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What would you think would be the purpose of me accusing the science establishment of being corrupt and hiding their corruption behind secrecy and lies. Why would I accuse those in science of mind manipulation, mind control and brutal brainwashing while science is going so nicely?
It is getting the truth out for once after the entire world is fed lies from all sides.

Where you read facts and after you completed the book and investigated all the information and you feel I have not made my case according to you, then you have 3 e----mail addresses by which to contact me. However, if I make my evidence a presentable and believable case and prove corruption in the ranks of science, then I ask you take on the fight with me by e----mailing the book to any and where you can then as many physics teachers and other physicist in teaching office at Universities and Colleges or anywhere and everywhere else and let them have the truth.
Let those feeling high and mighty and learned come down to a human level and see what they are preaching and that their game is up… after 3 centuries of cheating the human race, they have finally been caught out.
I am going to introduce true science and it is not witch craft as Newtonian science wishes to portray science. The factor called Mass does not magically form gravity by the fairy godmother called the Graviton swiping her wand. Reading this you will for the first time ever meet with true science as reason introduce science. Science is much more complicated than that!!!!