An Amateur's Guide to Spirituality


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So you have been into Spirituality for a while now, but instead of doing something about it, you have been scratching your head, wondering where to start and what to do, who to go to, or indeed what lies out there. Well, lucky for you there is Ella, the not so best-selling, non award-winning author of The Run: London’s Secret. She was once in the same boat as you, and knows what it feels like to be lost and weird (some say that she still is). A devoted spiritual practitioner since the age of 15, Ella knows what she is talking about when it comes to what works, and uses her experiences to help others deal with depression, low self-esteem, selecting the wrong men, and never finding the right job. An Amateur’s Guide to Spirituality is a fresh take on an ancient practice, with tips on how to balance your chakras just by accessorizing, healing a broken heart by singing love songs to yourself, and curing your mindset of the Beauty and the Beast Syndrome (if you have it of course). Learn how to incorporate growth into your home, work, and relationships while having fun everyday of your life. Spirituality is no longer just sitting in a darkened room drowning in candles and sniffing incense; it has been brought into the 21st Century and de-mystified for everyone!


Ms.Ella!!! I've only just started reading your book. I just HAD to stop for a few minutes to tell you how wonderful this book is and how I am feeling solucky to have stumbled upon it. Although i reslly feel it was the beauty offate based upon my interests and desire to connect with thoughts, beliefs and if lucky, people who feel and think in a similar way as i do with regard to personal growth and spirituality. I must tell you, i am lucky, because of you! I am going to continue reading n will most likly post reviews/notes to you along the way! Much love and thanks! Gina

Dave Bennett

New material to me. It was useful and I liked it.


I thing you are an utter darling and have a mosr delicious sense of humour. Love you


An amazing journey of self growth, and spiritual growth. I found it enjoyable. There are spiritual truth that we all need to learn in this book. R.purchase


Ella Roberts

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