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     There is a great change coming for humankind, there will be no more hospitals that you know of now.  There will be no illness that one seeks a doctor for.  Many illnesses will vanish which were caused by terrible diet, sedentary lifestyle, and other behaviors that will not exist before long.

     There is no reason to fear the coming changes that will bring about these coming events to your world.  Keep your beliefs strong; you have those that will carry humankind farther through the ages and working with souls now will bring them closer if they come to understand this sooner.

  Pills are not the answer.  Temporary plants used for medicine will relieve and assist in times of ailments and emergencies, until you all come to understand the power of the mind, and even in the ability of one man’s mind to heal the body of another.  You are all connected one to another by energy, and that is how all are connected to God’s energy pattern.


































     It is important to know that the last word on truth is settled with the person receiving the information.  Perspective may play a role in judgment, but know that perspective and understanding can be changed and opened.  It is the attempt of many to share this information without bias.

     Speaking words without certain motivation is difficult on this planet, and there has been much to cause mistrust, therefore not a good deal of information is accepted by the large populations of people.  This is because of their previous mistrust of untruths told by the controlled mass media worldwide.

     There is much being done at this time to fool you, to dissuade you from taking action, to entrench the masses further into a casket of misinformation.  There is nothing being done to legitimately stop wars, end hunger; these things are not at the focus of the controlling group.  They seek greater control and they obtain it in these acts, by perpetuating them and further allowing them to exist.

     The government controlled media offers up untruths to maintain its authority over the fearful people.  Such false information as Osama Bin Laden being dead, the truth will be revealed at a later time that he was not killed by US forces and that he was simply a pawn used by the government to further their control over the American people.  Also it will come to light how the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were not from outside forces as reported by the government controlled news media.  There is a great warning that should be heeded by those who wish to pursue corrupt power and corrupt control, but that message is being ignored.  There is only so much push before others will realize that false information has entered the governments mind as an acceptable form of controlling or ‘informing’ the people; those that the government should have been elected by in hopes of improving the nation.  There are those in power who seek power and control at any cost.  Just as there are wars with bullets, there are wars with words.

     There is a time for preparing and it should be enacted now; preparation in mind, body, and soul for a change in humankind.  Though, it is not enough to sit idly and wait for a change, it is important to choose to contribute to the mass change that is currently underway.  Son the talking heads on televisions, radio, newspapers and other media will be a quiet whisper in society, there downfall is imminent.

     Currently they flex their grip over you by holding a select group of views and using only specific ideology.  It is important to know that these are not the beliefs of most people on the planet.  It simply takes time to break the masses out of information that has been given to them repeatedly in many forms of conveyance.  This is wrong information.  It is all about control.  There will be change, but there must be more done to convey the importance of change.  There is no outside menace that will involve itself directly and cause the overthrow of hostile governments.

     There will be a string, an action within the people who are experiencing this punishment, this negative role of an exalted dictator and the controlled masses.  Speaking out to others, even in a passive manner will plant seeds and share information.  Soon it will be unavoidable, the negative thoughts of humankind and how wrong they truly are, and they will come to know the true meaning of life.


         THE NEW EARTH RELIGION         






Section One:  GOD



     Many religious books and texts all have a similar definition of God.  Almost all speak of God in the same manner, and have the same general understanding of who God is.  There are some exceptions, but the majority believes God is the force that brings into existence all forms of every emotion, every action, and every entity of life.

     God also creates all new life through the physical and biological processes necessary for life on earth.  We are all living energy forms made in the image of God, and we too have an ability to create in our own right.  This ability was given to us by our loving God.  Even though we cannot create on the same grand scale that our loving God can create, we do create in a similar manner to that of God.

     We create and bring things into being through our actions of thought.  If it were not for the negative judgments we hold of other people, we would be creating a more positive world for ourselves to live in.  Whatever your situation is in life at this very moment, you created it.  If you consider it to be a negative situation, then you are the one to create a new situation for yourself, a more balanced situation.  When we make positive or negative changes, everything around us changes.  It’s up to you to create the life you desire to experience, one based on balance between the negative and positive.  On planet earth all life seeks balance.

     To provide a simple definition of God, you simply need to look within yourself to your soul.  Your soul image is seen as pure energy, and that is why they say we are made in God’s image, for he is viewed as a vastness of infinite pure energy.  Energy is never destroyed, it only changes form.  There is no good or evil, right or wrong, only various forms in which energy, emotion, thought, and actions are brought forth.  A thought or action on its own is not judged as evil or good by God.  It is mankind who compares the action to previous actions and then judges it to be good or bad.

     God is not a vengeful or cruel being who will scold or punish you for the lessons you have chosen to experience in the human form.  For we choose negative and positive lessons to balance out our spiritual growth.  One cannot grow in spiritual awareness without experiencing the negative side of life on earth as well as the positive.  Therefore when we return to our true home, we are the only one to judge the life we just experienced in the human form.  God gives us this right to judge ourselves for the lessons we ourselves chose to experience in the human form.

     There are beings that are higher in spiritual development that will help you along your path, both on earth and once you cross over.  There are no beings to deliver punishment or guilt when you are back in your true spirit form. 

     God is patient and understanding.  There is no such being as Satan or Lucifer that opposes God; this was created by religion to show the difference between good and evil, right and wrong.  There are no groups of beings who are responsible for acts that you, human beings, declare as evil.  There are no beings set aside simply for the purpose of creating evil thoughts or evil acts.  

     Everything, everything, everything is created by God.  All things that you create are the result of God or are assembled in such a way that ‘all’ experience and benefit from your creations, whether negative or positive.  You are not alone in your thinking.  Your thoughts have power and are at the root of your ability to create.


2. Who or What is God?

     There is no reality greater than knowing that there is a part of God within your physical body.  It may seem as if you are living two lifetimes, as it were; that of the physical human existence which you enter over and over again learning lessons, and that of the energy being (soul), your true spirit self in your true home world.  It is a matter of learning. 

     There is only energy, that which is universal energy in our world, your true home.  You will grow beyond this world of your current physical existence and return to your true home upon your death.  Everyone sooner or later progress and move beyond this current world they inhabit in a physical form.  There is much growth that is achieved by everyone through the experiences of everyone. 

     God designed this part of his divine plan so that as we grow and experience life, he too can experience through us, his creations, just as we experience life through God.  All things, ideas, actions, beliefs and thoughts are assimilated.  Each will become the knowledge of the other.

     In a nutshell, God is the infinite universal energy, the whole vastness of all life.  God is the goal we are reaching for in life; seeking to have all things brought into a state of perfection in our lives through service to God. 

     The greatest service we can aspire to in physical life to be more God-like comes in being of service to mankind through; healing of the sick and infirm, comforting the mourner, assisting the emotionally and mentally confused, giving strength to the overworked and stressed, and guidance to those who have lost their way through drugs, alcohol and desperation.  For mankind, there is no higher service then these accomplishments in the eyes of God.  Do not seek praise or recognition for doing these wonderful things; just know you are fulfilling the true purpose for which you entered this physical world.  To bring love and enlightenment to yourself and to those who are in great need.

     That which our world worships and desires such as power, position, authority and wealth is inconsequential to God.  Mankind my value these misguided endeavors, but God values our service to our fellow man.  The service we give out of true love and affection, which serves to build our spiritual character leading us toward our true goal; that of becoming more God-like.

     When you leave this physical world and your soul crosses back over to your true home, the world of spirit, just remember that is not the end of life.  So called Heaven is not where you will spend eternity sitting at Gods feet and listening to angels singing divine hymns.  You will continue on your journey seeking to evolve higher, always seeking to become more God-like as you endeavor to grow in spiritual awareness.  As you continue to grow and expand your spiritual energy, you add this to Gods expanding energy.  The more souls that become God-like, the stronger Gods energy becomes, thus aiding God in bringing balance and order to all life forms, in all the vastness of his creations.  God created souls to be his companions, giving them free will and the ability to create in their own right.

     Remember, souls create the negative in order to experience and grow spiritually, God does not create negative energy; we do for our enlightenment.  That is why when you die and cross over; ‘you’ are the one who will judge yourself for what you have done in the human form, not God.  You chose the life you are now living; the events that have played out for your own growth were your choice to experience, not Gods choice for you.


3. Can the existence of God be proven scientifically?

     In the future, science will be able to prove the existence of communication between this physical world of ours and the world of spirit, our true home.  The existence of many other dimensions that exist will also be proven.

     The reason that these are not widely accepted now is because of the scientific methods used to measure and produce the results.  Scientists do not seek to measure anything that is not based on physical matter.  So they view the unseen as not existing at this time.  They cannot measure the communication or energy transfer between our dimension and the spirit dimension, so they dismiss it all out of hand.  They have no tools or measuring devices for this type of ideology at this time that would produce the physical readings their five human senses need to observe these occurrences. 

     Many souls who take up the human form will still interpret what they believe God to be while they are on their spiritual journey traveling through the physical world.  In the future there will be a more unified and less structured spiritual guiding force (religion) emerging.  There will still be those who see God from their own limited understanding; still viewing God as vengeful or as a force to be worshiped out of fear.

     Mankind does not need to deliver their personal definition of God to other men or women.  Each man or woman is to decide for themselves what an acceptable definition of God is; based on where they are currently in their spiritual evolution.

     Ideas will surface in the scientific community that will lead to the conclusion that there was not a random series of events that lead to the creation of the world or any other galaxy.  Other life forms that will be encountered and discovered will shake many from the religions that have existed in the world for centuries.  Many will still not believe their God has created these entities.  Some will believe but will view these entities as demonic, while others will understand that their God has indeed created these life forms.  Many people are already aware of this knowledge, that God has created many different life forms throughout the vastness of the cosmos.

     One of mankind’s goals in life is to break free from the control of others.  To realize the physical world is to be experienced, not experienced through the filter of what some specific group or person expects you to believe or feel.  But to be experienced by what you feel to be right and true for you.

     There will be scientific proof of the existence of other worlds and dimensions besides our own physical world.  Through the proven method of channeling information, this will lead many to the true existence of God.  Your ability to communicate beyond your physical means must be proven by scientific methods first.  There are those now who are working in less acceptable areas of science that will eventually bring this into the mainstream ideology of the scientific community.

Section Two:  SOUL



1. What are Souls?

     Souls are basic spirit energy creations, as God is infinite spirit energy.  Spirit energy is simply that part of God that connects us all to each other and to God.  God created Souls in order to experience that which he created on an emotional level.  As a soul we grow and experience the knowledge of God, who then in turn experiences through us, his creations.  God gave us, his soul creations the limited ability to create and the free will to lead ourselves into the experience of the negative and positive that exists in all life.  Souls can experience the negative in life, whereas God cannot.  So God experiences the negative through us, his creations.  As souls, we are always experiencing and gathering information for God.  No matter whether we are in the human form or back in our home dimension, we are seeking to grow more god-like in our own right.


2. Do Souls always maintain their individuality?

     In order to live here on earth, your soul must reside inside a human form.  Once you have experienced and learned the lessons you chose for yourself in this lifetime, you will discard the human form and return to your true home.  There you will take on an ethereal form similar to your last human form.

     There will be, at times, when your sense of individuality will not seem what you sense it to be.  Remember, your true form is that of energy, all things are of energy, you are currently energy in the human form you occupy.  You will always be energy and you will always maintain your individuality as long as you desire to do so. 

     It is important to know that there is no separation of soul from what is presently one complete being to another.  Just know that as an energy being, you are part of a larger grouping of energy beings.  That is the connection we all have to God.    We are a part of God, created from his energy.  As you combine your energy to this larger energy group, Gods energy expands and grows.  Worry not about joining your energy with other energy beings, for you still retain your identity, for we are all a part of that infinite energy of our loving God.

     What one soul experiences in one human lifetime, all souls can witness, observe, and later study and educate themselves on.  Because we are all a part of Gods energy, we can all experience the same information through each soul’s incarnations into the human form.












Section Three:  HUMAN RACE


1. Why did God create the human species?

     In the beginning there were only energy beings, which are called souls, and they were a part of God.  Souls, through their own free will and ability to create realized that they could not experience that which is deemed negative while they existed as energy beings.  Therefore in order to experience the negative, the human form was created by God so that souls could incarnate into these human forms and thus experience negativity.  Thereby, as souls could now experience the negative, God could then experience the same through his creations and all could continue to grow and expand in awareness.


2. Why did souls need to experience the negative in human form?

     The only way to measure what is good and positive is by comparing it to what is considered evil and negative.  A lifetime of flowers will not make one truly aware of how beautiful they are until a soul has experienced the ugliness of nature and the cruelty of mankind.  Through a human lifetime, this knowledge is kept by the soul and allows for greater appreciation and understanding. 

     We are all a part of God.  God allows us to share energy, information and experiences from one soul to another.  This allows for greater compassion, love, and understanding, for each thing leads to the next.  Love is eternal in energy form, and you would not have progressed spiritually as you could have, if not for this human lifetime you are now living.


3. What are the root races?

     Root races are that which founded the human existence.  Some of these are brought forth now in this physical world after having reincarnated in other times, and have learned from their experiences.  These can be experiences which will cause them to be a greater catalyst in this time or to be for a higher good.  Many do not realize their previous experience.  Many simply go about their lifetime not knowing, though always being drawn to that which will accomplish a greater and higher good for those that they are coming in contact with.  A root person may simply be a being who is no more advanced than you are, but has made the effort and changes in order to bring back something higher than their self to the next lifetime they encounter.  These beings are often at a higher vibrational level and experience the physical world in a different way.  They are more likely to be open to emotions and often experiencing great trauma or distress in life to bring about change and to create a karmic payoff of previous actions.  There are at this time more beings as part of root races than there are new souls incarnating.  Some will take many lifetimes before their work is accomplished.

     Root races are simply classes of people that come in waves and generations.  Each person may have a mission and goals to achieve, but an overall group that begins to enter the physical world has a higher purpose.  They come as a catalyst to seed the planet with new ideas, new terms, learning and understanding the past in order to bring it along to the new ways in the future.  Each may also bring subtle physical differences which may not seem visible; these are sublet changes in the evolution of mankind, such as changes in basic DNA.  These changes are required to assist mankind to move forward in its overall evolution to keep pace with the planet as it continues to evolve in its spiritual awareness.

Section Four:  THE REAL BIBLE




1. What is the main purpose of the bible?

     The bible is a collection of stories.  These stories were told in the form of fables or parables in order to bring forth a certain type of positive moral attitude that was missing in the people of that time period.  Too much negative influence was running rampant with the people, so this collection of parables and fables were assembled and placed in book form to help the people move into a more positive direction.  Some of these stories were based on actual events, while others were simply handed down word of mouth as lessons for those who needed the symbolism.

     The original information in the bible came from many different sources; parts were received from spirit communication from those in our true home world, from off world beings from other planets, and from light beings known to us as Angels.

     Unfortunately, there have been many in powerful positions that have used this book for negative, selfish reasons.  They have succeed in altering the bible throughout the centuries in order to control and influence the mass of people who follow this book and take its meanings literally.


2. Was the Bible meant to be symbolic or taken literally?

     The original bible was meant to be a symbolic guidebook, a positive reference for the people of that specific time frame.  But many powerful individuals did not accept what the original bible had to say, so they used their power and influence to make changes.    Adding things they wanted control over, and deleting things they themselves did not believe to be true for them.  For example, reincarnation was deleted; those in power felt it was better if the people only believed in one lifetime, rather than many.

     Jesus was added later due to the influence he was fostering with the people during the time he walked the planet.  They elevated him to the false status of the one and only ‘Son of God’ and said he would return, therefore the mass of people should obey the religious authority or there would be dire consequences when he returned.  Jesus came to be a teacher and prophet for the people of that time period only.  His true life story was obliterated by those with religious authority so they could use their created story of him to foster their own gain and control over the people.

     Many of the stories in the bible were true; healings, materialization of angels, spirit communication, levitation, positive affirmations, and many more such events occurred through the natural laws of nature put in place by God. 

     The bible originally was to help those who needed greater instruction in order to know that there is a peace far greater than what they presently are experiencing in their life.  The overall intention of this holy book was to unite the people.  But throughout the ages, due in part to the many negative changes, it has become a tool used by the religious authority to divide the people and nations as a form of control.


3. How should one interpret the Bible?


     Those seeking guidance from the bible should simply read it as you would any other book.  Much of the current bibles of today contain unimportant information that was added by those in authority throughout the last two thousand years.  But the basic moral principals of the parables and fables can still be found in the overall text.  Let the stories serve to teach the basic concepts of love, kindness and forgiveness.

     There is no wrathful God to cower down before; this was added to the bible by religious authority figures who sought to control the people.  The bible, who was written by men, seeks to portray women as subservient to men.  They hold no equal status and are simply to take care of the children and household.  That is not what our loving God wants for his female children.  All of God’s souls are equal in his eyes.  God did not give mankind the ‘Ten Commandments’ to live by, this was added by those in religious authority to help them control the people.  Organized religion also added the “an eye for an eye’ concept which leads many to support capital punishment, we still murder in Gods name.


4. Why was the Bible created?

     The bible was formed in order to give direction to those who were lost and wandering aimlessly through their lives; to provide a positive path for finding peace and love in that part of the world, at that point in history.  The bible was not meant or suited for the time period we now occupy.  The bible can still be useful if you simply ignore those sections which are glaringly untrue to you and have no justification in our current time.  If you feel a specific phrase touches you as an individual, then that section is true for you. 

     After reading the bible, you should feel the love of God, the love of self, and the love of your fellow man and woman in your heart.  You should not feel anger, hatred, or persecution in any form against your fellow man.  That is what the original bible intended to convey to all who read it.

     It is important for each person to take the time to examine all that they know or understand, or wish to understand.  You need to fully understand why you have certain beliefs about life.  You need to believe certain things for your specific reason known to you, and not simply believe something because your parents, religious group, or community believes it to be so.  You have the gift of free will from God, use it to decide what you believe, rather then simply following along with what is widely accepted and not fully understood by others.

     The original bible was meant to be used as a guide book to bring a person to foster in themselves independent thinking.  Think deeper about what ‘you’ believe God to be, and how that affects your spiritual development.  The bible’s original main theme was to convey the message of love, that when one person grows, we all grow through the love of God.










Section Five:  TRUE PRAYER



1. What is true Prayer?

     Prayer in its true form deals with what your true intent is for asking the prayer in the first place.  True prayer is a spiritual action which allows a person to look into their soul and see where their strength’s and weaknesses come from.  That inner look into yourself then helps to create a stronger bond between you and God.

     People who go to their church, synagogue or mosque and simply say in repetition the same old prayers achieve nothing.  Those who repeat those prayers over and over each day, each week, do so with indifference; for they have ceased long ago to contemplate the true meaning of the words they now utter without thinking.  An example is like the Christians repeating the ‘Lords Prayer’ or the Muslims reciting the same prayer five-times a day facing Mecca.  Neither God, nor his Angels respond to such prayers because the people say them without true sincerity in their hearts.  The correct prayer is that which is done without vanity, without attempting to change something for personal gain and/or selfish reasons. 

     True prayer is when an individual desires to help oneself or another person/group to bring forth a positive change while being of service to God and Mankind.  True prayer allows a person to tune into the spirit energy of God, which automatically then attracts its answer by creating a vibration that draws your guardian angel to come forth with help and assistance.


2. How do I say or ask a true prayer?

     A true prayer, one from the heart, depends on your intent.  Say your prayer, mentally or out loud, and then envision your positive prayer coming true.  Ask that spirit energy from God be sent so that your prayer comes to pass.  It is only necessary to have in your mind the vision of the completed outcome that you wish to achieve.  Simply focus your thoughts on the outcome you would like to see and visualize your spirit energy leaving your body and affecting the universe.  By doing this, your energy will be brought to the attention of God and his Angels, so to speak, and your prayer will be reviewed and a determination made as to whether divine intervention will come forth or not.

     You may ask your humble prayer as often as you wish, for as long as your true intention is of a positive nature, your prayer will radiate out from your heart and deliver the spirit energy into the universe.  Your spirit energy emanates from all around you.  You have the ability to create, which was given to you by God.  You have the mind power to assist in seeing your prayer bring forth your desired result, or at least bring love into the situation you are attempting to help or change.

     Just know, not all prayers are acted upon by God and his Angels, due in part to each soul having free will.  Some souls chose to experience hardships, and what seems to be chaos in their lives is in reality their desire to experience the negative side of life for their spiritual growth.  If someone chose to place themselves in a bad situation, God would not interfere to change that situation until that person had learned all they could from it.  After they had experienced and learned from their chosen life lesson, then God would allow your prayers to come forth to aid and heal the person you are trying to help.





1. Do religions of today help or hurt the people they serve?

     In the beginning, the religions that formed centuries ago did indeed provide service and spiritual direction for the people seeking to know God.  But as religious organizations progressed and their control over the people’s lives increased, they succumbed to the new found power they now had.  Religion with its new authority and control replaced Gods will with their will in directing the people. 

     Religions now said you could no longer communicate with God directly, but only through them could you now come to find and know God.  Those who did not obey the new religious authority or would not conform to their beliefs would be persecuted in the name of God.  Through the new found power of the different religions; nations, communities, and families were turned against each other as ‘Holy Wars’ erupted between the ruling religious factions seeking dominance in the world.

     Religions are not inherently corrupt; they have just become misguided and lost to what the people truly need from them.  Religion should not dictate to each person what to think or believe about God.  The role of religion in today’s world should be to simply ‘assist’ each individual to find their own spiritual path that leads them closer to God.  Only you can know what you need for your personal spiritual advancement.  God did not give you this life; you chose this life and the lessons you are now experiencing with Gods blessing.


2. What does God want us to know?

     God wants each person to realize that they can tune into the spiritual knowledge and laws that govern their lives through soul meditation.  Through seeking within, you can experience first hand the unconditional love and wisdom of God.  Those in the spirit world, our true home, are also waiting to help and assist those in the physical form.  All we need to do is simply ask through true prayer, and help will be given by our Angels and Soul Companions.

     As Gods truth grows throughout the world, mankind will come to realize we are all truly a part of God; souls incarnating here on earth to help ourselves grow spiritually and to help each other grow in spiritual awareness.  Race, nationality and the like need not keep us separated and fighting against each other.  Peace can become the dominate force on this planet if we so chose.


3. How can we attain peace in today’s world?

     By building a strong spiritual foundation that starts with re-educating ourselves, and then teaching those values, those moral principles to our children.  Freedom is the essential ingredient of all education.  It allows each person to seek the truths and wisdom of spiritual awareness in their own way as they journey through life seeking to be more God-like. 

     The up-coming generations will be the leaders of tomorrow so begin teaching your children the simple rule that has been passed to mankind throughout the ages; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  This was given by Gods angels to mankind long before the Nazarene walked the earth. 

     Teach your children to live a moral life; what behavior is considered right, and what behavior is considered wrong in today’s society.  Teach them to help those who have less and are in true need of the basics of life; such as food and shelter.  Teach them to be of service to their fellow man; to not only help themselves, but to help their neighbor and their community to prosper in a positive manner.  Teach your children to do those works that draw attention to God, and to love all life unconditionally.


4. What lesson should religion teach us?


     The lesson to learn now is that all the material wealth you obtain while in the human form will be useless to you when you return to the spirit world, your true home.  The only thing you take with you when you die and cross over is the richness you have achieved in the lessons and the service to mankind that you experienced.

     How will you feel when you return home and tell others what you did while you walked the earth?  Will you say how you helped your neighbor or the poor, or clothed the needy and helped shelter the homeless, or gave of your time to the sick and infirm and the like; or will you boast of the new car you drove, the fancy clothes you wore, the big house you lived in or the great sums of money you made in your position of authority as you went through your life seeking pleasure only for yourself, and not caring about the others you encountered along the way.  Which life would you judge to be the better one?  Your answer says a lot about your true nature.


5. Must we leave our religion to grow spiritually?

     No, not everyone is on the same path in life, for the different religions can teach many lessons and offer many experiences to new souls coming to earth.  Grounding yourself in some form of organized religion can be beneficial for you as you seek to grow in spiritual awareness.

     Learn all you can from your chosen religion, and truly understand what you have come to believe about life and the world you live in.  Once you have mastered the limitations of your religion, and you no longer need its support system, then you can venture out and explore the next phase of your spiritual development. 

     The time shall come when you have reached the point in your spiritual understanding as to why you came to this world to experience through many lifetimes such things as; disease, rape, war, starvation, hatred, murder, homelessness, racism, and the like.  Once you truly comprehend the unconditional love behind these things you will be so truly grateful for those experiences you have chosen for yourself.

     Remember, the life you are now living and experiencing was chosen by you, not by God.  God simply allowed you to exercise your free will to grow in spiritual awareness however you desired to experience it.  If your current life is full of negative events, they were put there by “you’ for your individual growth.  Don’t blame God for what befalls you in this lifetime; it is your decisions that put you where you currently are in life.







Section Seven:  AFTER LIFE



1. Is there a Heaven and Hell?

     The inventions of ‘Heaven and Hell’ were fabrications made up by organized religions in order to control the uneducated and superstitious people of the physical world.  Religion created them as a control measure to coerce the people into obeying their manmade rules and laws, which they falsely claimed came from God.

     If you obeyed the religious authority, they granted your soul the right to go to Heaven and be with God.  If you disobeyed the religious authority, then you were damned to Hell and your soul was given to Satan for all eternity.  It was simply a way in which organized religion could scare people into believing they had power over their lives. 

     The average person knows very little of what they truly believe about God, so it was easy for religion to gain control of them through their basic ignorance.  Never underestimate the power of false words to control others; especially when used by someone who is perceived as an authority figure by the people.


2. Is there life after death?

     All souls, which are energy beings, were created by God.  God gave us free will so that we could learn to create as he does.  Advanced souls created places like our universe, which have many planets of varying degrees throughout, for souls to go and experience different lessons as souls seek to further develop their spiritual awareness.

     If you inhabit a human form right now, you have incarnated to this planet called Earth in order to experience all the many facets of love.  That is what this planet teaches.  True, unconditional love takes many lifetimes for the average soul to master, and that is the journey you are now on.  During each human lifetime, you incarnate with lessons and experiences you need for your spiritual growth.  Some lessons you accomplish, some you do not.

     Being born as a baby is how a soul enters this planet.  You enter with no memory of past lives or of the spirit world so you are not distracted while working through the present lifetime.  Without the physical body, your soul could not experience the negative side of life.  The human form is able to experience pain and suffering; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually whereas your soul is not capable of experiencing these negative lessons.

     When you have come to the end of the lifetime you chose, then it is time to return to your true home world through the avenue called death.  Death simply allows your soul to detach itself from the body you had chosen for your learning experiences.  Fear not death, for your soul experiences no pain or injury when the physical body dies.  It is truly a very joyous occasion when you return to your true home, where friends and loved ones await your arrival.


3. What is our true home like?

     Your soul, which is energy, takes on an ethereal form when it leaves the physical body.  This form resembles the form you held when you were earth bound, except it has no defects and displays itself in near perfection.  This new ethereal form is required in the world of spirit just as you required a physical form while on earth to house your soul.

     Since you are pure energy, you require no food, drink or air to breathe when you are back in your true home.  You do not suffer the aging process as your soul is eternal in nature.  This ethereal covering does contain higher emotions, but not like the lower animalistic emotions you now experience in the human form. 

     Souls who incarnate to earth and take on the human form all dwell on the same level.  That means you had contact with those who were considered the smartest people at the top, those who were average thinking, and those at the bottom who are considered idiots.  All were living together on the same level as they experienced their chosen lessons. 

     In the world of spirit, your true home, there is a separation.  Your soul will live in one of the seven major zones of consciousness with other souls you are in harmony with.  These seven zones are based on how enlightened or spiritually advanced a soul has become.  The law of attraction applies, like attracts like.  As you work to ascend through the sub-levels, each is more sublime then the preceding one.

     Each one of the seven major zones has seven sub-levels to it.  These zones and levels are vibrating and spinning at a higher frequency as you ascend through them.  The average soul who is now reincarnating between the spirit world and earth resides in the 3rd major zone, and dwells on one of the seven sub-levels of that major zone.

     As an example let’s say as a soul you were living in the spirit world on the 3rd major zone, on sub-level number 4 of that major zone.  You incarnated to earth and were born and you had chosen to be a female.  You lived that life and achieved most of the lessons you wanted to learn and experience.  That life lasted eighty-eight years lets say, and then you died and returned to the world of spirit.  Let’s say during that life your soul advanced spiritually, which means upon your return to the spirit world your soul now advanced to the next sub-level of consciousness it had earned.  Instead of returning to the 3rd major zone, sub-level number 4, you would now go to the 3rd major zone, sub-level number 5.

     Once you spiritually grow and progress through all the seven sub-levels of a major zone, you then enter the next major zone and work your way through those seven sub-levels.  For example, when your soul progresses from the 3rd major zone, sub-level number 7 of that major zone, you would then enter the 4th major zone, and start out on sub-level number 1 of that major zone, and then start working your way through that major zone’s sub-levels.  When you reach the 7th major zone, and the 7th sub-level of that major zone and have become spiritually enlightened and have mastered all that is contained therein, you are now ready to ascend to Gods next phase of your soul development.  When you leave the seven major zones your soul will no longer need an ethereal form and you will be seen as pure energy, a beautiful bright light.  You would never again enter a human or ethereal form again.  A whole new adventure awaits your soul as you co-create with God.


4. Where are these major zones located?

     The earth is encircled by these seven major zones and sub-levels of consciousness, just as all the planets contain their own individual consciousness of higher or lower vibrations.  All zones of consciousness meet and blend together, so your soul is then prepared to enter into another consciousness on another planetary journey of learning if you so desire.  Souls are always being encouraged in a positive manner to progress forward to be more God-like for their own self awareness.


Section Eight:  NATURAL LAWS



     The natural laws that will be discussed here are those that are in effect for the physical world of Earth.  Just know that each world of consciousness has its own set of natural laws that are unique unto it.  For example, those natural laws that apply here on Earth are not necessarily the same natural laws that govern the world of spirit, which is a different realm of consciousness. 

     You will hear some use the term universal laws, which is not completely correct, for not all laws are in operation in all the vast realms of consciousness that reside within what is called the universe.  The word universe implies that it incorporates all that resides in mankind’s understating of space, whereas there are many universes’ which mankind is unable to comprehend at this point in its primitive evolution.

     When you come to understand Gods natural laws that operate on earth, you then will understand that there are no such things as miracles.  Nothing occurs outside of the natural laws for all living in the human form on earth are governed and subject to the effects of those laws.  What some will interpret as divine intervention is simply occurring within the bounds of Gods natural laws for this world.

     There are many natural laws in operation on this planet, so only the standard few will be mentioned to give you an idea of what is governing the life you are now living:




ATTRACTION:  Simply stated, like attracts like, you attract to yourself those who are like you. If you are basically positive, then those whose natures are positive will be drawn to you.  If you are negative, then those whose natures are negative will be drawn to you.


COMPENSATION:  Whatever you do returns to you sooner or later in life.  For example, if you share love and wealth with others unconditionally, then love and wealth shall come into your life.  If your life is filled with anger and hatred for others, then anger and hatred will plague your life.


FREE WILL:  This is basically saying that each soul has been given limited free will to follow their chosen path in life or to alter or completely change their chosen path at anytime during that lifetime.