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What is a Virtual Assistant?


You may have heard the term “virtual assistant” or VA before. But there are two kinds of virtual assistants:

A Digital Virtual Assistant

This type of VA may be embedded in your smartphone, a software-based artificial intelligence, such as Google Now, Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana. It may provide you with directions to the local convenience store, search the internet for information, or even make restaurant reservations.

A Human Virtual Assistant

This type of VA is a real, live person, like any other assistant. However instead of taking up room in your office and using your equipment, your virtual assistant is at the other end of the phone/video conference, and the other side of your computer.

A live, full-time employee is not only a member of your team, but also a responsibility for you as a business owner. A virtual assistant is there when you need them, and not around when you don’t. You’ll feel the difference in efficiency, and in cold, hard cash.