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10 Strategies to Improve Your Nursing Care
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10 Strategies to Improve your Nursing Care
80% of nurses surveyed point to:
Lack of time to provide good care
as the largest obstacles that they have to face on a daily basis.
Clearly nurses need strategies to deal with these issues and maintain
quality in nursing care. The following list of strategies is currently being
implemented by nurses all over the US.
1. Increase your Knowledgebase
2. Look for "Red Flags"
3. Use a "Road Map"
4. Focus your Assessment
5. Use Clinical Tools
6. Use your Resources Effectively
7. Organize
8. Let Technology Help
9. Implement Better Interventions
10.Prevent Complications
The 10 strategies, when implemented in whole or in part, can have a
dramatic impact on your practice. Try implementing them one at a time and
you too will feel more confident and see improvements in your patient care.
The day after your seminar, I found one of your “Red Flags” in my
patient. He was tachycardic and was later found to have a pulmonary
embolism. –JJ, RN.