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A Conspiracy to Selectively Withhold Science Information



Written by P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte.




All rights are reserved. Publishing, or alternatively reproducing electronically or using any other means of duplicating without the consent of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited. No parts of this book may be reproduced in any way that is possible.

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I wish to tell the truth about science, but what is the truth about science?
Are you ready for the truth?
Better still…
Those making a living from science, can you stomach the truth?
Can you face the truth without firstly knowing what you will be presented with?
The truth is going to have what you believe Is the truth come tumbling down on you.
So, before you say yes that quickly, ask yourself if you have the perception or the insight or moreover the understanding to relate to what the truth might hold.

It is quick to agree to the request but I have yet to find one professor in physics that will respond to the truth! Should you face up to the truth you are stronger than any one of almost two thousand physicists in academic posts I have contacted over twelve years.

Moreover what will you do when you know the truth or are you satisfied to be told what to believe is the truth without ever investigating by personal standards as to finding the truth about science. This is a simplified or reduced version of

A Conspiracy in Science in Progress

ISBN 978978----11----920492043030----0505----4

I wish to again reaffirm my commitment and motivation behind my writing the book that you are reading. It is, believe it or not, but it is about modern science never fully revealing the truth and as part of physics hide the truth by doing what those that don’t understand physics but still

teach physics do at schools and Universities.

Please do take note of the following warning:
The content of this book might seem to be intellectually challenging and reading it might require much concentration at some points because the ideas I put forward will be very new to any person reading it and will sometimes seem to call on intense detailed analysis of some of the new information I present in this book. One example for instance is reading how I prove the Universe started off at the very beginning before the beginning those in science refer to as the Big Bang.

I am able to introduce this breakthrough that I claim I achieved because I found the building blocks used in the building of the Universe and by applying the four cosmic principles I am able to go as far back as before the Big Bang event. The Big Bang only happened recently when atoms formed the known Universe. In this book I do not touch on this aspect but I go to the period predating the Big Bang era as I inform the reader how the start took place when the Universe first came about. I found the working principles of the cosmic principles called the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect that are in place and forms that which forms the construction layout of what builds the entirety of the Universe. The horror in this is that notwithstanding the importance these principles hold almost no one knows about them.

I ensure you that what you read even in this book I give away for free was never written before and absorbing new information is difficult. You are confronted with facts you never heard before. So therefore notwithstanding the level of the person’s academic qualifications or how well developed background the person has in the field of science, this is not your average gardenvariety storybook. However, in the end after you have come to realise the conspiracy in science, you will be a lot wiser than you were before. The information might ask for a lot of your attention span at times, but then again challenging the mind to think is what makes life that interesting!

I managed my discoveries because I DISCOVERED A MISTAKE IN SCIENCE. Then as a result of finding the mistake I DISCOVERED THE TRUTH ABOUT SCIENCE
To find what is truth read on and confront the truth, as you never had ever before.

You will find I never compromise truth for friendship and in that light I say what they needed to hear and not what is wanted to please who ever should feel pleased. Meet the Newtonian physicist.

In this book I try to introduce the reader to the brilliant Newtonian conspirator that has been dragging all of intelligent man by the nose for three centuries on a string. The more the conspirator pretends to be an intellectual physicist the better a fool those conspirators become.
He looks sheepish because he acts sheepish because as he follows he never questions what he believes and brainwash students to do the same.

Read how clever the physicists are in hiding their stupidity from students and the public alike. By enlisting thought control those teaching physics force students to believe in science and to believe science as being the only correct mindset there

are. This idea of science being the ultimate in correctness is totally ridiculous. Also read the following which follows a lesser complicated theme

A Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on a
Cosmic Scale

I am P.S.J Schutte, nicknamed Peet. Being a white South African my mother tongue is Afrikaans and my second language is English. My language standard used might not quite meet your Shakespearian expectations and some spelling errors might have slipped through cracks but it is not the art of language I try to promote but it is the art that science perfected by never disclosing information they prefer not to and never to divulging the entire overall picture about what it is that science know and don’t know. It is the information about the unbelievable oversight of Newtonian mistakes I disclose that proves how they keep the oversight of Newtonian mistakes silent and why they don’t divulge that which they keep silent about. It is about them never committing to the entire story by giving an all-round presentation of everything anyone would require to know to be in a position to evaluate. It is not what science declares that is important but it is always what scientists don’t declare that holds prominence and more so the reason why science keeps a silence about the information they do not disclose. It is never about what they say but it is why they don’t say other things they keep quiet about. You will read how they never disclose the entire truth because science is about promoting one-sided and selectively opinionated information forming fraud no less. I have been per suiting a new cosmic theory that I partly present in a six part theses, of which the investigating research began in 1977. In 1999 I compiled my theory and searched for a publisher.

First I located what was wrong in physics then formed a correct approach. I compiled my presentation of it in a theses that I call The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and then six separate thesis parts forming the theses published through LULU.com which I saw as the only manner whereby I could generate funding by which I would be able to have the twenty seven books I already wrote linguistically edited and then to have the books published on a Print-On-Demand basis. I compiled a new cosmic theory by which I eliminated all the incorrectness that Newton has burdened science with but with this being my opinion I did not find a garage full of academics supporters waiting to applaud me and to uphold my views on the matter. Yet still I was not going to be ambushed by their relentless stonewalling my efforts and blocking my efforts in introducing both the incorrectness and the new cosmic theorem I concluded. Their mannerism in blocking and frustrating my opinion when showing the mistakes in science convinced me about a Conspiracy in Science in Progress and this spurred me on to tell the entire world about their brainwashing students minds. By the manner they selectively withhold information when teaching science, amounts to deliberate brainwashing of students in physics by “normal” education practises.

Trying to convey my message kept me busy for the past going on to twelve years on full time basis whereby I was trying to introduce my findings to many academics without finding much joy from my efforts. This past eleven years plus saw me go without any income as I tried to get my theorem recognised as well as get my warning noted. Going without a steady income left me almost destitute and in order to find a manner to get my theory across to the attention of influential readers, I decided to publish a theses of six books electronically as to try and get around the stranglehold of Newtonian bias controlling science at present worldwide. I decided to publish electronically which those in power do not control. However to get people to believe me is to change science that everyone believes as culture.

With my first language not English and the books not linguistically checked by an expert there are bound to be language errors that readers will notice. In the past I tried to check my work myself but after checking say one hundred and fifty pages for language corrections, then after days of toiling instead of having corrected work I ended having four hundred pages of newly written information which is still not linguistically corrected but holds a lot more information. The language and spelling errors compiled instead of reduced. This is because my priorities lie elsewhere. I aim to spend money on correcting the work as far as language goes, as I receive money in the selling of my theses and in the hope that I will receive money. I will have all my work including the one you are reading edited professionally and corrected as I find money to do so...But first I have to get the public aware of the problem to get the academics to appreciate the problem. In everyone’s mind science is more perfect than religion is.

In the event of any readers who may have questions concerning more facts as it is presented in this book, please feel free to contact me, PEET SCHUTTE. All information divulged came about through independent self-study during the past thirty-two years or so. I have to warn the readers that the topics are showing a very new approach with no quick answers abstaining from proof or holding just a few lines and the information is new in nature but not hard to grasp. Should anyone wish to confront me or wish to contact me then do so by E-MAIL AT: e-mailmailto:info@questionablescience.net

This book started off as a website to inform about a science conspiracy but although reduced still it grew into a book that serves much more information than what I first intended to supply. You will see many new aspects about gravity. It grew into a comprehensive study on cosmology. At times you may observe while reading this book that it seems as if my frustration will ring through like the chiming of the Big Ben Bell. For that there is a reason. At times my frustration and anger will boil over drowning my politeness and that is true, which I admit. For twelve years I have had the answer that would correct the philosophy that has a stranglehold on cosmological science.

I discovered the building blocks of nature where my discovery puts all other cosmic aspects of science into science fiction. Those who force-feed non-existing dogma do so to brainwash students to hide the incompetence of “modern science” so they can rule supreme while ignoring the truth that they deliberately hide by concocting a conspiracy. To keep everyone unguarded they practise a conspiracy by which they perform an accepted practise of thought control on students to further the false dogma presently in place. I try to blow the whistle on such a practise but accepting my resolution makes every thesis ever written science fiction. Therefore no one in science dare to read my work leave alone appreciate the revolutionary nature thereof. Whatever now is deemed to be accepted science would then become what is the past tense in science because the flaws that those in power of science principles kept coated for centuries on end as untouchable truth will then be rust that breaks the surface to show the holes! They try to silence me but surely somehow somewhere I have to break through with my massage! I bring you a true form of science as never seen before in all of history and I do that when I dispose of the conspiracy that hides all the incorrectness and the failures that haunts science today. Science is accepted as the most righteous information available to man and that is a scam.

Read The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Theses that is written as the first introduction to introduce singularity forming gravity in the new The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Website offering a theorem that for the first time explains gravity in a founded manner.

The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The (proposed) Article Free of Charge from Lulu The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Dissertation
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in terms of Newton
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Cosmic Physics
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of The Four Cosmic Phenomena The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in terms of The Sound Barrier
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of The Cosmic Code
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Life
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Investigating Kepler



You are going to read about a conspiracy but people think of a conspiracy in many terms. Let us define not by definition but by interpretation to what a conspiracy constitutes. What do you think is a conspiracy?

All the conspiracies you know about is known about because someone somewhere makes money by allowing the revealing of the conspiracy. Silencing the conspiracy does not make money but informing a suspicious public loosens the flow of money. If it were a true conspiracy no one would know about the conspiracy because the powerful would make money from not revealing the conspiracy. The revealing of the facts about any conspiracy would be stopped before it leaked because it would kill the flow of money.

A conspiracy is thought to be a gossip story that makes money and by not revealing it or revealing it goes in line with making money or not making money. You can download this book free of charge because I don’t make money by revealing the conspiracy. I truly want to find an audience to divulge the truth. I want to make money but it is by showing how I can correct the flaws in science, not by hiding it in a conspiracy. People put a conspiracy in the same realms as a gossip story, an old wives tail, which is going about but does not intend to harm and mostly serves as amusement to many. Hearing about a conspiracy tests your intellectual comprehension. It is some quiz that you match your truth against the truth that the conspiracy reveals. It is a funny, but it is not funny until you catch the funny part hiding behind the conspiracy and only when you measure the catch behind the conspiracy are you treated to be amused.

If the conspiracy does not touch the person directly then no harm is felt and no harm is intended. Every one holds this view that a conspiracy is on a slightly higher level than gossip. It is a gossip story about someone living in the neighboring village known only to some people next door but has no direct linking to me or has no threat to the safety of others directly associated to me. Everyone treats a conspiracy as if it is something amusing that holds no threat at all. It is something that goes around as a joke of sorts.

Lets narrow the conspiracy idea down to a known case. A conspiracy is very typical to the Madeleine McCann case where the disappearance of Madeleine brought money to many. Madeleine McCann disappeared Thursday, 3 May 2007 and was / is the daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann. Anyone living in the western world except Americans would know about Madeleine McCann. Americans live in a unique Universe called “the States” and regard Europe as some overseas country situated just past the moon. Americans are the most uninformed brainwashed nation on earth thanks to advertising. Americans can’t cross the street without some advertising jingle telling them how to do it the best way while getting the most pleasure while crossing the road and for fun they will throw in a sexual connection in the crossing.

Madeleine disappeared from a hotel room in Portugal while being in bed. For months the disappearance of Madeleine was front-page news and we heard about her all day long. We heard about Madeleine’s disappearing day and night on all channels and in all papers around the world. Then the news raised the hopes and then the news dashed the hopes but it was all about the disappearance of a girl called Madeleine McCann. To sell advertising time the press had to write about Madeleine. This is a conspiracy. Not the fact that she disappeared or didn’t disappear or that she came to harm or died at the hands of her mother or not. The conspiracy hides in big deal that was made about the case all throughout the months afterwards. The case was blown out of all context and proportions considered the international effect it had. The press made an issue about the case as if it was some special occurrence unknown to mankind. The Press presenting this case as a one-off incident makes the entire case a shameful mockery to society. The world viewed this, as an incident equal to the Lindbergh baby’s disappearance in uniqueness while the truth is that 11.4 children disappears hourly in Britain alone and no cockerel ever crows about it.

Britain alone loses a hundred thousand children under the age of sixteen per year every year. One hundred thousand children go missing each year in Britain alone and what Special Forces are in place to combat this…nothing. The government never mentions this in parliament. In 2007 there were a number of bomb blasts on trains and one bus blew sky high and that brought Britain to a stand still. The number of lives lost was many times less than one hundred thousand and such bombing happens once in about ten to twenty years. In relevancy one could say for every two million children lost to prostitution there are five bomb blasts. During about the same time there was a huge bank robbery and the culprits were traced far and wide. They never stopped searching until everyone was caught and every note was accounted for. The leader was traced back to an Arab country (I forgot the name) and was brought back to face justice. He was chased until he was caught showing that criminal cases can be solved, except where children disappear. If one bank robbery is committed they get the thug but when children disappear who cares?

Yet in that time it took to close the bank robbery case about 200 000 children under the age of sixteen went missing and the number that disappeared were never even reported! If there is another two major BIG bank robberies in the same period no stone is left untouched to solve the problem of banks robbed and “terrorist” attacks against “the people of Britain” but to lose a million children every decade or so is quite acceptable because the disappearing is part of a conspiracy and true conspiracies are never revealed or investigated. If a bomb blast occurs in London MI6 forms a special investigating unit but no Special-Force action is ever taken to bring this loss of children into the open. Losing 100 000 of the prime persons, the future of the country is a matter of discussion that is never discussed in polite conversations.

Which British politician ever made it a political pledge to search into this crime? No one mentions it because it is best wiped under the carpet. Most of the children are a product of broken homes and pupils of the unmentionable side of society and therefore no one cares to care for them. Their parents never vote because they are mostly the driftwood that never vote and the children are too young to vote so who cares? But when two medical doctor’s child disappears and they know how to manipulate the press the world goes fanatic. The couple even found an audience with the Pope no less. This has to do with money. The fact that 100 00 children disappears while it never forms a political debate alone tells the whole story.

According to a Portuguese lawyer that worked in the Madeleine McCann case, him being professionally experienced in working with several English clients, any parent being accused of abandoning the children to danger, is a crime under British law that is severely punished by UK laws. Yea, sure and the moon is made of cheese! That is so typical of a conspiracy. There are laws in place that are laws never attended to or adhered to and nobody ever obeys the laws because they are as good as being non-existent. Every law that is in place serves to protect the rich and the powerful by denying the poor and the defenceless any say in Government law forming. Yes they show democracy but they create mass hysteria instead.

The Members of Parliament put conspiracy-serving laws in place that serves nothing anyway. TV hosts such as David Frost claim their diligence and their courage and their tenacity. Why don’t TV talk show hosts ask any politician about the children disappearing, because the TV station would not permit such questioning? Why do all members of the printing press or electronic media ignore the subject as if it does not exist? Why not attack all the Political Party leaders on a live debate or cross-question them? Why don’t the press report every missing child in the same manner as they reported Madeleine McCann? Is it because there then will be no space left to report anything else or who stops them shouting about it?

These children just disappear from the face of the earth and that says there are mighty powerful money barons at work. Those that bought those that have the political power to power to decide who goes to war and die and who gets rich from the declaration of the war have the leverage in the social structure to allow 100 000 children in Britain alone to go missing and the public is none the wiser and could care even less about the matter. Those children disappearing are hard currency more valuable than money. Those children become assets as good as gold or property because their currency is set fast. I believe there is more dope bought with children earmarked for prostitution than there is money used as transaction payment. I believe a lot of oil is bought with pretty little blond haired girls that have gone missing. Telling everybody about the McCann girl is not the conspiracy but not telling the world at the same time about the other 100 000 children that also disappeared becomes the conspiracy. It is not the information that is presented but it is the information withheld from the presentation that becomes the conspiracy. It is screaming from the mountaintops about one girl while pushing the other 100 000 that went missing under the carpet, that becomes the conspiracy. To defer the attention from the true problem they cry about one.

Reading about such a pretty girl being abducted or going lost is sensational. It is something to cry your heart out about. Knowing about 100 000 children being abducted or going lost is a problem and while everyone is ready for the sensation no one wants to know about a bloody problem no one cares about. The following is a joke coming from the Internet: What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and Elvis? The Answer: More people believe Elvis is still alive. This is no joke. To hide this idea of Madeleine being dead is the centre part of the conspiracy, because only then can the McCann family to earn money. A Portuguese Polices officer spearheading the investigation wrote a book stating his (and the official police) point of view on the case and tells about why they think there is no more evidence to research since they have the opinion that the girl is already dead. He said Madeleine is deceased and gives his reasons in a book. The McCann family got a court interdict stopping his book being published because they want to stop the idea spreading that Madeleine is dead. Why would they spend hundreds of thousands of Madeleine’s money to prevent a detective from putting to print his views on the case?

It is about money as every aspect of this conspiracy is about earning money. A dead Madeleine would not enlist donations and evoke the media ratings that the story generate and the income of the entire enterprise will plummet if the girl’s death is accepted by the public at large, while searching for a live girl brings in millions and to hell with free speech and free opinions when money is the issue. That is why the papers that printed the fact that Madeleine is dead was sewed and they paid up. To hell with free speech because the papers saw their earning in revenue go down the toilet by allowing the public to think Madeleine is dead. Admitting to Madeleine’s death will kill the money flowing in and that is horrific.

Even the money the McCann family and all other people fight to accumulate is a conspiracy. One group of person’s thought of as Bankers bought from crooked politicians worldwide the privilege to print paper and give the paper a value. In the system I take the paper they printed and then I have to regard that paper as having more worth than say my home has because I “sell” my home by detaching my ownership from me and attach my own worth to the printed-paper. Then I am very impressed with myself afterwards in my effort to exchange what has visible and useful worth for some paper they tell me I have to accept the worth but has no worth but to give it back to bankers to put in their vaults. This is insane stupidity and every person on earth goes along with the madness. The Bankers decide the worth of the worthless they print at about no cost to them and then by creating a system I am forced to accept their paper and the worth they attach to it or ells I starve and die. Even committing to dying requires money to accomplish the process. If you come to the end of your life you have to pay for the privilege to die and go on.

The Bankers take their tax or share long before the Government can but they call it bank fees. People are so brainwashed and beaten to a pulp by systematic control of the mind and their thoughts that they fall into the practise of doomed slavery without trying to fight for freedom. In the days of the Romans and the Greeks slaves were paid 10 %of what their Masters earned from their services while the Masters still had to feed, cloth and shelter them at the cost of the Masters. We all are slaves to the bankers but we earn about 10% of the cut they take. While the Mammonites pay us 10 % of what we earn from what they earn from or services, we have to cloth ourselves, feed ourselves and our children while we purchase houses form the Mammonites and then find that behind successful Mammonites there are Bankers pulling strings by supplying worthless printed paper we accept as the commodity we will work all our lives to accumulate and possess. In the end we can’t take with us anything we ever wanted on earth because it is worthless.

From every angle this case presents including the Pope’s visit all aspects involve money and it is about publicity that will entice donation of money leaving very little scope for a girl being found. Why don’t McCann donate some of the money they have to searching for all children that has gone missing in the time Madeleine went missing? Why don’t they also include as many photographs of children that went missing during the time that Madeleine went missing? Because then it would not bring about the money that it makes when only one very special little girl is in the hands of a child molester…but 100 000 children just vanishing slips the minds of every “concerned” do-gooder in England while they donate money to this deserving quest just to keep their minds away from the 100 000 others. This tendency to evade the truth is a sickness that runs through all aspects of society because this disease is what we use as education. I am going to show how teachers in science brainwash students by forceful mind control.

Scientists portray the image that they know all there is to know about everything man might ever know and nobody can ever know more