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     PROPHECY & THE NEW EARTH RELIGION                                                         




                           By Michael Burke




                 Copyright 2012 Michael Burke





































      1.  (12/21/2012) CHANGES BRING DEATH











































              THE NEW EARTH RELIGION         



     Section One:  GOD


     Section Two:  SOUL


     Section Three:  HUMAN RACE


     Section Four:  THE REAL BIBLE


     Section Five:  TRUE PRAYER


     Section Six:  EARTH RELIGION


     Section Seven:  AFTER LIFE


     Section Eight:  NATURAL LAWS


     Section Nine:  HEALING ENERGY


     Section Ten:   HEALTH SUBJECTS


     Section Eleven:  ANGELS & SOUL COMPANIONS


     Section Twelve:  SOUL MEDITATION





















     The following prophecies come from those on the other side of the unseen veil.  That dimension which seeks to help humankind expand its consciousness.  They assist us not only with our individual spiritual quests, but also with our overall planetary development.

     Many people are now seeking to know more on how to bring peace into their daily lives.  We will be more able to understand the plight of our fellow man by creating peace and understanding on a greater scale.

     This will allow us to understand that each one of us is living a human experience.  That there is a Soul; an energy being inside us that will one day leave our physical body and this Earth, and return to our true home in the Spirit World, that which many call Heaven.

     People who feel they have grown beyond their present religious beliefs now seek the next step in their spiritual development.  They have reached the point in their faith that they must move forward, yet they do not know how to break out of the knowledge shelter that has been created for them by society, organized religion and their parents.

     Those who have broken free have found there is very limited material to help them take the next step in their spiritual journey.  So much reading material and CD’s contain the same message disguised in different terms and extra wording simply to sell another book, when simply stating the intention will do.  There is no need to dress up the process or the knowledge when simply stating it will reach more people.

     Many people do not need the extra decorations in ceremony and other pomp and circumstance.  Using a church setting as an example; it is important to know that the idea is the reason why you attend.  Not the grand story, not the robes the preacher wears, and not the decorations and ornateness of the massive cathedral. 

     New ideas will come to you at a time when you are ready.  Many ideas are presently available, but not in an approachable format to those who are just beginning to seek a greater sense of peace and understanding of themselves, and of those around them.

     The purpose of this lifetime is important to each one of us who is completing it.  Knowing that there is more than what many popular beliefs hold is important also.  We are all the same; there is no reason for one man to put himself on a higher pedestal than another.  The man on the pedestal at some point will realize that there is greater similarity and education needed by him, just as there are those he was attempting to reach with his seemingly great and powerful knowledge.

     The people should know that even without this knowledge there is still no reason to fear.  There is no reason to live a negative life.  There is greater joy shared in ‘giving’ joy to others, than in destruction and negative actions.  A greater number of people benefit through small, positive actions compared to the negative impact of a small negative action.     It is very important to know Peace; there are many things that will always exist.  There will always be violence on Earth to some degree.  Not to the degree in which we are experiencing it now, but it will be possible to move far from wars, far from mass killings, and far from what has been experienced.

     There is a great change occurring as you read these words.  Those who have power, control, vast riches should have the understanding no one is going to steal their vast riches.  They need to understand the moral, ethical, and spiritual value in helping their brothers and sisters they share the planet with.  This can be done by understanding the basic principles of human life; that all peoples should have shelter, food, water, community and companionship.  It matters not what your beliefs are, for we are all the same in the eyes of God.

     The proper goals of mankind should be not only working for oneself, but also working to help their fellow man.  This is the most effective way to direct positive energy into the world, which will bring forth the greatest change to all humankind.

















































     There has been much written about this date, and there are some truths in each, though there is a great deal of material that has been lost or ignored for the sake of profit or to fit it with other ideals on the Earth.

     12/21/2012 is an awakening, a greater time of evolution.  There is a change taking place and a large amount of energy will culminate on this date.  Many are feeling a pressure and it will be lifted on this date. 

     There will continue to be earth changes but this is a tipping point.  The date has also served to bring notice to those ideals and processes in nature, and in the mind and human soul.  This calendar that has counted this off was in place for this reason.  An abrupt stop to any seemingly forever calendar will cause major attention, though many force it to become a dreadful thing when speaking this information to others.

     This was a mere road sign on the path of life that was set in motion many centuries ago.  Attention, a focal point for discussion and an awakening.  This allows a talking point as it were, to create a window into the past and allow those who may not find an interest in past civilizations, to delve deeper into the reasoning and earth changes.

     Not simply meant to be a calendar to them, but a reason for investigation.  This date and the counting system are a catalyst for initiating thought in the humans and souls of current times.

     Just as with many items, thoughts or reasons, it is a blend of mankind’s ideals and need for change.  This is a subtle nudging for this side of the veil, so that mankind will not fall too far off the path of life and understanding.  For at this time it is becoming increasingly difficult for some to live on this plane due to conflict, war, profit, greed and the like. 

     This will serve as a reminder that life and time are always changing, there is a cycle and nothing ever ends.  This date is a catalyst for change.  Some will doubt it until it is felt.  There may be some who experience this as only earth changes, and do not take advantage of a deeper energy that is being brought forth at this time.

     Though the end result will be peace, a more peaceful time, you will still have conflicts.  This is not to say that each person will ‘have their own way’ until they end their life.  What would be the purpose of experiencing life if there were never difficulties to experience?  This lifetime will come to a close on this date and a new beginning will be marked by its passing.  This is a time for celebration!  This is a time for deeper thinking.  Know that the calendar with which the date was counted off was brought by a higher form than mankind alone. 

     The next 50 year period will bring many geographical changes to the USA during this time.  There will be a continuation and expansion of current events that will promote flooding, tropical rains, and increased heat.  There will be mountains where there were only rivers and plains before.  This is a time of drastic change though some will only say it is Nature or Global Warming.

     Events that are coming will include great flooding along many rivers, while this is a natural event as the spring becomes summer, this will worsen in the fall due to underground release of water into certain areas.  There will also be mountains that are going to erupt from the earth’s crust and cause drastic changes to the landscape and river locations.  These will appear at first to be slow growing events until it is then seen that the earth landscape is changing. 

     There will be many changes but none that mankind cannot change and adapt to if there is the drive, will, and openness to do so.  There is no time like the present to prepare for an emergency.  There is a time for worry and this is not it, there is no need to worry about natural events.  Worry, in itself, is also unnecessary as there is a stress created that may not motivate but cause depression and fear.  This is because a person may feel that events are out of their control, and not part of their own personal path, this is not true. 

     Birds will still sing, the beauty of nature that many appreciate will be present and continue for all time no matter the changes.  Look for flooding and earthquakes as these are the major events that will bring change.  Many warning signs will be given by nature before eruptions begin, but many will not heed these warnings and move from these areas.  Many will perish for not paying attention to their environment. 

     For some this is their divine plan, for others it is simply stubbornness to accept that the world is experiencing a natural revolution in energy.  Many will blame or look to religion which will not help them, for they feel that they will be saved, or that their God is punishing them.  There is no punishment since death is not the end of life.

     People must learn from these events that life is continuous and that there is no reason for petty concerns or reasons for war.  All must learn to unite for the common good in a society that works together on a few common beliefs.  Remember your saying, “Together we stand, divided we fall.”























     MABUS:  There was a judgment by many that this eloquent speaking man, Obama, was going to pass unreasonable judgment on to many.  In many cases he has done so, not because this is his wish.  This is not his purpose; he did not assume power because he wishes to receive all those things that come with it.  He has the intentions at his heart to do many good things for the country and for our involvement worldwide.

     It is difficult to remove oneself while in the presidency, from the controlling powers and considerations of those who wish to pad their pockets and make their backroom deals.  It is possible that he will be considered by many to be the Anti-Christ, because he has yet to enact the power of removing war, and he has the authority to take the country into war on a much broader scale.

     There is much he has done and there is much he has allowed to occur, turning a blind eye to the plight of others.  Thus causing great divides in humanity that are imprisoned as well as those who are living with assumed freedoms in relation to America.

     There is much that is done with the attempt to free his mind, he attempts to do good but there is much fighting between political parties when these are not entirely part of the political plan.  There is much done, much that is seen or much that is given as public information that is meant to sway the opinion of many people.  There is not an accurate depiction within the media of the President, his actions, or the actions taken by those in government.

     It is important to know that the Anti-Christ, the actions of that assumed title, will be the actions of many.  These are not decisions of one single person or entity.  There are many that pull strings; there are many who push buttons behind the curtains, though Mabus will be seen as the Anti-Christ because he is the figurehead leading the battle at the time.  He is the person seen on the poster, the television, the person who is the spokesman for this ideal.

     It is more abundantly popular in thinking that there is reason for mistrust of the government; these beliefs are not spread through public media because dissent will have those ostracized from information.  There is much done to lean on those, as it were, to obtain the desired result.  Those who subvert the desired ideal that those in power wish you to hold, they will punish those who seek to obfuscate this information.

     It is important to realize that much work can be done to prevent this.  Major uprisings will stop the masses from readily submitting to those in power, but there will be many clashes between those in power and their mercenaries, those who are hired or volunteered to maintain order.  It is important to know that this information will take place, has taken place, and will take place on greater scales; once more people become involved in the future. 

     There will be fracturing reports; incidents will be isolated through public information or there will be attempts at first to not report these incidents across the country so that there is not fuel added to the flames of dissent.  Control, in their eyes, must be maintained.  A great upheaval will come when more will take their efforts to the streets, and see that when there are greater numbers there is safety, and there are accomplishments.

     It is important to know that all who are in these positions, the controlling government positions, the president, they are not all evil.  They are only being manipulated by those who seek power or those with intentions for only their personal interest.  They too are good; they too will see the problematic system that is in place.  Unfortunately, some will not make that judgment until they have crossed over from your physical lifetime.

     Many will feel powerless when there are uprisings because they feel that their voice cannot change the machine that has been created and called government, they too can join the streets.  Many shakings, rumblings, and giant acts will take place to cause further fracturing of the society so that no one person maintains large control.  Those who are not ready for this information will follow the widest held belief, but those who are dissenting will soon grow in numbers and become the widest held belief.

     Their attacks on these that stand for true freedom and peace will be attacked though these will not be permanent ways because the tyrants will fall.  There is no need to worry at this time because of the ability of many to seek out truth on their own.  There will be change, many will come to it, some by force, some by having their world, as they see it, turned upside-down.  It is when they are fearful and their sense of reasoning and the basis for it has been shattered that they will begin to work in harmony.  There is no reason to fear, protection will be with those who need it, changing the ways of the militant leaders is not a simple process but there will be an uplifting time of peace and tranquility once this shift takes place.

     It, in comparison, will be much different than what you know today.  There is reason to believe that you are going to involve yourself in these actions directly.  Peace will come to you by doing this.  Strength on many levels is needed by you to do this.  There is no reason to fear the president directly, he is not the one who is directly responsible for the decisions, and he only appears to hold the keys to unlock these devastating beginnings from taking place.  He is only the figurehead and there will be blame placed on him for his actions, which are only the true actions of ‘many’ for their own selfish reasons.



HITLER:  When Adolf Hitler returned to the world of spirit, he was not judged by God.  He was not forced to punish himself but was to undergo a form of counseling.  Many of the actions, developments, and forms of review he underwent upon his return were self-imposed. 

     It is possible, for any being, to accomplish such acts as were carried out in his lifetime and be unaware of the severity of their actions.  He was able to return, if he chose, and not fully become aware of the direct involvement and severity of his acts.

     This being has made progress through counseling, through reviews, through reflection of the actions that were taken during that specific lifetime.  It is in this process now that he currently finds himself though there is much progress being made.

     There were many things that were not reported through historical records or through media, or through the controlled outlets.  There were many things that were taking place within this lifetime that lead to this series of events for many to undergo.  It was not necessarily an evil act, but an attempt to display the atrocities of the relating actions and ideals that brought forth this mentality into the world.  Which lead to the violent death and actions taken in the name of the government who sanctioned and made right, true, or correct the actions of the people for the sake of power.

     It should be evidenced by historical document that there were no lasting positive outcomes that could have been brought about by acting in this manner, developing hatred, annihilation, these are not useful, but the men and women of this planet regularly engage in them on some scale.  This was the goal of the lifetime known as Hitler to involve him in these actions in this manner though there was a great deal of external motivation and influence by those with whom he surrounded himself.  For, it was not entirely his motivation alone that lead to the final outcome.

     It is often the understanding of many that there was a need to intervene and therefore you find it acceptable to allow an ‘eye for an eye’ mentality.  While this may appear true, there are other means that would have allowed for the removal of such a force.  Though it would have been much longer and more hatred spread into the world, and even more violence on earth than what was experienced by those living through and in this period.

     This was a grand attempt to teach the world the meaning of understanding, peace, compassion, and to be aware of this understanding involved in the motivations pushing these actions.  There are many who experienced this time on many sides of the war and many sides of the morals held by many.  There are many who will not have relinquished these ideals and those who have crossed over from the physical existence who will not immediately understand and will not be granted the ability to return to it so that greater peace may be held.

     There are few who have returned to complete some small task or influence but none to such a capacity that there would be great atrocity.  There are many who have returned to a military capacity but were not in a position to accomplish the same level of injustice as they accomplished in the height of Nazi Germany.  Many of them who returned to military interests have experienced the role reversal in order to experience the bloodshed and emotion that are accompanying those actions.

     An ‘eye for an eye’ will leave the world blind, but even the practice of ‘choosing your battles’ on dealing with individuals you may encounter on a personal level, this too is to be put into practice on a much larger scale.  Should the actions of Nazi Germany been less extreme there would have been no need to bring the world into a catastrophic war for removal of these beings.

     Though, it is also the possibility in any war to remove those committing these actions and return them to a state of peace, that is, they should be seized and then death also placed upon them.  If the power considered evil can be removed it is important to remove the individuals and place them in a prison where they may receive counseling.  Counseling and peace is the priority, there are many who may have the ability to consider the actions and motivations of their life to that period, but there are many who will not, though it is not by the hand of another that should offer death to another entity. 

     When there is a path of nonviolence for those who have achieved it, this should be the way.  The progression of all will come to this and through these actions the purpose of mankind is elevated and raised.  For it is quite different to stop the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality and prevent it from being perpetuated.









     Global warming is a plan set into motion to allow mankind to realize the impact it has on the Earth through commercial means.  There is much to understand that all humans, no matter their intent, leave a trail of debris on this planet.  There is much in that trail that is unnecessary, and can be stopped. 

     Many feel better about recycling or using alternative ingredients.  These are helpful but do not stop the overall impact when A better alternative is to find new ways of existence and means to our daily lives.  There is not much that is coming from it now since there is fighting between science and the reasoning for it.

     There are many times that it should merely be experienced and attention paid to the thoughts it creates in your life, not the reasons why this situation is created.  There are those who blame God or some external forces.  Be aware, that no matter what mankind does, nature will cleanse and repair itself if left to its own devices.

     There have been many times in the history of human kind that men lived better with nature.  They did not pollute for the sake of material wealth.  There was an understanding, a symbiotic relationship between mankind and nature.  Give and take, use and then repair as it were.

     Today this is not the current overall view held by man.  There are some who attempt to strike a balance but this may not help all those who are not working to even make amends through small tasks like recycling or using less.  This simply cannot continue and the great physical changes to your world will help right these actions which have gone on for so long. 

     There will be change, but not simply because of your pollution, though it is a contributor.  This is in place to cause a shift in thinking. A new mental and spiritual age has arrived; where items are created with positive purpose, not to simply squeeze the populace from energy and money.






















     Science, in the near future, will prove many things.  The existence of communication that exists beyond physical means will be proven; there will be many human abilities that will be proven.  The existence of the many dimensions that exist will be proven scientifically.

     The reason that these are not widely accepted now is because of the scientific methods to measure and produce them.  There are many methods that do not allow for these subjects to exist.  There are many methods that do not allow for these matters to be measured.  There are no acceptable means to prove any form of communication or energy transfer beyond that of what physically can be measured at this time.

     No tools or devices of this sort exist today to measure this type of ideology which currently exists, which will produce accurate readings or any readings of these occurrences.  These things will be proven in the near future.

     There will be many who arrive and speak on behalf of the Creator, but many will still interpret the information as they see fit for their present place on their spiritual journey in that lifetime.

     While the existence of a more unified and less structured spiritual guiding force, or religion, will emerge as the dominant force, there will still be many who restrict the Creator to some specific ideas or form.  It is not for mankind to decide and deliver that message of their definition of God to all; it is up to each person to decide what is acceptable for him or her at their present place in their evolution.  Though coming to this knowledge will aid all, will aid the individual, this is progress.

     There will be ideas surfacing in the scientific world that will lead others to the conclusion that there was not a random series of events that lead to the creation of the world, or any other galaxy.  The other life forms that will be encountered and discovered will shake many from the religions that have existed in the world for a great deal of time.

     They will not believe that their God had created these other life forms.  Some will still believe, but will view them as demonic, while others will claim that their God has created these entities.  This is a slow and trying process for many who are aware of this knowledge already at this time.

     Remember, simply because they are unaware in their physical form, they do know and have some knowledge of this, no matter their evolution, once they return to their true soul existence.  What is applied in this lifetime is aided by prior knowledge and the path set forth before your arrival.  You can be of peace, but have no knowledge of God, but a better understanding of achieving your goals will be aided by this knowledge.

     Nothing is gained by ignorance, but nothing lost in some areas.  Stagnation will set in if learning is not made your purpose, anyone’s purpose, but remaining the same often one does not lose ground, depending on the area being considered.  It is to break free from control that is important.  To see the world is to be experienced, not experienced through the filter of what some specific group or person expects you to believe or feel.

     There will be scientific proof of other realms of existence.  Through the channeling of information from one dimension to another, this proven method will lead them to the true existence of God.  Your ability to communicate beyond your physical means must be proven by ‘scientific methods’ first.  There are those working in less acceptable areas of science that will eventually push this to the front and their scientific breakthroughs will open up new worlds of scientific investigation.
















































     ‘World War I’ was to teach mankind a much needed lesson.  God allowed ‘World War II’ to come into existence because mankind did not learn from the First World War; that neighbors should assist and help one another through love and understanding, not through hatred and destruction.

     The lesson from the Second World War has taken root in the subconscious of humankind.  Many people across the globe realize the necessity of living in peaceful coexistence, even if their current leaders do not.  Many citizens are rising up to let their governments know war is not the answer, and that they will no longer allow this type of oppression against other countries, and cultures to reoccur on the planet.

     There will be no large scale nuclear war waged on this planet, nor will there be another World War such as the First and Second World Wars.  Humankind has learned the lesson given to it and it shall not be repeated again for the next ten centuries.  After that time span, mankind may or may not once again start down the path to self destruction.

































     Much has been done to create an atmosphere that will have beings from off the planet received more readily.  There are those that have had sightings that are unexplained. This is being done in hopes that it will foster the ability for these people to welcome them, and not assume that it is an attack on their Earth.  There is much that is being discussed as more and more living on the Earth have witnessed unexplained events in the sky, but there should be more done, and will be done, to prepare this into the minds of those who are less readily open and welcome to it.

     It is important that there be less doubt of the possibility, it is not important that all believe in sentient life, but the ability to conceive the potential for other life is important.  They need not believe that they are the singular race in the cosmos; this is an old habit that is dying slowly.

     There are those who have visions and experiences, and as soon as they look at these events more critically, to go about the process of examining them deeper, they will see that this was not a random event or something that they can dismiss as a random event. 

     More and more these discussions are taking place by those who would have before been uncomfortable bringing this news out in the open.  There are many who share these beliefs that share a knowing, that there are beings beyond that of Earth, and can exist in the same manner of your physical existence here.  It will take a time of great upheaval before they will render themselves available in the physical form, and directly available on the steps of any government building.

     At present, they will be coming to you once there is greater seemingly chaos, or events that cause disorder of those that would cause harm, or seek to control their existence.  It will take some time yet before they are physically witnessed on the ground by large numbers of life forms on the Earth.  You will see them in more ways than you have before, and not simply through subtle glimpses as before.

     They will come in single or small numbers in your current lifetime.  Those who see them will not see them to the degree of the final outcome as you count time.  Your children, the next generation of humans will see many.  In the later years of their lives, these beings will be common place as they visit and mingle with those on Earth.  Waking to this knowledge is important for those who will be experiencing it.

     There are many who have always known there would be contact and information shared between life on Earth, and that which does not come directly from it in the present form.  There are others who are coming to this knowledge now, and will experience it with greater ease when more share information between those that have known and those that have only recently known.

     It is important to continue your patience for there are many who will need to be made aware of the possibility.  Simply because they have never conceived such a possibility, not simply because they do not believe, but because they have never considered that as a potential outcome.  It is important to know that there are many who say that there will be violent entities, alien creatures who wish to do harm to the Earth or enslave it.  This is not true.  The only entities that shall interact with any life on this planet will be peaceful, and of an evolved degree that will only allow sharing of information for the improvement of all that inhabit it at the time they disclose themselves.

     There is not a time when the Earth will be enslaved by outside beings.  There are some who wish to manipulate for their own good, just as there are energy beings or those on Earth in human form, which have goals and motivations that are less than desirable.  It is important to know that there is much done to create a peaceful intervention so that no outside negative influence interferes with the Earth.  After official contact is made with those on Earth, there will be a peace in the aftermath and they will help to usher in a new type of technology and new beliefs for those present.

     Just know, there have been many instances of life throughout existence in this universe, and there have been many that have moved on or moved out of this universe or through it.  There are others similar to the appearance that you have now though they intend not to disturb your development.  They are wishing to communicate with you, and assist you, but there is much that is done by few in positions of control to disseminate the impression of negativity by anything which may not evolve from your planet and its current civilization.

     Many should understand that there are movies depicting a wide variety of beings for entertainment purposes.  There are not a wide variety, there are only a few, but there are variations, and there are existences beyond that of your own in this same physical plane; though this is a destructive planet and many do not wish to interact with you.  They are aware of you, yet many of you are not aware of them.  It is important to develop awareness beyond that of your immediate sphere or realm, and beyond that of your current world.





























     Currently the U.S.A. holds many assets and much money, but many of their industries are spread throughout the world so that they may find cheaper sources of labor and cheaper resources to create products rather than use and support their own people.

     There is much that will not be told because within the U.S.A.’s borders they must keep order and control.  It would be devastating to many people to learn that they were being out paced by a nation that was not a democracy, though many would be surprised to learn the U.S.A. is not the true democracy they learned about in their studies in grade school.

     The U.S. has financial backing power and support of other greedy interests, but China is able to support itself because it contains all facets of industry, commercialism, and all other areas needed.  These are all contained within the country itself.  There is much that can be replaced if there was an absence of outside material in China.  They are much better equipped to adapt rather than the U.S. who will wait for some other means to produce the same product or a new alternative.

     China is much more self-sufficient than what many believe, and they are much more able to adapt.  There are greater numbers within their borders and though there are fragments of the younger population that are spinning away from long-held beliefs; there is still greater sense of community and greater span of beliefs that are held by many.  This would, in a sense, make their military much stronger by sheer number of those who would defend should it ever become attacked.  There are many though, as in the U.S.A. that would rather face punishment than to fight another being on this planet. 

     The U.S.A. is simply maintaining its head above water because of the trading and use of its money, lands, etcetera to sway deals across the globe and to give the appearance that it is still a global power.

     Many countries similar to the U.S.A., who have escaped the tyrannical view of other leaders, do not find it necessary to send troops under the guise of aid in order to maintain control abroad.  There are many armies that are reasonable by comparison to the U.S.A. but they do not serve the same war-like purpose.  These armies we mention offer greater aid and relief efforts within the country and neighboring nations.  They maintain a war-like capacity should they ever feel threatened, but there is much about them that remains in comparison to your view of the Red Cross and other relief agencies.

     Believe little that you hear about other nations unless you have firsthand experience with that culture or way of life.  Much has been created by your government to influence the mindset of the American people that they are on top of every aspect of human life, but this is not so.  The falsehood of misinformation will be unveiled in the near future and will have profound effects upon the American people as they become aware of their lost status in the world.

     The coming changes in China’s social structure will bring a great change to their leadership.  Their communistic government will not change, that is the label will not change, but there will be a vast difference between China in your time of 2012 and that of 2040.  Their people enjoy many things that the populations of many other industrialized countries do not.  They know a great sense of security in terms of artful expression and health.  Though there is still much that cannot be said out of respect for their leadership, there is much done to curtail the pollution and many other social issues. 

     It is important to see that no matter the type of government, those the U.S.A. has marked as different, are only that, different.  Their differing views are not ones that should be looked upon or thought of as less evolved or advanced.

     There are terms that are used that are now associated with negative imagery for other societies.  It is important to open one’s eyes to the differences and see what can be expressed around you.  See what can be learned around you.  It is possible to see the good in each creation and bring those ideas together to experience a peace that ‘all’ can enjoy on this planet.

     First, before any evolution can take place, the goal should be understood to not make personal possessions the reason for existence.  There should be greater assistance between neighbors and neighboring countries.  Not a selling of resources at a high rate to gouge the neighbor in need, but to offer resources so that ‘all’ can prosper and experience the true nature of self, and what should actually occupy one’s time, of course, none of which should be taken up with the worry over materials non-living.

     It is important to look within and find what truly causes you to be in existence, and then you will find the true cause and purpose for yourself.  Each entity has a reason for being, and many of these are not to exist within a label that its society or another has placed upon it.

     Too quickly people will focus on the word or terms used and not look beyond it, to see what is truly in existence.  This is true of the inability of many to care for the sick and dying or those who need medical intervention.  It is important to see that the inability to create a system of healthcare for all is the inability of a country to care equally for all its citizens.  How can the U.S.A. truly assist the citizens of the world when they cannot appropriately exercise compassion for those in their own country who need some sort of assistance? 

     It is important to make changes; not be caught up in words, for as with labels of government that many see as negative, there are other freedoms that China enjoys that are never mentioned when compared briefly and quickly to what a person knows as their own.  China’s positive changes will see it rise, just as America’s negative influence will see it decline in the world order.



















     There is a great waste being produced by the nuclear power you now consume.  It will be possible in the near future to pursue this energy in a healthier manner for the use on Earth.  Currently, great care must be taken for this fuel source and a great unstable particle within it makes it volatile and desperately full of corruption. 

     There is a manner in which this product can be used to harness greater power, and be used in which there is less harmful waste created.  Though there may not be a readily available change visible, there are other manners in which the waste can be used to promote energy use, or even ‘disposed’ in a healthier manner in which it is returned to a more natural state.  Rather then isolated and cordoned off away from life as it is now. 

     It can create life, not only destroy it.  There will be a better type of energy coming soon that mankind will use for energy in homes and energy for travel.  A much more natural type of energy with less harmful impact on the planet will be developed in the near future.


































     The scientific discovery of Alien DNA mixed with Human DNA will be found in the near future.  This is an ever changing dynasty in terms of life and existence on the realm in which you currently reside.  There have been many forms.  There are many things that have contributed to the expansion of the race of human beings that are currently on the planet.

     The physical properties, the chemicals, your DNA, are made up of many different living things.  There have been outside influences to all of humanity and to specific races.  Many differences you see now in humans and their origins refer and include much interference or bonding from beings outside this planet you currently occupy.

     Many of these interferences were to attempt to eliminate things that were defects caused by your own manipulations or thought processes.  It is not important to know the complete history, but to know that you are a conglomeration in this form of many inputs and outputs that have been experienced by mankind since they were first inserted here and filled with the energy being needed for growth and expansion.