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A Conspiracy to Selectively Withhold Science Information



Written by P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte.




All rights are reserved. Publishing, or alternatively reproducing electronically or using any other means of duplicating without the consent of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited. No parts of this book may be reproduced in any way that is possible.

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I wish to tell the truth about science, but what is the truth about science?
Are you ready for the truth?
Better still…
Those making a living from science, can you stomach the truth?
Can you face the truth without firstly knowing what you will be presented with?
The truth is going to have what you believe Is the truth come tumbling down on you.
So, before you say yes that quickly, ask yourself if you have the perception or the insight or moreover the understanding to relate to what the truth might hold.

It is quick to agree to the request but I have yet to find one professor in physics that will respond to the truth! Should you face up to the truth you are stronger than any one of almost two thousand physicists in academic posts I have contacted over twelve years.

Moreover what will you do when you know the truth or are you satisfied to be told what to believe is the truth without ever investigating by personal standards as to finding the truth about science. This is a simplified or reduced version of

A Conspiracy in Science in Progress

ISBN 978978----11----920492043030----0505----4]

I wish to again reaffirm my commitment and motivation behind my writing the book that you are reading. It is, believe it or not, but it is about modern science never fully revealing the truth and as part of physics hide the truth by doing what those that don’t understand physics but still

teach physics do at schools and Universities.

Please do take note of the following warning:
The content of this book might seem to be intellectually challenging and reading it might require much concentration at some points because the ideas I put forward will be very new to any person reading it and will sometimes seem to call on intense detailed analysis of some of the new information I present in this book. One example for instance is reading how I prove the Universe started off at the very beginning before the beginning those in science refer to as the Big Bang.

I am able to introduce this breakthrough that I claim I achieved because I found the building blocks used in the building of the Universe and by applying the four cosmic principles I am able to go as far back as before the Big Bang event. The Big Bang only happened recently when atoms formed the known Universe. In this book I do not touch on this aspect but I go to the period predating the Big Bang era as I inform the reader how the start took place when the Universe first came about. I found the working principles of the cosmic principles called the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect that are in place and forms that which forms the construction layout of what builds the entirety of the Universe. The horror in this is that notwithstanding the importance these principles hold almost no one knows about them.

I ensure you that what you read even in this book I give away for free was never written before and absorbing new information is difficult. You are confronted with facts you never heard before. So therefore notwithstanding the level of the person’s academic qualifications or how well developed background the person has in the field of science, this is not your average gardenvariety storybook. However, in the end after you have come to realise the conspiracy in science, you will be a lot wiser than you were before. The information might ask for a lot of your attention span at times, but then again challenging the mind to think is what makes life that interesting!

I managed my discoveries because I DISCOVERED A MISTAKE IN SCIENCE. Then as a result of finding the mistake I DISCOVERED THE TRUTH ABOUT SCIENCE
To find what is truth read on and confront the truth, as you never had ever before.

You will find I never compromise truth for friendship and in that light I say what they needed to hear and not what is wanted to please who ever should feel pleased. Meet the Newtonian physicist.

In this book I try to introduce the reader to the brilliant Newtonian conspirator that has been dragging all of intelligent man by the nose for three centuries on a string. The more the conspirator pretends to be an intellectual physicist the better a fool those conspirators become.
He looks sheepish because he acts sheepish because as he follows he never questions what he believes and brainwash students to do the same.

Read how clever the physicists are in hiding their stupidity from students and the public alike. By enlisting thought control those teaching physics force students to believe in science and to believe science as being the only correct mindset there

are. This idea of science being the ultimate in correctness is totally ridiculous. Also read the following which follows a lesser complicated theme

A Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on a
Cosmic Scale]

I am P.S.J Schutte, nicknamed Peet. Being a white South African my mother tongue is Afrikaans and my second language is English. My language standard used might not quite meet your Shakespearian expectations and some spelling errors might have slipped through cracks but it is not the art of language I try to promote but it is the art that science perfected by never disclosing information they prefer not to and never to divulging the entire overall picture about what it is that science know and don’t know. It is the information about the unbelievable oversight of Newtonian mistakes I disclose that proves how they keep the oversight of Newtonian mistakes silent and why they don’t divulge that which they keep silent about. It is about them never committing to the entire story by giving an all-round presentation of everything anyone would require to know to be in a position to evaluate. It is not what science declares that is important but it is always what scientists don’t declare that holds prominence and more so the reason why science keeps a silence about the information they do not disclose. It is never about what they say but it is why they don’t say other things they keep quiet about. You will read how they never disclose the entire truth because science is about promoting one-sided and selectively opinionated information forming fraud no less. I have been per suiting a new cosmic theory that I partly present in a six part theses, of which the investigating research began in 1977. In 1999 I compiled my theory and searched for a publisher.

First I located what was wrong in physics then formed a correct approach. I compiled my presentation of it in a theses that I call The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and then six separate thesis parts forming the theses published through which I saw as the only manner whereby I could generate funding by which I would be able to have the twenty seven books I already wrote linguistically edited and then to have the books published on a Print-On-Demand basis. I compiled a new cosmic theory by which I eliminated all the incorrectness that Newton has burdened science with but with this being my opinion I did not find a garage full of academics supporters waiting to applaud me and to uphold my views on the matter. Yet still I was not going to be ambushed by their relentless stonewalling my efforts and blocking my efforts in introducing both the incorrectness and the new cosmic theorem I concluded. Their mannerism in blocking and frustrating my opinion when showing the mistakes in science convinced me about a Conspiracy in Science in Progress and this spurred me on to tell the entire world about their brainwashing students minds. By the manner they selectively withhold information when teaching science, amounts to deliberate brainwashing of students in physics by “normal” education practises.

Trying to convey my message kept me busy for the past going on to twelve years on full time basis whereby I was trying to introduce my findings to many academics without finding much joy from my efforts. This past eleven years plus saw me go without any income as I tried to get my theorem recognised as well as get my warning noted. Going without a steady income left me almost destitute and in order to find a manner to get my theory across to the attention of influential readers, I decided to publish a theses of six books electronically as to try and get around the stranglehold of Newtonian bias controlling science at present worldwide. I decided to publish electronically which those in power do not control. However to get people to believe me is to change science that everyone believes as culture.

With my first language not English and the books not linguistically checked by an expert there are bound to be language errors that readers will notice. In the past I tried to check my work myself but after checking say one hundred and fifty pages for language corrections, then after days of toiling instead of having corrected work I ended having four hundred pages of newly written information which is still not linguistically corrected but holds a lot more information. The language and spelling errors compiled instead of reduced. This is because my priorities lie elsewhere. I aim to spend money on correcting the work as far as language goes, as I receive money in the selling of my theses and in the hope that I will receive money. I will have all my work including the one you are reading edited professionally and corrected as I find money to do so...But first I have to get the public aware of the problem to get the academics to appreciate the problem. In everyone’s mind science is more perfect than religion is.

In the event of any readers who may have questions concerning more facts as it is presented in this book, please feel free to contact me, PEET SCHUTTE. All information divulged came about through independent self-study during the past thirty-two years or so. I have to warn the readers that the topics are showing a very new approach with no quick answers abstaining from proof or holding just a few lines and the information is new in nature but not hard to grasp. Should anyone wish to confront me or wish to contact me then do so by E-MAIL AT:

This book started off as a website to inform about a science conspiracy but although reduced still it grew into a book that serves much more information than what I first intended to supply. You will see many new aspects about gravity. It grew into a comprehensive study on cosmology. At times you may observe while reading this book that it seems as if my frustration will ring through like the chiming of the Big Ben Bell. For that there is a reason. At times my frustration and anger will boil over drowning my politeness and that is true, which I admit. For twelve years I have had the answer that would correct the philosophy that has a stranglehold on cosmological science.

I discovered the building blocks of nature where my discovery puts all other cosmic aspects of science into science fiction. Those who force-feed non-existing dogma do so to brainwash students to hide the incompetence of “modern science” so they can rule supreme while ignoring the truth that they deliberately hide by concocting a conspiracy. To keep everyone unguarded they practise a conspiracy by which they perform an accepted practise of thought control on students to further the false dogma presently in place. I try to blow the whistle on such a practise but accepting my resolution makes every thesis ever written science fiction. Therefore no one in science dare to read my work leave alone appreciate the revolutionary nature thereof. Whatever now is deemed to be accepted science would then become what is the past tense in science because the flaws that those in power of science principles kept coated for centuries on end as untouchable truth will then be rust that breaks the surface to show the holes! They try to silence me but surely somehow somewhere I have to break through with my massage! I bring you a true form of science as never seen before in all of history and I do that when I dispose of the conspiracy that hides all the incorrectness and the failures that haunts science today. Science is accepted as the most righteous information available to man and that is a scam.

Read The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Theses that is written as the first introduction to introduce singularity forming gravity in the new The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Website offering a theorem that for the first time explains gravity in a founded manner.

The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The (proposed) Article Free of Charge from Lulu The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Dissertation
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in terms of Newton
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Cosmic Physics
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of The Four Cosmic Phenomena The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in terms of The Sound Barrier
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of The Cosmic Code
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Life
The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity
in terms of Investigating Kepler


You are going to read about a conspiracy but people think of a conspiracy in many terms. Let us define not by definition but by interpretation to what a conspiracy constitutes. What do you think is a conspiracy?

All the conspiracies you know about is known about because someone somewhere makes money by allowing the revealing of the conspiracy. Silencing the conspiracy does not make money but informing a suspicious public loosens the flow of money. If it were a true conspiracy no one would know about the conspiracy because the powerful would make money from not revealing the conspiracy. The revealing of the facts about any conspiracy would be stopped before it leaked because it would kill the flow of money.

A conspiracy is thought to be a gossip story that makes money and by not revealing it or revealing it goes in line with making money or not making money. You can download this book free of charge because I don’t make money by revealing the conspiracy. I truly want to find an audience to divulge the truth. I want to make money but it is by showing how I can correct the flaws in science, not by hiding it in a conspiracy. People put a conspiracy in the same realms as a gossip story, an old wives tail, which is going about but does not intend to harm and mostly serves as amusement to many. Hearing about a conspiracy tests your intellectual comprehension. It is some quiz that you match your truth against the truth that the conspiracy reveals. It is a funny, but it is not funny until you catch the funny part hiding behind the conspiracy and only when you measure the catch behind the conspiracy are you treated to be amused.

If the conspiracy does not touch the person directly then no harm is felt and no harm is intended. Every one holds this view that a conspiracy is on a slightly higher level than gossip. It is a gossip story about someone living in the neighboring village known only to some people next door but has no direct linking to me or has no threat to the safety of others directly associated to me. Everyone treats a conspiracy as if it is something amusing that holds no threat at all. It is something that goes around as a joke of sorts.

Lets narrow the conspiracy idea down to a known case. A conspiracy is very typical to the Madeleine McCann case where the disappearance of Madeleine brought money to many. Madeleine McCann disappeared Thursday, 3 May 2007 and was / is the daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann. Anyone living in the western world except Americans would know about Madeleine McCann. Americans live in a unique Universe called “the States” and regard Europe as some overseas country situated just past the moon. Americans are the most uninformed brainwashed nation on earth thanks to advertising. Americans can’t cross the street without some advertising jingle telling them how to do it the best way while getting the most pleasure while crossing the road and for fun they will throw in a sexual connection in the crossing.

Madeleine disappeared from a hotel room in Portugal while being in bed. For months the disappearance of Madeleine was front-page news and we heard about her all day long. We heard about Madeleine’s disappearing day and night on all channels and in all papers around the world. Then the news raised the hopes and then the news dashed the hopes but it was all about the disappearance of a girl called Madeleine McCann. To sell advertising time the press had to write about Madeleine. This is a conspiracy. Not the fact that she disappeared or didn’t disappear or that she came to harm or died at the hands of her mother or not. The conspiracy hides in big deal that was made about the case all throughout the months afterwards. The case was blown out of all context and proportions considered the international effect it had. The press made an issue about the case as if it was some special occurrence unknown to mankind. The Press presenting this case as a one-off incident makes the entire case a shameful mockery to society. The world viewed this, as an incident equal to the Lindbergh baby’s disappearance in uniqueness while the truth is that 11.4 children disappears hourly in Britain alone and no cockerel ever crows about it.

Britain alone loses a hundred thousand children under the age of sixteen per year every year. One hundred thousand children go missing each year in Britain alone and what Special Forces are in place to combat this…nothing. The government never mentions this in parliament. In 2007 there were a number of bomb blasts on trains and one bus blew sky high and that brought Britain to a stand still. The number of lives lost was many times less than one hundred thousand and such bombing happens once in about ten to twenty years. In relevancy one could say for every two million children lost to prostitution there are five bomb blasts. During about the same time there was a huge bank robbery and the culprits were traced far and wide. They never stopped searching until everyone was caught and every note was accounted for. The leader was traced back to an Arab country (I forgot the name) and was brought back to face justice. He was chased until he was caught showing that criminal cases can be solved, except where children disappear. If one bank robbery is committed they get the thug but when children disappear who cares?

Yet in that time it took to close the bank robbery case about 200 000 children under the age of sixteen went missing and the number that disappeared were never even reported! If there is another two major BIG bank robberies in the same period no stone is left untouched to solve the problem of banks robbed and “terrorist” attacks against “the people of Britain” but to lose a million children every decade or so is quite acceptable because the disappearing is part of a conspiracy and true conspiracies are never revealed or investigated. If a bomb blast occurs in London MI6 forms a special investigating unit but no Special-Force action is ever taken to bring this loss of children into the open. Losing 100 000 of the prime persons, the future of the country is a matter of discussion that is never discussed in polite conversations.

Which British politician ever made it a political pledge to search into this crime? No one mentions it because it is best wiped under the carpet. Most of the children are a product of broken homes and pupils of the unmentionable side of society and therefore no one cares to care for them. Their parents never vote because they are mostly the driftwood that never vote and the children are too young to vote so who cares? But when two medical doctor’s child disappears and they know how to manipulate the press the world goes fanatic. The couple even found an audience with the Pope no less. This has to do with money. The fact that 100 00 children disappears while it never forms a political debate alone tells the whole story.

According to a Portuguese lawyer that worked in the Madeleine McCann case, him being professionally experienced in working with several English clients, any parent being accused of abandoning the children to danger, is a crime under British law that is severely punished by UK laws. Yea, sure and the moon is made of cheese! That is so typical of a conspiracy. There are laws in place that are laws never attended to or adhered to and nobody ever obeys the laws because they are as good as being non-existent. Every law that is in place serves to protect the rich and the powerful by denying the poor and the defenceless any say in Government law forming. Yes they show democracy but they create mass hysteria instead.

The Members of Parliament put conspiracy-serving laws in place that serves nothing anyway. TV hosts such as David Frost claim their diligence and their courage and their tenacity. Why don’t TV talk show hosts ask any politician about the children disappearing, because the TV station would not permit such questioning? Why do all members of the printing press or electronic media ignore the subject as if it does not exist? Why not attack all the Political Party leaders on a live debate or cross-question them? Why don’t the press report every missing child in the same manner as they reported Madeleine McCann? Is it because there then will be no space left to report anything else or who stops them shouting about it?

These children just disappear from the face of the earth and that says there are mighty powerful money barons at work. Those that bought those that have the political power to power to decide who goes to war and die and who gets rich from the declaration of the war have the leverage in the social structure to allow 100 000 children in Britain alone to go missing and the public is none the wiser and could care even less about the matter. Those children disappearing are hard currency more valuable than money. Those children become assets as good as gold or property because their currency is set fast. I believe there is more dope bought with children earmarked for prostitution than there is money used as transaction payment. I believe a lot of oil is bought with pretty little blond haired girls that have gone missing. Telling everybody about the McCann girl is not the conspiracy but not telling the world at the same time about the other 100 000 children that also disappeared becomes the conspiracy. It is not the information that is presented but it is the information withheld from the presentation that becomes the conspiracy. It is screaming from the mountaintops about one girl while pushing the other 100 000 that went missing under the carpet, that becomes the conspiracy. To defer the attention from the true problem they cry about one.

Reading about such a pretty girl being abducted or going lost is sensational. It is something to cry your heart out about. Knowing about 100 000 children being abducted or going lost is a problem and while everyone is ready for the sensation no one wants to know about a bloody problem no one cares about. The following is a joke coming from the Internet: What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and Elvis? The Answer: More people believe Elvis is still alive. This is no joke. To hide this idea of Madeleine being dead is the centre part of the conspiracy, because only then can the McCann family to earn money. A Portuguese Polices officer spearheading the investigation wrote a book stating his (and the official police) point of view on the case and tells about why they think there is no more evidence to research since they have the opinion that the girl is already dead. He said Madeleine is deceased and gives his reasons in a book. The McCann family got a court interdict stopping his book being published because they want to stop the idea spreading that Madeleine is dead. Why would they spend hundreds of thousands of Madeleine’s money to prevent a detective from putting to print his views on the case?

It is about money as every aspect of this conspiracy is about earning money. A dead Madeleine would not enlist donations and evoke the media ratings that the story generate and the income of the entire enterprise will plummet if the girl’s death is accepted by the public at large, while searching for a live girl brings in millions and to hell with free speech and free opinions when money is the issue. That is why the papers that printed the fact that Madeleine is dead was sewed and they paid up. To hell with free speech because the papers saw their earning in revenue go down the toilet by allowing the public to think Madeleine is dead. Admitting to Madeleine’s death will kill the money flowing in and that is horrific.

Even the money the McCann family and all other people fight to accumulate is a conspiracy. One group of person’s thought of as Bankers bought from crooked politicians worldwide the privilege to print paper and give the paper a value. In the system I take the paper they printed and then I have to regard that paper as having more worth than say my home has because I “sell” my home by detaching my ownership from me and attach my own worth to the printed-paper. Then I am very impressed with myself afterwards in my effort to exchange what has visible and useful worth for some paper they tell me I have to accept the worth but has no worth but to give it back to bankers to put in their vaults. This is insane stupidity and every person on earth goes along with the madness. The Bankers decide the worth of the worthless they print at about no cost to them and then by creating a system I am forced to accept their paper and the worth they attach to it or ells I starve and die. Even committing to dying requires money to accomplish the process. If you come to the end of your life you have to pay for the privilege to die and go on.

The Bankers take their tax or share long before the Government can but they call it bank fees. People are so brainwashed and beaten to a pulp by systematic control of the mind and their thoughts that they fall into the practise of doomed slavery without trying to fight for freedom. In the days of the Romans and the Greeks slaves were paid 10 %of what their Masters earned from their services while the Masters still had to feed, cloth and shelter them at the cost of the Masters. We all are slaves to the bankers but we earn about 10% of the cut they take. While the Mammonites pay us 10 % of what we earn from what they earn from or services, we have to cloth ourselves, feed ourselves and our children while we purchase houses form the Mammonites and then find that behind successful Mammonites there are Bankers pulling strings by supplying worthless printed paper we accept as the commodity we will work all our lives to accumulate and possess. In the end we can’t take with us anything we ever wanted on earth because it is worthless.

From every angle this case presents including the Pope’s visit all aspects involve money and it is about publicity that will entice donation of money leaving very little scope for a girl being found. Why don’t McCann donate some of the money they have to searching for all children that has gone missing in the time Madeleine went missing? Why don’t they also include as many photographs of children that went missing during the time that Madeleine went missing? Because then it would not bring about the money that it makes when only one very special little girl is in the hands of a child molester…but 100 000 children just vanishing slips the minds of every “concerned” do-gooder in England while they donate money to this deserving quest just to keep their minds away from the 100 000 others. This tendency to evade the truth is a sickness that runs through all aspects of society because this disease is what we use as education. I am going to show how teachers in science brainwash students by forceful mind control.

Scientists portray the image that they know all there is to know about everything man might ever know and nobody can ever know more than what they currently know. They tell you what to eat, what to drink, what to think and how to live because they have this image that mentally they are on par with God. They are the utmost superiors on all levels of what forms creation. This attitude applies to Rocket scientists as much as it applies to medical doctors as much as it applies to lawmen. This comes through in all departments albeit language, art, science, law or whatever you may have. If you smoke cigarettes then you will die young because the medical profession found that it is harmful to you while a hundred years ago people smoked ten times what they smoke today and they lived just as long as they live today. But the medical profession took it on them to act as God and force-feed everyone to do what they say or die. The truth is the oxygen you can’t live without is burning you to death by aging you and without that you die. If you don’t breath oxygen you die and if you breathe oxygen you die because you are born to die! In the end oxygen kills more people than any bad habit or disease because it slowly kills everything with life.

This acting like God envelops all forms of science. What is the truth? Do we hear the entire truth? The truth is that science only reveals some portion of what they know and ignores what is there that they know they don’t know. They only reveal what suits their position and never divulge what they know but what does not compliment their view. When science confronts religion they have the opinion that what is in science is everything there is and there can never be more than what science knows or what science wishes to reveal. If some scientists are of the opinion that we will fry in boiling water in the next century then it is the Biblical truth because science holds the opinion. Science knows best! Today we laugh at medical practising of a century or two ago and in another century we know the future generations will laugh their heads off when listening to what the informed opinions are of the professionals today. Science has forever veneered their status with this blanket of “they know all”. This makes a mockery of the truth because science has no clue why man die or why man age and yet they promise eternal life within the next few decades to come. Ask scientists what is life and they will have an “informed opinion”.

Science keep up this front that they know everything there is to know while even reading my books prove how little they know about science. They withhold every aspect in science that they do not know and only elaborate in detail that which they think they know about and what we presume they know. They are of opinion that there can be no other way that creation started but according to their science. If the Bible describes how events unfold it then are incorrect because science knows everything. In The Veracity of Gravity I show scientifically by using science how creation started precisely as the Bible says word for word but then I also show how little science currently knows about science. The book not in print yet is An open letter Addressing Gravity’s Formula which is far more elaborate on the matter of how creation started where I show how science proves the Bible correct. Never is a suggestion put forward that it might be science that holds the shortfall and it is because of science not being adequate that science cannot match the Bible. I can prove how the start came about because I decoded gravity and I did that by finding an explanation about the four cosmic principles. By deciphering the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect I am able to show how the very first instant happened when the Universe started the very first point ever formed. These principles are in place and not the principles Newton fabricated... That this book shows. It shows that the cosmos uses other principles than what the Newtonian science promotes. What science says nature uses is not in place or does not hold evidence while what nature does use science deny by just never pressing the issue. I show what is in place and I show why it is in place but first I have to reject what science says is in place because it is not in place.

I show how Newtonians fabricate Newton’s ideas about gravity. There is no mass that can pull. Most people reading this and who are schooled in physics never heard of the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect and these principles are what builds the Universe while I am going to show that there is no factor such as mass. While it serves their purpose notwithstanding never finding evidence to the fact, still science uses only and exclusively Newton’s idea of mass while the principles in place the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect are never ever mentioned. This is because the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect disputes Newton and science would rather discard what the Universe uses than to put a question mark behind the fabrication Newton put in place. Where everyone knows the fabricated information and hiding the reality, which is in place within the cosmos, and that is the conspiracy I show to all. Science stupidity ensures they don’t understand the working principles that are in place and that was known for centuries in some cases as the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect and therefore not knowing how the principles should be interpreted they hide the concept due to not want to be seen as the ignorant fools knowing the cosmos implements the principles as reality. Science hides their limitations and incompetence behind providing the public selective of information. Take for instance the edge of the Universe they talk so much about. There is no edge of the Universe because there is only an unlimited everlasting Universe out there. What the limits are that they see as the edge of the Universe is the limitation of their equipment that can’t trace time back beyond what they see and that serves as their limit in understanding what the Universe offers and how the Universe unfolds.

Trying always be perceives as matching the likes of God science can’t face the fact that they can’t precede further into space by reading time than what their limitations and their equipment handicap them with, then they put their shortcomings onto the Universe having limits so that they can present the image of total superiority in contrast to limiting the Universe. If they do not understand the four principles in the cosmos how can they understand how the cosmos works? Then because they are clueless about the information the Universe provide and because they use misinformed cosmic principles they’re confusion gives the Universe an edge where it ends and a date when it started while they admit and we all know that the Universe is timeless and limitless in every aspect we encounter. One thing the Universe des not have is an end because I show where the cosmos holds infinity, the point that can never go smaller and where the cosmos holds eternity, the point that can never stop becoming bigger because it is endless.

A question they never ask or answer is what is starting where the cosmos according to their opinion ends because something else has to start behind where an end forms and that is the location of the start of something else. Or can they answer another question: What was in place of time at the time predating what is now in place during a time before what they say is there when they say the cosmos started and from what did it develop and why did it arrive at where we are now. Before what we now have, what was then in place and how did what we now have come into place? They present gravity as a magical force. In this meagre presentation I provide a small part on an infinitive big answer about how everything called the Universe started but that is only after I annihilate every principle those in science so dearly protect and by doing so I uncover the corruption that they hide. The corruption and falsifying of facts are there for you to see. I show what they create to justify their correctness about what they claim they can prove. I prove that Newton’s principle was never been proven as long as it is in place. In short I would wish to have our scientists prove where mass is part of the planet formation as Newton so eagerly said it is. Use the planetary layout to prove Newton’s “Kepler’s laws” that has nothing to do with Kepler or with science and is completely fake. Then where I try to uncover this incorrectness they refuse to publish my work.


If “mass” did form gravity by a value that commits a force then the large
planets must be on the inside next to the sun
having the small planets way on the outside.
Instead because we have a random allocation, that destroys the idea of mass forming gravity to pull.

The smallest planets holding the least “mass” are at either end and the largest planets holding supposedly the most “mass” are in the centre. This disproves both arguments that the pulling force forming gravity by the value of “mass” to establish the orbit goes according to “mass” or that the locations of planets are adhering to Newton’s ideas of “mass forming gravity by pulling”.

Use this picture to show me where the planets are positioned according to mass or where the orbit going around the sun goes according to mass. The entire Newtonian idea of mass creating gravity by pulling is the complete misrepresentation of the truth. I show what principles are in place do give the reason why.


Mercury Venus

Asteroid Belt

Jupiter Saturn
Uranus Neptune

Supposed “Mass” where earth is taken as 1

0.055 times the earth
0.81 times the earth
0.107 times the earth

A Multitude of planetforming fragments

318 times the earth
95 times the earth
14.5 times the earth 17 times the earth
Average Orbit distance Biggest to Smallest

57.9 x 109
108.2 x 10
149.6 x 109
227.9 x 10

Notwithstanding size the lot orbit alike

9 778.3 x 10
1427 x 109
2871 x 109
4497 x 109
5th Smallest
3 rdSmallest

Debris orbiting in space at a specific distance that is not in relation to mass

2nd Biggest
3 rdBiggest
This is what there is and that is all there is. The measure of mass forming gravity clearly plays no role in

allocating the positions of planets as Newton declared it must do. The entire idea that gravity is a magical force created by the value of mass is as unbelievable as the dogma is of those presenting this idea. Please use what the solar system provides to confirm what Newton says is in place when he says mass forms gravity. Science would rather accept Newton where there is no proof of Newton ever being correct than to admit Newton’s incorrectness. Science would rather deny there is cosmic principles that is in place in the solar system, which are the Roche limit, the Lagrangian points, the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect than to admit to Newton’s failings. They would not admit to Newton’s failings because then the entire world will see they know less about science than does a pig know about history. They would rather put the error on the solar system than they would commit to the blatant mathematical cheating that Newton committed. It is the Universe that is always at fault when Newton becomes incorrect because without Newton’s fabrication of science they have nothing to show for all the wisdom they try to pretend they have. Newton fabricated “Kepler’s laws” has some correctness mixed largely with a farce and blending the truth with total fabrication of reality hides the lie behind something presenting the truth.

Forget about the fanciful corrupt mathematics that proves nothing when the cosmos does not confirm Newton’s crooked mathematical arguments. Newton’s religiosity might corrupt science but who in science would cares about correctness when it simplifies the ongoing brainwashing of students studying science.

They confuse everyone about what weight is, what mass is and what gravity is because they wish to have everyone think of “mass” in terms of weight while they then deny weight and “mass” is the very same thing and then they confuse “mass” and gravity because they never distinguish between what “mass” does and what gravity does. This is only the tip of the iceberg and you will see when reading this book.

If you read on you are going to Read About The Biggest ConspiracyThe Biggest Conspiracy ever enlisted, it’s more than just the next conspiracy because it is A Science ConspirA Science Conspiracy Network. IIII prove everything I say about the conspiracy I announce…read and be shocked.

THIS IS THE WEBSITE THAT WHISTLE BLOWS ON A SCIENCE CONSPIRACY NETWORK. I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU THEIR UNBELIEVABLY POOR MATHEMATICAL SKILLS! This Network which I denounce Engulfs the Entire Civil Human Race in Every Aspect and willing or not, you reading this are participating without knowing about what you support with every part of the mental intellect you have. It involves the most trusted members in the part of our civil society and we are deceived by the ones EVERYBODY trust the most, the teachers and Professors teaching at academic institutions everywhere. For over a decade I have been knocking on doors with the information I present in this book and lots more evidence, just to be ignored and to be turned away. If they were so unconcerned about what cripples science they must hide something.

This behaviour of physicists ignoring me or even attacking me when I point out a very legitimate case of mistakes in science made me realise there is a conspiracy going on. Science has been getting away with this conspiracy since the Dark Ages. What you are about to read is not for the simple minded because science requires much intelligence and in that physicists get away with turning Creation into a joke. By turning the facts that form the conspiracy into what you think of and you accept as natural and as culture, man has been cheated and mislead for three hundred years because those teaching science consider everyone as representing stupidity. To them everyone else are simple-minded peasants who are not worth having independent minds who could be able to think on their very exclusive superior level that they are able to think. That is how they get away with the conspiracy. They pretend to be intellectually superior and to understand what seems senseless to the rest of us and then look down their noses on the rest of the world. I will show you what it is they can’t see and then miss. I am branded the past thirty years to be one that does not “understand Newton” because I am incapable of agreeing with Newton but after this book see how much you will “understand Newton”

They underestimate the public as much as the public are lazy too think and the misleading carry on. The scientist go on fooling the public while the public sits and waits to be fooled. Those in science think their mathematical abilities make them Gods–on–earth while we others are mindless human fodder and for that reason they brainwash our children at school by applying mind control as their mathematical understanding makes them gods. What they say all must believe because if they speak using mathematics then God spoke. This conspiracy is so widely active that every person on earth teaching physics participates, most probably without knowing, some reluctant and others well knowingly to set out to brainwash by thought control the minds of innocent students forcing them to believe in dark aged ritual beliefs in the ritual practicing of forces and allow the conspiracy to be enlisted with all the vigour they could muster. Those I refer to are allowed the powers to take as much tax dollars as they wish and endeavour on all sorts of projects that they could fantasize about. Their budgets are limitless and they never face questions because they are the intellectuals that we dare not question.

With the same powers we give them they brainwashed your child making science a religiosity. The methods they use on your child are to make your child believe in science and that is just methodical corruption of their thinking. Science is the art of with holding information and disclosing information selectively. The Global-warming debacle put this on the forefront again. Every conspiracy is a scam put in place to earn money and think of the money that are spent on the Global-warming fiasco. If there is that much money spent on forming mass hysteria through the media and involving the services of a former vice President, as well as awarding his efforts with the Nobel prize just to get fear in the minds of those weak in thought, then the financial return they expect must be more than any financial reward there were in the past. Think of the return in profits the Bankers and other Mammonites envisage to gain from the conspiracy when they start to harvest what they now sow. If the Mammonites and the puppet Governments were so concerned about Global Warming they then should immediately begin to limit the fuel supply that is burned daily. I think they must first stop the problem from escalating before finding a remedy. Stop the oil Barons from making money by limiting the inflow of cash and the truth will suddenly reveal. This are the ingredients there is and what one should look for in search of a conspiracy. See what makes money, what diverts attention away from the money and why who keeps quiet.

00002.jpgDo you think a conspiracy has to be as dramatic as Dan Brown’s conspiracy he calledThe Da Vinci Code andTheThe Lost Symbol,,,, no it is not because what Dan
Lost Symbol

Brown wrote about is entirely fiction and therefore it it must be dramatized togain maximum publicity in order to sell. It is not intended to be silenced because by siliencing the conspiracy then the conspiracy would remain a conspiracy and the conspiracy would not unveil the billions of dollars it must make. The entire idea is

to blurr out as loud as much gossip minded hogwash to sell as much as it can. Conspiracies are kept silent and Dan Brown’s is anything but quiet about anything. 00003.jpg

Or do you think a true conspiracy theory should be as devilish looking as the Illuminate. Are you convinced one must see the evil of the devil being portrayed in every symbol that represents the illuminate? No, those in power would silence all. It’s just what


happened in the Kennedy conspiracy. Those with the power hide the blame so effectively by law no less that the guessing will remain in place the next century.

The death of President John F. Kennedy is a true conspiracy and that we can see from the fact that there are no results coming from any inquest launched at even a Presidential level. We know Hoover was involved by his involving of the FBI in the cover up because Hoover had to hide his gambling debt and his homosexuality. It was the Mafia that involved Hoover and the FBI. Hoover denied there was organised crime because organised crime or better known as the mafia had him wrapped up in horse racing gambling debt and therefore he had to keep the FBI off of the heels of the Mafia.

We know the Mafia was involved because they silenced Lee Harvey Oswald the innocent man that was openly framed because it was the mob that got Kennedy elected by faking the election results against Nixon. Kennedy had to get Cuba back to mob rule and the gambling houses back on behalf of the mob and when JFK turned on his election promise to the mob they showed that not even a President is above their retribution. Sonny Liston the boxer and Mario Lanza the singer went to their graves because they owed the mob gambling money and couldn’t pay up.

Hoover knew the rules by which the mob enforce bad debt. So he allowed the mob by the hand of Jack Ruby to silence the investigation afterwards as they had other interested parties also in their pocket and those in high office helped afterwards getting JFK out of the way. Did the police look for powder residue on the face, hands and arms of Lee Harvey Oswald? Did the police determine how many shots were fired from the rifle of Lee Harvey Oswald that they found in the Texas School Book Depository store and how many cartridges were retrieved? Where are the cartridges now and if not what happened with the lost cartridges.

Those are the question to address, but no investigation ever asked the obvious questions. We know that someone ordered the conspiracy from very high up being in cahoots with the mob and the FBI because the investigation was screwed even before the assassination took place. The conspiracy does not end its involvement there, because Congress and the Senate also had to be involved. With Kennedy so quickly reaching for the Nuclear button, a lot of Bankers got stiff with anxiety because a few Nuclear bombs might not reach the Kennedy family in their bunkers, but it will write off billions of dollars of property all belonging to a lot of banks, either by mortgage or by ownership.

Kennedy might have scared the Russians but he scared the money crazy bankers much more. With a trigger-happy cowboy in Presidential office someone somewhere might just lose billions and in that it is cheaper to get a few million flowing in the direction of politicians that will help the conspirers get Kennedy from the office to a coffin. This is so apparent in the manner that the Warren inquest was so self-serving righteous and maliciously an open cover-up while every one on the Warren commission was greatly rewarded during the next decade, each in their own time. This case shows the true science of a conspiracy and even the brother of JFK got done in when he got to close to solving the mystery. But investigate as much as you like, you will keep on guessing for the rest of your life! Are you under the impression that a conspiracy theory cover-up must be as old, as wide spread and as powerfully involved as the Free Masons, which represents those that have the power to alter the destiny of the human race? If that were true then they would have the influence we find in the Kennedy case to keep their secrets covered under a veil of total silence and never to reveal any information to anyone! When the establishment guards a secret, it is well guarded.


So then you want a conspiracy theory to be as blatant and as staged, in your face and unreliable as the UFO landings where the sites are very vaguely concealed and as revealing as it can be with the most pathetic idiots becoming star witnesses. The media then blasts their idiotic untested testimonies over the air around the world as Gospel. It will be better to believe in ghosts. I don’t ever say there are ghosts that can haunt us but I can’t use physics to prove there are not ghosts while I can prove with physics there just can’t be aliens. Where would aliens come from and where do they return? A visit from a “nearby” galactica will take them tens of thousands of years to reach us and for what purpose, to have sex with the biggest idiots they find? You never think why those Aliens would choose to meet the most simpleminded idiots with single figure IQ after travelling for many a century non-stop to reach us? Are you impressed with aliens coming to have intercourse with the most greasy-looking wench on earth that by her own admission in accordance with her intellect and her appearance could not find one male in three billion to inseminate her with wasted sperm, and so the alien got lucky? There is no one wanting her so she invents someone craving her. She is so desperate for sex that she invents some one even more desperate than she is. Do you fall for her stories that her ten mindless children has a father many galactica away and did not even leave her alimony to bring up his very earthly looking brats. If you have that mentality, then go for every conspiracy theory you can read because facts of life you will find too challenging to understand and comprehend fully. Then you think conspiracies must be as mind baffling and logic eluding as crop circles that are not in the fields when the sun sets and are there when the sun rises. If you do, then you are a sucker living for bullshit and fantasy, a monkey to be made of and you have the mentality a child has and you then are living in a fantasy-world only you can believe. Then this world is a place far to harsh for a person as gentle minded as you are. It would seriously be in your best interest to commit suicide very gently and even more quietly for this earth is far too complicated for your likes. You would be better off not to be here, we would be better off missing you than having you around because you epitomise the stupidity of mankind.

The truth about a conspiracy is that everyone involved with the conspiracy will fight tooth and nail to stop the conspiracy to get leaked and leave those behind the conspiracy and all those feeding from the corruption of the conspiracy exposed. Those who have the power to maintain the conspiracy would keep the waters as still as possible as to draw no attention to such conspiracy. A true conspiracy has to be as quiet and as unseen and going as unnoticed as it could be. A true conspiracy must involve everyone without anyone detecting even a hint of what the conspirers hide. There are many conspiracies going on such as the banks involvement with crime and the bankers profiting from gamble rackets and drug selling. The same goes for the insurance business profiting from lenient sentencing of courts holding very merciful judges in office so that the insurance will sell cover-policies. Our social system in the Western World is a conspiracy. Democracy is held up as a saviour but politicians rule only to favour the rich. They use the media to brainwash by endorsing with senseless slogans.

Burglars, robbers, car thieves, drug smugglers all are the main income of Bankers and Insurance firms. If there is one chance in two million that your house would be burgled or your car stolen would you take out very expensive insurance, never in your life. You would take the chance to go without expensive insurance and take the risk yourself. Therefore if you have a chance of one in one hundred that you will become victimised in that your house will be burgled or your car will be stolen, then you better take the insurance notwithstanding the premium. In England the Bankers already got to the politicians to draft a law that makes it illegal not to have insurance. Now the Bankers and their Brothers can rob you blind legally and take you to court if you would not oblige. They set the terms and the rates of how you will be robbed. The Insurers would never have the insurance premium holders pay the equal amount of what the amount is of cars being stolen. They would set the premiums at least at three times the number of crimes committed to cover their arses and cut a tidy profit on the run. Therefore we can assume that for every one car that is stolen the premium holder would pay three times what the crime rate asked because to the insurer it has to be worthwhile. That makes the insurance firms the biggest robbers, car thieves and crime hustlers in the world because they rob three times more from the public and take three times the cars or furniture or whatever was stolen than what the criminals did. Insurers steal more from you than thieves do because they have to otherwise there is no profits in insuring and there is much profit to be made from insuring. I put the profit insurers make to be at least ten fold to what we lose by crime.

All they ask for is that crime flourish so that no one could dare to be without insurance and remain alive. Then to get everyone scared and nippy about crime, they protect the child molesters and the rapists and arsonists just to keep John and Jane Dow and the rest of the public so scared of crime they haven’t got time to become frustrated with the total rip off the public suffers under the “protection” of the Police and the Politicians. That is why the “law makers” make crime ever so humane and get parents to become the villains when they try to discipline their children. It is about making the law-abiding citizen feel guilty and vulnerable at the same time while allowing the criminal to victimise the innocent so that the public can be controlled. You see how fast they put a father in jail when he goes to castrate and remove the genitals of the rapist who raped his daughter. The rapist gets a slap on the wrist with early release and the parent get tossed into the rough side of the jail for decades because no one in charge wants crime to get under control. We have gone as far as feeling grateful that a rapist did not kill his victim or that a burglar only took “earthly possessions” and that the victim wasn’t physically harmed. We don’t mind being robbed as long as we’re not clubbed to death. That is how far these scoundrels wheeling money got into our safety. Those scoundrels are the ones governing you by employing “democracy” and bringing comfort to your door. Your credit cards, home loans, hire purchase and all the credit available is paid by blood of victims of the criminal enterprise the Bankers fight to uphold and even pay to maintain. To Bankers crime pays because the money insurers and drug-trading make they reinvest in business.

The latest trend is the kidnapping of persons and taking ships for ransom. This became just one more way the bankers find a means to “tax” the public. If pirates in Somalia take an oil tanker, everybody sits back with a smile because it is not their problem since they are not involved. Wake up and smell the shit on you doorstep. We, the public, pay for the goods the cargo carriers carried. By paying the ransom to the pirates the price of the products went up. Not only that but now insurance are paid on all other products in the event of pirates grabbing ships. Insurers will now put a levy on every container carried on the high seas just in case of piracy. Whether the cargo is carried through safe waters or not, it is money to be made by insurers and the Bankers get the benefit of the crime. Everything on earth just went up with a few cents but at the end of the year it comes to billions of currency that was captured by the Bankers going into the pockets of the wealthy and out of the pockets of the poor. Crime pays so there has to be a way to boost the levels of crime so that the insurance firms and Bankers can benefit from the source of wealth. The trend of kidnapping will only rise and in the next decade or two everyone on earth will have a stipulation added that there is a certain premium put on the head of every policyholder. In the event of any person being kidnapped, the insurers of the policyholder would be willing to pay that some of money that your policy covers so that you then are released. If you have not got such a clause in your contract, the kidnappers just get rid of your body and get the next victim to pay up. If you have not got insurance covering such an event, you will disappear without a trace, but if you do have such coverage, then your insurers would be kind enough to pay for your release. This is how the game is played. The Insurers would always see to it that they get many times more from crime than what the criminals could ever get.

Illegal immigrants are another source of currency going into the pockets of the insurers and the Bankers. When an illegal immigrant lands in a country, that person has to eat and live and crime does it. That person didn’t cross the shores to live on minimum wages and be the poorest part of society in that country. Yea sure, maybe a few percent are honest workers striving for better but the vast majority wanted more than what was on offer where they came from. These are perfect candidates because they are untraceable. The police have no names and no identity and the criminals are shadows coming out at night to harvest what is not theirs and then to live lavishly while the true criminals are the Insurance firms and Bankers that regard this affair as only being business. Tony Blair as Prime Minster of Britain acknowledged he has no idea how many illegal immigrants there are in Britain and no Brit ever asked why he has no idea. He and his party are paid not to have any idea. Why is the Ministry of Home affairs the one department that is “not fit for purpose” to use the phrase they used. It is so that no one can trace anybody illegal even if they tried to do it. Criminals are renowned to walk out of jails with early release even when they were illegal immigrants. Now why would you think that would happen? The Bankers pay the Government to have the Home Office in such a state that no one knows arse from head and the bigger mess in this department is, the more illegal immigrants there are and the more the crime rises. Crime pays but only for the Bankers, the stockbrokers and the filthy rich that can buy their own security army. Therefore the rich benefit by deducting cost as tax deduction so that the poor must pay more tax.

The illegal immigrants bring another sort of business with them. They bring girls they use as slaves for prostitution in the developed countries where there are money to be made. The girls get kidnapped and then their services get sold off. The price asked for one hour is not high but since the girls don’t ask for much as they are drug slaves every man can afford to pay for the services and having many girls in a working position, the money eventually escalates into billions. Where will this money go…it goes to banks and the Bankers are the recipients of the cash in the end! Big drug busts don’t stop the drug trade. It does not even influence the process by causing massive price hikes and that should be an indication of how much money goes to Banks. Don’t think of rescuing the girls in distress. You try and touch those girls to save them and see how you vanish from the scene either by getting jailed for interfering with police investigation or by the criminals who will make you disappear without a trace. You touch the girls and you touch the bankers that befriended the Politicians who are the bosses of the police and in that order you will annoy the command structure because the girls prostituted as slaves guarantee Bankers and other criminals much wealth. Those with money or with power are criminals or are criminal minded because that is the only way you can have money, steal from others to fill you pocket or use them as slaves to work for you. Don’t believe this crap about only honest money going to Banks because with them in charge of the Political Government of all countries they will get the law to create loopholes through which they will work “legally” and with them having your elected government working just to please them they have nothing to worry about what is legal and correct and what is not because everything is just business.

The drug trade flourishes just because of one principle, the money has to end up in the coffers of Bankers. If the drug trade is worth a billion dollars a day, where does the money go? No one can walk around with that much money and therefore it has to go to bankers for safekeeping. I have not made a study on the subject since it is not my main interest to reveal crime statistics, but any one would see that printed money escalated by tens if not by hundred fold the past forty years. Why would they print that much more money? It is because that much more money is in circulation and the distribution thereof finally land in the banks. This gives banks the ultimate power they could ask for. Crime brings in cash and cash is their business, so crime becomes the business of banks. In order to further their campaign on behalf of criminals they get to politicians. Politicians not in favour of using “their election help” and aid by “election contributions and donations” don’t get elected. The honest ones don’t even get press publication. In this syndicate don’t discard the TV stations and the printed press. Since the Bankers would own much of the press as shares legally held, the press is in place to further the cause of those in politics that would further the cause of Bankers and Bankers are in business to make money and crime pays good money. This is an animal that feeds off itself by consuming the consumer and enrich the rich.

Look on any news channel and you will see on TV news how eagerly the soldiers destroy the Poppy fields in Afghanistan! You see on the news how valiantly they set about to get the soldiers to the task of mowing down the poppy plants with pangas and annihilate the next opium harvest? That is a lot of bullshit! By doing that they regulate the prices of dope in the west. They don’t put the same backbreaking all-out effort to get to the distributors in the major cities because doing that will ruin the dope trade. You can see through almost any CCTV camera how housewives and children and teens come to street corners and buy dope as if it is open market. The dope dealers in the west are earning the money they have to bank at banks because it is not possible to handle the cash the dope dealers earn everyday from selling dope. The dope earnings must be trillions where only three million dollars already weighs 8 tons. How the hell will the dealers handle the billions of dollars per day being traded on the streets in the west if not putting it in the vaults of the banks? The idea of Banks not being involved is garbage believed by the weak in mind and others believing in democracy. That the banks don’t touch the money the dope dealer’s gains is rubbish. The shear weight of money used in the dope trade alone implicates banks being involved. The banks buy with democracy the will of the politician to forge laws that protect the interests of the bankers. The term used is donations to political parties by “lending” cash. The bankers “lend” the money and when the politician fore fill their end of the bargain the “loan” is written off.

There are many more “lobbyists” running down the corridors of the American House of Congress and the House of the Senate than there are politician official assistants in America. Why would that be? That is a smarter and more acceptable name for bribing the politicians to gang up against the electrets. It is a fancy way of bribing anyone and everyone so that the “democratic” process could be hijacked and rigged in favour of money lending. Bribing has been renamed as lobbying but it still serves the same purpose.

If Gordon Brown and the rest of the European leadership so full heartedly believe in democracy, why don’t they put the death penalty to the system of democracy? Go on and give the public the choice, let the people decide… If they say they rule by democracy, then let the people decide on the main issues directly, call a referendum! Why don’t they put it to the vote and disallow the one-sided advertisement funding of vote swinging so that the people can make a well-decided popular choice on the matter. They lie and cheat and bullshit before an election just to come afterwards and push the rule of the rich down the throat of the poor. The Police say they protect. If they say it let them prove it and then let them protect and if they don’t solve crimes then put the Politicians in jail with the rest of the Bankers and the criminal mob. But it is a case of the quicker robbers and car thieves and rapist get out of jail, the quicker they get back to crime and the more crime is committed, the higher the preemies get for insurers. Therefore the more the money is and the higher the profits are for insurance firms, the more bankers and industrialists gain. Also the higher the crime rate gets the more the people have to see that they are insured to cover their potential losses in crime. Therefore it pays to buy politicians to create laws that go soft on criminals in order to allow the crime industry not to collapse when crime is dealt a massive blow once in a while. The flow of crime will go on as long as there is not enough prisons and criminals must be set free to make space for more to come. The inflow always exceeds the number rehabilitated so that the dues are never met. The Politicians fail to build enough prisons because the politicians allow the criminal numbers to explode inside prisons and we pay the price by having criminals go on early release to come and victimise us again. The net result is that we pay higher insurance and the bankers get more money so that inflation can run a racket. More “money to invest” means controlling the “free world” more rigidly.

The proof we have this is true is the way the law takes sides. Defend yourself in your own home against a burglar and you are going to jail! If you as a law-abiding citizen have a gun it is a crime, but is it because you make it difficult for criminals? The public has to be defenceless so that the criminals can get the upper hand and that will stuff the money coffers of the bankers. They can’t keep guns away from criminals so they take my gun away! You go and beat the holy shit out of a person that robbed you then you land in jail. If the robber gets away with the crime no single tear is shed but if you beat him blind you are the villain. This is to protect the Insurance firms that bank at the Bankers that invest on the Stock exchange that get the Rich richer so that the Poor must get poorer. The more crime is about and committed daily, the more people need insurance covering and thereby the more money insurers bank giving bankers profit to spend on the stock exchange by controlling the economy and the politics. The public has reached the point where we are relieved we were robbed but we are alive! That then is a soothing consolation. If they did not heart my child they can take what they want because I am insured.

But I pay tax to be protected by the Police and I then must get protection. If the Government puts Police in charge of crime and disallow me as a citizen to take revenge on the criminal by going out and look for the robber myself, or get the rapist to swing on a lamppost because I have his semen in my house where he raped my wife, or cut the genitals out of the rapist and molested my four-year old daughter, then they must take the blame for unsolved crime and the high crime rate. If they can’t stop the thuging they must take the blame and the financial responsibility. The state must own up for the lack of providing security and the politicians, judges and Police chiefs must sit in jail if crime is not controlled. Then the Politicians must see to it that when the rapist rapes again after being released from jail everyone involved with his release, from the lenient judge down to my local politician that is responsible for crappy laws, must sit in jail with the rapist because they all participated in the crime being repeated again. Because of their weakness crime is committed, so the politician must guarantee my property or give myself the option to retrieve my belongings and then hang the criminal from the nearest lamppost. I say deform a child molester’s face by cutting away the soft tissue of his lips and his cheeks. Then every child will see this creature is a monster and will start to shout the moment this child molester starts to approach the child. This will stop the monster as soon as the thing comes near a child…or else just hang them. But now we are thankful that it was just a thief that burgled us and that it is not a child rapist that entered our home. When this monster gets to court the child’s rights are forgotten at home while only the monster has human rights. The entire law that charges the case is in place to protect the criminal because without the criminal those defending or charging and judging will earn a lot less from the industry if the crime does not flourish. If those in law go about to destroy crime then a lot less lawyers would be needed and a lot less judges would sit in chairs and therefore the industry sides on the side of the insures and bankers because crime pays. Judges serve one purpose and that is to create crime by reducing sentences of criminals.

It is time government takes responsibility for laws failing and because they favour the Bankers and Insurers it is my security that is compromised by them applying lenient laws that is about protecting criminals. If the government says their Police will protect my belongings and secure me then they take the responsibility. If I am being burgled, then the government must replace my lost property because it was they and their police and their laws that did not protect me and then if the crime is too high, the cabinet must resign and give other people more fit to do the job the chance to govern. Now at this moment we know that Politicians are the most crooked over paid under worked robbers of public funding there is on earth. Do like the Chinese do with crooked officials, those they catch with their hands in their cookie jar, take a crooked politician or official into the centre of town and put a bullet into his brain. Why would other politicians be scared of this practise when they are as innocent as newborn babies? That will get rid of the crooked politicians and place the genuine honest persons in public office. Crime pays for the elite that profit from the rate of crime becoming sky-high. The money is used to change laws in favour of crime so that crime can flourish and Bankers can profit. Bankers buy politicians and democracy through money donations. With the money they give politicians, laws are written that protect the rich against the poor. This is the way to run a conspiracy orderly. No one can trace it and know one suspects it because we all benefit. With this method the Bankers gain by inflating everyone’s livelihood and eroding personal income and safety as to gain from that. In time I might write about this but now I cover another story, a much bigger storey about a conspiracy everyone on earth has been brainwashed to hold a part is about… Every time the price of your home goes up you are not richer but you do earn less. You have to purchase a more expensive home yourself but never will your salary grow by the margin the price of your home is inflated. You might think you benefit from their exploitation but they milk you dry just to control you.

There are so many conspiracy theories going around, floating like a bad smelling odour of a previous fart left behind in the room, but most of those have no more factual substance or evidential backing by truthful facts than a James Bond novel has. I also have a science conspiracy theory but mine has all the proof and all the substance of authenticity that any argument can ever hold. It involves physics as physics are taught at institutions worldwide. If you now don’t believe me, read on and learn the truth yourself, it is free of charge.Mine is the most unbelievable one that has most truth. This book is not about any conspiracy ever mentioned before but takes into consideration what worries people. When you see what science achieves and you hear what I accuse science of, then it seems as if I am a nutcase who escaped from the loony house and I must be the one having very dangerous tendencies to harm the innocent. I should be locked up and taken from society. However, read my story and you’ll see that I don’t harm the innocent. It is those we all trust without reservations that brainwash to forge deceit through corruption and malice.

The blame is with those admirable, yet astute members in our society, the educated leaders in physics that we trust without even thinking about their trustworthiness or question their sincerity regarding their blameless honesty.
Do you believe in the absolute unquestionable correctness of science and that everything that forms science is truthful being far beyond suspicion?
Do you believe that those furthering the science of physics works with no less than absolute proven facts and the facts are beyond any doubt at all.

If you do then
I have very bad news for you, news that will change the grain of what you believe is truthful. I am about to shock you into reality! This is going to reveal the biggest conspiracy ever concocted by the human mind, ever since the time a human had a mind to use. It is A Conspiracy about Fundamental Science. It started when Newton gave us the idea that gravity is the result of mass and in gravity mass is the biggest contributing factor. I say that mass as a factor in physics and not the value of weight, but mass with the pulling power only pulls stupidity over the eyes of incompetent idiots raving in their personal sublimation. Let see what I say. Would those in science cheat you and withhold the truth from you? www.singularityrelavancy.comthat is telling everyone aboutAn Ultimate Science Conspiracy, the biggest conspiracy ever concocted. We accept what science accepts and we reject whatever science rejects. We put our faith in the hands of science as we humans put our faith in the hands of the clergy five hundred years ago.

On what grounds do we rest our infallible belief in science, where we never question the legality? The conspiracy in science is summarised by the question that a philosopher once asked when he asked the most decisive question that he ever could ask: “In order for us to know anything, we first have to question everything we know.” By not asking questions science conspired to conceal. The conspiracy I detected in science about science is that science never had questioned everything known to science. I found a conspiracy in science that is in place keeping it alive by not to question everything in science that science knows and hiding the knowledge no one ever questions; that is the conspiracy I wish to inform every person about. The conspiracy is to never question and by never questioning, science hides that what science does not wish to have others to know about. The “not questioning” became the obsession that became a conspiracy amongst all person working with and in science. By not questioning that which science knows they hide that which they should question by the hiding of the questioning the conspiracy comes alive and not questioning maintains the conspiracy in science about science! Everyone is suspicious and no one knows what we are suspicious about!

Are you convinced about the outcome in
the search to uncover the possible
conspiracy about NASA really being on the
moon or faking all the evidence they show?


Do you think NASA was on the moon in the sixties and seventies? Do you think they ever landed and if they did then how many times did they land?
Have you got this eerie feeling that somehow there is somewhere something about science that comes across as not that believable and you in your mind have your personal limbering suspicion, concerns and doubt but you cant see it?

Do you think there is a conspiracy in the unknown regions of science hiding in the dark avoiding the obvious detection of everyone but no one can point a finger as to where the itch is coming from? Is it not how we all feel about science!
Politicians mislead the public, bankers fake figures and mislead the public, and warring Generals fake facts to mislead the alwaystrusting Public.

Now it is the turn where we find science that seems to go wanting for the truth!

The question on everyone’s lips is “ were we there or were we not there?” Suddenly everyone questions the moon landing and everything that is connected to the moon landing in the sixties and the seventies. Why would everybody have an urge to distrust the loyalties of science? “We were never there to begin with. NASA was there and to demean the efforts of NASA by questioning the integrity of what those intellectual giants achieved is despicable to say the least. We” were not there because “we” have not the guts to land on the moon. It is always a small number of giants, a handful of wise men that carry a nation or in this case that carries a human population on earth. However, to question or not to question is the conspiracy that science hides.

Was NASA on the moon…well yes, I think for sure they were on the moon? Did NASA at the time and during the event make the movies that they then showed as if broadcasting live about the event and as it took place on the moon that very minute? Don’t be simple minded to think or expect that such film making on the moon was possible because the television technology allowing that was not in place yet and what the public saw most probably was a pre-recorded.

I truly can’t see how the computer facilities at the time could handle such a broadcast transmission about what took place on the moon at that moment in time. There was no transmission possible to broadcast from the moon back then, live in the instant frame-by-frame photography. There was no facilities in those days to broadcast live events from the moon to the public, but that is what the public wanted and if the public wants to be fooled then the public gets what they expect to please them. Think of what NASA achieved and see how small the related accusations are when compared. Moreover we know the American public is the most demanding people there is and if they wanted to see the events unfold while having a live broadcast that was what they would get. Think of the cabbage doll outcry that happened some Christmas some time later but during the same decade and how the American public got nasty over a silly doll. Can you then blame NASA for going undercover about some of the truth?

Everyone tries to prostitute everything for money without showing scruples about it. No on shows a sign of having a conscience because there is an all-conquering lust for money and this has no limits or boundaries. Everyone out there tries to make money by selling improvable suggestions or toxic rumours filled with ridiculous defamation and defamation it is because they can’t prove what they declare is true.


I suspect the public thought by paying billions of tax dollars for the entertainment that the least NASA could do was to oblige by delivering the expectation that was the buzz at the time. Does the live broadcasting or not deter the importance from what the event is in history… sure as the earth is round the event remains as important and as real as if the broadcast was coming from some live sport event. But they used sliding rules to calculate on board the spacecraft. I used sliding rulers to calculate at the time because hand held take-away computers were science fiction and with no computers to broadcast the entire idea was fiction. No one had the facility to put a computer in place that was capable of relating the broadcast from the moon back to earth. The technology was not in place but everyone wanted it to be in place. I don’t say that it happened in this manner but from my perspective it could have lead to the NASA reaction. But this doubt that is evoked comes as a result of other doubt that is lingering in suspicion. The smallest question of doubt has another origin coming from another source in science that I found but was apparently never yet detected. The doubt that these questions raise could be the part of the conspiracy that science tries to hide. By looking at these issues, everyone is looking in the wrong direction and looking away from where the conspiracy is and then to what is not important. Of all the enterprises in the last century, the achievements of NASA rates bigger than any of the other industrial-related achievement, coming only second to what we gained from using electricity as man’s main energy.

The achievements of science must leave all of us with awe. Their efforts are frightening as much as it is mind-boggling and goes beyond what anyone could ever have dreamed of in a fairy tail say two hundred years prior. If those generations that came before us could come a live today and could see this that man now achieve they would think of man as God. If those generations that preceded us could see what is taking place today, they would run from us and hide in fear of our achievements and our abilities in living

as we do today!


00010.jpgLook at

the picture and see the engineering effort portrayed in this image of tranquillity. Not long ago in human history people would have fallen on their knees and would start to worship what they saw if they saw this and whoever witnessed this would father a brand new religion just there and then on the spot. Still unmistakably the effort remains incredible and the picture reminds us of Godly inspired wonders. If ever anything man made proved intellect way above the ordinary and into the realms of superhuman thoughts, then this is proof of such achievement. Yet it took so many man-hours of superhuman labour, planning and concentration to bring everything in this picture together. With the entire marvel this picture holds and all the greatness it portrays of man’s ability to achieve, out of view it hides a dark side too the brilliance of man and more particular of science. The conspiracy comprises science as much as it involves the entire faculty of science. It is about what science conceals hiding underneath everything science reveals. With all the amazing achievements accounted for and when recognising all that science changed our way of living on the earth and what was achieved by scientists developing this super mentality and in that also giving science all the admiration dually admitted, notwithstanding I am about to dump on you the biggest conspiracy that has ever been presented and that was ever undertaken by any group of persons in the entire human race. Think of anything you might think is big or outlandish by nature and that dwarfs in comparison to what I am about to reveal. It is so large that there is nothing in the past history of man with which one could compare it to. It involves every aspect of the life of every human being and this shadow in our midst covers the darkest secret that was ever hidden from intellectual human view. It is perpetrated by those we absolutely unconditionally trust in all aspects, It touched on every individual walking the surface of the earth and that excludes no person of any status albeit it an infant or someone in old age.

Do you fully believe in science as if everything about science is proven fact and is truthful, never questioning or rethinking one question in having a minutes doubt just because this storey has been repeated for centuries? Are you so confident in science up to the point you will put your life on the line to prove the accuracy of trusting the facts we have in physics? Are you one hundred percent sure about the honesty of science and are you sure about the trust we put in the honesty with which we regard science.

We know that scientists claim to work with facts and truth and the commitment to further the truth science presents as facts. This trust we have in the truthful accuracy of science goes beyond any and all suspicion of any kind. We all know that physics can never lie and physics represent the truth as no other form of knowledge could ever have. The presence of God or the absence of God becomes doubtful and is scientifically debatable but the accuracy of physics can never be doubted in having any suspicion. When you then worry about NASA being on the moon or not, I have to warn you to forget about NASA going to the moon and to start thinking about the moon coming to us when we are taking Newton’s physics principles under review. What we see in this picture is that heat can release objects from the gravity that confines everything to the earth. Yet this says nothing to the physicist about the nature of physics and that surprises me as much as it disappoints me. No one ever gave a thought about the question that if a hot air balloon can lift “mass” up into the air and break the shackles of gravity, why is that feature in physics possible when it is “mass” that forms the confining gravity.

With raw heat streaming from engines in the picture it is flames that convert fuel into fire to form the power that is so great it releases so many tonnage of “mass” into outer space. We can lift so much “mass” into orbit and by doing that then overcome the burden of gravity where that gravity burden is the result of mass attracting all other mass to produce a pulling force.

Yet, by releasing heat from engines this power of gravity can be overcome and send many hundreds of tons of mass into outer space. That means heat can overcome gravity and gravity is a force. But heat will only react to heat and a force will be neutral to heat expanding. However in a hot air balloon it is heat that also produce lift and we know that heat produces expanding space and therefore gravity shows more inclination to heat increasing and reducing than chasing after Dark Age “forces” fighting contraction.

Holding this evidence in the front of my mind I have formed new concept concerning physics and in particular gravity in which I attach other rules to the forming of gravity. By trying to introduce these concepts aligning heat and cold to gravity I ran into the biggest stonewall formed by resistance. Then with many decades of research and studying facts science avoids I cam to form a conclusion I am about to share with you. I am about to shock your socks from your feet with the accusation I am about to make!

If you are looking at such concepts as the moon landing or no moon landing issues you are looking at a conspiracy in science from a totally wrong area. I am going to show you where the conspiracy in science hides. There are far greater issues that science avoids than the fact of landing on the moon or not. The question should be why is nobody informing the human race about the biggest disaster that man could ever imagine. Why is there a deliberate silence about a pending but certain collision that is coming and that would end everything that man made including the life form “man”?

It is, believe it or not, but it is about modern Physics as it is taught at schools and Universities by those that don’t understand physics. If you aren’t into science this might just be why you chose to study science. It is The

Ultimate Conspiracy Theory, It is the Conspiracy Concerning Physics Reading this book willintellectually bevery challenging and that fact is undeniably true.

However, I found that the ordinary persons with a scholastic physics background cope with the difficult explaining much better than does Super-Educated-Masters. The Super-Educated-Masters have preset conditions they prescribe to information and they can’t break their mould. The purpose with which I wrote this book is to get around the network of Super-Educated-Masters who strangle any form of science that does not fit their liking. If what anyone says does not stroke with what the Brainy Bunch who controls physics agree with or echo their thinking, they just smother all intellectual publication on the grounds that it is not fitting their profile on science. I disagree most strongly but I do also supply proof thereof where Mainstream Science blocks the publishing of my views on science that does not compliment their views. If you believe science is more accurate than God, then live your fantasy out and don’t read further. If you want to know the truth abouthow students and the publicare brainwashed bymind control inscience this will wake you from your slumber. Read this and wake from the culture you believe in and into which science has lulled you and made you accept science as the truth by instating it as a culture. What you read I prove even in this book and I dare any one to prove otherwise or reprimand me.

I disprove most of the view science has on cosmology which is the science on stars and galactica and how the Universe formed. I start by introducing a new view on how gravity applies and from there dismiss most of popular claims on science. Any person that challenges me on the legitimacy of content given within this book, please do so any time. However, do so on the grounds of all the information provided in this book. What I say is don’t be opinionated and then reject on what is culture but inform yourself with what I provide and then gauge what I say in relation to the half truths mainstream physics provide.

THE CONTENT OF THIS BOOK A Conspiracy in Science in Progress AIM TO SHOW ORDINARY GOD FEARING MEN AND WOMEN, THE TRUTH ABOUT SCIENCE BUT IT IS NOT A RELIGIOUS BOOK AT ALL. Moreover it shows how students are mentally abused and brainwashed to believe physics. The book is not linguistically edited and there might be a lot of linguistic errors within the pages. Please look at the meaning of the content and not the accuracy of language used because English is my second language with Afrikaans being my first. The content however is more accurate than any printing you can purchase that is underwritten by mainstream science and that I guarantee.

You are going to read somemathematics in equations and expressions inmathematical formulas placedto defend my position but if you don’t like it then just skip themathematimathematics

because the content and grounds the mathematics proof or disprove is not important and it is there to disprove the Brainy Bunch. It is there not to scare readers away but to silence the Brainy Bunch critics by showing them the foolishness of their arguments. By using mathematics the Brainy Bunch have been cheating the public and have been brainwashing students for centuries. That cheating is how they do it and I have to show and uncover the dishonesty in mathematics.

Here is a list of books covering the issues but in much less intensity. If you wish to know the storey I am telling but don’t feel like reading the lot of information you them can go to and…




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This book and these shorter versions are written to promote my theses compiled by six parts thesis to introduce a new way of thinking in terms of science. The Theses are in place because science as it currently is (whether you believe what I say or not) is running on so many phoney principles of which those in charge of science holding the highest office in science benefit richly from and therefore discard the utter flaws on which science in the present way is founded. Their job is to ignore the flaws there are. By discarding my work they secure their work. If they agree about the flaws, their papers on science and their degrees in science becomes something for the paper wastebasket.

Let us test Newton’s attraction theory in practice


Let us now proceed and test the basis on which all physics are founded Let us then test the truthfulness and believability of the foundation on
which the entirety of Newton’s physics principles rests. I show you the

absolute accuracy of

F = G



r2 . This is Newton’s formula on which the entire philosophy of gravity rests and it supposedly proves that mass forms gravity by force.. 00012.jpg

No one in science is capable of proving this formula worthy of being part of science and with this forming the basis of science it must be clear to what extent is the brainwashing and the mind control and the
thought manipulation going on to force students to accept corrupted science that can never make sense.

Students are taught mass pulls and that forms gravity. This is methodical brainwashing by systematically corrupting the thoughts of students. Professors and teachers take control of the minds of students by forcing students to believe the physics they are taught is flawlessly correct. This forms a conspiracy practised by every person with a degree in physics. If anyone questions Newton, that person discards all studies and qualifications that person achieved. No one will ago challenge science. Physics teachers take money from parents with the sole aim to brainwash the students that are entrusted to their care so that students will believe in science unequivocally and regardless. When teachers teach falsified information then they are worse than the mafia, that operates openly by crooked intention and in that the Mafia maintains honesty, which the physics teachers don’t have. If you are a parent then mind what you do and beware and read on! If you think I am going one step too far in accusing the academics teaching physics and I slander their names, I challenge you to ask this question again after you have read this entire book and thought about everything and considered every aspect.

Newtonian physics teaches that the mass of the earth and the mass of the moon is constantly contracting (reducing), which produces a force called gravity that reduces the distance between the two solar objects. The cosmic question that calls for an answer is … with this being true that the mass pulls mass, then when will the earth and the moon then collide? This destruction of the

earth and the moon must happen first since the earth and moon are the closest… Academics in physics insist that gravity is founded on the Newtonian gravitational principle of F =GM1M2, then when is the inevitable collision coming.r2

Now, everyone has to braise himself or herself for the inevitable impact that has to come, but when. When can we trust the conspirers and physics academics to tell us when this inevitable doomsday destruction is on the earth’s doorstep?

Newton said this must come because of mass pulling mass to clash with each other and therefore so when is the day going to be when we will not be on earth any longer. We should know!

I wish to take your mind into the world of science and moreover physics. The physics I show is the basis of physics taught to children at the lowest level of science at schools worldwide. It should be simple enough for anybody to follow because it deals with the everyday interpretation of science as we think of science in terms of science. Every person dropped a glass during their lifetime ands felt sorry and incompetent for being so clumsy. If you are able to drop a glass and break it on the floor then you are able to understand the following explanation about science. If you know how to fall you will be able to understand why you fall when you fall…or are you able to know why you fall when you fall…

This principle declares that a force of attraction by the value of mass of both solar objects is pulling by reducing the radius, therefore bringing the moon and the earth closer. This must lead to an inevitable collision that must end both the earth as well as the moon.

Let the Newtonians calculate when is this event is due and inform the human race when our final day of doom will arrive by using Newton’s

law of attraction or F = GM1M2. Ther2

day if (no when if Newton is correct) this happens, Life in all forms will end and therefore knowing this event is crucially important for all of us having life on earth! We have to know! The future of life in the Universe depends on this knowledge. If we know then we have to find the ability to transplant life to Mars and beyond just to save life, as we know life is! Knowing when this will happen will give us humans a fighting chance to have a future somewhere safe!

Those Ever-So-Wisely-Educated cosmic Super-Brains always calculate the power that drives a Super Nova. Let them use those brilliant minds then to calculate the precise date when the earth and moon will destruct all life on Earth! Those Brainy- Mathematical-Masters always customdesign in detail space –whirls they invent with applied cosmic imagination. Let them bring such terrific astonishing human abilities closer to home. The Mathematical-Geniuses that can calculate the inside of a Black Hole should bring their splendour to a much better use in terms of where it concerns human future.

Instead of painting a Universe fit for Alice in wonder-world, and sprinkling it with the best mathematical formula that they think must put them on par with God, rather apply the same formula and show when the solar system, as big as it is, will collapse into the Sun. Ask them to not search for imaginary undetectable, unexplainable dark matter they can’t even point out, but to find when the distance we have between the planets and the sun will dissolve and when the pull of the planets will have all the planets go crashing into the sun.

Those Ever-So-Wisely-Educated cosmic Super-Brains best art form is to deceive everyone by conspiring to hide the truth about Newtonian science. Those Mathematical-Masters will never even hint Newton’s incorrectness of thought because it will reveal their fraud. It is showing that those you think you can trust are those very persons

that you dare not trust!
This website allows you to see what the degree of blatant corruption is presented as physics and

what Academics in physics hide.
The law of gravity says that the mass of one object pulls by force on the mass of another object where the second object then pulls back also by force.
Newtonian physics says that the mass of the earth and the mass of the moon is constantly contracting (reducing) the distance they are apart, by forming a force called gravity, or so science believes. If there is such a force as gravity then the cosmic question that needs an answer is … if this is true that the earth-mass pulls moon-mass as a pulling force, then when will the earth and the moon collide? This destruction of the earth and the moon must happen with the earth and moon being so close…


With the information at hand for centuries, then why not use it? Why don’t they tell us when? Is there anyone that ever read anywhere about when the moon will hit the earth? Why does no one ever refer to this doomsday that has to be part of our future! Go on and hunt down as much research as you can but you will never see any researcher published anything about the day that the moon is going to hit the earth. The moon has mass that pulls the earth and the earth has mass that pulls the moon, therefore this lot pulling each other has to come closer leaving a bang as the solar system never saw before…and with Newton’s gravitational laws prevailing it has to come…but when is it coming and why does no one ever talk about this. These objects with the most mass are the closest and must form the biggest pulling power from our earthly perspective.

Why is there absolute silence about this event that must take place? Have you reading this ever given this notion a thought and why did you not give it a thought before? How far did the moon come closer this past say
million years? We heard about animals that disappeared million of years ago and we see impact craters
investigated of events gone to the past but no where is there any research offered on the moon coming towards the earth and the catastrophic end that will bring devastation to all forms of life. It will be the end, not to certain species or to some rainforests but to all forms of what can be called life! And yet as critical as this is, no one ever spared a thought about researching this doomsday looming in the future. This catastrophic end is coming as sure as Newton’s mass is pulling to form gravity! There is not enough imagination in any one person’s mind to replicate the disaster pending that will come when the earth ands the moon collide. The impact will end any form of life there might be. Academics in physics insist that gravity is founded on the Newtonian gravitational principle of

massF =GM1M2, then when is the inevitable collision coming? We have to know when is it ther2


final doomsday when all life forms will end.


The formula F = GM1M2 says the moon has mass pulling on the earth that also has mass and this massr2

pulling on each other is destroying the radius of the distance there is between the moon and the earth. The mass of both is pulling by force that forms gravity that pulls each other closer until the moon and the earth collides with a thump. This was never seen before in the history of the solar system! But when is it coming with such force as nobody can anticipate? Humans had the formula for centuries and did nothing.

For those not familiar with Newton’s gravitational principles I will give you an update of science development that took place the past three hundred years, in the event you missed the latest findings.

Have you heard about the apple that fell from the tree that had a bigger influence on mankind than any religious intervention before the event or after the event? This incident with the apple changed the outlook of every person on earth notwithstanding religion, culture, ethnicity, or race. This apple that fell from a tree changed the lives of every individual on earth that remotely had anything to do with science.

Now you may think that I am referring to Adam and Eve and the probability that they ate from an illicit apple without permission. No this apple had far more reaching significance than Adam’s apple had because although Adam and his Apple was important it had only had significance as far as man is


concerned in context of sins man had and as far as some religions believe. The apple I am talking about changed the outlook man has on the entire cosmos. This apple brought the cosmos into a new light and everything in the cosmos became clearer all thanks to an apple that fell at the rite place at the rite time. Every time anything falls to the earth this should be your reminder that your final destiny with the moon is eminent. As objects drops or falls, then by the same margin and token is the moon coming closer but quicker because the moon has a lot more mass favouring the speed by which it must then fall. Newton saw the apple fall and realised the moon was falling to the earth as the earth is falling to the sun. Newton was the one that concluded his principles of gravity by seeing an apple falling and then he extended this rather ordinary occurrence to become a Universally spectacle compelling as a cosmic connected event.

Newton as a student saw an apple fall while he was on his back as he was loitering under the English sun. As he saw an apple fall from a branch and he made this the most fundamental event in science as far as humans recollect. Seeing the apple fall Newton concluded that the apple has mass and the earth has mass. He saw the apple fall down from the tree to the earth and realised this as a spectacular cosmic spectacle with all the astronomical implications preceding the event. As great a mind as Newton had he did not see an apple fall but he saw the way the moon is descending towards the earth. He realised there was more than one apple falling to the earth; no there was a force that was between the moon and the earth. The apple fell by the force of mass and whenever whatever fall, the falling is going by mass.
Newton saw the moon as the apple and the earth as the earth and although the moon was much bigger than the apple it was also much further from the earth than what the falling apple was. …But according to this he then put his gravitational principle in place where he declared that between the apple and the earth a force called gravity is in place.

The mass of the apple was pulling the earth but the mass the earth has made it impractical to expect that the apple would be able to pull the mass of the earth towards the apple.
The earth also pulled on the apple by the force the mass of the earth would enlist. The earth is pulling the apple with all of the mass the earth could apply while the apple was pulling the earth with all the mass the apple had about. By measure of mass discrepancy all the falling went the way of the apple. This then brought about a pulling contest and the end result of the pulling is the falling of the apple and this enormous event of the earth and the apple pulling one another in the tug of war happened in front of his eyes. He became the eyewitness of an absolute enormous cosmic event and Newton furthermore was so brilliant in mind as to give this the deserving Universal implications, but that is the mind that Newton had!


If we go one step further and realise what Newton realised at the time we find that we don’t have an apple hanging from a branch but we have a moon filling the sky, or filling a part of the sky. The principle does not change. In the one event there is an apple and in the next we have a moon. The apple is much smaller than the bigger moon but then the apple is much closer to the earth than the moon that is much further away from the earth. The earth is the earth that remains the earth in both cases.

Therefore the scenario remains identical in both cases notwithstanding many discrepancies. As the apple falls so the moon falls but the moon is a lot further and would therefore take a longer time to fall to the earth. However, by investigating both the scenarios no person that knows the least about science would dispute that if Newton’s pulling of gravity by the force of mass were true (and nobody in science seems to disputes this) the moon is falling although the moon is taking a little longer to fall all the way. But as sure as the apple was falling in that we can have the same assuredness that the moon is also falling. When you look outside and you see anything falling you can be as assured that the moon is falling on you and the moon is coming as sure as rain or anything else is coming down to the earth..

According to Newtonian science everything is falling because everything has mass and where everything has mass and in that everything is falling by the value of that mass. Go on and allow something to fall and you what you will notice is that when you see whatever falling, it actually is the moon falling except, the moon has a lot more mass and therefore the moon is falling a lot more than what a measly apple would fall. The moon is coming whenever you allow an apple to fall or not allow an apple to fall. The moon will contribute all the mass it can contribute and the earth will contribute all the mass it can contribute and both objects are coming towards each other but more the moon to the earth than the earth to the moon…and like it or not the moon is coming all the same! This is Newton’s science legacy to us. but in this idea is hidden a lot more doom than just envisaging any object meeting another object!

Mass of the earth x Mass of the moonF = G radius between the two destroyed by the square thereof

Think how big the moon is and then think how big the earth is and then think how close the earth is from the moon … think of the force this must unleash and how this force has to increase as the moon is coming closer, speeding up the pace by increasing the speed of the moon closing the distance between the two solar bodies and where does this leave you? You being sandwiched in between the two!

Think how the sea will have high and low tides of thousands of meters pulling the waves to destroy the land long before the moon ever rushed into the earth with a bang. By the time the Moon appears this large in the sky, would there be human life remaining to see the event occurring or would all human life be seized by then? Think of Global Warming and this will bring us Global Warming as nothing did before.

Then again might this “global warming” not be an eye blind to cover up the real issue that is at hand, the moon coming towards the earth. To stop a panic attack that will destroy all forms of property and currency those in power then create the “global warming issue” to make us think that we are safe and that we are in charge of what we clearly never could be in charge of, and that is gravity destroying the moon and the earth? Why has no person ever thought even to mention this subject, ever only once?

Those in charge of putting the fear of God into us by arousing mass hysteria about Global Warming and carbon polluting or destruction looming such as the international press never even mention the possibility of such a collision! Why is that the case! Why is there never a hint or a thought going on about this crash?


There are probes in place to detect renegade comets and asteroids that might inflict massive damage when it hits the earth. Science does show a tendency to locate this event beforehand because this brings a certain degree of worry to those charged with finding something to worry about. Billions in whatever currency is spent to detect some asteroid or comet that is heading our way with the sole purpose to destroy the earth, but when this happens the event is by chance. These events are not predictable and are avoidable and yet they are studied in anguish. There is a much more realistic desecration heading our way with the moon destroying the earth.

This event has a better chance and more certainty, with Newton’s principles applying the certainty factor and yet this possibility is never even mentioned by those charged with detecting concerns and evoking mass-hysteria! Why would those devils advocates that are doing research about doomsday scenarios and other cheap thrills never mention the time that the earth and the moon are bound to collide? If it is billions of years away, then knowing that it is still in the very far future will soothe us and bring comfort. However, if it is a possibility that could happen and we could do nothing about it but commit suicide to escape this fate, then hiding this information from the public seems the way to go for those in power. The photos depict the Tunguska event in 1908 in Siberia when an Asteroid exploded above the earth. This was devastating.

See the trees that were giants seem as if they were matches strewn. The blast depicted by this event is comparable to a flash bulb lightning a room to take a photograph. Any person who thinks Tunguska was bad news to the earth should rethink his or her degree of worrying. Tunguska and its aftermath is a Christmas cracker side show compared to what is coming when the moon is coming to our part of the earth. Try the event when the moon comes hitting the earth and see what there truly is that could bring discomfort at bedtime when no one on earth would feel the need to sleep because the ultimate doomsday is with us and upon us. Anyone needing a worry has this one to worry about because this tops the lot!

The Tunguska event would in comparison seem to be a minor local inconvenience compared to when the moon collides with the earth and both objects becoming dust particles. In this light would it not be wiser for the rich and those in political power just to keep quiet about such looming catastrophic scenario and in keeping silence not arouse a hysteric human race going mad in fear and anxiety? Think how uncontrollably mad everyone would get knowing death is upon us? So hush the peoples concerns…

With the formula as Newton introduced it being F = GM1M2 any one with a little insight into reality couldr2
see that as the bottom part decreases (become smaller) this will affect the top part to become larger. I will show three values and you will see what I mean.100 =1 and100 =100and then getting the100 1

bottom really small100 =100000 . The bottom part’s decrease increases the speed of the top part or.001


the gravitational movement. By reducing the distance the force of gravity will grow exponentially faster! 00017.jpg

I show you this to indicate that the closer the moon gets to the earth the faster it will come to the earth. The last minute the moon will travel about say one hundred million kilometres because the gravity pull will increase by a billion trillion times per second. During the last day’s coming closer to the earth by radius reduction will be as quick as the last million years we now have. The rushing moon will increase in speed by the square of the disappearing radius and we sit between the two as a human sandwich.

This is the tempo whereby the distance of the radius between the earth and the moon will shrink. Then these numbers still have to be divided by the squared of the reducing radius making the result incomprehensibly more devastating. The smaller the radius becomes the faster the radius would become smaller and the more the tempo would be of the moon closing down on the earth. The one-year everything might seem perfectly under control and the next year everything will seem to go mad in haste. The moon will seem to be on a runaway collision coarse going out of bounds the closer it gets. The devastation it brings will increase exponentially and becoming so big no one would be able to realise the changes as the doomsday is increasing! No one would be able to keep track of the fatalities occurring. Everybody that died during the first and the Second World War plus the epidemic influenza that came after the First World War would be deaths happening in one day and during every day.

And no one in science even thinks about this scenario while Newton’s gravitational laws are in place? Can you think why not?

Those who should know better says when the sun runs out of its current fuel, the hydrogen starts to cool down, as it will expand into a red giant and could expand out to where Jupiter is circling or so they say it is going to be. These are the estimates I have seen quoted before and are not mine to quote. The end of the sun is billions of years away. It is a lot of hogwash but it shows someone somewhere got interested and started some form of thinking about how the sun and the solar system would end. Yet no one in science ever thought it worthwhile to conduct a study into when the earth and the moon will go into destruction.

Even if this is going to happen in a billion or five billion or a trillion years from now, still there are persons that find the end of the sun important enough to be concerned about. It shows that it is not because it is far into the future that there is no apparent interest into the collision between the moon and the earth. The moon would have hit the earth much sooner than the sun would explode, so why is there no investigative research done on the earth and moon contracting by the mass that Newton foresaw? I don’t for a minute say I agree with anything said about the sun, but at least it shows some investigation was done not looking at the correctness thereof, there was a thought spared about how the sun will end. It is said using Newtonian vision about what the Universe holds install that the sun is going to blow up and burst and come to an end. Don’t repeat me on this hogwash because all I wish to prove that in terms of even the sun coming to a closure of a life cycle there was research done in this line of thought. It is said that the sun will scourge the solar system out of existence but never does any one mention that the moon and the earth is having a get-together long before that formed on the grounds of Newton’s vision on gravity coming from mass that pulls mass. If science can look this far ahead and find a doomsday waiting on us billions upon billions of years from now, why is everybody avoiding the apparent doomsday that is much closer to realising the ending of all of the earth and its moon including all (and the only) life that was ever present in the Universe.

With everyone in science saluting Newton’s gravitational contracting there was an extended effort by Albert Einstein to find the critical density of the Universe. That is the backbreaking effort that science took with painstaking accuracy to find the level of interest in determining the end of the entire Universe. The critical density idea did not pan out and that left science high and dry for answers about science. They did not stop there, no Sir, they paddles on in darkness to find the answer. They left no stone untouched to come up with a conclusion…and yet not one person in all that time started to think that the contraction will be much better monitored by researching the moon reducing of the radius it has between it and the earth. Would it not have been much easier to study when the moon will splash into the earth and from there work out when Newton’s attraction will have the worst collision we can think of happening in our backyard?

Then science goes further and tries to detect the untraceable that is invisible. They try to find dark matter in a shady Universe. They spend billions on dark material or dark energy research but not a single dime goes the way of finding out when the moon and the earth will have a gravitational self-destruction event. Do you not find that very odd…or is it just I wondering about what? Someone in science thought it was worthwhile to study what would happen in the very solar end when the sun comes to a final exploding



00018.jpgSomeone in science took time to bother with the end of

the solar system and what will be the applying conditions during the finale era of our sun having a solar system. They even measured how big and how red the sun would be in the end but never do they bother about what is more obvious, when will the earth and moon get together. That seems very odd and suspicious to the less informed…

Science goes even much further. They sequestered Albert Einstein to measure all the mass in the entire Universe to find out when will the Universe start contracting and come to the end of its life cycle in accordance to Newton’s gravitational pulling principles. There is no limits or ends to which they will not go to find the end or bring finality to whatever they try to establish. To measure the end of the Universe is going much further than to establish when the earth and the moon will meet their gravitational destiny, with Newton and his theory of mass pulling mass so fundamentally proven. But there is no end to their resolution for they never stop with their inquest. When the Critical Density Investigation did not deliver the results that would bring satisfaction, they went in search of Dark Matter. I am going to go much deeper into the Critical Density and the search for Dark Matter later on in the book.

Think of what effort it took and still takes to find the reason why the earth is expanding and what human effort went into that. They are relentless in their quest to find answers. Yet, when it comes to the time when the moon and the earth will finally collide we find only silence. It is the sort of silence I describe when I pointed out what to look for when one goes in search of a conspiracy. I find not even a whisper…

On earth nothing are kept to rest in peace. They run probes from the Artic ice fields all the way down to Antarctica. The search for information never seizes and the lust they have for knowledge never ends, except when we get to the issue of the moon colliding with the earth. In that matter the thought is never even realised and the question serving the silence is: “Why not and why never a word about this matter?” Is nobody at least interested what will occur the final days when the moon meets the earth in a full moon?


They have probes to detect tsunamis that will only devastate regions horrible, as it is it can’t compare to the moon hitting the earth. There will be waves every day generated by the gravitational increase of the nearing moon that you now would associate with the worst tsunami occurrences, which would then become the mild everyday waves found on the beach. The sea will become a wild devastating machine that pulls all land into the sea with waves going as high as a thousand meters and much more. This is the scenario waiting on us holding life and no research is going into trying to predict when this is going to happen. They research tsunamis in detail but no one place on earth could be considered as safe when the moon lands on earth. Such waves will draw mountain ranges into the sea and destroy giant areas into water-wastelands. Think of the crushing force of one such a wave and then the moon is only still coming our way. Long before humans would feel the demise there will be no human left to experience the demise. That means that the sooner we come to terms with what waits on us the more time we have…

Building caves in mountains would not help because the massive waves will get us there in the final event. It is just a thought but why is there such a surge to investigate possible occupation of Mars? There is no spot on earth that will remain safe so where will those that hold the money and the power go when they need a safe haven. What would be the most obvious reason be to keep order and keep the money flowing and for what purpose would they wish to keep the money flowing?

Think about it this way, if the rich and the powerful could take all of the tax money of all the lesser human beings and start to build on Mars under the disguise of research, then when the doomsday arrives those being the fortunate, the powerful, the influential and the law makers will have somewhere to go to escape, leaving the less worthy to take the moon head on! There was an urge to get to the moon and when they got there then afterwards the interest in the moon fell to an all time low. Then those in investigating investigated all the planets without showing the least interest in what the moon might hold. Then suddenly from the blue comes some hysteric research about Mars, just after someone discovered possible prehistoric semblance of life on Mars. Why would everybody on earth now be dreaming about life on Mars…and why would all of man suddenly benefit from exploring possibilities of life extending to Mars?

If they study and find this event is still far off into the future, then do the study and tell us. If they do the study and see it is going to happen in three or four generations from now, then include us into the plans of becoming Martians or say who will be left behind and on what merit is the choice made, but for God sake, do studies and tell us, that is if we could trust Newton’s physics of mass that pulls mass.

The conspiracy is in the silence of… It is not in hiding or not telling us how much the moon is coming closer but it is in the “not coming closer” that the conspiracy hides the truth.

If the Fundamental of Science according to Newton is correct then there is only one way the earth


could find its final destiny, it is when the moon will hit the earth and with doing that destroy all forms of life in the collision. According to

Newton F = GM1M2 the moon and the Earth are in a tug of war andr2


the two are pulling each other closer. That is according to Newton’s formula.

The Fundamental of Science says that the mass of bodies attract. Then there is one question more important than all other science research put together.
When will the moon and the earth destruct in a collision where the mass destroyed the distance that held the two solar bodies apart. The two have been pulling for billions of years and should

be coming to the period of intimate connecting by collision. It is said that mass pulls mass.

Newton came up with this novel idea about a little more than three hundred years ago . What this idea says is that every object has mass and each object pulls all other objects by the value of the mass that every individual object has.
Teachings say that the moon is pulling the earth as much as the earth is pulling the moon. All teachers in physics in learning institutions teach students this and by culture every student believes this without condition or question. If I say this is rubbish no one believes me.

This concept is so engraved into our culture we have to except this without question to a point that when I say this is not happening, it then is I that has to deliver the proof of this concept being total void of truth and is complete incorrectness.

Newton was never tested before and I prove that, yet I have to prove Newton is incorrect! 00020.jpg

I say gravity is the part that does not connect to mass and is the factor producing movement that brings on the intention of motion of all objects to carry on moving downwards, notwithstanding the blocking action or mass, which comes from intervention of the earth occupying space that stops further descending. Mass is not connected to gravity in the way as initiating gravity since mass comes in place when it stops the motion of moving downwards of the falling body.

When the body stops moving down further it where the concept starts of having mass. Mass is achieved by stopping and preventing further downwards motion by having a solid object fill the space with material that will intervene further movement of descending to a centre of the body having gravity and therefore gravity is in the performing of the descending motion. Then my Super-educated-Intellectuals feel threatened when I confront them by bursting this super intellectual demeanour they hide behind with a thought through idea of what gravity is in relation to how mass forms.

On the moon I have minimum mass (1/3 of what I have on earth), which must result in minimum gravity (again 1/3 of what I have on earth) if mass is what produces gravity. That means in space I must have no mass that produces micro gravity. They say mass is doing the pulling but then when there is no pulling it must mean there is no mass doing the “no-pulling”. That is one part of the ongoing science conspiracy, changing the rules ongoing and never get to a point of understanding. If I have micro gravity I then must have no mass! Gravity is in turning the earth and this thrust downwards end in the body having mass when the thrust downwards can’t move the body down any more but the intention of movement remains.


It is not you being glued or not being glued to the Earth that I discard when I question the mass idea. Mass forming weight is indisputable and that the conspirers called physicists know. It is the definition holding this whole idea about mass forming a force of a pulling magnitude that I do not share in the least. What the definition of a pulling force describes is magnets pulling onto iron and it is the total opposite of what I experience when I have mass. If it was produced by the formula Newtonian use it will be the breaking of the first millimetre of the gravity clampdown that would be the hardest to achieve whereas this first millimetre of lift is the easiest part and not the most difficult. The difficulty increases as the radius grows and not as the radius decreases.

When I say there is no mass that produces gravity everyone think I say we all are going to fall off the Earth and with me thinking that way then it is obvious that I must be a nut. Everyone thinks of me as the clown acting mad when I say mass is not to be found in the cosmos. I do not say we are not standing on the Earth where we obviously have mass, I say Jupiter and the other planets can’t have mass because I can’t find mass playing any role. I do not say there is nothing that is keeping me glued to the earth. I say there is no attraction between two bodies by the force of the mass that is such doing is diminishing the radius parting the bodies by the inverse square law. I say there are a connection by motion between the centre of he body and the material surrounding the centre. This is what I say when I say there is no gravity produced by the pulling power of a fictional force that mass would create.

Go to and see the remedy I offer. The Universe has mass that is pulling mass towards one another and we are in the centre of an ever shrinking Universe. Then along came a man that had a good look at the Universe. The lot was growing apart. The Universe was growing by miles and not shrinking into nothing.

The man was E.P. Hubble. The world was expanding and not contracting which made the Universe quite wrong. Newton could never be wrong because Newton was never wrong yet…so if the Universe is out of step with science, then science will correct such an abnormality by finding a way to defraud science and postpone the correcting that the Universe had to comply with since the Universe owed the Master Newton some apology. Did the Universe not know that he whom never can be wrong is in name Isaac Newton! Decisive action was needed. When will the Universe confirm its incorrectness by affirming Newton’s obvious correctness? When will the cosmos come clean and prove Newton correct.




Looking at the astronaut float in space we believe there is a force of attraction between the mass of the earth and the mass of the person and this force of attraction is gravity. The mass must be present if Newton’s principles apply. The man must have mass and the earth must have mass but it is without falling, so where is the pulling “force” of the mass in any of the above pictures?

This principle of gravity declares that a force of attraction by the value of mass of both solar objects is pulling to the value of mass in order to reduce the radius, therefore bringing the moon and the earth closer by reducing the distance between the two bodies by the square thereof. The body of the earth holds mass that pulls the mass of the body of the astronaut down by the force called gravity. This idea is not science but it is culture and is drummed into our minds like it is one of our living senses we have to adhere too.

This idea, being culture and not science is also the biggest lot of hogwash ever invented by man to scare the mindless many forming the greater thoughtless populous on earth. If this was the case, then the result of this must lead to an inevitable collision that must end the existence of both the earth as well as the moon. Let them and those with the ability to design space worms and space whirls and Black Holes now calculate when is this inevitable event is due and inform the human race when our final day of doom will

arrive by using Newton’s law of attraction or F = GM1M2 . This collision will end all form of life in ther2

known Universe, it is that important to know. We have to know the day. However the god News is that the moon coming towards the earth is not the conspiracy under investigation but what is the conspiracy is the fact that the moon is not coming closer to the earth.

That is what science is hiding from everyone.
Should you wish to read more arguments on these aspects then go to

For More about this aspect go to



Or in a more complex version as





What does A CONSPIRACY to UPHOLD a SCAM mean and how would those mosthonourable gentlemen with much integrity conducting science benefit from being dishonest about science I hear you ask in amazement and surprise?

There is no factor such as mass in the Universe. There is no evidence of a factor such as mass that holds any validity throughout the Universe. There is no proof that the Universe indicates the presence of gravity by the measure of mass forming a pulling power all the while science conducts an entire religiosity based on this falsified belief, where any such notion is falsified truth.

Using science based on the idea that there is a pulling force such as mass forming gravity is as valid as giving Snow White seven dwarfs and then beginning a religion on that basis. There is a factor such as weight but there is no pulling of anything towards anything by magical forces forming gravity or whatever.

There is a conspiracy of conducting fraud by claiming non- existing forces but according to nature such claims are utterly fraudulent. I have been trying for twelve years to introduce the true forming of gravity but all Physicists I have encountered prevented me from doing so. My work uses what we find in nature which is what they up to now could never explain since what there is in nature clashes with Newton and compromises Newton’s philosophy. They stop me because my work makes Newtonian science utter rubbish and when removing the notion that a pulling force of gravity works by the value of mass, most of their work becomes science fiction that falls apart in substance.

Read this and see how students in physics are methodically brainwashed to get the students to believe in the absolute accuracy of science. Professors and teachers participate knowingly or unknowingly in this thought manipulation process by means of conducting mind control. By applying this mind-altering process those teaching physics ensure they subdue students into becoming mind-altered zombies. It is a process going on for centuries and which without science would have no foot to stand on in the modern environment. By presenting incorrect, falsified or unproven facts and other untruths as proven truth they exert thought control and thereby change the student’s ability to appreciate what is correct and believable logic and then force students to discard such judgement ability in favour of accepting the institutionalised untested norms and values of science in order to unequivocally believe in science. The accepted teaching methods force students to comply by compromising their better judgment and then systematically to capitulate under teacher pressure by making their own what science prescribes what should be believed. I prove this and you get this for free so what have you got to lose…but you can get wise to what forms a better understanding about science! By using the building blocks that forms the Universe I take you back to the instant the Universe started and I show you how the Universe fits like a jigsaw puzzle.

If you think my accusations are baseless or the ravings of a madman then go on and download what you have opened and read for yourself. What you download is free and I do not benefit financially from this explanation I present to you.

This forms part from Lulufree of charge For more about the conspiracy also visit or and

I am P.S.J Schutte, nicknamed Peet. Being a white South African my mother tongue is Afrikaans and my second language is English. I have per suiting a new cosmic theory that I partly present in a six part theses, of which the investigating research began in 1977. First I located what was wrong in physics. I compiled my presentation of The theses called The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity and then six separate thesis parts forming the theses published through which I saw as way the only manner whereby I could generate funding by which I would be able to have the twenty seven books I already wrote linguistically edited and then to have the books published on a Print-On-Demand basis. I compiled a new cosmic theory by which I eliminated all the incorrectness that Newton has burdened science with but with this being my opinion I did not find a garage full of academics supporters waiting to applaud me and to uphold my views on the matter. Yet still I was not going to be ambushed by their relentless stonewalling my efforts and blocking my efforts in introducing both the incorrectness and the new cosmic theorem I concluded. Their blocking convinced me about a Conspiracy in Science in Progress and this spurred me on to tell the entire world about their brainwashing of the minds of students. This kept me busy for the past going on to twelve years on full time basis whereby I was trying to introduce my findings to many academics without finding much joy from my efforts.

This past eleven years plus saw me go without any income as I tried to get my theorem recognised as well as get my warning noted. Going without a steady income left me almost destitute and in order to find a manner to get my theory across to the attention of influential readers, I decided to publish a theses of six books electronically as to try and get around the stranglehold of Newtonian bias controlling science at present worldwide. I decided to publish electronically which those in power do not control.

With my first language not English and the books not linguistically checked by an expert there are bound to be language errors that readers will notice. In the past I tried to check my work myself but after checking say one hundred and fifty pages for language corrections, then after days of toiling instead of having corrected work I ended having four hundred pages of newly written information which is still not linguistically corrected but holds a lot more information. The language and spelling errors compiled instead of reduced. This is because my priorities lie elsewhere. I aim to spend money on correcting the work as far as language goes, as I receive money in the selling of my theses and in the hope that I will receive money. I will have all my work including the one you are reading edited professionally and corrected as I find money to do so...But first I have to get the public aware of the problem to get the academics to appreciate the problem.

Please note that I do find much pride in my status as being Afrikaner and would like to have my names used by pronouncing it in the manner Afrikaans dictates…therefore I would sincerely appreciate the courtesy when readers will take note that my name and last name are pronounced in Afrikaans, which is originally from Dutch and must be pronounced that way. Peet one would pronounce “here which is the closest English to the pronouncing of theee”. TheSch in Schutte is pronounced exactly as school is where both actually are pronounced Skutte orskool”. By pronouncing my name in Afrikaans you do me the utmost courtesy any one can. Being an Afrikaner is what I am most proud of. If you have been a scholar at school you would know how to pronounce Schutte.

I always submit articles to well known physics magazines but my articles are rejected on the most unappeasable grounds and for the most outrageously ridiculous reasons the Newtonians can think of. I explain how gravity forms but I am rejected because they are of the opinion that my work does not meet an acceptable level of standard since I am at odds with the way science in the present think about gravity.

I say and I prove there is no such a thing as “mass” with the ability to “pull” anything. I do not say a person does not have weight but I say no person has “mass” that brings about a force that pulls anything closer by using gravity. According to the Big Bang principle everything is growing and moving “further apart” and therefore there is no “mass” pulling anything closer according to “body mass” because nothing has “body mass”. But my views are rejected because my views clash with the wisdom of the Masters forming the principles that direct the thinking of science in science according to science. If you want to read how corrupt the thinking is in science then read on but do so with the sole purpose to prove me wrong. That is one thing not one of the Masters forming the principles that direct the thinking of science in science according to science carrying all the wisdom they can manage could ever do! If I made a statement that Newton is wrong about gravity, which person would believe me? If I said that

everyone in science are aware that the formula on which all science are based F = GM1M2 is as false asr2


a politicians’ honour, this fact will then come as an astonishing surprise to everyone. This F = GM1M2 isr2

the formula judged to form the basis on which the entirety of physics rests. Yet, nothing can be more inaccurate than this formula that science form its entire basis on. As students learn this formula off by heart it starts off a brainwashing process and this procedure becomes everything that science represents. Should students not repeat this formula as the gospel truth as if it forms the only representing accuracy found in nature, that student will be sent off brand marked not to be capable of understanding the fundamental basis of science. The presumption is that the Universe has mass that is pulling mass towards one another and we are in the centre of an ever shrinking Universe. That is what this

formula F = GM1M2 represents That is what the lot of us think can see… we think we are forming ther2
centre of the ever contracting cosmos where every Newtonian can vividly see with his or her eyes through any telescope that all Newtonian minded scientists are sharing the centre stage of the ever collapsing Universe. The Universe is about to end where all mass contracts into one huge lump of material or that are what Newtonian science says.

In the books on offer through this web page and in which I am introducing a totally new concept in terms of gravity, the proof I bring is true about gravity being formed as a result of these phenomena. In the past science hardly recognised the existence of such phenomena although they are known to science for centuries. They are known as 1) The Lagrangian system

2) The Roche limit
3) The Titius Bode law

4) The Coanda affect.
However, since the explanations that I provide holds a completely new line of thought, there are just too many and too numerous wide ranging facts behind that which forms the complete picture as a whole, this leaves me unable to include a full introduction in a space as small as that which a web page will allow. The explaining of such a totally new approach includes for instance those phenomena science this far failed to understand and which I have named as the four cosmic pillars. With these facts being altogether new to science, I find academics showing very little willingness to consider the acceptable value thereof. I recon it must be the result of science seeing so many idle explanations in the past and then proving to be senseless as much as being little impressive, therefore my mentioning it without bringing and substantiating proof will be fruitless and counter productive.

I found the manner in which to interpret Kepler’s formula as a3= kT2 and I found that when dealing with Kepler’s formula, we should not seea3 as space but we should see singularity being positioned in space in relation to singularity forming relevancies. What brought the answers was putting singularity in context with Π. Doing that placed me in the position to discover what gravity is and how gravity operates to form the Universe. I saw that Kepler’s formula should instead use Π. By placing Π in relation to gravity I manage to find an explanation for the four cosmic phenomena. Everything that has anything to do with gravity forms a circle albeit that it is called the curvature of space-time or gravity bending light or forming a round galactica, the connecting factor is gravity which implements Π. Gravity or another name used to call gravity would be time is running on the measure of Π and every aspect of cosmology integrates Π as the basic concept on which cosmology is founded.

Because my views do not echo the commendable praise attributed to the greatness by which Newton is commemorated, my work is purposely and very much wilfully poorly received in the world of physics and astrophysics and by that I find very little willingness in any understanding shown in the ranks of Newtonian science. This work contains ideas about the introducing of a totally new concept on explaining for the first time ever the working principles of gravity, a matter that eluded Newton no less. I decided to offer four books that introduce the explaining of these concepts in e-book format. This method of publishing rests totally on a financial basis. I tried to introduce the four phenomena as a concept by using a web page but found such introduction is far too comprehensive in having just too many and numerously wide ranging facts that form the complete picture as a whole to be comprehensibly appreciable, and therefore on account of that realisation that I was unable to include a full introduction in a space as small as that which a web page will allow, it gave me the idea of introducing this new concept via electronic publishing. As my other books I sell by printing are all hundreds to thousands of Mega Bites of information, I had to revise the layout where each is to have fewer than twenty mega bites. This motivated me to only introduce the concepts in producing small books that then could be sold via the electronic publishing media as to allow persons to first acquaint themselves about the viability of the concepts and the feasibility of this new approach I introduce. If any person shows interest in finding out more about any of the books, please click on the book of interest and discover something in science no one yet has ever heard about.

\ The main issue of finding the value and the meaning of the four phenomena was to connect gravity to Π. Gravity is much closer connected and is much more intimately related to Π than it ever can be linked with mass. By giving each of the phenomena a measured value in terms of Π solved every riddle connected to the phenomena and not only did the phenomena become purposely clear but also the working principle gravity…
I prove that gravity is Π and the four cosmic phenomena forms gravity by producingΠ when objects move in relation to each other.

By using the above the four cosmic pillars, it enable me to present the proof where I now can explain what conditions bring on the sound barrier. By proving it is gravity that the individual structure generates motion above and beyond the gravity the Earth provide is what is producing individual motion that the independent object earned within the sphere of motion that the Earth’s gravity provides where the independent and individual motion put the relevance that gravity has beyond the conserving means gravity has where the space that is serving the independent object is independently in motion. The adding to the independence on top of the normal structural independence is creating more individualism by the independent motion of the individual structure being apart from the motion that the gravity of the Earth provides.

This picture represents a planet with the rings showing how gravity form by the four cosmic principles named as the 1) The Lagrangian system 2) The Roche limit 3) The Titius Bode law 4) The Coanda affect and every principle is visibly present. It is a factor of mass that is absent. Also there is no indication of anything pulling anything closer because the rings remain at specific distances as the rings have since the rings formed around the planet. If mass was present and formed a pulling power the planet had to have absorbed all the rings millions of years ago and no trace of any rings would be left.

1) I found the location, position of singularity ΠººººΠ as a factor forming space-time 2) I foundspace-time by dissecting Kepler’s formula in relation tovaluing singularity as Πº 3) I not only found but I also proved space-time by showing how movement forms Π. 4) I found that theworking principals behind gravity as a cosmic occurrence are forming Π. 5) I found the reason for theRoche limit and explaining the resulting of that in relation to Π. 6) I found out why theLagrangian system, becomes Π as the building form of the Universe. 7) I found why theTitius Bode law mathematically provides the foundation of Π.

By proving that the Coanda affect is gravity assisted by the other three phenomena and thereby through activating singularity it formed space-time, I was able to link gravity with singularity in applying the measured value of what forms Π and then I could link singularity to gravity by the forming of the value of Π as gravity. That I managed by seeing that it is the way that Π forms that gravity also forms.


The fact every one misses is that any structure that is not part of the earth crust in the structure has own gravity that is stronger than that of the Earth which provides the independent individuality the structure with unique structural space has. The gravity of the Earth strive to incorporate all in the sphere the Earth has into the structure the Earth has and therefore the fact that the structure that forms a factor Newton called mass is not incorporated as yet, shows defiance and individuality in the first place.

There are three ranges of books I put in place in order to inform as many person as I possibly can. Some people can cope with 10 new facts and no more while others can cope with fifty new facts. This is not a sign if stupidity. A sign of stupidity is to believe there is a factor such as mass that control the Universe when there is no proof of such a factor at all in the Universe. Some people can manage to relate to 500 new facts in one book. This too is not a sign of cleverness but shows only mental development. Too have the insight to see that gravity is not formed by weight or mass is what shows development. The mental development is the same as all development. One does not send an athlete to the Olympic games without physical development. Just because one person runs the 100 meter in 20 seconds and the other runs it in 10 does not make the slower runner less of a person or the faster runner more of a person. The fact that a person can run and another person like I now am because of health reasons can’t run at all makes me a lesser able person, but not lesser person. Before I became handicapped I could run averagely quick. Now with my diabetes ruining my legs I can’t run, but it does not make me lesser person, it makes me someone that can walk with a lesser stride. The same goes for persons that did not develop to understand a thousand facts all in one go. For those that cope with understanding and appreciating less facts I offer books I call a website that shows lesser information but overall not lesser facts.

Important too realise is the fact that the Universe can’t contract as Newtonians say it does while expanding according to the Big Bang principle. Not being able to see this is a contradiction and that this can’t apply is evidence of stupidity. To think that “missing mass” can hide in the wind and later bring about a turn around allowing the expanding of the Universe is a sign of disparity and not seeing the disparity shows complete mental stupidity and a lack of understanding anything realistic. That shows stupidity having a total absence of mental ability. …And guess who are those that are stupid enough not to see there is no mass anywhere in the cosmos and those that cant see something can’t contract and expand at the same time, it is those that think they are cleverer than God and they can redesign the Universe and change what they don’t like about the Universe by applying their mathematical skills they perceive to have whenever it pleases them. Not seeing reality and not coping with what applies is representing stupidity.

1 is ISBN 978-1-920430-41-2, which is A CONSPIRACY WEBSITE # 1
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The above books are available from Google and culminated as a CONSPIRACY in SCIENCE in PROGRESS ISBN978-1-920430-05-4


and also available as
978----11----920430920430----0707----8 email: Mailto: Or

Now at this point up to now we have speculated about how a science conspiracy is not presented let’s see how a science conspiracy is conducted. Now it is most revealing but very little publicised that there will be no moon / earth coming together. It is spoken of but not a lot and when it is spoken of it is told in a matter-of-fact-hushed-up sort of way. Has any reader seen this was front-page news lately? Big banners reading: the moon is departing and not coming closer and therefore Newton is absolutely wrong and physicist has no idea about physics. No it is very slightly and even more sparely spoken of. That confirms a conspiracy to hide something. However there are conspiracies in place to hide conspiracies in place that would cover for conspiracies and the entire thing becomes an onion with layers enough to drive you to tears. In the background hidden under many conspiracies there lurks a Mother Conspiracies and

the purpose of all conspiracies is to cover the Mother Conspiracy.



When last did you see on TV on the six o’clock news the headlines shouting out: It has been confirmed by NASA that the Moon’s orbital distance is increasing at a rate of 3.8 cm per year of about 3--4 cm/yr. Has any one physicist announced that the moon will not hit the earth and why this will not happen is because the moon is parting from the Earth. The moon was much closer in the past but they hide the fact that the Moon’s orbital distance is increasing at a rate of 3.8 cm per year? If you saw is on any news channel please let me know. I think this news is much more appropriate to be designated as headline news than the declassification of Pluto from planet status to orbiting rock fragment. But this news will never reach headlines. Neither wills the news become evening headlines that the earth is increasing the circumference every year. What would the purpose be of hiding this truth from the public, it is insignificant? The reason is the Mother Conspiracy, which I will explain later on.

The distance between the moon and the earth is not reducing but it is increasing! Save that for front-page news. What such an announcement would shout out loud is that the Universe is not contracting by the value of mass as Newton anticipated, but it is increasing by a value that I have determined. This is my storey about the conspiracy storey. In order to accept my calculations, one has to reject Newton’s law of attraction just as much as the cosmos rejects Newton’s law of attraction.

Every child at school is forced to believe in the formula Newton introduced when Newton saw his apple


fall from the tree. It is F = GM1M2 where it is believed that the mass of the earth pulls the mass of ther2

apple because the mass of the earth is pulling the mass of the moon because the mass of the sun is pulling the mass of the earth. If the moon is not falling, the sun is not falling so how does the apple fall? Never will this be on TV news just because according to Newtonian principle there is attraction by the force of gravity to the value of mass. Nevertheless, NASA confirms the moon and earth is parting in a way that increases the distance between the two solar systems. Knowing this proves physicist’s stupidity and lack of fundamental understanding about physics. So one conspiracy was improvised to stop this from becoming public knowledge. It is called the Critical Density Theory and to form blind spats an important name was placed in the centre. It was Albert Einstein that was supposedly the chosen one to correct the wrong doings of the cosmos.

There was one culprit that was responsible for this information getting everyday news and he was E.P. Hubble. Before Hubble got so outspoken about his findings the entire world of physics new they were bullshitting the public blind about Newton’s anomalies but was getting away with it for centuries. Just go and question “Kepler’s” laws that Newton founded and you can see how far Newton was off the track. E.P. Hubble saw through his telescope that the Universe was moving apart. Before this everybody agreed with Newton that the Universe was contracting under the load of mass. Newton saw the moon coming close by the value of mass as the earth was getting closer to the sun by the value of mass and to be

F = GM1M2 and redesign the entire Universer2


equal to God those intellectuals could just apply

according to each ones liking. If you had the mass you could gauge when the Universe began. If you had the mass you could gage when the Universe will end. By having the mass one would find the force that drove the moon towards the earth. Before the event of Newton’s miraculous discovery of forces driving planets around the sun to the tune of gravity, this was mainly God’s prerogative to have such knowledge. No one gave a fart about understanding anything this formula said because if they did they would know the correctness thereof was a joke. So with nobody having the intellect to argue the correctness thereof, it was considered brilliant just to pretend one does understand and then become a member of the Brainy Bunch society ruling physics. All one needs is to pretend to understand and believe that mass pulls mass and then you are as clever as Newton and everyone knows Newton is bloody clever so anyone believing the Universe is contracting by the measure of mass that forms gravity places such a person equal to God’s intellect. That way all that anyone is asked for when to be thought of, as being clever is to repeat

after Newton that F = GM1M2 is the formula on which the entire Universe stands by the principle ofr2

physics. How easy could it be to be so smart you think of your position as equal to God’s position. No one dare to argue with you because you have Newton backing you and only insanely stupid or mentally handicapped will dare to argue with Newton about mass having pulling forces going around as gravity.

Newton never proved that F = GM1M2 was correct but since nobody understood whether it was correctr2


or not nobody gave a blue apes virtue about the concept of correctness. This illusion was ending and it came with a bang that broke a two hundred year conspiracy, which guaranteed silence.



Hubble saw the Universe expanding while Newton said the Universe was contracting. Then along comes this man Hubble. All Hubble had to do is to tell those not believing him to look through his enormous telescope so keeping Hubble quiet was not easy and discrediting Hubble would be most stupid.

All you have to be is to be stupid enough not to ask silly questions and then you are brilliant. Be a Newtonian and follow your leader blindly with no questions asked. Everyone would be so amazed with your brilliance they will think of you as one of the Brainy Bunch. People will stare at you in awe and all you have to do is to believe Newton and believe in science. Now Hubble went along and burst this friendly little bubble by his unasked for discovery of

the expanding.

Then along came this man Hubble with his large telescope. Everything was going well and everybody was enjoying being clever as long as you were stupid enough to be a Newtonian. Then this man unveiled a fact that declassified Newton as a flawed worthless form of stupidity. The Universe expands and does not contract. Now once again only God was flawless with Newton flawed throughout. This the Brainy Bunch was not going to appreciate and this did not go down well with the most esteemed the Newtonians.

In order to cover up for Newton’s misperception an entire variety of reasons are established, each accepted as a possible truth. The fact that Newton’s principle goes begging never gets mentioned, although the only reason why it would never get mentioned is because it is the only valid conclusion and that they don’t want. All other reasons they mention is overruled by Newton’s principal of mass pulling. Mass pulling is the founding law that all other factors rest on. The earth slinging the Moon away can’t be a factor because the mass of the earth is too great. The mass that pulls reduces the radius by the square.

The moon is moving away from the earth. Yes, have a look at all the theories presented by Newtonians on the web as to why this happens. It is the thrust, no, it is heat expansion, no, it is parting because of
sea currents, no…and there is an innumerable many excuses why this is happening. Not one has to do with Newton being wrong!
They never take Newton’s formula and apply the mass of both solar objects and see what the gravity is to
see why the parting occurs. With the radius increasing the gravity must therefore reduce in pulling power because the distance determines the validity of the force by dividing into the multiplication of the mass.


This is the mathematical truth…as the dividing factor increases; the influence that the mass will project in the formula F =GM1M2 will diminish in respect to the growth of the distance. In that sense the gravityr2

force between the earth and the moon must reduce its ferocity therefore weaken. However, Newtonians only apply their ability to calculate and knowledge for the purpose of upholding Newton and never to provoke Newtonian liability by telling the truth. Never is there any mention of mathematical reality when mathematics is used. However this no one ever knew to be true outside of the intimate upper circles of physics, and this unmasking was to be prevented at all cost. A plan was to be devised because if the public found out Newton was a fraud all along and being Newtonian was the personification of stupidity the entire science world would come tumbling down on the heads of those most important Brainy Bunch.

No, better still, to save science a conspiracy was devised. The most intellectuals on earth had to cook up something and devise a plan to save their image and the name of Newton. The most intellectual minds concluded and fabricated to form a conspiracy to withhold the truth and forge a fraud that lasted almost ninety years to the day. Should anyone disagree with the term conspiracy, then please let me know what you would call what happened after Hubble’s discovery became prominent on the news.

In the past it was accepted that only Newton and God never made a mistake and since the Brainy Bunch Newtonians were mostly atheistic or atheistically orientated they were not that sure about the credibility of God but the unquestionable accuracy of Newton those atheists were pretty sure…and now it seems Newton made a mistake. That just could not be. They would rather have God make the mistake than let it seem as if Newton was up to no good while Newton made the incredible mistake.

Then they allowed God to make the mistake. If the Universe was expanding it was God’s fault. It sounds much better than have anyone think it is Newton’s mistake. If the cosmos expanded while Newton said it must contract then this rebellious behaviour of the cosmos must end. They had to put the blame on the Universe and then ultimately on God for making such a mistake. It must be God that made the error.

The easiest is to put the blame onto God by finding the fault at the door of an uncompromising Universe. To make the conspiracy believable they had to conjoin a concocted story that would have every halfwit on earth believe it. What will make the Universe expand? It must be a lack of the something that makes the Universe contract. Not enough contracting solution will be the cause of the expanding. If it was mass that had the Universe contract in Newton’s terms, then a lack of mass will lead to a shortfall in gravity and then the elasticity would not be enough so the elasticity would be tested and before the elasticity failed completely they had to get the Universe back on track. They saw a good measure of darkness splitting small bits of light. This must be it then. Who put that much darkness amongst that little Light?

If it was mss that should contract the Universe then it had to be not enough mass that would be to blame for the expanding of the Universe. Now to get someone credible enough in the eyes of the public yet foolish enough in ego to provide the cover for the conspiracy to work was another matter. The only candidate must be Albert Einstein. They had to get Albert Einstein to measure all the mass in the entire Universe. Now this is where the joke no longer seems funny. Only fools and idiots are going to fall for that. Look at the picture on the previous page and the picture above. This is unrecognisable small portions of a large and overwhelming large Universe. Who is keeping whom for a bloody fool?


Is there anybody that will seriously try to convince me or any other sober-minded person that any human being can measure what is to be considered as mass even in the picture above? Go back to the previous page and look at is presented as material in that picture. Is any sanity left in the suggestion that any body may even think of attempting to calculate what is in such a small portion of a fragment of a sideshow of the Universe? Can there be any person in his right mind that will think he could have the ability to measure only what is in these pictures, let alone what might be available in the entire Universe? If anything can ever bear testimony of how mad those Newtonians got, then this must represent their total loss of mental coordination about what is reality and what is hallucination of a mind gone missing of reason. Their arrogance at that instant of deciding in following a direction grew into mindless stupidity.

Put the earth in any of these pictures and the task is senseless to perform. Put the sun in as a visible star and the task is ludicrous. Put the solar system in and still it will not show as a freckle. The entire Milky Way might come about as a speck somewhere, but not big enough to be noticed. Then tell me please how many Milky Ways might fit into this small part of a huge Universe…and Albert Einstein was prepared to measure the entire Universe. I know the formula he used but using that formula indicated just how lubricous the attempt was. Still, they say Einstein determined the average mass of the entire Universe. This is a small part of what he said he could achieve. This is a conspiracy as blatant as ever there was one. Believing this first require the drinking an bottle of rum and then getting high on a barrel of cannabis. Either they were fools or they thought the entire human race was brainless fools incapable of thoughts.


Fit any of Newton’s formulas to find either the mass in the entire picture or the force of gravity holding this lot together. For the mathematical genius Einstein said he was this shows he is pretty stupid in understanding the basics of physics. He tried to calculate the mass of every object. To use the formula he did use would bring no results so I am ignoring that wasteful attempt he tried in using the formula he did. If I explain that one in this book the exercise would become a comic or a funny and that I don’t want. I try to give his attempt some realistic credibility for the sake of Einstein trying to achieve an effort worth some dignity.

However, all the blatant ignoring of human respect is not showed nor epitomised by this ludicrous ignoring of fellow human intellect because with what they tried to hide by showing what they did with what they tried to hide with that they got away. Everyone this far except me as far as I know never kicked against the critical density theory and therefore they were successful. Everyone that launched the conspiracy died with not one on earth being any the wiser about the role anyone had in this conspiracy! That is success storey in every sense as far as a conspiracy goes.

The crudeness that they got away with was to give the Universe the blame for Newton’s misjudgement. It was that they succeeded to put the blame of the error on the part of the Universe. They turned the facts around that the expanding of the Universe was blamed and the cosmos. It therefore is to be understood that it is the Universe that has to mend its ways and correct the misconduct to befit what Newton held as correct. Newton can’t take and therefore the blame of the Universe expanding goes to nature and all the


while it has to contract in precisely the manner that Newton said it should. If it is not following Newton’s orders then there has to be lost mass. Where the lost mass will go is beyond me but again the fact that the Universe could end also exceeds my understanding. But with the Universe being the wrong party there has to be mass that is unaccounted for. If they find the mass they can replace it (why else would they bother to locate the missing mass) and get the Universe back on tract and contracting once more.

Think how scandalously farfetched the presumption goes. Where in any of Newton’s formula or cosmic principles is their any indication that there is a limit to the expanding in accordance to what Newton declared. The elasticity or stretch ability and the limit thereof they made up as they went along while formulating this conspiracy. The deduction they make is on the grounds of having a “flat” Universe that is “slowing” and losing momentum. This too is reckless deduction about singularity they have no perception of. They wanted the Universe to slow down so that the Universe would stand still and form a zero expanding change direction and then start to contract. Why would I have this conclusion? Because if

= 2 q0 = (2/3Λ)(c2/H2) was correct the Universe had to have a limit. This idea is preposterous because with every end there has to be some beginning of something else. The cosmos cannot end because Kepler showed that every ending of a straight line is a circle and every circle follows as a straight line. In mathematical equations it reads as a3 = T2k and then a3 / T2= k and a3 / k = T2. The formula reads as a3 = T2k where gravity is space a3 that moves in a circle t T2hat goes straight k.

This means that every circle forms a straight line when an object orbits another object and every object in the Universe orbits some other object while being the centre of something else around which that object orbits. This is why the Universe can never end because going in a straight line puts such a straight line in an immediate circle. All driving in the cosmos be it steam, combustion engine or electric or even cosmic driving of orbiting objects has to be in a circle followed by a straight line followed by a circle and this continues indefinably. The driving value of a3 / T2 = k becomes a3 / k = T2 that becomes a3 / T2 = k that becomes a3 / k = T2 repeating the process indefinably. However reading this mathematical equation one see that movement T2k of space a3 centres around singularity k0 because if space a3 = is equal to movement then movement T2k forms space in singularity k0 since a3 / T2k = k0. No object within the solar system that orbits the sun can ever leave the sun to go to another system of orbit. To be stronger than the centre of the sun k0 the object has to create space a3 by movement T2k to overcome the gravity a3 / T2k = k0 with which the sun holds the object in gravity. In this principle we find the eternal time position that captures space forever.

The planets in the solar system goes in a straight line and while they are going straight they divert from direction and circle around the sun at a specific location. This is energy distribution all work has to comply with. The wheel of the car turns as it goes straight down the road as the car turns around the earth by going straight down the road as it goes straight with the earth as the earth turns around the sun as the sun goes straight to turn around the Milky Way and there will be more going straight while spinning as the picture grows. That is the way that all power drives because this movement connects time to space and that is one thing Newtonians have no

idea about…they have no idea what time is in relation to what space is because in all of this we find singularity which is above anything any Newtonian this far could manage.

Energy distribution is a3 = T2k where linear movement a3 / T2 = k depends entirely on circular movement a3 / k = T2. By the way the most successful formula ever devised by any man is the formula Einstein came up with as E= mC2. This should read E3= mC2 and that is a translation of Kepler’s formula of a3 = T2k in that E3 = a3, m = k and C2 = T2 This information they will never release because then they agree that the Newton idea of changing a3 = T2k to a3 = T2 is very ridiculous and if Einstein redeployed it then it is Kepler’s formula that proves to be the most successful formula ever devised. …And this formula is the basic formula that Kepler received from the cosmos when he translated what the cosmos told him in mathematics to a verbal language used by man. Kepler had to translate cosmic mathematics into verbal language and Newton disagreed then about the finer detail the cosmos confirmed to Kepler. The cosmos said a3 = T2k by using mathematical numbers to solidify the proof and remove any doubt where Newton then changed it to a3 = T2.
How bright did Newton think he was to change what the cosmos gave Kepler to something that befitted Newton’s ideas about the cosmos? Newton’s idea of a3 = T2 is as false as a three dollar bill because this means that all third dimensional values are equal to square values making 23 = 22 which means that 8 = 4 or that a flat surface is equal to the same surface being square. It also means that you being in three dimensions in front of your mirror looking at the reflection of the square image can have a debate with yourself while your image in the mirror replies on your argument. When this happens, don’t call the police it is too late. Just jump from a building and make it easy on everyone including you. Newton’s idea of a3 = T2 is clear that the man had no understanding of any mathematical principles. Using (2/3Λ)(c2/H2) puts the entire Universe equal taking away development of space in time. It says that the quasar they see at this moment never changed in say the three billion years it took the light to get to us and the space holding material that they see is what there is at the very moment they see it. They never gave tolerance for Universal development. This is the crap you get when following Newton a3 = T2 without thinking. Then (2/3Λ)(c2/H2) is ridiculous because every second space changes at any place in the Universe and that is just because the moon will never crash into the earth or the earth crash into the sun.

Another formula I wish to explain is
= 2q0 = (2/3Λ)(c2/H2) where …
= density

q0 = Deceleration Parameter (where they get that from only they would believe the fantasy) Λ = Cosmological Constant (every spot in space has a different gravity value so how a Newtonian would get a constant applying is a fairy storey come true but that is Newtonian motto)
c = speed of light (can never have a fixed value because gravity slows down the speed of light even to become a minus as it is in a Black Hole)
H = Hubble Constant (this too is a dream Newtonians cook up to give Newton some form of legitimacy) I am not going into this further because I have other books dealing with the issue but the so called Hubble constant has so many variations and changing values that they had to call a halt to the number of people investigating this field and all of those reached another totally different value. That throws the values connected to the q0 = Deceleration Parameter,Λ = Cosmological Constant and the H = Hubble Constant out the window. You can cheat to reach a number but when honesty prevails the outcome is a joke. Even the speed of light is no constant because the very same Einstein proved that “gravity can bend the flow of light” and therefore light holds speeds according to the gravity applying in that specific part of the cosmos.

Should anyone wish to read about the working of singularity then download the book The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Website it will serve as a starter. I do not wish to go past the understanding level that easy reading is required because then it would make this book only enjoyed by experts and that is the last thing I want. I want to unmask these crooks called the cosmic experts and the way they hide behind senseless mathematics.

Look how far I have been thrown off the track and in that we find the purpose and the success of any conspiracy. Get the argument to divert into a million other non-consequential arguments and in the end the conspiracy had success because nobody got anywhere. …And in that I am a sucker every time but I learned to keep the argument heading on track again after such a diversion.

Now nobody would be surprised to learn that somehow Einstein found not enough material to bring about a contraction that would save Newton and get Newtonians to save face. Einstein did what he was told but clearly he was just a puppet in the conspiracy because he came back with the numbers that clearly showed the Universe was heading for eternal expanding in view of what they thought applied. He called his model the Open Universe as if there was a Closed Universe also as an option. I am not getting into that because I have devoted many pages in more serious books on this matter where I show how futile this view of the Universe is. There can be no open or closed Universe because open and closed brings about limits that has to stretch and anyone in view of a Universe with growing limits or confined limits are not looking at the Universe in which I live. We can’t look at the Universe because we are inside as part of the Universe. We can’t view space as if we are looking at space because the space we think we see is time in eternity developing as space but we have to look at space being time within space forming. We can’t look at a quasar and say that is what it is. We have to look at a quasar and realise at the time we see the quasar that was what we were while we were at the time so small we were not even part of space or time. We also are at this instant in a developed quasar of which the ends we will never see forget about finding the ends to what holds the quasar. We are not God looking from above but we are humans looking from within what we are. We look not at space but at time because space is what history time left


behind in light. We look at space and look at our history at a time we, or something as small as the sun we regard as huge had no room to be within that what we look at because at that instant the sun did not exist that is how small the sun back then was. The Universe is not getting bigger but is getting smaller allowing small things within to get bigger in relevancy of growth.

Notwithstanding how impressive the mathematical reasoning is, there is one fundamental flaw in all the suggested possibilities. The Universe according to Newtonians can develop in three possible categories with two more being a cone and a sphere. I am not making it my task to promote or to argue the pros and

the cons of each system because all these suggestions are ultimately completely flawed.

The Universe only has an inside and can never have an outside.

Every one of the pictures I present and the others I do not show have the Universe holding an outside. The Universe only has an inside in which I am. Time in singularity forms the outside and because space is the departure of infinity from eternity the space that we think we see is ultimately time and time never ends. Because what we see is time where space is the presentation of the history of time we see what we see without having an outside or a stop to what we can

see. We are inside and looking at the smaller end we is looking towards a direction that has no end.

Looking at the Universe we look at the past. We can’t see the future; we can only see where what we are in also were so many trillion years ago. But what we now see looking at galactica back in time was so small that what we now think of as big had no relevance to exist in terms of what then filled space. We can’t look at a galactica and presume we hold equality in time. Trillions of years filled space from what we see to where we are. We are in time in the present but seeing the galactica does not put the galactica in the present. It puts us a trillion years back before there was any possibility for a sun and an earth to be at all with no chance back then of even finding a thought of life as a factor. We are in time in the present while what we see is the past we look at being in the present billion years ago. What we see grew as much as where we are and time moved on just as time moved on where we now are. We can’t project anything into that space or situation and we can’t project us into what we see because what we see had no “us” and what we have has evolved so much we can’t even realise how it evolved. It’s like looking at Julius Caesar and asking why did he not make radio contact with Rome just as he crossed the Rubicon. It could have settled the aftermath in so much better fashion. We can’t ask why did Rome not put Attila the Hun under tank fire and prevent him from taking Rome because we know that in the future the tank will become the most decisive weapon man has invented. It is different eras and what we see is what we were and not where we are. If we were there we will still would be going trillions of years to get to where we are and it takes time to be going further from there to where we now are. We are in time and space forms the history of time as every instant go by.

Don’t confuse time and space or space with time. When we look at the Universe we look at our past. That which I see is a hologram written in light of something that was that never again will be. It is not something as substantial in substance as the moon or Mars but is a thought God provides of an era long gone into the past. I can’t look at the Universe in which I am because I am the Universe in which I am. Every atom is the end of a Universe and the start of the next Universe as Kepler said a3 = T2k and those Universes made entirely of atoms are divided by time formed as space by the history of time. When we wish to look at the future we have to look into the darkness because we are heading in that direction. It is the darkness where we are going so we have to look at the darkness around us to try to see where we are going and also look at the darkness to see where we came from. We are a speck coming from the past being in darkness heading to the future also in darkness. Either we look at where we are and only find darkness going smaller and going bigger because that is where we are in the Universe or we look at a quasar and find a non-existing spot too small to be within the quasar and in that point where there is still no point in the quasar try to find our position while knowing we are too small too have any position in what the quasar was at that time a couple of trillion years ago. We did not have a position in the quasar back then and we now are in our own quasar but we are so small in the dark vastness we are undetectable within where we are. This issue is much too complex to debate in a book as light hearted as this because this issue borders on testing sanity and renders not the cosmic limit but our mental limit. To find where we are going we can’t look to the past because we are the future of the past we are looking at when we gauge at space filled with material trillions of years ago. Where we now are we find our position are so small that wherever we look we find eternity covered in darkness surrounding us from everywhere.

But beware of a conspiracy because a good conspiracy has in it a program to allow any person to divert from the route of tracing the essence by starting to argue the content and then land in a completely new debate that has no essence of the conspiracy one wish to detect. So therefore let’s get back to where we were before we were here. Let’s catch the conspiracy as it ran pout of breath and into a new idea. Einstein came up with some bad news. He did not only saw a Universe expanding endlessly, he draw a catalogue of how the Universe will work. The man again did not soothe Newton’s shortcoming but built an argument with models included to exacerbate the issue. Now they had to come up with a plan that will kill all further questions. They now longer could relay on Einstein because Einstein was cashing in on Newtonian despair. Remember, the Universe is supposedly going to crash into itself according to Newton and now these models all show a Universe doing exactly what the Universe should not do.


Again the incorrectness of every model is showing it has an outside. Outer space has not and can never have an outside. To correct the model we have to put where we are in the middle with as much going smaller that what is going larger. We will never see the smallest and we are unable to see the biggest. The sphere we search for forming is not formed as a result of outer space forming a spherical limit to space, as outer space is not representative in the largest structure because there is no largest structure. This is because the Universe has no outside.

The sphere that forms represents the smallest part, which is within singularity Π0 becoming space Π and forming space Π3 by the movement Π2Π where that forms the sphere that forms singularity as singularity return the favour to form a sphere. In that we find the eternal value of space Π3 = Π2Π by the relevancy of singularity trapping space in the movement thereof. Everything forming space Π0 = Π3 / Π2Π will loose all the space that movement forms Π0 = Π3 / Π2Π when movement of space is lost. That is what happens in a Black Hole where movement of space stopped and time reclines directly into singularity producing the opposite of what the Big Bang represented. That is the Big Crunch not that big and not very crunchy where it all ends. The Black Hole is the smallest and the largest at the same time of what the Universe offers as an object filling space (or not filling space). In the Theses the explaining gets a lot more technical but now we have to get back to the conspiracy and show the silliness of those hiding the conspiracy and posing the funny part as reality. The conspiracy and what it represents in information becomes a silly joke…and it works, as a conspiracy because as far as I can trace I am the first not to be fooled by the fantasy of the feeble theory underwriting the serious part! All the models and theories show the Universe expanding while every one needs a Universe to contract. This was not helping Newton while in purpose it should be helping Newton. If everyone saw that Newton was a blubbering fool that was mistaken about the cosmic principles that the Newtonians underwrite as better-than-Evangelic-Gospel then they all were a pack of idiots that new nothing about what they professed that they know everything about. They had to get around this because now all theorists were ganging up to abandon the drowning ship representing Newton and came up with theories how the Universe work by expanding. All the models had one thing in common they didn’t represent Newton’s contracting principles because the growth supported Hubble by “being bigger”, abandoning Newton’s “getting smaller” idea.

In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter that is undetectable by its emitted electromagnetic radiation, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. This is totally fiction and is as fabricated as modern science could be. According to present observations of structures larger than galaxies, as well as Big Bang cosmology, dark matter and dark energy could account for the vast majority of the mass in the observable Universe. This means if they can’t see it they can’t show it and that is brilliant to fool all the sceptics.

Dark matter was postulated by Fritz Zwicky in 1934, to partially account for evidence of "missing mass" in the universe, including the rotational speeds of galaxies, gravitational lensing of background objects by galaxy clusters, and the temperature distribution of hot gas in galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Fritz Zwicky is the "Father of Dark Matter," coining the term itself, as well as gravitational lensing and the sky survey technique. He devised it but I can’t say if he was part of the conspiracy or if his ideas were hijacked and misused by the conspirers. But in the end these ideas came in pretty handy to use in the rest of the conspiracy. Dark matter is believed to play a central role in structure formation and galaxy evolution, and has measurable effects on the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background. All these lines of evidence suggest that galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the Universe as a whole contain far more matter than that which interacts with electromagnetic radiation: the remainder is frequently called the "dark matter component," even though there is a small amount of baryonic dark matter. The largest part of dark matter, which does not interact with electromagnetic radiation, is not only "dark" but also, by definition, utterly transparent. Most impressive but here is the catch... If they are asked to show it they already admit they can’t… because it is utterly transparent. If they are asked to prove it they already admit it is illusive and therefore they can’t utterly transparent. They can make up the story on the trod as we run along because no one can prove them wrong because they can’t prove they are correct.

The vast majority of the dark matter in the Universe is believed to be nonbaryonic, which means that it contains no atoms and that it does not interact with ordinary matter via electromagnetic forces. The nonbaryonic dark matter includes neutrinos, and possibly hypothetical entities such as axions, or supersymmetric particles. Unlike baryonic dark matter, nonbaryonic dark matter does not contribute to the formation of the elements in the early Universe ("big bang nucleosynthesis") and so its presence is revealed only via its gravitational attraction. In addition, if the particles of which it is composed are supersymmetric, they can undergo annihilation interactions with themselves resulting in observable byproducts such as photons and neutrinos ("indirect detection").

This is the same as saying there are “anti matter” eating up matter. If they are asked to say what is “anti matter” or what is “anti matter” made of they can’t say. It is a name and naming nonsense is a great Newtonian pastime. They do it to relax and to become social with other Newtonians, which may or may not be part of some mating ritual. If you named something you then it is as if you explained something because naming it and creating mathematical formula goes hand in hand. There is no need to be realistic because the end of any Newtonian intellectual capacity is to give a mind blowing mathematical formula of which the practicality remains a mystery and then give it a name. The name must be so impressive that just to remember it would take up all the effort any Newtonian has in reserve so getting to the point of proving it taxes the Newtonian’s stamina beyond breaking limits and then there is no need for it.

One thing it does not answer is if the dark matter does have mass it must have pulling power as gravity. Then what is the dark matter waiting for to unleash the gravity by mass to pull the Universe back into forming contraction. Why is it not pulling now if it is going to pull at all? Either it pulls by mass or it does not pull by mass but it can’t have some retarding switch that will kick in at a time when it pleases the Newton’s. What makes the dark matter slumber mysteriously while waiting to jump on the poor defenceless little Universe and force it to comply with Newton once more. No one can prove the dark matter is not there since no one can prove it is there. This is how one go about to devise a conspiracy. You keep it quiet and while everyone smells a dead rat but no one even thinks of looking in the right direction. The conspiracy is a success if everyone accuses anything but detect the true conspiracy.

I am Petrus Stephanus Jacobus Schutte going by the nickname of Peet and I am a married male, with a sane mind and I hold very sober habits being a lifelong teetotaller therefore my mind is clear. When you read what you are about to read it is not the hallucinations of a drunkards mind. I see myself as very responsible and am not well liked because of my straightforward personality where I say what needs to be said to maintain honesty above friendship and what I say is always not infusive or congenial to make friends. I wrap no feelings in cotton wool for the sake of peace.

I mention these facts to establish beforehand that I am not a danger to society. Although I am the only one in the entire world that disagrees with modern mainstream science I am not criminally insane. I would not attack your dog before your dog will bark at me because I hate your dog. I would rather attack you and not your dog after he barks at me just because I don’t like you but I do like dogs. I say this to convince you that I have never been jailed in all my life on grounds that I I attempted to mislead or fool or tried to mislead anyone, as you can see. I try hard to be honest

The proof of my honesty is that I am one of the poorest people in society. I write books that don’t sell because I try to convince people about a mistake no one on earth is aware of and therefore no body bloody cares except me. I am the only one that can see a mistake and seeing it in the full consequence thereof by what it holds to the entire human race it is frustrating me senseless. Take it from me that not selling books is not a very profitable enterprise and is frustrating at any level.

If I was less honest and went about bullshitting everyone about the accuracy that Newtonian science portrays in the modern era it would at least sell some books because some dinosaur Newtonian physicist would be pleased about it but then I was a cheat although I would have been richer but being as poor as I am I in favour of trying to be as honest, in that I am can’t be a cheat.

I studied physics and in my first year of studies I came upon a mistake concerning physics . My roommate told me it was Newton that said what I disputed and I remember telling him I don’t care who this Newton fellow is but he is wrong and ever since then I stuck to what I said. That discovery made me disagree with the establishment forming principles in physics. Later in time I have detected much more than a mistake. I have discovered a Pandora’s box of mind manipulation and brainwashing going on to force students to accept science notwithstanding.

If you feel I am exaggerating or that I am a mentally impaired asylum escapee that found a writing pad, ink and paper and that I now start to scrabble senseless suggestions to while away my social frustrations then I challenge you to prove that students are NOT being brainwashed to believe what they are taught in science. I started off being likable and being nice but the deeper I delved into the conspiracy the less I could care about who thought what about what I said because I am going for the truth as hard as I can.

If you are a student you better read on…and if you are a teacher I advise you to read and get wise in realising what you do. I am going to give facts that will support me in the claim that science is all about falsifying facts to prove what is crooked in order to make those that should know science look good while in fact those in physics and teaching physics know less about physics than does a cat know about opera.

This mistake is about the cosmic phenomena called gravity. Detecting the mistake is simple because it is uncomplicated to understand. Academics in Science say that a feather will fall with the same speed as what a large hammer would fall. It not so much what they say but it is about what they hide about physics. If you are a student in physics then this information you are about to read is most important. In the classes you attend in physics has any one confirmed a location where one might find the centre of the Universe? Have you been told how mass causes gravity to pull by force? Have you as a student in terms of the fact that you are being a student been informed how mass confirms gravity? What evokes the force that establishes the pulling that confirms the mass that produces the gravity?

If no one went to the trouble to tell you why, then isn’t it about time that someone exerts himself to do the honours? On the other hand have you been asking what evokes the force that establishes the pulling that confirms the mass that produces the gravity? Why have you not gone to the trouble and just ask this simple question, its science.

It would be most interesting to hear the answers those lecturers will come up with since these questions I now put to you and as basic as these questions are in science, these questions have not found answers, up to now that is. I wrote a six part theses in which I found a means to define gravity. I did accomplish this for the first time ever since the time Newton introduced gravity. This is more than what Newton achieved and it is more than what the whole lot of Newtonians achieved in three hundred and fifty years. I could do that by accomplishing one thing all others thought not to be possible! Before I achieved finding what gravity is, I first had to find the centre of the Universe because it is there that anyone can locate gravity. I can now show how gravity forms because I detected the centre of the Universe to where gravity moves. Indecently it is also the very first spot where the Universe stated at the very first moment when it started.

Is there any Newtonian applauding my effort and congratulating me on my achievement? If there is one such a Newtonian that Newtonian still awaits birth. I couldn’t find one Newtonian even being prepared to read what I have to say about what they have nothing to say about. I could therefore not locate one publisher that was prepared to publish my work because before publishing they first have to read my work and no one was prepared to even glance at my work let alone read it intensively with publishing in mind. But I need to get the information out to everyone to get anyone to read my work. In achieving that I had to resort to private publishing because from the nature of my work I take Mainstream science head on and am confrontational on most aspects of astronomy including astrophysics and the founding principle guarding the authenticity of physics. If I say physics is a hoax made up of corrupted facts you then will stop reading and therefore would you blame any publisher that is not willing to come near my work?

To have a publisher backing me in order to publish my book the publisher had to find an academic prepared to back up my statements that Newton is a criminal that committed extensive scientific and mathematical fraud! In that sense there does not seem to be any publisher that wants to go head bashing with the Physics Custodian establishment of science on official science principles, which I have to do to convey my message in no uncertain language.

I argue that if it is the correct practise to have gravity to move to a centre then it should be such a centre one would have to locate. If gravity is what moves space towards the centre of the earth as the law of gravitational principle demands gravity must flow to the centre of the Universe. In that sense I followed where gravity leads and I located singularity, the point where gravity pulls the Universe “flat”. Einstein was the one that said or proved that gravity pulls the Universe flat. If you don’t believe me I located the place then explain what he says in this statement.

By merely putting gravity in the Universe by telling everyone that gravity is acting as a mysterious FORCE that is pulling towards a common point in an allocated general centre is rather avoiding the question with simplicity because the question about how and why remains unanswered. Not knowing the answer to where the centre of the Universe is, will leave any Academic physicist empty and not knowing is the same as suicide on a mental level. That is why you are primarily a student. We all are always students. Being a student is being in search of information and knowing you might never achieve the prime information in physics must be devastating to eager minds.

Ask yourself the following: If gravity pulls towards a centre and gravity holds the Universe attached the question arising from that simplistic answer is then … where is the centre of the Universe? Newton never found the answer. Newtonians took all of three hundred and fifty years not to find the answer. Do you wish to spend a lifetime searching and never find the answer? Then become the next generation of Newtonian Masters. However if you discard the falsifying of facts that I charge Newton with, physics will present you with an answer as we follow Kepler’s lead.

Should you decide to download and read this book, it will bring along a new perception about Kepler. Science sees to it that Kepler stays the least appreciated Cosmologist where as in truth Kepler proved gravity, proved singularity, proved space-time, proved the Big Bang, proved every dynamic most of the wise persons afterwards thought about. Yet no one gave Kepler any recognition up to now because science denies Kepler his limelight. All they can see is the way Newton raped Kepler by falsifying everything Kepler introduced. All I had to do was correct Newton’s changes to Kepler to find the answers.

Object of different sizes all fall equal as seen on television so many times. An army tank will fall as fast as the tank’s corporal that fall with it while being either next to it or on top of it or in it the two object of much different mass would always fall equal when free falling. The corporal does not stay behind and watch his tank speed to the ground while he is following much slower and at a sizable distance behind. How can a large mass pull as equal as a small mass pulls to travel equal at the same speed over the same distance and still be driven by the power of mass creating gravity. Have you given this a thought?

Any object will float in outer space without showing any sign of mass. To cheat us as science always do about these matters science tell us that when any body floats in outer space the body has mass but the gravity is micro. That is as much a fabrication and a distortion of the truth as the entire mass idea. The body has maximum gravity and micro mass. The body requires gravity or a movement of 11,7 km per second to counteract the gravity the Earth applies.

In order to find movement heat must apply. To escape from the earth a lot of heat must apply. To loft from the earth say in a balloon heat must apply and heat must be released to get airborne as well as get into outer space. The more heat is released the more any object will escape from the surface of the earth. In that sense heat is anti gravity because by releasing heat gravitational confinement is overcome. Expanding increases density therefore gravity is something about density! All the less dense particles float and all the dense particles fall. That connects to gravity

The faster the body moves the further will the orbit of the circling body be from the centre of the Earth and that also depends on motion or gravity. Being big or being small is not part of the requirement and therefore mass has no influence as a requirement. When the body starts to move slower the body stars to descend. Big or small does not matter and having mass or no mass does not matter. It is when the motion of the structure reduces to a speed that is below the rotating speed of the Earth that the body starts to plunge to the Earth. Galileo said all things fall equal and then all things can’t fall by mass.

The falling or not falling and the escaping or not escaping only depends on the speed of motion and mass as a factor is only required in relation to the imagination of the physicist. While falling all objects show equal mass and having mass differences puts no extra load on any of the factors in any way. The buoyancy of all objects in the atmosphere depends on the speed in motion of the object. There are many other factors that come into play and all those factors forced me to write four different books on the subject where every book highlights different aspects that play an apart. The only aspect that plays no part is having mass or not having mass. Mass can’t pull when all things fall equal as Galileo stated.

Please do not think I am able to bring you all I know about the problem we have in science in this small book. I have written 37 books so far and I have still not addressed the entire issue. This information I present in this book does not tell the entire story even about the conspiracy… This information does not begin to tell a part of the entire story. This information does not even introduce a part of the beginning of the introduction of the entire story.

Yet, in thirty plus years in science and through out the entire world of science I have not come across one individual in science that shares my concerns about the problems within science and I am not aware of any person working or teaching or that holds a teacher’s post in science on whatever level or working with whatever form of science who would admit to a problem in science and considering what I present, that constitutes to an academic world wide cover-up when faced with the mountain of evidence I gathered. It still helps me nothing because of the conspiracy.

There is a deep, dark conspiracy hidden in physics that some willingly participate in, some absentmindedly participate in, some not being aware of the conspiracy but still very willingly participate in and other too stupid to realise they help to further the conspiracy just because they don’t think of the consequences of their stupidity by which they promote the conspiracy.

In the end no matter why or how those teaching in science are involved the only action of importance is that students are brainwashed by methodical mind control and I challenge everyone on earth to show I am committing slander against science. Everyone in a teaching position is participating in absolute mind control by brainwashing students to believe science and this forms the conspiracy going on in science.

Should anyone not believe me, then don’t believe me after you have read this book or another similar bookA Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on a Cosmic Scale but is just much less technical and then still after you completed either of the books or both of the books then I dare you to hold the opinion that I am deforming the characters of those teaching physics. Prove to me after reading the evidence that there is not brainwashing going on to conspire against society.

No one in science would face up to the fact that there is a serious problem in science from school level through pre- and post graduates up to nuclear science and astronomy or astrophysics.
Science is in a denial about what they know and what they are oblivious too and this denial forms a conspiracy by which everyone in science controls all thinking of what forms the principles by which science is dictated.
I offer the solution whenever science would admit there is a problem but everyone is in science is running away as fast as they can from the problem where they are unable to see the problem and if only they would, but they will not even stand still for one minute to look at the solution I offer.

There is another book also published by,Going under the Title heading of

A Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on a Cosmic Scale Part]

A Conspiracy to Commit Fraud on a Cosmic Scale informs about the same conspiracy but the detail used is much less in complexity and the focus is less on mathematical input while the overall focus provides on much more simpler verbal explaining. It is for those favouring less technical detail and broader information. The first objective in this book would be to establish what a conspiracy would be

because everyone has his or her own idea about what forms a conspiracy? Physics students, it is your duty to pull the plug on the powers of the All-Powerful Academics in Physics and stop their dishonesty. It is your task as the as the next physics generation to stop the criminals that are filling the corridors and the lecture halls of physics departments throughout the world by acting as if they know all there is to know and all they know is to fool the next generation of students. Stop their teachings by forcing them to stop their criminal fraud. Force them to explain the deception such as the one they call THE CRITICAL DENSITY, which is a conspiracy to commit fraud. Let them explain how an expanding Universe can suddenly and abruptly turn in direction of developing and start to contract as Newton stated it is doing at present, and when facing all other concluding evidence showing that the Universe was expanding since time began they come up with the utmost unrealistic garbage only an idiot can devise. Tell them to bring proof with evidence that the cosmos is contracting as Newton said. In THE CRITICAL DENSITY conspiracy all they say is that they are waiting to see when the cosmos would stop its criminally insane behaviour and start to listen to the laws of Sir Isaac Newton. They shove all the blame of wrongdoing onto the cosmos and take away all error from Newton. If the cosmos does not contract as Newton said then when will the cosmos mend its ways and follow what Newton said and to start contracting! It is a conspiracy to cheat and lie and crook the human race in order to keep Newton untouched. With The Critical Density shambles the modern Newtonian set out to defraud the world in the same manner as their Master Sir Isaac Newton has done centuries ago. Newton said the cosmos is contracting. When Hubble proved the cosmos is not contracting, Newtonians looked where the cosmos went wrong by not following Newton guidelines he so clearly set the cosmos to follow. It has to contract and not expand. Those in academic positions fabricate non-existing material no one can detect to cover the real conspiracy they try to hade. When the argument arrives of contraction versus expanding they wall this down by referring to the search for a substance that can’t exist and could never be detected. It is not the dark matter issue that is the real conspiracy but the dark matter forms a conspiracy to hide the facts that the true conspiracy covers up. It is this mother conspiracy I am gong to uncover and present.

These whom I named in Honour of Sir Isaac Newton as the are the guard of the Newtonian High Priests carrying the name as the Newtonians are Men amongst mankind, that charged the Universe with not applying to standards set by Sir Isaac Newton, and then went on proving how incorrect the behaviour of the Universe was in not adhering to the direction gravity has according to Sir Isaac Newton. Since Sir Isaac Newton can’t possibly make a mistake, it then was presumed the cosmos made the mistake by not following the gravity settings laid down by Sir Isaac Newton, the one that cannot falter nor could his teachings fail, carrying the illustrious name of Sir Isaac Newton. It must be the cosmos being at fault by expanding without seeking the approval of Sir Isaac Newton to do so in contradicting Sir Isaac Newton. Up to this point in science and in despite of an array of evidence pointing to the cosmos growing by expanding in every sense and with all pieces of evidence gathered by science from all over the Universe (including the solar system), the theory of contraction is still hailed as the infallible Newtonian truth. Every one that is part of physics, shares the Newtonian vision of a contracting Universe where the lot would one day again come together and Creation will end where Creation started some time ago. The Universe has mass that is pulling mass towards one another and we are in the centre of an ever shrinking Universe. The Universe is about to end where all mass contracts into one huge lump of material, and this conclusion contradicts al evidence gathered by science. Without any evidence available to its authenticity they gave this Newtonian processes a name, they call it the Big Crunch.

If you don’t believe me marry Newton’s contraction with the Big Bang and see a divorce in place before any Church consummation of such a union could begin…but then again just as unlikely union in principle marriage between Galileo and Newton is in place and the mindless masses never once frowned on that! Students in Physics, it will serve you well to read the following arguments very carefully and come to a conclusion about what gravity is and what mass is and how it is impossible for the concept carrying the idea of mass then become responsible to form what we think of as gravity. Mass can’t ever and doesn’t bring about gravity. In fact I challenge anyone to prove that a factor such as mass do exist.

Planets do maintain positions like a geared clock but not according to mass that pulls although a balance provides the orbit. Newton claim that mass is used and with that the idea of proof is automatically placed at the door of Newton. We talk of planets orbiting and that is what planets do. Planets don’t creep up to the sun by the value of mass. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit. The saying goes that planets orbit indicating they follow a circle and this uses other rules than mass applying position. That is not what Newton said. In conversation we speak of the planets orbiting and this orbit is in terms of the Titius Bode law. If Newton was correct the planets pull but that would be blatantly wrong according to what we find the cosmos applies. Never do we refer to the planets pulling the Sun or the Sun pulling the planets, but we speak of seasons coming from orbital positions. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then cancel the pulling concept that also became culture. Using the formula

F =GM1M2 as Newton provided, disallows any other concept other than moving towards. The personr2

Newton got his ideas from and the work he raped completely, that of Johannes Kepler explained this very well, but Johannes Kepler makes no room for any pulling of any sort. In the work of Johannes Kepler he said that the space being the orbiting route a3 remains at a specific distance k while the orbit T2 takes place…and in all my other books that addresses more information I take Newton to task on his dismembering of Kepler’s formula by corrupting Kepler’s work and with what amounts to fraud, Newton takes science on a goose chase that holds no truth. There is no pulling by mass of mass in any way. Kepler said the space a3, moves T2in terms of a ratio k adhering to a centre k0.

We have either one of two that has to be incorrect. If Newton is correct, then the normal way of how the cosmos is functioning of the planets rotating T2 is incorrect. Then we must start saying planets are pulled to the Sun. If the normal form of speech is correct and the planets are merely orbiting the Sun, then Newton is wrong. Newton said centuries ago that gravity is the force of attraction there is between objects that hold mass and it is the mass factor that brings about this attraction, which Newton claimed there is. The Big Bang Theory proves Newton’s idea is not only being wrong but Newton’s idea of attraction is a joke. If the Big Bang is expanding the Universe, then how can the Universe contract at the same time?

With the knowledge in hand for decades why did science not move away from the contracting idea? Why are they chasing an idea that shows how blatant the corrupt conspiracy is in bedded? Academics are very aware of this misconception Newton had and still academics in physics are promoting the ideas of Newton as the unwavering truth. Teaching Newton is participating in deception and promoting Newton is criminally deceiving the public and while doing so, is committing an act with criminal intentions. Then, in the face of all this evidence contradicting Sir Isaac Newton; they remain upholding the correctness of Sir Isaac Newton and keep on teaching students about the unwavering correctness of Sir Isaac Newton. I show precisely how gravity produces mass but mass can never produce gravity. I show with explicit detail when, how and where gravity forms mass but mass can never form gravity. What I prove annihilates every Newtonian claim. Still they persist in promoting the lie just to favour science and that is a lie. When any person, notwithstanding what reasons given, repeats such a lie unabated while being well aware that the information passed on by such a person is incorrect, then the person commits deceit. When anyone is repeating the information that is passed on as being unblemished factual substantiated and verified truth while such a person knows very well that such information is void of proof or lacks proof, then committing such an act is a criminal enterprise. Academics in physics commit every one of the above indignities and yet see their actions as being lawful and even much praiseworthy and hold their role in society in the highest esteem imaginable. Physicists would not tolerate any form of criticism.

They fail to see the crime that they commit while tutoring physics. Whatever motivation they may claim to have which they offer to serve them as forming their driving force, the fact that they perpetually perpetrate in unlawful behaviour, by spreading untruths, such actions on their part put those academics holding such highly regarded positions in the league of ordinary cheats, gangsters and common criminals. By deliberately and constantly falsifying facts to further whatever humble cause and produce illegal claims repeatedly, remains derogative behaviour and is unlawful by nature, notwithstanding what morality it should serve. To promote the lie is to hide their misconduct and it is not to promote science.

A Preacher or Pastor or Priest lying on behalf of God is not lying on behalf of God and to think the Preacher or Pastor improves or underlines the Greatness of God by lying on behalf of God is very mistaken, because in reality such a Preacher is falsifying the truth for his or her personal benefit and trying to impress the congress about his importance and not the importance of God. Lying is wrong and doing so even in the name of God remains despicable. To say God sent you to do anything is selfpromotion because the truth is you told God you are going to do with or without His consent and you use his name to justify your enterprise in any case. That is falsifying facts not on behalf of God but you use God to falsify your justification. The same applies to academics in physics. There is no argument that can change this truth about falsifying the truth and when doing so there is no hiding behind any excuses of ennobling to benefit mankind that will change such truth into righteous conducting.

Ask your professor to show how an expanding Universe can also contract and your professor will tell you about Einstein’s Critical Density theory. This theory I prove is the second biggest fraud ever devised by any group of persons in the history of civilization! I am about to introduce you to the biggest fraud ever devised but it is not the Critical Density elusion. The Critical Density elusion is perpetrating fraud and the conducting thereof is upholding deceptions instituted by Newton that then formed the institution of lies they call physics. The Universe does not contract in any way; means or form and even such a suggestion is incorrect! The Moon and Earth are not moving closer but are moving apart. The entire Universe is growing in space and nowhere is space depleting by any norm used because what is space is time. That is exactly what Galileo’s swinging pendulum shows; it shows the contraction of space is reading time.

Academics are very aware of this misconception Newton had and still academics in physics are promoting the ideas of Newton as the unwavering truth. Academics teaching these misconceptions are committing fraud, notwithstanding the portraying of their role in society being unblemished, spotless while they are covered in a lily white blanket making them being whiter than snow and having such a holier than thou attitude. Teaching Newton is participating in deception and promoting Newton is criminally deceiving the public and while doing so, those doing so are committing an act with criminal intentions. Then, in the face of all this evidence contradicting Sir Isaac Newton; they remain upholding the correctness of Sir Isaac Newton and keep on teaching students about the unwavering correctness of Sir Isaac Newton. They put down conditions of learning to this effect and are expecting students to repeat these untruths and unproven facts by forcing answers to that effect in examinations. Students must accept cheating to become accepted in the ranks of the learned while also carrying the cloth of righteous in knowledge and unblemished virtue. Forcing the acceptance of this untruth about physics is equal to preposterous subjecting students to physiological torture and heinous mind conditioning, scandalous thought control and brainwashing. This applies to everyone serving as a tutor in physics notwithstanding whatever status the torturers might have in society or the morality they attach as a reason to commit such atrocities.

If you are a student, then you are conditioned by academics in controlling your thinking by enforcing premind setting and in which they methodically force you into believing in Newton and this is an on going process conducted for centuries in the past, while it is the truth that Newton is completely void of any tests that may secure any form of confirmation and in securing proof then also by that establishing proof. They never prove Newton’s philosophy on gravity but those persons conducting teaching in the subject of physics force all physics students to learn Newton’s gravitational concepts and accept the facts as if it has been proven beyond all other facts. The condition of being accepted in physics is to accept Newton without questioning the proof that is never supplied. Let your professors now prove how it is that Newton’s teachings are correct and then examine you on the process they use to prove Newton’s concepts. At present they say Newton is correct and then they test you on your ability in repeating that Newton is correct without ever proving to you that Newton is correct. Let those physics professors now prove Newton and then test you on the manner they use to prove Newton to be correct.

The truth beyond all other truth is that Newton’s gravity has never been proven (because try as you may it is not possible to prove Newton’s formula forming gravity mathematically) and because academics know that, academics require the blind acceptance of Newton by students. This unconditional acceptance of Newton’s correctness relies only on the pre-conditioning of students’ mind set and academics depend only on the student trusting the academic “say so” about the institutionalised correctness of Newton. Preconditioning students into blind acceptance depends on the academics’ insistence that students approve Newton’s concepts without pre judgment or students insisting on scrutiny of any sorts. Academics depend on students never questioning their say so or demand proof about what academics teach. Those academics in teaching positions insist that all students accept Newton’s accuracy.

In order to get students to accept Newton’s hypothesis, academics resort to brainwashing pupils and


students. Please let you lecturer put in all the values of the formula F = GM1M2 and then with ther2

values applying prove Newton is correct. Pre-conditioning students into blind acceptance depends on the academics’ insistence that students approve Newton’s concepts without pre judgment or students insisting on scrutiny of any sorts. In examination students have to outright and blindly follow academics’ say so only because academics say so. Academics depend on students never questioning their say so or demand proof about what academics teach. Those academics in teaching positions insist that all students accept Newton’s accuracy. This is methodical mind control as much as it is the brainwashing if ever there was brainwashing. I show what they enforce. If you are one of those believing that Newton was ever proven, then what you believe to be true is a lie because Newton can’t be proven and that is the truth! The time has come to face your teachers and force them to stop the ongoing old culture of bullying students and conditioning their thoughts by enforcing on them dogmas, which is, mind control! In order to get students to accept Newton’s hypothesis, academics resort to brainwashing pupils and students.

They teach you that the Universe contracts and to state their case they force students to learn that gravity


is proved by Newton introducing the following formulaFM1M2 They say that M1 is the mass of the = Gr2

Earth and M2 is the mass of the individual in questions mass and the multiplying of these factors with the gravitational constant produces the force of gravity when this gets divided by the square of the radius. Please let you lecturer put in all the values of the formula and prove Newton is correct. If he can’t and I know for sure he never can fill in the symbols and calculate the force of gravity, then read the rest of the web page that follows to see how far academics in physics go to brainwash students into believing in Newton’s fraud. To cover their ongoing fraud they create a mythical mystical non-existing dark energy.

Those in power of physics wheel the one conspiracy after another conspiracy extending the cover up with another cover up by falsifying the truth to hide the untruth and it is not clear what they would hide when trying to hide from people discovering where they refuse to reveal what the truth is. Why don’t they not just come clean and admit that the Universe is departing instead of arriving? They keep cosmic science in disconnecting darkness with patches of light in between as sensibility being between the dark that disallows the light to connect. The senseless darkness of failures to accept the incorrectness holds the light disconnected but the light parts darkness with tiny strands of unrelated correctness and only connects by the dark that does not connect by understanding. They have a concept and in time the concept is proven to be incorrect. When they discover what they thought applied was wrong, those in physics do not step forward and admit to what is wrong…no they change nothing but keep everything wrong in place or not in place by concocting a conspiracy to keep everyone happy and everything as it is in place. That is how they can unite the idea of the Big Bang with everything moving apart since the time it began in line with everything coming together and Crashing in a Crunch while no one has any vague idea of what is going on in-between. Here is what they essentially in essence really hide. This is what all the scheming and deception is they try to cover. This what follows and what you are about to read undoubtedly for the first time ever in history. It is the true conspiracy that every crooked angle in science is covering! This what you are about to learn is the mother of all the conspiracies that you are aware of…

Have you thought in terms of physics about IS THERE DEATH AFTER LIFE?

Science believes in science with no reservation. Therefore scientists believe in science with a belief more that Theologians could believe in God. To Physicists everything there is must be science. They formulate a mathematical equation and when doing so the explain everything in man’s field of knowledge. Those in science propagate that we will live up to a thousand years in a very short time in the future. However ask them to explain aging and they have no idea what they are talking about. Science puts life down to some acids and a jolt of electricity and with that life could be programmed. According to science life is mostly electricity stored in the brain and by electricity the body moves life around through the body. What a lot of hogwash and this attitude of simplification is so Newtonian junk as Darwin’s simplified ideas are about the origins of life. To any Newtonian any suggestion in a simplified form regardless of proofs everything science requires to become accepted as fact. The overwhelming majority of physicists with Doctoral degrees in physics will not have the ability to read this article and too understand the arguments. That is because there is a shortfall in their argumentative ability. This inability runs very deep in physics.

When there are aspects in nature that physics can’t address then we have to look for the shortfall in physics. Physics holds the opinion that God cannot be proven or be substantiated. The fact that physics can’t accommodate a certain fact or feature does not exclude the fact, but it underlines the failure in physics. In example when we look at the fact that I can think and my thinking is a fact beyond proof, yet physics can’t prove how I think or why I think, except put it down to a flow of electricity in my brain and body. Other than that they have no capacity to know what life is or to understand the concept of life. If they shock a frog leg with electricity and the muscles show spasm they then conclude life is electricity. It never dawns on them that life is the ability to generate electricity whereby muscles are controlled and life is a lot more than just the flow of electricity. This shows the absolute fallibility of physics and not the absence of my thoughts. The Newtonian mindset is to keep physics above reproach and beyond suspicion while it is desperately poor in all senses.

If physics tries to put my thought down to some brain activity somewhere in my mind it shows how incompetent the reasoning is behind the argument. The activity is electrically induced and could be harvested by jolting on nerves from some exterior source and that does not prove that my thinking comes from the brain being jolted by electricity, it proves I am some thought with the ability to jolt the brain into action by supplying the electricity. As the medium could arouse action by stimulating the brain with electricity, so the true “I” has the ability to stimulate the mind with a jolt of electricity to provide electricity. If it was the electricity that did the job, we then could jolt a cadaver’s mind and get the cadaver filled with life. The brain is not what stores life but it is life that keeps the brain with life. If life was in the brain we could generate the brain back into “life” by shocking the brain with electricity hours after death.

Once life is lost, no electricity can restore the factor we call life. Life we know is in thought and thought is the presence that physics never can accommodate and yet the entirety thought to be life in whatever form is held by thought and with thought the body is motorised by life. Yet, when physics can’t accommodate thought we do not discard thought as an absence that is unproven. My thoughts are with me until I die. If physics fail to accommodate God then it is not God not being a reality but it is physics being an utter failure. I can and I do prove God as the absolute factor in the cosmos, but before one can get there a lot of Newtonian garbage has to be discarded and a lot of misleading Newtonian disbelief has to be dismissed. If you look at the night sky you will see many specks of light. In that understanding but more advanced to understand than any person can realise we find the proof of God.

It is not in the light but in understanding the principle forming light and the understanding behind the concept of light that we can mathematically prove God by using mathematics. I have done just that but it takes a book of 700 plus pages just to explain the reality forming the concept. Atheism is not proof of intelligence but it is proof of the lack thereof. My dog is the biggest atheist walking this earth but he is that because he is stupid and has a lack of mental capacity. One must star to understand light and understand the light is the Universe. The Universe is not material and darkness but it forms by light. One doesn’t see a galactica, one se light that formed a galactica a very long time ago. That what I see is the Universe and the Universe forms by light left behind by time as space. I am not going into that because I wish to try and keep it simple.

Have you as you sit reading this part at this minute sat back and gave a thought about the light enabling you to read? Such a thought brings to mind the most simplistic answer one can imagine. The light hits the page bounces from the page and contacts the lens of my eye where the lens conveys the photons becoming electricity to a part of the brain that translate the electricity to an understandable message and that makes one read. It is as simple as that! Ever gave a deeper thought about light streaming across the night sky, coming from the visible limits we think of as ends of the Universe we do not even realise it is there? How does the photons manage to convey one complete picture coming from as far apart and as wide an area as it does? With a few photons connecting the eye or lens no one ever noticed the wonder of light. The photons reflect a view that seems as if coming from all the billions upon billions of stars. But most is coming from darkness covering an area no man can measure. Yet how many photons can actually connect to the lens of the camera or to the eye considering the size the eye allows light to pass through? We see by using a few photons.

We see with a few photons going past our lens a Universe representing immeasurably many photons. Still a few photons coming from a single direction directly ahead eventually tell the entire storey of a Universe larger than we could ever understand. What we see is bigger than any person can comprehend and what we apply to see that much is smaller than any human mind can comprehend to understand. It is very simple to take the process of seeing by means of photon conducting very lightly and I have never heard one of the Brainy Bunch really in sincerity uncover the process to its utter and full potential. Moreover let those Mathematical-Masters put this notion into an equation and conduct the understanding they have by proving the concept I just explained. It is impossible that light from such an array of assorted sources can simply come together at the eye lens and show a picture of objects spanning across a Universe as wide as our mind can receive where the objects they reflect is beyond human measurement and the quantity we can apply to receive a vision is inconceivable many. With that small space within our eye how can we see the space that is large as the Universe that we see? I am never going to try and Simplify the idea behind understanding God in terms of physics, but very deep inside this understanding we can begin to fathom the presence of God in terms of physics, not religion according to a Bible, but in terms of Physics. But understanding that is way ahead and light-years advanced from what I explain in this book. Light is much more than the medium science takes it to be. Light connects the Universe in a way we cannot contemplate. Light being far apart originating from regions not in the same time or Universal space connects in a way that present us with a picture holding the Universe in an understandable content. From the point we stand and we watch the Universe the significance of what we see surpasses the sense of understanding of what we are experiencing and more so surpasses what we are able to understand. How can the few photons that our lenses catch coming from such an area as the night sky cover transmit the complete picture of what we see. Take a few seconds and study the picture of the night sky then rethink the picture applying the full content in the picture to what the size of you eyes is. Think how big the picture is that your eyes take in and translate that area to the size of your eyeball in an effort to determine a ratio.

One will be forgiven if one thinks of the ratio as eternal to nothing. Yet a few pages back I showed that according to mathematics there couldn’t be anything as nothing. Consider the path the light followed from the source connecting to light from all other sources where all particles of the other light may come from and bringing a full picture to the lens one use to look through. In your mind connect a line from every atom producing light and connect the lines to your eyeball and see how you can manage to fit all the lines, as small as the lines may be. Understanding this can only come when we understand singularity and I still have to find a person educated or otherwise that would be able to understand this idea.The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity The Website]starts to introduce you to how singularity applies.

If it is lenses that enable us to see what we can’t see in outer space it also means we cannot see the light, which is outer space because we haven’t got the lens to match the curb of outer space. Newtonians think of outer space as geodesic zero, with nothing in outer space but space. Geodesic zero means the light travels in a straight line from where it originates unhindered all across space to where the light connects the eye. Such an idea by itself is outrages because the stream of photons reduce in space to such a minute quantity that taken the area the photons travel and the space in vastness it covers, the chances of one photon coming across many hundreds of light years through billions upon trillions of cubic kilometres of space and selecting my eye to convey the electricity is less than infinite. Yet such conveying takes place every second of every minute. The position of the location of the second singularity, which is the precise duplication of the first singularity but in a diminished capacity, is obvious to miss when one is not applying a detective mentality, as one should in scrutinizing the cosmos. Culture will have us believe that when one sees a colour shining from an object the colour is associated with the object. Logic tells a different storey. A yellow dot is all the colours in the spectrum but yellow because it is disassociating with the yellow. That goes for red blue and all other colours we may visualise. I think the norm accepts this as scientific fact with very little argument or substantiating proof about that required.

If light came as individual streams of photon flurries, then our visage would translate that as such shown in the fragmented as telescopes enlarge images. If the light only held what we think of as light, we would be unable to see the dark parts because only the light parts would contain light. The total picture we could see would be a picture unconnected bringing across some photons in the manner where every object stands apart not being related in any way and that will be what we see, if it is anything that we see. That we know is not the case but that means geodesic zero is as much rubbish as anything Newtonians regard with simplicity and with careless thought. Geodesic zero means nothing and how can I see nothing as darkness because “nothing” is not darkness, nothing is “nothing” and the darkness I see is darkness showing the darkness as something. The darkness we see is as much “light” as the “light” we see because we see Light” and in that we see “darkness” as another form of light.

What then about colours that are technically not colours as is the case with black and white? White is simple. By spinning all the colours in the spectrum the colour white shines through. Black is quite another matter. A friend of mine whom is one of the best painters I have ever come across told me that one couldn’t paint black but have to make black a dark blue to show shade on the canvass. That apparently is his success in achieving the realism. He also went on to explain how many variations of dark blue form the shadows in one simple tree. This remark set my mind in motion. One cannot see black because black has no colour to show, but black is the colour most prevalent in the universe. One can see only by colour and since black is not a colour we should not see black, but we do.

The fact that we see light means that the dark next to the light cannot be “nothing”, If the darkness was the representation of “nothing”, then that should be exactly what we must see, nothing but the stars. Taken from the top picture some stars and leaving the rest to nothing is what we see in the picture below. A blind person sees nothing but when we look at space, we see something that we think nothing of as we see as space. One cannot have the ability of sight and see nothing. It is light that we see and it is light that we use, which enable us to see. That proves the darkness that we see in outer space is light that we see without recognizing it as such. If the darkness was the representation of “nothing”, then that should be exactly what we must see, nothing but the stars. Taken from the top picture some stars and leaving the rest to nothing is what we see in the picture below. A blind person sees nothing but when we look at space, we see something that we think nothing of as we see as space. One cannot have the ability of sight and see nothing. It is light that we see and it is light that we use, which enable us to see. That proves the darkness that we see in outer space is light that we see without recognizing it as such.

What puts us humans in a category one higher than animals (or so we like to think) is our ability to think about that what we can see. The less develop an animal is the more it has the attitude of eat or be eaten. The higher developed animals are the more the animal find reason to argue. One may teach a crocodile not to eat you if you start feeding the animal. That is a mindless reptile and yet it can think above eat or be eaten. What we see is not merely the truth and it requires reasoning to see the truth and substantiate between culture motivated observations and thought through decisions.

To all the Super-Educated-Mathematically-Superior-Intellectuals physicists believing in mathematics and those trying to replace God with mathematics, prove the ability to live by calculating thought as the sole factor of life where it is life that controls the body and not the other way around. Should any of them insist that the mind is responsible for life, then revive a cadaver by filling it with whatever acids you claim produces life or shock the corps until it roasts or force movement onto the body. If it can’t revive, then go and calculate by mathematics the precise ingredient it is that has left the body and therefore has filled the body with death. Mathematics is as unaccommodating to reality as Newton is to cosmology. All those Super-Superior Newtonian mathematicians, use you Newtonian inclined mathematics to explain my previous argument about how all the light that fits and fills the entire Universe can bring one picture of the entirety to fit into my eye. The fact that your Newtonian physics will not allow you calculate this does not remove my ability to see the entire Universe in as large as it is through one tiny hole at the back of my eye. When you understand this entire concept you will have the ability to understand God’s presence in the Universe and until then your mathematics removes your ability to understand physics and Newton promotes you blind stupidity about real cosmic physics. Moreover, I prove all of this ability mathematically but only after removing the falseness of the factor of mass and from the myth presented as Newtonian corrupt science. This article is as much about proving what energy is as it is about knowing the difference to the state in which alive person is and in which a dead person is. Newton considered all forms of energy to be the same, and oh boy, was he mistaken. It is not surprising he formulated gravity the way he did. There is a worldwide fashion amongst the very well educated that in order to be regarded by those with the know how as a supremely informed person, one must at least be an atheist. The key to science is apparently to be completely atheistic. Atheists do not believe in the life after death, a Creator or a Force that does not exist outside the technological criteria of mathematical science.

Everything that does exist only exists because it exists in the perceptibility. Any force that might lie outside this norm is quite unthinkable and that thought could never present itself as to be present in the material universe. The ironic of this fact is that those well-educated scientists have only one source of information and that is light waves. Still they permit themselves to be atheists in their blind state of ignorance. I do not condemn them, because they apparently know more than I will ever know. However, because I am not that knowledgeable, I must feel my way through the tunnel of ignorant darkness like a blind person. However, in doing that, I stumbled across a heap of questions that has no answer, even by those who carry the flame of knowledge. That forced me to form my own theories, think and come up with sensible conclusions, which answers all those questions their light of knowledge could not answer.

I declare to be of average intelligence and like millions of others on earth, all these millions are believers, like me, and are confronted by the same questions these super intellectuals are seemingly incapable or unwilling to answer. Then I realized the super intellectuals only have one source that lead them and that is measured light. Let us look at the definition of energy. Energy is, as I understand it, indestructible, which means it cannot be destroyed. Energy can only be transferred from one form to another form. Let us look at the example, which is used to teach scholars at school. We take a rock and move it from a ditch up a hill. On top of the hill, we have a lot of potential energy that was transformed from static energy by means of kinetic energy. In the transformation, other losses occurred, like heat, sweat vapour and friction losses. The science apparently does not take into account energy losses brought about by anger, fighting and frustration brought about by incumbency. These are also energy losses. After all the sweat and wrestling, the rock is on the top and we have a situation with potential energy from which we can derive kinetic energy when the rock is rolled down hill. I do not agree with any of the above mentioned, and will later state my point of view. I will however declare at this point that Newton’s statement of energy and work being the same thing is utter nonsense.

This is the simplest example we teach children in school. I too had to teach the children this nonsense, in the period when I too was a teacher.

Life starts of being in a sperm that has to couple with an egg. The


sperm only carries life but does not even represent life. If life leaves the sperm you can do to the sperm whatever you wish and it would not represent life. Therefore the sperm is a vehicle for life and life forms the sperm sell. If life abandons the sperm sell the sell goes back to atoms. If it were the other way around, the sperm cell would remain intact and start hunting for a new life form to hold. The same argument applies to the egg. Thee egg carries life and life supply the other half of the life that will become human. If the egg does not hold life any longer, then the egg will disintegrate

into billions of atoms once more.

This is extremely important to realise that from the first second of life forming life collects tissue that will become a human body. It is not like your halfwit Newtonian professor believes that the human body represents life. From the first moment life forms the body and it is not the body that forms life. Therefore you with your life forms your human body and it is not your human body that takes the responsibility for life.

It is by the thought process that life collects material to form the human body and the human body does not collect life as it goes along. Every one in modern science think it is the brain that controls the human body but are they so completely wrong. You use your thought process to control your body and in this thought process


you form your body to be as strong as you wish it to be. Can I make you strong; no I cant because you are already as strong as a giant. What I can do is help you realise you potential strength by helping you learn to control your muscles. Before you complete any action of movement a thought first have to apply. It is the thought that command the muscle and not the brain that commands the Muscle. The thought takes charge of a cell in the mind and then takes information stored in the cell of the brain, which a thought directs to a channel that by electricity which the thought is also responsible, inflicts current in the muscle to pull the muscle. The thought generates the electricity that collects the information and the thought sends the electricity carrying the information to the muscle that has to do the job. It is the thought and not the brain and there science falls flat in their hogwash they use as information.

Life which is what you are, not a decomposable body, started accumulating material by thought when you were sperm and egg, and after the Unification you started accumulating useful


building material. It is done by mind controlling the body. Don’t allow the atheistic senseless stupidity tell you different. If your body was what is in charge which is you, then when you are dead someone with life can pump some oxygen into you and shock you with

electricity until you bounce around like a
ping-pong ball and you will begin life
again. That is total rubbish. If life leaves the
body there is no structural formation left to
control and maintain the structural l integrity of
the body.

Even in the very beginning life formed the sperm and the sperm did not
represent life. You can’t have a tube filled with sperm and when you find
the lot are dead you revive the sperm with an electric jolt. You can’t have a
jar filled with D.N.A and by regrouping the composition you build the body


of the person once more. You build your body through thinking with your mind. You construct your body cell be cell by using your mind to do so. How can I prove this? The instant your life vacates the body; the body’s ability to restructure the structure leaves that very second. The moment life vacates the body, the body degenerates by fragmenting the structure until the entire construction disassembles into forming atoms again. It is life that keeps the body into form and without life the body de-fragments into atoms once more. Your body doe not hold life but your mind by thought controls your body.

Your medical doctor will tell you your body represents your life and when you die your body dies. He will be of the opinion that when your human body dies you have died. The problem with this attitude is that while your human body is still intact, one should be able to resurrect the body by supplying heat and electricity. That is not possible. That is the way one goes about killing people. By electrocuting people on a chair the state removes life from the body ands so giving the body electricity does not bring life to the body. Therefore the body does not use electricity to instate life but by duplicating the transmitting of electricity the body becomes confused and the body relinquishes life. It allows life to depart.

Your physics teacher / professor will tell you that you are what you are because of the body you have. Hogwash I say that concept is and I prove it is rubbish. You build your body with your mind but you control your mind through thought and without though you will not even move a muscle. It is by thought that you tell a muscle to move and it is by thought you tell the muscle to get active and by the same thought you form the muscle which puts the ability in the muscle to form the strength. I prove that this is how gravity forms and it does not form by the pulling force of mass. Newtonians such as your physics teacher or professor wouldn’t even read my books in which I prove they (those teaching physics) are all brainwashing students to believe that physics is what Newton said it is. I prove they are submitting all students to mind control in order to force you to believe physics is what they teach it is. If you want more facts to see if I am correct about your teachers brainwashing you and submitting you to cruel mind control you are welcome to go or another slightly more complicated version I call or another slightly less complicated version I call , where the websites will show you how much those you trust deceive you with science they can never prove.

Those that think they are experts in physics has no idea about physics and I challenge all of them to prove Newton is correct, not to surmise that Newton is correct or to force students to admit and confess 00037.jpgthat Newtonian physics is correct but to prove it is correct. Prove the formulaF =G M1M2 does formr2 gravity by forming a force by the value of mass or prove that the formula


00038.jpgdoes put planets in positions allocated according to mass.

It is life that allows the semen to swim and it is the life within that allows the egg to be receptive of the semen. When either the semen or the egg holds no life and the egg or the semen is still intact. There is no life forming possibility. The semen does not swim it is life that allows the semen to swim. This proves that it is life that allows movement from the beginning of where we think life starts.

This is a picture of a cadaver. It is not something to be scared of because it is a body NOT containing life, as anyone of us will be someday. So it is the same as you being scared of you as you are going to be somewhere in the future and that is pretty silly. On the condition that you were born the only thing you will be someday is dead. If you are alive then you

will face death. What we have to answer is what is the difference between this cadaver in the mortuary and me. One is that the cadaver has no life and I show vital signs filling me with life.



A human is not the body you have but the mind that forms the body The biggest factor is movement and that movement is linked to thought. Considering the implication of this is vital if you wish to enhance your physical strength and build your body. There are persons in hospital in a coma for years and they apparently show no thought because their muscles don’t move and therefore they wither away. The thought gives control over the body and the thought form the muscle and the thought form the size of the muscle. This cadaver or dead person can’t get up and walk as I can. Why can’t this dead body get up and walk, it is because the dead has no thoughts. If you think the Newtonian idea is correct that life is part of the body then rethink. I dare you to conduct some tests. If life is electricity as they say it is, then why can you shock that cadaver until it hums like an electric transformer and life will not return? If life is as they say it is electric convulsions then try and shock the brain with electricity and you will find no response. The fact that you can manipulate muscle spasm with electric convulsion shows that life controls the brain by charging electricity and that process is done by thought in life. Life generates electricity that life then implements to control the body life extends for the purpose of serving life. Life is in charge of the body and of thought and not the body being in charge of life. By electrocuting a body with life you merely short circuit life’s actions with a stronger jolt of electricity but the electricity is just a modem through which life controls muscles and growth in the body. Then you burn the electricity conducting connection that life has as life controls the functions of the body and do that long enough and life may not find a manner to form conduction of electricity whereby the organ control will become suspended.

Your mind charges electricity and that electricity are created by thought and thought is life. By creating thought you form your body and by forming your body through thought you establish you level of strength. That is why when you are in shock you are able to perform in a manner not even you ever thought you are capable of. Around your head there are electricity flowing which science named “brainwaves”. These brainwaves are just a form of electricity and that current is the same as what flows around every electrical motor or any planet charging gravity or any star forming a gravitational field.

Now we take the scenario of a person’s life. When that person is born, and after that momentous occasion of the birth episode, he or she continuous to live on this planet for the best part of the next sixty or seventy years. In this, period a great deal of energy is used to walk, run, laugh, cry, think, produce and reproduce. By doing that, he would from time to time state that he feels tired or without energy. What energy is the man referring to. I have once heard a scientist that made such a fool of him. That scientist declared that if God was energy, God could be coal, because coal is energy as well. Now I would love to invite him to a meal and see him devour a plate of coal. If coal is energy, he can make a meal of it, and then live very cheaply. What he does not seem to grasp, is that there are many forms of energy, which differ totally as we distract the heat and in doing so one can tap the energy. However, coal cannot walk, run, jump and laugh. I cannot even begin to imagine one brick crying and moaning because his friend was thrown into a fire. Coal cannot have sexual intercourse producing an offspring and then caring for it afterwards. Life on the other hand does have that energy quality. This means that there are different values and forms of energy, of which life is one. If life is no different to other forms of energy, God could be another total different concept of energy. This is the problem that I have with these “SUPEREDUCATED- MASTERS- OF- FACT” geniuses. They can make the most bizarre statements and could be away with it unchallenged.

When circumstances starve the body of food, life occupying the body would begin to devour the body in order to sustain life’s ability to occupy the body. To life the body is only a vehicle to serve its purpose. When the body starving, the body does not suspend life until conditions are favourable to have the body reinstall life. It is so very typical of the “SUPER- EDUCATED- MASTERS- OF- FACT” to uncomplicated issues to serve their insight. They make something such as life so simple as to pretend they are completely in control of the knowledge that subject has to offer.

The body does not turn life off, life eats up the body until the body is so feeble it can’t host life any longer after which when life then rejects the body. The body does not maintain structure but as soon as life evacuates the body, the body breaks down the structure it held when it hosted life. Life maintains the body and will even devour the body and consume the fibre until the body becomes useless to life and until it cant serve life any longer. After life abandons the body, the body returns to a state of atoms with no resemblance of what it were when life formed the body. It is life that constructs the body, maintains the body, and controls the body and consume either the body or as food that is some other life form that had a body.

The world contains a wide spectrum of different occupations that people earn their livelihood from. Seen from my personal occupation, there are two types. Those that farm and produce wheat, corn, barley, nuts, sugar cane, vegetables and many other produce. These are potential energy producers. They produce food, for the other group of the human population that uses this energy product to maintain their strength to apply it to other methods of occupation. Cattle and sheep farmers produce meat that is used by others to convert into energy for their personal use

All people have one thing in common. They devour one form of energy, which is known as food. That is needed to maintain a life cycle, and the consuming of food must be done on a regular basis, to enable a human to live and reproduce for a lifespan of seventy of eighty years. The only precondition is that life would sponge on other carbon-based forms of life, whether it is plants or animals.

This person maintains his way and means of life, thus transferring energy from a form of food to a form of work. Then one day he collapses and becomes still. That person becomes unable to move. We call this state that the person is in, being dead. Even if I take a shovel of food and force it down his throat, he still would lack the ability to transform that energy to movement. But why would this then not bring back life? Simply because he does not breathe any more. And why isn’t he able to breathe? The reason for the person’s inability to function, as a human should is because the cadaver is dead. When a person is considered dead, he lacks energy to such an extent that he cannot bring his own body to the grave. Others like me, and I have to carry him to his grave. We, that are alive, and maintain the process of translating food into life, have to carry the dead (he who is without life) to his grave.

The only difference between him and me is the energy form known as life. However, life is not the same form of energy as food, oxygen, heat and electricity. Even if I force all the food down his throat, and pump his lungs with air, while I heat his body with a blowtorch and shock him with electricity, he would still find himself unable to walk himself to his grave. That means the one form of energy is not the same as the other form of energy.

It is widely accepted that there seems to be a generator in the brain that generates electrons which enables the body to function. We know the flow of electrons is due to the process called electricity. On the other hand, do we? In a later chapter, I shall point the difference out between this flow of electricity. However, for the mean time I would stick to this accepted fact that electricity is conducted by the flow of electrons. Now, you can shock the cadaver with electricity until it hops about like a ping-pong ball, if life has gone absent, conducting a flow of electricity would not reinstate life.

You could put the cadaver on life support, with a heart machine a lung machine and all kinds of other machines. This method has nothing to do with life being precious, but fare more with the money paid by his medical aid, being precious. Once the cadaver’s line of financial support dries up, his life instantaneously becomes worthless.

Then the cadaver finds the problem that it seems unable to live which means it is dead. Death means the brain is unable to send electronic signals by means of amino acids to the muscles, which would enable those muscles to continue with its normal function. The cadaver finds itself without the energy called life.

At this stage, I think that I pointed out to the difference between a body filled with energy called life, and a body that lacks energy and is called death. However, the energy that I pointed out called life, is miles apart from the energy that consists of food, air, the burning of it and the destruction of it. There is a broad difference between the food process and the actual form of energy called life.

Now I would like to ask those Super Intelligent Atheists and consumers of food and air to explain where the energy form that is called life has gone. Energy cannot be destroyed, but can merely be transformed from one form to another. This is scientific gospel. Life as I pointed out, has a different value to heat. Life cannot be destroyed, that means it has to be transferred from one form to another form, and life itself is not heat, electricity, or food, because applying all those other forms of energy cannot raise the dead.

The fact that energy must be transformed and cannot be destroyed is proved by science to be unquestionable. The life energy started assembling a body albeit sperm or an egg before conception or procreation took place. If the sperm was dead the sperm would not swing and all those that swam in vane died. They did not hang around as lifeless sperm to be vitalised with life as soon as the next opportunity arrived.

The very second life left the sperm or the egg without fore filling the process of fertilisation extending the ability of life to assemble more material in order to form a body filled with life, life left the sperm or egg and in that the body holding the sperm or egg destructed. It is life that captures material to form a body notwithstanding how small and in that no one can remove God from physics. The idea that life sprang from somewhere as soon as a sperm was there is as mad as having mass being able to form gravity. With my physics I can prove God being responsible for the flow of time within the Universe and if Newtonian science are not able to accomplish that, it is Newtonian science that is dismally inadequate, but then again that is what Newtonian science is in almost every sense.

The only answer I can conclude is that science is ignoring their own findings to prove their own religion fashions. With life being an undisputable form of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it seems very unscientific to propagate atheism as a fact.

From these facts, one has to conclude that there does exist another form of life after death.