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The first thing to do is get a Windows Live ID. You will be using an email address, such as your Gmail address and making it your Live ID. Goto


Getting Your Business Listed in Bing! Here is the url to get to Bing Local Listing Center.

Go there now to add your new listing.


This is part 1 of Bing’s form. When you get to this page at the site it will be one long form.


Bing Category Form


Here is your listing at this point.

00055.jpgIf it is ok click on Next. You can always edit the listing at any time. Terms Page.



Read the service agreement and privacy statement and then click on the I Accept button.
Here is the final page which gives you instructions on what to do next.


If you click on Listing Center, you will see that your listing is pending. Verify the listing when you receive the letter from Bing.


Congratulations for completing the 3 listings. From time to time you want to check your stats and if you are not getting that much traffic you may want to tweak your local listing with different keywords or by adding more pictures and videos if you have room.

Complete everything as much you can because the more information you provide will help you rank higher than the competition.

Helpful Resources on next page. Helpful Resources 00059.jpg

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Blog Blueprint

Unless you've been on sabbatical for the last 10 months (with no Internet), you already know how HOT autoblogging is. It's the ultimate lifestyle business -- free traffic, 100% automated, no cranky customers to worry about. Sure. It sounds great and all. But sadly, there's a lot of stale, outdated, misleading information out there today.
I purchased the product myself and have started creating my blog network. This is not a get rich quick program. It is a long term business model that works. You will get updates as they upgrade the programs and you will not have to pay for those upgrades. So, if you want a business that is going to last then learn how to do Autoblogging.

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Big Value Depot

There is new alternative to auction/listing sites called Big Value Depot. They have been working very hard to make it the premier auction/listing site on the Internet. You can purchase a webstore within BVD in order to sell your items. By purchasing a webstore you will save money each month if you have a lot of items to sell. Coming soon will be an Ad submission service that will post your item to 900+ Sites.