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A Conspiracy inScience in Progress

ISBN 978-1-920430-05-4

Written By P.S.J. Schutte

All rights are reserved.
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For many years I try to show the mistake in physics but the way the academics deliberately block me serves as a clear indicator of a conspiracy rather than just plain stubborn ignorance on their part. Now I am going to introduce the readers to what I tried to show the scientists, which is the remedy to curing the mistake. If it was only two or three that showed me away I would not be this frustrated, but the Super-Educated-Masters get annoyed when they encounter new facts they are not acquainted with and the lack of feeling superior frustrates their narcissism. What Newtonians are accustomed too is the believing that they are mentally superior and blessed with insight only granted to god-like scientific visionaries.

Those Super-Educated-Masters think they are the Brainy Bunch should read this and they will see they are misinformed by misinformation that gives them a presumed self-importance. Members of the public have no preconditions about preconceptions. The public are eager to learn and does not crave only to teach by knowing better, while those thinking they are brilliant don’t have the capacity to learn. I seriously came to the conclusion those Mighty-Clever-Newtonians have no idea how to understand my work because they are either too lazy to think or unable to think. Either way they show no capability to respond to my message correctly but their response indicates total unawareness of what I try to convey.

For persons that wish to know more or that wish to confront me about what I say, there is a much more detailed version named “THE ABSOLUTE RELEVANCY OF SINGULARITY THE SIX PART THESES” that is available from Lulu.com.

This bookA Conspiracy In Science In Progress aims to show God-fearing

persons the truth about science. Science is not there to fight religion but complements religion. If religion was as fraud as science is, then I personally was an atheist, which I definitely never can be. Moreover it shows how students are mentally abused and brainwashed to believe physics.

Why would you be most likely correct when saying the Universe is a sphere… as it always is depicted in pictures?
Have you ever thought about:where is the cosmos coming from…, …where is the cosmos going to... …and most of all…Why is the cosmos traveling through time ……what brings about the direction of expanding? The answers to these questions carry great significance…and in this I book I answer them all…

My studying Kepler helped find answers to all the questions, which was deemed impossible to answer. The following is only a few of the many questions that I do answer.

Where is the centre of the Universe? That I can answer…and I also can answer… …why is the Universe still growing since the Big bang…


…why did the Universe start so very small…


…why did the Universe fit into a neutron at one time… …how did everything expand from fitting into a neutron… …why does space grow from small to large …where is it going while it is growing …why was the Universe any specific size...
…what was everything before the Big bang…

The content of this book might seem to be intellectually challenging and reading it might require much concentration at some points because the ideas I put forward will be very new to any person reading it and will call on intense detailed analysis of information. I found the building blocks used in the building of the Universe and by applying the four cosmic principles I am able to go as far back as before the Big Bang event. The Big Bang only happened recently when atoms formed the known Universe. I do not touch on this aspect but I inform the reader that what you read was never written before and absorbing new information is difficult. You are confronted with facts you never heard before. So therefore notwithstanding the level of the person’s academic qualifications or how well developed background the person has, this is not your average gardenvariety storybook. However, in the end after you have come to realise the conspiracy in science, you will be a lot wiser than you were before. The information might ask for a lot of your attention span at times, but then again challenging the mind to think is what makes life that interesting! I managed my discoveries because I DISCOVERED A MISTAKE IN SCIENCE.

This is a very obvious mistake that should have been detected at least three hundred years ago because this mistake is so biennial one can’t believe grown up person’s will miss it, let alone those person’s groomed in mathematics and cultured in physics with all that most superior education. It is not possible that person’s having such intellect and such insight into these affairs could miss it…except in the case where they purposely wished to miss it.

This is a mistake not even well hidden and not that much out of every day context. Everyone subconsciously knows about this and therefore misses it. The mistake is so blatantly missed that questions starts to rise about the reasons why the mistake is been missed by so many for so long. The mistake could only have been missed, if it was missed on purpose and the missing was clearly motivated by other issues. That makes this no mistake that came about because of human oversight and misinterpretation of the not so obvious like something said with the slip of the tong, or mislaying keys because of a lack of concentration, but it is a deliberate miscalculation of the obvious to mislead and falsify facts in order to mismanage and financially profit from such an oversight.

This is a crucial mistake since it touches every aspect of the foundation of physics and rocks physics like no Earthquake ever rocked any part of the Earth ever…it puts science on a cross road that will change cosmology forever. Correcting the mistake will alter the way the humans have a clear concept about physics altogether and forever. It will give the human mind an understanding about situations that no person before had the mental capability to understand. It will clear the view of the human on matter as will relieve the human mind from an intense and everlasting handicap. Man will never again in the future look at the sky as man did before the unveiling of this mistake.
It reverses the essence of cosmology. It alters the explaining we have about the Sun and put stars into perspective as never yet were possible. It explains what different stars are and put stars into context as it lines the most biennial star such as the Sun in ratio with the most bizarre such as the Black Hole. It explains the Black hole in a way a child could understand the concept. It shows the normal evolution of stars and the normal development of stars from the cosmic cradle to finally resting as Black Holes.

It changes the most fundamental foundation of physics. For the first time gravity as a concept becomes clear. The why and the how about gravity is finally explained and the dark ages mentality we have on the question of gravity disappears as the force is laid to rest. This mistake reveals that everyone pretending to know everything becomes those that know very little of what they pretend to know all there is to know.

I formulated gravity and it was not that formula that Newton used to formulated when he formulated gravity. I was unbelievably excited with my new found wisdom and my over exiting discovery. I saw what the clearing of one mistake could mean to the entire world. I saw how removing one misconception could clarify so many blind spots humans have about the Universe and the practical layout of the Universe. I wanted to share my enthusiasm about the mistake with those that could correct the mistake and bring new light to every one willing to listen to the new vision cosmology would bring. Those in charge of physics could correct this one flaw and by correcting this one flaw the jig saw puzzle we had on the cosmos would all fall in place. I contacted the custodians and arch fathers of physics and enlightened them to my discovery. They were the wise in know how and if it was possible for a person such as I to see the mistake and the Universe that would open when one remove the mistake and replace the mistake with the correction, how much further could the wise men in physics take the translation coming from such a correction of the obvious mistake. I contacted them with hard evidence on the matter.

From them came no reaction. I tried again and changed my approach because I thought my approach brought on their missing the essence of the problem. My mistake was indicating they had a mistake. After seven years of constant knocking on doors not one reply was ever returned by a single academic professor. Not to disprove me…not to point out my mistake and my error, not to silence me.

It was as if trying to open a grave by shouting down to the coffin and expecting a joyful reply. It was as if trying to chase a ghost with a catapult. It was as if trying to photograph a spook. There was this silence befitting a graveyard with all the ghosts pleasantly gone to the after life. There was this curtain that absorbed all sound coming from me and killing off any response coming back to me.

I took the mission one step further. I thought with personal touch and eye-to-eye intimacy I could see what part they couldn’t see about what I saw and then explain my lack in clarifying the matter as to enable them to see what I so clearly saw. I was more than just ware of the importance there was in detecting the mistake and that put all my sincerity into solving the problem.

I went to see countless academics wherever I could and whenever I could and that I did with much hope riding on their sincerity and it was done with much cost on my part. I though by having a person-to-person and an in depth personal conversation about the many factors arising from the matter, it bring new light to the table, either on my side as I then made a gross error, or on their side. I went on this mission of sharing information with big costs and effort on my part. I thought that such a personal visit conducting a debate on the issue would either bring clarity to my oversight or bring their oversight to their attention.

A fat lot of good all that did me by spending all that time and money going into all that effort. If they were sincere it was only to save their work by not recognizing mine. The mistake is so obvious and in view of all concerned with science that it is impossible not to notice it and yet, not one in science notices it.

From them I got a cold shoulder; from them I got silence or at times blatant aggression. I was received with what was all part of the Academy of science’s tactics to prevent me getting closer to the conspiracy by ignoring me. When they did reply it was to belittle me and to aggressively silence me. Their attitude was not something on my part. It was due to something science is trying to hide. It was not I that should be blamed for noticing the mistake but it was they who silenced me because I noticed the mistake. I uncovered a three hundred year old grave in which was hidden a conspiracy far bigger than what the earth ever knew before. It rattled bones that were buried since Elizabethan times and ever since then no one ever cared to bring the mistake to the open where everyone not in science could see what science hides. Then the truth finally dawned on me. I was overstepping me boundary because I was in the centre of something bigger than what I discovered. I was in the centre of a conspiracy where everyone conspires to keep what is the secret to remain the secret and to collude never to divulge what the conspiracy hides.

As I said before I uncovered a mistake in science and by that abandoned the using of mass. From the onset, the mistake seems as insignificant as it is small. Because the rest of the book is about the mistake, I do not intend on elaborating about the mistake itself. The mistake came about with the culture of education and the mistake in itself seems harmless. When admitting that, one must also admit that any pilgrim that got lost and died of starvation through an incorrect travelling direction, made the very first part of his ultimate mistake by looking in the wrong direction. How harmful does looking in a specific direction seem, and yet such a mistake leads to his ultimate mortality. The traveller could when taking his first directional flaw with that the first incorrect step, only put his foot skew in avoiding a rock. Or he could have turned his face to avoid a branch and that move pointed him in a direction that lead to his fatality. It is not the mistake that becomes the penalty and it is not the origin of such a mistake that leads to the penalising, but the ignoring of accepting signs telling the wonderer of an impending error and his stubborn ignoring of such telling sign that makes the lost party pay the ultimate price. By ignoring the mistake, for whatever reason, the ignoring of such a mistake is his undoing because the price due comes from the inability in recognising the sign indicating the presence of the mistake forming the reason for his final demise. The sooner such a person sees and admits the wrong, the less will be the consequences of his final price to pay.

The Newton mistake is one born in culture and the penalty from this mistake is bred by arrogance. At school minds are young and accepting, although developing. Through many tens of millennia humans came to a habit in surviving as a specie where culture taught them that accepting the elders advice is the same as to ensure survival of the following generations, and by such doing is also following the quickest way to an adult mind. By accepting the elders knowledge and experience without question proves the dominance of the tribe in relation to other tribes of the same race. This is culture we cannot do without and still maintain progress. It is an inheriting method humans grew on and is the corner stone of all civilization. We cannot abandon it. This was the method whereby civilisation became practised.

The scholar sits in class and receives from the Master information that is completely his days breaking news. As far as his mind can tell the news is as actual as anything notwithstanding the fact that such news may be with the human mind for thousands of years. Whatever the teacher tells him is bound to be a first time experience so new he has no time to digest the information. Taking into account his youthful ways (which we all had), he has little stomach to scrutinize it because learning is a painful process to all. Without pain and perseverance there can be no education of any sort. He does very willingly accept the facts as tested and correct without flaws of any kind. The scholar has to because in any education system time will not allow students to ponder about detailing information and securing a prognoses to all learnt every day. What ever the Master tells the scholar is taken as Biblical correct without any thought about testing the results. Where there are cases of scholars having doubt and subsequent questions, the Master takes such behaviour as being obstinate and being a reflection of the student on his (the tutor’s) personal integrity and knowledge. The young mind will very soon discover that his behaviour is not tolerated by the system, and the truth is the system cannot tolerate such behaviour for the good of the rest. Time must be spent on learning and accumulating as much information as that which the young mind can accept. The young trusts the knowledge of his elder and superior by not questioning anything.

No information could be more affected by such a culture than that of Newton. You both understand Newton and are smart, or you do not understand Newton and accept that there will be very little future for you to have in the world of science. Newton is science. No Newton understanding automatically becomes "no science" education or learning. Without Newton, there are no other and science will be a vacuumed of containing nothing. This is very unfortunate but is the ultimate of truth. It is either Newton’s way or no way at all. With this culture also brought along the stigma that only the minds of the sharp and the sighted can accept and understand Newton and when not understanding Newton one tends to fail your personal I.Q. test. It is a sure sign of the slow witted when the student fails to recognise what Newton said. The only way to advance in science is to understand Newton and indicate to all your pears how brilliant your mind is in accepting information. As I am writing I still fail to understand Newton and therefore I am looked down upon as a slow wit unable “to understand Newton after all these decades of studying Newton.

I am constantly reminded of this handicap and recently an editor enlightened me on the issue. That is why I feel obliged to refer to my position as ILL EDUCATED in terms of Newtonians that are as privileged and moreover blessed to being SUPER-EDUCATED in “understanding Newton”. All students have little understanding about Newton, and that I can and will prove through the next pages of this book. The mistake Newton made and which I discovered is laughable small, yet it took me (not being that bright I may add) almost one lifetime to recognise the mistake whereas it took mankind three hundred and fifty years of research without recognising the flaw. Others in the past may have come to see what I saw, but if there were such persons they never saw what I saw because if they saw what I saw they should also see that behind such an almost invisible puncture hole in the tube of insight is a reason for science to deflate and not accumulate. When “understanding” Newton it becomes the very same as learning Newton from the heart and accept that what you memorise is what you know. The memorised knowledge is beyond question, as it has to form part of the identity of the student having secured the knowledge.

It is not the hole forming the puncture and preventing inflating being as such the obstacle that is of importance but what that hole does to the tire and the car and the travelling with the car that becomes a menace. In the extreme effort to keep the journey on course, the Academic Masters are spending an all out effort in inflating the deflating tire faster than the deflating tire can deflate. The recourses attached to this effort is enormous and without cause. It will lead to nowhere and that is where science is heading in their attempt not to head in that direction.

When students become masters the Masters seek to break new academic ground. Masters do not ponder the ways on which they lead their students, but have an all out effort in establishing their own support of new territory that will distinct them from the rest in future to come. My uncovering of such a mistake as I did could only be from a person as ill-educated as I. I did not go through the learning process where the learning process is the very same as a brainwashing and mind controlling process. This remark may seem harsh and is not intended to be such, because reality demands no other way in education. The mistake and the carrying of the mistake with the support in refusing to recognise such a mistake is part of human training and there is very little to do but to admit that such may occur whereby to follow in acting to correct the mistake after the discovering, rectify what ever can be salvaged and build from there.

Friend and foe think me of alike as being slow of mind and not understanding Newton. This was what I was told on more numerous occasions than I care to remember. Pointing at the mistake I see, I am told by the wise as well as the nit-that-wise, such as I that through my lack in education I cannot dream to understand Newton and therefore are committed to the position of the ILL-EDUCATED, a position I learned to accept with grace. In all cases there are more sides than one and therefore I think of myself as poorly educated, the contras to my position must be those fortunate to be SUPER-EDUCATED. In this letter there will be the addressing to you holding the position of the reader and (I hope) the un-bias judge, with me presenting my case to the un-bias (you) in concerning the third party, the SUPER-EDUCATED. Referring to the party in opposing me as the SUPER-EDUCATED is by no means in disrespect and much to the contrary holds my whole-hearted admiration, (at time somewhat limited I admit.)

The information in this book I purposely made easy to red, and easy to follow. The content however, is only a drop compared to a bucket of information contained in all seven parts of “MATTER’S TIME IN SPACE The Theses”. All information presented to you, in the first part of the book is an introduction to the second part. In the latter part of the book the conclusion comes. With out a detailed introduction in the first part, the information in the second part will be of little value, as the information is very conclusive about the first part. I have been researching cosmology since 1978, on a part time basis. The conclusions may seem simple; that however is in retrospect. Some of the arguments took me up to six months to arrive at since I do not have all the information on hand.

Through the first three years alone and by e-mail as well as normal mail, I have contacted more than 1500 academics in physics in numerous countries all over the Globe where I got addresses from the Internet and conveyed this unfortunate occurrence in physics to them. I sent them post and sent them letters over the e-mail and by land post with no reaction on their part. Not one academic once contacted me in any way image or form. Nothing came back in any form being positive negative or neutral. It was as if I never made any contact. It was as if my e-mail address was not active. To this day, there was not one person, which I contacted that replied or contacted me… No sorry, I stand corrected, that is a lie. One academic contacted me and said he read my book up to page four and stopped because he did not agree with me. He got to page four reading a book of over one thousand two hundred pages and at page four of over one thousand two hundred pages; this genius concluded he was in disagreement with me. He was bright enough to draw a conclusion at page four of a book containing one thousand two hundred and forty odd pages. However, this much I’ll say in his favour, up to now he was the only one that ever mailed me on matters concerning my work.

Then to some I sent letters in book form by addressing to their post boxes in addressing the problem that I saw in physics. At this stage all the letters I have sent on so many issues became so numerous that I was able to compile the various letters into one letter that made up a book format. I bought a printer of many thousands of Rand to do the printing and did the books as professional as I possible could. Their ignoring my work was not the result of an inferior presentation or a compromised format. The books contained so many issues and covered such a wide variety of material that I found it impossible to believe those academics had no opinion about my work. Yet from that I received not one conformation that any one received any letter or book. The letters I sent to professors through out the world became so numerous that I started forming books from the letters I sent explaining my point of view about the mistakes and in finding answers and corrections about the mistake there is in physics.

No reply came back…not to discuss my point, not to discuss their point, not to elaborate on the mistake I so clearly saw, not to defend their views about the point I so clearly saw, not to set my mind at ease with some explanation about facts I am unaware of, not to say they are aware of the facts I am not aware of, not to say they are aware of the facts I that am aware of and was drawing their attention to such facts, not to thank me for contacting them confirming their unwillingness to discuss the issue. Not to plainly tell me that I must not contact them again in future for they shall contact me in further corresponding if any such need arises on these matters (at least my Bank manager wrote me this very reply when I approached him for an overdraft although when I was still actively farming but at the time it was during the drought and with my financial position being what it was at the time, I know that on his part he did so just out of common courtesy and not because I was a well respected customer as he called me in his correspondence). There was not one occasion where a reply came saying they thank me but please never to contact then again because they do not wish to correspond with a person with the likes of my type of person. Not one said they were aware or unaware of the issue I pointed out and not even once came one acknowledgement about receiving any documentation carrying the information on paper of the facts that I pointed out. I found that odd but still I went on trying to find some response somewhere about the mistake I discovered and which I was trying to uncover in science.

Remember, this mistake I pointed out was most serious as you will learn in due time. From my point I have the issue is of such a serious nature that science can’t function properly when not correcting this critical error. It is so crucial that it should drive science to a halt. Yet, in all of theses concerns I was the only person on Earth seemingly worried or at least having any concerns about the most apparent flaw any one could ever discover.

I could for my effort wrote them from the grave for I was not even a spook they could not notice although I had the ability to offer the solution that could correct the occurring flaw.

I wrote and printed many books showing my concerns I have about the mistakes. At one point on one day I posted eighty 80 books in one shot to most Grande Universities that were exceptional in their Astronomy Departments and to this day I have received no word in response. This effort I made was just before I went to hospital to have open-heart surgery of a most critical and life threatening nature. I was on the doorstep of death and this was said to me in three different wards in three different hospitals. At the time my health went out the window and I seriously thought that it could be my last attempt while being alive. I printed and bound eighty books while being too weak to pick up one book. I had to ask my sons to pick up and carry the books once I had then bounded. It was an asserted effort on my part that drained my last strength. I say this not to put more blame at their door but to explain how seriously I judged the issue to be and what efforts went into the addressing on my part. That I did it virtually from my death bed was not the concerns of the academics I sent the books to, but from my side it was a last effort because I had more that a good chance to not have pulled through the intense operation. In the books I addressed the issues in detail and the work I named An Open Letter to Selected Academics in which I proposed the full remedy to the mistakes I indicated. At the time I thought it more than likely that it could have been my last commission I gave myself.

It drained my funding totally and I got nothing back for all the effort and the money I spent in trying to charge a reaction. The only response was just a vacant silence; they did not even E-mail me in response acknowledging that they received such a book that I sent their way.
These letters were my attempting to get all this Brainy Bunch and the Super- Wise - Academic's attention drawn to a theses I have been working on that contain seven books where each is a Thesis in own write since the themes the volumes cover was never yet addressed by science in any given manner. For a seriously long time I tried to get some academic to read any or all or some of these books seriously because the facts a touch is very vital (well in my opinion they are) to the future of science and especially in cosmic physics. But no sooner does any academic learn that I criticize Newton and all interest in whatever I have to say just disappears out the window.

Not even the great Houdini could make anything disappear as fast as the interest the scientists showed when they got the idea I was no praising the brilliance of Newton. It was then that the letter writing started to get some one interested in something I wrote. Even saying I can explain the sound barrier did not provoke much interest especially after hearing it proves Newton had no idea what he was talking about.

The Theses are as follows:
After the operation and while I was recuperating I had an in depth search into my motivation and why I was doing it on my part. I even mentioned to a friend of mine that I was going to dump the entire project because if they didn’t care, then why the hell should I care. Then it dawned on me that backing off meant I lost the fight and I have never lost a fight in my entire life. I wasn’t going to let them beat me without them proving that the mistake I was accusing them of, was actually my mistake I made.

If they couldn’t prove me wrong their ignoring me was not going to win their fight because not fighting back was not going to bring them victory. At this point I was still very gullible about academics being honest and sincere and forming the pillars of civilisation and the anchor in society. I was very impressed with their positions and did not yet see the blemish that I later saw. But the rude awakening came as it hit me like a ton of bricks. All those nice fellows were not all that nice and innocent. As time lapsed my efforts became numerous my suspicions rose about their hostility towards me and their apathy towards my warnings. As time went on I became more aggressive as I became bolder because slowly my eyes opened as I saw the reasons why I was so blatantly ignored. They were fighting for the cause just as I am fighting for the cause but they are fighting to protect what causes my fighting.

At this point so far after all my numerous attempts in trying to establish some contact with academics world wide I wrote seven books in a combination I titled “Matters Time In Space: The Thesis” covering the entire issue of my work. Then there are five more books wherein I combine all the various letters I wrote to academics through out the six years of ardent trying to establish some line of communication. The last letter I addressed to academics I include as part of the content of this web page for your insight and which forms part of one of my books where I join and elaborate on the letters that I combine to form a unit as a book.

In my work I do some things no one having a sane mind should do. I break rules never broken by man since the end of the dark ages. I transgress what no one dared to do in the past three hundred and fifty years or more. I cross a line that is forbidden to cross by any man not being part of the living dead or mentally insane. I go into the darkness of the foreboding chambers of insane madness and mental instability where the most monstrous beast would walk while even he then will be hanging his head in shame.

I venture into the darkness where only those that did the unspeakable crime will enter.

I go into avenues only those with the mind of the animal will have thoughts so criminal and I became one that must be banished from everything civil. Yet, even to this day my madness is so overwhelming that still I have no shame for what I committed.

The Books holding the letters are entitled

1) An open letter On Gravity
2) An open letter Announcing Gravity’s Recipe
3) An open letter Addressing Gravity’s Formula
4) An open letter About Gravity’s Prescription
5) An open letter Explaining Gravity’s Rules

In the light of all proof and when facing evidence that I do bring, I further even dare an atheist to prove me wrong about Creation. In mentioning this word Creation by name in a science book I break a ground rule enforced by the atheistic dominated world of science. I overstep all boundaries because I prove mathematically that Creation (the entire Universe) came about in the manner exactly and precisely as the Bible states…to the letter). I challenge anyone to prove it did not happen in that way as the Bible describes.
Then I go further and do the unspeakable, the act that proves insanity, the dead that vanquishes the force by distorting the gods presence in physics, becoming the reason why the cause of the future Earth will be destroyed… why what would have been will be no more because I unleashed the wroth of God onto man bringing punishment forth that man cannot endure, while with that evilness I sent my sole to physics hell just because I criticize Newton!

I challenge any one to prove that Newton’s gravity is not a deliberate hoax instated to con the world by deception and fraud. I dare whom ever to prove that Newton’s vision of gravity is true. I challenge any person to bring proof about any part where any of my theory might be incorrect and furthermore I challenge any Academic in physics to prove that Newton’s mass pulling mass by creating gravity committed to unleash a force is anything other than delusion. I charge any one to bring proof that the cosmos is contracting by the force of mass and that mass produce gravity as Newton advocated when he committed the biggest counterfeit and circumventing of the truth and reality that has been perpetrated b y any one in all of times. If you are of the opinion it is ridiculous that I say that Newton committed fraud then answer the allegations I make and which I prove. I know every Newtonian is shouting for my scalp on hearing this allegation and I did consider the penalties I possibly face that goes with such allegations before I made the allegations.

I knew that since the death penalty was abandoned in most countries I contemplated the fact that I could not receive the death penalty for my attitude towards Newton. I could no longer swing on ropes in some gallows or receive electrification by chair or lethal injection although I knew there would be a drive to reinstate this penal conduct in the light of my transgression and the serious nature of my horrific crime against all of humanity. The time has past where I could be charged by the elite in physics whereby there was showing on my part much insane behaviour and that my nature threatened the very fibre of the human race’s survival. They could no longer create civil disobedience to entice a crowd so highly emotionally inflated that the crowd will willingly stone me to death or lynch me by elicitation of hysterical mob raging marauding.

With me having such serious allegations to face that those that brought the charges hanging over me could prove to the effect of me willingly and wittingly committing a crime so serious it equals anything to the effect of hierarchy. I could no longer be held accountable for blasphemy against god Newton and by that that I had to answer the charges of hierarchy and address the evilness of my ways in front of the elders from which the punishment I would receive would be a justified torture to death as William Wallace received. I could no longer get whipped until death brings me everlasting relief to my raging madness as well as relief to my enduring agony I suffer from dementia as a result of torture by the hand if the whip master. I knew with some comfort that I will not be arrested and brought in front of the International Tribunal for Human justice in Den Hague where my case will be heard in front of a panel of justices that was paid beforehand to convict me as that will excluding all chances I may have of me not meeting my destiny and death.

Still, I also knew notwithstanding all the security that the new civil liberties brought to modern man, I had to be on guard and vigilant in every step my family or I took because there could be a C.I.A. intervention and an assassination at my family or I, but even that was a small price to pay for my heinous crime against all of humanity. But concerning that even in such an event of assassination by bullet from a distance using a high power rifle meant that death I receive in such a case was quick and simple, very much compatible with the simple minded person I am and the simple life I lead up to that point of being assassinated.

They could no longer hang me from any lamp pole like every pirate should suffer, because the evil I did by criticising Master Newton outweighed any treacherous dead that any pirate could ever have committed. They could no longer decide on a pole of their choice to hang me high, without giving me a fair trial and then for further punishment after my death to leave my body to decay while everyone smelling my degenerating corpse will have a life long remembrance never to commit such a heinous crime, such an unspeakable sin, such a disregard for the holy and the precious and show such an ostentatious example of mental vexing. However I realise regardless of what civil law allow to the academics in physics world wide, in their esteemed opinions, I still deserve such punishment in the eyes of God and of man and that is even including the opinions of all other life forms on Earth for I do what no man may dare do…

I challenge the correctness of Newton’s view about gravity. This was testing to what limits I could press the civil ness and the civility of society. Think of my bringing charges to the door of Newton in dissecting my tenacity by the very morality of the issue and do so in micro detail. I took the liberty that modern society granted me and pushed past all boundaries civil order can endure by criticizing Newton on gravity and mass and force and the Universe in general. This is testing the crux of what the modern mind can endure and still remain civil.

I even improve by showing where, how and why Newton’s gravity and mass and force and the Universe in general are incorrect if only I could find an audience prepared to listen.

I show that Newton is incoherent and that Newton broke mathematical principles to validate his corrupt view about physics. He stole the work of Kepler, raped the content there of, vilified the meaning and corrupted the truth in Kepler’s work. Then he pinned all the blame on Kepler by naming this corrupt lot after Kepler, as being Kepler’s laws giving the lasting impression it was Kepler showing the insanity that Newton in person was guilty of. Newton disgraced the work of Kepler by destroying the correctness thereof and even in this book I prove this statement where my proof can leave no doubt as to its authenticity…and yet I am sure that again there will be not one Newtonian amongst the lot of them that will even glance at this book just because I criticize Newton.

As soon as they find I discuss Newton in a negative light the Academics stop reading notwithstanding what the content holds that they read, for if it is negative even in the least, they find such reading unbearably degradingly disgracing. I think they are the stupid bunch…and they realize it. I think in the end I am the only one that truly understand Newton and can therefore see the mistakes he made in the formulising he did on the subject of gravity coming from mass, while they wouldn’t dare read what I have to say about Newton because they then have to defend Newton while they have no idea how to defend Newton. While they are supposedly the ones that are the experts on Newton, they are the ones not understanding a word about Newton. If they read what I say then they would be in a position where they had to agree or disagree on what I say about Newton and then they would also have to give reasons for agreeing or disagreeing on what I have to say about Newton. It is not possible to understand Newton and not also understand the mistakes he made. It is not possible to understand Newton and see the laws in physics as well as in mathematics that he broke to justify his incoherent claims.

If only there were one incident where just one Academic turned around and showed me where my mistakes are in my assessment about Newton’s reasoning and could indicate as to where or why I go astray. Instead those Masters in Newton are saying that I am to stupid and uneducated and because of such low ranking I have the inability that all stupid people share which makes that I don’t understand Newton. Because Newton is so highly regarded and is such a genius and with me being so low down on the intellectual ladder I have to accept that it is not for every one to understand Newton because Newton requires insight and years of study.

One has to be worthy of understanding Newton to be able to understand Newton. I am sick to my sole of hearing that trash because there is nothing to understand after one realizes that it is Newton himself that was the one that didn’t understand any of Kepler’s work and for that matter neither did he understand cosmology in general or any aspect of cosmology. Newton did not understand Kepler! Or the other the spontaneous academic defence of their not having a position defendable about Newton is that usually the meeting abruptly comes to an end as to bring an end to an embarrassing situation on the part of the academic I visit by appointment is the manner they use to ending the conversation.

They end the meeting abruptly with conversing the words to the affect: Mr. Schutte, Newton explains the situation very clearly where he can leave no doubt and there is no point in debating the issue any further. Then in the same breath without reading one word of my work further they add that Newton’s explanations are accepted across the world for many centuries and by millions of highly educated and very intellectual persons and there can therefore be no doubt about the correctness of Newton’s work and as a fact it is proven through out time that no one ever could prove Newton wrong on any aspect of his work. When I challenge this in protest, I am silenced by a rude gesture.

Some even add that because no one to this day was ever able even once prove Newton wrong it is accepted in cultured circles that therefore any attempt in doing so is fruitless and foolhardy. Only the insane would attempt it… and while they arte saying that they hold a book in hand that if they read one paragraph on they would see that I bring the evidence I put in front of you now. I made an hour-long appointment to see the Academic in question. I drove many hours to honour this hour-long appointment. An appointment of one hour normally takes sixty minutes. Not in my case. The busy professor suddenly after learning about what I have to say has other appointments and my engagement timely ends abruptly.

While ending my appointment in a fraction of the time they permitted me to show my work, they are at that time minutes if not seconds into an hour appointment. As soon as they read the first negative implication about Newton or his work or any connecting evidence to his work the reading ends. With that my appointment ends a few seconds into my appointment and this comes where my appointment should just be starting. It is an hour appointment that should take a full hour where the time was appointed or dedicated in seeing me with my problem with whichever professor I made the appointment. The abrupt ending comes in the shortest of time, notwithstanding the time and effort as well as cost on my part to come to honour the appointment.

Then there were those I never got the chance to even start the meeting. When learning over the telephone what my book was about and that I was in dispute about what Newton had to say about gravity, I was sent packing before I could come and visit. At first I thought they didn’t get my books or in some way my book never got their attention and to avoid that I insisted on seeing those Academics in person. If they saw me I could see they got the book in person and there was no chance that someone else got the book or that the book got mislaid by accident. Therefore I insisted in delivering the book in person as to avoid their missing my book.

On those occasions where I got to the main gate and announced myself I was ordered to contact the professor which I had the appointment with before receiving a pass to enter the premises. At some Universities I was told to leave my book at the main gate where security checks passes and prevent unlawful entry as security will see that professor so-and-so will receive my book. When having a telephone conversation with the very esteemed professor I was about to see I was told there was no need for me to enter the front gate because the professor was of the opinion that him and me had nothing to discuss. Whenever I protested he then said he was not acquainted with my work and first had to familiarise himself with the content before contemplating on any further meetings of any nature.

I then was told to leave the book I wrote on the matter of Newton at the main gate before the meeting could take place, as there was no reason for any meeting to take place on the mater of me finding fault with the work of Newton. I was refused entering the institution because the professor could see no reason for meeting me notwithstanding the money I paid and the effort I made to travel a great distance to meet this person. This happened frequently in the past when I told the academic and academics (plural) that I had written a book where I highlighted the errors Newton made. But eventually I got wise and did not mention this fact before the meeting. It was then that I was blown away after a few minutes of meeting me. No sooner did the Professor learn about the nature of my visit and ended our meeting abruptly.

One of my books I named Xepted Newton mistakes and not once did one academic see it fit to give me an interview on the content of the book after hearing the title I chose for the book. I was eventually forced to change the name to Xepted Science Mistakes, which brought me just as little joy in the end. On so many occasion I was told they see no point in reading my book about Newton’s mistake since there are no mistakes and therefore there is no point in meeting me on the matter. I came to the conclusion they are on the offensive because they are on the defensive about Newton and that they do because they make no sense of Newton in when considering even a small percentage of his work. If they had made sense of the lot they would be able to see the mess he made. That was my line of thought before I got suspicious of their honesty and when I got a lot less gullible.

It is easy to refer the blame onto me and my “not understanding Newton” where I have the disposition of having no academic standing or authority and I could be shunt away without me resisting their shunting me away. While they rid their location of me by using authority the truth is that it is not I that don’t understand Newton because I am the only one that does understand Newton. It is they that misuse their authority and prevent me addressing the issue that prevents me from insisting that they then explain what it is that I do not understand. To tell me that in the case where I officially studied Newton I would then form some frame to use in order to understand Newton but since I am no official student or any candidate that pays for studies, they have no time to explain to me what it is that I do not understand. It can’t take that long to show where my error is if I was at error in the first place. I am not that stupid and I am informed about Newton’s prognoses on gravity. It is not as if I have no back ground knowledge and had to be schooled in the most primitive basics of the thesis about Newton. The behaviour they show is both not rational or sober for the guard they produce to shield them from me is not responsible behaviour of men with clear reason.

…And since I still show no remorse as much as I show no regret for my insanity. Therefore it is obviously clear that I should be the one that can gain no grounds or benefit from at least one case where there is one academic somewhere showing one bit of doubt about Newton and therefore are prepared just to read my books from start to finish without their commitment having Newtonian bias that is interfering with there judgement. Not once could I find one academic that would sit with one of my books from start to finish and read past the page where I start to show Newton’s defects, although I am so obviously correct on every matter that I state. I am washed off the Earth for I show little regard and even less respect for the consecrated sacrosanct hierarchy of Newtonian wisdom and for that attitude I find no ear in the world of science prepared to listen to my views which they deem as clear insanity.

Later on as my personal naivety about their honesty diminished I could have some blame about my conduct as I addressed their mighty Holiness their Royal Highness The academic professors in astrophysics and in physics, for any misunderstandings they could use against me about the misgivings I had about Newtonian science and they might now condemn me for showing a lot of antagonism and disrespect, showing that I had an attitude, but that was not the case at the very beginning. I am sure that it could at this point influence them where I don’t kneel as low and shiver with fear when they enter the building with their wisdom surrounding them like a whirlwind, but this was not the case a few years back and certainly not at the start. In the beginning I showed much respect and that got me nowhere very quickly but also painstakingly slowly and it the overall experience I went through was expensive.

Remember with my health, my diabetes and my heart condition I am unfit to work and I used this in conjunction with my brain to try and edge a little income from the opportunity to sell a book on the matter. That would bring some income and relieve my penurious ness bringing on my situation of destitution and my contribution to science in handing over the solution would be a reward to the world of science in repayment. It is going both ways and to me it is the only door leaving the poverty behind. I lost my farm on poor decision-making but that was in some cases because of health issues that I made poor decisions. But my health was the main reason why I capitulated to the pressure of the creditors and in the end resolved the farm practise. I had a product and there were no buyers because everyone was baying rotten rubbish. That truly got me fed up in the end.

Later on I started attacking their religiosity with venom. Now I go into detail and prove what fools those honourable Academics in physics are and how they corrupt the young mind to brainwash the young and vulnerable in accepting the detestable criminality of lies and deception that they call astrophysics. I challenge any one to show the correctness of Newton’s view about gravity in the face of the evidence I am about to bring. I charge students to challenge the academics with the evidence that the academics present to portrait what they advocate as being religiously correct. In order to reach the heart of gravity one must discover the heart of gravity. Those academics that are pretending to be so sure about Newton I give the following challenge:

To find the truth you know is going on, then answer to your person in privacy and in all honesty the following questions that I put to you. It will gauge your state of brainwashing and show the amount of damage that you have suffered this far in your particular and specific case.

Do you know what gravity is?

If you knew would you tell me what gravity is…yes beside it being a force…well we all know that those who should know says that gravity is a force but other than being a force that acts on behalf of mass and pulling unsuspected objects all over, what is gravity, which is besides being Newton’s pet force.

If you don’t know what gravity is besides knowing that gravity is one of the four forces and it is Newton’s original force, then do you know someone that knows what gravity is?

If you still answer in the negative and you still don’t know what is that which is behind what is causing of gravity, then have you heard of any one that knows what gravity is?
Maybe there is one Academic professor or a NASA Scientist that knows about some person that knows one who knows what gravity is, other than knowing the fact that gravity is presumed to be one of the four forces and being Newton’s personal pet force.

There has to be an Academic professor or a NASA Scientist known to someone somewhere that knows about some person that knows one who knows what gravity is, because there are so many Academic professors and even more numerous in numbers amongst the many NASA Scientists with super human mathematical abilities in the art of physics acting as if they know. There are even those going around with ideas to renovate the cosmos by assembling space whirls. They apparently plan great voyages that will take man over great distances while they are so informed on the matter of gravity and space-travel amongst gravity. With their absolute phenomenal calculations as they present physics they are showing such abilities in a class which no one can imitate, which must represent a picture about having super knowledge on gravity in the most precise detail.

When reading what they say they are able to accomplish in terms of astrophysics it stands to reason that they know gravity to the smallest detail there is to know and know everything anyone can ever consider knowing or hope to know about gravity…after all they can present the cosmos as they are able to explain the cosmos with gravity taking centre stage in the past, present and future of the cosmos. This they accomplish by presenting a few mathematical formulas in which all of the Universe then are defined.

They can calculate all the matter throughout the entire cosmos, adding every atom by mass into the conclusion of their calculations when they determine the critical density that the cosmos has, which is responsible for the entirety that is providing all the mass that provides all the gravity. They have gone as far as even calculating the explicit required quantities of atoms that forms mass which should be available, which they then find to be short falling in the mass availability through out the vastness of the Universe and the missing mass is not establishing the matter density throughout the vastness of the Universe required to bring Newton’s vision on contracting to reality.

Their calculation ability is so vast that they have the opinion about the mass they measure that is forming the gravity they require which is probably less than the requirements needed to substantiate the cosmos’ effort in rendering a constant supply of gravity that will eventually secure the returning of everything to where the cosmos came from. This eventuality they named The Big Crunch even before locating the Big Crunch. It is like naming a baby even long before knowing how the procreating is taking place that will lead to impregnating of some member of the specie (which member it will be is still unclear) where it later on will lead to conceiving the baby … that is the manner in which science dogma is enunciated but that is how clever those are that knows everything there is to know on gravity, or so they pretend to have in their promotions.

They know gravity to split detail where the detail goes to such precise extend that they are able to calculate how much gravity the missing dark matter in all the Black Holes must be to provide a force allowing the cosmos in experiencing the next big implosion that is coming somewhere in the future. That the implosion must come even in the face of insufficient gravity is a certainty otherwise Newtonian physics is completely inadequate in their cosmic vision about the Universal future! With their having this qualified virtue of intellectual splendour spawning such phenomenal abilities they then would have to know what gravity is!

Well…if you don’t know any one that knows anybody that knows someone somewhere that is familiar with the ins and outs of what is causing gravity, I then can assure you I know about someone that knew all there is to know about gravity. I am the person that knows someone and that someone knew gravity…but he is dead now...died a premature death long before his time (have you ever heard of any person that died spot on at the second that was his time where he was suppose to die). He sadly passed away and is no longer with us. Still I would like to introduce him to you…and about his work of course, if you would page on.

If that is the formula the cosmos abide to and that is the formula controlling the cosmos the radius of all things should lead gravity on an eternal quest to voyage towards and finally into the centre of the Universe. If gravity is taking whatever there are to where all things will end and all things are forced by gravity in relation to move according to mass to such a point that will unite the entirety of what is into what will be that outcome can only be where the centre of the Universe are allocated at this moment. The first thing to do is to find where r2 ends because where r2 ends it will be where we will locate the centre of the Universe.

The factor r2 should eventually lead everything to the centre of the Universe in the end…then where is the centre of the Universe and where is the factor r2 going and conclude in the end at the final destiny?

Facts I advise the reader to become acquainted is the following:
Did you know that not one of the supposed laws Newton invented going under his name or the name of other innocent person’s such as Kepler, does apply in the cosmos just as Newton described it must It is not I that is at odds with Newton, but it is every principle applied by the Universe that totally contradicts every declaration that Newton made.

This is my introduction and this is my prologue:
But before I can commence with that task I have another duty administer: I AM ABOUT TO WARN EVERY PERSON IN SIGHT OF MY WORK ABOUT MY SLENDER ABILITIES.
Therefore in the light of what the most respected academic group on Earth accuses me of, I therefore have to issue a most serious warning to any person with the intention of making some kind of inquiry to the content this book holds, then the most concerning matter involving any content within the pages of this book you hold are that you must please seriously consider that where the stating declares the possibility that the content in this book has been (written by…) then don’t take the announcing Written By Peet Schutte (Petrus S. J. Schutte) very seriously for there are grievous doubts leaving considerable dispute about the possibility, which underwrites the authenticity of Peet Schutte achieving the (written by…Peet Schutte) status. Please take note of the following dehortation. In the light of the reference to me serving in the capacity as being responsible for authoring, (written by…) in line of keeping fairness and justice to members of society, where all civil beings should carry reputed honesty, then: Please be warned before any reader starts reading about the following extremely serious admonition: I am bound by my conscience to warn all intended readers that I am placed under caution by the Academics in Physics. Those most esteemed members responsible for the guardianship and maintaining the ethos in physics are of the opinion that I, Peet Schutte, am unable to write any book on the science of Physics as well as Astrophysics. Therefore, I, Peet Schutte, must declare that I should be considered as not very able to write anything, because I am incapable thereof. I suppose, I merely generate new information, which I establish as thoughts and then gather as concepts. I further collect the result as words, which I put on paper using alphabetic symbols. I then compile that in a format that others may confuse with a book, but a book it cannot be, since the Masters in science found me unable to write a book. But before you go further and follow my arguments, I first have to level with you about how academics view me in the position I hold. Please do not allow me to fool you, for this then cannot be, or represent a book. Now I have done my duty in warning everyone and in that, I denounce further participating with any purposive intention to wilfully bring down the crux of civilization by acting

unacceptable and irresponsible.

I didn’t write any books since according to those wise enough to judge me without ever reading my work that I am not schooled to do so. It is my guess that I merely generated uninformed thoughts, which I collected as alphabetic symbols and plotted that in ink on paper. This effort I achieved from harbouring my delusional ideas spawned by a dehumanised brain. It only proves my weak and under developed mentality, due to my lack of an informed insight that is a typical symptom that all those have that is suffering from a disadvantaged past that one can only have when the person obviously lacks formal education. While you are reading the letter deciding to regard or dismiss my work, then also please keep in mind when reading my language used and also please give credit where it belongs…if you do find linguistically improper use of words or misspelling, then remember that I am a feeble minded motor mechanic and not a literal giant.

I do find much pride in my status as being Afrikaner and would like to have my names used by pronouncing it in the manner Afrikaans dictates…therefore I would sincerely appreciate the courtesy when readers will take note that my name and last name are pronounced in Afrikaans, which is originally from Dutch and must be pronounced that way. Peet one would pronounce “here which is the closest English to the pronouncing of theee”. TheSch in Schutte is pronounced exactly as school is where both actually are pronounced Skutte orskool”. By pronouncing my name in Afrikaans you do me the utmost courtesy any one can. Being an Afrikaner is what I am most proud of.
I submit article to well known physics magazines but my articles are rejected on the most unappeasable grounds and for the most outrageously ridiculous reasons the Newtonians can think of. I explain how gravity forms but I am rejected because they are of the opinion that my work does not meet

One such an article I may use because I said I was going to use the material as an open letter I gladly show. I submitted an article in which I show what the manner is in which gravity conducts movement by means of singularity.

I wish to produce two of the mail response I received when I contacted members of the Physics Academic establishment and show my case while also showing the response I received. Readers will find witness of what I accuse science of and their demeaning attitude from the e-mail of two that I present.

To whom it may concern and all others reading this document just the following concerns: >>> "Peet Schutte"

Dear Prof Iben Maj Christiansen, I have received your e-mail reply and I will follow your advice to the letter. The book containing four volumes that I sent to you accompanying the proposed article, is the collection I named The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and as such the collection forms a small introduction to the thirty-two or so books I wrote on various matters concerning physics, but as such does not officially even start to introduce the spectrum of every aspect of my work. I have been in contact with numerous Academics and about one in one hundred reply. When the one in a hundred reply, the academic always uses a most aggressive tone which I came to accept as what I receive from academics, and because of that I was most delighted to find some kind remarks from you as a practicing academic, and might I add, the first such kind remark in ten years of my trying to contact any person in physics that would take note of what I have to say about a new line of thought.

The New Cosmic Theory I try to convey in total is much information and every time when publishers reject the publishing of any entire book I propose, the rejection was on the grounds that “the discourse is not falling within the main-stream science discourse” and therefore I was subsequently advised to write articles on the subject as to find recognition. I was told that only then could I achieve publication of any entire book. Now I find that trying to publish articles has my work rejected on grounds as follows and the following is directly coming from the reply in which one of my articles was rejected recently: “You submitted an article of 15 pages to the “Journals Name Left Out”. (I do not wish to include the name of the journal for obvious reasons but quote the reply as I received it). “The content of this paper doesn't constitute a theory in physics. With a lot of words and some simple algebraic relations, there is no way to "explain" the world of physics. You seem to be out of touch with modern developments. This is also shown by the fact that you don't quote any relevant literature.” It is not possible to introduce the totality of my work in 15 pages (or whatever a journal would allow) and remain coherent during such an introduction about anything.

I am trying to introduce a study I have done during twenty-seven years of research and there is not one word that I can quote from any other source since every word comes from conclusions that I make and I prove with the use of logic and believable uncompromising mathematics. All I try to do is to find a medium wherein I can tell some interested parties where to go to read my work and then for them to judge me on their merit and not be sidelined by rules set by academics in charge of publishing. Let everyone read my work and then after that let all readers be opinionated by personal opinions applying. Everyone goes on about the unfairness Galileo endured at the hands of the Catholic Church, but at least the Church allowed Galileo to publish his work so that the entire world could take note. Every one in science as well as the Church thought Galileo was out of touch when he declared the science wisdom prevailing at the time was incorrect, and five hundred years later we know who was out of touch. I do not compare my work with that of Galileo but I find the same restrictions brought on me by the Powers of the day controlling science.

In this light I am most delighted by your attitude.

I have tried to acquire the addresses of the academics on the list I include, which I highlight, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Could you please show further kindness and supply me with contract addresses so that I could contact any one and try to arrange such a meeting as you suggested.
Peet Schutte.

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Dear Peet,
Those on your list I know are in science education. You need someone in pure physics.

I am afraid that you will continue to get rejections if you do not relate your work to existing theories and previous work. While it is possible that a lay person hits on an insight that has been overlooked by academic trained in the field over many years, it is unlikely. We assume that work offering something new would be related to existing theories, either by building on top of them or by showing how and where they fall short. If you do not relate to existing work, it is repeatedly going to be dismissed as mind spin too easy to shoot down.

I am sure you understand.

The following is the response I received when I submitter a paper on how gravity forms by singularity forming.
Dear Dr. Schutte,
You submitted an article of 15 pages to the Annalen. The content of this paper doesn't constitute a theory in physics. With a lot of words and some simple algebraic relations, there is no way to "explain" the world of physics. You seem to be out of touch with modern developments. This is also shown by the fact that you don't quote any relevant literature.

I am sorry to say, but the Annalen is not able to publish your work.
I am sorry for having no better news for your.

Best regards,


Friedrich Hehl


Co-Editor Annalen der Physik (Berlin)



Friedrich W. Hehl, Inst. Theor. Physics
* University of Cologne, 50923 Koeln _____/\/\_____ Germany
fon +49-221-470-4200 or -4306, fax -5159
hehl@thp.uni-koeln.de, http://www.thp.uni-koeln.de/gravitation
* Univ. of Missouri, Dept. Phys. & Astr., Columbia, MO, USA

Dear Prof Friedrich W. Hehl, I have received your e-mail reply and I wish to respond on your letter. The article of 15 pages to the Annalen had in mind to introduce a very wide-ranging concept contained in many books. I wish to promote books in which I introduce a much larger and much more detailed cosmic picture.

It is four books that actually form four volumes of one theme supporting The New Cosmic Theory. I wish to unveil a totally new approach to the thinking in cosmology. The concept is proposed in the article I sent to you which is “revealing” The New Cosmic Theory.

In the article as much as the theme I wish to go where no one ever attempted to go before. I introduce the Universe of singularity, a state in which the Universe still is because it is a state from which the Universe grows. It is where material in a dimensional dynamic does not apply because it is where Einstein said, “the Universe goes “flat””. I show you how and where the Universe goes “flat” I will guide you to the point where I go…so that you may see where my books and the article lead you. It is in the domain of singularity.

When you read work about the Big Bang you have to go right down the development (in reverse order) to the point where the Theory of the Big Bang points at a spot named singularity. It shows the very start from where all material developed. At that point one will find The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and there has never been any attempt by any person ever to venture beyond the dimensional birth of the cosmos, which is called the Big Bang by going into the era where singularity prevailed. I take you there in my books as well as the unpublished article.

However, going there requires a very high degree of concentration and calls for understanding that a very little number of persons are capable to show. I try to show how the Universe goes “flat” as Einstein said the Universe goes “flat”. Even by completing this unimpressive letter you will also know how the Universe goes “flat”. Even where you failed to read the article I sent you, then by just reading this letter you will be able to find where singularity takes the Universe “flat”. But it requires a mental capacity to understand because where I venture no one ever in the history of mankind reached into before.

I do not speculate but even in the unpublished article I show with pictures and sketches as well as “some simple algebraic relations” where to go to where the Universe starts, but you failed to read that because you are opinionated as to what conditions should the Universe have before the Universe will allow any one into physics. That is a pity. One should learn from the cosmos and not tell the cosmos what it must be to qualify as the cosmos. Then in the article I show you by almost taking your finger to the spot, the very point where the Universe ends and that too I qualify. You might dispute my arguments and show me about what you disagree, but it shows very little understanding of reason on your part about qualities man should have before understanding the Universe.

I go into a Universe that was in place before light was in place in the Universe and only darkness prevailed because light calls for space and in that era of singularity space was not even a thought yet. I show why the Universe goes “flat” and in a “flat” Universe only the value of 1 holds value since singularity is 1. If you can understand 1 or 50x70x30=11 you have all the mathematical skills required to understand the applying concepts. To reach a value of 1 does not require big mathematical equations but to reach singularity requires 1.

The collection I named The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity: The Theses and the collection as such forms a small introduction to the thirty-two or so books I wrote on various matters concerning physics with gravity in mind, but The Theses as such in the entirety of the four books does not officially even start to introduce the spectrum of every aspect of my work. I have been in contact with numerous Academics and about one in one hundred reply. When the one in a hundred reply, the academic always uses a most aggressive tone which I came to accept as what I receive from academics, and because of that I was most delighted to find some kind remarks from you as a practicing academic, and might I add, the first such kind remark in ten years of my trying to contact any person in physics that would take note of what I have to say about a new line of thought, because the few others that replied were extremely aggressive about me confronting Newton. I only began to submit books to publishers after twenty-seven years of studying Newton and the role Newton play in cosmology and thereafter which was ten years ago I began promoting these ideas. The New Cosmic Theory is a process wherein I try to introduce a study that is ongoing for about thirty-seven years, give or take a few and I did not jump into the frying pan having my first thought about the matter published as an article when I sent the article to the address of Annalen der physics.

This is the ridiculous concepts that Professor Doctor Friedrich W. Hehl, Inst. Theor. Physics supports. Because I don’t conduct tainted mathematics and highly suspicious Newtonian concepts covered by completely ridiculous malfunctioning concepts, I am despised as the ridiculous small-minded novice that is openly very feeble in thought. I do not support complete rubbish as this formula indicates the Newtonian vision of physics represents, but for my failing to go along with total trash my work gets rejected time and again by every science publisher I approach.

I was told, “ With a lot of words and some simple algebraic relations, there is no way to "explain" the world of physics”. Now I am going to go as public as possible and to use “words” to explain physics and to show how
incredibly untrustworthy the world of Newtonian physics is. All you that think Newtonian physics is in reliability equal to God professing through the mouth of Newton don’t be cowards by not reading my work as you always do but confront the conspiracy all of you are part of.



What you should answer is “how did this formula F =M1M become equal in every respect to this




formula F =GM1M2 and never change any aspect of its characteristics or identity.r2

You go and do this swapping of relevancies in your mathematic class and then see what your mathematics teacher think of your modus operandi. This is what physics believe is true and because I question this I am wrong.


Newtonian science creates a factor such as mass to fake reality and misrepresent true physics. As long as they cheat, they seem clever and supremely superior when compared to the rest of us inferior beings. They live in a Universe fit for Alice in Wonderland! Please, for the love of God, show me what role does mass play in this picture. Show me how the biggest stars is locked together and the smallest stars are pushed to the outside. Show me where gravity “pulls” what to where and how gravity forms in this picture. Show where will dark matter hide. The idea of proof comes automatically to the door of Newton although Newtonians will deny this fact as if they deny the honour of their Master Newton and that is what they have to do. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit. The term pulling does not suggest any circling because no one can be pulling towards and do that while circling. Going in a straight line serves the term pulling. Then the saying goes that planets orbit indicating they follow a circle. That is not what Newton said. Never do we refer to the planets pulling the Sun or the Sun pulling the planets, but we speak of seasons coming from orbital positions. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then cancel the pulling concept that also became culture. The Universe is growing!

If there was a pulling, and the word orbit cancels such an idea, then there has to be some sort of prevention taking place that disallows the pulling to commit the direction of travel. I know it is said that the orbiting object falls as fast as it circles and by falling while moving to the following side on position it never reaches the Sun, and yes, it makes sense, but there has to be some form of resistance replacing the planet in the next side position and preventing the falling or the pulling from taking place. The person Newton got his ideas from and the work he raped completely, that of Johannes Kepler explained this very well, but Johannes Kepler makes no room for any pulling of any sort. In the work of Johannes Kepler he said that the space being the orbiting route a3 remains at a specific distance k while the orbit T2 takes place…and in all my other books that addresses more information I take Newton to task on his dismembering of Kepler’s formula by corrupting Kepler’s work and with what amounts to fraud, Newton takes science on a goose chase that holds no truth. There is no pulling by mass to form a force of gravity in any way. Newtonians are faking the truth because the truth makes them seem small while Newton’s misrepresenting cosmic principles allow those in science to paint their own Universe as they wish to present the Universe in the way they fake the story. Show me where there is evidence confirming a factor such as mass. Show me what makes the circling of Jupiter going around the sun faster than any of the small rocks in the asteroid belt. Newton placed mass in the formula he said Kepler represented. Could anyone show how much is the giant planets closer to the sun than the small planets are, keeping in mind that the pull of gravity must be exceedingly greater between the sun and the large planets.

Could anyone show how much does the giant planets orbit faster around the sun than the small planets do, keeping in mind that the pull of gravity must be exceedingly greater between the sun and the large planets.

Could anyone show how much is there a greater gravity-whatsoever between the giant planets and the sun than the small planets have less of, keeping in mind that whatever Newton mass would benefit because the pull of gravity must be exceedingly greater between the sun and the large planets. Whatever Newton saw, was in his dreams. Anything they say that mass gives is cosmically unrealistic.

What will the mass of the gas planets have that put them in a different stance when going around the sun than what the small planets have? By small I refer to Earth, Venus, Mars and say Mercury. All plants orbit equally.

The fraud factor came about when Newton destroyed the work of Kepler by changing the work of Kepler without understanding the principle factor guiding the work of Kepler. The fact that one can use a3 = T2k puts the Kepler formula in the realm of singularity. I give away free books that explain how this comes about. One such a book is The Absolute Relevance of Singularity: The Article as well as another book that indicate the working more specific and is therefore require a higher degree of understanding because it is more technical is

The Absolute Relevance of Singularity: The Website. I wish to reflect on the modern conspiracy to hide Newton’s failure and the deception to cover up Newton’s fraud by engaging in almost unlimited fraud in the modern era. The science of the era had Newton’s principles wrapped up. Having the formula that

Newton gave as F =GM1M2 enabled those who could “understand” the principle of “mass pulling”r2

bringing about “a force” that Newton called gravity. This force was supposed to pull whatever was present in the Universe closer to whatever was present in the Universe. The formula gave man an equality to the power only God had because now it was the ability of the physicist to redesign the Universe and correct the failing God made in the Universe. The formula enables science to play a game designing the cosmos

and the game used F =GM1M2 as the prime basis. The Universe was working on a force valued at ther2



measure mass that produced this force and the Universe was coming together pulling everything into one spot. The Universe was contracting…until a man came along going by the name of E. P. Hubble and this man destroyed the godlikeness of Newton and therefore all his followers as well. This no good science cheat could allow! E.P Hubble is generally credited with discovering the red shift of galaxies. From his own measurements of galaxy distances based on the periodluminosity relationship for Cepheid with measurements of the red shifts associated with the galaxies, Hubble and discovered a shift in material that clearly showed material was moving apart. The distance between materials

was growing and was not contracting as Newtonians believed.

Hubble and Humason were able to plot a trend line from the 46 galaxies they studied and obtained a value for the Hubble-Humason constant of 500 km/s/Mpc, which is clear evidence of a Universe that was growing from every point away from every point. In 1929 Hubble and Humason formulated the empirical Red shift Distance Law of galaxies, nowadays termed simply Hubble's law, which, if the red shift is interpreted as a measure of recession speed, is consistent with the solutions of Einstein’s equations of general relativity for a homogeneous, isotropic expanding space. Although concepts underlying an expanding Universe were well understood earlier, this statement by Hubble and Humason led to wider scale acceptance for this view. The law states that the greater the distance between any two galaxies, the greater their relative speed of separation.

This discovery was the first observational support for the Big Bang theory, which had been proposed by Georges Lemaître in 1927. The observed velocities of distant galaxies, taken together with the cosmological principle appeared to show that the Universe was expanding in a manner consistent with the Friedmann-Lemaître model of general relativity.

All of this shouts one thing “Newton is wrong!” Newton’s lovely contracting Universe was not contracting or receding but was expanding by growing. Newton’s failures surfaced and with it the entire Humans population could see Scientists in Physics new less about physics than does an ape know anything about maritime exploring. This took away…no, this robbed those that thought they are equal to God their insight into God’s cosmic manufacturing process and this showed the world that they were not only not equal to God but was just like Newton, utter failures as professional that knew nothing of their trade. If this evidence of Newton came to the knowledge of those idiots forming the general population that they knew even less about physics than the general population, then they were as much the idiots as the general population. “Understanding Newton” always made them in physics superior with the ability to know what God and Newton knew and that vision gave them recognition and the superiority to look down on those with lesser abilities…those that did not “understand” Newton. If this came out that the Universe was not contracting by the measure of mass, then those that the educated Newtonians saw as the ones that knew nothing then uncovered the intellectuals as “Understanding Newton” but with Newton the intellectuals did not understand the cosmos. This revelation would uncover them as being the real simpleminded persons who thought they knew everything but was the ones that knew nothing about cosmology. Those unfortunate ones that did not “understand Newton” as being was then correct all along when they did not understand Newton because Newton was wrong and the intellectuals that “understood Newton” were ones that apparently knew nothing. Then those that did not “understand” Newton was correct because with Newton being incorrect those that understood Newton was the simpleminded minority that did not “understand” what the majority knew by realising Newton did not “understand” physics. They had to devise a plan to save the day. They had to cover Newton’s deceptions with more deceiving. They had to go more criminal by topping the corruption to a higher degree as even Newton went before the discovery. They had to devise a plan that would outsmart everyone. They created missing mass in the critical density scam. This is how it works.

I have many books explaining how Newton corrupted science and this would take too much space to explain that. There is a book for free www.sirnewtonsfraud.com. I am not going into that at this venture.

They devised the critical density theory. How smart can those that are smart get when they truly try to be smart to save their skins? How brainy can the Brainy Bunch be when they deceive a plan to outfox all of the Human kind? You can go to the Internet and read all the multiple arguments about the Universe going flat and contraction therefore come about although not one sod amongst them know the least how singularity works. You can read in books I give for free how singularity works because I plot singularity as 1 and not as a complex formula. It is in The Absolute relevancy of Singularity: The Theses and the more complex explanation is in The Absolute relevancy of Singularity: The Website. There is to many arguments presented to mention so if you have a year or two filled with boredom, then search the web and go waste your time on fairy tails. You will see what they present when they have no idea what they present.

Here it is in a nutshell; what this is, it is not a theory that is called the critical density theory but it is a criminal venture conceived by the intellectual minds in physics to go criminal and defraud the world. They decided that the blame of the Universe not working as Newton said it does has to be placed at the door of the Universe. The Universe is lacking matter to contract as Newton said it should. Newton still remains absolutely correct. The blame for the mistake is diverted to the cosmos and away from Newton. Newton did not lack the insight to see the Universe expands, no; the Universe lacks material to contract. The Universe made the flaw and now we must find how the Universe will correct its flaw. The Universe went wrong by not having the sufficient mass and therefore the Universe must correct the lack of mass to get the Universe back in line with Newton. The blame for the mistake must be laid in the midst of the material within the Universe. Newton’s formula stands correct and all suspicion goes in the way of how the cosmos was designed not to applaud the truthfulness of Newton.

Students, read the work I offer free of charge and learn how you are brainwashed and how your mind is pre- conditioned into believing in Newton’s myth of pure deception which Academics call physics. If you are a student in physics who don’t believe that you are subjected to unlawful brainwashing, then read on. Download work I offer free of charge. They come up with the most ferocious mathematical formula that should prove everything they say but all the formula proves is that the one trying to use the formula is out of touch with reality. If ever there is a person trying to impress with the fantastic mathematical formula explaining how the Universe works to his calculation, ask him or her to formulate when the earth and the moon will hit each other. Every formula they use found its basis on the perception that mass forms a force of contraction called gravity. Before they start to bewilder you with breathtaking calculations, call their bluff…ask them to show when will the earth and the moon collide. Tell them to use the mass of the earth and the moon and divide the product thereof with the distance between the earth and moon and then show what a force there is driving the gravity!

All those unrealistic arguments the Brainy Bunch offer as to why the missing mass or dark matter will bring a clarifying solution to avenge Newton has one damning flaw. Whatever they bring as an argument is tainted by a law in mathematics. It is built into the formula F =GM1M2 . If the radius increases, then ther2


value of the mass reduces while staying the same. If the factor representing the radius r2 becomes 2 r2, then by the very same token does the mass become half of its previous value! It is effectively this F =GM1M2 is F= GM1M2 and this will bring about that while the cosmos is expanding, the worth of the2xr2 2

mass is reducing by the same margin.
This is not rocket science; this is mathematics at its most basic. If the Universe was expanding then the measured value of the mass was declining that is if mass was responsible for producing contracting gravity. They are the ones that are the masters in mathematics. They are the ones that know mathematics better than anyone else on earth…and they missed this truth. This missing the basics was as deliberate as it was swindle the hide Newton’s incompetence and with it their failure to understand physics.

This is where the second conspiracy started. The first conspiracy was the idea of mass that produces gravity and Newton’s fraud to convince the world to believe him. Then the Masters-of-Deceit called Mathematical Physicist devised a plan to protect Newton’s image and therefore their academic standings. They got Albert Einstein to hunt for the presumed missing mass and thereby distract attention away from Newton’s oversight and their failure. Albert Einstein carried the heavy burden of being acclaimed the title of the best mathematical mind of all times. If you bend mathematical laws you will get a distorted Universe, as distorted as the Newtonian Universe is. The Universe doesn’t agree with Newton’s principles and Newtonian science has to bend all aspects to get it to fit.

You know…Einstein must have been very dumb or very dapper. Einstein must have been exceptional foolish or extremely brave and you can decide on what merit I suggest you should judge. In astrophysics they teach you about the critical density theory and how Albert Einstein calculated all the mass of the entire Universe and found the Universe fell short of Newton’s expectations that was needed to drag the Universe back into one spot. Because of the critical density theory coming short we now sit with the dilemma of Dark Matter hiding in invisible black places waiting in ambush an unsuspecting Universe! If it was not for Einstein counting all the matter in the Universe and found it was too little, the hunt for dark matter would not have raged on.

It is because of this shortcoming that the entire group of science explorers are now searching (mostly in vain I hear) to locate the missing mass hiding in dark matter somewhere in obscure places. What a load of garbage all of that is because look at the picture. Do you think it is possible for one man, (or a million men) to calculate just the mass we see in this one photo? Those in academic posts lecturing you on Newton’s correctness think they are the wise and are able to try to fool you because those professors think you lot of students are a bunch of mindless-monkeys that must believe anything they say because they think that only they have the ability and the mind to think and because you are a stupid student, simple-minded when compared to them, you can’t think and therefore you will believe anything they say. If Albert Einstein thought himself capable of measuring only the material we see in this picture, then Albert Einstein was a fool with higher ego than what his IQ was. He thought he could measure the Universe and being that egoistic is stupidity crossing over to the insane.

In fact it is very obvious from what we see that Albert Einstein was no mathematical genius, he was an academic stooge, standing in for the other Academics to try and divert the looming shame by extending the visible problem of Newton getting uncovered. If Einstein was not able to see the reality of relevant formulations then he was more stupid than I am and I am so stupid I don’t even understand Newton or so I am told.

This is the academic excepted values: The average density of matter in the Universe today that would be needed exactly to halt, at some point in the future, the cosmic expansion. A Universe that has precisely the critical density it is said to be flat or Euclidean. If the density of the Universe is greater than the critical density, then not only will the expansion be stopped but there will be a collapse of the Universe in the distant future. In this closed Universe scenario, the Universe will eventually implode under its own gravitational pull, leading to an event known as the Big Crunch. If the density is less than the critical density, an open Universe scenario plays out in which the cosmic expansion will continue forever. The critical density is calculated to be about (1 to 2) × 10-26 kg/m3 – about 100 times greater than the average density inferred from all the known visible matter in the form of galaxies. However, when the inferred presence of dark matter and, possibly, of dark energy, is take into account, the Universe appears to be pretty close to the density called for by the flat scenario.

From these figures, how old is the Universe? What is its future? However, to answer them, it is necessary to know the density of the Universe, also known as "omega" ( ). What a lot of rubbish this is! The Brainy Bunch insists that the Universe is 13 billion years old. This they measure by using the speed of light. In the first instant the Universe was the size of a neutron. It took some time to get the entire Universe to the size of five millimetres. That was the Universe.

The speed of light travels at what the speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s. At this rate light travels across a vastness of space 12 billion years to reach us. When the Big Bang came about the Universe was the size of a neutron. Take note on this issue; the entire Universe was the size of a neutron they say. What was the speed of light then? They say at the present it is 299 792 458 m / s, with which I completely disagree but let us leave this argument at that. The speed of light could not have been 299 792 458 m / s when the entire Universe was the size of one millimetre. That means the overwhelming distance of this 12 billion light years the light had to travel at a speed of less or equal to 1 millimetre / 10 billion years, because the Universe was so small at the time! The Universe was 13 billion years ago say five millimetres. Then what was the speed of light at that point? They say it takes the light coming from the furthest images 12 billion years to travel to us since the light travelling now left where it came from 12 billion years ago. At that point the Universe then was about the size of a pea. If the Universe was across the size of a pea, then light took a long time to travel a very short distance!

The light back then could not have travelled 299 792 458 m / s 12 billion years ago because 12 billion years ago the entire Universe was a couple of centimetres across. How fast was the speed of light when the Universe was the size of a pea. Then light travelled 10 million years to cross one yocto (y)(10-24) of a mille meter. In terms of us today, light back then stood still. If it took the light 12 billion light years to cross, then the first part of the journey was pretty slow which makes the measure of time travelled versus space crossed rather ridiculous in every aspect it is portrayed. This means a lot of the light years it took to cross had to be billions of years just to gain one millimetre of space. Then the Universe must be trillions upon trillions of years older that they reckon it now is. It took a lot more darkness to form all the space is present in the entire Universal than the 12 billion years they say it did That brings us to the dark matter bit and the conspiracy that carries on undeterred. At present the conspiracy went as far as forming dark matter with (I suppose) dark energy.

This dark matter hides in places we can’t see. This dark matter is what now forms the lost matter that protected Newton’s image of correctness. Still Newton is untouchable because now in the present time the undiscovered dark matter is waiting to contract the Universe and this dark matter hanging suspended is what protects Newton. Is that not that sweet? Is that not the bedtime story every five year old would wish to hear every night? Every child will go to sleep feeling secured and in comfort. We can’t attack Newton because the unseen matter that is dark is protecting Newton. Newton becomes untouchable by undiscoverable, unseen untraceable material that lives like a fairy tail in fantasy. If there is dark matter, what is the dark matter waiting for before it unleashes its incredible mass deployed force of gravity on this little unsuspecting Universe. What is preventing the dark matter from forming gravity that will do the job at this point in time? Why is it that the matter must be dark and must be seen in order not to form gravity. If the matter is present and forming a part of the Universe, albeit dark or not, seen or unseen, detected or not, if it has mass and if mass does bring about a force and the force is contracting gravity, then it must employ gravity. What is suspending this dark matter from kicking in and clocking in for duty? What prevents the dark matter from starting to get pulling? This is as big a scam as all the rest of the fraud they use to cover up Newton’s fraud. I am showing all of this to prove how much deception there is in cosmology. Everyone in astrophysics is living a fantasy and everyone can make as they please, as long as the mathematical calculations seems to be in order. The reality and the viability or the lack thereof is no one’s concern. As long as they can come up with stupefying formulated mathematics any dream will do. And the conspiracy carries on as long as it avoids reality and is void of constructive argumentative facts.

One night so many moons ago I have no intention of dating the time to which I refer, I was sitting outside while anticipating how to solve the riddles of the Universe. Well at least I was attempting to solve the part that riddles me and with my meagre qualifications it did not take that much to riddle me. Sitting outside and staring at the night sky gave me a break from all the confusion that faced me as I was again rejected by one of the so many academics rejecting my work and at the time I was still taking their rejection seriously and took their replies to heart. Then I saw the darkness of the night sky and compared that darkness with the brightness we find the star portrait in order to inform us of its location. That made me wonders about this thing called light and the manner in which light travels.

Have you as you sit reading this part at this minute sat back and gave a thought about the light enabling you to read? Yes it is simple in Newtonian terms because Newtonians keep everything at a child’s mentality level so that they might not be confused. There is a wave of photons travelling at the rate of time and travels through space and time that is equal to time. What a load of rubbish did Einstein dump on the human race with that observation? It comes from some formula he or someone like him devised where they firstly manage to stop time. How they can achieve stopping time is beyond my limits of understanding but then again I admit I am one of those that so not “understand Newton”. However, it does fit into the thought pattern of the Newtonian since their great Master also accomplished this outrageous deed. They go and put time equal to one. This then they mange in terms of placing the velocity that any object moves in relation to the speed of light and it is the square of this that they put at the root of this which they deduct from time being one and suddenly by the magic of mass it all comes down to time standing still. They put time at one (1) and deduct the square of the velocity any object travels (V2) from the speed of light (C2) which then also serves as a velocity and which then formulises as t =√ (1 – (C2 – V2)). No argument is given as to why time and the speed of light should be the same other than Einstein fantasizing. Let’s put the argument to the test of logic and see what happens.

If the speed of is equal to time one of two things will apply: either time as the speed of light will fit into eternity and stand completely still eternally because eternity is the fact that nothing changes as al remains unchanged. It is infinity that changes eternity by interrupting eternity. This might seem a little complicated but read The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Website where I introduce the points holding infinity as well as eternity. The concept is so easy to understand because do not hide untruths behind a collection of bizarre ideas. I shall give you a quick view into the physics I try to introduce and believe me; the impact of this introduction enrols every aspect cosmic physics may ever offer. This shows the human mind is not some mathematical computing device but an instrument of collective logical informative thinking about concepts outreaching simple computing by the way of mathematics. The only thing connecting what is to what was is light. Light brings the past to the present and therefore that is where physics must start and not with calculations. Time moves light through space. That means when having light as time in eternity, which is what outer space is, then infinity will never interrupt light and light will never move from the point it holds. When we look at any object in the distance it is the light that brings the object to us. Yes that does happen to light but there are specific qualifications that have to apply before that will happen. If light was using infinity as time then light must move through the Universe from end to end before time can establish a moment or any name one wish to give for the smallest duration possible. What this says is that if light was equal to time then light must travels across the Universe in one instant of infinity. Then only can time and the speed of light be equal. The Universe Einstein referred to is the multitude of a combination of indefinite numbers of Universes all having an equal value and therefore all being equal and one but they are definitely not one from our point of view. Such a thought brings to mind the most simplistic answer one can imagine. Every atom is an entire Universe in space.

The light hits the page bounces from the page and contact the lens of my eye where the lens conveys the photons becoming electricity to a part of the brain that translate the electricity to an understandable message and that makes one read. Newtonians think it is as simple as that! It is the movement of photons. Ever gave a broader thought about light streaming across the night sky, coming from ends of the Universe we do not even realise it is there? How does the photons manage to convey one complete picture coming from as far apart and as wide an area as it does? With a few photons connecting the eye or lens no one ever noticed the wonder of light. The photons reflect a view that seems as if coming from all the billions upon billions of stars. But most is coming from darkness covering an area no man can measure. Yet how many photons can actually connect to the lens of the camera or to the eye? Still a few photons coming from a single direction directly ahead eventually tell the entire storey. It is very simple to take the process of seeing by means of photon conducting very lightly and I have never heard one of the Brainy Bunch really in sincerity dissect the process to its potential. It is impossible that light from such an array of assorted sources can simply come together at the eye lens and show a picture of objects spanning across a Universe as wide as our mind can receive where the objects they reflect is beyond human measurement and the quantity is inconceivable many.


Light is much more than the medium science takes it to be. Light connects the Universe in a way we cannot contemplate. Light being far apart originating from regions not in the same time or universal space but it connects in a way that present us with a picture holding the Universe in an understandable content. From the point we stand and we watch the Universe the significance of what we see surpasses the sense of understanding of what we are experiencing. How can the few photons that our lenses catch coming from such an area as what the night sky cover transmit the complete picture of what we see. Take a few seconds and gleans at the picture of the night sky then rethink the picture applying the full content in the picture to what the size of you eyes is. Think how big the picture is that your eyes take in and translate that area to the size of your eyeball in an effort to determine a ratio. One will be forgiven if one thinks of

the ratio as eternal to nothing. Consider the path the light followed from the source connecting to light from all other sources where all particles of the other light may come from and all the light brings a full picture to the lens one use to look through. In your mind connect a line from every atom producing light throughout what you see and connect the lines to your eyeball and see how you can manage to fit all the lines, as small as the lines may be.

Newtonians think of outer space as geodesic zero, with nothing in outer space but space. Geodesic zero means the light travels in a straight line from where it originates unhindered all across space to where the light connects the eye. Such an idea by itself is outrages because the stream of photons reduce in space to such a minute quantity that taken the area the photons travel and the space in vastness it covers, the chances of one photon coming across many hundreds of light years through billions upon trillions of cubic kilometres of space and selecting my eye to convey the electricity is less than infinite. Yet such conveying takes place every second of every minute. The position of the location of the second singularity, which is the precise duplication of the first singularity but in a diminished capacity, is obvious to miss when one is not applying a detective mentality, as one should in scrutinizing the cosmos. Culture will have us believe that when one sees a colour shining from an object the colour is associated with the object. Logic tells a different storey. A yellow dot is all the colours in the spectrum but yellow because it is disassociating with the yellow. That goes for red, blue and all other colours we may visualise. I think the norm accepts this as scientific fact with very little argument or substantiating proof about that required. If light came as individual streams of photon flurries our visage would translate that as such shown in the fragmented

picture I show it would be a picture as I show it to be


00042.jpg00043.jpg00044.jpg00045.jpg00046.jpg00047.jpg00048.jpgunconnected bringing

across some photons in the manner where every object stands apart not being related in any way and that will be what we see, if it is anything that we see. That we know is not the case but that means geodesic zero is as much rubbish as anything Newtonians regard with simplicity and with careless thought. Whatever goes straight does so by a circle and that is how light travels.

Geodesic zero means nothing and how can I see nothing as darkness because “nothing” is not darkness, nothing is “nothing” and the darkness I see is darkness showing the darkness as something. What then about colours that are technically not colours as is the case with black and white? White is simple. By spinning all the colours in the spectrum the colour white shines through. Black is quite another matter. A friend of mine whom is one of the best painters I have ever come across told me that one couldn’t paint black but have to make black a dark blue to show shade on the canvass. That apparently is his success in achieving the realism. He also went on to explain how many variations of dark blue form the shadows in one simple tree. This remark set my mind in motion. One cannot see black because black has no colour to show, but black is the colour most prevalent in the universe. One can see only by colour and since black is not a colour we should not see black, but we do. If the darkness was the representation of “nothing”, then that should be exactly what we must see, nothing but the stars. Taken from the top picture some stars and leaving the rest to nothing is what we see in the picture below. A blind person sees nothing but when we look at space, we see something that we think nothing of as we see as space. One cannot have the ability of sight and see nothing except by closing your eyelids and then you see nothing. But in that case you do not see “nothing” in contrast of “something” you see “nothing” without it contrasting to “something”.Nothing is all about not being and not “not seeing”. By the ability to see the darkness renders the darkness something other than nothing and that changes the acquired value of the darkness from nothing to something. There is an eternal difference between something in infinity and nothing. I bring in the following to show and prove there is a remedy for all the fraud going on.


This is so impotent I wish to run through this again because this forms the basis of all physics. Have you, the person reading this, ever thought how it is possible to see that much information that you see at night when looking at the sky. Ever thought about how you are able to see when you see everything in the night sky and how that much light information can fit into such a small space as your eye? Have you ever sat back and think what the amount of information it is that you see when you see the entirety of the Universe when looking at the Universe at night and what the size is of everything of that which you are able to see? The one star you see seems to be a near visible dot in the picture while the dot might be hundreds or might even be many thousands of times the size of the sun…and we think of the sun as big. The dot is then that much bigger than the sun because the star we think we see could be a galactica hundreds of times the size of our Milky Way galactica but that shows as in the sky as one little dot and yet that entire structure as big as it is, does also fit into our eye socket. But that is not all…there are trillions of such light images and they all fit into one eye socket. What we see is immeasurable and yet we see it effortlessly in the space our eye holds…how can that be?

How is it possible to fit what we see into the space of our eyes we have? Think how much is the entire information that is visible at night and

think about how all of that fit into the space your eye holds? Consider how big is what is visible and put that space into the size is of what your eye can hold and ask your mathematically educated Professor in physics to find some ratio between what you observe and the size of your eye. The ratio is astonishing, but more-over what is truly astonishing is the arrogance of man to think of his position, as being important while the space man holds is beyond any comparison in ratio to everything we see in the Universe we see. Think how small we are when we are able to see the entirety out there! Even if there was other life out there, what is the worth of it in comparison to what there is that we see?

In this idea about how you are able to see the entire Universe you will find all the answers to the questions about how physics use time to employ gravity. Mass and anything Newton ever said has no implications on the explaining. It is about all the information of the entire Universe presented in one electron contacting a nerve in your eye. The question about the Universe is how can whatever is in view, come stored as a parcel in an electron, and tell the entire story about the entirety out there locking all that data into the space of an electron. That is physics and tries as you may, not one person Newtonian or otherwise can have mustered the ability to calculate that part. Newtonians can pretend to play God and live in their fool’s paradise as long as they are King of the Universe of fools while keeping the conspiracy









alive to hide the truth about Newton’s corrupt formula of2. There is a mad conspiracy inr2


physics to prevent anyone not in physics to learn about the truth hidden to all about Newton’s Gravitational principle fairy tail.

If the gravity contraction is going on as Newton said, why did everything come from a small dot called singularity and from that develop into something immeasurably big? Whereto is the lot in this picture above pulling? Is galactica absorbing stars or is starts uniting with galactica.

Which will be the next galactica to implode as its stars meet the gravitational demise. They should see it…

Let’s forget about the crooked fictional critical density or the rubbish dark matter that is all made –up fiction forming part of the conspiracy of deception in physics to hide Sir Isaac Newton’s fraudulent physics principles.

Every aspect of what is mentioned so far is fraud.

There is a Universe that is very much undiscovered and waits for recognition. This Universe does not work on space and light but it works on singularity running in time that is diverting of space. Before the Big Bang brought about space it worked on singularity holding everything that is in one spot that in today’s standards never was.

What happened before the Big Bang is still happening but it is out of view and is located in intellect? It needs much more understanding that what a few formulas can represent because the entirety is still holding a relevancy of numbers and only numbers. The numbers only operate in the adding of numbers because in the dimensional Universe multiplying has worth, but in singularity (1) everything that multiplies brings such multiplication back to 1.

If you are one of those members of society that never thought you would hear the name of an accomplished person such as Sir Isaac Newton being associated with fraud, corruption and brainwashing, then these books are specially written to inform you about the truth there is lacking in the correctness about science. Everyone knows that planets orbit around the Sun. Planets circle the Sun which is the same as saying planets orbit the Sun. Just by calling the circle motion in terms of what applies, that statement nullifies Newton’s claim of mass that attract mass and put to question the reliability of Newton’s dogma. If mass did attract mass, what kept the balance where the planets do find a balance in orbit, rather than move towards the Sun. This is the fraud and a conspiracy to cover up. If mass did attract mass, then what is pushing the planets back into orbit?

The idea of proof is automatically placed at the door of Newton. If normal speech contradicts Newton, then it is it is the Newtonians’ task to prove Newton supposition correct and thereby prove the claims about attraction Newton made. Newtonians will deny the fact that Newton was never proven or is incorrect. They will uphold the honour of their Master Newton notwithstanding. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit. It is connected to the brain. No one thinks of planets spinning or planets basking in the summer Sun. When hearing about planets the first thing that comes to mind is the rotating of planets while circling around the Sun.

However, just using the term orbiting is in total defiance with Newton! Newton said gravity draws or pulls or moves in the direction, which would have one understand that the two objects in example the Sun and any of the various planets will be moving directly towards each other. The radius is diminishing.

The term pulling does not suggest any circling because no one can be pulling towards and does that while circling around the object. When pulling anything it must take place while using the shortest line possible. That serves the term pulling. Then the saying goes that planets orbit indicating they follow a circle. That is not what Newton said. However, wrong that may seem but circling is precisely what planets are doing.

If anything whatsoever would contradict or question Newton, then the blame or fault should never lean towards Newton. Of the Universe expand instead of contract as Newton said it must, then it is the Universe that is requiring the missing mass and Newton remains correct. Newton is not wrong about the contraction part; it is the Universe that is wrong about the expanding it is doing. If there is a lack of mass, then the Universe must be hiding the required mass in dark matter in out of sight areas. The Universe carries the blame for the mistake of expanding because Newton said the Universe is contracting and therefore even the Universe must take the blame, but not Newton, never could Sir Isaac Newton carry blame for being wrong.
If there was a pulling, then the orbit cancels out such an idea completely. The orbit then there has to indicate that there has to be some sort of prevention taking place that disallows the pulling to commit the direction of travel. I know it is said that the orbiting object falls as fast as it circles and by falling while moving to the following side on position it never reaches the Sun, and yes, it makes sense, but there has to be some form of resistance replacing the planet in the next side position and preventing the falling or the pulling from taking place. By orbiting the planets don’t even suggest a contracting direction of movement going towards the sun.

Students in physics are you aware that you Professors can profess all they like, but they have no foggy idea what gravity is? If you don’t believe me, then confront them with the question: what is gravity. If they come out with gravity being a force, then gravity can be water and gravity can be the wind and gravity can be heat because all of those mentioned are also individual forces driving objects. Let them be much more specific than just advocating that gravity is a force of some form.

They do not know what gravity is because Newton, yes, Sir Isaac Newton of physics fame admitted he didn’t know what gravity is and that was the only thing he was absolutely correct about, the fact that he never knew what gravity is.

Yet he forms the basis of all physics wisdom… while Sir Isaac Newton never knew what gravity is! No academic in physics know what gravity is because the “father of physics” Isaac Newton did not know what gravity is. That makes on wonder how Isaac Newton could be the “father of physics” when he didn’t know what his offspring was…something like an illegitimate child he knew of and he knew about but never knew in person!

Students in physics consider the following: If Isaac Newton didn’t know what gravity is how could he have fathered physics? If you’re Professors don’t know what gravity are how are they able to teach you what applies in physics because they then know nothing about physics because they do not know what gravity are!

They only know what Newton knew and if Newton didn’t know what gravity is then they don’t know what gravity is…and blessed with that much lack of information they seem to think they are fit to teach you everything they have no idea about

If you never know the answer to what gravity is you inability to reply on a question as to what gravity is, not knowing the answer will leave you unfulfilled because of not being able to answer even the most fundamental physics answer: what is gravity. Gravity is what holds the Universe in form but then one need to answer the following: If gravity pulls towards a centre and gravity holds the Universe attached the question arising from that simplistic answer is then … where the centre of the Universe is.

However using the formula F =GM1M2 as Newton provided, disallows any other concept other thanr2

moving towards. The person Newton got his ideas from and the work Newton raped completely, that of Johannes Kepler explained this tendency very well, but Johannes Kepler makes no room for any pulling of any sort. Johannes Kepler indicates all cosmic space a3 = k T2 specified forming a containing space – circle a3has a dual directional movement of circling T2at a specific point in correspondence with a straight line k point and the space at such a point will formulate as a3 ÷ k = T2. In the work of Johannes Kepler he said that the space being the orbiting route a3 remains at a specific distance k while the orbit T2 takes place…and in all my other books that addresses more information. I take Newton to task on his dismembering of Kepler’s formula by corrupting Kepler’s work and with what amounts to fraud, Newton takes science on a goose chase that holds no truth. There is no pulling by mass of mass in any way. The Big Bang proves otherwise and the dark matter swindle is there to hide Newton’s incompetent incorrectness.

The Universe expands since the time of the Big Bang or the Universe contracts since the time of the Big Bang. We have either one of two that has to be incorrect. If Newton is correct, then the normal way of expanding since the Big Bang is incorrect. Then we must start saying planets are pulled to the Sun. If the normal form of speech is correct and the planets are merely orbiting the Sun, then Newton is wrong. The Universe can’t expand since the Big Bang with or without involving artificial dark matter. There can’t be expanding while at the same time we have Newton’s accepted scientific presumptions of contraction being correct. The fraud part is in the accepting of the Universe expanding while still insisting that Newton is correct in his dogma of contraction with mass. This book is an effort to show how Mainstream Physics brainwash students into accepting Newton’s hypotheses of mass attracting by force while the entire Universe is expanding at the rate the Big Bang indicates. They will rather look for lost missing mass and invent dark matter than to come out and say that Newton was wrong all along. The Universe must take the blame because Newton could never be wrong!

I grew tired of apologising for my (as they see it) having the audacity of being correct on matters of Newton’s incompatible religiosity, which I bring to their attention. When being in contact with esteemed Academics agreement with those most esteemed academics in physics. I am expected to show the utmost humble attitude by acknowledging their supreme posture with me being in their surreal presence. I have to feel honoured to be in their company and rather die than to I mention to them their mistake about Newton being mistaken about a Universe that is contracting because according to Newton it pulls while it never ever contracted in the least.

I am quite fed up with the attitude of those academics looking down their noses at me or worse still are those ignoring me whenever I show that Newton’s facts just don’t add to a conclusive believable answer. They sit in high and mighty places while they cover their positions with fraud and have person controlling their unlimited power. They can waste $5 billion on dubious theories without being responsible to any person controlling their mismanagement and fraud by digging holes into Swiss mountains. Nothing will come from that because their vision on mass is as corrupt as a politician’s oath. I have reached my peak with stomaching the corruption they hide behind a lily white cover of dishonesty while they sit in their mighty towers and live in a bubble where not even God can touch them less having me point a finger at their despicable ignorance about their mistaken Master Sir Isaac Newton , the man they portray as a God. If the Universe defies Newton, it is the Universe that is wrong.

I am at my limit with being ignored because those academics can ignore me by using their all-powerful status and with the image they carry with them they never have to prove Newton’s correctness and therefore is fair in disclaiming even my presence when I try to disprove Newton. They are only gangsters hiding behind fraud. From my view and from my perspective, I honestly can’t see any difference between the Mafia’s racketeering by forcing the unlawfulness of their trade onto others with dubious corruption and what academics commit in the name of being honourable scientists. They forcefully brainwash students in believing Newton is correct by means of employing despicable mind control. That is as criminal as anything can ever get!

To them and to those I say, prove Newton correct by proving the moon is coming closer to the Earth I Any person telling a lie is committing fraud albeit in the name of God or of science; mendacity is despicable corruption. When they tell a lie to distort the truth and find financial compensation while falsifying facts, even if it is by conducting science, then they are behaving criminally. That is distortion and is equal to the behaviour of the Mafia. Anyone feeling offended, please tell me when the moon and the earth will collide as Newton must suggest that is if Newton is correct about a force pulling mass.

They can say the Universe is made up of nothing. Between the earth and the moon we have lots of nothing and this goes unchallenged. For making a most senseless statement any mind can think of is quite accepted because no one dares question his or her superiority. When I bring this to their attention in a book, I am the person they condemn as being incoherent with my arguments about their nothing they fill a Universe with.

Those in charge of Mainstream physics feed students lies in order to be compensated for their misrepresentation of the truth. They are being paid enormous salaries from student fees to ensure that students believe in the impossible and accept what can never be proven and force students with methodical examinations to repeat the unproven or be expelled from the institutions and branding those expelled students as failures. That is a rip off whether it is justified as science in the process of learning or if it is plain legal criminality; it remains the same because they fly the same banner. Those practising physics waste billions of dollars on falsified theories while I can hardly put food on the table because I fight to reveal the truth. They can corrupt facts and get paid while I am ignored and starved.

The information my work carries, which you will read in the event of purchasing my books, you have never seen, it was never yet mentioned or the facts I divulge has never been printed by any person, ever before. I put untruths about the work Newtonian science claim is correct in question and that might have been published before but never published as questionable evidence. The rest I bring is new. I show how physics truly applies and I can explain everything Newtonian science can’t explain.

Those academics in key positions of academic credibility keep certain facts and evidence away from students and give other facts that were never proven before. The academics teaching physics give prominence as well as credence to Newton while applying their trade in brainwashing to give their Newtonian views undeserved credibility and from these proceedings they earn substantial incomes. That is the same as racketeering. When you deceive by conveying untruths and cheat to mislead, then your behaviour is criminal.

If you purchase any of the my books on offer, then through the books you will come in contact with the truth for the first time in centuries. My work is about uncovering the truth and blaming the shameful conduct of those persons everyone trusts since no one expects such persons to be criminals.

When you purchase my books, I don’t sell ink on paper. I do not sell material with questionable information, holding facts that were repeated so many times that it is accepted as the truth because it became a culture to believe Newton. I prove statements by taking the reader into infinity and into eternity respectfully.

However I do reject the idea that mass is perceived to have a unexplainable and improvable magical pulling power that is used to establish a force thought to be gravity that pulls all things closer. Please let any of your physics professors show you that all the big things are spinning in a group together as a unit, either in the centre or the outside leaving all the small things then either on the outside or the inside. If F =GM1M2 was true the big stars will group in one area and the small stars in another arear2


because the big stars must have more gravity having more mass. That is if mass does attract.

The above questions I answer but my answers show the foolishness of Newtonian physics and why it is that the Academics in physics all teaching about Newton’s wisdom despises me more then I do despise Newton’s corruption.

Should you be of the opinion I am busy with slander and deformation of character then purchase the book of 4 parts An Open Letter on Gravity Part 1 and 2 Volume 1 and 2 @ Lulu.com wherein I take academics to task on the fraud we find and they teach in physics.

Let’s start surveying civilized principles by evaluating what lawfulness means and what would constitute as morality. Let’s determine what makes the crook in the book?

If any person, notwithstanding what reason is given in justifying such depravity, tells a lie or conveys untruths to further whatever humble cause, it is seen as fraud. To convey information that is not substantiated as a verified fact then the mere conveying of such information becomes fraud.

When any person, notwithstanding what reasons given, repeats such a lie unabated while being well aware that the information passed on by such a person is incorrect, then the person commits deceit. When anyone is repeating the information that is passed on as being unblemished factual substantiated and verified truth while such a person knows very well that such information is void of proof or lacks proof, then committing such an act is a criminal enterprise. Academics in physics commit every one of the above indignities and yet see their actions as being lawful and even much praiseworthy and hold their role in society in the highest esteem imaginable.

They fail to see the crime that they commit while tutoring physics. Whatever motivation they may claim to have which they offer to serve them as forming their driving force, the fact that they perpetually perpetrate in unlawful behaviour, by spreading untruths, such actions on their part put those academics holding such highly regarded positions in the league of ordinary cheats, gangsters and common criminals. By wilfully and constantly falsifying facts to further whatever humble cause and produce illegal claims repeatedly, remains derogative behaviour and is unlawful by nature, notwithstanding what morality it should serve. A Preacher or Pastor lying on behalf of God is not lying on behalf of God and to think the Preacher or Pastor improves or underlines the Greatness of God by lying on behalf of God is very mistaken, because in reality such a Preacher is falsifying the truth for his or her personal benefit. Lying is wrong and doing so even in the name of God remains despicable. The same applies to academics in physics. There is no argument that can change this truth about falsifying the truth and when doing so there is no hiding behind any excuses of ennobling to benefit mankind that will change such truth into righteous conducting. By bringing on a cover-up scheme as we find in the critical density scam, it stinks of criminal fraud. The entire saga is only to cover Newton.

Newton said centuries ago that gravity is the force of attraction there is between objects that hold mass and it is the mass factor that brings about this attraction, which Newton claimed there is. The Universe does not contract and all the proof we require to disprove such a statement we find in the Hubble constant as a guarantee. Moreover, it is true that the Universe never contracted even for a brief instant and we have the proof of that as the Big Bang concept. Also does the Big Bang guarantee that contraction will never become part of the Universe since it is the relevancy between what I named cosmic solids and cosmic liquids /cosmic gas that will provide the balance that shifts.

Since the first instant that time began the cosmos grew away from and not towards points. With all the proof that this concept brings in backing the principle of expansion in the Universe, still the Arch-Fathersin-Physics uphold Newton’s contraction. Planets never moved closer, are not moving closer and will never move closer to each other and this is backed by all information collected this past century. The Moon is not coming closer but the distance between the Moon and the earth is widening. Studies about the Universe reveals every time that space in the cosmos increases constantly. Studies find all things are moving apart and away from one another.

Any and all the proof about this is beyond what any doubt may present to counter this knowledge. Notwithstanding this irrefutable findings, science still regards Newton as the only person that ever lived whom no one ever could prove wrong…and this is upheld by Mainstream Physics in spite of the cosmos proving Newton wrong every instant of time. The basis of what science holds as its foundation we find to

be the Newtonian principle ofF =GM1M2 .r2


The foundation used by science promotes this argument and backs up this argument well knowing that in the cosmos there is no evidence backing up this proposal Newton suggested. The Newton formula

F =GM1M2 used as basis for science sees gravity as being a force of attraction and the force of gravity isr2
being in place between all objects in accordance with the mass factor that the objects have as presented by Newton in the formulaF =GM1M2 .r2

If you think scientists know what gravity is…then do not be duped that easily because no one in science remotely knows what gravity is…not even Newton knew what gravity is because Newton admitted not to know what gravity is… yet everyone in science are redesigning the Universe as if

everyone in science knows exactly to every specific and smallest detail what gravity is.

Yet in spite of all the blistering ignorance there are about gravity in the field of academics and all those academics pretending to be informed in physics while claiming and pretending to have Mastered all there ever can be known about gravity all in science is reinventing the Universe

without having the least bit of knowledge about what gravity is.

Having not even a foggy notion about what gravity is, why gravity is there or what gravity does other than performing as a pulling force of some sorts is all they gained in knowledge since Newton did nor know what gravity is and ignorance about gravity is all the gain they can show. All they have to do to sustain the current intellectual grasp academics have on gravity is only to acquire more ignorance and that will maintain the current level of information acquired the past three hundred and fifty years. After 350 years they are still as much in total ignorance about gravity, just as they were when science was in the dark ages and Newton did not know what gravity is.

What we find as we gauge all evidence found while studying the Universe, is that reality shows there is no attraction between objects in space going on anywhere in the Universe, that the entirety of such a concept is a myth and the outward moving of the Universe has been coming from and since the time of the Big Bang and maintaining this flow of material is substantiated in a concept named as the Hubble constant, which proves Newton’s perceptions to be a myth. The Hubble constant proves that space everywhere is growing ever since time began and the growth never stopped ever since. Knowing this irrefutable fact does not deter science from under scribing Newton as the sole basis that underwrites all the correctness of all of science known as physics. However, Hubble and the Big bang and all other investigations contradict this attraction Idea Newtonian dogma holds.

Therefore, any further believing that there is attraction going on as Newton claimed has to be viewed for what it is and that it is a fairy tail. The Big Bang Theory proves Newton’s idea as not only being wrong but Newton’s idea of attraction is a joke. If the Big Bang is expanding the Universe, then how can the Universe contract at the same time? Any contraction by nature would have the Universe collapse back into infinity the moment the Big bang moved out of infinity. Ask your professor to show how an expanding Universe can also contract and your professor will tell you about Einstein’s Critical Density theory. This theory I prove is the biggest fraud ever devised by any group of persons in the history of civilization! This is perpetrating fraud and conducting in upholding deceptions instituted by Newton that then formed the institution of lies they call physics.

The Universe does not contract in any way; means or form and even such a suggestion are incorrect! The Moon and Earth are not moving closer but are moving apart. The entire Universe is growing in space and nowhere is space depleting by any norm used. Academics are very aware of this misconception Newton had and still academics in physics are promoting the ideas of Newton as the unwavering truth. Academics teaching these misconceptions are committing fraud, notwithstanding the portraying of their role in society being unblemished, spotless while they are covered in a lily white blanket making them being whiter than snow and having such a holier than thou attitude. Teaching Newton is participating in deception and promoting Newton is criminally deceiving the public and while doing so, is committing an act with criminal intentions.

Then, in the face of all this evidence contradicting Sir Isaac Newton; they remain upholding the correctness of Sir Isaac Newton and keep on teaching students about the unwavering correctness of Sir Isaac Newton. They put down conditions of learning to this effect and are expecting students to repeat these untruths and unproven facts by forcing answers to that effect in examinations. Forcing the acceptance of this untruth about physics is equal to preposterous subjecting students to physiological torture and heinous mind conditioning, scandalous thought control and brainwashing. This applies to everyone serving as a tutor in physics notwithstanding whatever status the torturers might have in society or the morality they attach as a reason to commit such atrocities.

If you are a student, then you are conditioned by academics in controlling your thinking by enforcing premind setting and in which they methodically force you into believing in Newton and this is an on going process conducted for centuries in the past, while it is the truth that Newton is completely void of any tests that may secure any form of confirmation and in securing proof then also by that establishing proof.

Read the book QUESTIONING NEWTON'S MYTHOLOGY http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/questioning-newtonsmythology/7570956] and then use the information I supply in the book to insist that Academics who are teaching physics, prove to students that Newton’s statements of attraction are correct. Let those academics explain the method mass uses. Let them with precise detail show when mass is applying it forms gravity that mass does produce gravity and such producing of gravity that then would establish attraction! I show precisely how gravity produces mass but mass can never produce gravity. I show with explicit detail when, how and where gravity forms mass but mass can never form gravity. What I prove annihilates every Newtonian claim.

They never prove Newton’s philosophy on gravity but those persons conducting teaching in the subject of physics force all physics students to learn Newton’s gravitational concepts and accept the facts as if it has been proven beyond all other facts. Students have to believe that Newton is correct or academics will see to it that they fail their examination. The condition of being accepted in physics is to accept Newton without questioning the proof that is never supplied.
Let those academics now prove precisely how mass brings about gravity and then afterwards test you on how Newton is proven correct and not on you repeating facts about what they say is true about what Newton said, which they say is true. The manner they present Newton is completely hearsay and that method may not be used in any court of law. Let your professors now prove how it is that Newton’s teachings are correct and then examine you on the process they use to prove Newton’s concepts. At present they say Newton is correct and then they test you on your ability in repeating that Newton is correct without ever proving to you that Newton is correct. Let those physics professors now prove Newton and then test you on the manner they use to prove Newton to be correct.

The truth beyond all other truth is that Newton’s gravity has never been proven (because try as you may it is not possible to prove Newton’s formula forming gravity mathematically) and because academics know that, academics require the blind acceptance of Newton by students. This unconditional acceptance of Newton’s correctness relies only on the pre-conditioning of students’ mind set and academics depend only on the student trusting the academic “say so” about the institutionalised correctness of Newton. That Newton is correct nevertheless and notwithstanding that there is no founding proof about this matter, is what students should be accepting blindly. Pre-conditioning students into blind acceptance depends on the academics’ insistence that students approve Newton’s concepts without pre judgment or students insisting on scrutiny of any sorts. In examination students have to outright and blindly follow academics’ say so only because academics say so. Academics depend on students never questioning their say so or demand proof about what academics teach. Those academics in teaching positions insist that all students accept Newton’s accuracy.

This is methodical mind control as much as it is the brainwashing I show that they enforce. If you are one of those believing that Newton was ever proven, then what you believe to be true is a lie because Newton can’t be proven and that is the truth! The time has come to face your teachers and force them to stop the ongoing old culture of bullying students and conditioning their thoughts by enforcing on them dogmas, which is, mind control! In order to get students to accept Newton’s hypothesis, academics resort to brainwashing pupils and students. They teach you that the Universe contracts and to state their case they

force students to learn that gravity is proved by Newton introducing the following formula F = G M1M2

r2 They say that M1 is the mass of the Earth and M2 is the mass of the individual in questions mass and the multiplying of these factors with the gravitational constant produces the force of gravity when this gets divided by the square of the radius. Please let you lecturer put in all the values of the formula and prove Newton is correct. If he can’t and I know for sure he never can fill in the symbols and calculate the force of gravity, then read the rest of the web page that follows to see how far academics in physics go to brainwash students into believing in Newton’s fraud.

This is a fair test to see if Newton’s contraction theory underwritten by Newton’s attraction formula F =GM1M2 is valid, and then force your professor to use this formula as it reads and show WHEN ther2


Moon and the Earth is going to collide. If he fails to do it by using Newton’s formula asF =GM1M2 thenr2

you will know who is conning you, him or I and who is truthful again him or I. I charge all academics to prove what I say is being wrong in any way or even that I exaggerate in the least. I challenge Newtonian academics to prove that mass does indeed form any force of any sorts and in particular gravity! To those professors claiming Newtonian ideas are substantiated by proof, I say that notwithstanding your personal academic qualifications and while at the same time disregarding your status and previous achievements as well as ignoring your many admirable abilities you may have and however superior they might be, I shall teach you about gravity. I say it is time Students learn the truth about physics notwithstanding the status academics will loose. Students read www.sirNewtonsfraud.com and challenge those academics depending on their ability to brainwash you into submission.

The idea of proof comes automatically to the door of Newton although Newtonians will deny this fact as if they deny the honour of their Master Newton and that is what they have to do.


The Practice of Brainwashing and Mind Control in Physics The Definition of Gravity according to the Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy:

1) The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the centre of the body.
What this referrers to is the process by which weight is measures and the more a body pushes to the earth, the more would the scale reading be. Whether this comes as result of as force is what I strongly dispute. This indicates in the same result as measuring weight would be and there was never any defining proof that parts this form of mass from this form of weight. Both mass and weight are measured in the same measurement and have the same indicators. This form of mass is there but is the same as weight and only mind control in physics by tutors can put any distinct identifiable characteristics differences claimed to be between the two.

2) The natural force of attraction proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

This is the one that I refer too that is the figment of Newton’s information. I beg anyone to use the information gathered from the solar system to prove this definition do apply!

3) Gravitation.
This proves how low Newtonians can go to solicit absolute fraud and intoxicate student’s minds in brainwashing their thinking to accept what never is proven. This is hogwash at best!

Gravity is the fundamental force of attraction that all objects with mass have for each other. Like the electromagnetic force, gravity has effectively infinite range and obeys the inverse-square law. At the atomic level, where masses are very small, the force of gravity is negligible, but for objects that have very large masses such as planets, stars, and galaxies, gravity is a predominant force, and it plays an important role in theories of the structure of the universe. Gravity is believed to be mediated by the graviton, although the graviton has yet to be isolated by experiment. Gravity is weaker than the strong force, the electromagnetic force, and the weak force. Please show me the attraction in relation to mass that applies between any of the planets and the sun.

In this article I am going to investigate how much truth there are in mass pulling by the force of gravity. Most if not to all of the persons reading this article will be annoyed by just the thought of me embarking on an investigation of the issue that seems so totally senseless to investigate. It is senseless because the concept it carries became accepted as household practise and life science. Mass is associated with everything that is represented everywhere.

Do you think of astrophysics as the department that is run by the wise and the level minded, the sober thinking, and the absolute trustworthy? If you think those in charge of astrophysics are the pillars of trust, then get wise and read the following. Newton created the factor mass as a trick of his imagination. We have a body with mass on earth and that we all know, but no heavenly body could ever have mass or present mass! After you have considered the following you might agree with me that even small Children can reach a higher level of clear-minded logic and find more sensibility than what those scientists promoting astrophysics have because science lives in a make believe fool’s paradise. They love to calculate because with mathematics they create a fools paradise.

In this article I give the table Kepler represented his research by which the planets move. Also I give one column in which the mass is indicated in terns of earth mass units. Use the column to show where it is mass that produces any valid factor in accordance to planetary activity, movement and allocated positioning. In the table columns we have the mass of the main solar objects and according to Newton the mass is responsible for movement. If it is mass that does the pulling in ratio of the radius then we have to see some evidence of this applying somewhere. Is there any person that can prove that claim from the table showing Kepler’s movement in relation to Newton’s mass? In what way odes Jupiter move faster or how does Pluto move slower according to mass? If mass did the job, how is it done? Notwithstanding Newton’s blatant mathematical manipulation, mass don’t apply.

There is no possible way to produce evidence from the behaviour of objects in the solar system that mass is responsible for gravity forming between two heavenly bodies. If it did, the asteroids could no possibly orbit in their allocated circle at the same rate as Jupiter circles in its designated circle. Every one believes in Newton except comets, because comets fail to collide with the Sun. However I can explain in some way…The evidence that mass is pulling mass there is not and there is no evidence of mass pulling mass.

between any two massive bodies, which is directly

Looking at the size of a body does not allow any one to awards mass. If you are a student, then ask your Masters please to explain the following abnormalities and inconsistencies they promote as part of official physics, which I present in this article and as students get wise instead of brainwashed. I say brainwash again because they force-feed you fabrications, as you will come to see. They can’t explain the facts as reliable but hide the fact that the facts are in fact untruths. Tell them to prove that planets have mass. Tell them to prove that it is mass that generates gravity that pulls the planets. Ask them to explain gravity in detail. If any person gives evidence and the evidence is unsupported by truth and unfounded by proof, it is fraud. If a Clergyman should bring evidence of some miracle healing that took place, and he could not repeat the act at will for all to witness again and again, it is fraud not withstanding the religion. Even if the lie is to underline the greatness of his religion, it still constitutes to fraud. If anything is said without truth backing the claim, making it unfounded, it is fraud. It is illegal to make claims that is not based and is not supported by reality. As perfect as everyone thinks Newtonian physics are, this applies to educators teaching physics. There is a suspicion lingering in the back of everyone’s mind that something is not quite correct about the approach physics take on the matter of gravity and only those academics seasoned with years of studies and salted with time seems to miss this haunting feeling. But the longer the students are educated, the more this uncomfortable feeling dissipates.

Hidden under a cover of “understanding Newton” or “not being able to understand Newton” tutors in physics force certain incompatible arguments to join that which never can join and while joining also make sense at the same time. In this article I challenge the figures that charge the highest form of respect in our communities and those in charge of the most dynamic part of society and those who stand beyond and above any form of suspicion. I charge those that personify truth and are the very same persons that I accuse of betraying the ones trusting them. Again I challenge you to come forward and tell your students the truth about what I uncover in the articles that follows and as the articles progress by introducing information...then you explain to them how you deceived their blind trust in you as a tutor in physics. In physics the blame goes to students ability to “understanding Newton” or “not being able to understand Newton” but I show that in this case the blame should openly be dedicated to those that should be blamed, named and shamed and they have to defend their years of lying and contribution to cover the misconduct that was committed by them.

Those teaching physics as well as their predecessors now have to explain in the name of science why so many evidence were falsified to keep their noses clean while mud colours their lily white image in hogwash and the stink of their lies equals the pig pen it needs to cover such aroma. It is time that they reveal the truth. Believe it or not, but this diverging from reality and misconduct about applying science is in place because of centuries of brainwashing going on passed on from generation to generation and is employed in physics from teacher to student for centuries on end. This article is dedicated to bringing honesty into the faculty of Astrophysics and Astronomy as well as to show the Physics student on what corruption and deceit does physics base their facts which they proclaim as being such well proven, and godly accurate facts and is unwavering depicting only the truth.

Go to the web site www.singularityrelevancy.com and then use the information I supply in the book www.questionablescience.net titled Sir Newton’s Mythology, which you may download fro free and use the information given free of charge to confront you academics with the truth and then insist that Academics who are teaching physics, prove to students that Newton’s statements of attraction are correct. Let those academics explain the method mass implements.

If you are a student studying in physics then reading this article is detrimental to your future, as you can remain part of the problem physics has had for centuries or you may join the solution that came to physics and start to heal the wound. Students read the next pages and you are about to learn how students are brainwashed into accepting the baseless and ridiculous misinformation Sir Isaac Newton puts forward as truths. The Custodians of Physics have nothing better to offer than presenting you with unfounded, corrupt and distorted facts…and by doing that they resort to mind control on students and introduce baseless concepts by manipulating the student’s thoughts.

If you are a student then read in www.sirnewtonsfruad.com what they do to you and how they brainwash you. This suspicion that there is, this feeling about a certain concern and doubtfulness that is lingering on in the minds of many… and also is lingering on from generation to generation… without anyone ever finding a solution… it is them defrauding you by exchanging your institution fees for corruption, so confront them about their dishonesty. There is this vague unspoken question hanging in the air without any one ever finding words to express the question…and yet the question remains however unspoken it seems. Force them to become honest and to stop corrupting students with intentional malice. Let them explain how mass generates gravity...

Even if you had your personal favourite conspiracy theory, try and match it to the one that I have! I seem to be the first person in generations that ask questions about Newton’s work. Questions I now ask is asked for the first time ever, well ever since the time Newton introduced gravity, before the emphasis fell on proof rather than merely what a person with reputation suggested. I now am able to show how gravity forms by forming a circle using Π because I have located the centre of the Universe.

But by my effort in finding the location I disrupted everything Academics in physics hold holy and for that I am most unwanted in the presence of the Academics charged with guarding the ethics of physics. In short, I clash head on with Newtonian dogma and principles forming physics. During my research I discovered abnormalities and inconsistencies about mistakes the Arch fathers in physics must be aware of but are hiding with all their considerable influence and academic power. The road I took in my search for truth concerning physics was never smooth and the resistance I came across coming from the academic sector is almost unbearable.

With my unpopularity rating this high as it does, I never qualified for help and those that would help found my ideas intolerable whereby I only found rejection instead of help as I tagged along. Because of this insider rejection I had to resort to private publishing because from the nature of my work I take Mainstream science head on and am confrontational on most aspects of astronomy. Since no one see the a problem there is in physics, no publisher wants to go head bashing with the Physics Custodian establishment of science on official science principles, which I have to do to convey my message in no uncertain language.

I argue that if it is the correct practise to use F =GM1M2 to calculate gravity then the radius holding the



gravitational constant must lead one to the centre of the Universe. As I confront science dogma and principles, nobody is willing to publish my work. I have to walk the road alone and fight the battle by my private effort without any support anywhere. If Newton is the problem one have to go pre Newton to find the problem.

The problem is that when looking at Kepler’s table then if there is T2÷ a3according to the table matching a column, then mathematically T2÷ a3 must be k-1 and where k-1 goes negative it shows space reduces time. It shows space in volume goes single by movement of space and not objects.


Mercury Venus
Jupiter Saturn
Uranus Neptune Pluto
Mass per k-1
Earth unit Movement 0.06 T2
÷ a3 =0.983 0.82 T2÷ a3 =0.992 1.000 T2÷ a3 =1.000 0.11 T2÷ a3 =1.000 317.89 T2÷ a3 =1.000 95.17 T2÷ a3 =0.999 14.53 T2÷ a3 =1.000 17.14 T2÷ a3 =0.999 0.0025 T2÷ a3 =1.004 a3 T2

of space volume During time units (a3)= 0.059 (T2)= 0.058 (a3)= 0.381 (T2)= 0.378 (a3)= 1.000 (T2)= 1.000 (a3)= 3.54 (T2)= 3.54 (a3)= 140.6 (T2)= 140.66 (a3)= 868.25 (T2)= 67.9 (a3)= 7067 (T2)= 7069 (a3)= 27189 (T2)= 27159 (a3)= 61443 (T2)= 61703

If you are a student in physics then you should read the following information with care and with much consideration because your mental health might be at steak here. One could think of another name for physics and that would be Newton’s mythology. It is about the subject of gravity and is most important. The “Newton’s mythology” comes from the fact that students have to learn what the professors claim to be true and what was never was proven. Students have to repeat in examinations that the formula







M1M2 is truthful and viable while it was never proven. Do you realise that it is an accepted practise



that all students that are studying physics on all levels are subjected to the most intense brainwashing and thought control found any where on Earth? This must be some sort of a joke you may think but thinking that way in disbelief is just what those practising the mind control wish you to think! According to the tables, all movement is according to some other value than mass. They never prove Newton’s philosophy on gravity but those persons conducting teaching in the subject of physics force all physics students to learn Newton’s gravitational concepts and accept the facts as if it has been proven beyond all other facts. Students have to believe that Newton is correct or academics will see to it that they fail their examination. The condition of being accepted in physics is to accept Newton without questioning the proof that is never supplied.

Let those academics now prove precisely how mass brings about gravity and then afterwards test you on how Newton is proven correct and not on you repeating their facts blindly about what they say is true about what Newton said, which they say is true. The manner they present Newton is completely hearsay and that method may not be used in any court of law.

Let your professors now prove how it is that Newton’s teachings are correct and then examine you on the process they use to prove Newton’s concepts rather than test the state of brainwashing you have submitted to. At present they say Newton is correct and then they test you on your ability in repeating that Newton is correct without ever proving to you that Newton is correct. That is not testing your knowledge but it is testing the mind control you have submitted to. Let those physics professors now prove Newton and their ability to prove Newton correct and then test you on the manner they use to prove Newton to be correct.

They teach you that the Universe contracts and to state their case they force students to learn that gravity is proved by Newton introducing the following formulaF =GM1M2 They say that M1 is the mass of the



Earth and M2 is the mass of the individual in questions mass and the multiplying of these factors with the gravitational constant produces the force of gravity when this gets divided by the square of the radius. Please let you lecturer put in all the values of the formula and prove Newton is correct. If he can’t and I know for sure he never can fill in the symbols and calculate the force of gravity, then read the rest of the web page that follows to see how far academics in physics go to brainwash students into believing in Newton’s fraud.

The truth beyond all other truth is that Newton’s gravity has never been proven (because try as you may it is not possible to prove Newton’s formula forming gravity mathematically) and because academics know that, academics require the blind acceptance of Newton by students. This unconditional acceptance of Newton’s correctness relies only on the pre-conditioning of students’ mind set and academics depend only on the student trusting the academic “say so” about the institutionalised correctness of Newton. That Newton is correct nevertheless and notwithstanding that there is no founding proof about this matter, is what students should be accepting blindly. I’ll bet you they are more surprised than you about me accusing them of systematically mind altering the student’s physic and ability to think than you are.

This is a fair test to see if Newton’s contraction theory underwritten by Newton’s attraction formula F






M1M2 is valid, then force your professor to use this formula as it reads and show WHEN the Moon




and the Earth is going to collide. If he fails to do it by using Newton’s formula asF =GM1M2 then you will



know who is conning you, him or I and who is truthful again him or I. I charge all academics to prove what I say is being wrong in any way or even that I exaggerate in the least. I challenge Newtonian academics to prove that mass does indeed form any force of any sorts and in particular gravity!

Pre-conditioning students into blind acceptance depends on the academics’ insistence that students approve Newton’s concepts without pre judgment or students insisting on scrutiny of any sorts. In examination students have to outright and blindly follow academics’ say so trumped up rhetoric and respond on facts only because academics say so. Academics depend on students never questioning their say so or demand proof about what academics teach. Those academics in teaching positions insist that all students accept Newton’s accuracy.

Where does mass manifest in this? Where does Jupiter show its mass is pulling more than that of Pluto? According to the definition of gravity claiming gravity is a pulling power by the mass of objects and this









formula2 then Jupiter has to beat the earth going at a speed 317 times faster than ther2
earth, because Jupiter is 317 times larger than the earth. Show me any evidence that mass plays any role or function anywhere in the Universe! If you are one of those members of society that never thought you would hear the name of an accomplished person as Sir Isaac Newton being associated with fraud, corruption and brainwashing, then the books The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity published by Lulu.com are specially written to inform you about the truth there is lacking in the correctness about

science. Newton’s formula and suggestion indicate a straight line moving F = GM1M2 between the objects



pulling by mass while it is clear everything applies the motion around the sun using a circle. Everyone knows that planets orbit around the Sun. Planets circle the Sun which is the same as saying planets orbit the Sun. Just by calling the circle motion in terms of what applies, that statement nullifies Newton’s claim of mass that attract mass and put to question the reliability of Newton’s dogma. This might at first seem a small issue but from that I prove that gravity works by the value of Π and not mass.

This is methodical mind control as much as it is the brainwashing and I show that they enforce this practise. If you are one of those believing that Newton was ever proven, then what you believe to be true is a lie because Newton can’t be proven and that is the truth! The time has come to face your teachers and force them to stop the ongoing old culture of bullying students into submission and conditioning their thoughts by enforcing on them dogmas, which is no more than systematically enforcing mind control! In order to get students to accept Newton’s hypothesis, academics resort to brainwashing pupils’ and students’ thoughts.

One such an example is Einstein’s Critical density scam and the “Dark Matter” swindle where they hide Newton’s shortcomings under a pretext of ongoing research. Hubble found the Universe is not contracting as Newton said it does with F =GM1M2 and hell broke loose. The cosmos stepped out of line by showing




Newton is wrong in his supposed theory that mass pulls mass to reduce the radius such as F






M1M2 will indicate. Einstein was then tasked to supposedly measure “all the mass” in the entire



Universe and to find out when the Universe will correct its evil ways and start to submit to Newton’s idea of contraction. They concluded it is not Newton that is wrong but the cosmos went out of line to contradict Newton. Therefore one has to find the error in the actions of not Newton’s idea but about the Cosmos acting out of line with Newton. The fault was investigated not on the side of Newton, but in the cosmos! The proof of practise fell on the Universe that could be wrong but never Newton!

With all this in mind did any one ever come to wonder about the reality driving the all too famous Einstein’s Critical Density theory and the fact that this idea was conceived to conceal the corruption of Newton in physics? Allow me please to elaborate and then make up your minds. The facts in truth are that the Einstein’s Critical Density theory was a scheme plotted by those in charge of physics principles to cover up and conceal corruption in the heart of physics. Hubble proved beyond doubt that there was an inflating Universe. This contradicted Newton’s deflating or pulling Universe and this perception of a deflating Universe being a myth had to be most ardently hidden as to yet again

compromise the truth about Newton and his theory. In the formula F =GM1M2 the relevancy applies



between the strength of the mass and the distance of the radius that keeps the influence of the mass forming the gravity. The longer the radius increasing the distance between objects the more this will reduce the value of the mass, whatever the value of the mass might be. The Hubble concept proves that while the mass might remain the same, the radius keeps growing and such growth diminishes the influence of the mass all the while the radius increases. This is so basic that primary children learning the basics of mathematics will understand! This means with the radius increasing, there is no chance that the mass will ever become strong enough to bring about the pulling because the constant increase in the radius constantly diminish the influence that the mass might produce.
Yet Einstein proceeded in searching for a value that will determine when the mass would bring a turn about in the direction that the cosmos evolves in. Einstein was looking for the moment the mass will become strong enough while the most basic principle indicates that an increasing radius leads to a decreasing mass influence submitting a decreasing potential gravity since the mass becomes less prominent in influence. If Einstein was unable to recognise this most basic of mathematical principles,

then what type of genius did physics create in him and what slur did physics promote. In F =GM1M2 any




factor standing in relation of division, it is the bottom value that determines the outcome of the value of the top.

This idea of the two factors being in opposing relevance where the size of the bottom caries the value of the outcome is so simple that children will recognise the principle, and yet those fathers of physics wants me to believe that the greatest mathematician that ever lived did not realise this principle…the principle that the radius and the mass stands related and the growth in the bottom value will promote the decline in the top value as a dominant factor. Can any one with this information including the proof I asked for on previous page have any other conclusion than students should smell rotting fish somewhere?

Notwithstanding my arguments that should have been raised by the mathematical genius, Einstein supposedly measured “all the mass” in the entire Universe and then afterwards concluded there is “insufficient mass” to pull the Universe closer. This rattled the cages of the Newtonian conspirators because Newton once again stood naked, venerable and bear. Yet the blame had to be associated with the cosmos not playing by the rules of Newton. The cosmos had to be at fault because Newton just can’t be the person to blame. Then the genius of the Newtonian cunning kicked in once more and we can see why they are seen as the most brilliant minds walking the earth. There had to be something they miss and no one can see.

Then some idea was presented that the Universe is hiding mass from view, I suppose just to spite Newton. If the mass was not visible and was therefore undetected, then the mass was dark and if no one could see the mass then no one can prove the mass being present and then no one can disprove the mass being there waiting in the dark. What a splendid idea this was for cheating. This presented a solution of Biblical proportions and a new scam was introduced to hide the failing of Newton and of the Critical Density sham.

The Dark Matter hides mass that will supposedly pull all material closer again at one stage in the future. This is meant unleashing an enormous swindle, bigger than anything before, only beaten into second place by Newton’s swindle about mass unleashing forces. They proclaim there is “Dark Matter” hiding and waiting in the wind to come to the present someday in the future and start to pull the Universe closer as

Newton said it must by the measure of F =GM1M2 . In that way Newton was vindicated and the cosmos




took the blame for hiding mass and the contraction was reinstalled.

It is obviously clear that having such a total idea that there might be dark unseen mass floating in the Universe which at this time does not generate gravity but will some day kick in to generate gravity in order to cover up Newton’s deception about a contracting Universe and just because Newton has to be correct at some point in the future. Science wishes me to believe that since there is a lack of seeing material there then will be dark and unseen material where they are so dark they are undetected by all humans. Why would the mass at present then not activate gravity and why would the mass at some point spring to life and start activating gravity? How much can the Physics paternity still hide the fact that Einstein’s critical density is being used as a cover-up to distort the truth to conceal the fraud Newtonians wish to cover? Hubble found the Universe is expanding and Newton said otherwise. Hubble’s declaration was on track to blow the cover that was concealing the Newton fraud wide open and uncover the century old deception. The question is if it is mass pulling mass onto mass, then why do we have comets left in the solar system? The mass of the Sun should by now at least have destroyed every comet going around.

The term pulling does not suggest any circling because no one can be pulling towards and does that while circling around the object. That serves the term pulling. In conversation we speak of the planets orbiting. If Newton was correct we should be speaking of the planets pulling, but talking about pulling would be blatantly wrong according to the normal spoken word. Never do we refer to the planets pulling the Sun or the Sun pulling the planets, but we speak of seasons coming from orbital positions. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then cancel the pulling concept that also became culture. The

entirety of physics rests on this one formula F =GM1M2


r2 .The questions concerning that which you are

studying and that touches every aspect you are academically concerned with, is that if everything is moving apart, how does that support Newton’s idea that everything is coming together…and please don’t let them fool you with Einstein’s Critical Density idea! If there was mass seen or unseen in the Universe and mass generated gravity and gravity does the pulling then why is the mass not at this moment doing the pulling? If there is an object it indicates the presence of mass. Then what stops the mass that should be present, dark or luminous, to start pulling by gravity, as it should do?

Should you think this page is some sort of a prank then answer the following simple question to yourself in utter honesty: If there is a Big Bang after which everything was left moving apart, how does that support Newton’s contraction? Tests results received after the Moon landing show the Moon and Earth are moving away from each other! Yet students learn about mass pulling mass and that puling by mass forces togetherness by contraction.

This is only one of many points that I make on this one issue and there are so many other issues one may think of those in terms of counting in numbers in many hundreds or even in thousands. If the Sun for instance has mass that is apart from the Earth and the Earth also has mass and there is a gravitational constant in between the Sun’s mass and the Earth’s mass we have the radius in that location. It then must be the gravitational constant that fills the space that the radius holds. It is rather obvious that while the radius is filling the vacant space between the Sun and the Earth it is the only place left where the gravitational constant can hide. To find the centre of the Universe I had only to find the gravitational constant that holds the centre. Through my venture I discovered one person that knows what gravity is! Newtonians went and filled that space reserved for the gravitational constant having a measured value with nothing! How can nothing have a value of 6.67 X 10 -11 while also being filled with nothing as it is nothing filling the nothing of outer space?

My question in this matter is what is all that mass of so many supposed stars living in utter darkness doing at present while waiting to get to work and begin with generating gravity by mass where it will only later, much later form a force of gravity that then will bring about this pulling of the Universe? What makes the mass slumber in darkness to one-day form a pulling force? What has the “darkness” or the fact that we don’t see the mass got to do with the idea that the mass at present is not forming gravity that is forming a pulling force? You are taught that gravity pulls objects to the centre and obviously gravity then has to ultimately pull everything to the centre of the Universe. That is what the Critical Density research

that Einstein initiated wishes to establish. The idea is that F =GM1M2 makes the mass create a force that



will destroy the radius and ensure everything is going to come together eventually at one point where the radius then will be no more. If that is the case, then where is that point? If everything is destroying the radius, then it must end at one specific point.

In the classes you students attend a physics lecture, has any one confirmed a location where one might find the centre of the Universe to confirm the ultimate destination of F =GM1M2 ? If you wish to apply a



Gravitational constant as a calculated factor then it is apparent that one must know to where such gravity is pulling since it then is the gravity that is where the contraction is going that predominantly is keeping everything apart. Then the gravitational constant is what is resisting the collapse of the Universe. If there is a force, then where is the force taking the pulling…if it is a gravitational constant applying through out outer space then where is it having a centre base? To those professors claiming Newtonian ideas are substantiated by proof, I say that notwithstanding your personal academic qualifications and while at the same time disregarding your status and previous achievements as well as ignoring your many admirable abilities you may have and however superior they might be, I shall teach you about gravity. I say it is time Students learn the truth about physics notwithstanding the status academics will loose.

What you are about to read comprises of extractions forming part of the actual book that you can download free of charge. Go to www.sirnewtonsfraud.com and press on the blue button and the book is yours to have! Use this information to test the reliability of your tutors’ teachings. Confront them with facts and don’t allow them to stupefy you with their ability to commit mind control. This is what eighty years of studying the solar system brought about and no individual study since changed one aspect of what this table brings as information.

If mass did attract mass, what kept the balance in the distance it held according to the Titius Bode Law where the planets do find a balance in orbit rather than moving towards the Sun. One might think of mass pulling the comet to the sun, but instead of slamming into the sun, the comet makes a circle (Π) and disappears into outer space. If mass pulls the comet closer, what does the pushing away afterwards. If mass did attract mass, it would explain the behaviour of the comet coming towards the sun...but then what is pushing the comet back into orbit, into the darkness of outer space? The idea of proof about mass pulling everything is automatically placed at the door of Newton. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit. If normal speech contradicts Newton, then it is his task to prove his supposition is correct and the claims about attraction Newton made, although Newtonians will deny this fact as if they deny he is correct the honour of their Master Newton and that is what they have to do. No one thinks of planets spinning or planets basking in the summer Sun. However, just using the term orbiting is in total defiance with Newton or physics!

WELCOME ALL you and those that are DISBELEIVERS TO






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No part, parts or the entirety of this book may be reproduced by publishing, electronically copied, duplicated by whatever means that form reproduction or duplication, without the prior written consent of the copy rite owner.

Newtonians uphold their law of physics without showing mercy. The very first things the Newtonians use to beat us into submission are to blast us with incomprehensible mathematical formulas.

Incomprehensible they are but it is to scare anyone with the mathematical equations to get everyone hiding. They bewilder you with equations that put the fear of God into you; used simply to make you feel inferior so that they can feel superior and frown down on your inferiority from a dizzy height.

They are masters at manipulating anyone into a state of senselessness…but mostly they do it onto themselves. That they do because it forms the backbone of the fraud. They do not wish you to read closer and to find the fraud they hide to protect Newton. Ignore their mathematics because it only shows their incompetence to understand physics or Newton and see the fraud they propagate...


They employ mathematics to bewilder and that is all. I am going to show what we can uncover underneath what they cover. Look at what the mathematics supposedly says and then wake up, they are using maths as a scare tactic for three centuries to scare the daylights out of you and all this while its been working! Looking at the formula shows just how little Newton understood

Please allow me to show you how they scare you to
become fooled and suckered. Don’t run and hide when you see the
mathematics, it is meaningless
although it was
used as a
scarecrow for more than three hundred years forming the backbone of the conspiracy.

This picture is as big a hoax as Newtonian science

is when Newtonian science presents mass to be a factor that produces a pulling force called gravity. The question shouting for an answer in the picture is if mass is a factor that produces gravity as Newtonians claim it is then why are the planets not positioned according to mass as Newtonians declare.


backward dark aged sod!
The claim is as bogus as the entire philosophy. They present the proof that planets orbit according to mass in the following “Kepler law” which in its entirety had nothing to do with Kepler

at all. It is all devised by Newton because Newton had no inclination of what Kepler’s work was about.

Newton brought about the idea of mass positioning the planets in the formula 4π2a3 = P2G(M + m)

Do not get scared as everyone usually does when seeing the
mathematics and then as a result get frightened. Those physicists expect you to turn on your heels and run as fast as your legs can carry you. Then consequently as a

reaction to find survival, you turn on your heels and run… but this time don’t. Don’t run, just read on and see how simple it is to prove Newton was a

This time, don’t run because I am about to show how meaningless this entire mathematical statement in realityis! This formula is total garbage and there is no sign of evidence that this formula forms any part of the solar system, even in the least.

Lets test this formula and see how truthful it is. 4π2a3 = P2G (M + m) indicates that the circle in which the planet orbits (4π2a3) is the result of (=) the position of the body (P2) positioned by the mass of both bodies (M + m) in terms of the gravitational constant (G). The best way to find clarity is to test this statement with what is happening in the solar system just as it is, wouldn’t you think.
A picture such as this provides much credence to the idea of gravity by mass since the lines drawn does not even begin to represent what is truly out there ands what is used by the cosmos in place of Newton’s mass concept.
This is a table indicating the mass that every planet has in relation to the distance every planet holds in terns of the sun. If mass positioned planets then why did no one bother to inform the Universe about this because it is clear the Universe did not receive the memo from Newton’s office to act accordingly. Body Mass (10^24) kg ÷ Orbital Distance(10^6 km)= ratio
Mercury .3302 ÷ 57.9 = 0.0057
Venus 4.869 ÷ 108.2 = 0.045
Earth 5.975 ÷ 149.6 = 0.039939
Mars 0.6419 ÷ 227.9 = 0.00281
Jupiter 1898.6 ÷ 778.3 = 2.439419
Saturn 86.83 ÷ 1427 = 0.060847
Uranus 102.43 ÷ 2869.6 = 0.03569
This picture shows the hoax the Newtonian conspiracy pampers to keep the rest of Newtonian physics believable. They never mention the Titius Bode law and try to explain the Titius Bode law while it is the Titius Bode law that is really in place in the solar system. If you wish to learn the truth then think again.

Mass as a factor does not present or apply in one instance anywhere in the entire Universe and yet that is all theta physics says applies…but why would they cheat? It is because what is there applying between the planets is called the Titius Bode law and although this law is in place you

have almost a hundred percent chance that you have never heard of it.


00051.jpg0.002 x earth mass
17 x earth mass
14.5 x earth mass
95 x earth mass
318 x earth mass

0.107 x earth mass
1 x earth mass
0.0.81 x earth mass
0.055 x earth mass

If the planet layout was as I now show it to be according to mass then this was the order that is if it is true according to the solar system that mass do produce the position of the planet:
Jupiter Saturn
Neptune Uranus Earth
Mercury Pluto

318 x earth mass 95 x earth mass 17 x earth mass

at a distance of 57 57.9 x 106km at a distance of 108.2 x 106km at a distance of 149.6 x 106km

14.5 x earth mass at a distance of 227.5 x 106km 1 x earth mass
0.81 x earth mass

at a distance of 778.3 x 106km at a distance of 1427 x 106km 0.107 x earth mass at a distance of 2871 x 106km 0.055 x earth mass at a distance of 4497 x 106km

0.002 x earth mass at a distance of 5913.5 x 106km This is how it would apply if Newton was correct and mass did position planets. There is not even a remote chance that the positioning of the planets go in accordance with mass or 4π2a3 = P2G (M + m). Do you realise there is much more “gravity produced by mass” in the space your feet has contact with the earth than there could ever be between Jupiter and the sun? You that can calculate it

00052.jpgso then do it. Show thata3. Put theGM2

orbit of Jupiter in relation to the mass of Jupiter and in relation to the position Jupiter holds. Forget getting swept away by the fancy Mathematics; just get to the task of putting the mass in relation or ratio with the position that any of the planets hold. Take the mass of the earth and your mass you have and then divide that with the square of the distance there is between your feet and the earth by the square thereof then divide that square with the product of the mass of the earth and your mass you have. Keep in mind your distance between your feet and the earth is about 10-11 meters going square! You that can’t calculate it, the value would be meaningless but it is so much it will crush your atoms into a pulp, leaving you not even in a blood blob. It will leave a force to the value of about one Zetta 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 g per square meter. There is no chance in hell that any object of whatever size and formed by whichever method of construction could manage such a force of pressure. Those Physics-cheats always want to have the radius down to 1 meter because it makes their argument look sensible, and then they “forget” to use the correct mass of the earth not to stun any student into realising reality. Using one meter makes good sense when you wish to cheat but no body floats on meter above the earth. When anything stands on the earth, the distance between such a body and the earth is less than what could be sensibly measured.
Can you see the mathematics, Newtonian scientists use this to scare you into frozen stupidity and you allow it. I know and realise that you are disgusted by my attitude when I degrade the name on which physics are founded. In this introduction part I am going to show you just some minor deceptions all students are forced to believe since all physics students are forced to believe in Newton, Sir Isaac Newton that is. I am giving you a choice. You can say I am going to commit fraud or Newton has committed fraud. If I am judged to be the culprit that is guilty of deception then it is because Newton misled me. You can choose.

Saturn mass 95 x the earth


Sun mass 330 000 x the earth

Jupiter mass 318 x the earth


Neptune mass 17 x the earth


Uranus mass 14.5 x the earth The inner circles that are very close to the sun we find the big gas planets with so much more mass forming the force of gravity that these planets are almost on top of the sun so close they are to the sun.


Mars mass 0.81x the earth Pluto mass 0.002 x the earth



Uranus mass 14.5 x the earth Sun x the earth


Venus mass 0.81x the earth


Neptune x the earth

Then in the outer circles that are very far from the sun we find the smaller solid planets with so much less mass the force of gravity just can’t pull these planets closer to the sun.
The above can be the only designated outlay of the planet position according to the sun when applying

mass. Remember, if I am wrong then Newton and his formula


00038.jpgis wrong but if I am

correct and Jupiter is the closest planet then Newton is incorrect and then the academics in physics are indulging in Newton’s fraud by forcefully brainwashing students to believe in Newton notwithstanding the fact that it is the solar system that disputes Newton’s ideas altogether. If you disagree with my layout, then you better disagree with Newton and his ideas. What is in place I am almost sure you have never heard of… Instead of the cosmos using mass as Newton claims there is no mass applying but there is the Titius Bode law on place. This is never commonly mentioned and the fact that what Newton advocates is not in place is hushed up.

Closet 1) Jupiter mass 318 x the earth
2) Saturn mass 95 x the earth
3) NeptuneNeptune mass 17 x the earth

4) Uranus mass 14.5 x thUranus mass 14.5 x the earth


Then come the smaller planets with less mass and therefore less pulling force called gravity

5) Earth 1 x the earth
6) Venus mass 0.81x the earth
7) Mars mass 0.81x the earth
8) Mercury mass 0.055 x the earth
9) Pluto mass 0.002 x the earth

The Titius Bode Law

The Titius-Bode Law is rough rule that predicts the spacing of the planets in the Solar System. The relationship was first pointed out by Johann Titius in 1766 and was formulated as a mathematical expression by J.E. Bode in 1778. It leads Bode to predict the existence of another planet between Mars and Jupiter in what we now recognize as the asteroid belt.

The law relates the mean distances of the planets from the sun to a simple mathematic progression of numbers.

To find the mean distances of the planets, beginning with the following simple sequence of numbers: 0 3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384
With the exception of the first two, the others are simple twice the value of the preceding number. Add 4 to each number:
4 7 10 16 28 52 100 196 388
Then divide by 10:
0.4 0.7 1.0 1.6 2.8 5.2 10.0 19.6 38.8

The resulting sequence is very close to the distribution of mean distances of the planets from the Sun: Body Actual distance (A.U.) Bode's Law <A.U.)< td>

Mercury 0.39 0.4
Venus 0.72 0.7
Earth 1.00 1.0
Mars 1.52 1.6
Jupiter 5.20 5.2
Saturn 9.54 10.0
Uranus 19.19 19.6

Pn= PoAn
Pn= Period of orbit of the nth planet
Po= Period of sun’s rotation
An = Semi major axis of the orbit

This is so typical Newtonian in every sense there is in science. The Newtonians gave the Titius Bode law a formula and that explains the lot. To they’re under achieving standards that is very satisfactory. Now it is written in mathematics then what more do we need to know. The fact that the distance that Mercury has from the sun is doubled by that which Venus has from the sun is completely ignored. In cosmic reality mass plays no part. Then again the distance that Venus has from the sun is doubled by that which the earth has. This clearly has nothing to do with the size or mass of the planets. Explaining that part is completely ignored. Then again the distance that the earth has from the sun is doubled by that which Venus has and inexplicably this forms the layout of all planets in the solar system. Where do Newton and his idea of mass fit into what truly applies in outer space. Moreover, why does science never mention this?

Newtonians supply the formula. That is it. To the Newtonian doing that explains the lot that they can understand. That explains nothing but then again Newtonians fill the cosmos with nothing putting nothing between stars to fill distances. This is how the layout of the solar system is. It is there and it is in place and while the cosmos openly reject Newton’s idea of mass, the Newtonian reject the cosmos’ placing the Titius Bode law in place and thereby accepting Newton’s mass idea that the cosmos clearly rejects. How on earth can anyone explain such behaviour and make sense. It puts planets at random as far as mass is concerned but it uses a formula that ignores mass completely Pn= PoAn .

This process forming distance between planets carries on throughout the solar system.


00053.jpg00054.jpgSun Mercury


Mercury 0.39




Venus 0.72 0.7






Earth 1.00 1.0 Mars 1.52 1.6

I am going to explain the Titus Bode law again because chances are excellent that notwithstanding how well read you are, you most likely never herd of this law all the while this is the most overall used principle in the solar system. To portrait that what follows in relation to this I would need a paper at leas several meters long. There is not a hunt of Newton’s mass being used but the Titius Bode law forms one of the four building blocks that the solar system applies. There are reasons for this silence, it makes Newton incorrect and it underlines the stupidity of Newtonian science to explain what they can’t understand and that is what is true cosmic science. I am going to explain the layout and later on the entire principle. There is no room in a room to show this layout in its full compliment where it covers all the nine planets. If mass formed gravity then the layout should be running from the biggest to the smallest. Please put Newton’s mass in this Titius Bode Law and explain what happens and moreover why this happens.

F = GM1M2

The distance should be in terms of size r2 , but it is not, it is according to the Titius Bode law, which is some law no one ever hears of because it disproves Newton and his mass concept. It shows Newton has no ground on which to form his concept that is completely wrong! But while the cosmos disproves Newton, science believes Newton in spite of the cosmos using the Titius Bode law. This is very typical of science in the way Science prefers to cheat the truth to prove Newton correct.

Science would rather say the cosmos is wrong than to admit that Newton is wrong and in the book you can download free of charge named Questionable Science, you will see how many times does science prefer to back Newton when the cosmos shows Newton to be incorrect and this type of corruption goes on and on…do get wiser by getting better informed just by going to and download Questionable Science.

The entire idea above called the Titius Bode law is there in place used by the cosmos and is so accurate it was used to discover planets but also is dismissed as not being factual by physics professors because it repeals Newton’s principles of mass. It is called the Titius Bode law and the undoubted accuracy of the Titius Bode law was never questioned. It used in the past to locate unknown planets but also it is clashing head on with Newtonian accepted principles and therefore it is degraded and denounced, just because it does not salute Newton’s unproven principles.

I can and do explain this principle mathematically in a book I give away at no charge. Go to and download www.singularityrelavancy.com The Websitehttp:.//www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-absolute

The sun holds the first inside planet at a certain position


Sun Mercury 57.9 x 106km Then Venus doubles the distance Mercury has from the sun

Sun Mercury Venus 108.2 x 106km S from the distance and Venus holdTWhere the earth fits into the scenario Mercury holds more or less
where the earth completes the full distance. Mercury is 57.9 x 106 km; Venus 108.2 x 106 km and the earth is 149.6 x 106 km. Remember we on earth holds the earth at the centre and therefore the inner planets assort to our position. From here on the Titius Bode law comes into its own where the first inner planet or the earth forms the controlling singularity the outer planet as Venus then is forms the governing singularity and the sun forms the primary singularity. The rest of the inner planets have no role to play in accordance with singularity positioning the planets.

primary singularity


Sun Mercury Venus Earth 149.6 x 106km


primary singularity controlling singularity
governing singularity
Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars

In this order there is no mention of mass playing a part. It is very convenient that Newtonian science ignores the relation or the fact that it is the Titius Bode law that is in place and that the Universe does not recognise Newton’s claims on mass in any way.

Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars

Is there still anyone out there that would dismiss my claims of a conspiracy to put fraud in place by giving merit to Newton and ignore the true factor that the Universe holds? Confront your physics professor by asking your professor in physics to use Newton and then to explain why every planet doubles the distance it has from the sun in relation to the immediate inner planet because he should know why every planet is doubling its distance from the sun in relation to the previous inner planet; after all he is the Newton-physics expert and with this representing gravity as gravity applies in the cosmos he is the expert in physics… and if he doesn’t know, then what does he know because this

is the basis of everything forming physics and he is the Newton-physics expert in physics! One would presume that when dealing with the most intellectuals on earth also being those that even attack the bible and religion for accuracy, they then would see to it that their front Patio is swept clean without a trace of suspicion about accuracy anywhere. Or could it be that they have so much to hide that they attack all other things and in that prevent all the other ideas to attack the Newtonian fabrication of the truth. It is always others that are incorrect because Newton not withstanding the fabrication of the basic facts that is always correct.

Where the Universe does not comply with Newton it is the Universe that has to correct it ways and deliver missing mass in order to start to comply with Newton. If the Universe would still not comply with Newton the Newtonian mentors create and fabricate ark, unseen, undetectable, untraceable and non-existing dark matter to get the Universe to comply with Newton’s outrageous mismanagement of physics. Physics is a hoax created by the imagination of those not understanding reality and not complying with any form of concept that forms an understandable science.

I dare any of the academics in physics standing behind Newton in full support of his theory on the gravitational law he formulated to explain where does planetary position fit into mass compliance. There are two options coming to light in this.

The one is that those brilliant mathematicians never saw this and so they are as stupid as toddlers or they are conspiring to keep this information a secret! If they are as smart as they pretend to be in mathematics why did they not tell the world about this inaccuracy about Newton’s findings on which he founded physics.

The Titius Bode law is in lace and notwithstanding the level of despicable cheating, all the concocting the truth does not place Newton’s misconceptions in place or remove that which is there, the Titius Bode law.

Mean distance of Terrestrial Planets from the Sun

Jupiter 778.3 x106 km

Shown for scale Venus


108.2 Movementx106 km viewed fromMars


227.9 x106 km the north Sun




149.6 x106 km


The following diagram shows the approximate distance of the Jovian planets to the Sun.

It is a complete fraud that science covers up to hide Newton’s incorrectness but moreover to hide their personal ignorance and pittyfull incompatence. Do you still believe science is correct at all? Are you still prepared to have this criminals teach your children “the truth”?

I dare any of them standing behind Newton supporting the Newton idea of 4π2a3 = P2G(M + m) to apply


the formula


00038.jpgand translate that to the concept that “proves” the planet position

allocations is derived from the mass of the sun and the mass of the individual planet relevant to the gravitational constant. Telling the Universe what the Universe should do according to Newton does not put the Universe in complying!

Mean distance of Jovian Planets from the Sun


Neptune Jupiter 778.3 x 106 2871 x 106


Saturn There is no room to


6 fit in the orbits of1427 x 10 first three planets


Mars 227.9 x 106




Shown for scale




2871 x 106 Sun

The planets only share one thing in common and that is the space in which they orbit that moving towards the sun. All the planets spin according to the space moving towards the sun and in relation to the sun contracting the space

Those that use Newton’s formulas Newtonians wish to look brilliant and when peeling down the thin disguise they use to prevent Newton’s incompetence becoming known, everyone can see how exceptionally stupid those smart mathematicians are because Newton’s formulas disguised as Kepler’s laws says nothing but exposes their incompetence in understanding cosmic facts.

Students, your professors are fooling you and you deserve to be their mindless monkeys just the way they think of you because you don’t think about what they say! Cut the bullshit, force their ignorance about physics into the open and make monkeys of them, they deserve it even more then you lot do!

As you read the title of the book