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A Science Conspiracy Network

Read About The Biggest Conspiracy ever enlisted, it's more than just the next conspiracy because it is A Science Conspiracy Network


This Network Engulfs the Entire Civil Human Race in Every Aspect.



This conspiracy is so widely active that every person on earth participates, most probably without knowing, some reluctant and others well knowingly pursuing the goals of the conspiracy with all the vigour they could muster.

Those commanding the conspiracy are the very ones we trust blindly with our lives, our future and moreover with our wisdom and yet they are the ones betraying us openly.

Those I refer to betray us in every way possible by teaching us lies that never could be true and all the while we believe them with all our hearts and with our entire future…

They take money from parents with the sole aim to brainwash the students that are entrusted to their care.


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It involves the most trusted part of the human societies and we are deceived by the ones EVERYBODY trust the most, the teachers and Professors teaching at academic institutions everywhere.

I am P.S.J Schutte, nicknamed Peet. Being a white South African my mother tongue is Afrikaans and my second language is English. My language standard used might not quite meet your Shakespearian expectations and some spelling errors might have slipped through cracks but it is not the art of language I try to promote but it is the art that science perfected by never disclosing information they prefer not to and never to divulging the entire overall picture about what it is that science know and don’t know. It is the information about the unbelievable oversight of Newtonian mistakes I disclose that proves how they keep the oversight of Newtonian mistakes silent and why they don’t divulge that which they keep silent about. It is about them never committing to the entire story by giving an all-round presentation of everything anyone would require to know to be in a position to evaluate.

It is not what science declares that is important but it is always what scientists don’t declare that holds prominence and more so the reason why science keeps a silence about the information they do not disclose. It is never about what they say but it is why they don’t say other things they keep quiet about. You will read how they never disclose the entire truth because science is about promoting one-sided and selectively opinionated information forming fraud no less. I have been per suiting a new cosmic theory that I partly present in a six part theses, of which the investigating research began in 1977. In 1999 I compiled my theory and searched for a publisher.

First I located what was wrong in physics then formed a correct approach. I compiled my presentation of it in a theses that I call The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and then six separate thesis parts forming the theses published through LULU.com which I saw as the only manner whereby I could generate funding by which I would be able to have the twenty seven books I already wrote linguistically edited and then to have the books published on a Print-On-Demand basis.

I compiled a new cosmic theory by which I eliminated all the incorrectness that Newton has burdened science with but with this being my opinion I did not find a garage full of academics supporters waiting to applaud me and to uphold my views on the matter. Yet still I was not going to be ambushed by their relentless stonewalling my efforts and blocking my efforts in introducing both the incorrectness and the new cosmic theorem I concluded. Their mannerism in blocking and frustrating my opinion when showing the mistakes in science convinced me about a Conspiracy in Science in Progress and this spurred me on to tell the entire world about their brainwashing students minds. By the manner they selectively withhold information when teaching science, amounts to deliberate brainwashing of students in physics by “normal” education practises.

Trying to convey my message kept me busy for the past going on to twelve years on full time basis whereby I was trying to introduce my findings to many academics without finding much joy from my efforts. This past eleven years plus saw me go without any income as I tried to get my theorem recognised as well as get my warning noted.

Going without a steady income left me almost destitute and in order to find a manner to get my theory across to the attention of influential readers, I decided to publish a theses of six books electronically as to try and get around the stranglehold of Newtonian bias controlling science at present worldwide. I decided to publish electronically which those in power do not control. However to get people to believe me is to change science that everyone believes as culture.

With my first language not English and the books not linguistically checked by an expert there are bound to be language errors that readers will notice. In the past I tried to check my work myself but after checking say one hundred and fifty pages for language corrections, then after days of toiling instead of having corrected work I ended having four hundred pages of newly written information which is still not linguistically corrected but holds a lot more information.

The language and spelling errors compiled instead of reduced. This is because my priorities lie elsewhere. I aim to spend money on correcting the work as far as language goes, as I receive money in the selling of my theses and in the hope that I will receive money. I will have all my work including the one you are reading edited professionally and corrected as I find money to do so...But first I have to get the public aware of the problem to get the academics to appreciate the problem. In everyone’s mind science is more perfect than religion is. In the event of any readers who may have questions concerning more facts as it is presented in this book, please feel free to contact me, PEET SCHUTTE. All information divulged came about through independent self-study during the past thirty-two years or so. I have to warn the readers that the topics are showing a very new approach with no quick answers abstaining from proof or holding just a few lines and the information is new in nature but not hard to grasp.

Should anyone desire to contact me about raising an opinion, or sharing your opinion about my views on science then feel free to do so by using mailto:info@questionablescience.net or the email address mailto:info@singularityrelavancy.com but please do so when coming to the end of this book at least and then see if you understand the entire concept that I introduced. In most cases all your questions are answered further down the line and I am not fond of repeating what is already said in the book. The book forms a line in explaining and the concepts are best understood if the reader follows the designated line. You are going to encounter mathematics and if you don’t like reading it, than skip it because it is not important. It is there to shut up those that think they are clever and know less about mathematics than a monkey knows of political philosophy. I will show you how much Newton knew about relevancies applying in mathematics.

This book started off as a website to inform about a science conspiracy but although reduced still it grew into a book that serves much more information than what I first intended to supply. You will see many new aspects about gravity please make sure you understand what you read. It grew into a comprehensive study on cosmology. At times you may observe while reading this book that it seems as if my frustration will ring through like the chiming of the Big Ben Bell. For that there is a reason. At times my frustration and anger will boil over drowning my politeness and that is true, which I admit. For twelve years I have had the answer that would correct the philosophy that has a stranglehold on cosmological science.

I discovered the building blocks of nature where my discovery puts all other cosmic aspects of science into science fiction. Those who force-feed non-existing dogma do so to brainwash students to hide the incompetence of “modern science” so they can rule supreme while ignoring the truth that they deliberately hide by concocting a conspiracy. To keep everyone unguarded they practise a conspiracy by which they perform an accepted practise of thought control on students to further the false dogma presently in place. I try to blow the whistle on such a practise but accepting my resolution makes every thesis ever written science fiction. Therefore no one in science dare to read my work leave alone appreciates the revolutionary nature thereof. Whatever now is deemed to be accepted science would then become what is the past tense in science because the flaws that those in power of science principles kept coated for centuries on end as untouchable truth will then be rust that breaks the surface to show the holes!

They try to silence me but surely somehow somewhere I have to break through with my massage! I bring you a true form of science as never seen before in all of history and I do that when I dispose of the conspiracy that hides all the incorrectness and the failures that haunts science today. Science is accepted as the most righteous information available to man and that is a scam.

Read The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Theses that is written as the first introduction to introduce singularity forming gravity in the new The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Website offering a theorem that for the first time explains gravity in a founded manner.

The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The (proposed) Article Free of Charge from Lulu The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Dissertation
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in terms of Newton
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Cosmic Physics
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of The Four Cosmic Phenomena The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in terms of The Sound Barrier
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of The Cosmic Code
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Life
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Investigating Kepler


This introduction is as much about proving what energy is as it is about knowing the difference to the state in which alive person is and in which a dead person is. Newton considered all forms of energy to be the same, and oh boy, was he mistaken. It is not surprising he formulated gravity the way he did. There is a worldwide fashion amongst the very well educated that in order to be regarded by those with the know how as being a supremely informed person, one must at least be an atheist. The key to science is apparently to be completely atheistic.

Atheists do not believe in the life after death, a Creator or a Force that does not exist outside the technological criteria of mathematical science.

Everything that does exist only exists because it exists in the perceptibility of science. If science can explain it then it is a reality and if science can’t explain it then it is a fable. However is what science can explain a reality…we shall get to that point shortly. Science puts all natural factors in forces and the four forces by its magical nature are like witchcraft and soothsaying, it can never be explained. Any force that might lie outside this norm is quite unthinkable and that thought could never present itself as to be present in the material Universe.

The ironic of this fact is that those well-educated scientists have only one source of information and that is light waves and even that they don’t recognise as their main source of information. They look at the sky and say I have seen and never question what they have seen. But because they have never seen God and because science can’t prove God, therefore science must disregard God and then God fail to exist.

It never dawn on them that the shortfall of proving God must be in their shortsightedness and in the shortcoming of their science, no they put science forward as the only infallible source of knowledge there is in Creation. If you believe that then get your anti depressants next to you because your world is going to come tumbling down as it never did before. Still they permit themselves to be atheists in their blind state of ignorance. I do not condemn them, because they apparently know more than I will ever know. For instance they know that mass produces gravity by the magic of the intervention of the graviton…and where you might find such a graviton I don’t know and I am pleased to say they also don’t know but since they know the magic of the graviton and I don’t know the magic of the graviton they “understand” Newton and I fail to “understand” Newton.

However, because I am not that knowledgeable, as to “ understand” Newton I must feel my way through the tunnel of ignorant darkness like a blind person in order to get a grip on reality which to my mind must form science. However, in doing that, I stumbled across a heap of questions that has no answers, and are answered by those that never question Newton because they “understand” Newton and even then when they never find answers about Newton they are thought of as those who carry the flame of knowledge. That forced me to form my own theories, think and come up with sensible conclusions, which answers all those questions their light of knowledge could not answer.

Although I admit that I don’t “ understand” Newton or the magical powers of fairies such as the graviton apparently is still I declare to be of average intelligence and like millions of others on earth, all these millions are believers in a Supreme being that created His Creation of which I am only a very small part, but like me, there are billions of others that are confronted by the same questions which these super intellectuals that “understand” Newton are seemingly incapable or unwilling to answer. Then I realized the super intellectuals only have one source that lead them and that is measured light.

Some of these scientific facts that modern science uses date back to the time when man became aware of a lifestyle that just started to include a civilized order. According to some discoveries by archaeologists, it seems that mankind had its survival mostly due to the way it accomplished knowledge about primitive science, this enabled man to survive in a total hostile environment. Wind was a force, rain was a force, and fire was a force and so on. The number of forces was endless but not any more and not in our modern society. The brilliance of Newtonian science is that they cut all those magic and magical forces down to the four in use today. Is that not brilliant and so consumer friendly?

Man’s first awareness about forces that he could not control, was explained as forces unleashed by pagan gods. In that is seated mankind’s belief and mankind’s desire to be in total control of these godly forces. This desire therefore became one of the biggest incentives that drove mankind to a civil obedience and law-abiding standard of living. Today it is still the function of science. We have to be in control of global warming and we have to be in control of the ozone layer and we have to be in control of Mars and we have to tell the Universe where it hides mass so that the Universe will contract as we say it must and we… still have to be in control of the fear science brings because Newtonian science diverted the fears of the unknown while the unknown is till in our midst.

We can even today go as far as to except that the role that intelligence played in the development of our specie was far bigger than the role was of the more brutally and physical force. In the animal world, the strongest in specie would ultimately be the leader of the pack. With his brutal power and brute force no one in the pack would dare to challenge the leaderships hierarchy and in that challenge the offspring of leader the leader himself. If one challenger should dare to do so, the challenger would ultimately but not necessarily pay with his life. It is a well known fact that male baboons not only kill the previous leader, but he will wipe out all the siblings, no matter how much the female baboons might protest against it.

This is even more so in species that has much closer links with mankind. The chimpanzee male just simply murders all possible male challengers until the day he himself is also murdered by his successor. The orang-utan male is another example of a male that would not even tolerate any male in a smelling distance. This confrontation will definitely lead to the death of the weaker one of the two.

In the development of mankind intelligence played a much bigger role than did brute strength and this still prevails to this day. There may be a distinct possibility that fear for the unknown was the only reason mankind’s development lead us to a higher norm in development than our close relatives. In case of other species the generational development benefits the physical strongest and do not favour the more intelligent of the species. These animals are still much stronger than man is, although man tamed all animals, at one point or another. Therefore, all animals submit to man and man’s intellect no doubt.

In this, one must define the difference between intelligence and the idea, which I refer to as extelligence.

In the understanding of the meaning of intelligence brings to mind how the animal socializes with its own species to guarantee the social survival of the species. That means that all animals have intelligence. Dogs has been with man as long as we can trace back human development, so in doing that he forced the dog into acknowledging mans intelligence. However, the dog still communicates with his own species in the way its intelligence dictates. The dog smells the arse of another dog but never dare to come and smell the arse of a new visitor that is a person arriving in their midst. He sees man as the leader of the pack, rather than a completely different species. When it communicates with man, it will wag its tail or show submission by lying on its back.

Yet, it accepts man’s way of communication by listening to voice commands but still communicate in the dog’s manners. The dogs intelligence never allowed him to try and communicate with man by using mankind’s standards, although his intelligence placed him in a certain advantage point to share to some extend mankind’s intelligence. However, the only reason it did so, was too further the dog’s own need to survive in the pack with man then becoming leader of the pack.

As a farmer, I often watch the manner in which cows interact. The heard of cows will graze all night with their calves beside them. At one predestined time during the morning, the mothers leave in a group to have a drink of water. I admit there is nothing strange about that. The strange part is in the procedure, when taking into account that we regard these animals to be thoughtless beasts. When this happens one dry cow or a specific reselected heifer that morning gathers the entire number of suckling calves, takes them to a safe, and secured area, far from the crocodile infested river where the calves would play and enjoy one another’s company.

I refer to this in Afrikaans as the “kindertiun” which translates as the kindergarten. After the water drinking, the mother’s would gather in a shady spot, and ruminate for about two hours or so. Then at a certain time lapse (always about the same) they would get up, and stroll in the direction of the kindergarten. Only when they come to a certain point will the calves leave the seclusion, and run to meat their mothers to feast in the generous supply of milk.

The biggest amazing part is that the kindergarten hostess is never the same cow. Everyday another dry cow takes on the responsibility of playing stepmother to the calves. Not once is there an incident of one of the calves being disobedient or not under standing about the procedure what is expected. They always seem to know which cow to follow, and are never fearful of leaving their mothers. They never are obstinate and wonder off in search of their mothers or run to their mothers before someone gives the signal, whatever the signal may be. If cattle are that mindless then who decides who’s turn it will be to play stepmother, who and how are the calves informed about who to follow, and why are they acting that responsible and disciplined. After all, they are only young mindless beasts.

I concluded that in our self-righteousness we under estimate our fellow living species. In the case of my kids no sooner did I teach them to talk when they started talking back in an attempt to follow their own minds. That is extelligence. However, in all fairness to my own species I have to admit, mankind disposes of intelligence as well as extelligence. Extelligence is the acquired knowledge to deal with matters not relating to its survival. A part of this development was due to the need of extelligence to eat. Mankind’s progress in becoming a forceful species lagged behind because of his awareness to the fact that he could manipulate certain forces in nature to his advantage.

A part of this manipulating process was accomplishing the skill to control and use fire. However, man also noticed that fire came from the heavens and clouds. These clouds formed part of the sky where the sun, moon and other stars are located. This extelligence brought us forces and Newtonian science now got the number down to four but can create some when the need arrives. When a cow looks tat the night sky the cow does not point to the beautiful stars and start to tell the calve a story while humans do this and in doing that the human creates extelligence, the awareness of bigger facts and a more complex Universe than merely grazing away at the grass.


Man was the only species that could find a manner in which to interpret the view we have of the night sky. I call that extelligence. It is placing something we don’t need into our need and find a manner to give what we don’t need to survive a purpose by which we can survive. With this argument, astronomy had to play a huge role in the development of mans culture, especially the religious aspect. His health, happiness, belief, future and wealth all derived from the gods that was found in the stars. This fascination and even religious fears was derived from the stars that even today is still apart of the science of cosmology. That is why even today, people are still motivated by the stars. Ironically enough, the other big motivation lies in man’s lust for power and his war games to commit murder, to demolish other’s property, and to dominate other members of its species to the point beyond that of slavery.

The role of slave owners and slave drivers today is in the hands of the Mammonites. They use John and Jane Dow and all mankind that belongs to social grouping lower than they do. Mammonites are those that control every facet of the man on the street’s life, should it be by job supply, political law enforcement, food and house supply, by dictating to the politicians in what manner and which laws should be applied and enforced. Mammonists on the other hand is the smaller and lesser counterpart that would pass his hungry brother and not help him in his need, although the Mammonist has more money than he or she could ever need, but they share in the greed of the Mammonites.

To them, their love for money is far greater than their love for their fellow brothers and sisters. This can be found in any social structure, be it capitalists, socialists, communists or kingdoms. The cream of the social structure would bleed those below them dry without mercy and always to the cream’s advantage.

Man was always aware of forces bigger than man and being stronger than man. That gave man extelligence. The fear that man experienced about forces, which was, according to him, inexplicable and therefore stronger than him, was considered by him to be of a godly nature and therefore only the wise amongst the wise could explain and philosophise about the nature of these forces. Common man never questioned the correctness of these layouts. However, man still prevailed in explaining to the best of his ability, the logic about his viewpoints and in so doing to guide the incredible forces that torched his fear. Today in retrospect, we consider these arguments laughable. Think how ridiculous it seems to regard the sun as a god on a chariot of fire that patrols the sky on a daily basis. Today it seems ridiculous to regard the earth as being flat, or to see a face of a goddess on the surface of the moon.

In a hundred or two hundred years from now, it would be our generation’s turn to be considered short sited and backwards because we accepted these ridiculous arguments. Thus, no matter how dynamic our visions of the cosmos seem to be, we shall still be regarded as non-intellectual and stupid by generations to come. However this book introduces the next age where we now can look at Newtonian science and start to giggle because you are going to see just how laughable that lot are.

In writing this book, I too attempt to deliver a contribution to clarify a certain line of thought that is unclear and to give an explanatory value to it. You, the reader, will evaluate the acceptability of my reasoning and you will remain the only evaluator that will approve or reject my work because those in high office refuse to even read my work since it talks Newton down and they live to uphold Newton.

My viewpoints are not the consequence of a big literacy, but rather due to a lack thereof. Remember I am the one that is according to those Masters that “understand” Newton the one that does not “understand” Newton and me being the party in science not “understanding” Newton I drip with stupidity while they fly a mile high with sensibility and shear wisdom. Because I shall entrust you as the reader with my thoughts, I shall have to introduce myself in a brief manner. Relatively spoken I can be considered as stupid because again I have to repeat that I do not “understand” Newton. I do not try to sell myself short, but in accepting this fact, I was able to use it to my great advantage. If two thousand of the world’s most intellectual brains ignore you and others that do try an effort to reply on your work but in the contact tell you that you are too stupid too understand “classical mechanics” the way Newton explain it then one must believe those with the brains are correct and me as mindless as I am in not “understanding” Newton, should quietly fade into the darkness and disappear from all records.

First, I have to qualify my statement that I am stupid. This is important so please pay attention since this applies to all holding extelligence. All people know what they know. However, they do not know what they do not know. For us mortals, the sum total of what we know, is enormously big because it contains everything that to us fills our Universe. That comprises the total amount of our total human existence and our accumulated knowledge gained over a lifetime of labour. On the other hand, we regard the part that we do not know, as so insignificant small, that it bears a value of nothing. It is so small that what we don’t know is what we truly don’t know and what we don’t know is beyond what we know it is so small we don’t know what we don’t know. Because we do not know how much we do not know, we cannot evaluate the sum total of that.

That puts what we don’t know in the class of nothing and therefore what we know is everything we know and what we don’t know is nothing to what we know the ratio is eternally big to nothing. People always concentrate on the part that they know and therefore realize how intelligent they are. In this lies the accumulation of their absolute arrogance. With this arrogance the part that they do not know, becomes even more insignificant because they never think of it. The normal procedure of man is that he will concentrate on the part that is of value, disregarding the worthless part that is of no value.

In my case, I had to concentrate on the part that I did not know, because of the lack of anyone trying to understand what it is that I understand no one can see what I know and judge that. By missing what I know they can’t see what I know and therefore they do not know how much I know. This brought about that I always had to regard the part that I know as being insignificant small to live up to other persons with which I share a Universe. What I know I discovered without tests and therefore I had no formal examinations in testing how much I knew about what I know and thereby evaluating my field of knowledge. In the absence of examinations about how much I know in context of what I eventually might know, I had to disregard the amount that I know and always had to consider myself as being stupid since I never got around to “understanding” Newton.

This brought about that I had to remain humble, know my place in intelligent company and fade away when others got intellectual be no one could understand what it was that I knew. This was because I was untested and stupid. This book is the consequence not of my enormous intellect, but rather as the result of my stupidity coming as a result of me not “understanding” Newton. I always had to fight my ignorance and had to seek answers to my own questions because I was too stupid to accept the official answers given by the educated. Therefore what you are about to discover came not through me being intellectual but being disregarded and seen as stupid.

Let us look at their definition of energy. Energy is, as I understand it, indestructible, which means it cannot be destroyed. Energy can only be transferred from one form to another form. Let us look at the example, which is used to teach scholars at school. We take a rock and move it from a ditch up a hill. On top of the hill, we have a lot of potential energy that was transformed from static energy by means of kinetic energy. In the transformation, other losses occurred like our body sweat from heat loss, sweat that became vapour and friction losses due to emotions rising to boiling point when physical work is done. That type of losses science apparently does not take into account as energy losses.

The losses brought about by anger, fighting and frustration brought about by incumbency that is always part of manual labour. These are also energy losses but it is never recognised by those that think they think. After all the sweat and wrestling, the rock is on the top and we have a situation with potential energy from which we can derive kinetic energy when the rock is rolled down hill. I do not agree with any of the above mentioned, and will later state my point of view. I will however declare at this point that Newton’s statement of energy and work being the same thing is utter nonsense.

This is the simplest example we teach children in school. I too had to teach the children this nonsense, in the period when I too was a teacher.

Now we take the scenario of a person’s life. The person is born, and after that momentous occasion he continuous on this planet for the best part of sixty or seventy years. In this, period a great deal of energy is used to walk, run, laugh, cry, think, produce and reproduce. By doing that, he would from time to time state that he feels tired or without energy. What energy is the man referring too?

I have once heard a scientist that made such a fool of him. That scientist declared that if God was energy, God could be coal, because coal is energy as well. Now I would love to invite him to a meal and see him devour a plate of coal. If coal is energy, he can make a meal of it, and then live very cheaply. What he does not seem to grasp is that there are many forms of energy, which differ totally as we distract the heat and in doing so one can tap the energy. However, coal cannot walk, run, jump and laugh. I cannot even begin to imagine one brick crying and moaning because his friend was thrown into a fire. Coal cannot have sexual intercourse producing an offspring and then caring for it afterwards. Life on the other hand does have those energy qualities. This means that there are different values and forms of energy, of which life is one. If life is no different to other forms of energy, God could be another total different concept of energy.

This is the problem that I have with these “SUPER- EDUCATED- MASTER- OF- FACT” geniuses.

To them science is private intellectual property they can do with or do without as they please and only they are credible when applying science as a thought process. They can make the most bizarre statements and could be away with it unchallenged. The world contains a wide spectrum of different occupations that people earn their livelihood from. Seen from my personal occupation, there are two types. Those that farm and produce wheat, corn, barley, nuts, sugar cane, vegetables and many other produce. These are potential energy producers. They produce food, for the other group of the human population that uses this energy product to maintain their strength to apply it to other methods of occupation. Cattle and sheep farmers produce meat that is used by others to convert into energy for their personal use

All people have one thing in common. They devour one form of energy, which is known as food. That is needed to maintain a life cycle, and the consuming of food must be done on a regular basis, to enable a human to live and reproduce for a lifespan of seventy of eighty years. The only precondition is that life would sponge on other carbon-based forms of life, whether it is plants or animals.

This person maintains his way and means of life, thus transferring energy from a form of food to a form of work. Then one day he collapses and becomes still. That person becomes unable to move. We call this state that the person is in, being dead. Even if I take a shovel of food and force it down his throat, he still would lack the ability to transform that energy to movement. But why…Simply because he does not breathe any more. And why isn’t he able to breathe… because he is dead. When a person is considered dead, he lacks energy to such an extent that he cannot bring his own body to the grave. Others like me, and I have to carry him to his grave. We, that are alive, and maintain the process of translating food into life, have to carry the dead (he who is without life) to his grave.

The only difference between him and me is the energy form known as life. However, life is not the same form of energy as food, oxygen, heat and electricity. Even if I force all the food down his throat, and pump his lungs with air, while I heat his body with a blowtorch and shock him with electricity, he would still find himself unable to walk himself to his grave. That means the one form of energy is not the same as the other form of energy.

It is widely accepted that there seems to be a generator in the brain that generates electrons which enables the body to function. We know the flow of electrons is due to the process called electricity. On the other hand, do we? In a later chapter, I shall point the difference out between this flow of electricity. However, for the mean time I would stick to this accepted fact that electricity is conducted by the flow of electrons. Now, you can shock the cadaver with electricity until it hops about like a ping-pong ball, if life has gone absent, conducting a flow of electricity would not reinstate life.

You could put the cadaver on life support, with a heart machine a lung machine and all kinds of other machines. This method has nothing to do with life being precious, but fare more with the money paid by his medical aid, being precious. Once the cadaver’s line of financial support dries up, his life instantaneously becomes worthless. Then the cadaver finds the problem that it seems unable to live which means it is dead. Death means the brain is unable to send electronic signals by means of amino acids to the muscles, which would enable those muscles to continue with its normal function. The cadaver finds itself without the energy called life.

At this stage, I think that I pointed out to the difference between a body filled with energy called life, and a body that lacks energy and is called death. However, the energy that I pointed out called life, is miles apart from the energy that consists of food, air, the burning of it and the destruction of it. There is a broad difference between the food process and the actual form of energy called life. Now I would like to ask those Super Intelligent Atheists and consumers of food and air to explain where the energy form that is called life has gone.

Energy cannot be destroyed, but can merely be transformed from one form to another. This is scientific gospel. Life as I pointed out, has a different value to heat. Life cannot be destroyed, that means it has to be transferred from one form to another form, and life itself is not heat, electricity, or food, because applying all those other forms of energy cannot raise the dead. The fact that energy must be transformed and cannot be destroyed is proved by science to be unquestionable. The only answer I can conclude is that science is ignoring their own findings to prove their own religion fashions. With life being an undisputable form of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it seems very unscientific to propagate atheism as a fact. From these facts, one has to conclude that there does exist another form of life after death.
I started off by introducing myself as P. S. J. Schutte. However in the light of what the most respected academic group on Earth accuses me of, I therefore have to issue a most serious warning to any person with the intention of making some kind of inquiry to the content this book holds, then the most concerning matter involving any content within the pages of this book you hold are that you must please seriously consider that where the stating declares the possibility that the content in this book has been (written by…) then don’t take the announcing Written By Peet Schutte (Petrus S. J. Schutte) very seriously for there are grievous doubts leaving considerable dispute about the possibility, which underwrites the authenticity of Peet Schutte achieving the (written by…Peet Schutte) status.

Please take note of the following dehortation. In the light of the reference to me serving in the capacity as being responsible for authoring, (written by…) in line of keeping fairness and justice to members of society, where all civil beings should carry reputed honesty, then: Please be warned before any reader starts reading about the following extremely serious admonition: I am bound by my conscience to warn all intended readers that I am placed under caution by the Academics in Physics. Those most esteemed members responsible for the guardianship and maintaining the ethos in physics are of the opinion that I, Peet Schutte, am unable to write any book on the science of Physics as well as Astrophysics.

Therefore , I, Peet Schutte, must declare that I should be considered as not very able to write anything, because I am incapable thereof. I suppose, I merely generate new information, which I establish as thoughts and then gather as concepts. I further collect the result as words, which I put on paper using alphabetic symbols. I then compile that in a format that others may confuse with a book, but a book it cannot be, since the Masters in science found me unable to write a book. But before you go further and follow my arguments, I first have to level with you about how academics view me in the position I hold. Please do not allow me to fool you, for this then cannot be, or represent a book. Now I have done my duty in warning everyone and in that, I denounce further participating with any purposive intention to wilfully bring down the crux of civilization by acting unacceptable and irresponsible.

I didn’t write any books since I am not schooled to do so. It is my guess that I merely generated uninformed thoughts, which I collected as alphabetic symbols and plotted that in ink on paper. This effort I achieved from harbouring my delusional ideas spawned by a dehumanised brain. It only proves my weak and under developed mentality, due to my lack of an informed insight that is a typical symptom that all those have that is suffering from a disadvantaged past that one can only have when the person obviously lacks formal education.

While you are reading the letter deciding to regard or dismiss my work, then also please keep in mind when reading my language used and also please give credit where it belongs…if you do find linguistically improper use of words or misspelling, then remember that I am a feeble minded motor mechanic and not a literal giant. I do find much pride in my status as being Afrikaner and would like to have my names used by pronouncing it in the manner Afrikaans dictates…therefore I would sincerely appreciate the courtesy when readers will take note that my name and last name are pronounced in Afrikaans, which is originally from Dutch and must be pronounced that way. Peet one would pronounce “here which is the closest English to the pronouncing of theee”. TheSch in Schutte is pronounced exactly as school is where both actually are pronounced Skutte orskool”. By pronouncing my name in Afrikaans you do me the utmost courtesy any one can. Being an Afrikaner is what I am most proud of.

I submit article to well known physics magazines but my articles are rejected on the most unappeasable grounds and for the most outrageously ridiculous reasons the Newtonians can think of.

One such an article I may use because I said I was going to use the material as an open letter I gladly show. I submitted an article in which I show what the manner is in which gravity conducts movement by means of singularity.

I have contacted more academics that I can remember because my last tally some years ago was1500, and still I am ignored like Michael Moore was when he tried to enlist the Senate in the Iraq war. This is the biggest cover-up mankind has ever devised and let one academic prove it is not a cover-up as much as any academic prove that Newton is absolutely beyond suspicion and as faultless as the academics in physics are blameless.
You are going to read about a conspiracy but people think of a conspiracy in many terms. Let us define not by definition but by interpretation to what a conspiracy constitutes. What do you think is a conspiracy? All the conspiracies you know about is known about because someone somewhere makes money by allowing the revealing of the conspiracy. Silencing the conspiracy does not make money but informing a suspicious public loosens the flow of money. If it were a true conspiracy no one would know about the conspiracy because the powerful would make money from not revealing the conspiracy. The revealing of the facts about any conspiracy would be stopped before it leaked because it would kill the flow of money.

A conspiracy is thought to be a gossip story that makes money and by not revealing it or revealing it goes in line with making money or not making money. You can download this book free of charge because I don’t make money by revealing the conspiracy. I truly want to find an audience to divulge the truth. I want to make money but it is by showing how I can correct the flaws in science, not by hiding it in a conspiracy. People put a conspiracy in the same realms as a gossip story, an old wives tail, which is going about but does not intend to harm and mostly serves as amusement to many. Hearing about a conspiracy tests your intellectual comprehension. It is some quiz that you match your truth against the truth that the conspiracy reveals. It is a funny, but it is not funny until you catch the funny part hiding behind the conspiracy and only when you measure the catch behind the conspiracy are you treated to be amused.

If the conspiracy does not touch the person directly then no harm is felt and no harm is intended. Every one holds this view that a conspiracy is on a slightly higher level than gossip. It is a gossip story about someone living in the neighboring village known only to some people next door but has no direct linking to me or has no threat to the safety of others directly associated to me. Everyone treats a conspiracy as if it is something amusing that holds no threat at all. It is something that goes around as a joke of sorts.

Lets narrow the conspiracy idea down to a known case. A conspiracy is very typical to the Madeleine McCann case where the disappearance of Madeleine brought money to many. Madeleine McCann disappeared Thursday, 3 May 2007 and was / is the daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann. Anyone living in the western world except Americans would know about Madeleine McCann. Americans live in a unique Universe called “the States” and regard Europe as some overseas country situated just past the moon. Americans are the most uninformed brainwashed nation on earth thanks to advertising. Americans can’t cross the street without some advertising jingle telling them how to do it the best way while getting the most pleasure while crossing the road and for fun they will throw in a sexual connection in the crossing.


For all of those that lives in America or on the far side of the Moon or spent the past three years on a vacation on Mars and others that had no contact with Mother earth or the media on Earth, this is Madeleine McCann the daughter of two prominent Scottish doctors that was on vacation in Portugal in 2007. Since her abduction no one saw her, no one heard of her and no one thinks of her. However that is not new because since the time of her disappearance more than 300 000 other kids in Britain alone befell the same fait and there is no media-mania to try and find those children.

Madeleine disappeared from a hotel room in Portugal while being in bed. For months the disappearance of Madeleine was front-page news and we heard about her all day long. We heard about Madeleine’s disappearing day and night on all channels and in all papers around the world. Then the news raised the hopes and then the news dashed the hopes but it was all about the disappearance of a girl called Madeleine McCann. To sell advertising time the press had to write about Madeleine.

This is a conspiracy.

Not the fact that she disappeared or didn’t disappear or that she came to harm or died at the hands of her mother or not. The conspiracy hides in big deal that was made about the case all throughout the months afterwards. The case was blown out of all context and proportions considered the international effect it had. The press made an issue about the case as if it was some special occurrence unknown to mankind. The Press presenting this case as a one-off incident makes the entire case a shameful mockery to society. The world viewed this, as an incident equal to the Lindbergh baby’s disappearance in uniqueness while the truth is that 11.4 children disappears hourly in Britain alone and no cockerel ever crows about it. Britain alone loses a hundred thousand children under the age of sixteen per year every year. One hundred thousand children go missing each year in Britain alone and what Special Forces are in place to combat this…nothing. The government never mentions this in parliament. In 2007 there were a number of bomb blasts on trains and one bus blew sky high and that brought Britain to a stand still. The number of lives lost was many times less than one hundred thousand and such bombing happens once in about ten to twenty years.

In relevancy one could say for every two million children lost to prostitution there are five bomb blasts. During about the same time there was a huge bank robbery and the culprits were traced far and wide. They never stopped searching until everyone was caught and every note was accounted for. The leader was traced back to an Arab country (I forgot the name) and was brought back to face justice. He was chased until he was caught showing that criminal cases can be solved, except where children disappear. If one bank robbery is committed they get the thug but when children disappear who cares?

Yet in that time it took to close the bank robbery case about 200 000 children under the age of sixteen went missing and the number that disappeared were never even reported! If there is another two major BIG bank robberies in the same period no stone is left untouched to solve the problem of banks robbed and “terrorist” attacks against “the people of Britain” but to lose a million children every decade or so is quite acceptable because the disappearing is part of a conspiracy and true conspiracies are never revealed or investigated. If a bomb blast occurs in London MI6 forms a special investigating unit but no Special-Force action is ever taken to bring this loss of children into the open. Losing 100 000 of the prime persons, the future of the country is a matter of discussion that is never discussed in polite conversations.

Which British politician ever made it a political pledge to search into this crime? No one mentions it because it is best wiped under the carpet. Most of the children are a product of broken homes and pupils of the unmentionable side of society and therefore no one cares to care for them. Their parents never vote because they are mostly the driftwood that never vote and the children are too young to vote so who cares? But when two medical doctor’s child disappears and they know how to manipulate the press the world goes fanatic. The couple even found an audience with the Pope no less.

This has to do with money. The fact that 100 00 children disappears while it never forms a political debate alone tells the whole story. No politician cries fowl and that is because those with money stop them to...

According to a Portuguese lawyer that worked in the Madeleine McCann case, him being professionally experienced in working with several English clients, any parent being accused of abandoning the children to danger, is a crime under British law that is severely punished by UK laws. Yea, sure and the moon is made of cheese! That is so typical of a conspiracy. There are laws in place that are laws never attended to or adhered to and nobody ever obeys the laws because they are as good as being non-existent. Every law that is in place serves to protect the rich and the powerful by denying the poor and the defenceless any say in Government law forming. Yes they show democracy but they create mass hysteria instead.

The Members of Parliament put conspiracy-serving laws in place that serves nothing anyway. TV hosts such as David Frost claim their diligence and their courage and their tenacity. Why don’t TV talk show hosts ask any politician about the children disappearing, because the TV station would not permit such questioning? Why do all members of the printing press or electronic media ignore the subject as if it does not exist? Why not attack all the Political Party leaders on a live debate or cross-question them? Why don’t the press report every missing child in the same manner as they reported Madeleine McCann? Is it because there then will be no space left to report anything else or who stops them shouting about it?

These children just disappear from the face of the earth and that says there are mighty powerful money barons at work. Those that bought those that have the political power to power to decide who goes to war and die and who gets rich from the declaration of the war have the leverage in the social structure to allow 100 000 children in Britain alone to go missing and the public is none the wiser and could care even less about the matter. Those children disappearing are hard currency more valuable than money. Those children become assets as good as gold or property because their currency is set fast. I believe there is more dope bought with children earmarked for prostitution than there is money used as transaction payment. I believe a lot of oil is bought with pretty little blond haired girls that have gone missing.

Telling everybody about the McCann girl is not the conspiracy but not telling the world at the same time about the other 100 000 children that also disappeared becomes the conspiracy. It is not the information that is presented but it is the information withheld from the presentation that becomes the conspiracy. It is screaming from the mountaintops about one girl while pushing the other 100 000 that went missing under the carpet, that becomes the conspiracy. To defer the attention from the true problem they cry about one.

Reading about such a pretty girl being abducted or going lost is sensational. It is something to cry your heart out about. Knowing about 100 000 children being abducted or going lost is a problem and while everyone is ready for the sensation no one wants to know about a bloody problem no one cares about.

The following is a joke coming from the Internet:
What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and Elvis?
The Answer: More people believe Elvis is still alive

This is no joke.


To hide this idea of Madeleine being dead is the centre part of the conspiracy, because only then can the McCann family to earn money.

A Portuguese Polices officer spearheading the investigation wrote a book stating his (and the official police) point of view on the case and tells about why they think there is no more evidence to research since they have the opinion that the girl is already dead. He said Madeleine is deceased and gives his reasons in a book. The McCann family got a court interdict stopping his book being published because they want to stop the idea spreading that Madeleine is dead. Why would they spend hundreds of thousands of Madeleine’s money to prevent a detective from putting to print his views on the case?

It is about money as every aspect of this conspiracy is about earning money. A dead Madeleine would not enlist donations and evoke the media ratings that the story generate and the income of the entire enterprise will plummet if the girl’s death is accepted by the public at large, while searching for a live girl brings in millions and to hell with free speech and free opinions when money is the issue. That is why the papers that printed the fact that Madeleine is dead was sewed and they paid up. To hell with free speech because the papers saw their earning in revenue go down the toilet by allowing the public to think Madeleine is dead. Admitting to Madeleine’s death will kill the money flowing in and that is horrific.

Even the money the McCann family and all other people fight to accumulate is a conspiracy. One group of person’s thought of as Bankers bought from crooked politicians worldwide the privilege to print paper and give the paper a value. In the system I take the paper they printed and then I have to regard that paper as having more worth than say my home has because I “sell” my home by detaching my ownership from me and attach my own worth to the printed-paper. Then I am very impressed with myself afterwards in my effort to exchange what has visible and useful worth for some paper they tell me I have to accept the worth but has no worth but to give it back to bankers to put in their vaults. This is insane stupidity and every person on earth goes along with the madness. The Bankers decide the worth of the worthless they print at about no cost to them and then by creating a system I am forced to accept their paper and the worth they attach to it or ells I starve and die. Even committing to dying requires money to accomplish the process. If you come to the end of your life you have to pay for the privilege to die and go on.

The Bankers take their tax or share long before the Government can but they call it bank fees. People are so brainwashed and beaten to a pulp by systematic control of the mind and their thoughts that they fall into the practise of doomed slavery without trying to fight for freedom. In the days of the Romans and the Greeks slaves were paid 10 %of what their Masters earned from their services while the Masters still had to feed, cloth and shelter them at the cost of the Masters. We all are slaves to the bankers but we earn about 10% of the cut they take.

While the Mammonites pay us 10 % of what we earn from what they earn from or services, we have to cloth ourselves, feed ourselves and our children while we purchase houses form the Mammonites and then find that behind successful Mammonites there are Bankers pulling strings by supplying worthless printed paper we accept as the commodity we will work all our lives to accumulate and possess. In the end we can’t take with us anything we ever wanted on earth because it is worthless.

From every angle this case presents including the Pope’s visit all aspects involve money and it is about publicity that will entice donation of money leaving very little scope for a girl being found. Why don’t McCann donate some of the money they have to searching for all children that has gone missing in the time Madeleine went missing? Why don’t they also include as many photographs of children that went missing during the time that Madeleine went missing? Because then it would not bring about the money that it makes when only one very special little girl is in the hands of a child molester…but 100 000 children just vanishing slips the minds of every “concerned” do-gooder in England while they donate money to this deserving quest just to keep their minds away from the 100 000 others. This tendency to evade the truth is a sickness that runs through all aspects of society because this disease is what we use as education. I am going to show how teachers in science brainwash students by forceful mind control.

If science cannot prove God’s existence, it is not God that does not exist, but it is science failing and therefore it is then that specific view about science that should be re-examined since it is the view on science that is proving as being incorrect. This fact is what the so very brilliant and intellectually mindful Newtonian atheist should remember when they fail in their science altogether. That their science fails altogether and that failing it does in all its splendour, is facts I am delighted to prove! The fact is Newton’s views were never tested and that the Newtonian views on science were never challenged before and because of that Newton principles never withstood diligent scrutiny before.

When Sir Isaac Newton is investigated even in the flimsiest of manners, well accepted facts seems to become very suspect, to say the least. This becomes evident when concluding all the facts this book presents. Now, in this book, for the first time Newton is tested and such testing is the proof you gain by reading that which I uncover. What I bring into the open is unseen facts, which I present you with as I take you on a tour through an avenue of facts I introduce in this work. The lack there is in sensibility concerning Sir Isaac Newton’s principles this book proves. The theories of Sir Isaac Newton require proof, which was never given while God never needs proof and that is what science constantly seeks. When science perpetually ignored my concerned calling on and ignored my calling on them because (I suppose) they were finding my concerns wanting, in my final letter to them I promised them never to contact them personally again by any and by all means. I also promised them a fight. This is the fight I promised. I was not worth noticing so I was ignored. I now am calling on the public, as I am ignoring their reputations.

Scientists portray the image that they know all there is to know about everything man might ever know and nobody can ever know more than what they currently know. They tell you what to eat, what to drink, what to think and how to live because they have this image that mentally they are on par with God. They are the utmost superiors on all levels of what forms creation. This attitude applies to Rocket scientists as much as it applies to medical doctors as much as it applies to lawmen. This comes through in all departments albeit language, art, science, law or whatever you may have. If you smoke cigarettes then you will die young because the medical profession found that it is harmful to you while a hundred years ago people smoked ten times what they smoke today and they lived just as long as they live today. But the medical profession took it on them to act as God and force-feed everyone to do what they say or die. The truth is the oxygen you can’t live without is burning you to death by aging you and without that you die. If you don’t breath oxygen you die and if you breathe oxygen you die because you are born to die! In the end oxygen kills more people than any bad habit or disease because it slowly kills everything with life.

This acting like God envelops all forms of science. What is the truth? Do we hear the entire truth? The truth is that science only reveals some portion of what they know and ignores what is there that they know they don’t know. They only reveal what suits their position and never divulge what they know but what does not compliment their view. When science confronts religion they have the opinion that what is in science is everything there is and there can never be more than what science knows or what science wishes to reveal.

If some scientists are of the opinion that we will fry in boiling water in the next century then it is the Biblical truth because science holds the opinion. Science knows best! Today we laugh at medical practising of a century or two ago and in another century we know the future generations will laugh their heads off when listening to what the informed opinions are of the professionals today.

Science has forever veneered their status with this blanket of “they know all”. This makes a mockery of the truth because science has no clue why man die or why man age and yet they promise eternal life within the next few decades to come. Ask scientists what is life and they will have an “informed opinion”.

Science keep up this front that they know everything there is to know while even reading my books prove how little they know about science. They withhold every aspect in science that they do not know and only elaborate in detail that which they think they know about and what we presume they know. They are of opinion that there can be no other way that creation started but according to their science. If the Bible describes how events unfold it then are incorrect because science knows everything. In The Veracity of Gravity I show scientifically by using science how creation started precisely as the Bible says word for word but then I also show how little science currently knows about science. The book not in print yet is An open letter Addressing Gravity’s Formula, which is far more elaborate on the matter of how creation started where I show how science proves the Bible correct.

Never is a suggestion put forward that it might be science that holds the shortfall and it is because of science not being adequate that science cannot match the Bible. I can prove how the start came about because I decoded gravity and I did that by finding an explanation about the four cosmic principles. By deciphering the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect I am able to show how the very first instant happened when the Universe started the very first point ever formed. These principles are in place and not the principles Newton fabricated... That this book shows. It shows that the cosmos uses other principles than what the Newtonian science promotes. What science says nature uses is not in place or does not hold evidence while what nature does use science deny by just never pressing the issue. I show what is in place and I show why it is in place but first I have to reject what science says is in place because it is not in place.

I show how Newtonians fabricate Newton’s ideas about gravity. There is no mass that can pull. Most people reading this and who are schooled in physics never heard of the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect and these principles are what builds the Universe while I am going to show that there is no factor such as mass. While it serves their purpose notwithstanding never finding evidence to the fact, still science uses only and exclusively Newton’s idea of mass while the principles in place the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect are never ever mentioned. They sometimes put referring to these principles as law in brackets to deny the status that any of the above law have.

I am going to show you within the next few pages the silliness Newtonian principles hold. While I discuss the principles please see where I am incorrect or going wrong.

This is because the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect disputes Newton and science would rather discard what the Universe uses than to put a question mark behind the fabrication Newton put in place. Where everyone knows the fabricated information and hiding the reality, which is in place within the cosmos, and that is the conspiracy I show to all. Science stupidity ensures they don’t understand the working principles that are in place and that was known for centuries in some cases as the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect and therefore not knowing how the principles should be interpreted they hide the concept due to not want to be seen as the ignorant fools knowing the cosmos implements the principles as reality.

Science hides their limitations and incompetence behind providing the public selective of information. Take for instance the edge of the Universe they talk so much about. There is no edge of the Universe because there is only an unlimited everlasting Universe out there. What the limits are that they see as the edge of the Universe is the limitation of their equipment that can’t trace time back beyond what they see and that serves as their limit in understanding what the Universe offers and how the Universe unfolds.

Trying always be perceives as matching the likes of God science can’t face the fact that they can’t precede further into space by reading time than what their limitations and their equipment handicap them with, then they put their shortcomings onto the Universe having limits so that they can present the image of total superiority in contrast to limiting the Universe. If they do not understand the four principles in the cosmos how can they understand how the cosmos works?

Then because they are clueless about the information the Universe provide and because they use misinformed cosmic principles they’re confusion gives the Universe an edge where it ends and a date when it started while they admit and we all know that the Universe is timeless and limitless in every aspect we encounter. One thing the Universe des not have is an end because I show where the cosmos holds infinity, the point that can never go smaller and where the cosmos holds eternity, the point that can never stop becoming bigger because it is endless.

When I say there is no such a thing as mass everyone goes quiet and I can hear they immediately question my mental stability. One may question the fact that there is a God or not and one may question which God is the true God and one may doubt any form of God existing but doubting mass or saying mass does not exist is utter irresponsible madness. Everyone knows there is mass. That is one thing no one doubts. The fact of science showing that mass pulls everything down is a real as being alive, or is it?

Well…I wish to bring to mind some of the facts that physics work with when academics as scientists only work with facts. Remember they are the ones boasting that if facts are not proven then it is fables and those very important academics don’t waste time with fables because they only work with facts. The accuracy of their basis on which science rests is that mass is responsible for gravity by pulling. If you don’t have mass you’re not going to have gravity. Mass is equal to gravity and gravity applies only by mass. If mass is present then its by gravity or otherwise gravity is absent. If a body falls it is the mass that pulls the body to fall because the body receives gravity by ratio of mass and mass is that which produces gravity in relation to the mass available.

It is mass that drags you down because the mass is in charge of the gravity and the gravity finds the value from the mass available. Mass pushes you down by the gravity it forces onto you. But if mass drags you down then what lift you up in the air balloon? If mass gives the gravity to drag you onto the Earth then why would the hot air lift you up in a balloon? Is the hot air causing anti gravity or anti mass because gravity by lifting the air balloon and cargo.

The hot air balloon is lifting the passenger and all that is in the bag plus the bag plus the balloon into the air. So what is then pushing the lot up if it is mass that drags you down. Has the air not got mass because then the air can’t have gravity and then the air must escape into the blackness of outer space because by going up it shows a resilience of either mass or gravity. We have seen that it is mass that pulls everything onto the ground. If you look at spacecraft going into space they require heat and loads of it to leave the earth. If you fill a hot air balloon with heated air it would rise so height it would leave the earth. If heat makes things raise then it must be clear that cold must draw thing down and it is the cooling of space that compact space in order to create gravity. It is on this principle that I forge my thesis.

Why would the air defy mass and allow the balloon to go anti whatever is going anti because nothing in or on the balloon has gone without mass. The object(s) has mass to produce gravity. Why then would hot air allow the balloon plus everything in the balloon to lift into the air? The balloon lifts in relation to the hot air that blows into the sack. The more hot air and the hotter the air is the more lift and the swifter the lift will be that the balloon provides. The issue sticking out is that the balloon then must not have mass because with anti gravity it is pulling up.

Remember mass drags you down and mass can’t pull you up and drag you down at the same time. Then what is pushing while mass is pulling or is mass pushing while what is pulling? The object is not going in the normal direction where it is dragged down by mass forming gravity and in all my life I have never heard one Academic mention anything about gravity lifting and that makes the lot very confusing. What is lifting up when the lot should be pushing down and why did everything connected to the balloon lose the mass and if it has mass why is it not dragging down the balloon?

That fact about Galileo, science does embrace, although this strongly contradicts Newton’s impressions about mass inflicting gravity. On TV we see how all objects, such as cars, humans and bags fall at the same pace, which sets a standard totally against Newtonian mass principles that produce the falling, and proves Newton wrong because mass then does not underwrite gravity in any way or form at all. The



00004.jpgwould suggest mass taking all the responsibility for such falling that takes place.

Newtonians declare gravity as the force of gravity F, that is = equal to gravitational constant G, when it is multiplied by the mass M1and the mass M2 after which then the product of the three factors influencing gravity is divided by the square r2 distance between mass pulling the mass that destroys the distance between the two objects.

If mass pulls mass as Newton said, the Big Bang is not possible but the Universe is notwithstanding Newton’s claims, expanding (growing apart). If mass forms gravity, every planet must orbit at a different pace, which they do not, as all planets orbit at the same pace around the Sun.

To do some form of minor investigation I suggest we take objects that I have on my clip art that might represent some form of reality when we investigate this Newtonian dilemma and see what we may find.

15 000 000 gram

Take a truck loaded with cargo totalling of 15 tons into an airplane. Put next to the truck a petite little dancer weighing 45 kilograms. Then to keep the dancer on her toes, put a frog of 150 g next to her.

Dancer mass is Frog mass is 45 000 gram 150 gram


Now we will have the mass of each object “pull” by “gravity” as this lot falls down

Take note that you are told by the wise amongst us that it is mass that produces the gravity that pulls you down. We have just had a lovely debate on how it works and how mass drags you down and wondered if it then is anti mass or anti gravity that lifts you up with the hot air balloon, well take note of this as your airplane reaches 11 thousand meters which is eleven kilometres straight up into the air.

Now you throw this lot out without parachutes and let the lot free fall in accordance with each object enjoying its individual mass forming its own gravity. If Newton is correct this lot will fall according to gravity and if Galileo is correct this lot will fall together.

But never can Newton and Galileo have the same opinion of the outcome, as they are not sharing an issue with the same outcome because by falling with mass the lot must fall different and we know they do not. If falling is according to mass then it is ridiculous to think the lot would arrive on the ground simultaneously.

If the falling is equal Galileo is correct and if every one lands in ratio of individual mass then Newton seems to be correct. Judge on what you see and not what you are told by physicists upholding Newton.

Galileo took pendulums big and small and had the pendulums swinging and that Galileo used to measure time. From that Galileo saw that whether the object is big or is small the swing is synchronised and the same regardless of size. Irrespective of the size of the swinging pendulum the time it measured was the very same and from that humans could then measure time in small quantities of time laps.

Later on time measuring was dome by implementing the clepsydra and the clepsydra is also timemeasuring machine but it is a water-based object that interchanges space for water by allowing space to replace water in a cylindrical jar. The synchronising of this is so accurate the machine became a time measuring device. Notwithstanding the story behind this experiment, Newtonians preferred never to give this a closer inspection (maybe this had something to do with getting too close to the truth and leading the controlling of thoughts too far away from Newton’s corrupt mass idea)?

Mass of

the Truck M1M2F = Gr2

Mass of Mass of the Frog
the Dancer



When travelling at a specific speed the objects will hang suspended even in outer space regardless of the mass. The mass must be still present because they say the object still holds mass. It is only the weight that has removed from the equation. Does this seem logic to dish out micro gravity when gravity is the movement (suspended when it shows weight) of objects and by rotating that fast it must have maximum gravity ands minimum weight. This is all part of the plot and conspiracy to confuse everyone.

The earth has mass that it pulls with. The truck has mass that it pulls with. So does the girl and the frog have mass that it pulls with. The pulling power all depends on the mass that the object holds, well that is according to Newton. Science teaches that a feather and a hammer have different mass while they fall equal in time through an equal distance travelled. If gravity was mass related, then this was not possible, because then objects must fall according to mass.

Falling objects bears no evidence of mass playing any part in falling. Any two objects holding different mass fall equal in time and in distance when sharing similar conditions, which suspends mass altogether as an influencing factor. Galileo proved different mass fall equally under similar conditions.

Planets don’t give the slightest hint that they obey Newton’s suggested cosmic laws by implementing mass. The truth is that mass is the resistance of any independent material to deform and to acquire mass the individual object relinquishes independent motion. Mass comes about when the falling of any object stops the motion of the falling. Mass prevents further falling, it does not sustain further falling.

Gravity is the moving of the object to the centre of the Earth while falling. I say gravity is movement while mass is obstructing independent movement, which is what gravity is. Mass is not forming the factor responsible for gravity or movement, but prevents further movement.

A body falls by gravity.


Mass hinders movement and therefore mass can’t enhance or produce movement or gravity.

Mass prevents or blocks gravity. Gravity is the motion that defines the individual identity of any object’s structural form by rendering motion while reserving independence in granting free space from other manipulating objects. Do you as students realize the inconsistencies that physic Academics present you with when portraying that what they teach you as being the solemn truth.