GigApp is a new company tackling an issue before it gets out of hand.

The future is going to have a lot more gigs instead of jobs, and we can use blockchain to make sure buyers get a good price and gigers get paid well for their gigs. 

This sort of decentralized disintermediation is where I see the most leverage, so I’ve signed on as an advisor. 

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GigApp, LLC Announces Launch of

Chicago, IL (February 15, 2018) – GigApp, LLC has announced the launch of (a US
based project) that plans to transform the global marketplace by creating a decentralized
platform where users can buy and sell products or services with Gigcoin. GigApp will take
advantage of NEO smart contracts and the reward system to provide users with a truly
decentralized and autonomous marketplace.

GigApp will implement a system that will reward users for their contribution in its
marketplace’s social network and arbitration process. Unlike any other blockchain based
app/project, GigApp’s reward pool has a replenishment function built in which ensures that the
users are always rewarded.

Smart contract implementation in a marketplace allows for an escrow model to be build into
the application to create a secure transaction that is distributed autonomously upon agreement
of both customer and seller/provider.

For more information:

Contact: Marat Zalov
Phone: (630) 220-8541