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How To Get Free Local Listings on the 3 Major Search Engines

Step by Step Instructions


00002.jpg00003.jpg00004.jpgDisclaimer & Legal stuff
Copyright 2010 Richard Mathison. All Rights Reserved.

You may share this document freely as long as you don't modify any of it's content. This report is based on authors personal experience regarding website traffic and your results may vary.

There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you might experience with this report. We make every effort to ensure accuracy of information, there are no guarantees your results will match examples published in this report.

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This report is about getting new customers for your business for free using the Internet. Specifically, letting Google, Yahoo and Bing help you by creating free local listings for each service.

The book will guide you step by step in setting up your listings with each service. This will be better than a Yellow Page Listing and it is free for you to create.

Table of Contents

• Why get free listings on the Major Search Engines? • Get an account at Gmail unless you already have one. • Step by Step getting a Free Listing on Google™. • Get a Yahoo Account unless you already have one. • Step by Step getting a Free Listing on Yahoo®. • Get a MSN Live account unless you already have one. • Step by Step getting a Free Listing on Bing™. • Other Helpful Resources • Rebrand this ebook with your links.

Brought to You By Richard Mathiason Why Get Your Free Listings?

1. It’s Free.
2. If you do it the right way you have a good chance at getting your listing on Page 1.
3. Your competition is not verifying their listings , yet. You need to be first.
4. It is an easy way to get your business out there and it is Free.
5. The listings are compatible with most Smart Phones. Are you going to be the business that they find?
6. Add coupons to your listings, also Free!
7. You can add information or specials to your listing anytime.
8. Did I mention that it is Free to do.
9. If you have not ventured onto the Internet this is an easy way to get started.
10. People are using their computers and Smartphones to search rather than the Yellow Pages. Will they find you? Ok, let’s get started. The first listing we will create is on Google™.

You will need a Free Gmail account to do this. Here is how you can get a Gmail account if you do not have one.
Click on Create an account.


00005.jpg00006.jpgIf everything is ok then you will see this page.


00007.jpgYou can click on the button “Show me my account” to see your actual email account.
A capture of it is on the next page.
Here is your new Gmail Account information.


00008.jpgNow we will be able to create our listing in Google.
Next you want to browse to:
You will need to sign in with your new Gmail account in the area that is circled.


00009.jpgWhen you sign in this is the page you will see.



If this is your first business listing, to get started click on “add a new business”. See the area that is circled.


This the page that came up when I typed my businesses phone number in the box.

I have two choices. Edit my business listing or create a new listing. You will want to create a new listing as that is probably the only option that you have.


The form will be broken up into 3 parts in this ebook.




The Map

Before we continue on with the Form let's talk a moment about the map in the right-hand column. You must make sure Google is placing the PIN at the right location. If not then click on Fix incorrect marker location and move the PIN or Maker to the correct location.


As mentioned in the picture you want categories that have keywords that are getting traffic. You can find that out by going to the Google Keyword Tool and doing some searches for keywords for your business. You will be able to see if people are searching for that keyword.


Start checking your businesses keywords for traffic volume. Use the keywords that have good monthly search volume for 4 of the Categories.


00016.jpgExample Form Part 2

Here is an example for the listing that I am creating. I had to use Auction House for one of the Categories because Google requires you to use at least one of their Categories. The rest I created from keywords that I researched.




In this section you can add as many additional details as you want. See Example Below.



Put in additional details to make your business stand out above the rest.


00021.jpgYou are now ready to submit your listing. Click on the Submit button.
Verification Form.


00022.jpgWhen you decide how you want to verify and if it is by phone, have a paper and pencil handy to write down the code.
Then Click on Finish.
This is the page where you will enter your code that you received either by phone or by postcard.


00023.jpgOnce you have input the code you will be taken to this page. The listing can take some time to show so be patient.



A search for my listing.
For people to find you by categories or keywords , it will take a while for the listing to get settled into Google, but it will happen.


Here is the Listing. You can click on the Owner-verified link to get back to the places dashboard so that you can edit your listing.

00026.jpgThat will take you to this page. There are no stats yet as this listing is new. This is where you will see your stats.

For now click on Locations to get back to the edit listing section


You can edit the listing if you want. For now we will click on offers. This will allow you to create a coupon any time you want.


To create a coupon just click on the “Add an offer now” button.


See Coupon Form on next page.
Here is the coupon page which is fairly easy to fill out and you can play with it to get it to look like you want it.

00030.jpgHere is what the coupon looks like on your listing. 00031.jpgReviews

It is important that you ask your customers to write you a review for your business. The next page shows how they can do that by going to the bottom of your listing and create a review for your business.

The more activity you have on your listing, I have seen Google help you with rankings in the local listings.


Finally you can put posts on your listings as often as you want. Maybe you have a Special for the week and don’t want to put up a coupon. Instead you can make a post.


The will show up in the area that is circled below.


This is the stats page for a listing that I created for the Rio Grande Center For
Spiritual Living.

The stats are for one month.

You can see that you can get quite a lot of traffic by having a verified listing with

You see what keywords people are using to
search for your business.

The map is
showing where people are when they are asking for directions.

How To Get Your Business Listed in Yahoo!

You will need to sign up for Yahoo if you do not have an account already. You can do so by going to and clicking on the Sign Up button.


You can find the form on the next page.


Please goto and sign in by clicking on the sign in link.


Then you can start a new listing by clicking the Sign Up button.


The Form is similar to the Google Form so I will leave it up to you as to how you want to fill it out. You must fill in boxes with asteriks


Form Part 2

00042.jpgWhen you have finished filling out the form click on the Continue button.
The next page is about choosing categories.