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                           Annoying Dead People


                                  Evelyn Adams







Copyright 2015


All names and places have been changed to protect the privacy of those individuals whose stories and experiences appear in this book.






     I am a Medium, or Psychic as some prefer to call it.  The following are simply a set of 'life experiences' I have decided to share with you.  Each chapter appears in no set order so don't think in terms of a timeline.

     Open your hearts to new worlds of consciousness; which is simply to say let wisdom and truth guide you through this journey you have placed yourself upon.


                                                Evelyn Adams



Chapter One




     Applying for a job online I was called in for an interview.  I will not name this corporation, just know it is very large and is involved in the hospitality industry in Florida.

     I am a Medium or what many today simply call a Psychic, who sometimes feels compelled to use my gift's when those from the unseen world wish to communicate with those among the living, as it were.  Being clairvoyant and clairaudient; which simply means I can see and hear the dead as some folks refer to them; I prefer to call them spirits.  Because of my abilities the dead can and quite often do show up at the most inopportune of times, which can be annoying to say the very least.  So I just try and go with the flow and see what happens.


     The Human Resource person; a very nice, well spoken lady who seemed to be in her early to middle thirties came into the waiting area and called my name.  We exchanged pleasantries as she led me back to her office.   

     Sitting down inside her small office which contained only two chairs and a small desk she first looked over my resume and then began the interview process.

     "I'm Maria Hernandez, and I see here that you have applied for the front desk customer service position, is that correct?"

     "Yes, I'm very comfortable when dealing with all types of people, no matter what their culture or nationality might be."

     "Tell me what did you least like about your last job?" she continued.

     As she finished that question I could now psychically see an older woman who was now standing to her left side.  My first thoughts were; please go away, I really need this interview to go well, I need the income, and I mentally relayed that information to the elderly woman. 

     The older lady smiled and said she truly needed to make contact with my interviewer.  She stood there, her form radiating peace and compassion, yet her eyes showed the desperation in her need to make contact.  Knowing full well from past experience what might happen if I make her presents known, I still felt compelled to try.

     "Did you not understand my question?"  Maria asked politely.  She had taken notice that I was staring at what appeared to her as the blank wall on her left side.  She at one point momentarily glanced to her left to see what I might be looking at.

     I broke off looking at the older woman and then answered her.  "I'm so sorry, but this may seem very strange, but there is an elderly woman standing by your left side…she is telling me her name is Camila and that she is your mother.  She is wearing a blue dress with a red rose pinned on it.  She also has a white hat with a short white veil."

     Maria looked to her left again, then back to me.  "I beg your pardon?  How do you know my mothers' name?"

     "Camila is saying how sorry she is for not coming to your wedding…that she truly thought Alfredo was not the man for you to marry.  She felt in her heart he was no good and would cause you great harm.  But now from the other side she can see into his heart and she sees the love he has for you.  She now knows he would never harm you or the children.  She is asking for your forgiveness…"

     Maria had a very surprised look upon her face, to say the very least.  "Is this a joke?" Maria asked in a serious tone.  "How dare you bring up the memory of my mother…you have no right…this interview is over.  You need to leave and I mean right now!"

     Maria had tears welling up in her eyes; I could tell there was a lot of emotional baggage she was still carrying around from her relationship with her mother.  "Your mother wants you to know…"

     "Get out right now…I will call security if you don't leave right now!" she threatened as she picked up the phone.

     As I went out the door I looked back and Maria was now sitting, her face buried in her hands as tears rolled down her cheeks between the soft sobs. 

     Getting into my car I couldn't help but think; there goes another good job...I hope Camila is happy now, because no one else is.


     Early the next morning there came a knock at my front door.  I opened it to find a man in his late thirties who had a very serious expression on his face.

     "Are you the one who came to see my Maria yesterday?" he said speaking very rapidly.  "Don't lie; I know you're the one who upset my Maria!" he burst out yelling. 

     "I'm sorry, who are you?"  I asked softly through my shaky voice.

     "I'm Alfredo, her husband."  His voice was gruff and angered.

     "I was only trying to…" he cut me off in mid-sentence.

     "You're a goddamn witch!  That's what you are…stay away from my Maria!"  He screamed as I closed and locked my door.

     His rage was strong, before returning to his car he yelled through the door, "You will burn in hell!"

     My hands were trembling and I had trouble catching my breath.  I wasn't sure what Maria had said to her husband about our conversation the day before, but I have had similar reactions like this before.  But this is the first time anyone came to my home.  I guess Maria let her husband see my resume which contained my address and other personal information.


     Three days later I received a phone call; to my surprise it was Maria Hernandez.  She wanted to apologize for her husbands visit to my home.  Apparently after she informed him of what took place several arguments ensued between them and some other family members as well.

     I told her it was not my intention to cause her, or her family any stress or grief concerning her deceased mother.  I wasn't really that surprised when she asked if I was a psychic and could she come to my home for a private reading to discuss Camila.  I said it would be fine and we set a date and time.


     Two days later in the evening I heard her pull into my driveway.  I invited Maria in and I put out a bowl of potato chips and we each had a glass of cold Pepsi poured over ice.

     "I wish to apologize for my husbands' behavior; his beliefs come straight from the Catholic faith as do many of my other family member's beliefs.

     My two younger sisters however do not follow the old religion; they call themselves 'spiritual, but not religious' as many of the young do in today's world.  I too do not follow the old religion.

     After much discussion they have convinced me to listen to what you have to say; to not let my fear keep me from the truth."

     I thought to myself that when Maria said 'after much discussion' she really meant to say after much yelling and arguing between the family members she decided to call me.

     "Your husband did frighten me I must admit, but you don't owe me an apology.  I knew when I started to tell you about your mother things might get ruff.  So let's just start with a clean slate."  I said smiling.

     "Do you want money from me?" Maria asked in a low voice.

     "Oh, heavens no, I only told you about your mother because she wouldn't stop pestering me during the interview."  I was surprised as we both laughed.

     "Yes, that was my mother alright; she never knew when to stop talking." We again laughed together.

     "I hope you are prepared…" I said looking over her right shoulder.

     Maria looked at me then turned to look behind her.  "Is she here now?"

     "Yes, she is."

     Maria started to cry softly as she turned to face me, "Please tell her I forgive her."

     "She can hear you, so you may say whatever you wish." I said in a reassuring tone.  "Camila is saying how sorry and how wrong she was about Alfredo and that she only wanted what was best for you.  She loves you very much."

     Maria was wiping tears from her eyes, "I love you too very much Mama." 

     I now could see standing next to Camila a little boy, he looked to be about four years old it seemed to me.  He was holding Camila's hand and was smiling.  Mentally I asked Camila who the little boy was.  She said it was Maria's little boy.  I asked what his…

     "What is my mother saying?" Maria interrupted my thought.

     "Well, there is a small boy who is about four year's old standing by your mother.  She says he is your son."

     "What…my son…how can that be?  I have two daughters and both are alive!  I have no son.  I don't understand?" Maria seemed completely caught off guard by her mothers' statement.

     "Your mother says you became pregnant four years ago and you did not want another child; that your two sisters took you to a clinic where you underwent an abortion.  You did not want Alfredo to know so you all swore yourselves to secrecy.  You felt your husband would not understand due to his strong belief in the church ways.  Your mother says you do not believe in the Catholic faith because she raised you in another faith.  She says you only became Catholic to please your husband and his family."

     Hearing this sent Maria off the couch as she fell onto her knees sobbing uncontrollably.  I rushed to her side trying to console her.  After several minutes she regained her composure and got up from the floor and sat back down. 

     Maria explained she felt she did not have the time or strength to take care of another child.  She was afraid to tell her husband, so she told her sisters who said they would support her decision and help her make arrangements to go to the clinic in another city.  Alfredo had left to go work at a construction site in another state during this time.

     She did not know the tiny fetus was even a male she said in between bouts of crying.  Maria asked if her mother and the boy were still present in the room, and I told her yes they were still here.

     "Please ask my mother what she calls my son?" Maria asked in a calm voice.

     "The boy, she said, named himself; he is called 'Alfredo Benito Hernandez, Jr.', he took his fathers name.  They simply call him 'Junior' and your mother says he loves you very much.  She said he comes at times and sits next to you and holds onto your arm to express his love for you.  She says you have felt this before, have you not?"

     "Oh my God…yes, yes I have, I never knew what it was, but I would feel so calm when I felt that odd sensation as if something was completely embracing my arm."  She was smiling and looking off into the distance as it were; seeing and experiencing the love and gentle comfort the little boy had brought to her.

     "Junior says on his birthday he would be so joyous if you would buy him a birthday balloon and release it in the small park down the street from your house." I said as Maria's gaze fell back upon me.

     "Oh yes, tell Junior I will from now on...each and every birthday, I swear it!"  An odd look came over her face as she asked this question, "Please ask Junior…when is his birthday?"

     He answered before I could send the thought; I wasn't sure how Maria was going to react to his answer, "His birthday is the day you aborted him on, he says you know that day very well."  Maria looked stunned, and then burst into tears again.  I gave her more tissues and waited while she processed that statement from her son.

     Camila now spoke to me and I relayed everything she said to Maria verbatim, "Abortion is not a sin as many religions upon the earth may claim.  It is simply a lesson for many to learn to understand this great choice.  Abortion will never completely be understood in this physical world you inhabit.  There are no unfavorable circumstances when deciding to have an abortion or to not have an abortion.  There should be acceptance of this practice; though the goal should be to overcome the fear associated with it by those who are wishing to carry it out.  Overcome the worry, fear and selfishness you place upon yourselves because of this act.  Your son chose you as his mother knowing full well that you would abort him, this was his choice too.  He came to experience this short life in your womb for his personal spiritual growth.  You may never fully understand his decision during this lifetime, but you will come to an understanding once you cross over and reunite with us.  All will be made clear then.  If you understand nothing else, just know, abortion is not a sin and God does not judge those who choose to bring this experience into their life path."

     Maria stopped crying and said she needed to do some deep soul searching over what her mother had just expressed to her.  She said she felt much better overall, but that she couldn't bring herself to tell her husband about Junior or the abortion.  She was afraid of what he might do, so for now she would remain silent.

     "Maria, your mother says she has one more thing to tell you and then they must go." I spoke very softly and reassuringly. 

     She gasped a little as I said that, "Oh my God, there's more?!"  Her eyes were large and wide open with a look of mock disbelief.  "I'm not sure I'm ready for this, I'm all cried out." She forced a little grin followed by a short chuckle as she slumped back into the chair.

     "Don't worry dear, Camila said this is about your husband." I said smiling at her.

     "Please don't tell me he's cheating on me?" A serious look befell her thin face.

     "Oh no, this is nothing like that." I shot back which changed her negative facial demeanor immediately.  "Your mother simply wants you to know that Alfredo is a very good hearted man, even though he is quick to anger, he shall always be there for you and the children.  Things you will discuss later in life; just remember to give him time to think about things.  He is slow to make changes so just be patient with him."

     "Yes, I understand."  Maria said.

     "There is one last thing she wants to say before she goes.  Your mother says after she passed, her home was sold and the money was divided among her living children."

     "Yes, between me and my sisters, we all split it equally.  It was not very much; we each got three thousand dollars." Maria said.

     "Your mother says that you took her personal items, furniture and the like and placed it all in a large storage unit.  She said you girls talked about one day getting together to go through her stuff to decide what to do with it, but no one wants to go there because of the sad memories of her passing."

     "Yes that is true, we are having trouble letting go I guess." Maria spoke from the heart.

     "Your mother said she wants you and your sisters to go to the storage unit.  There in the far back you will find an old chest full of family photos from when she was a young girl.  It is very important that you go through this small chest; she keeps repeating this to me, it is very important she keeps saying.  She wants you to promise her you will do this for her."  My voice was strong as Camila's thoughts came with such force into my mind.

     Maria looked at me first with surprise and then with conviction as she answered her mother's request, "Yes, I swear we will go and check out the family photos, just as soon as I talk with my sisters and we can work it out so that we can all go together." 

     "Your mother and son are now going to leave; they both expressed their great love for you and the rest of the family." I said as they vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

     "I love you both so much!" Maria said, almost shouting as she placed her hands over her heart.

     We chatted for a short time before she said she had to get home before her husband did, as she didn't want to explain where she had been.  I completely understood as we parted company.


     Three weeks had passed and I was no closer to finding employment.  I was making some money doing private readings here and there but that only paid for food and gas money.  I was farther behind on my rent then I had realized; opening the mail I found an eviction notice from the management company.  I had thirty days to leave or I'd be put out by the Sheriff's Department it read. 

     Talk about stress!  It would be an understatement to say I was very worried and fearful.  No relatives to fall back on as I was raised in an orphanage until I was eighteen and on my own from then on.  I called my spirit guides and literally begged for their assistance, and then prayed to God to help me through this unnerving time in my life. 

     No longer a young girl, I didn't want to end up homeless; living and begging on the streets.  I had some pretty ruff times when I was younger; sleeping in my car, washing up in gas station restrooms until I could get a waitress job or one cleaning homes.  Working as a childcare worker at a group home, working with the mentally and physically handicapped and other low paid jobs was mainly all I could get with a high school diploma.

     Finally in my late twenties I saved up enough to go to one of those 'Certified Nursing Aids' classes.  Pay was better then most of the other jobs I had.  After thirteen years working many different nursing homes and hospitals as a 'CNA' I just couldn’t handle the physical work anymore; my body was simply wore out and exhausted. 

     I'm just a hair over five feet tall and only weigh one hundred and fifteen pounds on average; my thin build has been a disadvantage most of my life working as a CNA. 

     My last job was working as a waitress at a small corner restaurant.  It paid the bills as long as I kept to my budget.  But when the last stock and housing markets and all that other stuff went south I was laid off and the restaurant closed.  I lived off the unemployment benefits until they ran out; now its sink or swim time I'm afraid.


     There came a knock at my door in the late afternoon; as I opened the door not sure what to expect, Maria and two other women were standing there with great big grins on their beautiful faces.

     She introduced her sisters to me and said she had told them everything that had happened and what their mother said when she came to see me.  They had finally all gotten up the courage to go to the storage unit and face their fears and emotions.

     I never expected so much excitement from them as Maria told me the details of their visit.  They could hardly sit still as the story unfolded in my living room.  Opening the unit brought back much grief and sorrow Maria said as they entered.

     After a few minutes of tears and hugs she said they decided to find the little chest with the photos and take it to Maria's home so they could go through it there.  They felt there was just too much sadness among all of their mothers' things to check out the photos in the storage unit.

     Maria said to their great surprise not only were there family pictures inside the box, there were also U.S. Savings Bonds.  Their mother and father had been buying one fifty dollar savings bond every week for over thirty-five years; the total came to over one thousand eight hundred bonds. 

     They did some quick calculations online and said the bonds were worth over $200,000.00 dollars.  You can imagine how ecstatically happy they were.  It was as if they hit the lottery; hugs and kisses and joyous crying all around!  I felt so overwhelmingly happy for them as they spoke of paying off their car and home loans and having money for their children's education and the like. 

     Maria also said they told their husbands who were dumbfound at first; then fully embraced their good fortune after the shock wore off.  She went on to explain that her husband, Alfredo, asked why she all of a sudden decided to start going through the storage unit and she hesitantly confessed that she had come to my home and told him what had transpired concerning her dead mother.  She did not mention Junior or the abortion.

     She said he sat quietly and seemed to be pondering over what she told him all the while she braced herself for his short temper to show itself; but it was not forthcoming to her surprise.  Another surprise came her way when several hours later he asked her to find out if he would be welcome to visit me and ask about his younger brother who died at age eleven due to a drowning incident.

     I was truly surprised by this, but immediately told her he was more then welcome and I would be glad to see if we could make contact with his brother.


     The very next morning Maria called and I agreed to see them that very same afternoon.  Answering their soft knocking and before entering Alfredo came forth with such a heartfelt apology I was moved to tears.  I could genuinely feel this man has such love and passion for his family that I accepted his apology without hesitation.

     After entering Alfredo said he couldn't help but notice the eviction notice on the front door of my rented house.  After making themselves comfortable we talked a little about my circumstances and then I noticed a young boy had appeared standing close to Alfredo and he told me he was his little brother, Julio, who had drowned.

     Maria had noticed my attention was now focused as I gazed upon Julio.  "Is he here?" she asked almost in a whisper.

     Alfredo turned to Maria, "Is who here?"

     She pointed at me and as Alfredo looked to my face I began to speak.  "Julio is here and he wants you to forgive yourself Alfredo.  He says the day he fell out of the fishing boat and drowned was a planned event in his short life.  He knows you are going to have trouble understanding this but he wants you to forgive yourself for not being able to save him."

      Alfredo had tears welling up in his eyes as he spoke, "No, had I only moved faster I could have saved my little brother."

     "Julio wants you to know that before he was born he chose to live only a short time in this life and that he also chose the manner of his death.  This was done for his spiritual growth, the growth of the true spirit being that he is.  He did not need or require a longer life to experience the lessons he had chosen."

     Alfredo suddenly had a strange look overtake his face, "You are saying Julio died on purpose…that he committed suicide?  No, no, he was a good Catholic and suicide is a sin!  This is a lie, it cannot be so!  My little brother would never do such a thing!"  Maria had wrapped her arms around her husband and was softly trying to calm him.

     "Alfredo, Julio wants you to know he did not commit suicide, it was simply a planned event.  He wants you to know that God gave his blessing to Julio for this short life he asked to experience." I said in a soft, reassuring voice.

     "No!  No, no, no…this is all a lie!"  Alfredo took his wife by the wrist as he stood up and headed out the door.  In the blink-of-an-eye they were gone.



     My eviction date was only six days away so I was boxing up what I could fit into my car when there was a loud knock at my door.  A wave of fear and panic flashed through me as I thought maybe I had misread the eviction notice and today was the day I was to be put out.  I slowly peeked out the front window and to my surprise Maria was standing there with her two sisters.

     After inviting them in Maria told me Alfredo had announced in the car on their way home the other day that they were to never speak of Julio or what had transpired in my home ever again.  She said he is a good man, but he is a devout Catholic and he cannot go against the beliefs he was taught as a child and those beliefs of his family and friends.

     I told her it was fine for him to believe whatever he wished; that we all have free-will and that we are all on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, which leads us to follow many paths in many lifetimes as we seek to know ourselves and to know God.

     Maria and her sisters were all wearing big grins as one sister nudged Maria and said, "Go ahead, give it to her."  Maria pulled an envelope from her purse and held it out toward me.

     "Oh, no, you don't owe me anything.  I told you from the start I wouldn't charge you for the readings.  It was my wish to simply help, but now it looks like I may have caused you more problems and I am truly sorry if I made things worse."

     Maria was no longer grinning, "You don’t apologize to me or anyone else, you have helped me and my family in ways you will never know.  We are so grateful to you for everything.  Please take this gift, it comes from out hearts.  We will not take no for an answer," she said as she placed the envelope in my hand.

     "Well, thank you so much, I do wish you all well…"

     Maria and her sisters were grinning again.  You could almost feel their excitement as Maria spoke, "So, open it already!"  They were like a bunch of giddy school girls who just saw a celebrity at the Mall.

     As I opened the envelope and pulled out the check I was overcome by what I saw and burst into joyous tears.  The check was for $5,000.00 dollars.  We all hugged and I cried for several minutes before regaining my composure.  These selfless women went on to help me find a new place to live and also helped me with new employment as a cashier at a large supermarket. 

     Words truly could not express how happy and truly loved these beautiful women had made me feel!


* Note to Readers: I do psychic readings to help off-set my meager income.  My spirit guides have always helped me with any financial problems that have popped up from time to time.  You never know how they do it but when dyer money problems have come to me they always seem to work things out to where I end up okay.

     Our spirit friends and guides are not here to make us rich or wealthy, but they do provide opportunities in order to assist us with completing our chosen lessons and life experiences.


Chapter Two




     Earlier in the week I had received a phone call from one of my steady clients as I prefer to call them.  A steady client is simply one that comes for a reading every few months or so.  She said she had a friend who wished to make an appointment to get a reading from me.  I agreed and made arrangements to see her friend that afternoon.

     It was a rainy day; mostly scattered showers here and there which helped lessen the humidity and heat.  She arrived a little early which was fine with me.  We settled in; I usually just have my client sit next to me on my soft little couch.  That seems to work best for me, I can pick up on their vibration as I tune into my guides. 

     When I'm not giving readings I meditate three days a week for one hour and tune into my spirit guides as I seek to raise my vibration level and form an even better connection to the unseen world.

     I do not use tarot cards now or other things of that nature to give a reading.  When I first started out tarot cards were a great help to me, they gave me focus and reassurance that what I was receiving from my guides was accurate.  But as time passed the strong bond which has developed with my spirit guides I found I no longer needed the cards assistance in giving a reading.

     She told me her name was Donna and she looked to be in her late fifties or possibly in her early sixties if I had to guess.  Short, no more then five foot or so and very heavy for her height.  She had some difficulty breathing at times but seemed very pleasant, yet she was perspiring a lot so I asked if she wanted me to adjust the air conditioning to make it cooler but she declined.

     Donna said this was the first time she had ever gotten up the courage to go to a psychic.  She said her family in general viewed psychics as fakes and people who prey upon the elderly and superstitious people in order to cheat them out of their money.  I took no offense at her statement.

     Then she brought up the question of what I charged for a reading and I explained for legal and tax reasons I do not charge, but simply ask for a 'love donation.'  She asked how much the average person donates and I told her $30 dollars for thirty minutes was the average.  I explained some give more, some give less depending on their financial circumstances and on the quality of the information they receive from my guides.  She handed me $30 dollars and said she was ready to begin. 

     "So Donna, I work in one of two ways.  I can have my main guide I work with give you information that your spirit companions, those who watch over you in this life, wish you to have at this time and then you can ask questions or if you wish you can simply start asking the questions you are seeking guidance on.  Your choice," I said pleasantly hoping to calm any fears she might harbor about talking to those on the other side.

     "Oh, I have no questions for myself; I'm seeking some answers about the young man who saved Stephanie, my granddaughter three weeks ago." She said.

     "Well then, let's see what my guides have to say about your granddaughter then."

     "Yes, anything would be very helpful." Donna added.

     After a few moments the information started pouring into my mind.  "Was your granddaughter playing between your house and your neighbor's house with another little girl?"

     "Yes, she was.  She was playing with Ashley, my friend Geneva's little granddaughter.  They are both five years old.  We live on a dead-end street so the only people who come on the street are the ones who live there.  No one else usually comes down our lane." She explained hurriedly.

     "They are showing me a man of average height and weight who looks to be in his late forties.  He is wearing jeans and a dirty T-shirt and has a slight beard and light colored hair.  He approached the girls and said he found a lost kitten and wanted the girls to come to his car to see if they knew who owned it." I said as the information kept coming from my guide.

     "Yes, my next door neighbor Geneva was coming outside to check on the girls when she saw the strange man talking to them and her description of him was the same as you just said.  She yelled for the girls to come to her and Ashley ran to her grandma but Stephanie was afraid and froze.  Geneva yelled at the stranger that she was calling the police.  The man then grabbed Stephanie and started carrying her to his car parked out front.  Stephanie was now screaming and struggling my neighbor said but the man was too big and strong for her to break free of his hold.  Geneva then said a younger man came out of nowhere and started fighting with the bad man so she ran inside to call the police."  Donna was now crying softly as she said this.

     "They are showing me the stranger was trying to force her into the trunk of his car when a tall, dark haired man who looked to be in his early twenties ran up and grabbed the older man.  The stranger let go of Stephanie while the two men fought with each other.  The young man yelled for your granddaughter to run home which she did."

     "Yes, she ran into the house and grabbed me around the waist crying, I asked her what was wrong and she told me about the bad man and I immediately called 911 who said they already had units responding.  I ran to the front door and locked it and peaked out the window.  I saw the bad man driving off in a dark colored four door older model Buick.  The police arrived a short time later and asked me and my neighbor for descriptions of the car and the bad man.  The police said he was most likely a pedophile and that the young man my neighbor described saved my granddaughter from a terrible fate.  But no one knew or had ever seen that young man on our lane before.  He was nowhere to be found.  He saved my Stephanie and I wanted to thank him for what he did." She said through her soft sobbing. 

     I handed her a box of tissue, "Are Stephanie's parents doing okay after this upsetting ordeal?" I asked very sympathetically thinking how scary it must be to think someone almost took your child from you.

     Donna regained control of her emotions, "My daughter Danielle had Stephanie when she was twenty and the father, who was an asshole, left before she was even born so he was never in the picture.  So I was baby sitting one afternoon when the police came and said a drunk driver had ran a red light at a high rate of speed and slammed into Danielle's car killing her.  Of course the drunk lived, so I've been taking care of her ever sense.  My husband passed two years ago of a sudden heart attack, so it's just me and Stephanie now.  So I would truly like to know who the young man was so I can give him my heartfelt thanks for saving my little Stephanie."  She let out a deep sigh as tears welled up in her tired sad eyes again.  One could tell she had experienced much sorrow in her life, yet she seemed to be holding up very well indeed.  I sensed she had a lot of inner strength.

     "Alright then, let me see if my guides can give me anything on the young man."  After a few moments a flood of information came through to me.  It was even a surprise to me what came through as I started to explain what had occurred.

     First my guide explained for Donna that everyone, each spirit before they are born work up a blueprint, for a lack of a better word  of what will take place in the life they are about to enter into.  This blueprint contains lessons that the soul wishes to experience for its personal growth and enlightenment.

     The nature of these lessons can come in many different forms.  A spirit being may wish to experience, for example, the lesson of a disease such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  They may choose to experience rape, murder or some type of sexual and/or verbal abuse and so on.  These things are not to be viewed as negative things; just view them as experiences that cannot be experienced in the spirit world or that which many call heaven.  Only here in the physical world do you have the opportunity to experience these events first had.  I asked Donna if she understood so far and she said yes so I continued on with the information my guide was sending me.

    To simplify it for her, I explained that each person who is alive on earth have a spirit companion, some have several who watch over them and assist them with their chosen lessons.  These spirit companions are called by many names.  Some people say they have an Angel or Guardian Angel who watches over them, others seeking help call for Jesus, or for certain Saints, or for certain Archangels and the like. 

     The main focus of your spirit companion is to assist you in having the opportunity to experience the lessons you specifically chose for your personal spiritual development.  Now understand that all spirits living in a human body have free-will.  So even if you change the path you came to earth to experience, your spirit companion will still work behind the scenes, as it were, so that the lessons you chose still come to you.

     Now, free-will also allows others to come into your life that you were not programmed to encounter.  I explained to Donna that this was one of those moments in time.  It was not a part of Stephanie's blueprint to experience being sexually molested and possibly murdered by a pedophile in this lifetime.  My guide went on to say that when Stephanie's spirit companion was alerted by her vibrational change, due to her screams of distress immediate action was then taken by the her spirit companion to stop this event.

     The majority of the time your personal spirit companion will not interfere with your life because you have free-will.  Only if it concerns death or certain other events will they intervene if the event is going to stop you from having the ability to learn your chosen lessons.  The exception is, should you call out or mentally ask or pray for some kind of help or assistance then your spirit companion comes forth to assist you.  For example I explained to her that if you ask for guidance or for healing for yourself or for others your spirit companion then seeks to aid you with your request, because you asked for assistance.

     Donna had a look on her face that told me she didn't understand all of this fully.  "Is this making sense so far?"

     "I'm not really sure what that all means.  I just want to know about the young man."  She said softly.

     "Alright, let me see if they can tell me about him."  I said as I sent the thought to my guide. 

     It wasn't long and the information came through.  I began to tell her what my guide relayed to me.  That the young man who came to the rescue as some might call it was not of this earth.  Stephanie's spirit companion once alerted to the situation called upon higher beings to intervene in order to stop what was not programmed to occur in her chosen blueprint.  A spirit being then was empowered by higher beings to penetrate into this world in order to stop the abduction of Stephanie by the so-called bad man.  Once the spirit being stopped the event he simply returned to the unseen world.  Sometimes these beings are referred to as 'walk-ins.'  That is why no one had seen him before the event and no one could find him after the event I explained.

     "Oh my goodness, so…in a way, it was God who sent one of his Angels to stop the bad man, is that right?" Donna asked trying to make sense of what I had just explained to her.

     "Ah, yes, I guess you could say it that way." I agreed.

     "Thank you so much for your time, I better get home now.  I can't wait to tell my neighbor Geneva about God sending an Angel to save my granddaughter," she said hurrying for the door.


* Note to Readers: A 'Walk-In' in the above mentioned instance is a being that can be here temporarily and they do not experience birth or death.  There have been many instances when a walk-in intervened in an incident and later was never found or seen again.  It is not some great mystery; life by physical means is simply a matter of bringing together the correct particles, atoms and ions.  It is not a matter of the stork bringing into existence the necessary arrival.  Now there are walk-in's (Soul's) that do trade places with Soul's who were born and are living a human life.  For whatever reason, a soul may decide it can no longer continue its chosen lessons and with its permission and the permission of a higher group of spirit beings it can be removed from a physical body and replaced with another soul who is willing to finish up that lifetime.