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Then we'll move onto 'Crafting your autoresponder messages...

It doesn't have to end here...

...because ListWire users enjoy extended and more detailed information on how al this can be put into practise. There's no theory, just solid practical instruction on using ListWire

autoresponders to actual y achieve the things we’ve set out in this report.

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OK, let's wrap up this section...

We'll start with a real-world example of how a fol ow-up system can create a powerful passive

income stream for you. Here's a day-by-day blueprint that you can use to do it.

Day 1

A visitor finds your web site on a search engine and clicks through to the sales letter on your

site. They are interested but not ready to make a purchase yet.

Remember: This describes over *95%* of people who wil visit your web site, and these are

people that you're paying to get there.

As they begin to leave your web site a box pops up offering a free gift if they wil answer three

simple questions. The 'survey technique' is used by a great many successful marketers. They

answer the questions and enter your fol ow-up system.

The questions they answered reveal that the reason they didn't buy today is that they are not

yet persuaded that your product is right for them.

Astute marketer that you are, they go into your 'need more proof' auto-responder. You have

systems in place for people who answer your three questions in a particular manner, al owing

you to tailor the fol ow up to those who are price-sensitive, just not sure, etc.

In seconds your visitor receives an email addressed to her name, thanking her for stopping

by. This is sent as soon as she finishes the survey (it's cal ed an immediate message in

Listwire) and is actual y the first in a series of fol ow-up emails you're going to send.

OK, they're impressed but stil not ready to buy. So...

Day 3

They receive the 2nd message in your series. Short and tasteful, you include a brief

testimonial from a successful customer and let them know they can write to you if they have

any questions. Your visitor begin to see that your proposition is real and that there is

someone there who values their business.

Day 6

They receive message 3 in your series. You tel them that you want their business and list the

benefits of your product, after-sale service and guarantee.






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Day 10

They receive message 4 in your series, which gives them even more reasons to buy

(benefits, not features), along with three more testimonials from satisfied customers. The

testimonials explain exactly how much time (in hours/days/weeks) was saved or how much

money (in dol ars and cents) was made from using your product. Your backing up your claims

with proof.

Day 12

They receive message 5, offering them an incentive if they buy within the next 24 hours.

On day 13 they place their order!

Now, the autoResponder removes them from the 'sales' auto-responder and puts them in

your 'customer' fol ow-up system.

Over the next year they receive an average of one message per week and buy four additional

products! Your one-time sceptic is now one of your best customers.

Best of al , this was al accomplished without you lifting a finger. It was done by your

*automated* fol ow-up system while you worked, slept, played...

...all powered by an autoresponder!

Automation is the key to success on the Internet, because this is a numbers game and

Listwire more than any other product on the market, wil help you achieve that success in

record time.

Beyond simple automation, ListWire FREE autoresponders give you: Built-in HTML Editor

Create great looking emails with our built-in HTML editor. Upload and manage the graphics

used in your emails. Upload graphics, flash movies etc. for use in your emails.

100% Deliverability

With ListWire you can guarantee 100% deliverability of your important messages by using the RSS delivery system.

All formats supported

Whether you want to send your email autoresponder in a quick and simple plain text email, a

beautiful y designed HTML email or a Multi-part email incorporating HTML and Plain Text the

choice is yours with the ListWire FREE e-Mail Marketing Autoresponders.

Total Personalization







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With an amazing amount of possible personalization fields you can customize your emails

with details from your business profile, subscriber record, custom subscriber fields and a

number of extra fields including time and date formats of subscription, autoresponder details.

More Power and Flexibility

ListWire Free autoresponder accepts subscriptions, automatical y fol ow up, and manages al your email marketing campaigns 24 x 7, whether you’re online or not.

You wil have al the tools you need to run highly effective, permission-based email marketing

campaigns, right from your own back office area.

Power with control

ListWire al ows you to create an unlimited number of autoresponders, each with an unlimited number of fol ow-up messages. If you need to get your message delivered in a hurry then the

powerful one off broadcast facility lets you send a campaign quickly and easily.

Autoresponders work for you al day, and al night - never missing a subscriber or fol ow-up


Marketing Optimization

Autoresponders al ow you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend by al owing

you to measure which of your ads pul ed the most subscribers. They automatical y tracks

where your subscriptions come from and can show custom confirmation pages depending on

subscription source.

Able to handle the load

ListWire FREE autoresponders have a number of features which help ensure that the load on the web site never exceeds its capacity. This is important as a lot of other email

autoresponder systems wil try to send more emails than the server can handle and the result

of this is that the web site may become unavailable, go very slow or potential y bring the

whole system to a halt.

Data Security and Integrity

Your data is held in your back office area giving ful access when you need it.

And much, much more!

We personal y use the ListWire FREE autoresponder and can recommend it without hesitation.


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Other Options:

There are of course other options with regard to auto-responders; ones such as

Getresponse and Aweber Check them out, see al their features and prices then compare them to the FREE ListWire Autoresponder – You wil be pleasantly surprised!

There is also another option for bloggers who use Wordpress (the self hosted version) You

can now put an auto-responder into Wordpress . It’s cal ed GWA Auto-responder - In it’s free form the auto-responder manages just one list, OK if you are just starting out or you just

promote one company or product. It instal s the same as any other Wordpress plugin and is

very simple to set up and get working.

There is also a ‘Pro’ version that manages unlimited lists and has many more features than

the free version. In fact I would go so far as to say it is as good as the pay monthly auto-


This is where we got excited! Now weI know this is not the only auto-responder that has a one

off payment option rather than the pay monthly ones, but what we got excited about was just

how cheap this was. Now, most times whenwe see something cheap, wethink – limited

features, doesn’t work properly, poor support etc.

Wel not with this!

Check it out here...

This is A Complete List Manager and Autoresponder PLUGIN for your Wordpress Weblog

In this Wordpress Plug-in:

Build your List! Easily Convert your weblog Visitors into Leads.

Subscription Form Widgets. One click to start accepting subscriptions.

Schedule Daily Mailings. Auto-send your pre-written promotional mail.

Full Autoresponder Control Panel integrated into your Wordpress Administrator.

More Than Just A Simple Plugin:

1. Easy List Manager! Complete subscription manager and mailer software.

2. WYSIWYG Editor! Compose & Send HTML/Plain-Text Messages in Wordpress!

3. Mass Mailer Software! Send email directly to your entire list anytime.

4. Portable Subscription Form! Portable html form code work on any website.

5. Auto-Subscribe User Checkbox. Offer subscriptions on new user registration.

There is absolutely no-cost to get this Powerful List Building Plugin instal ed on your

Wordpress blog.

That wraps up this section, next we'll move onto how to craft your auto-responder message –

But stick with us here, the best is yet to come – The secrets...


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Craft Your Autoresponder Messages

Creating a great autoresponder message series is the key to making serious money on the

internet. Studies have proven that most consumers buy only after repeated exposure to a

product. Having an autoresponder system is the hassle-free, automated way to put your

product in front of interested buyers enough times to move them from consideration to


An approximate breakdown of the percentage of people who buy according to product

exposure is:

16 percent after one or two messages

34 percent after three or four messages

34 percent after five or six messages

16 percent after seven or more messages (and the passage of a considerable amount of time

for deliberation)

This means the largest percent of your target market wil buy after receiving three to six

messages about your product. To build an effective autoresponder campaign, you should

prepare eight to ten messages to load into your program. Each message should build on the

previous one, and make your product more enticing to buyers. There are several methods

you can use to increase interest through autoresponder messages.

Once you have your autoresponder messages set up, you wil need to determine the timing.

You can send one a day, three at one-day intervals with weekly fol ow-ups; one a week (this

is recommended for paid autoresponder e-courses), or any interval you would like.

Fol owing are concrete tips on creating autoresponder messages that sel your product for

you. You’l learn what to say, how to say it, how to format it, and how to avoid having your

messages sent straight to the spam folder unread.

Never spam – it’s a one-way ticket to marketing oblivion.

Components of a typical autoresponder message

So how, exactly, do you go about composing an autoresponder message? Here’s a

breakdown of what your messages should contain. NOTE: These guidelines are just that:

guidelines. There is no concrete method and you may feel free to use your own creativity.

This wil simply give you a framework to build your messages on.

Subject line.

The subject line is the first thing people wil see when they receive your message. Therefore,

it must be compel ing enough to keep them from deleting the message unread.

Which of the fol owing e-mail subjects would you be more likely to click on:

“Make a MILLION DOLLARS Practical y Overnight!” or

“Here is your free Report #1 on boosting your web site profits through the roof”?

You may have jumped at the first one, but think about it: to most internet users, the first is

obviously spam and would be deleted without a second thought. The second subject line

implies that not only have you requested the information (and everyone receiving your

autoresponder messages wil have requested the information) but you are receiving

something of value for nothing. Be understated, but as specific as possible with your subject

line to ensure your message is opened.

Compelling opening sentence.


Looking for a fantastic business opportunity?

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Let’s say you clicked on the second subject line in the preceding example.

You now have the message open, and the first line is this:

“Buckets of money wil pour on you. Buy My program Now, for only $495. It’s easey!”

Wil you read further?

Chances are, you’re already looking for the delete button. This opening is long on hype and

short on promise—not to mention riddled with spel ing and grammar mistakes.

But what if the first sentence reads:

“You are about to learn the secrets successful web marketers use to make a kil ing on the


Wil you continue? Probably. There is no outright pressure to buy anything; you are being

given something for free that wil benefit you. So far, it costs nothing but a few minutes of your



This should not be lengthy. Immediately fol owing your compel ing opening sentence, remind

people they are receiving your message because they asked to be on your list. It will keep

them from clicking the “spam” button if they decide they aren’t interested in your product, and

keep your autoresponder and web site off internet blacklists.

Introductory paragraph.

Explain in a concise paragraph exactly what your product wil do for the buyer. Avoid using

ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation!!! This looks amateurish and wil almost certainly get

your message deleted.

Subheads and further information.

Write compel ing subheads, set on separate lines within your message, that describe certain

benefits or sections of your program, then fol ow up with a short paragraph of explanation.

For example, using the fictional internet marketing program we began discussing, your first

subhead might state:

“Mil ions of people do business on the internet. Are you reaching them with your web site?”

Tease the contents of your product, but do not give away too much information (otherwise,

why would anyone want to buy?).

A call to action.

After several subheads and short paragraphs of information, reveal your product. State what it

is (an e-book, e-course or audio CD or download); where customers can get it (your web site,

Amazon, e-Bay); and how much it costs.

NOTE: To make your price impressive, state the retail value of your product (many affiliate

and resel er programs have this in place already), and then reveal your price as a deep


When setting your price, aim for the high side at first and be wil ing to lower it in later fol ow-up

messages—this wil give people an even stronger incentive to buy after message 3 or 4.

For example, your cal to action in your first message might read:

“This amazing e-book revealing internet marketing secrets to jumpstart your web site’s sales

is valued at $395. Through our program, you can order “Huge Web Site Profits” for just



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Reminder of follow-up messages.

Let your subscribers know the next time you wil contact them, which wil be the time interval

you’ve set for your autoresponder distribution—tomorrow, in a few days, next week.

Be sure to include a teaser of what wil be revealed in the next message.

Unsubscribe link.

This is critical to a successful autoresponder campaign. You must give subscribers the option

to discontinue receiving messages from you, or you wil be labeled as spam.

The FREE Listwire autoresponder service will provide you with an automatic unsubscribe in your message.

Making your message irresistible.

With the inundation of available products and information on the market today, you wil have

approximately three seconds—yes, three seconds—to hook a buyer’s interest and keep him

or her reading. Fortunately, there are ways to breach this barrier and keep the consumer

riveted to your message.


Remember when you were choosing the topic for your product? Personal interest was a key

element in that decision-making product. Now that you have a topic you believe in, let that

passion show in your autoresponder messages. Mention those aspects of your product you

find particularly fascinating and give them your personal endorsement.

Write casual.

Make your message read the way a conversation in a restaurant would sound. Big words

might impress some people, but most of them just want to know what you have to say—and

they aren’t going to rush to the dictionary in the middle of reading your message to find out

what you’re talking about.

Use short sentences and keep it straightforward and direct. Don’t be afraid to use

contractions instead of the more proper two word phrases. Do, however, make sure your

spel ing and grammar is correct. You want to seem friendly, not sloppy.

Be personal.

You are writing a message that wil be read by thousands of people, one at a time. Each

person who opens your message is an individual, and wil be far more at ease if you address

them as a person rather than a piece of the col ective public.

Use the word “you” as often as possible, and limit the use of “I.” You don’t want to tel them

why you’re so great. You want them to know how purchasing your product wil benefit them,

and why they should part with their hard-earned money to hear what you have to say.

Eliminate extra words.

As previously mentioned, keep your message simple and clear. If you have an “effective web

site marketing technique,” don’t say it’s a “wonderful y amazing, mind-blowing web site

marketing extravaganza method.” No one wants to try and cut through al the fluff and hype to

try and decode your message. It’s also annoying.

Use decisive language.

Try to use action verbs whenever possible—this means replacing as many instances of “are,”

“is,” “was,” and “were” in your message with stronger wording.

For example: instead of writing “If your web site has been languishing with low sales, this

program might be able to help your business grow,” say: “Your web site sales wil increase

dramatical y with this program.” Write your messages with the confidence that your product is

worth paying for, and your subscribers wil be more comfortable buying.


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Give reasons and incentives.

Don’t be afraid to repeat the benefits of your product throughout your message. Just as

repetitive contact is effective in converting prospects to buyers, repetitive reminders of

benefits—without bludgeoning people over the head with them—can reinforce everything they

stand to gain from a purchase.

Also, reveal some of the information in your product within your marketing message without

giving everything away, and then state that even more exciting information can be found

when you purchase a product.

Testimonials: A marketer’s best friend

Testimonials are a great way to build consumer confidence in your product. Hearing from

other people who have purchased the product and are satisfied with the results goes a long

way toward making sales.

Testimonials can range from short blurbs (a sentence or two, or a paragraph) to letter-length

endorsements. The blurbs are great for interspersing with the text of your autoresponder

messages; longer testimonials are excel ent for posting on your web site.

How do you get testimonials? Once you start sel ing your product, you wil likely receive

unsolicited notes from buyers who are pleased with their purchases.

But at the outset of your campaign, before you have actual y began sel ing anything, there are

several ways to get testimonials:

Friends and family. Ask friends and family to review your product and write a few sentences

describing what they like about it and why they would recommend it to others. This may seem

like cheating, but no one has to know you’re acquainted with your testimonial writers—and

besides, if they actual y like the product, there is nothing dishonest about it.

Colleagues and experts in your field. If you work or have worked in a field relating to your

topic, ask your coworkers (or former coworkers) to write up a testimonial blurb for you. If you

don’t work in a related field, look up people who do online (groups or forums are good places

to start) and e-mail them to ask if they would mind reviewing your product in exchange for a

free copy. Most reviewers work on a free-product basis and will be happy to do so.

Other affiliate members and resellers. Think al people trying to sel the same product as

you are bitter enemies? Think again! Many internet marketers working with affiliate and

resel er programs are happy to help other entrepreneurs, because believe it or not, there is

plenty of market to go around. Of course, they wil expect the same courtesy from you. Since

they are already familiar with the product, they wil have no trouble coming up with a

testimonial for you.

NOTE: Always make sure you have the permission of the person who wrote the testimonial to

use their name and words in your marketing materials.

Get it in writing or by e-mail, even from friends and family. Make that especial y from friends

and family—you never know when a disagreement wil result in a rescinding of an offer to


If you get permission via e-mail, simply end your disclaimer message (I hereby give [your

name] permission to use my name and remarks for marketing purposed, signed X) with a line

that states: Typing my initials here constitutes my official signature___. Then just ask them to

reply to the message, add their ful name and initials, and hit send. Most people wil be wil ing

to do this.

Spam-Me-Not: Avoiding too much hype

Keep in mind when constructing your messages and building your subscriber list that there

are two types of marketing: “cold sel ing,” or unsolicited e-mail; and opt-in sel ing. It is highly

recommended that you do not engage in cold sel ing. This is considered spam. If enough

people report your address as spam, you wil be banned from ISPs and search engines.


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The occasional sale you see from cold sel ing will not be enough to compensate for your

being blacklisted on the internet.

On the other hand, building an opt-in list is a perfectly acceptable and highly successful

method that wil keep you from being labeled bad business.

With an opt-in list, people ask to be added to your subscriber database because they’re

interested in your topic. Opt-in subscribers should always be given the option to opt out…but

you would be surprised how many people don’t bother clicking the unsubscribe link, and

eventual y make their way to your site to investigate your product further.

When preparing your autoresponder messages, it is imperative to strike a balance between

excitement and hype about your product. You must avoid wording your messages so that

they look, feel and smel like spam, even if they have been requested.

This means fol owing the rules of creating direct and simple messages as described above

(no writing in ALL CAPS, or putting seven exclamation points at the end of every paragraph).

There are also a few other deadly spam sins to avoid:

Do not write your message in 18-point Impact Red or other “flashy” font styles and sizes. This

does not draw attention to your product; it draws attention to your inexperience.

It’s perfectly acceptable to use color in your autoresponder messages, and in fact may help to

strengthen that three-second lead time by pul ing attention to those compel ing subheads you

wrote (you did write compel ing subheads, didn’t you?).

But for the most part, keep your entire message in the same font and type size, using

emphasis like color, bold and italics sparingly for effect.

Do not stuff your messages with “cool” graphics, animated smileys, or a dreaded Flash

presentation. This slows down load time considerably, and many people won’t wait for your

incredible pictures to appear on the screen.

Do not use chat language, or “leet,” in the text of your message. Even to people who know

what LOL, IMHO, IOW and ROFLMAO* stand for, this is not professional and does not score

you any “friendly” points.

And if your subscribers don’t know what these abbreviations stand for, they wil be quick to

dismiss you as inept. (*In case you don’t know yourself: LOL=laughing out loud or laughing on

line; IMHO=in my humble opinion; IOW=in other words; and ROFLMAO=rol on floor laughing

my a** off.)

Do remind people that 1. they are receiving your message because they requested more

information (or a friend suggested they would like to receive the information) and 2. they can

opt out of further messages using a link you have provided at the end of the message.

Spam filters: Is your message zap-proof?

Just about every e-mail program has built-in spam filters that route unwanted messages to a

separate folder, often cal ed a “bulk” folder, whose contents are routinely deleted by either the

program or the owner of the account.

Fol owing the suggestions above for avoiding spam-type messages wil go a long way toward

ensuring your autoresponders don’t get diverted to an early grave. Here are more tips on

beating spam filters and verification programs:

Subject line dont's:

Never begin your subject line with ADV: or include the word “advertisement.” Do not state

“this e-mail sent in compliance with…” And never use the word “free” in the subject line—

especial y in al caps.

In fact, never use the word FREE (in al caps) anywhere in the message. If possible, avoid

using al caps altogether.


Looking for a fantastic business opportunity?

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From address:

When you set up your web site and associated e-mail accounts, do not name any account – this guarantees you an automatic trip to the bulk folder.

Within the message:

Never say “for free?” or “for free!” or use the words “extra income” in the body of your

message. Recently, many internet marketers attempting to bypass spam filters have begun

breaking up the word “free” anywhere it appears in their sales copy: f-ree or are the most

commonly used methods but even these are sometimes captured by the spam filter.

Keep your messages out of spam oblivion by adhering to these guidelines, and you will see

your sales and response rates climb.

A good way to see if your message wil end up in the spam folder is to send a 'Test' message

to yourself. Listwire Autoresponders have the facility to do this.

Formatting your autoresponder messages

If you use the internet regularly, you have probably received at least a few e-mails that look

something like this:

Dear Friend,

Congratulations! You have been selected

>>to receive a free


>during our promotional giveaway here at

>XYX Company…

This is either the result of multiple forwarding, or poor formatting on the part of the sender.

Not many people would try to interpret this kind of mess if it was sent to them by a stranger,

even if the information was requested. How can you avoid giving your autoresponder

messages that choppy, I-can’t-use-a-computer feel?

First, you should understand why this occurs. Every e-mail program is different, al owing

different line lengths for their viewing windows. If your e-mail program al ows 75 characters

per line, it may look fine on your screen—but when you send it to someone whose program

al ows only 70 characters per line, those last five characters get moved to the next line and

break up your message with those pesky > signs.

Another potential problem is the font you choose. Fonts like Courier New are fixed-width:

every character takes up the same amount of space. But fonts like Times New Roman (the

default font for most word processing programs) and Arial have varying width according to the

character: an “i” takes up less space than a “w” and so forth. This variance in space creates

the same broken effect as the line length problem.

Keep your messages in a fixed-width font (10-point size is best in nearly every case) and

make sure each line is 60 to 65 characters long.

When you reach the limit, use a hard return to start the next line rather than al owing your

word processing program to wrap the text.

If you’re using Microsoft Word to compose your messages, there is a counter at the bottom of

the window that tel s you what line and character number you’re on as you type (this reads Ln

## Col ##) which you can use to ensure you’re staying at 65 or less. You can also create a

guide at the top of the page you’re working on (you wil delete the guide after you finish your

message) that wil al ow you to determine your line length at a glance. Your guide should look

like this:


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Another way to avoid sending garbled messages is to save them in a universal format. Many

people mistakenly believe ASCII works on al computers, but this is not the case.

You should save (and copy and paste) your messages in either Plain Text (this is almost

always in Courier New font) or Rich Text format (the format every word processing program

can open, which al ows you to preserve color, bold and italicized text).

You wil find these file formats listed in the Save As dropdown box on your Save window.

Of course if you are using a quality autoresponder such as Listwire, al this formatting stuff is taken care of for you!

And now - THE


Having a huge opt-in list is fantastic. Being able to blast out an email to hundreds of

thousands of people about your offer. Let's face it, if only a tiny percentage of them purchase,

you are stil going to make a bucket load of money right?

Probably, but how do you get that list in the first place?

This is the number one hurdle for most newbie marketers and stil remains a major headache

for many who have been trying to do it for years!

What's the #1 problem every online marketer faces?

You've heard it a mil ion times and for good reason ... because it's true. The #1 problem when

it comes to internet marketing is TRAFFIC!

If you're like most people trying to make money online, then you have probably struggled to

get the traffic you need to make sales.

Whether you are promoting products as an affiliate, trying to make money with CPA offers, or

just trying to get people over to your website ... it al comes down to traffic.

So, how do you get people to see your offers?

Wel , you could try Google Adwords™ or any number of other ad networks, but you will likely

go broke before anything positive happens.

And doing endless SEO related tasks to get into the search engines wil either take forever, or

it won't work at al .


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Now before you get discouraged and run away ... We guess we should tel you that we have a

solution for you...

The Power Behind The Listwire Autoresponder

Listwire is a powerful FREE autoresponder but it's not just an autoresponder. It has built into

it, 2 very special features that you can use to dramatical y increase visitors to your website

AND subscribers to your list..

Building Your List.

The List Wire co-operative list-building system is an automated process designed to

help you generate qualified, highly targeted subscribers with no additional effort, and at

absolutely no cost.

Al new subscribers generated through the system are 100% permission-based, come

directly through the List Wire system itself, and can be added to your desired account

without the need for any additional verification.

Sounds good, right? Great, now here's how the system works ...

The cooperative list-builder is a co-registration system that displays advertisements to

al new subscribers who successful y complete the subscription verification process, but

wil not in any way interrupt the verification process.

The advertisements selected by the system wil be displayed on the right hand side of

the optin verification page. If a new subscriber finds the offer, or opportunity in your

advertisement is of interest, they may select a checkbox that wil appear next to that

advertisement, and choose to request more information.

So, how does the system determine when your ad wil be shown, and how often?

The cooperative list-building system is credit-based, with advertisements being selected

at random, based on whether or not you have credits available in your account. This

means that if you have credits in your account, your list-builder advertisement could be

shown at any time.

Credits for the list-building system are earned each time you generate a new subscriber

who completes the optin verification process. It doesn't end there though, credits are

also earned each time one of your referrals generates a subscriber who completes the

optin verification process.

Increasing visitors to your website

The List Wire co-operative traffic building system is an automated process designed to

help you generate qualified, highly targeted visitors to your website with no additional

effort, and at absolutely no cost.

Sounds good, right? Great, now here's how the system works ...



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The cooperative traffic building system displays a single advertisement in the branding

bar that is shown on al tracking links generated by the List Wire system. These ads

appears as a smal text link in the branding bar, as shown below.

So, how does the system determine when your ad wil be shown, and how often?

The cooperative traffic building system is credit-based, with advertisements being

selected at random, based on whether or not you have credits available in your account.

This means that if you have credits in your account, your traffic builder advertisement

could be shown at any time.

Credits for the traffic building system are earned each time you generate a click on any

tracking link generated by the List Wire system. It doesn't end there though, credits may

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It doesn't end there though, credits may also be earned each time one of your

referrals generates a click on any of their tracking links as well.


It doesn't end there though, credits are also earned each time one of your

referrals generates a subscriber who completes the optin verification process.



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