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Follow Up Fortunes

The Secrets Of email Marketing Revealed


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Turn more of your web site visitors into paying


Give your web site the best chance of


Prevent your prospects from buying from a


Do 3 vital things that can add up to a huge

boost in sales…

Fol ow Up Fortunes

Thank you for downloading this free report ‘Fol ow Up Fortunes’ In this smal document, we

are going to show how auto-responders can help you:

Turn more of your web site visitors into paying customers

Give your web site the best chance of success

Prevent your prospects from buying from a competitor

Do 3 vital things that can add up to a huge boost in sales

But don't worry, there's no theory or techno-speak. Just simple explanations and easy

practical steps that you can take immediately to put your web site on track to be the success

you want it to be.

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Welcome To Follow Up Fortunes...


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Table of Contents

Follow Up Fortunes

The Secrets Of email Marketing REVEALED

Part 1:

What’s possible?

Page 5

Part 2:

3 simple rules for effective follow-up marketing.

Page 7

Part 3:

How to build trust with your prospects in record

Page 7


Part 4:

Where to send your visitors.

Page 8

Part 5:

Turning more of your web site visitors into

Page 10


Part 6:

Backend sales - you've gotta do this...

Page 15

Part 7:

How a fol ow-up system can create a powerful,

Page 17

passive income stream for you.

Part 8:

Beyond simple automation.

Page 19

Part 9

Craft your autoresponder messages.

Page 21

Part 10

The secrets revealed...

Page 27


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What’s Possible?

To give you one example, one of our associates (a famous UK Internet Marketer) sent one

email to his list of subscribers using an auto-responder. Within one week, he had generated

sales of over $14,000 (yes, fourteen thousand dollars).

So can you see what's possible?

We've been immersed in email marketing day and night for years. We know what works and

what doesn't. We want to share al our real-world knowledge and experience with you in this


Right, Let's Get Started...

It's wel known that only a tiny percentage of your web site visitors wil buy from you on their

first (and possibly only) visit to your web site. The vast majority of your prospects simply forget about you and your web site and never return.

Can you imagine just how much money you are losing by not having a way to keep in

touch with those people? That money is probably going right into the pockets of your

competitors. But that money could be going into your pocket, not theirs - after al , these are

your hot prospects!

But there's worse to come...

Not only is this "prospect drain" losing you sales and kil ing your profits, but it's actual y costing you money too. Attracting quality traffic to your web site costs money.

Isn't it crazy that you spend your hard-earned dol ars getting targeted prospects to visit your

web site, only to miss the chance to convert them into a paying customer? Do you really want

to watch them sail off into the distance, never to return? It's simply madness!

You might as wel burn the money you spend on getting them there.

The solution is so easy, you'll laugh.

Imagine you have a simple solution that al ows you to contact these "hot prospects". As often as you want. FOREVER.

You'll no longer be lying awake at night, hoping potential customers remember your web site

and return to buy. Instead, you'll be sleeping easy, knowing that you're doing al you can to

turn every site visitor into a loyal paying customer.

So what do you need to do? It's simple real y - just ask your prospects for their...

First name

Email address

Now, how difficult is that? (Er, it's not!)


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As soon as a prospect has given you this information, a whole world of sales opportunity

opens up for you. You can:

Immediately and automatically send more information about your product or

service - information that arrives in their email inbox, that they can read at their

leisure (or even print it out).

Repeatedly and automatically send fol ow-up messages to your prospect, providing

more information about your offer, answering their concerns, giving more and more

reasons why your offer is right for them.

It's wel known in marketing circles that sales of a product increase when prospects are

exposed to its benefits multiple times. The actual number of exposures needed varies by

product and price but 5 to 10 is about average.

And whether your prospect chooses to buy your original offer or not, you can:

Give your monthly profits a REGULAR boost by continuing to send information on

your promotions, specials and current offers whenever you want.

Build long-term trust and credibility by sending useful, interesting and informative

content, maybe in the format of a newsletter, ezine, email course or ebook.

Generate immediate sales by sending time-limited offers that expire within a few

hours or days.

Turn your original "lost prospect" into a valuable lifetime customer.

It's called follow-up marketing!

...and in order to convert your sluggish web site into a finely-tuned, automatic, profit

generating machine you simply must make follow-up marketing central to your online


You can start doing that IMMEDIATELY by following 3 simple rules...

So far we learned that it takes an average of 5 to 10 fol ow-up messages to turn a prospect

into a paying customer. We also learned that factors such as trust and credibility play an

important role in the sel ing process.

Let's crack on with the next instalment. In this part of the report you'll learn...

3 simple rules of effective fol ow-up marketing

What wil happen if you don't automate your fol ow-up process

How a top-notch fol ow-up Auto-responder system like ListWire can free up masses of your valuable time for business-building activity


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Ready? OK, Let's Get Started...

We closed the previous part of this report by saying that you must make fol ow-up marketing

central to your online marketing activities. And that you could do it by fol owing 3 simple rules.

Wel , here they are...

3 simple rules for effective follow-up marketing

Rule #1

Build a permission-based email list offering valuable information to your prospects in

return for their first name and email address. The term "permission-based" just

means that you ask upfront if you may contact them.

Rule #2

Instal a robust, effective and finely tuned system on your web site to gather those

names and email addresses 24x7. These are your HOT PROSPECTS that you can

contact again and again.

Rule #3 (and this is very important)

Ful y automate your entire fol ow-up process or face drowning in a sea of email


By following these simple rules, you can use follow-up marketing to build trust and

credibility for your business. These are essential because...

As we've already seen, the vast majority of your site visitors and prospects simply

won't buy from you on their first (and perhaps only) visit to your web site.

Most people need to be exposed to your offer several times (maybe 5 to 10) before

they wil buy anything from you.

You are losing countless customers and hurting your bottom line by not implementing

an automated system to manage and organize your fol ow-up marketing strategy


But here's a warning... those who think that they can do al this using their standard email software (Outlook,

Eudora, Thunderbird, Gmail etc).

Don't underestimate how complex the management of an effective fol ow-up campaign can

be. For a moment, imagine you have 2,000 hot prospects, and each of those people is at a

different point in your "7 stage" fol ow-up sel ing process. That's an unbelievable 14,000

different personalized emails that you must send out EXACTLY on time to the right people.

Imagine how difficult it would be to manage this manual y. It's simply impossible.


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There are no "hidden" secrets here. Installing an effective AUTOMATED

follow-up system on your web site is the ultimate defence

against your hot leads turning stone cold.

And don't forget that you paid good money to get these people to your

web site in the first place! So you need to...

Capture the first name and email address of your prospects - automatically!

Fol ow-up with those prospects - automatically!

Super-charge your online sales machine by connecting with your prospects 24 hours

a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - automatically!

A ful y-featured fol ow-up system like ListWire gives you al those benefits and a lot more besides. It...

Adds vital follow-up marketing capability to your web site

As you use an auto-responder, you can rest assured that those al -important names

and email addresses are being gathered 24x7, and that your sales message is being

delivered on time, every time.

Automatically and efficiently manages your prospect subscriptions

While you spend time on growing your business (you know that's what you're

supposed to be doing, right?), is automatical y managing your subscriptions,

removals, duplicates, bounce-backs and email address changes.

Prevents accusations of SPAM

From asking people to confirm their subscription to obtaining and storing subscriber

IP addresses, date/time of subscription etc, auto-responders take care of everything

for you.

Expands with your business by allowing you to create as many follow-up

campaigns as you need

Be wary! Some auto-responder or mailing list service providers charge you for EACH

campaign or by the number of subscribers in your list. As a ListWire FREE

subscriber, you do not need to endure such additional, ever-rising costs because

Listwire is 100% FREE!

Next we’re going to cover practical steps you can take to build that al -important trust and

credibility. In the meantime, start to think of ways that you can build fol ow-up marketing into

your marketing strategy (don't worry if you can't because I've got loads of ideas coming up).

Now we're going to take a closer look at how to build trust with your prospects in record time.

We hope you enjoy, and profit from this section.


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Let's Get Started...

Start by asking yourself a question. When you buy products or services, do you prefer to buy

from someone you know and trust, or are you happier buying from a perfect stranger?

Please forgive me if that sounds like a dumb question. Let me explain.

Probably the number one mistake online business owners make is forgetting that people

buy from people and businesses they trust.

So many wel -meaning people go online, establish a web site, choose a product they are

passionate about, write compel ing copy and make it easy for the customer to order.

They don't bother to build trust before asking for the order!

And, like the gold miner who stopped two feet short of the rich vein of gold, they sabotage

their own success by not developing a powerful fol ow-up system to do it for them.

So how do you build trust by using a fol ow-up system?

It's easy ... you simply tell the truth!

The fastest way to build trust online is to *prove* the claims you make on your web site.

Does your site claim that people can make money? Then send a fol ow-up message

containing a testimonial from someone who is prospering with your product.

Does your sales letter claim that people can save time when they use your product or

service? Then send a short fol ow-up note showing people exactly *how* they wil

save time. Include some examples from real life and your message will have even

more impact.

Building trust online is harder than in the offline world. When you go into a store to make a

purchase you can see, hear, smel and touch the products you are going to buy. And, you can

see if the store fits with the pricing and quality claims being made.

We have a tougher job online. We need more time (as in a series of messages) to convince

people that we're genuine and trustworthy.

When our fol ow-up messages *prove* the claims we make on our web site, we build trust

quickly and our rate of orders increases.

And that's what you want, isn't it?

By the way, do you know the sweetest sound to a person's ear, no matter what language they


Their own name!

People like to get emailed that's addressed directly to them personal y.


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The good news is that an auto responder such as ListWire offers you lots of ways to completely personalize your messages. More than just speaking to your subscribers by name,

you can tel them what product they bought, when they subscribed, how long they've been a

valued subscriber and more!

In fact, auto-responders are only limited by your imagination.

Next we'll be looking at ways you can earn affiliate commissions and boost your opt-in list, all

at the same time.

Earlier in the report we learned how important it is to fol ow up with prospective customers

several times - around 5 to 10 is about average.

We also learned that people buy when they are comfortable with their choice of supplier.

Now we're going to focus on YOU!

Let's Get Started...

Many, if not most, people who begin an online business do so by sel ing other people's

products. This is known as affiliate sel ing and it's one of the most powerful (and easy!) ways

to build an online income.

Being an affiliate is great! After al , the company who produces the product is the one who

handles al the headaches. They produce the product, deliver the product, provide customer

support and more.

All you do is promote their product and cash the checks!

But there is one aspect of affiliate marketing that is often overlooked - an aspect that's vital to

your long term success.

We’re talking about *where* you send visitors when they respond to your promotional


Here's a quick example.

Let's say you promote Joe Guru's excel ent ebook. You're going to earn a handsome

commission each time someone buys it. So you create an attention-grabbing ad and buy

some advertising space for it in your favourite newsletter.

NOW the question becomes ... where do you send people when they respond to your ad?

If you send them straight to Joe's site, here's what happens. They buy the ebook and you get

a one-time commission. Then they go into Joe's fol ow-up system. Over the next six months

he sends them messages about his other products and they buy three of those products.

But you don't profit from those additional sales!

So here's a better way...

Instead of sending them direct to Joe's site, send them to a squeeze page on your site first.


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Side note - a squeeze page is a page on your web site that asks someone for their name

and email address before al owing them access to the content that they wish to see. There's

nothing else on the page apart from the subscription form.

Your squeeze page adds them to your auto-responder and the "thank you for subscribing"

page contains the link (your affiliate link!) they're looking for to Joe's site.

So they go into your fol ow-up system *before* you send them to Joe's site. They buy his

ebook and you get a commission.

Then you inform them of other products just like the ebook they bought and they buy three

more items. You get commissions on all three!

Need a squeeze page? Check out this FREE squeeze page generator

And best of all, this is super-easy

to do with an auto-responder.

Here's how you do it...

Instead of having people who respond to your ad go straight to Joe's site, send them to your

squeeze page. When they subscribe, your auto-responder sends them the link to Joe's site in

an email - immediately.

This works real y wel for a few reasons.

First, the reader doesn't have to choose to interrupt what they're doing to click to Joe's site

*now* to see what they want. They get it via email and visit Joe's site when they want to.

Second, and most important, you col ect their name and email address, al owing you to

send them fol ow-up messages.

And third, you can use your "thanks for subscribing" page to promote Joe's product a bit

more, or another affiliate product, or one of your own products. Or al three!

Bottom line is ... you are building YOUR long term business, not Joe's business.

If you're ready to get started, ListWire makes it super-easy to set al this up, and even tracks the success of your fol ow-up messages.

Next, we'll have loads of tips you can use to maximize the subscriptions from your web site.

We're going to look at ways of turning more of your web site visitors into subscribers, so that

you can fol ow up with them until they become valuable paying customers.

There are two issues we need to cover in this topic:

the subscription mechanism

creating compel ing reasons to subscribe

Before we start, We'l throw in an apology about the length of this section but there's LOADS

to tel you - and this really is stuff you can use!


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So, firstly, the subscription mechanism

Most auto-responders, give you at least two ways for your subscribers to join your list.

The subscriber either:

Fil s out a subscription form on your web site, or...

Sends a blank email to a special email address at your web site

You need to decide which of these you're going to employ. In the early days of the Internet,

auto-responders were more often than not triggered using the "blank email" method. The

subscriber would be asked to send a blank email to and they would get

an immediate (automated) reply by return. That's actual y where the term auto-responder

came from - an automated response to an incoming email.

The "blank email" method is great if you don't have a web site because you can simply

advertise your auto-responder's subscription address and invite people to join by sending a

blank email to it. You can even advertise it offline in newspapers, magazines and journals.

These days, of course, it's much more common to ask your subscribers to fil out a form on

your web site. We recommend keeping the questions to a minimum so that there are fewer

hurdles for your subscriber to jump.

Here are the main elements of a good subscription form:

Explain what they'll be getting, but don't give any of the actual information

Ask for their first name and email address

Have an obvious cal -to-action button like "Click Me To Subscribe"

Include a statement that you will not share their personal details (this can work

wonders for your subscription rate)

The form itself needs to be in a place where it wil get noticed, preferably above the fold, the

bit of the page that can be seen without scrol ing down.

Better stil , if your page has a side navigation bar, why not put it in there? That way, it wil be

available on ALL your pages.

There are al sorts of pop-ups, pop-unders, slide-ins and fade-ins that you can use too - and

it's a good idea to test these to see which pul s the most subscribers. Auto-responders wil

al ow you monitor which form your subscriber came from and this is very useful information

when you're testing out various forms.

For example, you can split-test 2 forms against each other to see which pul s the most

subscribers. Drop the one that pul s least then test the better one with a third. If you continue

this process, you'll see a steady increase in your subscription rate.

Compelling reasons to subscribe

People want information and they don't want to pay for it. In this scenario, an auto-responder

is a great tool because you can use it to give away as much information as you want (for

nothing) and use it to turn those readers into paying customers.


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It's a real win, win situation!

But what sort of information can you give away? The list is truly endless!

Here are just a few ideas for you:

Create a *training course* for your product or service and deliver it via auto-

responder. Your subscribers love this because they real y want this information and

you can continue to give it for as long as you want.

If you are passionate about your niche, this wil real y come across in your emails and

can work wonders to build that al -important trust and credibility (remember that?).

Distribute *articles* by auto-responder - article marketing is big right now because it's

a great way of getting people to come to your web site. So you can write some

articles for your niche and distribute them by auto-responder. Al ow your subscribers

to use them on their own web site or in their ezine or newsletter - as long as they

don't change your resource box (the section that tel s a bit about you and has the link

back to your web site).

If you have PDF versions of your articles, you can distribute them as attachments to

your auto-responder messages, and again, invite your subscribers to give them away.

People who run newsletters and ezines are always looking for fresh content that they

can use - so provide it and watch the traffic flow back to your site!

This method of viral marketing (where you start it off and it promotes itself

forever) is excellent for building long-term, ever-increasing traffic back to your

web site.

Provide *pricing* by auto-responder. Tired of your competition shopping your site?

Want to know who your serious prospects are so you can fol ow up and make the

sale? Providing pricing by auto-responder is safe, secure and effective.

Answer *Frequently Asked Questions* by auto-responder. Since systems like Listwire

can send HTML (web page code) you could even just copy your existing FAQ page

into an HTML message in your auto-responder and send it to people who want it by

email. Job done!

Conduct *surveys* by auto-responder. With Listwire, for example, you can schedule a broadcast to your entire list with the click of a mouse. Set up a customer satisfaction

survey for existing customers and learn what customers love about your products, as

wel as how to make improvements.

This has an added benefit - you wil get some testimonials that you can use on your

site (with the writer's permission obviously). Webmasters often struggle to find ways

to get testimonials for their site, so that's another problem solved!

Send *product updates* by auto-responder. Your existing customers love to know

when there's an update that would benefit them. So have them subscribe to your

updates auto-responder and send them regular messages about product


Better stil , get your order processing system to add the subscriber automatical y to

your customer list as soon as the sale has gone through. With the ListWire


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autoresponder this can be done with just 4 or 5 lines of code. You could be fol owing

up seconds after the sale!

And this real y is a great way to sel upgrades to existing customers. It's very wel

known that it's MUCH easier to sel to an existing customer than to find a new one,

and with an auto-responder system, you can do it while you sleep, literal y!

In summary... use your imagination, be a little different and you'll see your subscription rate


Need something to give away? Why not this very report! Get your re-branded version

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Need a squeeze page? Check out this FREE squeeze page generator

Next, we'll look at how you can super-charge the response to ads you place on the Internet

(wherever they may be) and we'll look at what you should be doing AFTER your prospect has

become a valuable customer.

Thanks for sticking with us. We hope you are beginning to see the sheer marketing power

that is at your disposal when you invest in a decent fol ow-up auto-responder.

Now we're going to focus on two areas:

Maximizing return on investment (ROI) on your ad spend

What's a 'backend' sale and why would you want some?

Firstly, super-charging your ad response

Whether you place free ads or pay for a solo blast to your favourite ezine's subscribe list, your

goal is to make the most money with the least effort.

Advertising can be expensive. Placing ads in ezines is very cost effective, but it stil costs.

You need to make more money than you spent on the ad - that's your profit. Simple!

Here's a way to get more return out of every ad you place, free or paid.

Add a follow-up auto-responder address to every ad you place, something like:

Think about this for a moment. You place an ad in your favourite ezine. The reader of the

ezine sees your ad and is somewhat interested. They want more information but they are

busy reading their favourite ezine! So they say to themselves, "I'll click that link when I have


But we al know that they somehow never find the time to go back and see your web site.

A potential sale lost. Another prospect gone.

But not if you add an *auto-responder* address to your ad! When you al ow readers to reply

via auto-responder good things start to happen.


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Since they reply by email they don't have to interrupt their reading.

Their name and email address gets into your fol ow-up system and you make more


After they buy, they are transferred automatical y to a new fol ow-up auto-responder

so you can make those al important backend sales.

You develop a relationship with them that can literal y last for years.

Best of al , it's super-easy to put this technique into practise today.

Al you need to do is change your ad's cal to action from 'for more information visit' to...

'for more information visit OR for instant information by email send a

blank email to'

That's it! One simple addition that could multiply your sales several fold.

The key to getting more customers is to be easy to do business with. That applies doubly

when customers want information. If they don't get it quickly, they've lost nothing and have

moved on to something else. With an auto-responder, you can easily prevent that from


Get your information in the right hands fast with an auto-responder.

Backend sales - you've gotta do this...

You've probably heard the term 'backend' sales. After al , every 'guru' worth his salt is tel ing

us that we must make those al -important 'backend' sales.

But what is a backend sale, and how can you get some?

Wel , We're going to explain a fol ow-up technique that can literal y explode your profits... and

that's making backend sales with an auto-responder like ListWire

You see, when you achieve a sale, if you're like many online marketers, you probably say a

little 'thank you' to the man upstairs and then start hoping for the next one!

Let's face it, sales are had enough to come by without having to figure out what to do *after*

the sale is made.

Yet the truth is that it is what we do after the sale that really counts. And what we do, or don't do, can be the key to our future profits. Let us explain what backend sales are and why they

are vital to your success.

Backend sales are simply sales that you make to existing customers. And they are sweetest

kind of sale you can make. The reason we say that is that backend sales cost you nothing to

make. No ad budget. No sweating out the details of what your ad wil say, where and when it

wil run. No worrying that some world disaster will distract the reader from your ad.


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None of the worry... al of the profit. *That* is why we love backend sales. And you'll love it

when it happens to you.

Here's how to make it happen.

Let's say you sel an ebook on how to create web sites using HTML. You can take the profit

from that sale and be happy *or* you can set up a powerful fol ow-up system that wil multiply

your profits. Here's how.

Simply think through what your HTML guide customer might need to complete his or her

project. Might they need web hosting? How about some graphics to spice up their site? They

wil need a merchant account if they are going to charge, right?

Perhaps they wil need a template to get them started in the right direction with their web

design. You *know* they need an auto-responder to create a powerful fol ow-up system,


This list could go on, and on, AND ON!

Best of al , YOU can offer them each of these items just by becoming an affiliate of sites that

sel these things!

If that sounds hard, it's not. Did you know that ClickBank alone carries over 11,000 products

you can offer and earn a handsome affiliate commission?

Setting up your backend sales system is a snap with an auto-responder.

Choose products that compliment what your customer bought from you.

Get the sales copy to put in the auto-responder from the company who creates the

product. They al have pre-written letters you can use. No writing necessary!

Time your messages so they arrive at least 3 days apart.

Make sure each message contains a way for the customer to stop getting messages

if they want. Auto-responders makes this very easy, giving you the option to include a

link in every message.

In a nutshell, you set it and forget it!

Now you have put time on your side... time that is now your al y as your customers receive

your fol ow-up messages without one further ounce of effort on your part.

Now THAT is backend system selling power!

Remember, the ListWire autoresponder make it super easy to create as many fol ow-up autoresponders as you want, each with any number of fol ow-up messages.

Next, we'll bring everything together with a checklist of things you can do IMMEDIATELY to

get started on the road to fol ow-up success.


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Now we want to 'tie a bow' around the entire package and share with you a step-by-step

blueprint that you can implement today to save time and make more money on autopilot.