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Causes Of Anxiety



There is no one thing that causes this disorder and those that are related to it.  You may think that there are certain things that trigger it.  Well, there could be and then again, it may be something that just happens.  It all depends on how it is perceived.


Those that the anxiety attacks or related disorders may have one attack.  Then they may go back to the scene where the initial one took place and have another one.  They are reminded of what happened before.  They will feel bad and end up having another one without thinking about it.  It seems like a constant cycle of intense fear.  Then they feel that they will have more attacks.


Believe it or not, its all in the mind.  If you constantly fear and expect to have an anxiety attack or something related to it, then it will happen.  The thing about this is people that experience these attacks resent having to hear that its all in the mind.  They feel that people are brushing this off as something that you can get over.


The feeling of anxiety comes from your brain.  According to studies that deal with this, there are at least two areas of your brain that help to trigger the sense of fear and anxiety in your mind.  It causes your brain to have a defense mechanism and then you react.


However, there can be situations that you may think cause anxiety and related attacks. Some people have so much stress nowadays.  It can come from office politics, overwhelming debt, family issues and other events that can bring this on.


There are also some drugs that can trigger an anxiety attack from side effects or withdrawals.  This would include alcohol, caffeine, cold medicine, decongestants, nicotine, diet pills and numerous other medications that people take for various ailments and illnesses.


Not eating right can also be a contributor to anxiety.  There are some situations, where you may have to take a test or face a lot of people.  If you’re not ready, you can get nervous or jittery.