sion, forming the seat of the Illuminati, from which all the other occult organizations have sprung forth. Sion, by the way, is the French spelling for Zion. These are the world Zionists. A few of the offshoot occult organizations are Skull and Bones and Freemasonry, including the major religious organizations that demand our willingness to follow them as sheep. Thus, we become dominated by occult powers manifesting through religion, society and even politics. The occultists, therefore, believe that they are ultimately guided in their destiny by god. I will not argue this point, because they are guided by the god of this world, and contrary to what they tell their congregations, they know him to be Lucifer/Dominion.

Many who read this book will speak with emotional venom, and from the lower emotional passions, saying that god will destroy me for this; and quite possibly, he will. I don‘t claim to be the toughest guy in the universe, but I do have my plan of escape laid out, and destruction sounds a whole lot better to me than an eternity on my knees, serving some bi-polar narcissist.

The threat of hell doesn‘t work either, because I‘m already here.

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Actually, I have friends in the realms of higher vibratory frequency, and with their assistance, I have been able to converse with the ―All‖. Thus, I can provide those who might choose to escape from hell, with an alternative to simply leaving one trap, only to enter another upon the death of the body.

Not knowing what lies beyond this realm will give many people pause, and rather than taking advantage of my offer, they will remain secure in the trap that has become so comfortable to them.

As we learn to meditate, the increase in our vibratory frequency will be noticed by our enemies beyond this realm. Possessing the technology with which to access the Akasha, or the collective unconscious, they will determine our thoughts and intents in order to ascertain whether or not we pose a potential threat to their agenda. Those who pose such a threat will become targets. Not everyone attempting to escape hell will necessarily pose a threat, but those with leadership abilities and/or warrior-like tendencies most certainly will.

Astral entities, ascended masters, or so-called angels may attempt to entice such an individual away from his or her path through either direct communication, or fear and intimidation. The most common occurrence is the attachment of one or more entities to the auric field, for the purpose of interfering with one‘s inner communication process.

In order to prevent all this, and to secure our inner communication so that it remains one-on-one with the Higher Self, we must be able to establish a protective shield capable of withstanding not only the occult powers, but also those of the archangels. Again, I can assist in this, or you may be capable of constructing such a shield for yourself.

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The shield must protect the entire auric capsule, as well as the vapor light separating each of the subtle bodies, and even the entire Merkaba Field. In this way, we will remain free from all outside forces as we turn within as Christ turned his disciples within.

Receiving the monthly discourses will enable those who turn within to the Higher Self for their escape from hell, to have their psychic time loops removed, disconnecting them from Dominion‘s electromagnetic time loop.

Karma requiring their return to hell will be purified from the subconscious, and their vibratory frequencies will begin to increase. Auric purification will also be facilitated, in order to secure a pure connection to the Higher Self, and a protective shield will prevent any breaches of personal sovereignty.

Finally, the purification of our lower emotional passions will accompany the purification of related karmic issues.

So, now what happens after we escape from hell? Who can we trust, where do we go, and what do we do? It is possible for some people, if it is part of their destiny, to live until their vibratory frequencies allow for their ascension into the fourth dimensional realm. Such as these will have to suffer hell until that time arrives, however.

Those whose destiny it is to pass on to dimensions five and above, will give up their bodies, and take up residence in the astral realm associated with that particular dimension until reincarnating there.

In all cases, we will work right along with the Higher Self in controlling our destiny after death. This concept is very discomforting for many people who lack knowledge and experience regarding life beyond the only world they know. It is easier to believe in a being who is more knowledgeable, who Escaping Hell©

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possesses greater wisdom, and who has more power than ourselves, who will guide us like sheep, promising to lead us to the promised paradise after this life, in return for our obedience now.

On the other hand, if we wish to follow in the footsteps of Christ and do even greater things than he, as he expected of us; if we wish to be like our concept of God, then it is imperative that we be in a position to control our own destiny after death.

Taking control rather than being someone else‘s dupe can be a very fulfilling prospect for those who come to an understanding of what lies beyond this life, other than some vague notion of heaven, hell, or a spirit world.

Upon leaving this body, we may encounter ―astral clowns‖, or we may encounter the forces of Dominion who will entice us with tonal frequencies and light rays designed to provide us with feelings of joy and bliss so that we will believe them to be emissaries of a loving and benevolent God.

Those of us with protective shields will not be affected, however, and we will remain free to follow the directives of the Higher Self. For those of us who feel that we might benefit from support provided by others, there are very positive beings who will await our call for assistance. These are spirit warrior emissaries of a being known to the ancients as Odin. They were referred to by our Northern European ancestors as the Einherjar (pronounced: eye-n-her-yar), or Odin‘s Chosen.

Don‘t be afraid that by escaping from hell, that you are being sucked into Odinism, because you are not. However, it is your birthright if you are of Escaping Hell©

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European heritage, to receive assistance from this source. For those who are not of European descent, simply send out your call for assistance through the Higher Self, and it will be forthcoming from those whom your Higher Self will help you to recognize.

If you trust no one, then simply follow the directives of your Higher Self, and you will remain free from all outside influences. There are vast worlds of great beauty to be explored, or you may choose to be with certain loved ones who may come to escort you from this life. For religionists, there are those who have built both their heavens and spirit worlds throughout the astral realms. Some, however, find comfort in creating their own environment. If you have done what is required in escaping hell, though, I recommend that you avoid the third dimensional astral realm at all costs.

Follow your Higher Self.

After all that we have discussed, it would seem that we are home free at this point. Actually, we are at the final gate, and it is an illusion requiring our understanding of a very important issue for it to be dispelled. This is a trap involving the perception of our universe‘s creative force as perceived in the Biblical god. Our acknowledgement of the ―All‖ is insufficient, if our perception of it is deficient.

We have all been taught through religion, society and family, that God is our Father in Heaven, and that we were created in his image. In other words, we have never perceived God in terms of anything but our limited, dualistic mindset. Our belief in God‘s male gender implies that he exists within the worlds of dualism, and therefore implies also, that he is subject to the laws of the material worlds.

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The ―All‖, sometimes referred to as the ―Source‖, or as the ―One‖, cannot be compartmentalized and described as we would an object or person. It can only be hinted at, referred to, or at best, described in vague terms. It is not something you can put your finger on and say ―that‘s God‖.

The ―All‖ is simply everything. It‘s in the sounds you hear, and in the colors you see; It‘s in all the stars that might ever be. It is seen where the rain pours down; where none dare go, and where nothing is found.

To perceive the ―All‖ as an individual being with ego, personal interests and other dualistic tendencies, is to miss the point entirely. Therefore, the religious training we receive which creates our perception of God, serves as a trap because in order to transcend the illusion of the gates of hell, we must perceive the fact that our own misperception of our true nature is what keeps us trapped behind the gates. We must understand the nature of the

―All‖, and perceive our existence as being part and parcel of the ―All‖.

Understanding this as our true nature, is how we perceive ourselves as being unlimited and unfettered. Only in this way, can the gates of hell fall away, and we become free to go where we please, and to be what we wish to be. Before this can happen, however, we should be aware of another aspect regarding our existence here in hell. It doesn‘t do us any good to have our freedom, if we are ignorant of how our environment operates economically. For this reason, I am including a very small chapter on this subject.

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We understand how Dominion established his kingdom on Earth, and how he keeps us trapped, but the question is, why does he continue to do it?

What‘s in it for him? We know that he benefits from the prayers and attention sent to him by an entire world of people – that we empower him immensely; but is that really sufficient to keep him occupied indefinitely?

We know also, that many intelligent species in the first two harmonic universes have joined forces with him, and are very loyal. How do they benefit from an alliance with a bi-polar narcissist such as Dominion?

Since this world is, in many ways, a reflection of Dominion‘s personality, propensities and psychic nature, wouldn‘t it make sense that a certain amount of his business character and practices would be reflected here also?

Let‘s consider the practice of usury in banking and commodities. Couldn‘t it be possible that we are a commodity for Dominion? Certainly, most of our psychic, mental and spiritual power is harvested through our prayers, rituals and outbursts of emotional energy. What maintains this flow of energy though, is a never-ending succession of karmic experiences.

Negative karma keeps the emotional outbursts going, and our hope in deliverance from that karma, keeps the psychic, mental and spiritual power Escaping Hell©

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flowing to Dominion. Therefore, it would make sense that Dominion would also turn karma into a commodity.

Evidence of the commodity aspect of karma dawned on me many years ago, when I was being trained on the other planes of existence as a shamanic warrior. I know that those who are in the employ of Dominion are subject to the law of karma, because they can be killed. However, I‘ve also noticed that they seem to have little or no accountability for deeds done.

They seem to be immortal beyond that which is standard in all other worlds beyond this one, and I‘ve often wondered how it is that all those functioning under Dominion‘s rule, and operating in violation of spiritual law, live as immortals without having to suffer their karma. Then, when we analyze the four kinds of karma: Past, Present, Future and Allotted, the last one stands out as an incongruity. The logical question then, is ―where does allotted karma come from? Karma isn‘t just manufactured out of thin air.

Karma, as we know, is a reactionary force which produces an experience in direct proportion to the causation that generated the reactionary force. This is the universal law of cause and effect which is stated in Newton‘s Third Law of Motion: ―For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction‖.

The reactionary force is often delayed, because other operational forces tend to interfere with its manifestation. Therefore, it is stored within that portion of our auric field we call the Causal Body. This is also the subconscious mind, or the unconscious as Carl Jung referred to it. Our collection of reactionary forces can be considered in terms of energy units that Hindus call samskaras, and which the Northern Europeans called wyrd. When these energy units manifest through a cyclic pattern, they Escaping Hell©

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attract specific events or experiences that we call karma. The Old Norse term for karma, by the way, is Ørlög.

So, we can readily see that karma is not something to be manufactured out of thin air. Allotted karma indicates something other than that which we have created for ourselves, so we need to consider who it is that did create it.

This is where Dominion‘s allies benefit from their association with him. The god of this world knows how to transfer karma by way of quantum technology, and he has become a broker of sorts. Throughout the universe, many planets have remained honorable, by refusing to engage in Dominion‘s usury system of karma brokerage, but the Nefilim, Grays, Anunnaki, Dracos, and Andromies, however, have seized the opportunity to escape their karma by having it transferred to Earth. In this way, they become free from most of their karma, in exchange for their loyalty and ultimate submission to the authority of Dominion.

Alien karma, then, gets dumped on us in two ways. First, it goes into the Akashic Bank, to become what is known as World Karma. Of course, this is just the seeds of karma, known as samskaras or wyrd. Eventually, it manifests in the form of natural disasters that take thousands of lives, religious inquisitions, world wars, poverty, and disease.

Secondly, alien karma gets dumped on us individually, in the after-death state while we are in an astral center awaiting our next incarnation on Earth. The transference occurs from the Akashic Bank (also known as the collective unconscious), to the personal unconscious. Eventually, it manifests in the form of mental and physical handicaps, physical injuries of Escaping Hell©

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all types, financial loss, marital problems, and all sorts of mental traumas.

This is our allotted karma. It‘s like banking. World karma sits in reserve in the Akashic Bank, from which Dominion‘s archangels draw various amounts for transfer into our personal reserve accounts.

Dominion provides a service for his clients who become indebted to him by way of that service. The service is like a loan, or karmic credit, actually.

Just as the creditors in our world are the masters over the debtors, Dominion is master over those from whom he transfers karma. They benefit from their escape from karmic debt, but service to Dominion is their preference.

We who are stuck in this hell we call Earth, are made to suffer the karma of a large portion of the Galaxy, but with no benefits whatsoever. Our emotional reactions to all the suffering create more karma, and the cyclic process becomes self-sustaining. Thus, there is a constant supply of emotional energy, as well as psychic, mental and spiritual power from prayers, pleas for mercy, and religious rituals, all sent to Dominion for his empowerment.

My Higher Self helped me to discover the runic formula by which Dominion transfers karma, along with the underlying quantum physics involved in the process. Therefore, I will be able to assist certain people in avoiding the allotted Kama, and probably even send some back to Dominion as well.

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Most often, those who write and teach on the subject of tapping into our inner power, focus on success in business, love and prosperity, whether it be in the gaining of wealth, attaining a life of leisure, or achieving notoriety in sports and entertainment.

There is nothing wrong with such pursuits, but at this time, I am going to place the concept of developing your inner power in the context of escaping hell. At the same time, however, this inner power will allow you to live life more effectively, and the successes you desire will occur as a natural result of your inner development.

Escaping hell, as you‘ve already noticed, involves the processes associated with the esoteric aspects of the spiritual path. We have not labeled it in any specific terms, because at the esoteric level all spiritual paths are in accord with one another, regardless of any variances in cultural techniques and terminology.

The subject of spiritual development has been enshrouded by a barrier of confusion for a very long time now. Students of the spiritual arts have been duped, misguided and kept in the dark, while constantly placing their claim on spirituality. Many have engaged in lifelong pursuits of exactly what is meant by the terms love, transcendence, detachment, desire, enlightenment, Self Realization, and God Realization. Hamingja Escaping Hell©

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Consciousness, of course, is an Old Norse term for the ―realized individual‖, and many an ego has assumed this to be its state of consciousness, while confusing either shamanism or pacifism with the spiritual path.

Escaping hell necessarily involves becoming the master of your destiny; becoming one who possesses an inner strength and wisdom which far surpasses that of the masses that follow someone else like sheep. The spiritual path is a way by which you can know your Self, gain confidence in your ability to direct yourself through life, and establish solid ground for your ethical standards. It‘s a way by which you become spiritually mature.

As your lower emotional passions are purified, you will no longer react to situations as one who is controlled by outside influences. This does not mean that you will lack emotion, only that you will act in accordance with what you are willing or unwilling to accept from others, what it takes to establish acceptable relationships, and in accordance with your ethical standards. Under these circumstances, you will not be apologizing on a regular basis, for things done or said out of uncontrolled emotion. You will notice that there is a detached quality to that which you desire, even in the area of sexual relationships, making it easy to live by the ethics you have accepted as being moral.

Detachment will allow you to forsake the lower emotional passions of greed, lust, envy, anger, and undue attachment. A display of what we call anger must be an action, rather than a reaction. In the detached state, one is not left with the customary physical response to anger, as is the case Escaping Hell©

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with anger arising from an emotional reaction rooted in one of the lower passions.

As you become the master of your destiny, your view of what constitutes such great significance as to demand all your emotional energy will undergo drastic changes. You will no longer hyperventilate over possible danger, the prospect of love making, or the excitement of an adventure.

You will certainly enjoy all those things, but your countenance will take on a quality of calmness, which is generally perceived in terms of spiritual maturity. Rather than the ego causing a whirlwind of emotional activity, the Higher Self will establish a detached state of awareness.

The first key to unlocking your inner power is an inner communication process with the Higher Self, as we discussed in an earlier chapter. Many years ago, I read an old book entitled, ―The Magus‖, in which I was surprised to find a reference to this process of inner communication. In fact, it was suggested that the occultist use his or her source of inner communication in the development of such powers. It is not my intent to promote occultism, but merely to point out the fact that the Higher Self is your key to success in all your endeavors.

The second key to unlocking your inner power is learning how to work effectively with the Higher Self. Most people do not benefit from learning how to utilize their inner communication, because they allow the ego to undermine their process. They react emotionally when an issue arises, taking a stand without first consulting the Higher Self. They feel they don‘t need to, because the truth of the matter is self evident. They don‘t even consider the possibility that there could be underlying circumstances Escaping Hell©

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unknown to them, or that their view may be clouded by prejudice, fear, or emotional passion.

When they do consult the Higher Self under such circumstances, it is generally for the purpose of asking something like: ―should I confront this person‖? When they get a yes answer, they assume that their perspective is correct, and that the Higher Self agrees with them. Often, though, the Higher Self wants you to confront someone because by doing so, you will learn a truth that you were unaware of. If you fail to consider such possibilities, and to be specific in your questioning of the Higher Self, there will be unnecessary conflict.

Many people fail to benefit from their inner communication process, because they only utilize it when they feel they need something. First of all, the Higher Self knows what you need much more than the ego does, and is in a better position to provide it. Secondly, this process is not simply for assistance when we want it. This is a path whereby we develop a oneness of consciousness with the Higher Self for the purpose of becoming established in the peace that is commonly associated with the Kingdom of God within.

It is important that we determine what the Higher Self wants us to study, and where we may find either the materials, or the instruction we need. He or she must be able to direct us on a moment-to-moment basis, regarding every situation that arises. Allow the Higher Self to plan your day, every day.

A well known religious admonition which in practice goes largely forgotten is to ―be in the world, but not of the world‖. I say largely forgotten, because Escaping Hell©

Page 63

nearly everyone is too busy raising their families, making a living and planning recreational activities to remember. They are busy being of the world.

Some people will argue with me, saying that not being of the world means not to indulge in the ―sinful‖ activities of the world; but we must consider the fact that any aspect of life that interferes with that which is required in escaping hell, should be considered in that same light. We live in this world, but in order not to be of the world, we must surrender our life to the Higher Self. This is what it means to walk in the spirit.

Such surrender is conducive to mastery over our own destiny, because it is a surrender of the self to the Self. In his book, ―Living With the Himalayan Masters‖, Swami Rama includes a section entitled: Meditation through self-surrender, where he describes the same process that I am talking about. Following, is a quotation from what he wrote, interspersed with comments of my own:

―There is one method of Yoga in which neither postures nor techniques of concentration and meditation are involved. This is self–surrender, the highest of all the Yogas. The twentieth-century age Sri Aurobino and his followers call self–surrender ‗Integral Yoga‘. It is described by Lord Krishna in the eighteenth chapter of the Bhagavad–Gita. According to this method one should surrender the body, mind, intellect, and ego entirely to the ultimate reality in order to bring down into one‘s daily life the peace, purity, truth, consciousness, and bliss of the supreme Self‖.

He goes on to explain that the peace referred to is a peace which permeates all aspects of life. It fuses our mind, actions, and speech, Escaping Hell©

Page 64

keeping us balanced and harmonized. He states further, that purity means to accept no influence other than the influence of the divine.

At this point, allow me to point out the fact that Swami Rama uses seven different terms in reference to the Higher Self throughout his writings.

These are: 1. The Ultimate Reality; 2. Supreme Self; 3. The Divine; 4.

Innermost Consciousness; 5. The Atman; 6. Divine Force; and 7. The Self.

In continuing, he states: ―Two other qualities of action characterize the life of the aspirant whose method is self–surrender: faithfulness and sincerity.

Faithfulness is to admit and to manifest no movement other than that which is prompted and guided by the innermost consciousness. Sincerity requires the lifting of all movements of mind, body, and action to the level of the highest consciousness, where there is no individuality, duality, or body consciousness. Sincerity is the unification and harmonization of man around that one central will, the divinity through which we speak, hear, think and feel‖.

Finding the Kingdom of God within as Christ recommended, then, is what it means to be in the world, but not of the world. Swami Rama says:

―For example, consider the life of an unenlightened man. He lives in the world much like an animal, expressing only his own mind, action, and speech, satisfying only his own wants and desires. An enlightened man, on the other hand, establishes himself in divinity and then brings forward that divinity from the innermost place inside himself, expressing it through mind, action, and speech. This is a sacred process, but it does not require any effort other than self–surrender‖.

Escaping Hell©

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The concept of living in the world but not being of the world, then, takes on much greater significance in this context, than it does in the context of simply obeying a few rules.

We do not develop our inner power by spending our entire lives obeying the rules established by those who have assumed authority over us. When we accept an outside authority higher than the Higher Self, and pray to a deity figure outside ourselves, we direct all our spiritual, mental and psychic power to that outside authority, rather than developing it within ourselves.

This is Dominion‘s trap, and it can easily prevent us from escaping hell.

Dominion has established his trap through occult powers manifesting in the media, educational authority, religious authority, and political authority, both national and global. The cloaking quality is maintained by the fact that these powers have established themselves through a wide variety of channels, such as: The Order of the Golden Dawn, Skull and Bones, Freemasonry, and a myriad of other orders and societies descended from the Prieure de Sion, including all the major and minor religious institutions.

Although we must subject ourselves to a certain amount of this authority in order to live in the world, it is not yet required that we honor that authority.

Due to the use of occult powers, however, there is a strong tendency for people to honor the outside authority as established by Dominion.

Therefore, we must focus inward, and honor only the divinity within – the Higher Self. These last three paragraphs are a bit strong, but I don‘t think it‘s enough to get me killed.

Those who wish to establish their inner power must realize that they will be drained of that power by the occult forces of this world if they do not Escaping Hell©

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adequately protect their inner sanctums. As I stated before, those who are already adept, may establish their own protection in this regard; otherwise, those who begin the discourses and/or attend a workshop will receive that protection as a matter of course.

Personal responsibility enters the picture at this point, because the protection of our inner sanctums must be maintained. This means that regular participation in the receiving and study of the discourses may be indicated, as well as regular communication and communion with the Higher Self. In other words, the path must be walked.

In addition, the excessive use of drugs and alcohol weakens the auric field, and tends to dissolve the protective shield, making one vulnerable to outside forces. This does not mean that moderate alcohol consumption must be avoided, but drunkenness is a very detrimental practice. Of course, prescription drugs are just as dangerous as the illicit variety.

Finally, we must strive to avoid emotional entanglements of an egoistic nature. This includes control issues, the need for attention from others, greed issues, and sexual concerns.

When we excite the passions of others by attempting to control them in some way, we become embroiled in a struggle of egos. The same thing occurs when we react emotionally to the control mechanisms of others.

When we require the attention of others, we are establishing a collective reserve of emotional energy which demands, eventually, our dependency on the collective unconscious which is under Dominion‘s power.

Escaping Hell©

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When we give in to greed issues, we are focused outward, subjecting ourselves to, and empowering the lower passions which have the potential of ripping down the protective shield in a matter of hours.

During sexual intercourse, we entangle our auric fields with those of our partners. Those who are either aligned with, or controlled by the occult powers can cause the demise of your spiritual path in this way. Therefore, we are to have no sexual encounters other than those that are authorized by the Higher Self.

By protecting the inner power we develop, Dominion‘s occult forces will not have the power to keep us from realizing the divinity within; they will not have the power to prevent our attainment of spiritual freedom, and they will not have the power to thwart our escape from hell.

In an earlier chapter, I discussed just briefly, the fact that Dominion‘s archangels placed allotted karma upon us during a previous stay in an astral center. Sometimes our inability to achieve all that we would like to achieve in life, is due to this allotted karma, while other times, it is due to that which rightfully belongs to us. Developing our inner power is actually a matter of coming to terms with the Higher Self, and meeting his or her requirements for manifesting that which we either need or desire in life; so we should realize, then, that the Higher Self can assist us in taking control of our destiny through the release of Dominion‘s constraints. As for our own karma which has been incurred naturally, the Higher Self can see to its purification, and in this way, our destiny is changed. Developing our inner power is one thing, but keeping it is certainly another, as we have seen.

Escaping Hell©

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At this time, I feel the need to dispel the illusion of wisdom and stature which so easily overcomes us when we realize our potential in transcending that which in the past has always kept us deaf, dumb and blind. The next chapter will serve as a foundation for our development beyond the confines of hell, so it is all about creation. Before we come to it, however, I want to warn the reader that it is highly technical. I don‘t expect many people to comprehend very much of it, nor do I think that it constitutes any great masterpiece. Allow me to explain.

Dominion has kept us trapped here for a very long time, separated in consciousness from the Higher Self. Our I.Qs are extremely low in comparison to those living elsewhere in the universe (outside hell), and we believe in simple fairy tails. We can increase our vibratory frequencies, purify the seeds of karma, purify the lower emotional passions, release our psychic time loops, and defeat all of Dominion‘s traps. We can escape hell, but of what use will we be in the universe? Considering our low I.Qs, and our lack of knowledge, we are like retarded children. Please don‘t try to tell me that the ―R‖ word is politically incorrect, and that I should have used the phrase mentally challenged. The word retarded is a legitimate term to be used in reference to any form of retarded development, whether we are referring to physically retarded development, a retarded spark in a distributor, spiritual retardation, educational retardation, or mental retardation.

When a retarded child is born here on Earth, adults must care for it throughout its entire life. In the rest of the universe, people understand quantum physics, and they operate with very high I.Qs. Just a simple working-class Zeta Gray has an average I.Q. of at least 250 or better. The Escaping Hell©

Page 69

Nefilim, Anunnaki, Dracos, Andromies, and others are of greater mental stature than they are. Most of humanity on Earth cannot even comprehend their existence. To them, we are just animals. How can we expect to escape hell, and then function effectively, beyond the third dimensional realm? Could an ape escape his zoo, then fit into our society?

Imagine a baby trying to crawl across a busy freeway, totally incapable of comprehending the technology it is dealing with. Without knowledge of quantum physics as they relate to that which has been created, we won‘t comprehend the technology that we are dealing with either.

The Higher Self is of extreme importance to us in this regard, because he or she can, if we remain diligent, gradually increase our I.Q. to about 250 or 300. In addition, we can be guided to sources of information we require, and taught things beyond those sources, by the Higher Self.

I wrote ―Creation‖ solely by the grace of my Higher Self, after many years studying the things he told me to study. At the same time however, I realize that as far as creation goes, my work is extremely deficient. Elsewhere in the universe, it would compare to an explanation from a children‘s book.

My purpose for including ―Creation‖ in this book is to provide a basis for understanding the universe and the phenomena to be encountered outside this hell created for us by Dominion. There is more to be learned in some of my discourses and workshops, but understanding things in terms of creation will allow you to be taken after your escape, to a place where you can be educated. Being one with your Higher Self will allow you to grasp that which is taught to you. Don‘t think that you will be turned loose in the universe, just because you escaped hell.

Escaping Hell©

Page 70

Read the chapter on creation carefully, with the realization that you can refer back to it as you develop and grow on the path, and as your I.Q.

gradually increases. We don‘t have to be retarded children in the universe when we have use of the Higher Self.

Escaping Hell©

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When we think of creation, we naturally think in terms of that which has been created, or the process by which things are manifested. Christians do not even question the creation by god, accepting a story that provides a six-day chronology, without revealing anything whatsoever, about the creative process.

The Norse myths provide a brief outline of creation in terms of fire and ice, with the gods and goddesses being part of that creation. In actuality, the creation of the Norse Gods constitutes an allegory describing our escape from hell. This is the creation of our path home, to a place beyond this 3rd dimensional realm where we have been trapped within the cycles of births and deaths. The so-called gods and goddesses were actually our ancestors who were deified for mythological purposes.

Any creative process must by necessity, involve quantum mechanics.

Toward such an understanding, we will explore that which constitutes the creative process, as well as that which facilitates it.

As I‘ve stated already, the original source of creation was known by our ancient ancestors as the ―All‖; but when our esoteric tradition had to go underground, Odin, as Chief of the Æsir, was elevated to the status of

―Allfather.‖ Due to the Christian Inquisition and the murder of our ancient Vitkar, Odin is all that remains today, of our people‘s concept of a God, along with the remainder of a pantheon which ranks under him.

Escaping Hell©

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I dislike the use of the term God, however, because it carries with it, the connotation of a humanoid being with infinite power, who rewards his creations when they please him, and condemns them to eternal punishment when he gets angry. This, as we know, is Dominion.

The ―All,‖ on the other hand, is everything—both inner and outer. Since everything in existence came about essentially from an expansive thought which gained momentum and became Light, there is nothing, then, which exists independently of the source of that thought. Everything is part and parcel of the ―All.‖ The ―All‖ is in everything (inner aspect); the ―All‖ is everything (outer aspect). Being beyond everything, the ―All‖ is that which is, that which was, and that which will always be.

Through expansive thought, the ―All‖ split itself into its component parts, Light quanta and Sound quanta. Light is first, being of conscious awareness, which constitutes primordial thought. Sound is a magnification of the Light, and produces a matrix for potential manifestations.

The ―All‖, then, is the source of the first Light and Sound particles, making it the original source of quanta or creation in our universe, as well as that of the other universes revolving around ―It.‖ Definitions: 1.


the plural form of quantum



a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to a particular frequency of radiation, and corresponding to a single photon or to a transition of an atom between energy states.

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It is said that four hydrogen atoms are photosynthesized by the sun, with one helium atom, to make quanta. Now, to understand the significance of this statement, let‘s consider the definition of an atom: ―An extremely small part, quantity, or amount. A unit of matter, the smallest unit of an element, having all the characteristics of that element and consisting of a dense, positively charged nucleus surrounded by a system of electrons.‖

Hydrogen Helium Atomic No.



Atomic No.







Atomic Weight



Atomic Weight = 4.0026

Atomic Weight: The average mass of an atom of an element, usually given relative to carbon 12, which is assigned a mass of 12.

All matter in the universe is formed of particles. Atoms are composed (in this 3rd dimensional realm) of heavy particles in the nucleus, with light electrons orbiting around the outside. The particles are discrete units, or quanta; and the theory describing how these particles behave, is quantum theory. The question is this:

How can atoms be combined to form something we know to be subatomic?

Atoms form molecules when they are combined; not subatomic particles, or even quanta. Furthermore, creation occurs in the dimensional realms of higher vibratory frequency, as well. As I have written elsewhere, the atomic structure of matter in those realms is not the same as that of our 3rd dimensional realm. How is quanta created there, then?

Escaping Hell©

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The fact is that the sun exists as a microcosm to a macrocosm which we discussed above, as being the ―All.‖ Our sun is comprised of radiation and gases, or elements, which are comprised of molecules and atoms; which in turn, are comprised of quanta.

The sun disperses quanta through its expansion and contraction cycles, but it does not combine its own hydrogen and helium as the elements we detect, in making quanta. Our sun is merely a ―vehicle‖ through which quanta is released—the quanta itself, originating with the ―All,‖ which exists outside our universe.

As I stated above, an expansion of thought created Light quanta. Likewise, the ―All‖ creates Sound quanta during a contraction cycle. This contraction cycle constitutes a magnification of the Light, which is why we say that Sound is a magnification of the Light.

As a conduit, our sun releases quanta as its gases either expand or contract. In the case of expansion, Light quanta are thrown outward, whereas in the case of contraction, sound quanta are squeezed out like a sponge expelling water.

Cycles of expansion produce quanta which carry a light frequency that is directly related to the gas of their origin, and which produce a color on what is called the Light spectrum.

Cycles of contraction produce quanta which carry a vibratory frequency that is directly related to the gas of their origin, and which share the spectrum with Light quanta. This is Sound quanta.

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