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Darkness and Light

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Christian West, a famous artist, doesn't understand why his mind is haunted by an image of a very beautiful woman. He sees her constantly in his thoughts and feels as though he knows her. One day, during an exhibit of his new masterpiece, he sees the woman that he thought only existed in his mind in the flesh. What Christian doesn't know is that the past and the present are about to collide, and that his life will never be the same again. Download this FREE e-Book today!


I was pretty disappointed by this book. I honestly thought Sage & Christian were destined to be together. Where the hell did Samuel come out from? Even if Sage is all happy with Samuel, Christian is still a bit of in a mess. I hated how the book ended.

Elmer Romulo Valdez

i love novels like this one!


Great book.I hope we get to read more about sage and her coven!


‘Darkness and Light’ by Kathryn Nicole is a story that takes its readers on an adventure through time as we follow the life and death of Sage, who is turned into a vampire against her will. Sage is destined to become Queen and soon has a faithful coven following that becomes her family. You will shortly learn while reading ‘Darkness and Light’ that it’s just as much a romance as it is a vampire novel. Sage witnessed the untimely death of her first love, Christian West. For decades, she has not been able to forget him, nor has she been able to love again. Mysteriously, Christian West is a painter in his new life and has visions of Sage in his mind, though he’s never met her. As fate would have it, Sage meets what she believes is a reincarnation of Christian and they both have an unyielding attraction for each other. However, there are many forces against them; possibly the biggest one is whether Sage is being true to her heart. Are Sage and Christian meant to be or will they suffer the destiny of star-crossed lovers? I really have to give Kathryn Nicole props. This is a wonderful, refreshing read. It’s different from traditional vampire novels which I find appealing. It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of the story and become as mesmerized of Sage as the characters are. I feel that this book is best for those who love a good vampire novel, but wish to step away from the ordinary. While I believe older teens would enjoy the story, I really feel like this is a vampire novel written for adults. Finally! Thank you Kathryn Nicole! I wouldn’t recommend some of the intimate scenes for teens, but that’s my opinion. (Parents, I urge you to use your own judgment, by supervising your child(s)/teen(s) book choices.) I did notice that some have not left the greatest comments where this book is concerned. I will admit that there were some editing/grammatical issues, but nothing that was not easily overlooked. Also, the story did come to an abrupt end. I turned the page wanting more. I believe this is the point and am waiting anxiously for the sequel! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I will give you a heads up, this is a long read so be ready to settle in. You will not want to put this one down. I believe we will be hearing more from Kathryn Nicole in the future. In fact, I look forward to it.

mp fdos

I liked the book, although normally the vampires theme is not my cup of tea. It is well written, well paced, it is really and enjoyable reading for a lazy Sunday morning. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good and easy read.

Bobbi Rosen

this story has huge potential. Good characters, interesting story line. You might want to make the changes between scenes and characters more distinctive. I find that you are reading one part and then WHAM into a different scene without enough of a defining line. otherwise, pretty decent.


I did not like the subject matter which was not clear from the description.Deleted it before finishing the first chapter.


gripping. couldn't put it down

Saeed Adami

fantastic subject of a fiction, great title and i also hast such a experience in my life.

Josh Glitz

An absolutley fantastic read.

Marie Francis

I love this book and can't put it down. Not really into vampires but it was a great read.


I did not wanted to read it as I am not interested in Vampires but it soon it captured my attention more and more. Only shame is that the story went on and then suddenly was somewhere totally different. It was not clearly enough defined.

Chrissie Thorsvig

Awesome Book! Could not stop reading.


I loved this book and cannot wait for part two. I couldn't put it down and it kept me coming back for more.


Read it in one day! Couldn't put it down!


It was a really good story, the kind that is hard to put down. My only comment would be to read it through and try to make the dialog sound more natural. In some places, it reminded me of how I would word something if I was typing it. I know that some people tend to be a little more formal or more "proper" when they type as opposed to when they speak. In other places it was a little over descriptive or over explanatory. I'm not trying to say that the writing was bad, I'm just trying to give some helpful tips from someone who reads A LOT. It was really a great story with a great plot that kept you guessing.


awesome =)almost the same as the twilight saga..


awesome =)almost the same as the twilight saga.


when does the sequal come out....SOON I hope. I need to find out what happens to Cristian and Sage and her coven. Please let me know if/when this is coming out. Thanks, D


there were some mistakes but overall nice read

Dee Dee

Very armature writing.


a really great book...with a most unexpected ending!a brilliant tale of fate,love,hate and misunderstanding.A really worthwhile read!


Vampires?! Really? Not very well written either, couldn't even make it through the 1st chapter.


Great Read!! We Love It! Waiting for more from Kathryn Nichole!!!Darkness and Light


Kathryn Nichole

Before I could read, I have always had a penchant for creative storytelling. In fact, as a child my mother caught me holding a book in my lap, turning the pages, and creating a story from my imagination. Additionally, in the third grade, I wrote and narrated a story about a bear that stole honey from bees. My teacher was so impressed with the story that she never returned it. An avid reader myself, I enjoy stories that challenges the reader. Encouraged by my instructors to cultivate my love for writing, I took their advice and wrote my first novel, Darkness and Light. In addition to writing, I have a degree in paralegal studies.

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