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Chapter Three




     One evening I was relaxing and watching television when the phone rang.  As I answered a soft female voice spoke.

     "Hello, is this Evelyn the psychic?"

     "Yes it is how may I help you?"

     "My name is Jody and my mother said I should call you about my youngest daughter Lisa."  She went on to explain about her mother being one of my clients and that her mother felt the spirits could help with her daughters' problem.

     "When would you like to come over for a ready?" I asked looking at my wall calendar.  I make notations on my calendar so I don't schedule too many clients on the same day.  If I do more then six readings in a day I get very tired, so I try not to overdo it.

     There was a short pause before Jody spoke, "Is there any way you could read for me over the phone?  My mom said you charge thirty dollars and I swear I'll send you the money but I'm so worried about my little girl, she's only five years old."

     "Ah, sure, I can do that, can you hold on while I get myself situated?"

     "Please, take your time," she said waiting patiently on the other end of the phone.

     Sitting the phone down I then turned off the television.   Closing my eyes I took in a deep breath and held it for the count of seven then exhaled and held that for a count of seven.  I do this a total of seven times to relax my mind and body.  Then I mentally call for my spirit guides.  Picking up the phone, "Alright Jody, I'm ready.  What is the problem or question you wish to ask about?"

     "Lisa has these awful 'night terrors' where she wakes up screaming and crying and it's very hard to calm her down.  I just don't know what to do.  This happens a couple times a week now.  I've taken her to two different pediatric doctors and they say there's nothing medically wrong with her and one suggested taking her to a child psychiatrist.  So my question is should I take her to see a psychiatrist?"   I could here the fear in her voice.

     "Well, let me see what my guide has to say on this matter."  Before I could mentally ask the information it was already flowing into my mind from my guide.

     The main guide that works with and through me I call Alexander simply because I cannot pronounce his true name he goes by in the spirit world.  Names in the spirit world are different from those in the physical world we live in.  He told me true spirit names are a combination of sounds and colors and can even convey emotions or smells which those in the human form cannot begin to understand.

     So as I said I simply asked him for a name I could pronounce and he said Alexander was a name he was called by during a lifetime he lived in the physical form many, many centuries ago before our current history timeline even began.  He said we know so little of our true origins and of those who dwell on other worlds.

    I started to relay the information as it came to me, "My guide said concerning the night tremors, as he calls them, that Lisa does not need to see a psychiatrist, and she does not need to be medicated.  He said a pill will not address, nor cure the underlying cause of the night tremors.  He stated she experiences these tremors in her sleep because of concern for her family.  There is much worry and grieving by her over the actions taking place within the family and the negative energy being expressed.  Do you understand what he is saying so far?" I asked trying not to sound judgmental. 

     Jody paused for a few seconds then responded, "Yes…your guide is right.  Me and my husband have been arguing and fighting over the bills and I think he may have even cheated on me with another woman."

     "He says there is a great need to create a harmonious, peaceful and loving environment within your home.  He says though you may not feel Lisa is fully capable of understanding the complex intricacies of the world around her; there is much taking place that she sees, hears and is aware of, even subconsciously.  She experiences these things because she is living in it with the rest of the family.  She has no other way of expressing this conflict she observes and experiences; thus it manifests itself as night tremors.  Are you still following what he is saying?"

     "Yes," her reply was simple but I felt she wanted to ask a question but felt uncomfortable in doing so.

     "Jody if you have anything you wish to ask please do so.  There is no judgment from those on the other side, none what-so-ever." I tried to be positive and reassuring.

     "So what needs to be done then?"

     "My guide says the elimination of certain aspects that are not a part of anyone's highest good should be acted upon.  Know what is important for the harmony of the family unit.  For Lisa he said to share time and love with her directly.  No passive enjoyment from her; assist and guide her now.  He says do not worry that she has been neglected in any way up to this point.  Start anew with her right now or she will continue to experience these sleeping night tremors.  If improvements are not made with the energy pattern of your current family situation, he says there will be a wearing down of her mind and therefore she will become accustomed to this negative energy which can have dire consequences for her later in life.  The harmful effects of this prolonged negative energy will manifest in her future relationships and interactions with others she encounters.  He says create peace and balance now within your family or this pattern will continue as it has through the previous generations."

     "What does he mean through the previous generations?" Jody asked.

     "He says you are the product of such a family unit that Lisa is now experiencing.  Your parents were at great odds with each other and you as a child experienced night tremors yourself.  That negative energy pattern that became a part of you is now affecting your compatibility with your spouse.  If you do not break this pattern now, your daughter will grow up to…"

     (Click) Jody hung up the phone.   She never called again, but I did receive a $30 dollar check several days later in the mail.  It contained only the check.  I was hoping for some kind of explanation for the abrupt hang-up, but nothing was ever forthcoming.

     I can only speculate on what had upset her so much that she felt inclined to stop the reading, but denial can be one way many try to deal with negative situations in our lives.  It is not for me or anyone else to make a judgment against another.  You the reader can draw your own conclusions concerning what happened.













Chapter Four




     Andre Washington's wife, Eleanor called me to set up an appointment to receive a reading next Sunday afternoon concerning a dream her husband had experienced. 

     At the appointed time Mrs. Washington, absent her husband knocked on my apartment door; a very soft knock.  She looked to be in her early seventies and was dressed modestly.

     Answering the door, "I'm pleased to meet you, I'm Evelyn, please come in and make yourself comfortable."

     After exchanging the usual pleasantries I felt we were ready to proceed with the reading.  She did not seem hurried or restless as some of those who come to me are inclined to be.

     "You said on the phone your husband had a dream you wish to ask about, is that correct?"

     "Yes, he had it last month.  My husband is older then me and has always been afraid of dying.  He won't visit anyone in the hospital; he won't go to funerals even if it is a family member or close friend.  He will be coming up on his eighty-third birthday next month.  You know how men are, he says it's nothing to dwell on but I know better.  Back in my forties I started reading about spiritualism and things of that nature.  I know a lot of my friends think its hocus-pocus and con-artists just out to take your money, but I know in my heart there's more to it then that.  They believe what they want, I believe what I want, Amen."  She was straight forward and softly.

     "Can you tell me about the dream your husband had experienced?"

     "Yes ma'am, he says he wakes up and he is in a hospital room.  Everything is white; the walls, the ceiling, the bed sheets and he's lying there in the hospital bed but he is not feeling any pain or sickness and doesn't understand why he is there.  He says a nurse comes in wearing a white uniform and comes over to his bedside with a big smile on her cheery face.  Andre asks her if he is alright.  The nurse takes his left hand in her left hand and begins to pat the top of his hand with her other had which he says makes him feel very loved and comforted.  She then answers his question by saying everything is all right Mr. Washington, you're dead, and she stands there smiling.  After she tells him he is dead my husband says he is not afraid, but feels great joy and love in his heart and then he wakes up.  I know in my heart he has had this dream more then once but he won't talk about it and told me not to bring it up again.  So I come here to see what meaning this dream is bringing to him."

     "Alright then, let me see what my guide has to say about this dream."  I relaxed and took a deep breath.  Alexander was already sending the answer to me before I exhaled.  "Those spirit companions who watch over Andre know of his fear of death and dying and they have been implanting, so to speak these dreams into his subconscious mind for several months now.  So that when he does cross over to the unseen world he will not be traumatized by his death experience.  They are bringing these dreams now because his time of crossing over is drawing near and they wish for him to be more prepared when it comes time for his soul to leave his physical body.  If he is in a more understanding frame of mind and not so fearful it will make the transition from the physical world to the spirit world go much easier for his soul, his true self.  My guide is asking if you have another question."

     There was a short pause before Eleanor spoke, "Will his death be quick or long and drawn out by sickness?"

     "My guide says it will be a short and easy departure for him.  The hardest part for him will be his misunderstanding that he is leaving you behind and will never see you again; which is not true.  Once he becomes acclimated back into his true home world he will then realize how much closer he is too you at that time; rather then to how separated you two are in the physical world of earth.  That will be a great relief to him when he comes to that realization." I explained.

     "How long before this happens?" She asked in a low fearful voice.

     "According to my guide Andre has only weeks before its time for him to return."  I said straight forward.  "He says he will not give an exact date and time so as not to put that stress and worry into your mind."

     "So how long before I can cross over and be with him in the spirit world?  My children and grand children are all moved away to other states and we rarely get to see them.  Am I destined to be alone for the rest of my days?  (She began to cry)  I truly don't think I could stand living without my beloved Andre."

     Handing her some tissues, "May I ask how old you are Eleanor?" I made the request to see if Alexander could give me a time frame for the question she just asked.

     "I'll be seventy-two on my next birthday."  She had stopped crying for now.

     Alexander was sending me his answer as she answered, "My guide says you still have a mission so-to-speak to complete on the earth plane and that you will be here until it is completed."

     She began to plead, "What mission?  Why can't Andre stay with me until this mission is done?  He's always been the one to make the important decisions in our life together; I don't know what to do.  I'm already afraid; I don't understand this new world we live in; all these fancy gadgets and machines.  I can't work a computer or one of those new-fangled phones.  Andre takes care of all that stuff.  What am I to do?  Please don't take my husband.  We need more time together…" She burst out into tears!

     Eleanor leaned over toward me and I wrapped my arms around her.  I held her tightly as we both now cried together.  I truly felt so sorry for this elderly woman, and I didn't know what to do for her.  My emotional feelings changed my vibrational level and I lost my connection to Alexander.  It took several minutes for us both to regain some of our composure. 

     Finally after much nose blowing and almost a half box of tissue we each, one after the other, retired to the bathroom to wash our faces, fix our make-up and whatnot.  Sitting quietly on the sofa again I told her I was going to see if I could reconnect with my guide and see if we couldn't get more information on her future situation.

     Relaxing, I did my deep breathing exercise which helps me mentally, physically and emotionally to tune back in to the other side.  Now I felt I was ready to make the connection again to the unseen world where Alexander patiently awaited.  In an instant his thought came to me asking if I was ready to resume, and I most definitely was ready to seek some guidance to help this beautiful woman sitting nervously by my side.

     Taking her hand in mine to reassure us both the communication came forth from Alexander, "My guide says firstly that Andre cannot stay because it is his chosen time to depart.  He has experienced and learned or not learned all that he came for, so now he is finished with this lifetime.  He says that you have allowed Andre to make all the important decisions concerning your lives together and now as he departs it is time for you to come to the forefront and make decisions for yourself.  You are stronger then you realize and are very capable of directing your life from this point forward.  Do not fear for your spirit companion will always be with you when you need help or assistance now and in the future.  So you are not alone and you may call upon Andre and he will send you comforting thoughts to help you through your remaining years on this planet…"

     Eleanor interjected, "Years?  How many years will I be here for?"

     "He says your mission will keep you in a physical body for a little over…twenty more years."  I was hesitant to answer at first not knowing how she would take this news, but if Alexander gives it to me then I figure the person it is for can handle it.  I never censor what information comes through even if it seems negative; for there may be more to it then I myself realize since I cannot see what they can in the unseen world.

     As her jaw dropped open she sat staring in disbelief.  A few moments later she uttered loudly, "Oh my God!"  

     Alexander continued, "He says he knows this is a lot for you to take in and he wants to stop for now so that you can have time to digest all that has been spoken here.  He wants you to make arrangements to return in sixty days after you have had time to think and dwell upon all that has been presented to you.  Then at the next reading he will explain the mission you are to undertake which will take almost twenty years to complete.  This is a very important mission and you were specifically chosen for it.  You agreed to it before you were born into this life; for up to now he says you have only been 'existing' in this lifetime, but now you are going to truly become alive and give this lifetime true meaning." 

     Alexander withdrew at this point and the communication stopped.  Eleanor and I made plans to meet up again in sixty days time to further explore her 'mission' that was brought up by Alexander.

     My desire was that it would give her a glimmer of hope for the future to know she was chosen for a special mission, but she seemed overwhelmed by all that was said concerning Andre and her limited time remaining with her husband.  If I were in her shoes, I guess I too would be fearful of facing the unknown future by myself, without my loving companion by my side.

(Two months later)

     Much had taken place since I last met with Eleanor Washington.  She had telephoned to confirm her reading day and time earlier in the week.  I could feel the loneliness in her soft voice.  We spoke briefly on the phone and she said her husband Andre had passed quietly in his sleep two and a half weeks after our first reading.  Most of her children, two sons and three daughters and their families flew in early to help with the funeral arrangements and the like; only her youngest daughter Abigail couldn't be located.

     Eleanor said it was wonderful to reunite with her children and grand children even during this time of sorrow in her life.  All had to leave after the funeral to return to their hectic lives in other states; which she said she understood, but that brought on a slight depression and feelings of isolation she said.

     Yet, overall she was coming to terms with her new life; she had a neighbor who was helping her with all the new financial responsibilities and things of that nature.  Mastering new things also brings with it a certain comfort or feeling of improved self worth which she had not experienced before.  She said it was like a freedom she never new existed and that it was a truly wonderful feeling of empowerment.

     Eleanor arrived early and I invited her in.  We got settled in; both of us sitting in the same spots on the sofa as we had done on our last visit together.  I had already prepared myself and was quietly awaiting her arrival so I was ready to begin.  She said she too was ready so no chit-chat was necessary at this point.

    Mentally I asked about her mission that had been spoken of at our last encounter.  Alexander jumped right in with sending me the requested information so I began to relay it to Eleanor.

     "My guide says there is a very special child that will be coming into your life very soon.  Your mission is to raise this child and provide it with love and compassion."

     "What?  I…I can't raise no more children.  I'm an old woman now.  I don't have the strength for something like that."  She gasped and sighed heavily.

     "My guide says you do have the strength for this important mission and your spirit companion, that which you call your Guardian Angel will be assisting you.  Your so-called Angel will infuse you with healing energy daily so you will have the needed physical and mental strength for this task.  When you are unsure of what to do simply close your eyes and mentally ask your Angel for guidance.  He will send you the thought that will answer your question.  Go with the first thought that comes into your mind for that will be from your Angel.  Take action on that first thought, do not sit and second guess or keep repeating your question; for if you do, then your own mind will interfere and cause doubt and try to sway you to another course of action, which will be wrong action.  Many times a persons mind well choose fear over love, so do not be swayed.  Have confidence, over time you will know when your Angel is guiding your thoughts and simply follow them.  He says when doubt enters your mind simply release it and think of something beautiful, something pleasant.  Do you understand so far?"

     "Ah…yes, I'm following what you're saying, but where will this child come from?  How old will it it a baby?  Is it a boy or a girl?" She now had many questions on her mind that needed answered and Alexander was ready for them.

     "My guide says not to worry; all your important questions will be answered within a few days time."

     This wasn't what Eleanor wanted to hear; you could almost feel the desperation coming from within her, "So there's nothing your guide can tell me about this child right now?"

     "He says you will know what to do when it comes, your soul has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this special child all these many years.  Your mission is to raise this child with unconditional love.  With compassion and joy you are to fill this special child with the understanding that all creatures in nature are a part of God and are to be treated with kindness and love just as all humans are to be treated the same.  You will give this child no religious instruction of any kind; religion is not to be pushed or forced upon this child.  It will follow its own path in this lifetime and it will choose what it will believe or not believe while on its chosen journey.  This child will not attend what you would call normal or regular school.  You are to home school this child.  Those of the unseen world as some term it do not wish this child to be exposed to the traditional schooling of this country due to its misguided representations of the factual truth of the world at large.  This child will have an ability to communicate with its spirit companion as it grows to adulthood.  When this child tells you of its 'so-called' imaginary friend just know it is not someone the child has invented in its mind to play with.  This will be a spirit guide that will come in a form that will be in harmony with this child so as not to frighten; it will be seen as another child.  As this child grows so will the appearance of the spirit guide change to mirror the age of this special soul.  This spirit companion will be teaching universal spiritual truths and the laws of nature to this special being as it grows and will remain with it from birth until it returns to its true home."

     Eleanor broke in, "What am I suppose to teach this child?  What subjects; I haven't been to school for over fifty years or so.  I…"

     Alexander told me to interrupt her thought pattern and convey this to her, "My guide says you may go to the nearest school system and they will register the child as a home school individual and they will provide what the state requires to be taught.  Do not fear; when these types of troubling thoughts arise simply sit quietly, close your eyes and mentally ask your Angel for help and in a short time you will receive the needed assistance.  He also says to tell you that as the child grows his spirit companion will tell the child to tell you what is needed.  The child may not understand the information he gives you but you will understand and then will act upon it accordingly.  Do not concern yourself with the child's education; its spirit companion will teach it of the true world and assist it with its homework assignments required by the school system.  He says to take the child to the playground at the park and let it interact with other children.  Let it see nature and Gods beauty for it will grow up normally.  It will have many questions which it will discuss with its 'imaginary' friend, but it will seek its love and affection from you.  Hugs and kisses and laughter you two will experience together.  You will find a new love of life in your heart as you two explore new adventures together.  As the child explores its new world you will rediscover the joy and serenity you felt were lost to you many years ago.  Never fear again, for you have your Angel standing right behind you and behind your Angel stands God; who would dare stand against you!  So be not afraid for you are watched over and protected always."  This seemed to calm Eleanor down quite a bit.  She seemed more relaxed and more at ease, at least for now.

     "Why is this child so special?" She asked hesitantly not truly expecting an answer.

     No answer was forth coming from Alexander, but then I felt a vibrational change from within.  Alexander was no longer in tune with me.  Another spirit being had come forward and over shadowed Alexander.  I felt as if this other being was much more enlightened, more spiritually advanced then my guide.  I could not see him in my mind as I do Alexander.  This spirit came to me almost as an intense glowing white light; yet expressing and radiating pure love.  I felt humbled to be in its presence.   The decision seemed to have been made by that great being that Eleanor's last question could and should be answered.  As this divine being now communicated to me its thoughts I felt so at peace within myself; words cannot describe how I felt on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.

     As I was about to open myself to its message it simply placed me in a trance state and used my form to convey its message directly to Eleanor, which I completely allowed as it asked my permission to do so.  I heard these words come forth, "This soul has returned to earth to help usher in a new type of peace that was lost to this world centuries ago.  This great soul shall draw thousands of lost souls to it who will be desperately seeking to find their way out of the darkness of this misguided world.  Much darkness shall befall this world in the future and soul's of this kind are now incarnating to be of great service to humankind in those times of great sorrow.  Mankind has brought this destruction upon itself and now must learn a most severe lesson."  I felt this great presence move slowly away as I was released from the trance state I had been placed in.  I was now aware of Alexander's presence.

     "Oh my goodness." Was all Eleanor could say.

     Alexander then withdrew and the reading was now closed.  Eleanor and I shared some tea and discussed her message for a short time before she had to leave.  She said she would keep in touch as she departed.  I now sat quietly and contemplated on the 'destruction' that the advanced spirit had mentioned was coming in the future.


(Seven months later)

      Drying myself off after a most refreshing bath I heard the faint ringing of my telephone.  Dressing quickly into my bathrobe I scurried into the living room but the caller had already hung up.  Checking the Caller-ID display I dialed the number; to my delight it was Eleanor who answered in her sweet voice.

     She gave me an update on what had happened since our last reading.  A young man carrying a small red gym bag came knocking on her door late one evening.  He looked to be in his early to middle twenties she stated.  Peeking out the window she was afraid to open the door to this stranger.  As this man kept knocking he noticed her looking out the window.  Placing the red gym bag down in front of her door she said he seemed to be writing something on a piece of paper.  Then he pointed to the bag with his right hand and then turned and drove off in an old black Honda Civic.

     She watched for a few minutes before opening her front door.  There was a folded up note lying on top of the gym bag.  Opening her door she reached down to retrieve the note when she heard the baby inside the gym bag crying.  She said she new immediately that this was the special child she was to care for and raise. 

     After bringing the bag and note inside she removed the infant and discovered it was a boy and began to mother it; soothing it and caring for it.  Eleanor said she had already bought diapers, formula and all that would be needed in preparation of the arrival of the special child.

     After it fed and finally fell asleep she sat down to read the note.  To her shock it said the baby was from her youngest daughter Abigail and that she had died just two days ago at the county hospital and that her unclaimed body is there now in the mortuary. The note further said the man could not care for the baby and explained that he was just a friend and not the baby's father.  The note was unsigned.

     Calls to the hospital said Abigail had been shot once in the left side of her face while sitting in a parked car.  She never regained consciousness and died a short time later from the complications.  Police have no suspects in the shooting at this time.  Police think it may have been drug related Eleanor said.

     She called the family and all came and helped her with the funeral arrangements.  Some family members were surprised she said after telling them she was going to raise the infant; but all said for her to call if they were ever needed. 

     No birth certificate could be located so she got an attorney and established through the court system she was now his legal guardian and said she was inspired in a dream to name him 'Martin Luther Washington.'

     After that call we would have no further contact.  There were times later in my life that I had wished I had stayed in touch with this wonderful woman.  But, like so many others I was caught up in the rat race of my personal life and missed the opportunity of what could have been an endearing friendship.


* Note to Reader: Concerning Andre's returning home; spiritually speaking death is like opening a door and walking through it.  There you find yourself back at your true home; with true friends, companions and family who rejoice at your return.  You completed that lifetime; learning and experiencing as much as you could or couldn't.  Later, you will be waiting to greet those loved ones you left behind on earth when they have finished their lifetime and they cross over.  You will rejoice with them at their special reunion.

     Yes, many people fear death because of their religious faith and/or upbringing.  They fear the 'Hell' that was programmed into them by their misguided religious beliefs.  Religion told them they 'Sinned against God' and therefore they must be damned to a burning 'Hell' with Satan torturing them throughout eternity.  But once their soul crosses over and they are met by their friends and loved ones they soon realize no one is there to judge them or to send them to hell.  They then realize that Hell and Satan and all the other negative things; were just made up devices to control them while living in a human form on the earth plane.  Religions and governments on the earth use various means to control the people they hold influence over.  Most times it is of a negative type control.

     Humankind created religions, not God.  The 'Source of all Life' as God is called in the spirit world loves all of his creations unconditionally.  When you return home to the spirit world he does not judge you for what you did or did not do on the earth.  You will review that lifetime and decide whether you did or did not accomplish certain lessons and then with higher guidance you will plan your next journey of discovery.  No punishment of any kind will be placed upon you.

     The negative events you experienced or you created while upon the earth were simply for learning and spiritual growth; that of yourself and that of humankind.  












Chapter Five




     My friend, Winston Thomas who is a trance medium invited me and several other close friends over for a séance.  This was held in his basement.  We were given the option of receiving a 'Past Life' reading or a 'Future Life' reading.  Winston's spirit guide who will be speaking through him is known as Dr. George Wilson.



Dr. Wilson:  Yes, this is Dr. George Wilson.  I'm the spirit companion or what some my term guardian angel for this instrument.  Greetings, my understanding is that some may be interested in past or future lifetimes.  I have looked into this for those who are present here tonight.

     We will be working under a time restraint this evening due to the physical limitations of the instrument.  Therefore in order to accommodate everyone gathered some may feel as though their reading may be a little short, and I do apologize for this in advance.

     Now at this time I wish to give you each a choice, and I want you to simply see before you two doors.  The door on the left will be the door to a past life.  The door on your right will be the door that opens to your next physical existence in the earth plane.  I will give you your choice of choosing whether you wish to have discussed a past life or the life that you will live the next time you incarnate into the physical body of a human.  This will be your choice you see.  Now did everyone understand what I said?


Group:  Yes.


Dr. Wilson:  Alright then, Keith, do you wish to go first?


Keith:  Yes.


Dr. Wilson:  Which door do you choose Keith?


Keith:  The right door.


Dr. Wilson:  Now, I want you all to understand that there is a spiritual law that I will be working under and I'll explain it to you.  The law is that I will not always give you a date, and I want to explain that.  If I were to say, for example; in the year 2047 you were going to be born and do this and that.  Then when you reach a certain age in this life, you may say, 'Hey, I've got to die in order to get over there in time to get everything ready for my next life.'

     You see, so I don't want that.  So I will not give you certain dates.  I wish it not to be in your subconscious mind.  Everyone understands if you pick the door to your right, I will withhold the date because your subconscious mind will cause you concern and worry and a lot of wasted effort in thought.

     However, I will tell you that being in your subconscious, any information that is given to you while in the physical state will be most difficult to erase after you have been reincarnated.  Do you understand?

     You will have more recall then at the actual time of birth.  The spirit itself is being instructed into its earth life before birth.  Do you understand?


Keith:  No.


Mayme:  If you're born again Keith, you will remember what he's telling you now.


Dr. Wilson:  Yes, because you are being given the information now, while you are in a human form; you will recall it in the next life.  You will have more recall; you will remember what takes place here tonight.  Understand?


Keith:  I think so.


Dr. Wilson:  When you are living that future life, if I say on a particular day a certain thing will happen, you will have total recall and say, "Well I was looking forward to it happening."


Keith:  Okay, I understand now.


Dr. Wilson:  Good, very well.  Of course, for those who choose the door on the left, the recall will not have a plus or minus for you.


Jane:  I have a question, if you choose the left door, are you going to give dates?  


Dr. Wilson:  Yes, dates are always given in past life readings with only a few exceptions.


Jane:  Oh…okay, I didn't know.


Dr. Wilson:  This knowledge will be coming from the Akashic Records.  It might be called the Higher Hall of Records.  It has many names or it means many different things to many different people.  It is the Higher Hall of Akashic Records when the future life is there.

     Now I will begin with you Keith.  If you have questions feel free at any time to ask.  This is Dr. George Wilson; I will be working tonight.


Keith:  Okay.


Dr. Wilson:  In your future life, the life that is already planned, the life that has been laid out, the life that you are working towards now; that you are obtaining knowledge and information and being guided towards.  I will now begin.  I will turn the page of the book and I will start with the very beginning of the time of birth.

     This may seem insignificant to you tonight but in the next life it will mean a great deal.  It will mean a great deal to people who study the stars and the planets.  So the time will be important to them and to you.

     You will be born the Earth time of 6:03am.  It will be a Thursday.  Your mother will end her physical existence at 6:08am, Thursday.

     You will be raised in a home that is not unlike the homes of today of an orphanage, but it will be called more of a training institution.

     Your father will not reject you, if you're wondering why the institution, your father will not reject you but it will be the way of the time that you have been born in.

     Your father will be a man in the service of the government in the way of, not a politician, but as a keeper of peace.  You may in your lifetime, this lifetime that you are living in now call the gentleman a career soldier.  But he will be a gentleman of peace instead of this other term. 

     I will reveal to you at this time the names of those people.  Your name will be…now this is no pun.  Your name will be exactly the same as your first now, but it will be spelled backwards; Htiek.  Do you understand so far?


Keith:  Yes.


Dr. Wilson:  Very good.  Your mother, whom you will never know, will be named 'Navarone.'  Your father's name will be 'Harmzes.'  The last name, the family name of your family will be 'Eiruman.'

     Now then, through the institutional care and through the studies and the schooling, you will go into the scientific study of planetary study.  This will be normal study for that time.

     You will spend your career not upon this planet.  Your life basically will be a dweller of space.  You will be traveling from one area to another.  Much similar to the airlines of today, which go from one city to another city or from one continent to another continent.  But this will be of a more colorful, advanced type of flight which will take place out in space.  More like going from one planet to another planet.

     You will never marry.  You will perish and return to the spiritual dimension after a period of earth years numbering forty-seven.  I will not disclose the nature of the death, for it will have no bearing upon this life when you do recall. You will be in another dimension.  You will be in another galaxy, and you will perish.  But know that you shall be as close to spirit then as you are now.  There will be no reason to fear being lost there in a vast nothingness, because it is not a vast nothingness.


Keith:  Will I have the same feelings and emotions as I have now?


Dr. Wilson:  No.  You're going to be developed as a scientist.  You will have no emotion.  You will have feeling.  You will not have emotions; you have primitive emotions now.  You will not have emotions in the future life.  This is Dr. George Wilson.


Keith:  Ah, thank you.


Dr. Wilson:  All right Renesha, which door would you like to choose?


Renesha:  I'll take the left one.


Dr. Wilson:  In your past life, I'm going to skip with you and at a later date I'll go into your last existence.

     I want to go back into time when you were what many people of today would call a monk.  You were of the male sex.  You spent a great deal of time in monastery work; which was primarily praying, gardening and teaching.


Renesha:  Wait a second…you're saying I was a man?