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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do?


That’s a loooooonnnggg list. The short story because small business owners rarely have time for the long one is that a virtual administrator can take off your plate those tasks that aren’t fun, and aren’t the reason why your business will be The Next Big Thing. (That part is all you.)

You created your business because you are good at your thing. You excel at it. We like to call you an Artisan Business Owner. You are not a jack-of-all-trades. You’re a Master.

Many businesses fail, not because they are bad at their thing, but because they aren’t any good at the stuff that isn’t their thing. And really, why should they be? That’s not what will get them where they are going.

It’s often stuff that doesn’t directly produce revenue which really stops up an Artisan Business Owner. It could be calendar management, scheduling, process creation, marketing (online and off), letter and document writing, systems management, graphic design, research, follow up, document and data management, invoicing, bookkeeping, communicating with suppliers, understanding and maintaining cloud based services…all that damned et cetera.