A Conspiracy to Selectively Withhold Science Information HTML version

Symeof of no known e-mail address dislikes this book. According to him this is why …He says
Pathetic material. The author has no legitimacy in disputing physics: he is merely an amateur trying to
disprove what the greatest minds of our times have taken centuries to prove (by the way, you need to
have studied a subject before you can criticize it, which the author didn't).
In my opinion, the author is so narrow-minded that when he came to scientists to talk about his material,
the scientists must have told him that it was nonsensical. Then, of course, he couldn't imagine he might
have been wrong, so he rationalized his failure to be accepted by creating a conspiracy theory: this is
probably the reason why this e-book exists. This is no scientific material.
Please study Symeof’s criticism. If you are not prepared for the shock awaiting you about the conspiracy
in science, you should not continue. It will be as big a shock to you as it apparently is to Symeof. You will
as he did realise that so many years of study has gone wasted because what you learned was one big
hoax, covered by the mother conspiracy in science and as a result of this awakening you will feel to lash
out but don’t try to kill the messenger. There is the mother conspiracy, which I expose. If you are
unprepared for the shock then reading this book will be more harmful than never knowing the truth. To
find all your professional knowledge came to nothing must be unbearable and insufferable. The mother
conspiracy is in place but you decide if you wish to know about it or not, the choice are yours to make.
What you are going to read is the mother of all the conspiracies in science, which is about how science
applies mind control by processing thought control. Every conspiracy ever linked to science is in place to
protect that conspiracy from becoming known. I prove that there is a mother conspiracy in place. The
mother conspiracy is in place whereby students are brainwashed through the instigation of mind control
through enforcing the acceptance of dogma on students. I also introduce a new cosmic vision with the
entirety called the Universe, which is formed by singularly taking on every shape, and space that we
know. Singularity is the point where the Universe first started according to Einstein.
Those making such remarks as Symeof does must remember that persons on a higher level of education
can immediately gauge the level of your education development when it is so inferior. This person might
seem highly educated in his own eyes but it is clear he is on a very low level of understanding physics.
This person clearly never heard of the cosmic laws named 1) the Lagrangian system, 2) the Roche
limit 3) the Titius Bode law 4) the Coanda affect, which I explain by delivering mathematical proof as to
how they fit into the overall picture of gravity and which I mention and explain in much detail.
Reading this remark it is evident that Symeof never came as far as the explaining of the four cosmic laws
or such explaining as I give went past this reader without him noticing the explaining as it was too far
advanced and much above his level of understanding. That indicates that the person never understood
the explaining of the laws and therefore has a very small insight and a low level of understanding physics.
It would be much wiser to shut up and get wise than to advertise your uneducated stupidity to the world
as you did. When you say “The author has no legitimacy in disputing physics: he is merely an amateur
trying to disprove what the greatest minds of our times have taken centuries to prove” with that remark
you are trying to dispute what is apparently very much above your limited understanding of physics and
that which I prove you did not even come to read. It is a pity but then again we can’t be all intellectual.
When I refer to brainwashing students into believing this is the exact example I refer to. I could not have
asked for a better example even if I ordered it myself. This is the typical learn by repeat and never
question those teaching you because questions will uncover the mother conspiracy and that the teachers
avoid. The mother conspiracy is in place to teach about what is not present in the cosmos like telling that
things such as mass is positioning planets while never mention what forms the true basis of cosmology
which is the Lagrangian system, 2) the Roche limit 3) the Titius Bode law 4) the Coanda affect.
Those that are on a low education level such as Symeof so clearly is, would never have heard of these
laws. I explain for the first time in the history of man how these laws apply and how to read gravity from
their applications. However he never came to know such information is in place and thus informing him
and those such as he is almost impossible. When explaining these laws I have to discredit what
Newtonian science uses because what they use has no validation or credit, as I will show very soon. .
This is how the interpretation of physics would apply if Newton was correct and mass did position planets.
I am, going to show everyone with even a childlike understanding of reality that there is not even a remote
chance that the positioning of the planets go in accordance with mass or 4ʩ2a3 = P2G (M + m). This is the
formula Newton introduced and it is the formula that all those studying physics still are taught to accept as
the valid formula. Do you realise there is much more “gravity produced by mass” in the space your feet