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cuz you run-past-this-info

you dumb-ass-resentful

punk learn that some-bad-periferals

could end you sunk-back in drug-traffic-central

where no father could bring his son-back-from-his-doom!

You wouldn’t know what to do with a gun anyway! here’s a few reminders,

You mentioned knives as your weapon not firearms, you decided

To make me into the target to try neutralize it

But you equipped a crude appliance

For a gun fight, i wish you were wiser,

Besides if you did have a gat, you’d walk around with a full clip bored (clipboard) I’d think you were a supervisor!

What’s even worse to me,

Is I bet he only learned how to freestyle, in case of emergencies!

Like if a lawyer plays the jury a tape recording of you in court then,

You’d quickly freestyle your way out of it to distort it,

They’d play the tape that had your voice saying: “Yeah I shot the snitch in the face! Cuz he’s a major cunt!” he could deliberately instantly think of thee rhymes through a bullshit epiphany!

“Mr. Stark how do you respond?”

He’d be freestyling while he’s crying and spiraling like: “I didn’t say ‘yeah I shot that snitch in the face! Cuz he’s a major cunt’ I said ‘grab my chocolates in the bag, the peanut flavored ones!’”

All the sudden the next audio tape comes out, his voice saying: “15 kilos of cocaine I sold at the neighborhood family diner!” Once again: “Mr. Stark how do you respond?” He would stumble and stutter fluttering out the words: “Oh I never said ‘15 kilos of cocaine I sold at thee neighborhood family diner’ I really said: ‘get me 3 loads of gourmet rice bowls add cheese and waiter do ya have any wine sir?’”

See what I’m trying to teach is he didn’t learn to freestyle to be the best MC,

He freestyled as a necessity!

As a survival self defense mechanism used for protection needs!

This ass whooping is your fault! Your creating disdain,

The only thing your best at is being a king/aching .... in pain!!!

A king, aching!

Since I’m here against my will I’ve decided to change his future,

Commit dangerous heinous crimes and easily frame this loser!

At the crime scene I’ll leave used cigarettes with my fingerprints and they’ll think it’s just ignorance,

You’ll minutes away from serving a long prison sentence, livin' with a skinny cell mate, all you’d lift is a small dumbbell, that's "Heavy time with a light wait," (/lightweight) (/light weight)

Triple meaning bitch

Set myself up to fall, but he gets involved in a trip! Same difference!

But to everyone else, you wont be able to pretend that your face is in-a-cent (/innocent) like Abe-Lincoln’s!

Enough is enough! You got what you deserved when you challenged me!

You created a human being, just to battle me,

That so fucking sad to see!

You’ve probably brought in rotten notoriety to your accomplices friends and faculty!

Big shame disdain immense pain to your family!

They should hollering at you saying stop dreaming and come back to the real world this is damaging!

But your scared of the real world and you’d rather put yourself in front of a camera screen for some fantasy!

maybe for you having a split mind is excitin’ but You live in too much of a Two faced reality to face reality!"


Personal Trainer! Parody of Escape Piña Coladas song by Rupert Holmes by Adam Stark 12/06/2021


“I was tired of being lazy,

Being heavy set for too long,

Like overly enormous,

Body weight is so wrong!

So while I lay here eatin’

seeing gyms on the internet,

and in the membership column,

There was this trainer that said:

If you like peanuts and almonds,

And getting your body in shape,

If your not feeling gorgeous,

If your ass is not in shape,

If you like waking up at midnight,

if you choose to get in shape,

Then I’m the trainer you’ve looked for!

Find me, we’ll lift weights!

I want to fix up my diet,

I know that sounds like a dream,

But me and my old diet,

Has been a gross and awful routine.

So I spoke to the trainer,

Took out my personal cash,

And nobody would know it,

This got me some flat abs!

Now I eat peanuts and almonds!

I’m lifting all of the weights!

I’m not munching unhealthy food,

I am sipping protein shakes,

I’ve supplied me with some cooking tools,

I can Cut through this red grape,

Then it’s the gym off of 10th Street,

Where we’ll get my fatass in shape!

So I exited out my home,

And I got into the place,

I zoomed over to the front desk,

He said “we’ll work on your shape”

It was this old buffed up trainer,

And he said, “oh, your new?”

He’s got workouts to practice at home with!

And I said, “I never knew!”

But I’ll try peanuts and almonds!

And quittin’ all of my fast food chains!

And a feel for a Keto Drink,

Have my waist become fat drained,

I’ll try waking up at midnight,

Then try to get in shape,

It’s the trainer I’ve looked for,

Run with him, then lift weights

If you like peanuts and almonds,

And getting your body in shape,

If your not feeling gorgeous,

If your ass is not in shape,

If you like waking up at midnight,

if you choose to get in shape,

Then he’s the trainer you’ve looked for!

Find us, we’ll lift weights!

Now You eat peanuts and almonds!

Your lifting all of the weights!

Your not munching unhealthy food,

You are sipping protein shakes,

He’s supplied you with some cooking tools,

You can Cut through that red grape,

Then it’s the gym off of 10th Street,

Where we’ll focus on getting your fatass in shape!”

Dump On A Train - Parody of Drunk On A Plain by Dierks Bentley 4/23/2015

I had this song stuck in my head one day, I looked up the lyrics and decided to write my own lyrics to the same pace as the original song. I made a toilet humor song that literally matches the same syllables as the song it’s parodying! That’s why I’m proud of it. I didn’t just write a chorus and write a certain amount of lyrics per verse, I wrote exactly the same length of lyrics, matching up with the same original song’s timing!


"I took two weeks vacation for somethin' to do,

A couple biscuits some fruit juice and lots of bad food!

I couldn't just listen to my doctor for heaven sakes,

I took a dump on a train!

I bet the smelling through the aisles got people hazy,

Flooding gates of rivers to the seats that's right behind me,

Now they've got plenty scentsy on to protect their nose from the pain,

I took a dump on a train!

Cries and sniffs from everybody

Now the toilets overflooding

I never learn my lesson, squatting out my feces,

tourists wanna come and eject me,

Grieving over the stench their sniffing!

Told them about my condition,

I ate 30 dishes I've been shittin' for 30 minutes!

I can hardly talk, I might drown,

I just might die, and my socks turning brown!

I'll try Imodium to stop the pain...

They all know I took a dump on a train!

I'll have this day scar my life forever,

Out of toilet paper, time for drastic measures,

Why didn't I see it was wrong to eat a three pound cake?

So hey, I took a dump on a train!

Cries and sniffs from everybody

Now the toilets overflooding

I never learn my lesson, squatting out my feces,

tourists wanna come and eject me,

Grieving over the stench their sniffing!

Told them about my condition,

I ate 30 dishes I've been shittin' for 30 minutes!

I can hardly talk, I might drown,

I just might die, and my socks turning brown!

I'll try Imodium to stop the pain...

They all know I took a dump on a train!

On my way to the ER praying I've got the amount of cash,

So I can live to speak and say how I've healed from this gas,

And when I tell the doctor happened to my ass...

I'll say, I took a dump on a train!

Cries and sniffs from everybody

Now the toilets overflooding

I never learn my lesson, squatting out my feces,

tourists wanna come and eject me,

Grieving over the stench their sniffing!

Told them about my condition,

I ate 30 dishes I've been shittin' for 30 minutes!

I can hardly talk, I might drown,

I just might die, and my socks turning brown!

I'll try Imodium to stop the pain...

They all know I took a dump on a train!

I took a dump on a train!

Train riders might be passed out!

Since I've got anus pain,

I'll cry now,

Cuz I took a dump on a train!"

Non-Rap Songs For Other Genres

I love 90% of old school hip hop, some underground hip hop, and some 1940’s music. So why did I write songs of other genres that I don’t like? And literally sing them?? I was surprised to find out that it is so much easier for me to write lyrics for non rap songs! I mean, extremely easy by comparison! And people who know me well thought that because of the the way I rap generally, being all over the place, that I could never write lyrics to the non rap music genre’s THEY enjoy... well they were wrong! All of my lyrics to these various genres of non rap songs are perfectly sensible and they all have proper patterns to them. I don’t personally think I can sing well, however I have no problem holding on to long notes and my voice won’t lose it’s tone. I’ve practiced singing hard songs. Also I don’t use any bad words in these songs so that they can be family friendly for all!

Mother Nature's Mood Swings! 3/29/2017

This was my ode to Minnesota! The state where the weather is unpredictable! I’ve experienced all 4 seasons on Christmas before!


"I'm from a place I love and hate called Minnesota,

Where you can catch a heat stroke followed by a cold rush,

You need clothes for all of the seasons,

Shovels, rakes, mulch, salts and rags for similar reasons,

In the summer i hate driving in the traffic, and in the winter it's a hazard to go faster,

Rain sleet and hail on any given dayyyyy,

I've lost count of how many times I've slipped on ice on got frostbite on my faceeeeee,

It was hot so I put on sunscreen,

But then I forgot one thing,

It's Minnesota where the weather is the strangest,

Walked outside and went right back in to start changin',

It went from scolding hot to a snowy spot and now it's rainin'!

if you haven't seen this your in for a strange vacation,

last year it was a blizzard, and this It just rained on Christmas Day with no explanation!

Mother Nature's mood swings!"

Family Campfire Song! 3/29/2017

This was my take on a country song! Sang with my deep voice.


"I better not get close to the campfire,

my skin gets sunburnt worse than a vampire!

We're the the kind of family that sings!

Can't put up a tent, but I'm known for pullin' some strings!

We'll need mommy and daddy's help to do that,

And if the tent is tipped, please gently move back!

Baked Beans put our circle in ruins,

It must be from all of that darn tootin', darn tootin'!

I woke up feeling profoundly scared,

I wiped my eyes and saw a bare naked, bear!

He chased me down with his mouth droolin' like a faucet,

I said I give up don't eat me and I threw him my wallet!

So I tried to get the fire going without cheating,

But that didn't work, my fire had the unemployment feeling!

Our dogs had been mighty quiet which meant they were up to no good,

No kiddin? I found out they ate 5 logs of firewood!

I suppose I'll cheat and use the lighter for the fire!

But first I'll call the vet and get the best doctor for hire!

Well 2016 camping trips sure are strange,

We didn't put up any tents or get any fishing poles made,

But we had a handful of fun outside playing video games!

Thanks folks for joining us in our outdoor adventures,

Might as well take our story and put this in a blender,

cuz' when I'm in the mix, it's a splendor!"

Blue Collar Blues! 3/29/2017

This is like a 1940’s Jazz / blues song! I think I hit the mark here perfectly! I honestly love music from the 1940’s especially The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald!


"I've got the... Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar Bluuuuuuues!

I work every single day just to get paid,

Don't think I won't wage war on the wages made,

Live by check to check and balance them everrrrry day!

Wait for taxes and when they come back it's just a shaaaaame!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar Bluuuuuuues!

Hard labor work I do for my saviiiiiings,

But not too long later I see it and start wavingggggg,

Wall to wall they fall and start cavingggggg,

Window shopping til my eyeballs one the glass are emgravingggggg!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar Bluuuuuuues!

My finances only matches with blue,

No other color will do,

My neck will never be nuuuuuuude!

Because I'm fashion inclined to this one color of mine, I got the

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar!

Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue Collar Bluuuuuuues!"

Dinosaurs Never Paid Taxes! 4/09/2017

This is like a contemporary rock and roll song about something we all hate, taxes! How they never seem to be fair or make sense. We should be getting a TON more than what we actually receive because if it wasn’t for us hard working honorable citizens than there would be none anyways! So I related this to dinosaurs, which sounds silly but if you actually listen to the lyrics you can understand how my use of satire is effective!


"Dinosaurs never paid taxes! not even a penny, so why should i pay a dime? the system is upsetting

Dinosaurs had claws and tails, and i have lots of mail for bills to pay right on time when their due, dinosaurs are extinct, so taxes should be too

dinosaurs were stomping and running, they were cunning when hunting, yet no one gave them payments?

dinosaurs have mighty-roars, they fought entire wars just for survival with no revival yet for me everytime my eyes-closed, i got another bill from my rivals!

Dinosaurs never paid taxes! not even a penny, so why should i pay a dime? the system is upsetting

Dinosaurs had claws and tails, and i have lots of mail for bills to pay right on time when their due, dinosaurs are extinct, so taxes should be too

dinosaurs were massive giants, that lived on massive islands, and yet they never paid a single cent for rent?

from the jurassic to the triassic not one tax amount was paid or outed for the death penalties! yet we pay for everytime someone breathes

Dinosaurs never paid taxes! not even a penny, so why should i pay a dime? the system is upsetting

Dinosaurs had claws and tails, and i have lots of mail for bills to pay right on time when their due, dinosaurs are extinct, so taxes should be too."

This Poor Guy Can't Sleep, Spent The Day Dreaming! 5/15/2017

This song is a really singy-type song! You have to sing every word to get it right! Plus it’s about another universally acceptable subject: Day dreaming about succeeding/getting things you want! It talks about how we all want to get things but there isn’t enough time in the day it feels like!


"I picture my future miles ahead, and yet I cannot change pace,

A pictures worth a thousand words, yet when it's gone I can't save face,

I can't hold on to my thoughts, and expect them to stay secrets,

This Poor Guy Can't Sleep? I guess I Spent the Day Dreaming!

I lose every fight with my pillow no matter how early,

I try and ask why buts it's a deadlocked jury,

The verdict is I think when I should be sleeping, and I'm sleeping when I should be thinking,

I couldn't get the hint, even if my bedroom was winking,

I Work 60 hours a week just to make up a part of the slab,

I think it's safe to say that sleeping is the hardest job I've ever had!

I picture my future miles ahead, and yet I cannot change pace,

A pictures worth a thousand words, yet when it's gone I can't save face,

I can't hold on to my thoughts, and expect them to stay secrets,

This Poor Guy Can't Sleep? I guess I Spent the Day Dreaming!

I imagine if I was rich and I could try and buy myself a fence and keep only the 'do-gooders' in, and the 'do-badders' out,

I dream of having 100 cars, just like most of us, I bet only a few haven't now?

All while washing down a cold stack of old gold with a blue ragged towel,

Travel in my private spaceship over to a new Saturn town,

Then I'd sit on my throne in my castle and put on my large two-handed crown!

I picture my future miles ahead, and yet I cannot change pace,

A pictures worth a thousand words, yet when it's gone I can't save face,

I can't hold on to my thoughts, and expect them to stay secrets,

This Poor Guy Can't Sleep? I guess I Spent the Day Dreaming!

I imagine owning a 5-star lodge,

Accompanied nicely with a private 5 car garage,

Inside is a pool plus some nice large spas,

The grass won't slowly stop growing until hundreds of acres later when my yard stops...

Turns out I daydreamed again it was all just my bizarre mirage!

I picture my future miles ahead, and yet I cannot change pace,

A pictures worth a thousand words, yet when it's gone I can't save face,

I can't hold on to my thoughts, and expect them to stay secrets,

This Poor Guy Can't Sleep? I guess I Spent the Day Dreaming!"

Hate Being Late For Work! 6/12/2018

This is my Heavy Metal Song! I yell loudly throughout this song, and once again I utilize the handy tool of mine... a universal idea that most people agree with! In this song it is the idea that everyone should have anxiety about: being late for work! That is a very scary thought for me personally! It’s humiliating to be late for work!


"Chorus: I HATE being LATE! Why is this my FATE!

I can’t get to work on time!

No matter what I try!

I can hardly get a grip!

I’m tardy every shift!

I need to work it outttttttt, or I’ll be out of workkkkkkkk!

Woke up to an alarm and I hit the snooze! Oops!

Got in my car and I switch it to cruise!

Cars are in my way,

So I starting switching lanes,

Realized I skipped my breakfast,

I’m hungry and getting restless,

Finally made it to the fast lane, I’m thinking “that’s great” until I saw I missed my exitttttttt!

Not again! I screwed up and failed my timing once more! I really have to get this figured out,

Plan better for tomorrow and see what’s in store, gotta take a different route!

I HATE being LATE! Why is this my FATE!

I can not get to work on time!

No matter what I try!

I can hardly get a grip!

I’m tardy every shift!

I need to work it outttttttt, or I’ll be out of workkkkkkkk!

Set 4 alarm clocks throughout my bedroom,

Cooked a pot of coffee to start off the morning,

Had my clothes ready and threw on my best shoes,

Then i saw my windows were down while rain was pouring!

I couldn’t get comfy, my butt was too soaked!

The water ruined my shorts and destroyed my new phone!

My job is sight now finally at last,

but I was stopped in my tracks

as I ran out of gas!

Not again! I screwed up and failed my timing once more! I really have to get this figured out,

Plan better for tomorrow and see what’s in store, gotta take a different route!

I HATE being LATE! Why is this my FATE!

I can not get to work on time!

No matter what I try!

I can hardly get a grip!

I’m tardy every shift!

I need to work it outttttttt, or I’ll be out of workkkkkkkk!

I left before the sun rose to get a head start,

Coffee and breakfast on my lap, but that’s not the best part,

I made every traffic light on time, no excuses today,

No traffic and I’m accelerating to a good pace!

I couldn’t see the lights on, for a second I froze,

No cars in the lot and the gates are all closed?

You should’ve seen my face shocked!

I came in on time on my day off!

I HATE being LATE! Why is this my FATE!

I can not get to work on time!

No matter what I try!

I can hardly get a grip!

I’m tardy every shift!

I need to work it outttttttt, or I’ll be out of workkkkkkkk!"

Procrastination Fascination 7/15/2018

This is my alternative rock song! I sing lyrics in an emotional voice. I chose the subject of procrastinating because I believe a decent amount of people do it so they would be interested in hearing my song about it. The best part about this to me is the funny thing about my chorus here... I sing and hold notes for a long time with words that would never be used for a singing-type of chorus such as singing: “organize your schedule!” I mean seriously, who would hold a long note on the word schedule? Haha come on I think that is really funny, but I did it to stick out from the rest.


"Woke up, roll back and forth swinging my mattress,

Bounce off of it and spring into-action!

Cook up my breakfast slow as I can,

Took up like an hour and a half,

Sitting at my desk with 100 things to do,

Feeling mad and stressed, I’m just not in the mood,

I feel like I’m glued to the chair,

Make my way outside to get some air,

But that doesn’t help with time,

Because all my jobs are inside!


Procrastinating is more fun then finishing chores up, but in the longgggggg runnnnnnn, it won’t HELP!

Change your ways and make ittttttt work forrrrrrr youuuuuuu, that is the truth!

You never know when busy things that matter will interfere, so organize your scheduleeeeeee, please be smart!

Change your ways and make ittttttt work forrrrrrr youuuuuuu, that is the truth!

Arrived barely on time to my occupation,

Ended scarcely my first operation,

As it was time to move to the next,

It was close but I avoided the hallway,

I just chose the annoying long way,

The job is relentless, absurd and mundane,

I wish to get through my work before my lunch break,

Procrastinating didn’t make my work load plummet,

So aggravating, i was thinking with my stomach!


Procrastinating is more fun then finishing chores up, but in the longgggggg runnnnnnn, it won’t HELP!

Change your ways and make ittttttt work forrrrrrr youuuuuuu, that is the truth!

You never know when busy things that matter will interfere, so organize your scheduleeeeeee, please be smart!

Change your ways and make ittttttt work forrrrrrr youuuuuuu, that is the truth!

Invited folks over for a get together,

I should’ve remembered- business before pleasure,

I organized my clothes instead of cleaning,

Poorly timed for my party starts in the evening,

Never washed the dishes,

Only got to business,

Strolled to the kitchen room later,

No cook book, just read the newspaper,

No food ready, not a single drink brewed,

Table isn’t set, found funner things to do,

My guested showed up, angrily looked at me,

Messy home and I haven’t even cooked a thing!


Procrastinating is more fun then finishing chores up, but in the longgggggg runnnnnnn, it won’t HELP!

Change your ways and make ittttttt work forrrrrrr youuuuuuu, that is the truth!

You never know when busy things that matter will interfere, so organize your scheduleeeeeee, please be smart!

Change your ways and make ittttttt work forrrrrrr youuuuuuu, that is the truth!"

POEMS I wrote (Between 2008-2010)


"After flirtatious word-phrases, a girl inspired me to write this,

she makes me wanna stop the sinning & be righteous,

& to me, just the thought that we might-kiss

is more intense in my heart then a hostage crysis!

falling asleep in her arms were always my favvrite-nights,

i cried just to make her smile now some would say im paying-the-price,

but just making her smile is givin-me the empathy to saving-a-life.

thats the feeling i come-across when i make-her-smile,

im not feeling like any love-is-lost when it takes-a-while

the site of her face looks more comfy-soft than a baby-child.

I made this girl's heart my new years resolution & im stayin true-to-it,

its like an election for her to find a man & im pursuing-it,

but i always feel as tho im losing-it

because she-loves that my heart is smart but my mouth is saying stupid-shit

no smurf could ever feel as blue-as-this!

she should be with me, despite what im expected-to-think,

our thoughts come as one, im the paper & desk, shes the pen-&-the-ink

i look at her picture whenever im generating-rhyme-words,

no matter how-many-guys she now-says-she-likes im never-waiting-my-turn

it was love at first sight when i saw-her-display,

i'll never be seen sleeping a single night until i become her prince, no longer-in-dismay,

shes so bright she could make the rain disperse mid-day,

i wont quit til im closer to her heart then her ribcage."


"Found out recently i'm friendless,

thought i had people i could depend on, guess i'm just senseless..

i used to be surrounded with company, now i feel invisible,

like its the first day of middle school

and im tryin to avoid the principal...

but that just an example

if i said i needed help i would get my ass trampled

i went up to my dependable friend, i thought he respected me

i offered a handshake, he said he didnt remember me

he rejected me

neglected me

lost another friend i see...

i wanna ask you people that no longer like me for no reason, what did i do that was So-Bad?

im not that evil mother fucker that put your friend's body in a Toe-Tag

im not the reason your bank has Low-Change!!

so why am i forgotten?

why am i disposed of by you and rotten?

why am i tryin' to find the sign to get out the coffin?

why did you fake fucks put me in this hellish path my ass is walkin?

i guess its Hard-to-Smile

when your a Heartless-Child

my heart got ripped-out,

you could've saved our friendship, but no, you took the ditch-route

i want to know what i did to deserve to be totally ignored-for-life?

tortured-at-night, i mean im already livin a boring-life with some sorta-strife

if i did something wrong, that would be different,

but i didn't, so why in wide world are you people trying to make me feel non-existent?

nobody recognizes me when i walk right Beside-Them

you make me out to be sooo unreal, that a dog couldnt even follow My-Scent

i must be-a-ghost,

but its not like i can see-the-ropes

from which innocent people-choked

i wanted to remain your friends, and even if you didn't want-that-shit,

you can't deny that i saw my name on top of your phones contact-list!

i wondered why i wasn't in any of your interests,

oh, i just figured it out, i never had

friends to begin with..."


"when a boy or girl-cheats i just wish for world peace

when my face is spotted i dont wanna know what they're imagining

girls dont wanna hurt me but my heart is such a fragile-thing

how can she know im such a loser without even asking-me?

i would 'be myself' but you all would just laugh-at-me

i wear a mask cuz hidden is what i have-to-be

stark cant see straight its like u stabbed-his-vision

finding love is always an active-mission

i'd show her my trophies if only they had-existed

i wish it was a dream, too bad it isnt."


"Sometimes I hope I never wake up,

I'd rather stay asleep then see another nice girl decide to change-up,

shes a bitch in disguise who hides behind makeup,

& uses horrendous actions instead of words for our break-up

whats the point in being awake when all people do is treat-you-bad?

no matter how hard you try your never looked at as the way you want people to see-you-as,

my face has garnered more unwanted attention then people can even-grasp.

I'd rather stay asleep in my dreams where nothing-is-real,

in there i dont have any emotions that are sad or crummy-to-feel,

& my emotions dont get broken cuz theres nothing-to-steal,

& i'd be perfectly intact there would never be any of my functions-to-heal."


Literally Perfect rhyming! 5/28/2013

These lyrics I wrote so that I could become the very first person in history to rhyme full length sentences 100%, as in every single syllable of the first sentence will rhyme with every single syllable with the next sentence and in order. Not only did I ACCOMPLISH this, but on top of that I did it in many different ways and patterns. That way, the first time it is ever done (by me that is) it isn't going to be outdone by someone who steals my invention. I have seen MANY close examples of nearly perfect rhyming but technically only in fragments, never thee entire adjacent sentences together like mine.










































Tricking the Audience (like the work of a magician) 10/06/2013

I make a claim that an appearance shouldn't be judged, and then (without saying it) I tempt the listeners to judge me! I tell them in the lyrics that if you were to judge me than I am nothing, like I am a bum, because in slang that is what the phrase 'jack shit' means. Immediately following that I tell the listeners that my clothes were paid for and not stolen, because in slang to 'jack' something means to steal it. It is most likely that the listener hearing this the first time will want to view my language from one angle, one position, that I would be saying that I am dressing like a bum but to not actually view me like one. I end this particular lyric by telling my listeners how they have been tricked!


"Don't judge a book by its cover, or by the price of it,

if you judge me by my clothes, I ain't jack shit,

in other words my clothes were paid for cuz I ain't jack shit,

when you heard the first part I just said you thought I dissed myself,

I proved your judgmental next time listen-well,

you didn't even realize I just experimented with your thought process"

Interchangeable Double Literal Meaning: 5/15/2014

It is one accomplishment to successfully create a literal multiple meaning (in this case double meaning) it is another thing entirely to be able to say that you can switch around 2 parts of the rhyme with 2 possible options (of which sound 100% identical.) See, in this specific example I am talking about a man who has sexual liaisons with nasty women in this case that give him A.I.D.S. This example also mentions in my setups (setups are always imperative to creating a literal multiple meaning line) that this guy is bad at seeing signs, and is unintelligent. The game of Charades is all about showing visual signs and also if you know the game of Charades, you always start by holding up a number with your fingers to show your players how many words need to be guessed, so if you say there are four words, theres no way a dumb guy is going to succeed (let alone just one or two words.) Try reading the lyrics with either one of the 2 word conjunctions given separated by the parentheses for each of the 2 parts of the sentence at the very end of this lyric, and you will see how it actually makes sense in any of the combinations provided, which are all still double literal meanings.


"Those ratchets you clash-with now caused scorching-pain,

let's play a game before you take another step towards-the-grave,

stop saying you'll survive your dumbass was never good at seeing signs...not to make you more-enraged,

but I have to ask this before-we-play,

how do you expect to go Forwards (/4 words) when it's forsure-A.I.D.S.? (/for charades)"

Entire Stories Using Multiple Meanings for (nearly) Every Single Rhyme:

First Example: Confessing My List Of Crimes 8/05/2017


"(Cough) This is my list of crimes confession,

Breaking laws endlessly is my obsession,

These are in no particular order,

And aren't placed into a sorter,

I was caught in narcotic sales,

I was stopped in my trail,

What happened was I lied on my resume to forge it some,

Ended up a salesman and a drug dealer at a rug emporium,

I stuffed the stuff in stuffing for the customers when they rolled up,

I was arrested for both crimes committed, I illegally Sold rugs (/drugs)

Before I knew it they charged me with the next one quick,

Fraudulence on my driver's license on my address of it,

I said I was from Queens, even thought I've only been to New York City one time,

I explained I put Queens because I'm from a royal bloodline,

Next crime i did commenced committing was a money scam,

Counterfeit bills in excess of 100 grand!

There was 2 detectives, one believed I did it, and one didn't,

The woman thought I was guilty, wouldn't accept my hard bluff,

The man said that my type couldn't fit it... he said the harshest stuff,

That I couldn't pull it off because I wasn't smart enough!

I was standin' at a suspect Line-up,

He thought I was honest,

That I didn't commit this crime thus I didn't make an illegal profit,

Her witness came in and totally croaked,

Said I was the one with counterfeit funds,

The girl detective then just totally gloats,

Points at me and my money saying that's a Faker and see I told you so! (/fake currency I told you so)

Then after that it was something rather wack to me,

I was dared to walk on private property actually,

A dare that I had no interest passing,

What crime was this classified as: in trespassing!

Another crime was a different scamming action,

I owned a housing project and became greedy with a passion,

I lied about why I'm bout to Hike everyones rent up a couple fractions!

Never been out of the U.S.,

So I thought of a new quest,

I'd use the extra money to travel abroad with it,

I'd go to Europe and Asia both paid all expense,

I was caught and I was stopped and I got upset!

Reporter asked me one question to type up on the press,

"I heard about your plan why would you wanna try to con tenants? (/2 continents)"

there was my teaching job demise,

Where you watch what you say and a strict dress code applies,

My foot itched bad as it had become dry,

I said bad views laughed and scratch my foot covered inside,

I should've been careful how I talked and how I grabbed my sock,

When I get too political sometimes (/get to pull it tickles sometimes),

Also I got a solicitation violation that just sucked,

On a woman's lawn I offered products and such but too many people passed it up,

She said to leave immediately or she'll be calling the police to see me leaving without grabbing bucks,

If I could just make a few sales there I would be glad and run,

she called so I was broke and arrested cuz I couldn't get offers fast enough (/off her's fast enough)

My worst crime was in the hottest season interestingly,

I had the will to go on a killing spree,

My weapon and I lasted all season with no wear and tear consistently,

I guess we both have Summer durability (/some murder ability)

*paper sound effect

Thank you for this note you gave me to read to do your therapy a favor,

*record skip sound effect

I'm sorry inmate what did you just say sir?

You forgot? I'm your doc, my name is Doctor Stark,

I'm here for your therapy because your mental instability is off the charts!

I asked you to write me about your confessions,

And as I had it, I just read it,

And to you... excuse me you there, listening to me,

I'm glad your here and I'm looking forward to what you write where I'll be exhibiting your grief,

it's very important in order to make it through,

Whatever your name is, this concludes today's group therapy, thank you for your Part as a patient too (/participation too)"

Second Example: A Segment From My Rap 'You Aren't Welcome In My Dojo!' 5/01/2018


"Next lesson in essence is best depicted in telling a story,

Listen to this anecdote using double and triple entendres for earning better scoring:

since my dollars aren’t on 'track' i made a money run to get this payment,

took a hostage to empty her savings so i could take-it,

she said to call the cops so i made the bank tell-her (/bank teller) to ‘withdraw’ the ‘statement’...

To make my getaway I stole my enemy’s shitty car as well as it’s remnants,

He fought back and cut my hand and as a result, I bled from this,

I Converted it’s moving parts into motion for retribution, that is describing the power of Engines!

(/of vengeance!)

I started planting my alibi for the cops,

Between 3:55 and 4:05 store lurking I maintained I was shopping and searching for a time telling device I’d bought,

My alibi was that I was shopping around 4 o’clock!

(/for: a clock!)

I did get arrested, but I acquired reasonable doubt to help my case first,

Not one authority figure saw my suspicious tattoo! Or the place where I washed my hands,

This ink eluded investigators!

(/this sink eluded investigators!)

(/this included investigators!)

The next thing was an awkward drug test,

Even though I was completely sober I had become stressed,

He peeped over the cover and at my privates while I filled my pee cup!

checked the amount, now I should complain about this awkward incident mixed with those eyes making a mean mug!

I mean, depending on who you are, what would you do in this situation if all the sudden I speak up?!

(/eyes peek up!?)

Next was the trial court and my sentencing, the suspense could’ve killed me,

All I had on my side was professionals representing my medical history,

Surgical operation that ruined my brain’s functioning ability,

The Male Judge asked: “Do we have a verdict?” And they answered him quickly:

“Yes sir jury (/surgery) found the found the defendant unable to intently perform the crimes committed so he is not guilty!”

...and besides they made a legal error in my trial, I can make an argument,

Just looking for some fame no matter how, but now that courts over I confess to all of it!

The prosecutor wanted to drain my energy! however, I’m a machine from the future, rare and hard to get,

Since there’s no ‘outlet’ for me, what were they going to charge me with?! The End"

Playing a Guessing Game With The Audience: 5/01/2018

Instead of writing out and performing the multiple literal meaning lines as I always have done, I make the listeners ponder which meaning and/or how many meanings are there with each rhyme? And what was I trying to get across?


"Now it’s time I show you my new invention!

It’s the coolest method it’s where I give YOU the ending sentence,

and we review how many interpretations could be connected!

Here we go, first example:

“An egg rolls down the hill...”

Am I saying I Lost part of my Asian lunch selection?...

Or is this a physics lesson on a chicken’s nest once an egg is intercepted by the wind’s progression? or both?

Second Example:

“The Banquet’s on me / bank quits on me”

Am I saying I’m responsible for cooking all the food for an event? Or am I saying that my bank just had enough and has given up? or both?

Third Example:

“I wanna ‘stay at home mom’”

Am I telling my mother that I object to leaving my residence? Or am I claiming that I wish my mother would leave all of her paying jobs and then quit? or both

Fourth example:

“Guess that makes me sell fish


Am I sarcastically answering a question by saying that I think only about my self for personal gain?

Or am I categorizing my job description for working at an amphibian pet shop place? or both

Fifth example:

“Sir, 10 to 1 it’s going to be busy.....”

am I telling this guy odds?

Or giving him a time slot? Or both"

Duodecuple Entendre’ (12 times entendre) 8/03/2022


“Rapper Curtis Jackson AKA Fifth AKA ‘50 Cent’,

Launching bullets at foes, how many? There were 50 sent,

His crew is wack but they say Fifth, decent,

4 of his submarines went under, and just now we see the fifth descend,

Grading papers for his students and mailing them, just had the fifth ‘D’ sent,

Oh and now electronically mailing them, this paper was the fifthed e-sent,

Shipping his new tea beverages and currently just had the fifth tea sent,

Shipping his white tee shirts too, just had his fifth tee sent,

He’s asking a lawyer: “how do you reacting to your client pleading the fifth?” “Decent”

Transferred all the music catalogs from the year 1950, sent,

He hates this specific low temperature, he’s wondering when will the 50’s end?

He’s winking and giving clues in outgoing messages, just had his fifth tease sent“

My only regret is being forced to use proper nouns (which is a specific person place or thing; so for example instead of saying ‘Adam Stark’ I would say ‘that guy’ or ‘that man’ ect.) Proper nouns I try my best to stay away from because it’s better to be general or ambiguous, that way it applies to more listeners. Using proper nouns means that I can say something specific and it may not be a known person place or thing to some listeners. Multiple literal meanings are my specialty, it’s where you say one rhyme, one way (no forcing) and with the clever setup language applied you can have it saying multiple different meanings at the same exact time (very talented.) Entendres are cool, but they are not as talented by far. It’s taking the rhyme part and just listing them out instead of making them combined into one for multiple literal meanings. This specific example I had to do because most people actually prefer entendres for some reason, so I wanted to make an epic one! I have nothing against 50 Cent, his name and aliases just happen to work very well for entendres. This is a 12 line entendre, a Duodecuple entendre! Better than a double entendre, triple entendre, quadruple entendre, quintuple entendre, sextuple entendre, septuple entendre, nonuple entendre, decuple entendre, and an undecuple entendre!

ACCOMPLISHMENT: One of the World’s Fastest Rappers / Speakers (in English)

I’ve always been a fan of the fast rap genre! Growing up on fast rappers, I used to perform their fast raps for my friends because I knew that I was capable of rapping just as fast. I was honestly proud of myself, and I noticed that I was able to freestyle in a fast form once in awhile! This inspired me to actually give it a try and... that was some of my best intuition because it paid off! I started writing fast raps once in awhile, making sure that I use run-on sentences and without complex writing. One thing that I implemented was providing my audience with a stopwatch in my hand during every video recording or live stream for fast rapping / talking. Proof and validation is very important to me, and I made sure to provide those things to anyone who views my projects. The following is a list of confirmed speeds of how many words and syllables at the rate of speed I performed with verifiable video proof:

226 Words / 303 Syllables in 31.9 seconds

215 Words / 273 Syllables in 36.7 seconds

74 Words / 85 Syllables in 9.8 Seconds!

115 Words / 145 Syllables in 20 Seconds!

102 Words / 132 Syllables in 17 Seconds!

196 Words / 252 Syllables In 32.65 Seconds! (This was my tongue twister on top of that!)

171 Words / 222 Syllables In 30.68 Seconds!

Fast Talking Accomplishments with verifiable video proof:

the whole alphabet speaking A-Z (plus I added the word ‘and’) in 3.16 seconds

Speaking the days of the week sunday - saturday in 1.3 seconds (I accidentally said sunday at the end and at the beginning as well!)

Speaking the 12 months of the calendar year in order in 2.9 seconds

Saying the numbers 1 - 20 in 3.08 seconds

NOTE: there are PLENTY more of these fast raps, they just do not include me holding a stopwatch on camera, however they make up the majority of my fast raps as well as some live streams that include very fast rapping as well.


I have made Mockumentaries (/fake documentaries) as well as video blogs. I write out entire scripts and try my best to make people laugh with very interesting and original situations. I even make my own fake commercials for these videos. I’ve also used a few different accents flawlessly, my best ones are British, Australian, and the classic Chicago accent! I also manufactured a stand up comedy act, which is hypothetically what I would say if I did actually do a set. I did this with no foul language

Freestyling! Impromptu Off The Top Performances!

Freestyling is a very big part of my life! I have done many of them on camera, some of them live streamed. I do many different speeds, styles, but I am always on the offensive, always attacking ‘haters’ or just random people because I look at hip hop as a competition. I’m always finding a way in my impromptu freestyle performances to creatively insult someone or describe something. My favorite thing about freestyling is bringing things to light seamlessly while making it rhyme fluently. I’ve also shown many times that I can make up an entire story on the spot and rap it all out as it unravels. I love it when I actually am lucky enough to create a literal multiple meaning right there on the spot! It’s a rush, I can take any situation and use my vocabulary to take a point of view on it or spin it in a different direction. Freestyling fast is difficult, and when I happen to do it, I can honestly only do it in spurts. In those particular moments, I have to try to just get my point across with words, and forget about trying to make a metaphor or a simile. I have more hours of freestyling footage online than written raps. I tend to use slang terms just as often as my written raps, using words like: ain't, ur, ya, chu, ect. I also tend to pronounce words without sounding out the letters i n g at the end, and usually end up dropping the letter g and just saying the word ending with the letter n. Sometimes, i will have a moment where I switch up my sentence in the middle of freestyling, but it works to my benefit in the end because it means I thought about something and needed to say it.

The following is the lyrics from my favorite freestyle moments captured on footage. The titles of my freestyle videos and live streams are completely random. These are NOT all of my freestyles, these are selected portions of them. I narrowed down my favorite moments from each of my best freestyles for this book. So, sometimes i will have the complete freestyle written out here, and sometimes a few minutes worth, and sometimes just a few sentences in total. What you are about to read through is not even 30% of all of my freestyling footage, just my favorite moments!

Before and after work freestyle (dissing traffic) 5/5/15

“I’m gonna diss the guy in front of me, he’s driving a fuckin’ Chrysler,

I’m thinkin’ holy Christ-sir

That shits uglier than teeth that have never been brushed and have never used whitener

Why the fuck would you drive that nasty ass shit on purpose,

And why the fuck is your wife drinking out of that thermos

Shes drinkin’ and chuggin’ so much shit its disgustin’

I mean, i dont even know what to fuckin’ say to this skank,

I mean seriously it looks like she just blatantly drank

An entire motherfuckin’ aquarium tank

I mean without the fish and shit

Because that would be nasty and disgusting, wouldnt be worth it,

That would be gross and grotesque for me to think about

But matter of fact hopefully shes done drinking now because that cant be good for her digestive system

She must be trying to pass a drug test

Now let me think about whats next

I might as well diss the husband”

“I’m all grown up, i may look like a kid in your eyes but

Matter of fact its dark i wish you could see my face we need to change the contrast

And believe me we should get tech support from Comcast”

92 degrees in mn freestyle 6/09/15

"Holy shit, it is as hot as a fuckin sauna,

Can you please fix global warming Obama

I mean the temperature says 92

And in minnesota thats as unlikely as a sumo wrestler and finding YOU

In a tiny room

And, it sounds like im tryin-to-ruin

My good reputation of bein polite"

"Thats because i’d be rich and i’d be lovin it

Makin it rain and it wouldnt have anything to do with the weather unfortunately because of it

The fact that its so hot im pretty sure an oven mit

Is what God was wearing when he made this stuff

Because this is SO HOT i think the clouds are gonna melt

And were gonna drown and get pelted

With a bunch of water, and if only we had some heat repellent

Or some shit like that im tellin’ ya im giving you information

You should look this up

And im pretty sure that someone up there in the sky is cookin’ up!

Any minute i’ll get hit with fuckin vegetable oil

Cuz um, im gonna be the next kid to boil

And Jesus Christ i dont think this is allowed for y’all,

To not like this rap, and i just saw a sign that said ‘powerball’

And i think thats crazy because if i wanted to make a lot of money,

Throw that lottery ticket in the receptacle

Because, if all i would need to make money is a ‘powerball’ i would just cash in my testicles

Haha and be rich as shit

And then, given its

A thing that i have two of, i would be livin’ double with the rich and glits

Compared to people that only win once, but i’ll win with this

Cuz um, i’m a normal male

And i’ll be giving you a very amazing abnormal tale"

24 hours awake freestyle 9/19/15

“I mean i wish i could just rap to some beats instead of always going acapella

Although the winds’ in the background im sure that got people propelled up

To listen to whatever i gotta say… but until then we’ll call this beat ‘nameless’

Haha i mean fuck it i’ll, fuckin i’ll leave em’ brainless

Like i got a fuckin steel, i got a steel blade and i’ll wipe off the blood, clean it so i could show thats its ‘stainless’ (stain less)

Oh shit double meaning! Stainless like, like theres no blood on it and stainless steel!"

Going Off Quickly Freestyle 9/20/15

"Yo im bout to go off, bout to start my shift

And Im gonna prove that everybodys got the heart of a bitch

Compared to me

Because they are aware the heat

Is all around me at all times its omnipresent

Its like i give off nothin but gas and thats not a testament to smell

its only a thing that shows i got spells

And i can dispell anything thrown at me like any type of magical altercation

You wanna prove to me i’ll alter you face in different places

And then i’ll rearrange to look like the fuckin jigsaw puzzle,

But it wasnt based on no movie or no fake shit

It was based on something realistic that came into the fuckin,

Came to the point of your face in the pavement

Its what it looked like, the aftermath

Because you dont have to rap against the guy that happens to be spittin these nice rhymes

Thats gonna come outta nowhere like the fuckin universe and black holes

Taking everything out of existence and all it does is ‘suck’

What sucks more than that? Literally nothing

But thats okay because, you figure hes somethin?

You probably figure hes nothin

Because you look at me and you dont see any substance TIL

You hear it for yourself, then you realize theres somethin

Behind all the fact that people mis-stereotype like

‘Oh shit hes got no hair he must not be smart or something?’

Thats what people think and yet they dont wanna barter nothin against me

Because im about to fuckin slaughter somethin

Thats what happens when you go against me, it was all for nothin

I got a fuckin, i’ll shoot a fuckin, throw darts and daggers at your heart

Ive been a fuckin danger since the start

Im fuckin, im angry with this art

Im gonna take away every single chamber from this mark

And i’ll fuckin aim right for the heart

And i got such a fuckin presion aim that you wont be able to get this name

As high as the level that i bring it to, because you probably didnt know i exist,

Because you aint seen one single view on Youtube because there so low for some reason

But, i am solo for a reason

Cuz i did it by myself

I grew on my own, nobody helped me nobody drew the blueprint

I just blew it, i just blew IT as in trying to work with other people

Cuz i work with myself and thats the greatest thing fuckin... way to be

And your not gonna play with me

You can try and detain the beef

You can try and restrain the beef

But you will not stain the beef

Even if you were the worst chef, whose trying to play with heat

In the kitchen, then get the fuck out of it

Thats the thing that people say when tryin to get around the shit

They cant mess with the guy that happens to be about this shit


That i got from people but its okay because

Im not stoppin people

You gonna stop the rumors

And you gonna get dropped like tumors

That take peoples lives away

And you aint gonna stop me because i got a, i got a fuckin microwave

Thats about to put your time display

On infinity!

It’ll put your head in the fuckin thing

And then its gonna burn and your face is gonna start rippling

Its gonna start melting like ‘the incredible melting man’

Its gonna be lookin, your gonna look like the fuckin dead bodies of ‘The Son of Sam’

And thats something you need to understand

Because, guess what im not the one, im not one of the fans that judge people for stupid reasons

And they listen to their music i better stop because i better get inside before i lose it

And then i’d be late for my shift,

So anyways, i am great and thats it”

Freestyle at Super America 10/27/15

(I love when the guy walks by looking at me and i freestyle about him!)

“That would be sexual assault

And you would be the next to get in the vault

And that guys just lookin at me

Hes not looking happy

Hes actually looking crappy

Hes actually looking at THEE…

Sign that says oh shit your gas costs about 58 dollars

And that sucks because thats a shitty way to walk in to a store

I mean thats practically a sign that hes about to pull a gun on them or somethin because

You would be mad at these prices unless they would start to plummet or somethin

But that aint gonna happen, this place is dumb

This place is probably meant for people with fuckin high income"

"I mean this place should just plummet and sink!

I mean this place fuckin stinks!

I mean the waitress hasnt even come with my drink! Haha”

My Birthday Freestyle 11/03/15

“You wont wanna go against me

As an emcee

Cuz otherwise, if you even blink slow i’ll happen to bring my, take my fuckin keys out of the truck

I wont run you over with it though

I’m actually gonna take this and stab it right through your fucking trachea

And then you wont be able to breath, and then gasping for air and choking is the last think i will think of ya!

Geez, i can get violent in a millisecond

Because i’m so fuckin scary i would kill a reverend.. I mean thats just a punchline dont take it seriously

Because otherwise you will be fearing me you actually be trying to flag this shit

And thats unfortunate because i’m not a paganist

I just happen to be sayin some crazy shit

You know because, this is my birthday i’m not gonna lie i’m very happy i’m very pleased with things

I just hope that this is a better year for me and this year will bring

Some greater memories and everything should happen to fall into my lap perfectly

With no negative energy

And i can see it all coming like inner-telepathy”

“I’m very happy i just want people to understand to see that i show support for you

As much as you show support for me so please support this team

Which is real hip hop and this should mean

That we can really get off each other’s energy

And that should be one thing that you should from every single person in this entire entity

Of the world thats of positive people and not the negative ones because they can just drop in a fuckin seephole and just, you know die in an instant second

Without any little bit of resentment

And i mean as far as negative people go

Can see that we have a very determination to come up with anything that is amazing for the peoples so we can get into a higher level of happiness

And in every single place that we should go”

Natural Freestyle 11/06/15

“You just have to take a loss

You take a fuckin beating on the chin

And that might suck but imagine, defeating… against a kid

Who happens to be worse than you, and that would look bad because your cursing through and through all the time that I’m so terrible

But then you lose to me too

So that would just look bad

Because you happen to look passed the fact,

That you been hating me for so long

You’ve been calling me this and that

Spittin raps… and then imagine what happens… when i kick your ass!

Haha i mean what is that going to do to you emotionally

In fact its just going to provoke emcees

To come against me and then they’re gonna

Invoke emcee licenses”

“Want to bring up things and say that theres crazier ways to get

A rise out of people but you know thats one thing that just makes me sick

And you know, nobody in hip hop should have to babysit

Would be able to say what we wanna say… but if its wack

Then please take your disc

And break the shit

Faster then an ancient myth gets debunked and thats okay because we brung thee funk”

Happy Thanksgiving (Plus My Cat) Freestyle 11/27/15

“Join my team, or at least bring their ‘A’ game

And that can be something great because you wouldnt belive me I got… great aim

And you know, motherfucker you wouldnt wanna test these waters, it wouldnt be awesome

It would be like the E.P.A. coming to go against me like i’m pond scum...testing waters?!”

“Here is my kitty cat, and shes gonna say hi to you

And thats okay because the fact that she is finding you that means shes on the hunt

And you better run away because she is a very awful runt

And she will claw you the fuck up

And it wont be hard for her to do

In fact shes gonna be hurtin’ you

And it wont be hard for her to be serving you like she was giving you tilapia on the side of the plate

And you wont be able to be rhyming this great… if you tried as hard as me when i’m getting into the mind of the state,

State of the mind, i just switch it around because i happen to be a kid thats not playin’ around

And i just had to get in in anyway to the places that i feel like going to because i have a V.I.P. pass to every location in the universe

And your not going to stop me from getting to the place

Like i was putting my hand inside of your stupid purse

And i take the money out of it and im going to count it in front of you

And you never going to realize its the money that i just took around you

And you didnt even notice that it was the one you thought you had the other day

But you actually spent it on something else and you pretended that you didnt

Because you think that money just grows on trees and thats okay imma start slowin’ it down

So i can flow like the breeze

That comes in this town at this time of the year

Because the winters actually coming and its beautiful

Its white and its sprinkling and glittering its blinding to look at

And ugh, look cat why the fuck are you standing on my lunchbox

Thats okay but, thats just, one obstacle for you to get over, and your a cat

Ugh you look like you need to get sober

Your falling all over the place

And at least your not giving my Folgers a taste

Cuz i need coffee to survive people

In case you didnt know that

And i just hope you know

That she has been such a nice old cat

I mean i gave her tuna she had her mouth full

And thats okay because you realize that she is not doubtful

Of the fact that i will feed her in a moment’s notice

And i might even give her twice as much as they want

In other words enormous proportions

And anyways i hope your holidays were good

For mine let me just summarize

It started and ended with Pumpkin Pies

And its delicious and thats all i need in this

And that would be my very last wishes”

“People that have seen and respected me and shown that i can control things

Like telekinesis, with incredible features

And i’m just showin’ people that ugh,

Even when i was like negative 9 months old i was hell of a fetus!

I dont know, i’ll come up with punchlines in the drop of a dime

And thats something i would be collecting cuz

Ugh, no matter how rich i get it is expected that,

I’m just gonna take and piece of money that i find

And i will then put that into a savings account

I dont care if, how much the amount was

Its just gonna come to be

And now my kitty is running free

And shes sniffing the deep fryer

And you would think that shes wiser

But… it is what it is!”

30 Hours Awake Freestyle 12/01/15

“Like i’m mourning, like its a funeral

Just sucked 10 vials of Buterol

And see what the fuck i’m gon’ do to y’all!

Fact, push you off a cliff… i think that YOU should fall

Like ah, the effects of gravity

And static is getting you down you dont have elasticity

To keep in this game cuz you cant last in this shit with me

I’m just kicking your brain, hard,

like i’m playing soccer back with the Czars

They used to use ‘cut of heads’ and use that as their tools for playing a game”

“A more gruesome ending and believe me… just cant stop this

I put my dick in the snow and have your mother defrost it!”

“Be able to rhyme cold like this weather in Minnesota

Its very beautiful at the same time, that it sucks

This is an amazing mind that comes up with the stuff

And just... punches are rough like you get beat down in the dirt

Like your playing golf with a tough opponent and

Believe me nothings gonna stop me from ownin’!

And then i start thinking ‘to myself’ (/ 2 myself) like clonin’!"

Freestyle LIVE On Google Hangout! 2/09/16

“inception like the movie and you're

walking through a maze and then you

fall off,

because gravity turns it

around and all the sudden you're landing

on your face

instead of your feet

because you turn upside down and that's

one way to rhyme and that's one side now

that you didn't expect yourself to land


but what comes out of my mouth is

random shit because like I said I can

put anything together at the time of

the moment and that it's just going to

happen to work it out to the point where

I get to break any fraction of a sentence

and bring it together to where it's gonna

go to another part it's gonna make me

regret it…

never! unless it's a point

where I say something crazy and then

it's gonna have to go to church and

repent it

but that's not going to happen

cuz let's just accept it we all know

that this is satire and ironic deception

but that's okay because rapping is a

part of the moment that I break into the

part that I have to regret it… never

because like I said if I wouldn’t have gotten

into it, wouldn’t be something that it would

be: what was the point to state it?

It would be pathetic if I regret it, it would be

something I never would have started in

the first place and you’d have to accept


and they see that this is why I'm

doing the shit live

because once I want

to see what would happen see how I can


I can go on the camera and do it

right now in person

plus that way I don't have to wait til all the fucking

stuff starts working

because I am so tired of waiting for it to process

watching my phone let it upload and it

takes longer than the fucking search for

the Loch Ness

it's like shit it's a two-minute video can you fucking upload

already YouTube!?

no offense but you know what you dudes

do to me

gonna trying to be patient and looking at you through a


and it's like taking fucking forever to get to the point and you're

not gonna stop getting this boy annoyed because I just want to see fucking

the thing be uploaded it's done and

final in that way I'm done and I can be

done rhymin’ and I can go back to my coming

up with songs and do vinyl but livid...

and it's gonna give me a livid! Its gonna get people

listening to the things that they wouldn’t actually normally listen to

because the fact that it's live actually

spikes the views for some reason I’ve done

some research on that they actually told me

that stuff and that's okay because

that's awesome that's rough and that's

gonna get me to get to the point where i freestyle

so fucking fast people are gonna stop

forgettin’ who I am and they're gonna

start thinking oh my god is this guy

crazy is he is he losing it is he is he

lazy because he's wearing a fucking

hoodie in a hat I don't know, what, who

else does that? I mean there's… the

boogeyman is back! I guess that's what's

going on here because I'm scaring people

but the fact that I can come up with a rhyme

at any single moment I can one minute be

political next minute I’m killing fools in the next minute I'd

be in spiritual the next minute I'm

trying to spear a bull like I’m back in

time and I'm trying to hunt down a

fuckin Mastodon like I had a spear and I

was just trying to provide for my family

Like I’m that! because that's the type of...

kind of crap I'm on”

“hip hop can be about anything that's my point we people

freestyle they don't have... there's no

rules there's no limits to it they're

just it's just fun we just like gettin’ into

it! we're just getting in…

More like its watching a show and that's gonna live

ourselves through it like we look at

through looking through a situation

through the eyes of someone else

And that's okay because it's fun and then it

it we like to look at the crimes of

someone delt

when we watch a fucking crime show on TV and it's great and then

you see me and it's a different type of

story every single day because I'm an

interesting person I have a crazy

creative mind!”

Fastest Rapping Ever! Valentines Day Freestyle

For 20 Minutes Live On Air! 2/14/16

“make a fucking known hit against this guy that's gonna try

and throw the punch and it's gonna just...

it just won't hit it's gonna go miss

it's gonna it's gonna be fucking blown

up like a Blowfish

and it's just gonna go get you scarred easily than it was

before cuz you ain't beaten me!”

“Looped him with a great fucking rhyme that was

awesome and it was evil like Lucifer

that's so fucking evil as it was

Luciferian that's so fucking crazy and

fire it was and that's just me comparing

things I'm not saying I worship the

devil hell fucking no! he can suck a

dick and suck a glass dildo and that's

Just hope we’re hoping that he chokes to

death and he stops giving everybody open

threats and he tries to non-stop

nonchalantly ruining the fucking earth

because ever since fucking birth its

conception of the devil he's been

killing us and it's not good stuff

because even if you put the pedal to the

metal it's hard to escape something

that's omnipresent and you ain't gonna

stop me from giving,

get you caught in detention because you try to learn from

my rhyming class and you just won't get

by this fast because Adam stark is one

of the type of guys that can rhyme this

so great that's gonna be one of the

things that you cannot let your mind

escape even if you're in a fucking

middle of a terrifying nightmare that's

what you're gonna think of at night when

you try to get away from me because

that's the rhymes that I care

that I care to creative and,... create from

them in there I could stop anybody from

creating the Adam Stark is gonna make a

summoning of a new fucking monster

that's gonna become and it's gonna come

and it's gonna beat you fucking down

its gonna get to the point where you're not

gonna be able to run because your legs

are beaten to the point they're tied up

like a fucking pretzel and your not gonna

stop the man thats getting you because I

happen to have a head full of crazy

fucking rhymes!”

“wordplay because we used

to call them that now we call them

something different today and every

single Thursday it seems theres a new cycle

of shit and it's ironic I say Thursday,

and cycle of shit and Thursday's the day

that I actually have to bring the

recycling and trash down to the block of

the curb myself so it happened to


that worked for me maybe not for

everybody else because every day is

different some of them it might be

Monday Tuesday Wednesday or Friday or

Saturday or Sunday and if there's

another day of the week I’m missing I'm

sorry but that's just one thing that's

gonna happen because I happen to be

rapping so fucking fast that gets

trapped like a trash bin when I'm

closing the shit and I'm trying to get it

but it's overflowing with shit because I

happen to be getting rid of good

riddance and there's so much shit in it

that it's not gonna stop it's just gonna

keep staying there and it's not gonna

it's gonna become cataclysmic because

it's just gonna spill all over the

fucking streets and the garbage mans gonna get mad!”

“you suck, people need to

understand that and then we'll start to

turn our luck... around like a fucking

roundabout and you can’t stop the man

because I'm rhyming and gonna keep going

and it's not gonna be on and on about

whatever I feel like doing it because

it's not gonna stop because its gonna be a

clout, it's gonna be stuck like my head

is: an ego, cuz you consider mine to

be in the clouds!

but that's okay because

again this is hip-hop that's the way

it's supposed to be and you aren’t gonna

stop the man because you couldn't beat

me if you came up to me with the Devil’s

worship and rosary you could do it all

sorts of wish and you can't stop me you

can't choke me up with the hosiery if I

was sleeping in the middle of a fucking

floor full of infested needles and you know that

wouldn't happen to me because ugh first

of all, why would I be stuck there anyway that's

that's feeble to even think of something

like that, but if I was per se... you see

I'm still such a fucking amazing MC that I

could get away from the moment and you could

see me cuz I wouldn't leave empty-handed,

actually I WOULD if I was around a bunch

of infested needles but that's okay

because I can change it aound any way that I

want to because I'm so fucking evil but

I'm also healthy and I'm also happy and

I'm also good-hearted in the same exact breath...

I said that at one time because that won't be

the way cuz you're gonna have the end of

the day it’s: everybody's gonna have to

be ‘awake’... in death. both, both of them

intertwined you can't stop this guy, even

in your mind

you couldn't press pause and stop me

from getting Rhymes stuck in your head

okay you've been

fuck since the first time you ever got

out of bed and that is a mental insult

and then you know what? I'm saying mean

things it doesn't mean it applies to you

because... THEN what? You just think

everything I say that's mean applies to

my listeners, NO! if you assume that

that's your fault. I'm saying that I'm

saying these applies to my people

that are negative and that always come

at me bad ass-backwards like an inverted

picture that was not meant to sit on the

wall because it happens to be exact

opposite and you can't once again stop

the shit that's coming out of me because

I am never gonna be running out of beefs!”

“absolutely any place in the earth with

us good rhymers

I just hope they can find a computer and get their rhyme


out on the internet that would be awesome so we could then connect

With intellect, and then select, good rhymes

coming out of the shit and then detect,

what's bad what's good and what is

what's forwarding and what's indirect,

all that good stuff and then the Horde

begins of good rappers we need to start

that that would be great!

can we please do that? I smiled so that you could

take me seriously and you'll see me in a

while and then we see that we can keep

rhyming and do this stuff that's gonna

keep getting hip hop to the next fucking

peak of the new highest place it could

possibly go to and you aren’t gonna stop me

cuz I'm on fire

and my balls are big like Goku why did I

say that? I don't even watch that fucking

stupid-ass program but I say it anyway

because I am one of the people that can

go ham! with any type of situation I can

make a rhyme come out of nowhere making

a metaphor crazy it's gonna stop anybody

that wants to go against me because I have

a reservoir of insults that's gonna keep

popping up in the middle of the fucking

session like I'm cooking in the pan

Cuz I have so much grease on it that just

poof then it hurts me and then it

fucking cuts me up like a weapon and I'm

just trying to fucking... it's like as evil

as saying you know: fuck you, and I can

get anywhere because you can't drop a

single! but I could... if I put a knife down

I'm cutting zucchini and all the sudden I cut

my finger then a finger goes flying then

I cut a single right off and remove as a

finger, nope, a limb no, you wouldn't want to

be amputated but if it happens to be the

way it happens to go, then that's okay

because Adam made it... to a punchline!

where it wasn't gonna be one

originally that you wouldn’t of thought it

because you didn't think of it because

you hate it that I come up with rhymes,

that you disagree with in every sort of

way but that's okay because what's up

guys? I can do anything I want to that's

the best part of the freedom of speech

and the freedom of freestyling is it, it

needs to be somewhere higher in the

fucking level of things

to be repeated we need stop telling

people to shut up and not be conceited

we need to be able to say whatever the

fuck we want

and realize it's just a punchline at

the end of day and you can read it... in

different ways... like a font when you're

doing a fucking, typing up a thing on

Microsoft Word and that's okay because

You wouldn’t wanna cross this guy first

because I will erase you like I fucking

hit the backspace and that's okay

because you're so fuckin ugly your probably

one of those bitches the end up on!”

German Shepherd Puppy + Freestyle Live on Air 4/09/16

“My ego, it's because it's

with people get an idea that they can

just talk on on and on and on about

topics that are just gonna get me pissed

off and I'm gonna start fucking beating

them up like doing drop kicks from the

ceiling and you're not gonna see me

coming because ur not revealing

that the things that's gonna hit you

first is probably my stomach because I'm

a fat guy

so you think drop kicks it's really my stomach that just hitting you

on the side of the fucking face and all

the sudden you got baptised

by my fucking sweat on my belly you didn't

expect me to say that did you but you

better stay back who’d kid ya?”

“why I started this rhyme and she's a German


she could fuckin’... she's so smart she could lead a herd of leopards

and she could take them all the way

through a fucking dirty street or an

urban desert

and she could feed them and then that's one of the worst

pressures you could ever put on a dog”

“haters, supporters or just peers in

this rap sport and that's one of those

things that you just want to do and

listen to me because otherwise you could

get stuck into the rapture and a rapture

R A P T U R E or R A P space S U R E see

I can do double meanings in the middle

of a freestyle and that's what's amazing

about me because I'm not the only one

that can do it but at least while that

others do it you should mention that I

can do it too and I could be unusual and

the same breath and I could say things

that you wouldn't say yourself or you

wouldn't do too in a word sentence or rhyme

that you would come up with and yourself

and your own mind and your own hype and

your own right and your own time but

it's okay because I can do it, and that's

what I'm trying to show people is that

I'm not stupid

I'm only stupid to you because you say I

am but if I wasn't, in my own head, then

why would I make this plan? to come up

with fucking freestyling on the top of

the head and you cant stop this guy

because I'm dropping like the fucking

magnet is goin’ pull polarity as the

opposite side and it's gonna be like you

know you got the north and south it's

gonna push each other apart and it's

things that you can't help cuz those are

physics and those are things that you cannot

stop because those are things that are

precious in their existence because you

can't just change things

around and you can't make things the way

that you want to even if you try as hard

as you possibly can because it's the

shit that you can't... it's limited and

it's things that you cannot get the shit

is it... for example people hate me so much

they just want me to stop rappin’ but

that isn't something that's gonna make

me stop! words I'm not gonna do that to me

you just gotta understand stupid you're not gonna get me to quit doin’

what I want to do with my life I'm gonna

keep it going you really think you can

stop me use this there's no deflecting

this I mean dude there's just no way to

stop Adam Stark because he is a


“but get used to it, now these rappers today that are on the radio now

post-2000 are very stupid I mean these

people are fucking lobotomized as a

goldfish and you know this and you

should... you should just fucking blow

up like I threw a grenade inside of the

whole pit and I fucking lock the door

and lock the chamber and throw away the

key swallow it and like a fucking... taken

away... and you just need to make an

acknowledgement of my awesomeness!”

“Around the point... of the worst intelligence that

I have ever seen in human life and

that's not an exaggeration the shit is

true tonight you better learn that and

better know that because if you don't

you're gonna take a fucking blow back

like you got the wind knocked out of you

like you got a rock thrown at you and it

just hit you in the side of the head

and it just won't go to prove that you

had nothing in there in the first place

so no damage was done HAHA

except cosmetically you can't stop the

remedy coming from Adam Stark because he

is one of the best and they're not the

top MCs ever to stop people from getting

through the point of the top chemistry

in the hip-hop has been replenished by

me because I made my own strategies and

own rap from seeds to weight and I just

recreate the own rapping atmosphere to

appear because you had to stop the Adam

Stark that is here he's gonna keep

going and he's gonna rap and he's gonna

smash these queers trying to pick up the

mic and try to do things but they aint

really gripping it right they're just

saying things that isn't so tight”

“on me it's just you know, go fucking drink some

great replenishments... like bleach and

then hopefully you will die and then we

can... then we can just

completely end the shit

the hateful diatribe between haters and me and then

for the rest of it

you know it's just like you don't have a clue like an

incompetent detective!”

“so you know fuck haters I'll put… I’ll grab their

fucking face and throw them into a

rosemary bush

and they'll be stuck there scared but their fuckin froze

scary looks

and they'll just get cuts all over their fucking face and it's

bleeding from head to toe when you... AND I AINT

letting go!

until I scrape him down to the bottom on the fucking floor and then

they're just gonna... their head will flow

off to the fucking edge of the street

and then they won't be standing next to


well their body will but their head

won't because it's detached from itself

like I just fucking had the elasticity

break and it was that efficiently

amazing that I was able to do that with

that quick of a statement and yeah

that's what happens in rap against

somebody that's considered one of the


Battling Freestyle Live On Air! 7/09/16

“would have gone overboard like

a fucking pirates punishment you know I

come up with anything because I am one

of the kids that can come up with any

single metaphor for any situation that

comes ahead of me like I fucking stab

you into the head and bleed in them then

I put your head on the fucking wall like

it's a trophy!”

“fucking grizzly bear and I just put it over there and then it's

gonna be dwindling in the air and the

furs over it and then all of a sudden

you look at it twice

because you've been smoking too many nights

and you look at it once you get paranoid because all of

the sudden you see it move its eyes

And then you don't know what to do because

you think is it gonna jump out of the

wall is it gonna eat you for breakfast

and you don't know what to do so all the sudden you

start panicking in a second you think of

a new method then you decide I'm gonna

take the trophy out and I'm gonna give

it to someone else because I don't want

it to eat me I want someone else to be

the victim and I'm coming up with shit

crazy out of this moment because it's a

system that I come up with because no

matter what happens in a freestyle about

it I can come up with anything at the moment

and create a new story that had nothing

to do with anything I was saying


because I could say anything cuz I am one of the craziest emcees

I'm at the point where I can make up a story

about any fucking thing and that's like

a great way to come up with excuses also

it's not just one thing that I use in

hip-hop it's something that I can use in

all forms… of life”

“okay because I'm still gonna keep rapping for reaction

I'm just gonna keep attacking people

like I fuckin threw a plasma TV at them

like why would I do that? why choose that

as a weapon you're gonna say why wouldn’t I

choose something normal that should just

spray like POW you know just shoot him with

a gun well that's something that

anybody has said before especially in

hip-hop it's happened so many times


that if I said it now it would just

be one of the things I'd look ancient

And old like a dinosaur

because it's been said so many Goddamn times Imma do something different, something

that's never entered my mind before

Like its what I do every time when I freestyle I

like come with new rhymes and they might

be bizarre there might be something that

is sort of out of the range of what you

would consider to be normal

that's okay because when I do it it's

gonna become an amazing paranormal

activity that it's gonna scare you

vividly it's gonna make you not want to

waste imagery because you're gonna hear

the things I say and then you're gonna

visualize them and then you're gonna

realize that's what's different from me

and the industry is that I actually give

you things to think about and I

guarantee you if I punch you and I beat

the fuck out of you you are not gonna be...

have no reason to be blinking now

because your eyes are gonna be fucked up

like crazy they're gonna be shrinking

and shriveling like I just mushed up the

sponge and now you know rang up the

water out of it that's what I'm gonna do

with your eyes and I take them out of

the socket quick I'm gonna pull them out

and then I'm gonna make sure that I roll

them out like I just took like I just

said I took a fucking dish rag or a

sponge and I just get everything out of

it and that's what you should do when you

Listen to my raps make sure you get

everything out of it because when I

write raps you gotta understand that a

lot of my stuff has multiple meanings

and it's multiple things that you do not

see like that's why you should make sure

you're reading into it and you see the

things that aren't easily mentioned that

aren't... that I'm not saying people are

stupid what I am saying is that my

rhymes are amazing and the things that

come out of them are more than one

meaning and it's just hot it's blazing

it's not containing weak structures it's

things that are just often crazy that

you should make sure you learn from me

because I'm one of the best of these one

of these crazy-ass third-degree

burning emcees that's just... that's how hot

it is and you know I just like to be able to

battle people with everything and every

ob-jective... yeah I said ob...jective I said

it differently because I'm trying to

show that I can do anything because I

could just... in a moment change my accent

and then all the sudden I'll have a

new imbalance of chemistry... damn why the

fuck you still tempted me? I mean shit

I'll beat you... OH FINE! you don't like

it when I fight you? and those kind of

raps? well fine I’ll just do something

else and I'll do... find a different kind

of way to attack and show that you're

Wack! I mean fuck it, you wanna... wanna have a

footrace? I bet I could beat you to a

truck even if I had the fucking feet of

a duck and that means I'd be waddling

and then when you lose gets what's gonna

happen it's still gonna be a problem then

because you're gonna be embarrassed! how did you lose to that man? that guy's

a fuckin that guy looks like a fucking

duckling and he's the ugly duckling and

you LOST to that too?! I just dissed myself

twice and then still made the diss

against you worse than it was when I

said it

so that makes me prove that I'm nice

because I just... exactly I just dissed myself

Twice, dissed you once and I still won this

battle and this shit's done I mean I

don't give a fuck if you think this

shit's dumb I can freestyle about

anything I want to, because there is no

rules in this shit and when it gets to

the guns that's what people are going to

reference when they battle most of the

time it and that... it makes people just

get numb because they don't think of

other ways to attack and other

amazing ways to get past the fact that

you know, you are walking on eggshells

when you go against me or stepping on tacks

and that's ugh, that's gonna hurt yourself a

lot and then you're gonna have to pay a

heavy tax or a levy you know ran the

fuck over like a heavy Chevy ready to

get past the level of... that you're

heading which is off the cliff and you

ain't gonna stop the kid that's put it

in full throttle and I fucking put a

large ass brick on the accelerator and

then you're gonna go down non-stop like

you're at the top floor of an elevator

and the floor one hit the button that's

what happened, nothing! I just rhymed a

whole bunch of stuff and I think you got

it I think you understood it and I think

it was to a point that you stood in the

elevator in your mind cuz at least I put

the picture in you like you got a

fucking traumatic memory that was stuck

and you ain't gonna get it out of view,

because it was something that happened

that you heard when I was rapping and

it's never gonna go away just like you

ain't gonna let go of that napkin if you

fuckin eatin some gross ass food that

your grandmother made you and it was

disgusting and it shouldn't have

been made out of a old three-year-old

expired potato that was made and that's

just disgusting and that's just great

because all the sudden people are gonna

be throwing up and then have to pause

this tape of me rapping because they're

gonna have to wait and they're gonna

have to contemplate they're gonna have to say:

‘oh shit I don't know what else I wanted

to hear him say because he just said the

grossest thing and now I got a stop and

it's too late!’ oh they're gonna be puking

they're gonna be understanding that that

puke is a representation of the putrid

that comes out of the music industry

that today that it's losing its

authenticity it's losing the good raps

that we were often listening to and now

we are getting down to the point where

We are losing any sort of good MCS out

there and it's one of those things these

emcees are bare, these emcees are scared,

as far as the good ones- or excuse me the people that are looked at as the good ones, not the actual ones with skills!

the ones that get kills, the ones that

have good stuff that'll make you get

thrills, and the ones that'll make you

think that’ll say crazy shit that will

give you chills! those ones are very few

and far between, and it's not hard to see,

you know even if it was pitch black I'm

pretty sure you could still understand

which rapper is wacker then the other

one that was standing by them even if it

was a fucking horrible disaster like

like imagine having a

three-and-a-half-hour cypher and you're

locked in the room and they put you

under the chair and they and there's no

stopping you through getting out of it

because you just understand that there

is not something to do... besides listen to

a cipher that is 3 hours and 2 minutes

and 38 seconds and then you got to

listen to let's say 18 wack MCS what are

you gonna do then with the shit?

You're gonna fucking lose your mind and you're

gonna stop realizing that there's people

that can do some rhymes but they don't

actually say anything nice, and those are

the people that the mainstream pushes

them, and they want to use their rhymes

to you know convince people today that

rap was never great and I don't blame

them for sayin’... for believing in that for

the people that say that: ‘oh we don't

want to listen to that weak ass rap’ that

people listen to because there's so many

bad ones that it overlooks the good ones

that are actually in here we're almost

like fucking extinct at this point it

just stinks at this point it's just one

of those things that it gets annoying

because it's like it you got a fucking

battle and explain to people about your

opinion about the game and how it's

gotten so far down and then it's just, you just get fucking famed and

famished because you have to explain it

to every faggot that tells you that ‘rap

sucks because you listen to these guys today?

they’re terrible! I don't want to waste

my time but... my time away I don't want

to listen to these guys and see what

they have to try and say!’ and then

you've got to tell them guess what

that's because the good ones that are

looked at as good are so terrible it's

misunderstood that's all I got to say

and now my cat just walked away and

that's okay”

“lack funds I mean I

get more fucking paper than a newsstand

no not really but, you're so fucking dumb

you tried to eat a food stamp and then

that that shit is just too bad!”

“b-ball... fuck out of my face you stupid-ass

Fly! um, this dude should ask why am i

yelling next door but they can’t hear

Me cuz the doors shut but if it wasn't

then uh people would be poor stuck in

there like: ‘the fuck is that guy yelling

about?’ ...and they're probably gonna tell on me now!”

I Am A Dog Freestyle! 7/11/16

"Alright shit, I don't know

what the hell is about to happen but

let's try freestylin’ like this... yo I

can't see shit I can't see out of this

and that's okay because I'm positive for

rabies and I'm gonna have about 10

babies every time that I breed with

another dog, because what's going on

Is I'm living a life that I never lived

before which is something that's silly

that I had in store... actually I found it

in a store and I bought this mask and

now I can try and get a positive grasp

on what it's like to be a fucking German

Shepherd and I hope that this is worth

learning the lesson that I'm going to

figure out as I'm saying it and I can't

see anything on here so it's pretty much

amazing that I can even breathe and I

should probably fucking get a breathing tube

so I could see the dudes I'm actually speaking to

and otherwise it's going to be hard to digest like a dog

eating people food

and actually be easy to digest I take it back but I play it

back and I just play around and it's

hard to restrain me back like this

fucking crazy mask gets up... I can see

barely out of the nostrils and I'm

digging for bones like I'm looking for

fossils because that's what doggies do and

then they just get... they still win every

battle like Adam Stark does and they get

in the water, they're drowning, but

they'll do the doggy paddle and get out

of it quick and they're not going to

stop until it happens to be less of a

hassle because dogs can train and they

can learn things which is better than

people because most of them are stupid

and they aren't deserving the things

that they do have because they take it

for granted and dogs they were just made

in this planet to be man's best friend

except, some still get abused and that's

sick and I like that and that's some

very disgusting views that people

unfortunately use and abuse that laws

are not meant to be choosin’ for people

that use dogs as things that they

shouldn't be used for like dog fighting! Oh my god...

it's hard to breathe and it's all

frightening and I got my fucking… i don’t have

paws guys but I got hands instead

and that's kind of weird and it's I

guess that makes this look supposedly


because check it out bitch I got opposable thumbs!

which dogs don't have and they also don't wear shirts I mean

some do but that's for weird-ass bitches

that you know can't even figure out how

to put on their skirt right because they

wake up drunk and they... I'm talking about

the rich chicks that put dogs in

their bags and that's some sick shit

that's not a good story to tell it

wasn't told by Slick Rick obviously

because he's the greatest storyteller

There ever was in this shit and let's see, what

else is new? what else can I be doin’ to helping

you cuz thats all dogs do is they

try to help the people that they're

in debt to, that's what they feel like

anyways and now I could throw this in

many ways I could do many plays and well

somebody fucking throw me a bone! haha I mean

a dog can do anything but he's got to

behave in his home, I mean he's fast and

it's true and we already know this and I

suppose this is the weirdest thing

you've ever seen on your phone quick,

that you clicked on and you said: ‘what is

this? this must be click bait?’ Adam

Stark is doing something weird he never

thought he would do but Adam needs to

get his shit straight and I'd be shitting

in places that I would normally shit in

like for example the living room and the

back of the kitchen and and what am I

gonna do next? I'll probably fucking

breed with a poodle and I'll have

babies with another dog that's in the

middle of the street and it was a

doozy ugh was a real doozy because dogs

that do it doggystyle and they get

things going and then it's just often

while you watch that you realize that

dogs... some of them are bad parents and

they don't have rotten childs it's just,

you know the mother does a lot and the

other man just runs off and and then you

know they get adopted in different ways

and that's just some of them have bad

offsprings and you know it's just kind

of weird it's not objective and the

things that come when I’m rapping it's

hard to breathe and it's hard to get

words out of my mouth when it's fucking

a hundred degrees and it's… I’m one of the

emcees who puts up to the challenge no

matter what it is that people throwing

at me but they should throw a frisbee

and I would gladly fetch it and I bring

it back to you and that'd be one hell

of an investment because you can throw

it again and again and again and I won't

get bored it'll be fun every single time it's

like if something new was in store for

me to do that day when I played with you

and I didn't get stopped and it didn't

make me want to drop and roll and you're

gonna fuckin rub my belly and that's odd...

something tells me that I'm acting more

like a dog than I was before I put this

Dumb ass thing off the shelf that

I put over my head and it's, now making

me fear for my health because it's hard

to breathe and I got ears like an Elf,

sort of, I mean it's a shepherd, and I

could say that now I'm like a canine and

that's a great kind because they're the

smartest dogs, at least I think so, we're

what at least one of the great kinds of

intelligent animals and breeds that

there is and I'm one of the greatest MCS

that there is at the same time I’m still

A rapper underneath this fucking mask

that's hard to breathe out of and I'm

one of the greatest MCS out of this

earth and I’m speaking to k9 I guess I

could say that I'm okay nine times out

of 10 that was a metaphor I just

happened to put it in here like it just

happened to fit it in like I just... I'm...

like I need to get my color adjusted

because I actually don't have a collar on this... I'm

disgusted! I'm looked at as a loose dog

a stray one of those things that's not

great that means I'm going to be in

trouble under the law the dog catcher is

going to catch me and then they're gonna

take me on down then they're gonna put

me on the dog stretcher and they're

gonna take me to a different place and

then I'll be done with the pound like

I'm fuckin’, Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg and

Kurupt and Daz and all the great

rappers from the past and I guess that's

a better way to look at it then the

actual fact of what happens when the dog

pounders catch dogs is they take them

and then they you know get em’ in an

Abusive place it's them behind the

cages and they just treat them like

animals! well dogs are animals I suppose

but animals in a different way that's

How i’m displayin’ it and I'm making it

crazy shit and I actually hope I'm in

the fuckin camera view I can't even see

Out of this barely so sorry if it

became doubt and you have to actually

Pan the view! I probably should have

recorded this you know ten feet back if

I don't even know where the hell Adam

Stark would be at if I could see

myself in third person I guess that

would help but that's okay I need to

take this off for Adam’s health because

it's fucking hard to breathe in this but,

I'm as silly as a kid I'd just bought

this and I thought this was funny and

silly as it gets I thought I could put

it on, and give a good show like I do

every time when I come up with a

Good flow and people should know that I'm

still one of the greatest MCS and

everybody should understand that it

takes a lot to be a pro and you see me

though and you know that Adam Stark

it's just one of the people that you

aint beatin bro and I got my fucking dog

on yo’ ass! he's gonna bite you quick

and you know my dog

this one was neutered so he's gonna bite

your dick because he's gonna get revenge

on the humans that took it from him and

now he doesn't have a you know genitalia

to use for em’ so he's gonna take it out

on people because they took it away so

he's gonna kind of look in and sniff and

he's gonna look for some bait it's just

gonna be human beings that get in my way

cuz dogs are loyal and... the head now it

decided to deflate! but that's okay cuz

this rap is just great and I hope

everybody understands that I just like to

be somebody who raps with flavor and I

exaggerate here and there but that's ok

because I'm one of the greatest that

ever did this shit and you know that

because Adam Stark has always been at the top

of this business with his wits and shit,

on top of everything else I still

brought a gimmick to it and I was one of

the greatest who ever get into it like

music that you should need to get and...

put the tunes in, as in you're syncing

It to your iTunes library and I just said

that because I'm scary because I think a

metaphors off the top of a fucking

head that fell off, you probably want to

think that I wasn't going to come here

and go the hell off you probably thought

Adam was gonna say some silly shit like

I was doing a fucking puppet show that's

what it looked like I know, but what the

fuck could go wrong with that? besides me

losing my breath and dying of heat

exhaustion and one of those things could

happen but that's okay because I'm not

breathing often I'm often an emcee

that talks so much that I'm often losing

my oxygen anyway because I'm breathing

so damn LESS, least the breathing is the

least of my problems I should say that

because I'm rappin’ so fast and so

quick and you know this because if you

didn't notice I just happened to keep

going and I won't stop to go spin on

like a rotisserie on a chicken that's

just gonna keep going until it's done

and it's fully cooked and that's how the

beef gets settled because everything to

me is beef when I'm going against these,

weak ass rhymers that can't even keep

a fucking beat going and they can't see

the heat coming like a tea kettle and

anyways I better just fucking take it

easy and it's still hard to breathe and

I might have to take a breather

literally and I might have to put a

fucking oxygen mask, and get a tank, to

fit onto my fucking head and through the

hose and shit because

everybody notices that Adam Stark is

fucking Dyin’! and it's just hot as a

fucking... as ugh, Satan throwing the holy fit!

anyways peace y'all thought I'd try

something silly.”

Live Freestyle! I Couldn’t Sleep So I Rap 7/18/16

“through a computer

screen just remember that all the

fucking typing hateful comments that you

do to me,

talking to those people I'm

gonna get back at them

even if it's just me doing a freestyle

and I Spit raps at them

and I just start attacking them

and I fucking throw thumbtacks at them

and I fucking start becoming a business person way high up

here then I start taxing them!

I can attack them in any way I feel like and

it's not gonna stop me in my mind I am

platinum and then you're probably gonna

come back and say: ‘well it's only in your

mind’ that's right that's what you're

gonna say but you were lonely in your


that means the highest point of

your life you were still lonely you

still had no homies you still fucking,

blow me through the fucking... looking at

the screen you just couldn't stand what

I was saying you couldn't stand what you

were seeing but you didn't understand

that this was an MC who was just MC-ing and

it was just, then beating everybody that

was just... the best in the shit and you

know that it's not gonna happen because

you are a worthless person piece of shit

that was never worth observing you just...

you're a fucking German this fucking

germinated planet that came in and just

decided you wanted to look at my name

and then attach it- to something negative

but that's... I don't give a fuck because

my precipice is beating the shit out of

other bitch ass MC's that try and mess with

this, excellence, and you ain't gonna want

to be tempting this, it's just I'm on a

higher temperament, you don't want to see

where my temper gets! it gets as hot as a

fucking volcano erupting and it's

amazing that the functions of these

bitch-ass people listenin’ and observin’

everything that I say in it, they stay

thinking that... what I say isn’t substance,

fuck this! you know fuck this shit you

dumb ass bitch I ain't give a fuck what

you say to this, the negative people that

listened and just make a display and

they just make hateful things and you

know they send me threats, and they just...

it's all a bunch of emptiness, it's just...

I don't give a fuck about your

stupid-ass things you say it's just one

of the things that should, you should

just disintegrate you know as in

disappeared because you dissing a great

person and then you're gonna

‘disintegrate person’ after I make you ‘disintegrate

person’ that's a fucking some kind

of entendre I'm assuming it's a double

at minimum maybe a triple and

was amazing and the world rippled at the

moment cuz it just I just crippled my

opponent using fucking metaphors I come

up with at any time cuz, what I... like I

said before I got substance and I'm

punching constantly metaphorically and

physically and I'm surprised that I don’t

break the frickin screen the way I'm

always throwing my arms when I rap I

guess you could say that was bizarre but

it's an attack that works and it's been,

ugh something that I have observed that I

do, you know I can criticize myself at

least I know what my worth is, so I can

not be simple-minded as well at least

I know what this guy has been dealt

which is a talent skill set of being

hip-hop and getting off of getting

amazing raps and I always give props to

other good rappers when there

actually is one which is rare to find

it's part of the wisdom its like, it

comes with it you know I'm just one of

the kids that always is one of the

sickest, sickest in a sense that I will

beat you to the point that you will get

inside of a defensive mode and you just

think it's you gonna stop me with

antibiotics and probably gonna take some

pepto-bismol because it's gonna make you

sick to your stomach like a fucking

ulcer and if you think you're making me

sick that was false sir! and then you

just gonna beat me to the point you're

like a fucking... ugh you could only beat me if

you were a fucking golfer and you were

playing that whack-ass sport no offense

but you know I'm on the fence to say

that I'm as hot as fucking sulfur you

know none of this shit you're saying

is gonna make me stop you know it's

like I threw a fucking anchor off of the

dock, and you know some people are a

hater, because they're not in this spot,

as in the metaphor I'm going off of

being on a boat, and I was just fishing

and I was wishing that I can show y'all

what was happening when the Sun was

glistening today”

“I get my shit off I know what I'm talking about I know what

I'm rocking now I know I couldn't fall

off of a fucking rocky boat if I didn't

have a seatbelt on, and I threw a hundred

rocks in the boat! and it was gonna be to

the point where it was gonna topple

though I could be completely turned over

and I still wouldn't get wet I'd be on

the top of the boat, with my shoes on it

and I would move off and I’d jump from

this to the fucking grass next to it and

there would be at the point where you

see... I would be the last remnants”

I Have No Patience Freestyle 7/21/16

“Wilson in the island, that's

from that one fucking movie whatever

it's called with Tom Hanks and he was

dying and he was crying and he was

wishin’ he was livin’ a life that he

wasn't lyin’ in, that's what actors do

anyway as they're lyin’ and that's where

they lying in they're gonna end up in the

ground in a cemetery lying in the dirt

and then they're gonna be lying in the

dirt like they were trying to get... find a

different way to get inside of this

Little Earth”

“soldier like I said before but it's more... that it needs more closure

than ever before because you know Adam

Stark he's always moving around, you see

my entire body there's not one

Inch resting,

or you know you see that I'm one guy that's interesting

be, or maybe I'm very boring and I'm always in motion

because there's not one interesting spot!

get it? not one INCH a RESTING spot! not


see I just did a crazy double entendre is to make this

sick, sicker than it would be if you were

watching some soccer and you just wanted

to watch to see if there: a fight would

come out because that's the only reason

I watch that sport, no offense but that's

the way that I'm coming at the things

now because I just say it the way I feel

it the way I’m watching things how it

becomes something different when it's

people, watch it to see the competition

but I'm only watching it to see if

something's gonna happen that wasn't

part of the plan and it's been admitted

by me first, because I always keep it

real, never keep it fake, and for keepsake

and you know that Adam Stark is one of

the emcees that rake in new fans in

every way he can, that's why I always do

freestyles, even if I feel like it's one

of the things that people it's... I've

noticed it's a lost art it's a lost

sport it doesn't happen no more for all

sorts of different reasons don't ask me

Why, freestylin has been less popular than it

was before cuz it used to be on demand

and it was always heard it was always

observed it was always requested and now

you see that these sessions are becoming

more and more, become thin and each get

stretched into different decimals,

decibels excuse me and the rest of it

poles too new other places and yeah I

guess you could say there's a point to

it, like decimals I wanted to clue that

word anyway because I just cancelled it,

and then I re-cancelled it, its like I

fired you then I rehired you

immediately or I canceled your quitting

and you see that these emcees that can

come up with amazing things like Adam

Stark does because Adam Starks buzz is

higher than fucking retarded bitch-ass

BuzzFeed I hate that website but I

wanted to compare my buzz to what their

buzz feeds and their buzz needs to stop

being fucking shameful and ruining

people's lives because you know what?

they have is a hidden agenda behind

there, and you see that and if you don't,

it's too painful”

I Had A Great Day Freestyle 7/25/16

"Yo I had a really

great day so I feel like freestyling

let's get, it cuz I am wit’ it, I'm

gonna be traveling as far as three

islands if I feel like it cuz Adam Stark

is a real fighting real Titan real

hungry motherfucking punching MC that's

gonna beat your fucking face to death if

I feel like it cuz, I can beat anybody in

a race to death, I could just fucking

take a bayonet and I could chuck it

faster than you could take a bullet out

of the fucking pump shotgun chucking it,

bullets at me but I'm fully rapping at

my full fuckin function it's my ‘getting

mad mode’ and it's Adam Stark is in rap

mode and I'm always gonna attack folks

theoretically because he's pathetic he's

getting to the point where he is

receptive to everything that I say even

if he doesn't think he's pathetic I can

prove it because I am moving in ways

that you couldn't do if you were copying

the fucking greatest MC’s blueprints and,

when I say he wasn't talking about me

He wasn’t talking about somebody that I

decided to be dissing subliminally, or

not subliminally maybe I'm just trying

to distract you from anything that I'm

trying to do because every message I

rapped through, happens to be crazy it's

a method that Adam used and it's a

fucking... written on my body as if it was

a tattoo but it ain't because, um when I

say written on my body, you know there's

no tattoos on me, you know I'm just... you

just reading my fucking face but my

flesh is getting off me, it's gonna be

rotting like a fucking zombie because

I'm attacking everybody that wants to

get on me, and by on me, I'm saying that

they're trying to get on my nerves and, I

could say ‘on me’ because everybody

literally gets in my face with this shit

cuz they think that they're just amazing

but they're falling from grace with this

shit they just fucking... got kicked off

the cliff that I chose him to fall off

of and it's not gonna stop Adam Stark

from doing his stuff that he wants to

get done it's... Adam Stark is just off-

off of one, you know he could be on a

rocker and he could be rocking so

fucking fast on the rocker that he could

fall off the rocker and I rhymed rocker

like four fucking times to prove

something because I can do ‘nothing’ with

words if I wanted to, I just proved that

I don't have to rhyme but then I'm going

to go back and prove that another time!

watch, I'll do it again I'll say: on the

rocker, then I'll rhyme it with ten

different things like I'll say, I’ll fucking

punch your doctor, I'll fucking

waste no time showing you that your

nothing proper that should be done in

the MC game, because you're on the

fucking jock sir, and you ain't gonna beat

me faster than I could if I was hiring

somebody to run you over with a 18 Mach

bird fucking airplane running the shit

over you! and it's gonna just get over

you it's gonna be something you're gonna

look up and realize it was just coming

into view mid view and it just hit you

and it just took you over and guess what:

I'm still not done rhyming with the word

I would just was, so let me do a quick

turn like ‘Red Rover’ and go back to it

because I was rhyming with Doctor and now

I'm gonna get to the next point I'll

teach you a lesson like a proctor, I'll

keep going and I'll say something else

crazy to run with that word like, guess

what I can kick you in the fucking face

like I am very terrible at soccer and

you were close range and you shouldn't

have been that close cuz you know was

about to pass the ball to the next guy

in the next lane and then guess what? I

could fucking take ten planes and I

could put him in different areas and

guess what I wasn't talking about

airplanes and now I know I know that I'm

scaring ya because you thought I was

talking about the fucking actual

vehicles that go into flight and go into

the sky but I am NOT I'm talking about

something else very frightening and I'm

not gonna deny it when I'm saying is, I

could take ten planes of shit that I was

fucking writing down and I was doing a

math experiment and I was trying to be

explaining it, because I said before I

was a fucking Proctor, see how I bring up

the shit in the past? my freestyles and

you know this because it's awkward and

because it's awkward that means you're

gonna remember it more than if it was

something simple and easy to

extinguish what I was trying to say,

and I meant to say distinguish but I

said extinguish because you want to put

my fucking fire out, coming from this

guy's mouth when I'm a fighter now, I'm

not no longer a freestyle rapper I'm now

just... I'm an entire fucking round of

ammunition just coming and attacking

people that get in my way that's not

going to be an easy thing to be admittin’

when I'm sittin’ at the other side of

fucking... being judgment... being judged at

Judgment Day cuz it's one of the things

I'm coming to say is that, I'll get in

your fucking face and fucking... you know

ruin what cha look like, like you just did

the fucking ‘face swap snapchat’ and...

whatever that thing's called and but, it... I

am way fucking past that because that's

one of those dumbass things that little

kids play with and that's that, and if

not then you're just immaturely doing

something that you shouldn't be doing

because that's a stupid app and you know

that you're ruining the time

that you could be doing good stuff you

could be fucking studyin’ and you could be

learning about shit or you could be

listening to some good ass music and you

know that you are deserving that shit,

unless you're just a worthless person

that isn't further you know, rehearsing

of things that we have learned from the

past which is to be better than what we

were before because maybe you used to be a

piece of shit than you ain't learn

because, it's a not an easy gift to

understand that you can learn from your

past mistakes and that even if you're

not rapping great you realize that you

can get past the tapes, without fucking

pressing the fast-forward function

because it's one of the things that I am

more in touch with, because Adam is

fucking... for the one kid that thinks life

is over for em’ and I will get them and I

will take them, and I will make them

understand that there is more in it for

them like you could fucking... learn like

you're reading a forum f o r u m because

that's a fucking... what do you call it... a

website where you can learn about stuff

or you can learn about us because some

of them are personal, some of them are

educational you know that because it's

one of the things that's up to your

reputation to understand and to

undermine it's one of the times that you

get one of demands is that become a

demand for people to come and to, get

into your fucking, words and learn from

it and it's one of the things that I am

just burning your substance because

you're putting out a bunch of shit but,

you want me to learn from you but I've

already learned it first and if you try

and curse the words and reverse the

meaning of it like you try to reverse

the birth of it because you thought you

worded it perfect because it was

something that you said, and your ego is

that high where you think because you

said it: that you are that guy! that you

would just made something amazing

because it came from your mouth but,

there's plenty of other things that you

could be safe for that now because what

happens when your mouth decays and it's

in a drought, that's what should happen

to bad rappers that are entered this

game now, but it doesn't, but that's okay

because you... I wasn't one to not

understand how the game works it's one

of those crazy things and I should just

fucking made a major arcade game like

‘Game Works’ that's a fucking store where

you can play a bunch of arcade games and

that was an amazing thing because I

wanted to say some things that happened

to rhyme with what I said before, but in

a crazy way because I went from a

fucking... two words to a fucking pronoun

and you know now because, I would say I'm

the ‘pro now’ but did you already expect

me to say that but I'm not going to say

that I'm gonna save that, instead I'm

gonna say I'm profoundly

disturbing every other emcee coming

against me because their face is gonna

meet the curb in less than a second

because I can meet you 10 speeds faster

than you could if you want to fight me I

will beat you I will easily just

discrete you, and I will easily deplete

you in different places and if you want

me to say that I will meet you, then

here's what I can do I can fucking write

to you I'll write a letter to you

anonymously and you will see that's

coming from an awesome MC, and then you

won't think it's me because you don't

think I'm awesome anyway because I see I

have a lot of haters and they meant

nothing to me any day of the fucking

week that I read your fucking weak ass

comments that you're gonna leave to me

it's not gonna be defeating me it's gonna

be one of the things, that's crazy

because it's all hidden in secrecy like

the fucking... hidden cabal and you ain't

wishing me all good luck but it's okay

because how much could a woodchuck if

a woodchuck could chuck wood, Chuck? I'll tell

you what Chuck! Chuck's your fucking name

that's why I ended it by saying Chuck

and I ain't saying much if you ain't

listenin to what I'm saying cuz you

don't like to listen to crazy metaphors

and similes and alliterations and

high hyperboles and onomatopoeias and

other things because I don't want to be

ya even if I'm one of the guys that

doesn't have fuckin words and rhythm and

you know you're cursed like the system

is for getting people who have worst... the

worst wisdom it's gettin to be longer

and longer referred to prison because,

that's what happens when you get... you

fuckin trap yourself in this cage

because realizing you think you're the

only animals in hell but not thinking

that, it's the authorities that put those

animals in hell and you ain't going to

stop the guy that's telling you because

I'm a savage from this and I help other

people even if you don't think I do I

talk about battlin’ because it's the way

that I react to shit when I'm getting

attacked so many times on-fucking-line

that's gonna ruin my fucking mind but

then again I'm just gonna rise from it

and I'm one of the people that can be

crazy because if a guy summons a fucking

crazy monster he's gonna tank me with it

and it's... and now it's a science fiction

rap but that's okay because isn't that

exquisite? isn't that interestin’? isn't

that some crazy interestin’ mythological

shit because it's a, crazy tip that I'm

going to coming up with... any

insurmountable amount of hits, when it

comes to what I'm gonna say because I

don't know much about that shit but I

still know enough to say… ugh the you know

the least amount of it, I can at least

come up with the crazy meaning and make

a thesis for it and you know you will be

distorted because you know going against

a crazy MC that he knows that this

is what he is in for, its

for freestyles and crazy raps and crazy

fucking rhymes going all over the place

its omnipresent you know you can't stop

anybody that's gonna stomp you out like

a fucking dead cocky wannabe peasant, and

I'm on the fucking top of the league and

you know you ain't stopping an emcee

that is just not wanting you like... a

silent bitch with a fucking duct tape on

your mouth you ain't talking to me, and

it's just... I'm just fucking done

accomplishing all these fucking things

you just motherfucking wannabes coming

on to me, and then it ain't saying that

you fucking being flirtatious its just,

you want to fuck with a guy that's

tougher than you and as an emcee and

that's courageous but guess what, your

basic you're gonna meet your fucking

maker and that was me because guess what

I say words that you couldn't say first

but you can claim that you do but that's

a false claim sir, because you're just

making a fucking stupid-ass claim that's

all you're doing and that's you're gonna

ruin that name that you had already

whatever level you had it at, it's gonna

go down down down and down more like a

fucking hibernation bear and its habitat

because that's what it does it goes down

and hides in the fucking caves and

caverns and holes and other places that

Adam could find out because he knows so

many things about different fucking

subjects and you know this because, all

you talk about is guns and how the

fucking snub ejects bullets and I get it

that's kind of cool but you know it's

one of the things that fullest gets me

to the point of being pissed off because

there's so many other fucking things you

could rhyme about in hip-hop if you're

just a ‘one-trick pony’ I mean I guess

it's okay if you're REALLY good at that

one trick that you can do but, homie you

got to see that there's things that

you could do, and you know me, I'm

somebody that's gonna tell you the truth

even if it hurts and it shows me that

you're not somebody that wants to listen

to advice that I give you but that's

okay because you're on this mic and

you're not this guy is you? as if you

were, then this wouldn't be an issue

because you know that it is berserk and I'm

gonna fucking beat you to the point that

you're in the middle of earth like a

fucking Middle Earth what does that

fucking... stupid ass show ‘Lord of the

Rings’ and you know you're you're the

fucking horror of this thing because all

you want to do is explore everything you

want to get your self stuck get your

sorry ass out there and be famous for

what? being somebody? you're like an MC

that is like the meaning of

welfare which means everything is handed

out to you and I'm not saying welfare

and real life is bad, I'm just saying in

freestyle and as a point of being an

emcee is to get yourself out, and of the

fucking... bubble that they put you in and

that's all I'm saying because if you

lookin’ inside of it and you just, you

just want to rhyme a bit you just want

to stay in that little fucking... you want

to be a little bit of fire like a ‘Bic’

and you don't want to be something big

like a fucking flaming torch and, and

then I don't mean Fleming in a gay way

cuz that's what you're probably gonna

say if sorts because like I said

everything can be spun in its own way

and you know that because Adam Stark

don't play even if this was a fucking,

game to you it aint a game to me so

shame on you for thinking that you're

gonna be shaming me, because I'm a great

MC and I'm always gonna be that way and

you're never gonna see Adam Stark become

decayed because I'll... maybe I'm fucking

immortal you didn't know that but maybe

you do now, because I just told you that

and if you didn't and you still don't

believe it then you're just a

non-believer and that's all it is and

I'm not gonna call you an atheist

because I never said I was a god neither,

so that's up to you to decide you can

choose the way to rhyme, I'm just

telling you to be better than you could

ever be without using a fucking excuse

to get away from using your rhyme words!

because that's all it is you're gonna

start at the bottom and you could work

your way up, or you can tell yourself

you're okay at the middle or the... you

know... one quarter section of where you could be

and that's just a horrible way to be and

that's a, horrible weapon to choose

yourself because then you're not going

to be able to you know, choose the belt

that you want, don't you want the

champion one? or one of the ones

underneath that like the Banta weight or