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Without my editor and good friend Pat's constant encouragement, belief in me and what I am doing this e-book would never have been published. Thank you, Pat.


I also extend my gratitude to the many spirit teachers, a dedicated band from the various dimensions who are here at this time to help all energies through the tumultuous changes as we transition from one epoch to the next. They have mostly, patiently, given answers to my questions and, in this way they have extended my knowledge and mental horizons.

Annette de Jonge


Introduction 4

On Time, Space and Other Realities

Understanding Time 6

Extending Possibilities 8

Down the Rabbit Hole 9

Drawing From Within 11

Never Cast Adrift 12

The Illusion of Reality

All Degrees of Observation 14

More Than the Butterfly Effect 15

It's All a Game 16

Dream State Illusion 18

Thoughts on Karma

Misunderstanding Karma 20

Information About Our Forum 22

Why Spirits Don't Interfere With Our Choices 23

Learning Different Ways 24

We Are All Multidimensional Beings

Like Attracts Like 27

Accessing Other Realities 28

Going Beyond the Camouflage 29

Interaction Between Species

ETs and Other Attractions 31

Interaction With the Grays 32

Further Information on Interaction With the Grays 33

How Different Species Assist Each Other 35

Windows Opening Between Realities

Two Different Energy Species 38

The Law of Attraction 39

Stranger and Stranger 41

A Bridge to Other Realms 42

An Energy Thread Attraction 43

A Major Shift in Perception

Always There is Guidance 46

Saints and Martyrs 46

Teachers All 47

Spirits for the New Age 48


Donald Rumsfeld:' we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know'.


The information in each of my e-books began as an attempt to understand and explain my unknowns; experiences and communications with other energies and realities that go beyond our five senses; other realities, unknowns, that have always been a pivotal part of my life.

This book is a compilation of some of the writings done over time when, often daily, I sit at my computer and communicate with a group of spirit beings, communicators from different energy realities that interpenetrate our three dimensional physical world.

I act as the earthly conduit for our group and ask the questions I would like answered. Any of the communicators, from the students to the more advanced are free to answer my questions and they do so speaking from whatever is their level of experience and knowledge. At all times they are courteously given time and opportunity to do so. It is apparent to me from their answers when there is an exchange of speaker perhaps from different levels of expertise and understanding.

I refer to our discussions as at a forum but the teachers speak of it as more of a study group that attracts spirits, like minded energies, in whatever form or dimension they presently are at. There are those who are always present in our group. They come to study the machinations of what is required and, with the knowledge gained, will perhaps set up their own forum groups in whichever way or avenue they happen to be.

There are other more casual attendees who seek to study what is required to work with energies not of their kind so that they, if they choose, can structure their development along that way. All are manipulating energies to accommodate, learn the ropes of diverse ways of working with energies different to their own.

As one of the teachers explained 'All are in the process of learning different ways of attracting and repelling different energy and this is one such place where they can go and be of instruction to themselves while understanding more of other ways they can be accommodated'.

My understanding gained from the teachers is when our forum is to occur a beacon or 'an energy of understanding' goes out into the atmosphere. Those who are interested and have the ability to 'read the energy' of what will be discussed at the forum can decide if they want to attend.

All form chooses how they will process the information and use it to their advantage. They are able to see different elements of energy that perhaps were not presented to them before. They can, should they choose, delve a little more and study what life is like at any of the other avenues presented to be of advantage in their growth pattern divine. It is all offered for those who seek other ways to see what might attract their interest to grow, go that way'.

In the early years I saw the forms of the teachers, students, acolytes, plus the physical shapes of spirits once incarnated here. That has now changed. While there is a subtle energy difference as it changes when various entities speak I don't see who the speaker is nor any others present.

Knowing there are different energies, maybe species attending had my curiosity piqued so at one forum asked what those there looked like. I was surprised to learn that not all at our forum choose to see others there. As was explained those there could see the energy colors and resonate to or feel the energies of others but if this interaction is not the present way they want to progress they don't bother interacting any further.

My previous opinion was that there was some energy place or level that stabilized different spirit energies so that those interested in attending our forum could do so. That does not appear to be the way and while I speak of attending there doesn't seem to be a set place to gather for taking part in our discussions either. It may be that those who want to attend do so from whatever level they are at - perhaps a more advanced way along the way than we have of conducting meetings here when having a video linkup like Zoom that could be connecting people from all over the world.

It also appears that all participating at the meeting know beforehand what will be discussed even before I sit at my computer and formulate our question/answer format for the day. I am assuming from that knowledge that time, as we understand it to be is either different or nonexistent.

Unlike forums on Earth with everyone sitting through a meeting from beginning to end these entities, while they are at liberty to hear what else is being discussed, know beforehand exactly when the part they are interested in slots in.

As one spirit said, 'We listen and what we need is there, provided as we require. We do not 'hang around' as you say, waiting for our turn. It is not the way and there is, we feel, a difference in 'timing' so to say that makes it all work of accord for all there as we require then we withdraw'.

The information provided is brought about by my quest: to interact with other denizens of different realities I know are 'there' and to understand, to learn and go beyond what our limiting five senses lead us to believe is reality.

Ralf Waldo Emerson: Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail


On Time, Space and Other Realities

Understanding Time

What is time? While most people think of time as a constant, physicist Albert Einstein showed that time is an illusion; it is relative — it can vary for different observers depending on their speed through space. To Einstein, time is the "fourth dimension." Space is described as a three-dimensional arena, which provides a traveler with coordinates — such as length, width and height —showing location. Time provides another coordinate — direction — although conventionally, it only moves forward.

The teachers also seek to extend our viewpoint on the illusion of time and space. They speak of no vacuous space anywhere and instead point out what we see as empty space is teaming with multiple dimensions and their inhabitants. These inhabitants, from the micro to the macro are living their lives, like us, in a system that suits their needs.


I am wondering about time and does it exist anywhere else but our third reality. It is not a new thought. Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Zeno, have said time as we understand it to be does not exist. Instead what is being seen are changes. Zeno gives an example of an arrow in flight; it is our position of focus, where we see the arrow that is the reality.

This explanation appears to be like a roll of film. Nothing exists on the roll as a past or future. What exists is the frame, the particular part we are looking at and focusing on. As our focus shifts to the next frame that piece of the film becomes the present.

It is your perspective, 'point of reference' as you say, that dictates to your consciousness, mind, what is the way.

There is so much your finite mind is not able to comprehend at present. Much has been gained but more to be made available to see you aware and comprehending what is about, what is 'real' as you say and what you can do to advance yourselves as you undertake your 'game of life' as you call it.

As we have told you several times you already have it all but choose to be, go this way for the adventure. In choosing to be and go this way you are refining and gaining more.

You have done this before, rest assured on this. We do not mean as reincarnation because that brings to mind subjectivity of another kind. You are not in bondage in any way for misdemeanors from past activities. Only if you choose to experience, go that line but we state it is not for recriminations, bondage in any way.

You have mentioned we don't go anywhere but 'fly off in space'. How is this possible if we don't go anywhere?

You change concepts, ways of seeing things and with this change is a change of comprehension which brings about a change in energy. In other words you go another way. Your magnetization changes and you move into another 'slot of existence' shall we say.

It is all around. You only need your change of consciousness, perception to bring about a change but you don't go anywhere per se. It is illusion, but very real to your present comprehension.

Going somewhere?

Yes, it is third reality delusion, one it would serve you well to comprehend.

Why would that be when we need that illusion to function in our daily life?

Yes, it is the way it is but by being restricted to this illusion does not serve the way. It does not allow you to go beyond what you see and what is reality. If you broach this concept you will start to soar, to leave behind restrictions both in mind and body limits. It will open up your mind to possibilities and these possibilities will then change and become your realities.

You are only limited by you mind power at this present juncture. If you changed your concepts and reached beyond what you saw as limiting your lifespan would change and you would start to identify, change your ways to a better proposition, outcome. You could start to see other realities that are as existentialist as yours.

These other realities exist in this energy field and it is the opening of our mind to possibilities which brings about a change of consciousness? This allows us to access these other realities that already exist but we don't seen them because our present third dimensional ignorance doesn't magnetize us to them or them to us?

Yes, little by little you are starting to see and understand but it has taken a long time for you to reach this understanding; that others also inhabit the same space as is your way and it is only a change of perception and magnetization that makes it possible for you to see and understand this way. It is all there, always will be but first you need to undo, take the blinkers from your sight (understanding?).

We look out and see distance, space, and you have mentioned that it is third reality illusion. But what about this energy field everything exists in? I am assuming it is infinite but what about distance and depth in this field?

It takes better understanding than you presently have for you to understand what is about. We cannot glibly say all is one and not go into the realms of possibilities and realities. We do not want to give you a lack of understanding by saying something that you cannot presently comprehend. But we do assure you that later, at some stage, depending on what other questions you have asked and which lead further into this examination of what is about, we can perhaps tell you then. We are sorry to say to you that you would not comprehend our presence, situation, and all that can be.

Okay, then going back to discussing time, I sometimes get treatment from an alternative practitioner who uses a machine that reads brain and energy fields. From this information the machine sees what needs attention and sets about correcting it. In the process it does a complete scan of my body including my energy field.

Of particular interest to me is what it finds in my energy field because the machine's findings do not appear to follow our linear time-line. It also shows that some problems affecting my physical body may have been created or started in vitro. That would tie in with what you have previously mentioned about our blueprint prior to incarnation.

It may flow that way but we are not familiar with the energy machine you refer to. It is all there, all the parts of you, are still residing, living 'somewhere'. It is possible that they are also having an influence upon your now.

It also seems that emotional hurts that have happened in this lifetime but forgotten now are still there behind the scenes affecting me. Is there are logical reason for this?

Yes, it is the way. Your mind does not forget any previous actions, misdemeanors. It 'files them away', shall we say and they are there for a reason. They are there because they are unresolved, your understanding, lesson you sought to learn is incomplete. It is the way it is, unlearned, incomplete.

Well, it is having a physical effect but is it important that it remains incomplete?

That is for you to say. It is up to you as to whether you seek further induction, instruction on the way you proceed. It is not for naught it is still there but you are the instigator and therefore are the resolver.

Thank you for your information today. I will read it through to gain more understanding.

Then we go our way. Peace and blessings go to one and all. It is done and we are gone.


Extending Possibilities

I need to sort out my questions for today and a little revision is probably needed. You say we don't go anywhere because we are already 'there'.

That is correct.

So when we look at the sky and see nothing, we are incorrect in our assumption because what we see as space, a vacuum, is teaming with various forms of life?

That is the way to observe and understand.

These are not microbes and such that we could see with a powerful microscope? These are inhabitants of other dimensions?

Yes, it is the way.

I am having a bit of trouble with the teeming life and going nowhere and would appreciate more information.

Yes, we follow your discourse but are aware that you are following an old stream of thinking. It is time for you to change, 'get up to speed', as you say. You need to understand, be aware that not all life is 'here' as we say.

Please excuse me for interrupting but what are you defining as 'here'?

Here where you are domiciled now. You see with your five senses and you are aware of what can be. To a certain extent you are aware for your scientists are now taking you along another road of consciousness thinking. This is opening up your physical sight to other events that limited vision before held from your awareness and sight.

Now you are extending your possibilities, your vision, because you have been taught, encouraged to limit yourself no more. With this you are gaining on all fronts. You are starting to see that there are indeed many other levels of consciousness about you. You have your limited sight extended by the likes of the more modern technology 'bringing to your door' so to say.

I am assuming it is the atomic way with all the substructures and the like. Is that correct?

No, there is also another way you are informed. It is the interrelationship of all your 'kith and kin' so to say. You are being coached, brought forward to get further insights so that what was possible is now achievable because you are being taught and encouraged to go along a different format to what you previously advanced along.

I would appreciate you enlarging on that concept.

You are being programmed to see beyond your nose. You are starting to involve yourself more in abstract thinking and needs that take you to other avenues of opportunities you had not breached before. These are being brought about, instigated in many ways by your scientists.

Also the energy changes that are modifying and distributing all changes to a format acceptable to your countenance. When you see the change is possible, achievable, you go that way.

You are also getting prepared for other avenues not yet in your ken, your present understanding.

Could you elaborate a little more please? It is like the donkey and the carrot where you tease me to think more but I don't know what to think or ask if it is all still has to come into my awareness.

It is there, rest assured. We want you to 'dig deeper' as you say. Bring forth what is already there and is waiting for your perusal and activation.

Then I need some guidance here. How do I go about what you are mentioning?

You need to think, reach into yourself and gain that way; you need to do the work.

Okay, then please prime my pump and put me in the right direction. I will do the work required.

We follow your logic, understanding but it is not to be the way. We see you already have the knowledge but use it not.

All have to apply themselves by delving into their consciousness and bring forward their desires. They are all at your disposal. You need to be aware of this fact before you start to delve. If you are not aware it will lead to frustration and maybe delay your choices of opportunities while here.

Is this all part of us creating our reality? We need to form, 'make it concrete' so to say for it to come to our third dimensional awareness?

That is the way. You are learning to construct, work with different forms of energy. You are learning this way because your choice before incarnation was along this line of reasoning. You chose this way and we comply with your wishes.

You know you can achieve your aim for you have programmed your way. Your resources are all there. You need to choose your way of accessing them and bring them to the fore. With this way you are manipulating your understanding of the control that is required to gain access to other limiting or challenging concepts.

You have spoken about us manipulating energy, creating other forms while experiencing this existence. You have also mentioned that as there is no time all experiences are happening at the same time. I am having trouble understanding that concept but many of our scientists seem to agree that there is no timeline continuum. At the moment I don't have that understanding. Is this part of what we are working on achieving?

There is more. For your scientists, many, have shown you the way by their acceptance of what you see as an abstract concept. It has opened the possibility of it being, flowing that way.

We need you to see and understand that there are many more opportunities such as this but what you all need along the way is your faith in yourself. To believe what you see with you inner vision is correct and not some pie in the sky fallacy you have somehow latched onto with your thoughts.

We need all of you to 'be brave' so to say, to believe in yourself and understand that you are creating from the atmosphere all you dreams and wishes. You construct them with your imagination.

Let us be quite clear here, your imagination that you devalue and place as pipe dreams is 'your ticket', so to say to advancements untold. Release your imagination and give it the accolades deserved.

We go our way now and leave you with your thoughts. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are done, gone for the day.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Please provide further information on a topic you briefly mentioned about us not going anywhere. How does this fit in with us experiencing other lives, dimensions? Do we just conjure these experiences up and if so, from where?

You construct something from your mind. You bring it into being and it flows in that way. You do not go anywhere but you are containing whatever is required and manipulating, projecting it forward into a reality but it is not quite that way.

We are understanding you are relating this to movement but we are speaking of energy sway, bringing in and projecting out your desires. It does not mean, as you are mainly required to do on your third dimensional plane, to physically go and activate something, bring 'materials' so to say.

It is part of what we are seeking you to understand. You get what you want, what is required for your project, whatever that may be and on whatever energy level it may reside, you get that by your initiation, mind power, but you go nowhere in your achievement.

Well, I am now on this reality plane and from what you say, in many other places as well. How does that fit in with what you are saying?

Very well. You are achieving control on 'many levels' as you say, and all at the one time. It is the fact that you are doing all you desire at the one time without constraints of time or movement. You are initiating your desires and learning as you go along.

To what purpose? If, as you say, we have it all and we don't go anywhere, why are we challenging ourselves? Why do we relate to past lives when you say they don't exist as we understand it to be.

You are taking yourself, your thoughts to linear timelines and we have already said they don't exist. You progress, challenge yourself for the sheer joy of experiencing and growing along the way. It is the gainfulness, the experience as you function and learn to grasp different experiences along the way.

There is much you are struggling to comprehend. We understand for it is as you say 'like entering the rabbit hole' where previous understandings and constraints have gone away and what appears now to be bizarre and out of context to all that can be has now become your 'normal' .

This will all sort itself out as the old makes way for the newer understandings. With the newer understandings will usher in a more cogent understanding and application. All does flow of accord even, to your present way of seeing things it may not appear so, to be the way.

For years we have always believed in cause and effect. It was quite simple to understand and observe. A ball hits a window and the window shatters. The preceded movement of the ball activated the shattering of the window. All easy to see and understand. Now there are experiments done that counteract that theory and what we see may not necessarily be what is or how it flows.

That is quite correct. You are learning bit by bit through experiments such as these that what you take to be coincidental or follow a set formula of action/reaction may not be the way. In many instances it is not the way but it is your perception that leads you to your ultimate conclusion.

It seems to be similar to people watching a car accident. I observed one and it was as if time slowed right down until the cars collided. Later what was understood to have happened as seen by various witnesses was totally different and it seemed as if each saw a different scene. Presumably they were watching the same accident scene and from the same reality.

It can be as you say but many strange events are for a purpose. All were there to gain, learn from in some way. We have previously mentioned there are no accidents and it is the way it is. Relate that to what you saw. Why were these strangers, supposed strangers, unfamiliar to each other, at the same place to have witnessed what they saw? Each was there with a purpose to observe. It cannot be any other way. Each would have gained something from the participation and then gone on their way.

You are not going to tell me it could have been one of those 'rabbit hole' experiences and I only thought there was an accident?

We cannot go that way for we are not privy to your forces, what you sought to learn from the activity. We can only point out, mention to you, that all gained in some way. You would need to process what you sought and what you gained. We are not aware of this event you have mentioned. We can only hypothesis and go that way.

We feel we have given you enough to think about for today. We take our leave now. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are gone.


Drawing From Within

On thinking about our discussions would like to talk about my conclusions reached. Everything is happening now. Do we agree with that concept?

Yes, it is the way.

I need to put my thoughts into third dimension speak to make them cogent to me.

That is the way to understand your concept. Please go that way.

To do so I have to think of us, everything, having form and a timeline. I also need to speak of 'up there' when in fact that is illusion too. It is a rarefication of energy and perhaps when we come here it is an exchange of energy somehow.

No, it is not the way. You are starting to lose yourself, your thoughts now.

Then let's try another way. I am spirit looking at everything, 'past, present, future' as we say but also looking at other dimensions, multi-dimensions, including but not only of this third world continuum. It is like a game that has all the props and ways to proceed already set out.

We can see your logic and understanding and if it makes it cogent for you, please continue. We can fill in gaps if you choose.

That would be very helpful because I am only feeling my way. Other dimensions, whatever can be imagined are already there created by the imagination of others. I see these learning opportunities and know they are there to take my pick from.

Yes, you are on 'the right track' so to say.

I am looking at a scene and can see how it will play out. Action is already underway so people are already there. Are you telling me that the action being seen I am already participating in?

It is the way. You have no timeline constraints, you already exist in the 'energy exchange', so to say. It cannot be any other way.

You have already mentioned that I am a thought form self from another self.

That is the way. You are starting to get a different idea of 'what is what' as you say.

Really I'm not. I am trying to understand this newer, to me, way of seeing things. As a self, a consciousness, see a particular game I choose to experience and participate in. I choose all the necessary props, energies, to work with me. As explained in my e-book The Earth Energy Connection this includes the elementals and their particular overseer who will create the physical blueprint I will use for my participation.

The relationship with the elemental energies is a symbiotic one because while they help anchor me here, on whatever level, they are also benefiting from the exchange of energy from me. As I experience and grow they also experience and grow.

Yes, it is the way. Look from their 'viewpoint' so to say. They are not inert and have their own fields of endeavors. They benefit, as you state for they are of this level, wherever the game play is but cannot benefit or function without your input. You create the form and they oblige in their way.

We create the form by use of imagination?

We are endeavoring to simplify our thoughts here for it is only partly right with what you say.

I need to read back what we have discussed this morning and also dig deeper into myself for more questions to the answers you have kindly provided today.

Then we leave you to your thoughts. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are done for the day.


Never Cast Adrift

It has been mentioned that prior to incarnating we see possibilities in what we seek to achieve once incarnated. In part of your explanation given you stated, 'You are never 'cast adrift' as you say. You are always taken care of, advised and given understanding of events you are planning to expose yourself to before it happens. You are guided and explanations are given of what is required, the issues you are likely to experience and the ramifications inflicted upon you, your finite body'.

Is the advice given by a part of self, a more rarefied, or learned part?

It may be the way. We have sought to give you an 'overview' so to say of what transpires. It may be that it is a part of your self or it could be, go another way. All are connected you see so it is not one fell swoop of only being one way. It could be many giving advice at the time. Many include your 'soul' as you say. It could be only from this existence being.

It could be from others who are not as familiar with the Earth and its constraints yet also see opportunities and pitfalls they seek to make you aware of before initiation. It can be, go any way with this.

Well, when we had incarnated is any advice given then? Are we left to our own devices or is help always at hand and if it is, how do we access it?

Guidance is always there. It is always provided for, so you see, you are not cast adrift. You have helpers who are there to call upon when your times of need are upon you. They 'hover', so to say, but do not come to your aid unless you call out in need

It is up to you, your growth pattern, what you have called to you, for those events, energies to take place. You are responsible for your thoughts and actions at all times yet, when, as we said, you are in dire need and call out for sustenance, we do heed the call.

We do not come when you are quite capable of initiating what is required for yourself by yourself. For us to interfere at these times would be deleterious to your growth. We don't go that way.

You previously mentioned when the road is narrow and stony you are able to assist. Is this what you are now referring to?

It is the way it is. Sometimes you are taxed almost beyond endurance. You may have 'bitten off more than you can chew' as you say. You feel you have been deserted by kith and kin and all appears to be against you.

If, at these times, you could allow us to come forward to impinge upon you, your energy grid to give you substance that would lift yourself higher than appears to be the way at these times. We have always provided, given you substance by way of encouragement.

When times are 'tough' as you say, we are always there encouraging. 'Don't give up' we say. 'Don't fall by the wayside with your ambitions, your dreams. A little more is the way. You can do it'. We encourage you along these ways by giving you impetus, emotional substance to help you over tough times you have instigated.

We do not carry you but we do support you with encouragement. In this way, by this, we are able to sometimes pierce through the malaise, the pit of despondency you have cloaked yourself in.

Are you able to guide us, perhaps move us from something that could be harmful by a word or two in our ear?

If you think you can do something and it is to your detriment, if before you go ahead, proceed, we can advise you. However if you listen only with 'one ear' so to say and choose to follow your own way we are not able to assist. You will learn your own pattern flow your own way.

I do understand that you cannot override our choices and sometimes think it would have been a good idea if you had been able to. It probably would have helped me in situations unwise to be in.

We can advise you prior to a way you may be choosing. We can instruct you as to the ramifications but, if you recall, we are not able to assist in other ways. We cannot intervene in your decisions.

What about the times you mentioned when the right person appears at the right time or we have a windfall when we need it? Aren't you the providers or instigators at those times?

No, it is not the way. We are what you refer to as your support group. Any other material help that comes your way is your instigation.

Is it then we are learning to do mind control and change situations to our advantage?

It is always the way it is. You provide for yourself in all ways. We guide, advise but let you furnish and get on with the rest.

It is your growth pattern you have initiated at these times. It is to your advantage to learn this well. You are not advised to count on others for your sustenance. It is there, for you, provided by you. If others appear to be the givers it is only by your 'grace', so to say, that it is initiated.

If it is the other way, the shoe on the other foot, it is also the way. You bring it all in for your learning. It cannot flow, be any other way.

I will finish our discussion for today. Thank you for your guidance. It is always helpful.

Then we go our way. Peace and blessings go to one and all. It is done and we are gone.


The Illusion of Reality

Edgar Allan Poe: All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream


All Degrees of Observation

We are moving from one epoch and entering another. We have been told we are here to help anchor or bring these newer energies in. I can't follow that logic because whether we are here or not these energies will still continue to arrive. Your comments please.

You have your way of seeing things, events as they come to pass. You are correct when you say that the energies will manifest whether you, humanity, is here or not. However, what you are possibly not factoring in is, which way would these newer energies manifest if you, as an observer, were not here to observe?

Other energies would be here and they would be their way?

It is all in degrees of observation. You do attach to you other learning, other ways of seeing and bringing in whatever you desire. It is your way and is meant to go along that thread. But, as we said, other energies also have their ways of progress and they will manifest whatever is needed for their way.

If we bring in what we desire by use of our imagination, how do the others, other forms attach whatever it is to them to manifest it? Do they also have imagination?

It is the way it is all constructed. You do not work as a 'team' so to say. You work alone with your imagination and activate, bring in whatever it is you desire. Others, not of your energy, also have their desires but their desires are met as a team effort.

This is how the earth elemental energy overseer works? By magnetizing and creating in form what we have imagined?

Yes, he has his day along that way. He initiates, brings in, collates whatever your desires have been in a creation. He grows along this way.

What happens if we, as spirit, decide not to come here?

Then it is a fait accompli. He goes on to other learning that is not of your way.

What about the other earth elemental beings, the little folk such as the gnomes, fairies and others of the nature world who tend to the trees, flowers and insects? They are also a consciousness energy so what happens to them when their day is done? Where do they go? They seem to have a hierarchy and learn along that way. What happens here?

All learn in their own inimitable presence, way and it all goes of accord. Their progress is assured but they resonate to another level divine and go another way. They work in cohesion, is a way of stating their aims and needs.

Do they get absorbed back into their energy format? With my inner vision once saw some nature spirits in a golden band of, presumably, energy. Is that what you are referring to here?

It may be the way. What we are attempting to offer you is what you asked about firstly. It is how does the intending energy flow come in if there are no humans around to anchor it in. We are answering your question by stating that it still manifests from 'the ether' as you say.

All you have initiated is there for your understanding in some way. You have created form, all form that is in your existence at any time so to say. Everything is there at your behest.

But I may not ever meet or come in contact in any way with these people mentioned. Are they there as energy props?

All we say is that everything in your 'dream sequence', so to say, you have initiated in some way for some purpose. We follow your question but are unable to be specific here, more than what we have offered as our answer.

It is not our way that we are able to ascertain all efforts, all experiences that you, or others undergo on your earthly sojourns. We can only point the way of needs, requirements and what you achieve and bring into yourself, your energy flow experience. We cannot personalize it at all but can give you the blanket sweep of what takes place at any 'avenue, time' as you say.

You have previously mentioned we might be sharing our dream sequence, game, with other souls who also seek to learn from whatever we are initiating with our mind power. That is correct?

Yes, it is the way.

So, all antisocial behaviour, despots and the like are there, brought in by us for whatever we choose to participate in and learn from?

It is the way it is but not all times you are plagued by these sorts. Other times you may choose a time of bliss, of freedom from cares as you absorb yourself in other pursuits. You may, as an example, seek to experience life as a creator of paintings and establish yourself along this way.

You may choose a life of caring for others, of servitude, all the while you are gaining, learning ways, other opportunities that may enhance you and take you far along your life's experiences. It is all up to you. You initiate, instigate and it follows through.

We feel we have given you answers to your questions and enough to ponder on. We leave you now with best wishes for all you earthly sojourns. May you reach in and find what you are searching for, working on. We leave you now. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are done, gone for the day.


More Than The Butterfly Effect

Wherever we are prior to incarnating and, as a thinking consciousness, we able to see everything?

As consciousness you see all opportunities that you can enhance yourself with. You see all opportunities for yourself and for others if you see it that way. You encompass all, no separation so what effects one effects all. Do you understand what we are imprinting onto your consciousness here?

Is this the butterfly effect in some way?

Much, much more than that concept. You are all (All?) , no separation.

Then to explain my thoughts I need to simplify this image for my comprehension. We, as spirit, are somewhere, wherever our consciousness, our personal magnetic energy field has been activated by our thoughts. We are not doing much, perhaps just drifting, looking at what we want to experience next.

Our choices are many, other dimensions, planets, whatever we have the ability to access. We see there is already activity in each of the areas and we can encompass and we see all time frames at once. Is this going okay so far? I have simplified it for my comprehension.

Yes, we can understand and see your plan. Please proceed.

These people already in the action? Who are they? I have not incarnated anywhere yet so they can't be mine or anyone I know.

And why not, we say? Why would they not be a part of all you contain? We go this way, explaining this. You are all (All?) therefore they must be a part of your divinity.

Maybe I didn't explain myself very well. Action is already in place and I am watching as if at a play or movie. I don't recognize any of the participants so how can they be a part of me?

I do understand what you have just said but you have also previously mentioned that all characters, players in any of my lifetimes are there because of me in some way. My understanding of what you said is that none are strangers, even if I don't recognize them.

Yes, we recall our words and it is the way. You do instigate, bring in whichever, whatever you see to see and enhance your incoming flow of energy with this.

So, the people I am watching, they are a part of me?

All are there at your instigation.

So, looking at the action, period, area, all I see, even thought still not incarnated, I have brought everything into existence to see if it unfolds how I want it to be?

In a very simplistic form, way, yes.

Then if I decide not to go that way, participate in a lifetime there I can let the energy go and it floats away?

Simplicity again, yes. You have temporarily discussed, brought it into being and it has not been created with the full force of the character personality energy you would use. It 'floats away' as you say for there is no energy construction to hold the form in place.

Then if nothing is 'cut in stone' so to say, how do probabilities work once we have incarnated?

Your choices, aptitudes will bring in the sway, form required for your needs. You have choices and, as you say, nothing is cut in stone, your changing desires will mark the way.

You are gaining much along this line of reasoning for it is taking you past your preconceptions, your comfort zone and we see much to be applauded and gained by this and along this line of reasoning. It is to be, meant to open other ways of seeing, of possibilities unknown before this channeled information came to the fore.

We feel we have given you enough to think about so will go our way and leave you with your thoughts. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are gone, done for the day.


It's All a Game

When we spoke recently you intimated, that all is illusion, even the other realities and worlds we seek to explore. Am I right with my understanding here? If so, where do you fit in to the overview? Where do we all fit in?

Any way you choose. We have already explained this fact to you. You can understand it better if we see you as children playing with their toys. They have chosen their game play and are totally involved in whatever world they have created for the time at large. They are oblivious to what is around and the needs, desires of others who may call them away. It matters not which way they end their game.

It is the challenge, the game that gets them going. They live in their own little world and for the time anything else becomes second play but they can accommodate their desire.

It is like this that we see and explain. You choose to go this way, be like this and it is achieved. It is illusion, yes, but while the play continues it is real to the participants. It is the way it is now with you all. You see yourself limited by your senses, little realizing, acknowledging it is a play. When your game play is over you go to another way, level.

It may well be created before you have finished this game play. It is not linear where you have to quit this frame body and formulate another before it all begins again. You are accommodating many lifetimes while inhabiting this avenue of play. All are illusion but while they exist they are real to you all.

But when we finish our lifetime here we need to be, go somewhere.

And why would that be the way? To ease restrictions upon yourself you may decide to go to another avenue to gain what you sought to achieve. You may not be along those lines at all and choose instead to be 'floating' as you say. Learning, educating in this way.

There are several queries to what you have just said. What is this 'ease restrictions'? It sounds like there is a limited space out there.

No, that is not what we chose to be comprehended. We are remiss in our dealings, to answer your question if that is you understanding. We do not go that way.

Then what are you meaning?

Ease restrictions is what is about; what is needed is provided but it all seems to be the one way. One selection of choices has become overloaded, imbalanced perhaps might be a better way for your understanding. It is almost like a glut of what you have chosen and need to go another way.

'Stuck in a rut' is a term you use and it follows along that pattern, way. Your choices for yourself may have become limited with what is happening. You need to move on, get fresher learning, ideas, to go another way.

It is not so important or vital that you do comply with your choices. It will not matter in the scheme of things but it is a better way if you are advised and helped over the sameness that you may not be aware of.

Well, this 'floating' bit. Where do we float and how do we gain lessons by not interacting and instead, presumably, being a spectator of others who have incarnated?

It is perhaps erroneous to think of 'just being' as somewhere. For reality is there is no 'somewhere'. You have spoken of 'home' but it is also a fallacy. You exist; that contains it all.

As an existence you follow your dreams. You know it all; you have it all because you are All. You cannot be any other way. You are in contact every moment, are at call every moment because you are part of every existence of All.

You are connected to All, every infinitesimal atomic structure, you are All, a part of that combination. We all are and use that wording for your comprehension.

I would like to stop now to read and understand the information provided today.

Then we comply. Peace be upon you all. That is the way. We go now.

Dream State Illusion

A reader has asked a question 'if everything is illusion then what we see must be illusion too'? Your comments please.

It is the way it is. You brought forward, manipulated, whatever it was you choose to learn from. You gain in this way.

Are we able to access these planets? Our astronauts are somewhere in space. It can't be illusion for them participating or to us who watch them go about their daily activities out there.

It is illusion yes. Those who see it all participate in the game, it is the way.

We say it another way. You have a dream pattern you have called upon for yourself to gain from. You see stars, galaxies, whatever exists to your sight is there for your gaining. You created it all. We cannot state it any other way.

Well, when a monumental event takes place and the whole world watches are we all participating in a dream?

You are participating in a 'dream state' as you say. You are not privy to others images they have conjured up. Because you see the world's population stopping to watch a major event, for your sight, you may be the only one watching what you have created for your entertainment and pleasure.

So, you are saying it is played out in my head? Others may not have experienced the moon landing, as an example, or see planets in the night sky. I might be having a dream with lots of people in it.

It is the way. Your guidance has been on the illusion of this reality. It would serve you well to recall this advice, information. What is real to your senses is not the way in the true context, way of existence. All your angst, joys, achievements are there for your learning gainfulness. They go away because they are illusion but are necessary for whatever it is you choose as your learning game play.

So, what is in my reality, my mind, may be mine alone and others have their own concepts of reality for their experiences?

It is the way.

There is a story, a hypothetical one that challenges our concept of reality. It asks how do we know we are not only a brain floating in liquid in a vat while some mad scientist is probing parts of our brain to activate certain images and feelings. This activation has us thinking we are living a life, loving and doing all the day by day events which, in reality, are not happening at all. We don't know, that is the thing.

You are not controlled by any outside force. You are created by you for the lessons you seek to advance yourself upon. You are there, anywhere in any time existence because you created it and chose to be participating in whichever event you conjured up for yourself.

But it is all illusion?

Yes, it is the way. You are gaining in so many ways but your lesson, your recall is flawed because you set out, made it that way. You would not be challenging (challenged?) in any way if you chose it to be different. You control at all times whether you see it or not. You have made your creation, your life as your recall, an activity you have produced by your manipulating the energy source that is all around for your pleasure and needs.

So, me sitting here in front of my computer, listening to you as you answer my questions, this is all illusion too?

It is the way. We are real but not as you imagine us to be. We are now getting into a complex set of realities, one we would prefer to leave for another day.

Then I will finish for today.

Peace and blessings go to one and all. It is the way. We go now.


Thoughts on Karma

Sol Luckman: Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe's binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations-and all things we experience are our creations.     


Misunderstanding Karma

I would like our discussion today to start with karma. I understand you have previously stated that karma cannot be if all existences are being experienced at the same time. I have to use the word 'time' for clarity because of not knowing of another word to explain what I want to say.

When I started doing consultations, 'readings' for clients, their spirit contacts and mine, referred to karma in explanation of what was being seen at the time. I have recently read old books from masters in spirit who refer to karma. We can't have it both ways. Please explain.

Yes, it is so, what you refer to and saw. What we are stating now is that progress has been made and you now accept and go another way with this. It was necessary at the times for you to comprehend what was about, what happened to you in explanation of events. For the truth at the time would not have been accepted by your clients and you. It had to be the way of explanation for the time. There is now a new set of energy enlightenment and with it is a newer understanding.

We seek not to confuse or to dismiss what you are referring, speaking about. We are now setting the way straight. It is possible now, where before there would have been much misunderstanding of what was said at the time.

Many people, nations, still believe in karma.

Yes, it is the way for many but it will change. Little chinks of enlightenment coming to the fore where even the most stalwart believer of karma will start to change. It is the way it is and the way it will be as more and more you will all start to see changes that cause you to think along a different way.

Stay with your beliefs until you are ready for the change is what we say. You can do no wrong if you follow with this until it will be a dawning of sorts. For others of your ken, your society, your understanding will open up chinks in your 'thinking armor' so to say.

Your dawning will open the way and you will be. Seek enlightenment along this line of reasoning. Much to learn is the way and you will succeed with whatever way you choose to tread.

We have people who seem to remember what we previously termed as a past life. They are also able to give information about others who have shared their life, the area, era and other information, some personal, that has made it possible sometimes for their claims to be validated. Some people mentioned are still living and can remember the person and confirm what was said.

We also have people who have birthmarks that they feel might relate to a previous life. Perhaps from an injury or something created in a particular time frame. Would you like to expand our knowledge on this? I know you have said karma cannot possibly exist because time is an illusion but what is being experienced here?

It is as you say, time is an illusion. We cannot speak for these souls you mention but can say that what is possibly transpiring with them is they are undergoing that lifetime now and their memory is quite clear because it is concurrent to what is happening 'now'. Those you mention, who can validate whatever is being mentioned, can do so because they are also concurrent 'now' and they are existing within that 'time frame continuum' as you say.

Is it now that we are becoming more receptive in our minds to other possibilities where we can see that what was considered past life experiences could not be? What we were explaining at the time was, in fact, another lifetime still being lived?

It is the way. It cannot be any other way for the truth to be told.

They were mentioned because, in some way, they had a bearing on what was happening to my client in this time frame?

Yes, your recall of what was transpiring is because you understand now. At the time you were in bliss.... no, ignorant of what you were recalling for your client.

So, if this lifetime finished would we be able to access another?

It could be the way. We are giving an overview here. We are not seeking to impart knowledge on particular lifetimes.

My question was asked to get your understanding on if we could go into an existing lifetime that another section was having and maybe act as an adviser or help them in some way.

No, it cannot be. We have mentioned there are no timeline constraints. Also there are no 'access points' so to say. What is happening is happening 'now' as you say. There is no entrance way to perceive, to flow through and assist as you ask.

Going back to me having consultations with clients. I could often see possibilities for them. It was like a road with branches going in different directions. I was able to offer suggestions of what would be the most advantageous path to take. How was that possible?

You saw ahead by overcoming your perception of the timeline and could give advice that way.

But I didn't know about any of that then.

Yes, it was your way. You did know, as do all participants, those who choose to read these missives and those who don't. You are all aware, all have the knowledge but see it not. It is only when outside stimulation comes to bear that you start to heed advice - but the knowledge is already at your fingertips and will become more so, clearer to you as time goes by and you acknowledge more of your greatness.

You, Annette, like others of your kind have taken it upon yourself, as part of your Earth's learning pattern to make others aware of their magnificence. You do this by rote, by explanation and by other means at your disposal to inform. It is your way and you have brought forward activities, what you see will advance your cause.

I would like to finish now and read your information provided to my answers.

Then we comply. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are gone for the day.


Information About the Forum

Edith Wharton: There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.


I understand I act as a conduit for other souls who are learning to see and understand, by way of my physical body, the ramifications and limitations of incarnating here. They can observe my reactions at our discussions and it helps them decide if they would like to interact on this third dimension. Is that still happening?

It is the way. Yes, it has opened up opportunities for others who, as you say, are having a trial run, through your third dimensional energy body to see if they would advance themselves, their aims along this way.

The discussions, information and answers given in any of my e-books is also provided for the interest of those who are already living a life on this third dimension. I am happy to be of service with this but wonder, am I asking the wrong questions? Is it all getting too abstract for readers? Am I the right earth being to be in conversation with you?

You underestimate your advances along with this. Continue on as you are doing, as is your way. Behind the scenes much that you are unaware of goes the way. By this we mean that they, others have their own advisers, spiritual forms, who seek to work with them. Hinder them not by cessation of your words. Opportunities prevail for each of you with what you say. You underestimate your logic, time and effort with your books and your 'blog' as you say.

You see so little from your stage, where you are presently seeing from. It is gifting you the sight for your knowledge that brings all on. 'All', we say are the little fragments upon your line, your energy family is the way. All benefit from your progress just as you all benefit from each and every little spark your way.

I don't understand the 'gifting' part you mention. You have spoken of it at other times but what you mean eludes me. Who gifts me something?

You do not do the 'hard yards' as you say alone. There are others with you, 'belonging to you' so to say who also do the 'hard yards' on their activity place of gaining. They bring to the fold the requirements often and you, unbeknown to you where they come from, extend, take them further. And, as you say, ' the shoe goes onto the other foot' and it extends along this line or way.

It is very difficult for me to comprehend when my thinking is third dimensional linear time/line.

We understand but listen well; there will come a comprehension in the' not too distant future', as you say, where what is incomprehensible now to your countenance will be understood along the way. It is not so simple for you now, we understand, but it will become 'blazingly obvious, as you say. It will all fit in nicely, your comprehension will see the way.

Is this going to be one of our epiphany moments, what we see as our 'ah-ha' times?

It may follows along that line of reasoning. We are bringing it to your notice that you are going the right way and soon, as you learned with your technologies and your quantum questions and answers point of view it will be proven as told and shown.

Ancient Greeks and possibly others were working on the theory of atoms aeons ago. In our timeline it took ages for the quantum information to come further to the fore and be accepted by many. A monumental shift in our thinking and probably our consciousness was understanding that our world is not solid as our senses tell us it us.

It is third dimensional thinking that brings you along with this logic. That the world you see with your senses as true is a fallacy and you can, for the main part, accept the validity even while your senses tell you it is not the way.

The change took a long time in coming for it was not the time of advancing along that reasoning way. Yet, we say to you, that on another lifespan close to yours others have learned and advanced themselves along and are learning now other ways of seeing reality that is not along the atomic line of seeing and reasoning.

It is all which way you choose to be and go. It is all there, at your 'fingertips', so to say. It is your choice, up to you before incarnating which way you seek to experience and advance your knowledge.

We feel we have answered you questions today so will leave you now. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are done, gone for the day.


Why Spirits Don't Interfere With Our Choices

When we start our daily communication I am not sure which way to proceed. Are you able to advise me?

No, we do not interfere. You have already set your course, way you want to proceed. You know the way. Not only do you know the way, you have set up blocks for yourself so it will not be so easy to accomplish. You do it this way because you have trodden this path before and you know what is required. For you to make it easy for yourself your quest would not be as successful, as challenging, so you do not go this way.

You will sort it all out to your advantage and you will then challenge yourself along another avenue. Have you not already done this many times in this indwelling lifetime? You have always found something else to gainfully attach to yourself and go along that way for as long as it amuses and challenges your mind. If you no longer gain from a topic, a subject, you will move on. It is the way you are programmed.

But with previous communications with you there were students as well as teachers moving into my energy field. That doesn't happen anymore.

Yes, it does indeed continue along that line of teaching. You are not aware perhaps on your physical sight but it is still the way. You still have your little fledglings around and they watch and listen as we communicate. In this way, with this you have always succeeded and many are enriched by this endeavor of yours.

They, the students, are still studying many times how you learn, how you react to earthly situations and the angst sometimes you create for yourself over triflings. We show them, explain how, once upon the earth sphere all they have now, their possessions they have gained that has become part of their experiences will be stripped from them by them as part of what they seek to learn and achieve.

It is little different to what you achieved when you decided to incarnate upon this frame. They are getting firsthand knowledge via your energy field presence so they are able to make up their mind if it is the way they want to be.

They have other options rather than the earth reality?

It is indeed the way. They choose any area they resonate to. This you already know but vast areas of energy acumen is available for their quest, their learning. They seek to see what avenues offer the best learning incentives for their aspirations. They gain on many fields and endeavors for they have many avenues that advances them and many are not within a physical time-frame opportunity experience.

You mean in a physical body in whatever avenue they choose?

It is the way. They can come and go, just as you can come and go but the mask you have placed upon your knowledge stops you from gaining this way. You can, if you wish to be, go this way, can enlighten more of your kind as to what they contain within their physical frame and how they can access other levels while still in their third reality frame.

We started to do a bit of that when I was discussing the earth energy overseer (The Earth Energy Connection e-book). An option you suggested was to befriend all my physical elemental energies and attempt to work with them to the mutual benefit of all. I realize it is not just a matter of saying 'I have gained enough and don't want to be or go that way anymore'.

No, we do not say it is as simple as you say. You firstly, most need to ask yourself why you are feeling, choosing to be along this line of learning? What are you gaining from the experience? There is always some gainfulness in progress or you would go another way because this way has run its course. You need to find and resolve the issue from within, so to say.

That is a lot easier said than done.

We know the way you progress. We have all advanced along the same way. It takes frustrated effort many times until the contact, the key is found. From this learning you gain much for it takes you past the third reality way of seeing and thinking and gives you control over your third reality frame. This is a pathway that gives you much in learning mind control. We say mind control but it reaches far more into the experiences; you gain forward contact with others of your kind.

We see you are thinking along a way we are not meaning here. We mean your bloodline but also more. You will contact, forage amongst all that you are, always will be, all you contain.

That sounds to be another interesting topic to discuss and learn about but it might be prudent for me to stay with the topic under discussion. You have mentioned many times in various discussions the importance of mind control and my e-book The Earth Energy Connection deals primarily with that topic and in thinking back it goes beyond this life. Meditation, focusing and such get us so far but we seem to need more if we are constructing other realities or species. Am I right in my thinking here?

It is the way. Attainment is achieved by mind power, understanding what you can do and control. It is in this way that you gain much for you gather to yourself other nuances, understandings, which change your concepts and you learn more this way.

Is this similar to our forum here with the other energies that come to see what is offered and required should they choose an life on this third reality?

Yes, in a way there is a similarity. The difference is they are over your energy frame and can feel and understand through you.

So, these other energies, their information when they are connected to my energy field is sort of second hand?

We do not see it like that. It is a difference of energy control, sway that lets them access your energy frame and gain the knowledge along that way. It is different. They are assisted 'here' where 'there' you achieve it on your own by your mind power way.

I would like to finish our discussions for today. Thank you for your guidance and information.

Then we flow our way. Peace and blessings go to one and all. We are gone.


Learning Different Ways

I have recently been rereading some of the communications between our forums of the various spirit teachers of different dimensions, the students and myself. I understand our forum is an opportunity for the students, those not incarnated, to gain experience in communicating through someone incarnated in a third dimensional body. My understanding is this is to give them an idea of the limitations they will face should they choose to incarnate here.

Occasionally the topic I have chosen has taken a different turn when whoever the spirit speaking at the time has given their alternate point of view which may not necessarily be what I accept as valid. They have strongly stated their case giving their reasons and while I may or may not be swayed by their logic now want to know, why are they discussing their topic at our forum at all? Do they know my view on a topic before they speak

It can flow any way. The experience gained by the entities, spirit beings who access your energy field serves them very well in their aspirations. They gain insights as to what reactions can be following, forthcoming if they say what is on their mind but not necessarily on the mind of the one who speaks with or for them.

So they know my point of view on a topic before they speak?

Yes, it is the way. You emit certain 'spectrum colors' so to say and they see and ignite a flow between you all.

I don't understand what you mean by that statement.

You have harmonies, body energies that ebb and flow all the while. They connect to a thread so to say of these spectrum colors and ignite within them the recording sayings you receive. It is necessary for them to learn this way for with this is the connection that you hear that enables communication to take place. We are here assisting sometimes if the need arises but most times it develops by the aptitude of the one communicating.

So communication is done by color or by connecting to a color spectrum? Do my hearing sensory receptors identify the wording needed and translate it to something I understand?

It can flow that way but different needs meet different criteria. This is one of the ways spirit communicates.

Then why did this spirit I am referring to connect with me when I don't necessarily share their point of view?

It is the way of the harmonies. You are able to understand even if, as you say, you do not necessarily agree with the point of view given. You allow them to access, use your energy field to give their reasons for their understanding and point of view. Yours was 'a teaching exercise' so to say. They took advantage of the opportunity presented and aired their point of view.

It is of no consequence to you and much was learned by them of the ways, the understandings, the manipulation of energies that flow into all communication such as these. It gives them the choices of what is around, enabled by your interests which, in this intention is only mildly so in your thoughts but activated well enough in their thought processing.

Once they said their piece, did they go someplace else to more fertile grounds or are they still a part of our little forum?

All who share our introductions to the third dimension are here because of their interest in learning the ways of this field of endeavor. You act as their 'mouthpiece' so to say as they struggle with the intricacies of a field of energy they have yet to understand the ways of its achievements. They may or may not be influenced enough to feel the exhilaration, the need to learn more along this line or way.

Others may continue to learn but from 'the sidelines' so to say. They may meet a 'responsive medium', as you say, a conduit between the different realms and a partnership may kindle and grow.

What about all being preplanned before inception, no accidents? If this is to happen, wouldn't it have been organized beforehand?

Again, you are speaking third dimensional timeline ways. We do not go this way. It is a lot different to what you aspire to understand. You cannot, with your present limited abilities, begin to follow the reality of the ways life, all flows. Once shed of your third dimensional skin you will start to see much more than you do now.

Thank you for answering my questions. I will finish now.

Then peace and blessings go to one and all. We finish now.


We Are All Multidimensional Beings

Ralph Waldo Emerson: Wherever the life is [the world] bursts into life around it.


Like Attracts Like

You have previously stated 'This knowledge you seek is for rarefication, of understanding more of this world's realities. It is like, in many ways, a revision course while at the same time you are picking up nuances, other ways of approaching your project divine.'

For further clarification, I would like to start our discussion today on that paragraph.

It is, as always what you choose to learn, understand. We have told you you have it all because you are All but you cannot grasp the fact in this way, with this.

That is correct and the other normally unseen realities interpenetrating, around Earth; they are presumably illusion but exist in some way. They are where many, maybe most third dimension souls go there when they finish their sojourn on this reality.

I previously assumed that their energy vibration was what attracted them there as a magnetization but that doesn't seem to be the case. You have said there is no karma so it can't be something in their personal energy field that decides where souls go after their time here. I would appreciate more information please.

Can't you see they choose their way divine. It is the pull, the attraction that gets them to places, sometimes previously unknown to their conscious sight. They are not cast adrift if they have not 'owned' their perfection and need a course, an understanding of what is there for them at any time.

It is more comforting for them to be there with 'kith and kin' as you say; friends and environment suitable to their cause, their needs. It is 'part and parcel' as you say that draws them along but it is still illusion.

Your fineness, rarefication, lets you see and cohabit at these different realities that interpenetrate the earth sphere. Which one you choose is because you have gained the knowledge from previous encounters and this time it is returning to something familiar to your senses.

There are many questions needing answers. My understanding is we are atomic in some way. I don't want to get involved in the intricacies of how it all is; quantum complications or mechanics I don't really understand and want to keep my questions to suit my needs; simple and to the point. Are we in accord with this today?

Yes, all is of accord.

We go to a different reality and we are able to see and interact there, on any level, if we have the right energy vibrations or covering. It is by taking a covering of these levels that makes it possible to see what is at other areas. If we hadn't taken on a covering here on Earth we wouldn't see or function here for long. How then, if we become 'floaters' presumably of this universe, are we able to see and learn?