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Chapter 7

Odds And Ends

Cherish Fear -  Harness  your  fears,  then  give  them  free  rein.  If  you  listen closely, you can learn.

Criticism  Is  Gold!  -  There  is  little  to  be  learned  from  nice  things  said. Criticism is another matter.

Give Away Gross For Increased Profits - You can increase profits by letting others sell it for you.

Writing Skills Matter - Website content is communicated with words. Use them wisely.

Want Site; Can't Write! - There are simple ways to grow your skills to a surprising degree.

I Hate Writing - If it's so, it's probably because you don't do it well. But you must.

Does Your Email Look Like Junk? - You can't afford to let your email look like the junk mail received.

Email: Do It Right! - What is needed in responding to email is to turn queries into orders.