When cryptocurrency first appeared on the scene in 2009, its advocates were sure it would transform finance on a global scale, consigning traditional fiat currencies to the pages of history and heralding a new era of decentralized finance, not tied to any nation or government.

14 years later, crypto remains on the periphery of mainstream finance. But all that could change thanks to the advent of stablecoins. The biggest factor that has stood in the way of mainstream crypto adoption has always been volatility. On 22 May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. 10 years later, one Bitcoin was worth $65,000, and the crypto spent on those two pizzas was worth $650 million. Since then, the value of one Bitcoin has dropped $16,000 and risen to $34,000.

How can anyone function from day to day with a currency that exhibits such volatility? The short answer is they can’t. But Stablecoins could be the answer. These have their values pegged with some other asset, most commonly a fiat currency like USD. Stablecoins behave as their name suggests and do not exhibit such volatility as Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest. Some people say they are just what everyone has been waiting for and popular crypto payment gateways like UniPayment are welcoming USDT payments and other stablecoins at online and physical stores.

Are stablecoins really the next step in our fiscal evolution? These books will help you to understand more and make up your own mind.

Stablecoins for Beginners by Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson is a prolific writer on topics relating to crypto, Web 3 and decentralized finance. In this book, he has brought his conversational and no-nonsense approach to stablecoins. The book delivers what it promises, with an extensive but readable introductory guide to the world of stablecoins. The writer offers us first-hand insights and experiences – he owns six different stablecoins himself and has advised on various IEO/STO projects in recent years. This book is the definitive resource for those who want to start at the ground floor.

The book leaves readers clear on the following points:

• What a stablecoin really is
• Four different types of stablecoins currently on the market
• The real world pros and cons of stablecoins
• Step by step guide on how to buy a stablecoin
• Use cases for stablecoins and why they make sense
• Which stablecoins to buy
• Some issues with stablecoins that need to be fixed
• Where to buy stablecoins easily and safely

Alex Anderson’s book is available in all the usual outlets, either in print form or to download onto your Kindle.

Stablecoin Economy by Alyze Sam

Alyze Sam is one of the best-known and most respected women in the blockchain universe. Her name is associated with almost every non-profit and charitable organization in the sector, and she has also written several award-winning books.

In this one, she has teamed up with fellow blockchain experts Koosha Azim and Adam Alonzi to provide a contextual guide to stablecoins and how they fit into the evolution of the global economy. In-depth and thought-provoking, this text will be invaluable to both crypto novices and veterans. It provides rich information and detailed charts to help readers master the art of managing their crypto holdings effectively and using established best practices.

The Book of Crypto by Henri Arslanian

To get the best possible wide angle view of stablecoins and their role within the broader context of the cryptocurrency market, few publications come close to Henri Arslanian’s Book of Crypto. Henri is the co-founder of Nine Blocks, a hedge fund focused exclusively on digital assets, and prior to that, spent several years as a Partner at PwC.

The Book of Crypto became a global top 10 best-seller in financial services within weeks of its release in May 2022. It remains the go-to resource for all things crypto and includes a wealth of insights on the role of stablecoins, both now and going forward.