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I am P.S.J Schutte, nicknamed Peet. Being a white South African my mother tongue is Afrikaans and my
second language is English. My language standard used might not quite meet your Shakespearian
expectations and some spelling errors might have slipped through cracks but it is not the art of language I
try to promote but it is the art that science perfected by never disclosing information they prefer not to and
never to divulging the entire overall picture about what it is that science know and don’t know. It is the
information about the unbelievable oversight of Newtonian mistakes I disclose that proves how they keep
the oversight of Newtonian mistakes silent and why they don’t divulge that which they keep silent about. It
is about them never committing to the entire story by giving an all-round presentation of everything
anyone would require to know to be in a position to evaluate.
It is not what science declares that is important but it is always what scientists don’t declare that holds
prominence and more so the reason why science keeps a silence about the information they do not
disclose. It is never about what they say but it is why they don’t say other things they keep quiet about.
You will read how they never disclose the entire truth because science is about promoting one-sided and
selectively opinionated information forming fraud no less. I have been per suiting a new cosmic theory
that I partly present in a six part theses, of which the investigating research began in 1977. In 1999 I
compiled my theory and searched for a publisher.
First I located what was wrong in physics then formed a correct approach. I compiled my presentation of it
in a theses that I call The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and then six separate thesis parts forming
the theses published through LULU.com which I saw as the only manner whereby I could generate
funding by which I would be able to have the twenty seven books I already wrote linguistically edited and
then to have the books published on a Print-On-Demand basis.
I compiled a new cosmic theory by which I eliminated all the incorrectness that Newton has burdened
science with but with this being my opinion I did not find a garage full of academics supporters waiting to
applaud me and to uphold my views on the matter. Yet still I was not going to be ambushed by their
relentless stonewalling my efforts and blocking my efforts in introducing both the incorrectness and the
new cosmic theorem I concluded. Their mannerism in blocking and frustrating my opinion when showing
the mistakes in science convinced me about a Conspiracy in Science in Progress and this spurred me
on to tell the entire world about their brainwashing students minds. By the manner they selectively
withhold information when teaching science, amounts to deliberate brainwashing of students in physics
by “normal” education practises.
Trying to convey my message kept me busy for the past going on to twelve years on full time basis
whereby I was trying to introduce my findings to many academics without finding much joy from my
efforts. This past eleven years plus saw me go without any income as I tried to get my theorem
recognised as well as get my warning noted.
Going without a steady income left me almost destitute and in order to find a manner to get my theory
across to the attention of influential readers, I decided to publish a theses of six books electronically as to
try and get around the stranglehold of Newtonian bias controlling science at present worldwide. I decided
to publish electronically which those in power do not control. However to get people to believe me is to
change science that everyone believes as culture.
With my first language not English and the books not linguistically checked by an expert there are bound
to be language errors that readers will notice. In the past I tried to check my work myself but after
checking say one hundred and fifty pages for language corrections, then after days of toiling instead of
having corrected work I ended having four hundred pages of newly written information which is still not
linguistically corrected but holds a lot more information.
The language and spelling errors compiled instead of reduced. This is because my priorities lie
elsewhere. I aim to spend money on correcting the work as far as language goes, as I receive money in
the selling of my theses and in the hope that I will receive money. I will have all my work including the one
you are reading edited professionally and corrected as I find money to do so...But first I have to get the
public aware of the problem to get the academics to appreciate the problem. In everyone’s mind science
is more perfect than religion is. In the event of any readers who may have questions concerning more
facts as it is presented in this book, please feel free to contact me, PEET SCHUTTE. All information
divulged came about through independent self-study during the past thirty-two years or so. I have to warn