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     PROPHECY & THE NEW EARTH RELIGION                                                         




                           By Michael Burke




                 Copyright 2012 Michael Burke





































      1.  (12/21/2012) CHANGES BRING DEATH











































              THE NEW EARTH RELIGION         



     Section One:  GOD


     Section Two:  SOUL


     Section Three:  HUMAN RACE


     Section Four:  THE REAL BIBLE


     Section Five:  TRUE PRAYER


     Section Six:  EARTH RELIGION


     Section Seven:  AFTER LIFE


     Section Eight:  NATURAL LAWS


     Section Nine:  HEALING ENERGY


     Section Ten:   HEALTH SUBJECTS


     Section Eleven:  ANGELS & SOUL COMPANIONS


     Section Twelve:  SOUL MEDITATION





















     The following prophecies come from those on the other side of the unseen veil.  That dimension which seeks to help humankind expand its consciousness.  They assist us not only with our individual spiritual quests, but also with our overall planetary development.

     Many people are now seeking to know more on how to bring peace into their daily lives.  We will be more able to understand the plight of our fellow man by creating peace and understanding on a greater scale.

     This will allow us to understand that each one of us is living a human experience.  That there is a Soul; an energy being inside us that will one day leave our physical body and this Earth, and return to our true home in the Spirit World, that which many call Heaven.

     People who feel they have grown beyond their present religious beliefs now seek the next step in their spiritual development.  They have reached the point in their faith that they must move forward, yet they do not know how to break out of the knowledge shelter that has been created for them by society, organized religion and their parents.

     Those who have broken free have found there is very limited material to help them take the next step in their spiritual journey.  So much reading material and CD’s contain the same message disguised in different terms and extra wording simply to sell another book, when simply stating the intention will do.  There is no need to dress up the process or the knowledge when simply stating it will reach more people.

     Many people do not need the extra decorations in ceremony and other pomp and circumstance.  Using a church setting as an example; it is important to know that the idea is the reason why you attend.  Not the grand story, not the robes the preacher wears, and not the decorations and ornateness of the massive cathedral. 

     New ideas will come to you at a time when you are ready.  Many ideas are presently available, but not in an approachable format to those who are just beginning to seek a greater sense of peace and understanding of themselves, and of those around them.

     The purpose of this lifetime is important to each one of us who is completing it.  Knowing that there is more than what many popular beliefs hold is important also.  We are all the same; there is no reason for one man to put himself on a higher pedestal than another.  The man on the pedestal at some point will realize that there is greater similarity and education needed by him, just as there are those he was attempting to reach with his seemingly great and powerful knowledge.

     The people should know that even without this knowledge there is still no reason to fear.  There is no reason to live a negative life.  There is greater joy shared in ‘giving’ joy to others, than in destruction and negative actions.  A greater number of people benefit through small, positive actions compared to the negative impact of a small negative action.     It is very important to know Peace; there are many things that will always exist.  There will always be violence on Earth to some degree.  Not to the degree in which we are experiencing it now, but it will be possible to move far from wars, far from mass killings, and far from what has been experienced.

     There is a great change occurring as you read these words.  Those who have power, control, vast riches should have the understanding no one is going to steal their vast riches.  They need to understand the moral, ethical, and spiritual value in helping their brothers and sisters they share the planet with.  This can be done by understanding the basic principles of human life; that all peoples should have shelter, food, water, community and companionship.  It matters not what your beliefs are, for we are all the same in the eyes of God.

     The proper goals of mankind should be not only working for oneself, but also working to help their fellow man.  This is the most effective way to direct positive energy into the world, which will bring forth the greatest change to all humankind.

















































     There has been much written about this date, and there are some truths in each, though there is a great deal of material that has been lost or ignored for the sake of profit or to fit it with other ideals on the Earth.

     12/21/2012 is an awakening, a greater time of evolution.  There is a change taking place and a large amount of energy will culminate on this date.  Many are feeling a pressure and it will be lifted on this date. 

     There will continue to be earth changes but this is a tipping point.  The date has also served to bring notice to those ideals and processes in nature, and in the mind and human soul.  This calendar that has counted this off was in place for this reason.  An abrupt stop to any seemingly forever calendar will cause major attention, though many force it to become a dreadful thing when speaking this information to others.

     This was a mere road sign on the path of life that was set in motion many centuries ago.  Attention, a focal point for discussion and an awakening.  This allows a talking point as it were, to create a window into the past and allow those who may not find an interest in past civilizations, to delve deeper into the reasoning and earth changes.

     Not simply meant to be a calendar to them, but a reason for investigation.  This date and the counting system are a catalyst for initiating thought in the humans and souls of current times.