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Anatomy Of Amazing Lyrics! Autobiography

By Adam Stark








I am one of the greatest writers of all time when it comes to technical skill! My lifetime goal is to be recognized as being up there with the greatest writers of all time. A lot of my lines you could grab and find a worthwhile quote, technically sound metaphor, literal multiple meaning(s) or an adept take on a new philosophy to consider. Not even just the whole rhyme, in some cases just a segment can hold individual value if those words were introduced to someone without knowing it had anything in relation to lyrics! Why did I choose to dedicate my life to writing? More importantly, why dedicate many years towards perfecting my craft as a rapper? The love for the art, but not as first. I’ve always loved most old school rap and hip hop, plus some underground. I hate every mainstream rapper after the year 2000. Anyways, admiring it so much it was only natural for me to at least attempt to write some lyrics. I had so much respect for rap when I first started that I gave myself an ultimatum: to be great at it, and stick out somehow; and if I would fail to do that, QUIT! For good! If I honestly felt that I was a horrible writer, I would bow my head in shame and give up permanently, and continue being a listener. Additionally, freestyling (impromptu performing) was just as important to me. At first, all I could do was just freestyle enough to make words rhyme consistently. That didn’t mean a thing to me! Once I gained the ability to create new punchlines, metaphors, entire stories, moments ect. out of thin air, THEN I felt comfortable enough to consider myself a freestyle artist. It was the thought that: ‘anyone can make words rhyme’ that pushed me to be better. But to be able to rhyme WHILE making a metaphor, a unique comparison or an interesting spin on a narrative IMPROMPTU made me proud of my talents. While you read through my lyrics, you’ll notice that I’ve tried every rhyme pattern, style, and speed (including new ones I‘ve invented.) I’ve proven that I can write many different types of songs within each genre. I can write stories, fast raps, back to back punchlines, tongue twisters, concepts, comedy, personal, philosophies, indescribable, puns, fantasy, current events, specifically tailored material and new ideas I’ve created as well. Every possible type of punchline, I have used (plus some new ones I’ve invented) For example: Similes, alliterations, metaphors, entendres, literal multiple meanings, soliloquies, hyperboles, onomatopoeias, allusions, illusions, motifs, ironies, folklore, exaggerations, fallacies, comedic, philosophical, unorthodox, indescribable, personifications, interjections, dialogues, oxymorons, allegories, analogies, colloquial language, homilies, imagery, narratives, paradoxes, pedantic language, rhetoric, semantics, sarcasm, symbolism, syntax, wit, thesis’s ECT. Here’s some strong advice I would like to offer: AVOID PROPER NOUNS! Yes, I do use them once in awhile, of course. But for the vast majority of the time, I do NOT use proper nouns (a specific person place or thing) The reason for this is because I truly want my lyrics to last forever. That means the world to me! If I create a spectacular rhyme about something extremely specific, one day that rhyme will fade and be meaningless to the world in the future. Current event lyrics are only going to last for a certain amount of time, eventually people will be forced to ask: “I don’t understand the lyric, what were they referring to?” By having most of my lyrics be general, ambiguous or generic subject matter, in the future they will still apply and make sense without having to do research. I take a lot of chances to go on the offensive with my lyrics. I’m attacking frequently, because I view hip hop as a competition. I can prove that I can diss someone else in a more creative and skillful way. None of my disses in any of my raps are aimed towards my listeners, just towards other rappers that I hate and haters. To me, haters are people that don’t like my raps for no feasible reason, they just hate because I don’t sound like their favorite rapper who would just rap about drugs cars and sex only like a useless dipshit. If someone doesn’t like my lyrics, they should have a reason that makes some sense. Point is, when I often say lines that sound like I’m saying “fuck you!” That’s aimed at other rappers and haters, NEVER my listeners. I also use a ton of violent imagery, which has been used in lyrics a million times. I do it still because I’m proving that even with an overused subject, I can still create original ways to portray it. Gun lines are another thing that I’m very careful about. They are used a ton by people that clearly don’t use guns. When I make a gun bar once in awhile, I make it in a very creative way. Lastly, when I say something in a rap that sounds like: “I can do this, you can’t do what I do!” That is me aiming directly at my competition, NOT any of my listeners.


NOTE: Reading some of my lyrics verbatim, it may sound like some things don’t rhyme 100%. Listening to me actually rap the lyrics you will discover that they all do rhyme (as intended) the reason for this has to do with a few factors: for one, I will use certain slang words that have gained mainstream popularity such as the word ‘ain’t’ for example. Another thing that I do frequently is use the slang pronunciation for words that end in the letters ‘ing’ and instead pronounce them as ending with the letters: in’. The apostrophe at the end of the letters: ‘in’ symbolizes that it is slang and improper usage, but allows for me to rhyme certain things in some circumstances. When reading through my lyrics also keep in mind that you don’t actually have to rap the words that are in parenthesis or behind a ‘/‘ symbol, those are just words or definitions that I wanted to make a note of so that all of my meanings of my lyrics are understood. This is done especially for the more complex writing that I have created. If you would like to go any more in depth with my lyrics and all of their meanings, I have several videos that will give you all of the possible details that you’d desire to know about. I’ve successfully broken down barriers in the English language!

Cause Of Death! 4/11/2021


“Haters said Adam maybe you should retire from rapping, bitch you gotta be kiddin’!

A face mask couldn’t stop me from spittin’!

Built the first ‘Smart house’ myself, its my patent you outta see,

I Own the rights to the ‘intellectual property’

Why? I ran outta room for dead bodies, I was in need of a larger tomb,

There was only a ‘small’ storage space... so at the time there was ‘no longer room’

You thought I lost my concentration and started to lose it?

Know (/no) I’m focused and gaining ratings so Notice tractions (/no distractions) coming to my music!

You try to play the part of a rapper? I didn’t even audition to rap this dope!

Adam Stark is instinctively stealing your fame, so the outcome is natural

(/snatch ur role)

Write clues on dead bodies of wack rappers I make extinct,

Literal poisonous tattoos with hidden messages coated

(/coded) with ink,

Every line in this has multiple meanings yet have you noticed a thing?

This poison ‘ink’ in sync when sinked is inked!

I have a riddle for you, a question,

the ‘material’ in question... is this:

if you could travel back in time, and if you successfully did, it...

Travel back in time for the simple purpose: inventin’ (/invent tin)

Basically Adam’s suggestion (/Adam suggest’s tin)

Now let’s see if you listened, pause this quick

and say what you need to say you now invented?

Answer for this riddle: Invent Tin!

Clues to keep in mind as I said it was material, and I actually said I suggested, to suggest it, the answer itself blended in the rhyme, suggest Tin!

On the subject of invention, since it’s inception I have proven on numerous events my adept wit is not contested,

Now here’s my next shit: it’s called the cause of death!

This trash rapper kept watching me,

Now I’ll explain how I stopped this beef:

What’s impolite is starin’

Once in, pull eye is tearin’

What’s left? One simple Eye to stare in,

Twisted the Eye out of his head, bloody awful mess,

Used a nut fixing tool, what’s the cause of death?

I guess I’ll call it a ‘socket’ wrench!

On to the next...

You wack rappers work for me,

Motivation to be the one good rapper certainly,

I’ll steal your measuring stick and make you choke to death on it is something I will do,

Cause of death, ME your boss and your ‘ruler’ killed you!

On to the next...

Extremely morbidly fat body is making him die without his knowledge, but that’s not all of it!

While he’s stuck miles underneath me, his eyes look up to see the mountain’s edge and visually follow it,

I drop a heavy Dumbbell that can’t possibly miss him... so for the causes of death how are we calling it?

he the victim would look up while pointing at the dumbbell then literally say: “Anticipation... the ‘wait’ is killing me!”

(/weight) is killing me!

In this case ‘Wait’ (/weight) has THREE meanings LITERALLY!

On to the next...

Repeatedly, several times while this wack rapper was on the ground he’s stomped to death... so what’s the cause of death?

insanity, or bad learning in the end...

because I was repeating the same ‘steps’ over and over again!

On to the next...

Gasoline starting erupting flames on his fingers on the tips,

spread to beyond his wrist,

all the way to his shoulders now the next clue is probably common sense,

but even though no gun was involved in this,

the cause of death was STILL firearms, ironically in the end of all of this!

On to the next...

Another terrible writer with some fame, but he wouldn’t battle due to cowardice tendencies,

he scarcely climbed his way up the ladder while heavily on narcotic extremities,

While up there he viewed real rappers battle! so scared of the violence he fell off while being so ‘high’

the causes of death: his fear of fights

(/fear of heights)

On to the next...

This poor man refused to eat, and was extremely sad ever since,

Cause of death? Think: Starvation, or depression? He felt ‘nothing inside’ So the causes of death was ‘emptiness’!

On to the next...

Prison sentence with no parole, no death penalty, died in prison as well.

The cause of death in this instance was ironically ‘life’ itself!

On to the next...

A guy lost his life due to a disloyal friend, it’s a unique tale,

His treacherous double crossing buddy told him a bad exit on purpose after the illegal street sale,

The rail next to the ocean killed him, after running out of the sandy trail,

so what’s the Causes of death? the Beach rail! (/betrayal)

Choke you to death with one hand, my arm-murder-ability,

While I’m physically protected for a long time with good armor-durability,

Other good rappers and myself don’t wanna hear you question our-murder-ability,

My life story should teach you “fuck all the hate that haters do,”

My writing pen has a human quality, if what I say is true,

give my pen a trait to ‘breakthrough’

(/penetrate to breakthrough)

...See ya on the other side.”

Last Defense! 3/03/2020

This rap was written with the intention of high energy projected into each word. I perform this rap slowly and loudly, but with passion. This is another take on my opinion of how we need to stand up against the new mainstream rappers, as they continue killing hip hop and making it into a JOKE.


"New rapper alert! Wack as fuck of course Hip hop continues to die,

Diminishing while you watch or step up, Wither without you by his side!

(/with or without you by his side!)

I’ll Turn the volume off of the wack frauds whom the radio would choose to feature,

At the same exact time I’ll fire off silencers in their mouths to ‘Mute’ the ‘speakers’

He should pay me NOT to battle him, to avoid losing to my greatness,

by taking the ‘high road’ to demonstrate an elevation!

(/an ‘L’ evasion!)

If he would agree to battle me I’d embarrass him and leave him alone,

But he’d decline in record time, instead I’ll have to put a bullet in both eyeballs, to (/two) each his own,

I’ll be a graffiti artist foreshadowing the future, ‘the writings on the wall’ I’m the pro taggin’ this!

You’ll see a toe tag on this protagonist!

Researchin’ this weak-person seemed-urgent as what I had seen-worded was that he’s popular!

Not concerned there’s no good lyrics discovered on this Earth

Not to mention the omniverse!

Every rap career, I’ll teach em’ that the end is near,

your afraid of the dark so when i knock your lights out my fist interferes with your inner-fears!

He’s telling me he wants to slice up my bladder with something sharp to disturb my essence,

I’ve never experienced pain down between my legs, but just thinking about it now makes me understand Ur intentions!

(/urine tensions)

My fans told me ‘make sure he’s unarmed’ I took the threat literally to the end,

Cut them off all together.... like I wanted nothing to do with them!

more stab wounds to arm pits and you’ll see the blood increases

(/in creases)

Rip the vocal cords off the larynx to make him fuckin’ speechless!

So mister victim listen up I’ll give you a big clue, you know some sort of hint,

You can’t speak and I took you off the map, is there any more to it?

My machine that can save you is missing the plug, that’s also unfortunate,

So your throat, this location and the machine have the same thing in common... there’s no coordinate!

(/cord in it!)

(/Chord in it!)

Accept my top spot and listen when I pass my words you should cherish the code,

Anyone else steppin’ in? I’ll Cut off oxygen to kill the king’s replacements, no more heir to the throne!

(/Air to the throne!)

A loser sore as you affords a quick death for being a poor sportsman,

Hand you a 1 inch paper saying I’m gonna kill you in 1 second... you die with such a ‘short notice’!

All you biters need to take heed & dont step-on-my-grind,

when you steal my lyrics yall should Recognize you wreck-a-nice rhyme,

never touch my pen & pad you would waste-imagery,

I could be a starving artist in the Hunger Games & taste victory!

Don’t tell on me for the 328 victims,

just pretend this face is in-a-cent

(/innocent) like Abe-Lincoln!"

Criminal Investigation Process! 9/15/19

This is another rap for my project called: 'Makin' Substance For Basic Subjects!' In this group I take very widely known subject material and rap my heart out! I rap very well in these and use tons of impressive figurative language in the process! I make a point to say, anyone could write about a well known topic, but I still do it way better! This rap specifically is about what its like to investigate a crime in the United States, what to look for. I make up examples to create some neat wordplay moments. I tried to use lesser known facts for certain parts of this rap to impress my listeners. I briefly describe the court system as well. My personal favorite parts are when I do a multiple literal meaning line and then I actually say that right after it to emphasize!


"To begin the process of a Criminal investigation

The most essential element is pivotal, education!

Discover what you can about the victims involved,

Gather what information you can from any witness and keep notice of any initial withdrawal,

What information is noteworthy?

Prioritize this case to moralize your soul searching,

Check out every member of the witness list,

If they don’t quite remember you may hire a hypnotist,

Crucial information that you’d go move your case with, maybe use a polygraph and for all you asked and research the indicators scribbled in,

Also see their backgrounds, are there any unreliable criminal recidivists?

Meanwhile the crime scene should be thoroughly examined at every side your

Best bet is to dust for finger prints and exercise til your

Back, head, arms neck and thighs hurt

As you utilize tools to find the clues that best provides your

ability to recognize and collect the tiny samples to check for fibers,

Amongst them, any outliers? Anything rare?

Anything that was not indigenous to the area there?

Now as for the bodies themself, the autopsy’s important to help

See what the toxicology report would tell!

Ponder, could there be any accomplices, more than 2 types of DNA discovered?

could one suspect have handled the violent act, and one was helping as a newcomer?

lets say there was vomit at the scene, far from the rest of it,

the DNA of it was not the violent accomplice, based on the analysis evidence,

tell the attacker about his buddy being placed at the crime scene to hopefully get a confession hence

his forensic evidence of that is the barf remnants,

get it, I said his friends sick, evidence of that is the barf remnants!

different example, lets say a death had suspicious timing which led to financial gain,

as far back as a long time ago, with these ample claims,

insurance money is always suspicious, and it's beneficiary, a criminal seized the money from

(/and its been a 'fishy' area criminals' seized the money from)

both meanings, debt can be cumbersome!

consider an expert to perform a handwriting analysis,

this will help you understand how the case balances

as it becomes clear on the insurance claim, who actually did

sign the name given on it, as accurate?

find out if this evidence will help with the trial, for the big money obtained from the victim that was killed,

see if the signatures are legit forgeries to help decide guilt

(/are legit, for juries to help decide guilt!)

another example, what if a landlord was killed by a firearm?

no finger prints or non-victim DNA, but the shell casings were picked up from thee entire yard,

bring the possible murder weapon to a firearms expert, get an idea of what your facing,

the expert compares the possible murder weapon with another make and model of a similar firearm for creating

an examination side by side, testing the speed and locations of the ammo with more than one shot, for bullet tracing

(/for bullet racing)

both meanings, the murder weapon best not be contested,

as well as the crime scene best not be infected,

let's say the tenant was the killer, but they never committed a nefarious crime?

no history of violence at all, but the gun was registered to be theirs you find,

to establish a reason for them to kill, you find out they can't afford to live at that residence

before this incident, you'd describe them as someone literally nonviolent and compliant with paying for their home to put it the simplest,

their insufficient funds made their brain control them in a new may, as they've always been nonviolent and such,

if your asking how, in other words: a motive? rent for them became too much

(/a mode different for them, became too much!)

both meanings, money and the violence together!

look at these crimes at all possible angles,

linear or not with timing of each event possibly tangled.

if justice was a class, and you were a student in the field being graded,

and actual field work with real criminal takedowns was integrated,

and you wanted to get your first feel for what its like, find your first perpetrator

and aim your stun gun to subdue them successfully,

3 people looking back at this, one pointing at the criminal, one pointing at the injury on the criminal, one pointing at you, best believe

they will all say:

you got tased for justice!

(/you got taste for justice!)

(/you got Aced for justice!)

triple meaning, to serve each of it's functions!

with some cases, possibly set up sting operations,

computer experts can find deleted files the hard drive takes in,

try to communicate with the suspect undercover, for an incriminating detail,

A LOT of messages with them privately on the internet, so correspondence via email

(/so correspond dense via email!)

both meanings, get them to speak candidly and off guard

to make your case against them look rock hard!

now here's a discourse on courts and trials

to prepare yourself for the wild

initially, detectives with you will state your opinion, possibly debating,

based on the likelihood of evidence combined with the statements they are making,

look at the case as a whole as you listen to the arrestee talk as well, what do you get?

it's suspect collating the story

(/it's us speculating the story!)

both meanings, as a means of obtaining the truth before me,

Look over the case file,

Make sure that the inculpatory and exculpatory evidence is submitted and understood to face trial,

Don’t you dare charge a suspect with a crime until you have a compendium of evidence,

Gather your experts in all fields of study to aid and make sense of it,

As for the crime itself, does it make sense or no sense at all?

Who’s truthful and who has incentive for fraud?

Was it committed methodically or was it rushed?

During any interrogation, you outta see that lying comes,

do they touch their nose? Did they get flustered and blush?

Did they stick to a scripted story that becomes their crutch?

The interrogation is halted the moment that they ask for a lawyer, legally it must be stopped,

Legal counsel will advise you on what to say and what not...

Get it? What to say and ‘what not?’

You must check every suspect for defensive wounds,

Sometimes the cause of death is also the causal nexus to get the proof!

Who has a motive, no matter how small, to commit the heinous crime?

What would they most likely plea during the arraignment time?

Even if they DID the crime, they will tell the Judge: “not guilty” in a sense,

In other words what verdict are they going for? “NOT guilty, innocence!”

They may even have people to help them, their lawyer could call a witness,

If you fail to cross examine them, they could alleviate all suspicion!

Hopefully the right one gets convicted and they were properly charged,

As long as you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was intent at minimal to commit bodily harm?"

Echoing Entendres 3/10/2019

I decided to (mostly) avoid doing literal multiple meanings for this rap. Most other artists are incapable of creating literal multiple meanings so they just fail embarrassingly, or they will repeat the words in another upcoming line. I made my own in this style but made sure I wrote long ones to be more impressive. What to take from this, if you had a regular conversation with me, I could potentially freestyle my dialog with you while flawlessly rhyming more likely than the next person.It is less talented to write all of the meanings out, but also a lot less work to accomplish, so I tried to think of the craziest subject matter for these rhymes!


"A blind person frequently reading brail is pokin’ words so often,

My style of rap is considered ‘spoken word’ so often,

Can demon’s words coming out of your mouth...

cause speaking while chewing Candy mince words coming out of your mouth?

I remember a bunch of car accidents according to my recollection,

I’ll prove that with photos according to my wreck collection,

The parents’s boy came out of the dark and the biggest star was seen, they saw the sunshine, then when

(/son shine, then when)

The inventory coin count came to ten cents and wasn’t layered at all it was one dimensioned!

(/one dime mentioned!)

As he got older and dumber, he’d age removing brain cells,

Imagining performing a craniotomy he’d daydream moving brain cells,

Nothing grossed me out I never disgust things,

Never spoke a word with anyone else I never discussed things,

The largest land animal is endangered, who’s lives are in Peril? Elephants!

To save them let’s run a protective wall on each side parallel, A fence!

Biggest bodies of water where you will see some boats move? Some oceans!

In different directions as well, you will see some boats move some motions!

Worked for 60 minutes when they asked me to be their savior,

it benefited me and my team so it was an hour favor!

(/it was in our favor!)

These dirt spots require another garden, they need to be Reseeded!

You all stood up, sit back down you need to be reseated!

Looking for proof of the purchase? This transaction will need to be receipted!

If the land was no longer flooded the water would need to be receded!

Haven’t sold alcohol in decades, long time since i had a genuine draft (/beer),

Haven’t wrote a real preliminary piece of writing in decades, long time since I had a genuine draft (/paper),

Lived underground with no cold wind, long time since I had a genuine draft, (/air)

years since people were forced to go to war, America itself would say ‘long time since I had a genuine draft!’ (/military)

I’m a professional and I go against what any other proposed,

(/pro posed,)

It’s like the mentality of an abusive Pimp... I tend to whoop ho’s!

(/to oppose!)

if I see them Wink, one eye literally shut,

Get it, wink? one eyelid really shut?

Hit so hard you should’ve ‘seen’ the punch coming when we watch your eye literally shut!

Good lawyer, it was an open case in court now it’s one I literally shut!

Rudely writing, put down insulting critics instantly,

It’s my statutory obligation to leave my rivals with a diminished dignity!"

A Rap About Waiting In Line 11/03/2018

This is the first song of mine that everyone should examine! The lyrics are PERFECT. I went for (yet again) a universally understood topic. It also helps that there are no bad words in here either so anyone at any age can listen. Everyone has had to wait in line, behind people or vehicles, which both are accurately represented! I rap very well, I rhyme very well, I clearly convey my points, and most importantly of all I wrote about better than anyone else could have! My double and triple literal meanings in this are very skilled but more importantly are direct to the point about waiting in line! I speak about the topic in every direction, every aspect without being confusing and without losing the listeners. If it wasn't for the fact that everyone already knows about waiting in a line, you could also say this is very educational!


"Even if we debate how much we hate waiting in lines it’s okay if our definitions intertwine,

I promise honestly your insinuations are just fine,

People endlessly debating over time, what’s the definition of waiting in line?

A frozen hazard pattern

where no one hasn’t scattered,

How should i describe this one mile length lineup?

Down the drain with my time today my mind is made, I’m stuck

And it barely gets to move inches, couple footsteps every few minutes

Cramming up spaces you seem to barely fit

standing frustrated with nowhere to sit

having some faith when it moves you cherish it

The line and your temper coincide

a standstill as you stand still in a frozen line,

you’ll notice you temper starts to raise when,

the following starts happening as it changes:

Massive Invigoration

tampering with your patience

Sensory deprivation

Legs will begin to cave in

Get in tuned with a sense of anguish

watch your watch as the clock tic toc’s

You’ll stop and flip-flop your thoughts that your here getting ripped off!

some people take big steps when it’s time to move with the crowd,

dumb people stay still with their shoes glued to the ground!

As you wish that the line would just sprint ahead

Your forced to listen to other conversations instead!

You memorize everyone’s shirt designs and hair colors

You begin to no longer hold in your farts to spare others’

but to cope with boredom you could Look at your phones after all,

use your judgement maybe even ‘phone someone’ but it’s up to you to ‘make that call’

so bored you’ll wanna drink to replenish from refreshments,

I’d worry about needing to use the bathroom and losing your spot when you’d split!

You might see other people cut in line when using methods of stealth,

consider that it could ‘cost’ you, so you’ll have to decide whether to Budget (/budge it) yourself,

It becomes real fun once your the line leader,

To tell you how it feels it doesn’t take a mind reader,

Being the person at the front you can turn your head as you fully grasp...

that you check your distance as you reminisce this... ‘looking back’

Thinking about my run on sentences, people being so close and crammed together here, and it being so slow and totally unbearable, this line’s pacing (/spacing) is terrible! (/literal triple meaning)

These Lines aren’t just deFINED as people standing single file near and far,

It could also be deFINED through a drive through or traffic type-route with a bus truck your bicycle motorcycle or even your car,

Bumper to bumper, oh how someone would suffer,

Radio searching is urgent and your nerves hit the worst hit when you feel like somethings wrong,

Because as you truck along

You just so happen to be unable to be adapting to the airwaves to find another song that you would willingly listen to,

But you go nuts just trying this is true, do take note of this well,

In your Car: your losing it, your stare clear at the rear view mirror as it becomes your best friend wow just ‘look at yourself’

Keep it in drive with you Foot hard on the floor as you move a few inches away,

If your car had emotions it would say this is a long ‘shift’ and it’s tired of working all day give it a ‘break’

You’ll make it to the front of the line soon enough,

Where to go from here, the exact answer is forwards (/four words) ... ‘so keep moving up’"

You Aren't Welcome In My Dojo! 5/01/2018

I wrote this rap in a way that says: “I am really fucking talented, and most of you can not touch my status so go fuck yourselves!” I made these lines all have multiple meanings, I made a story that is told with every rhyme having literal multiple meanings, and I invented a new game at the end of this rap. The highlight for me in this joint is me bragging about my king status with TWO rhymes that have THREE literal meanings back to back!


"You Aren’t Welcome In My Dojo!

A lesson I will teach you the essence is like a slow stroke,

What happens next will leave you all scratching heads til your skin’s torn,

Alzheimer’s in prison, you don’t know what ‘your in for!’

my metaphors are the deadliest,

my enemies are envious,

like a genie's bottle poured out wishing on my downfall is an empty-wish,

Get dressed for the season, and put up ornaments and lights with no hesitation!

Pull up my Christmas socks...then I’ll get to decorations!

(/decorate shins!)

Your friend got his Repo vehicle impounded, he must either have bad or no luck,

He’s considering starting a traveling missile toe selling company on the road but

you have the money so you decided: get em’ his ol’ toe truck?!

(/get a missile toe truck?!)

Buy and bring home a bunch of gifts for the December occasion on it’s way!

Truckload of gifts for every night of Hanukah... that’s one long holiday!

(/haul a day!)

I screamed “hey 9 candles isn’t quite enough!”

He told me “what the fuck should I do?” I replied “calm down and light ten up!

(/lighten up!)

Reprehensible behavior of mine causing public outrages next,

Burning my table down with my hot wax sticks made em’ vexed!

Witnesses testified about Adam’s scandals


but I gotta spend my money first before I face death,

So I bid for the highest rated vault in an auction... that’s a ‘safe’ bet!

I’m lazy and can’t get out of bed, legs feel like they weigh 5 hundred!

I would get up if I owned a large mess of ice cream to fill my whole stomach,

So I would be standing if only I could get up I’ll love it!

(/get a pile of it!)

If I say faggot or fuck and you penalize me because my guts offend ur’s,

Remember, If you flag this and say it’s really a foul action remember those are ‘f’ words!

(/ref words!)

I wanna rap for an audience and people ask me “Why wouldn’t ya?”

I’m Not gonna show up for less than $10, i say for 1 Digit (/ditch it), just not good enough!

Offers for more than that, I’m hopeful for the future and researching those venues, I’ll be ‘looking up!’

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s new entertainment to stow!

You love new music and your hands have paralysis, your not looking for something too old (/to hold!)

If I Gained 100 pounds and dress in all black only., what would happen if you’d spot it?

I would hear people comment: “wow he’s really gothic!”

(/got thick!“)

A cult is following an idiot, who erases his past,

Boring and not too sharp, must be someone dull leading the path!

(/deleting the path!)

I’m lost when I watch TV anymore,

It’s scorching hot and sunny now, and I’m listening to this lady saying it’s cold and windy of sorts,

Meteorologist who’s untruthful, now how would i classify to people what to be listening for,

I’m thinking: ... Here Falls: reports!

(/Fall’s weather reports!)

(/false weather reports!)

Speaking of weather, time for me to be the leader I will proudly proclaim!

The atmosphere has to appear foggy and wet, Allow me to explain,

I will start my leadership in our darkest hour so the sky needs to be Cloudy to rain!


(/to reign!)

Some will try and stop me from being a flying superhero in a villainous way,

All I have to do is leave here and get to my costume drawer and then they’ll say:

“I really hope Adam doesn’t get to escape!”

(/his cape!”)

I’m everywhere on the internet, are you willing to share what Adam thinks?

My body of work is like the anatomy of a bicycle, my ‘movement’ depends on links!

Every road I go down there’s more for me to find,

Y’all don’t want me to, you wish I’d stop and see my feet decline,

Too late! You want me to ‘stop’ before I see more traffic? 10 cans of spray paint couldn’t get me to read this sign!


Help another group, go on a crew’s aid (/crusade) mission sooner,

Or you’ll get ‘left behind’ like a U-Turn!

I can teach you all to be great, you’ll observe and watch,

Saying: “Teach me while I make money, boy I’ll learn a lot!”

(/I’ll earn a lot!”)

First of all, recollect one’s past,

No enhancements or time machines for unveiling my job,

Looked at my own toddler photo albums personally...The naked eye saw.

(/then a kid I saw.)

I’m right handed, if it could talk it would insult my left hand and proclaim its status that it covets,

Talk to the left hand and say: “between us, I’M the toughest!”

(/tough fist!”)

Do you wish to know why they call Doctor Stark?! My brain chemistry wields...

the greatest punchlines related to the medical field:

I'm very scientific with my internal teachings,

I'm not a priest but at the Last moment of Recognition there's Funeral (/few-neural) readings,

Look up to inventors before us, the greatest mind’s revered,

Ignaz Gruber and E. Seigle were doctors, and they invented the Otoscope to keep eye on ears!

(/too, key pioneers!)

(/two key pioneers!)

I’ve conducted an experiment for my medical exam during

Which I will watch a team of 2 people working,

An idiot and a genius together, I’m mostly concerned with how each other comes to terms with

their individual studying methods for learning,

The smarter group member creates a song from the material and recites it while the other is absurdly highlighting scribbling angrily and cursing,

The exam has multiple portions with different topics for ensuring their grade earnings determined,

Basically you would see: One Part neurological (/one partner illogical), and one part nursing (/one partner sing)!

I too am a man of many talents allow me to demonstrate,

I’m expecting company for whom I’m cooking but in a twist of fate,

I lost track of time, and accidentally broke all of my platters, but I didn’t give up faith!

I’m a broken dish repairer, and a cook, I won’t be ready on time but I can still Fix a plate! (/Broken Platter) (/cook)

(/fix up late!)

Next lesson in essence is best depicted in telling a story,

Listen to this anecdote using double and triple entendres for earning better scoring:

since my dollars aren’t on 'track' i made a money run to get this payment,

took a hostage to empty her savings so i could take-it,

she said to call the cops so i made the bank tell-her (/bank teller) to ‘withdraw’ the ‘statement’...

To make my getaway I stole my enemy’s shitty car as well as it’s remnants,

He fought back and cut my hand and as a result, I bled from this,

I Converted it’s moving parts into motion for retribution, that is describing the power of Engines!

(/of vengeance!)

I started planting my alibi for the cops,

Between 3:55 and 4:05 store lurking I maintained I was shopping and searching for a time telling device I’d bought,

My alibi was that I was shopping around 4 o’clock!

(/for: a clock!)

I did get arrested, but I acquired reasonable doubt to help my case first,

Not one authority figure saw my suspicious tattoo! Or the place where I washed my hands,

This ink eluded investigators!

(/this sink eluded investigators!)

(/this included investigators!)

The next thing was an awkward drug test,

Even though I was completely sober I had become stressed,

He peeped over the cover and at my privates while I filled my pee cup!

checked the amount, now I should complain about this awkward incident mixed with those eyes making a mean mug!

I mean, depending on who you are, what would you do in this situation if all the sudden I speak up?!

(/eyes peek up!?)

Next was the trial court and my sentencing, the suspense could’ve killed me,

All I had on my side was professionals representing my medical history,

Surgical operation that ruined my brain’s functioning ability,

The Male Judge asked: “Do we have a verdict?” And they answered him quickly:

“Yes sir jury (/surgery) found the found the defendant unable to intently perform the crimes committed so he is not guilty!”

....and besides they made a legal error in my trial, I can make an argument,

Just looking for some fame no matter how, but now that courts over I confess to all of it!

The prosecutor wanted to drain my energy! however, I’m a machine from the future, rare and hard to get,

Since there’s no ‘outlet’ for me, what were they going to charge me with?!

The End!

Now it’s time I show you my new invention!

It’s the coolest method it’s where I give YOU the ending sentence,

and we review how many interpretations could be connected!

Here we go, first example:

“An egg rolls down the hill...”

Am I saying I Lost part of my Asian lunch selection?...

Or is this a physics lesson on a chicken’s nest once an egg is intercepted by the wind’s progression? or both?

Second Example:

“The Banquet’s on me (/bank quits on me)”

Am I saying I’m responsible for cooking all the food for an event? Or am I saying that my bank just had enough and has given up? or both?

Third Example:

“I wanna ‘stay at home mom’”

Am I telling my mother that I object to leaving my residence? Or am I claiming that I wish my mother would leave all of her paying jobs and then quit? or both

Fourth example:

“Guess that makes me sell fish


Am I sarcastically answering a question by saying that I think only about my self for personal gain?

Or am I categorizing my job description for working at an amphibian pet shop place? or both

Fifth example:

“Sir, 10 to 1 it’s going to be busy.....”

am I telling this guy odds?

Or giving him a time slot? Or both

In conclusion you Aren’t Welcome In My Dojo!"

God Is Not Proud! 10/28/2017

I was inspired to write this rap because I’ve been exhausted trying to tell everyone my political views. Fuck all politics! Plain and simple, I hate all politicians, they do NOT help anyone but themselves and they put other countries interests before themselves. I am not a left wing or a right wing, I honestly hate them both equally. I hate when people ask me who I want to support on some election, I don’t support either candidate, fuck both of them. For then record, I support all of our amendments and bill of rights and I do believe they shouldn’t be infringed on, ever. My favorite politicians are JFK, Abe Lincoln, Senator Richard Black, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and Senator Nancy Schaefer. These are people that I can actually tell have good intentions by their actions, no matter what their motivations were. I prefer the original traditional standard of this country to be a Christian Country. Why? Because even if you don’t believe in God, there is no better alternative for a set of morals that a country should be based on. This song was also written to explain some things that I’ve done research on to bring to light things that many people don’t know about. I know why our sex offenders get off easy and I explain it, thank you Dr. Judith Reisman for your hard work and dedication by the way. I also explain in this song how horrible role models are now and how good role models are disappearing, basically people are so stupid and unhealthy that they are sexually confused... which I wouldn’t give a shit about except KIDS look up to these horrible examples of human beings who don’t work hard and who ask for handouts only. I put it all out there in a concise manor.


"Chorus: God Is Not Proud!

Most Justice is silenced and nonsense, the laws-are-not-sound,

With Emotions over logic, you only get closure-when-ya-blink,

Asking questions is discouraged, authorities told-you-what-to-think,

Budgets get disfunctioned, Helpful ideas got shot down,

Pray for a prayer, Cuz God Is Not Proud!

Now a days’ there’s no words of encouragement,

Except for find a handout in earnest of services,

But not to veterans who should flourish from nourishment,

Hard for all ages there’s even turbulence for the kids,

Politicians fight for their strife in persistent tournaments,

I just wish when they’d strike our nerves it would Circumvent!

No Hyperbolic words in this,

I actually do research unlike these presstitute modern day nazi Germany journalists!

I’m Not Ashamed of this country, I’m ashamed of its’ company of leaders blundering regions,

Most people change their life day to day, can’t decide Who they are at heart?

Finding out can make one even farther scarred,

Difficult, as Hard as Shopping carts without starch and carbs,

Who’s the Perpetrator for ur-behavior?

Something caused it,

Detox yourself please start becoming conscious,

The ball is in your court... until someone drops it like a deposit! So don’t let that someone be you, only go down if there is a bomb threat and you’ve made it underground next

Imagine how much of an entire place an explosion can Annihilate in one mile length?


Once we were taught to be brave, now we’re taught to behave,

Once we were taught to stand on our own 2 feet, for traveling a long distance with,

Now it’s learn helplessness and cognitive dissonance,

Every time something bad happens, our leaders opt to take away our rights and privacy more!

As my voice works at this moment, they’re silencing yours!

Let’s talk about Alfred Kinsey,

The worst person in America’s history!

Some consider another Hitler,

Yet not one bad word about him in our media, not even-once! After empirical extensive evidence of pedophilia, the news made up good things about him with their lying mouths or they’d keep it shut!

His close friend Allister Crowley was also set up his way,

His laws and codes still negatively affect us today,

Wanna know why people we elect get on my temper?

No politician actually makes our lives better!

Just think about it, don’t even debate on this crime with me,

God wouldn’t be happy with any of them taking away our privacy,

Why are sex Crimes given the weakest punishment?

Lighter than an onion’s tint,

victims left crying like an onion split,

No politician or reporter strongly challenges this issue?

I’m starving for answers, they don’t have it on the menu,

They’re just as bad as the rapists,

Shameless, the answer to this question is ancient,

Open up the Bible and turn the pages to Luke 17:2,

God let you know what he thinks of sex Crimes, so question him again you never need too,

We are cheated,

Ran by real hard heathens,

Greed starved demons,

I’m not perfect but I do my part to help out,

For my neighbor I’d give the skin off my back and my savings out my stash strip off my hat and even empty my shelf out,

I’d cook you good food, get you drinks too, loan you a phone too, buy you nice shoes, anything to help I look at people as equal,

I’ve committed small sins I’m telling the lord I’m sorry for my-deceit,

my sins were words while those high powered use actions to ruin society!

What do funerals cost money? Not everything under the sun should be-a-business,

Just became a widow and now in debt because of them... assume fetal-positions,

People-should-witness egregious-amendments now that are so horrifying they take away more-freedoms,

Good citizens guns and private property? Surely-shunned!

The more immoral the more popular amounts the masses,

We pay in big time and nothing gets back from the abundance of taxes,

Cultural Marxism is now about as practiced as much as guitar-rhythms,

How is one’s race orientation and politics enough to solve-the-myth of every individuals involvement-in the true character beyond-their-grin as if you know what their life’s like written on-a-script!

Don’t judge books by their covers, you never read one page or five from it,

That’s like judging a bed by its covers before you’ve laid inside of it,

So much division in place now,

Religion and race now define the ways how we Grade towns,

Stereotypes and profiling is encouraged,

You authorities wonder why we get nervous?

Underneath every lying satanist politicians’ desk is an alcoholic’s thermos,

But their livers don’t get wrecked, our incomes do!

They strip-us-to the point of insufficient-loot!

So backwards that they got this system seem to look distant from my good senses that I could kiss-the-roof!


Horrible role-models,

all of them stink from the ground up like broken pot-holes, in regards to more than both-nostrils,

Degenerate delusional hyper-sexual and untalented people now are whom kids wanna-be-like,

It’s legal to commit sodomy-Crimes!

These people kids look up to now don’t even get fired for drinking and driving or beating people up behind the scenes,

Fake apology and still make millions because views and ratings to corporations are ‘finders keepers’

Morals and responsibility go away while parents watching grind-their-teeth,

the truth hurts so you don’t want to hear my-words-either!

Hard work isn’t looked up to anymore,

Little kids are getting phones instead of getting-chores,

6-corporations run this-force-of-the-nation,

It’s-unfortunate-basis is:-‘distort-normalization’

As in they’re trying to deny you the right to find proof,

They want us to forget what history has taught us,

All amendments changing from guns to ‘posse comitatus’,

A fight to permanently pervertedly change nature and the family nucleus,

All I see promoted is be selfish and androgynous, plus it helps your profits when you damage your uterus,

Money is neither here nor there with our Fiat-currency,

Facts whether or not it’s beyond-your-belief,

The federal reserve is the most flawed-structure,

Ruining the lives of us who work for it and should yearn to score God’s-comfort,

Gender neutral parenting and gender transformation for kids is child-abuse,

Judges don’t punish sex offenders enough, I’m-so-confused?

I thought this was a Christian nation, it says so on our money and our-pledge,

Pedophiles released back into neighborhoods, seems like Indignation coming down on our-heads,

No company regulates the hazards in our food-and-drinks,

Here’s some food for thought, you-would-think that being there’s 100 chemicals in our bodies now that our grandparents never had would stop the use-of-things like GMO’s corn syrup and atrazine which each-catch-hold making habits-seem to change drastically, like our brain activity and hormonal balancing, but corporations need to make money no matter what, tragedy!

Every president I’ve had committed war crimes and hasn’t seen a day-in-prison,

Whistleblowers do get locked up though and at a great-percentage,

We aren’t allowed to fight tyranny, only to play-the-victim,

Just think about everything I’ve said and ask yourself one thing: did our forefathers make the same-commitments?


Confessing My List Of Crimes! 8/05/2017

This song was a funny idea for a story I had that turned into a goldmine! I have an entire story that has a crazy twist ending and that should’ve been good enough... However, being as talented as I am, I made every single rhyme in the actual story part of the rap to have multiple literal meanings. One of my inventions, and it helps that my lyrics are funny too!


"(Cough) This is my list of crimes confession,

Breaking laws endlessly is my obsession,

These are in no particular order,

And aren't placed into a sorter,

I was caught in narcotic sales,

I was stopped in my trail,

What happened was I lied on my resume to forge it some,

Ended up a salesman and a drug dealer at a rug emporium,

I stuffed the stuff in stuffing for the customers when they rolled up,

I was arrested for both crimes committed, I illegally Sold rugs (/drugs)

Before I knew it they charged me with the next one quick,

Fraudulence on my driver's license on my address of it,

I said I was from Queens, even thought I've only been to New York City one time,

I explained I put Queens because I'm from a royal bloodline,

Next crime i did commenced committing was a money scam,

Counterfeit bills in excess of 100 grand!

There was 2 detectives, one believed I did it, and one didn't,

The woman thought I was guilty, wouldn't accept my hard bluff,

The man said that my type couldn't fit it... he said the harshest stuff,

That I couldn't pull it off because I wasn't smart enough!

I was standin at a suspect Line-up,

He thought I was honest,

That I didn't commit this crime thus I didn't make an illegal profit,

Her witness came in and totally croaked,

Said I was the one with counterfeit funds,

The girl detective then just totally gloats,

Points at me and my money saying that's a Faker and see I told you so! (/fake currency I told you so)

Then after that it was something rather wack to me,

I was dared to walk on private property actually,

A dare that I had no interest passing,

What crime was this classified as: in trespassing!

Another crime was a different scamming action,

I owned a housing project and became greedy with a passion,

I lied about why I'm bout to Hike everyones rent up a couple fractions!

Never been out of the U.S.,

So I thought of a new quest,

I'd use the extra money to travel abroad with it,

I'd go to Europe and Asia both paid all expense,

I was caught and I was stopped and I got upset!

Reporter asked me one question to type up on the press,

"I heard about your plan why would you wanna try to con tenants? (/2 continents)"

there was my teaching job demise,

Where you watch what you say and a strict dress code applies,

My foot itched bad as it had become dry,

I said bad views laughed and scratch my foot covered inside,

I should've been careful how I talked and how I grabbed my sock,

When I get too political sometimes (/get to pull it tickles sometimes),

Also I got a solicitation violation that just sucked,

On a woman's lawn I offered products and such but too many people passed it up,

She said to leave immediately or she'll be calling the police to see me leaving without grabbing bucks,

If I could just make a few sales there I would be glad and run,

she called so I was broke and arrested cuz I couldn't get offers fast enough (/off her's fast enough)

My worst crime was in the hottest season interestingly,

I had the will to go on a killing spree,

My weapon and I lasted all season with no wear and tear consistently,

I guess we both have Summer durability (/some murder ability)

*paper sound effect

Thank you for this note you gave me to read to do your therapy a favor,

*record skip sound effect

I'm sorry inmate what did you just say sir?

You forgot? I'm your doc, my name is Doctor Stark,

I'm here for your therapy because your mental instability is off the charts!

I asked you to write me about your confessions,

And as I had it, I just read it,

And to you... excuse me you there, listening to me,

I'm glad your here and I'm looking forward to what you write where I'll be exhibiting your grief,

it's very important in order to make it through,

Whatever your name is, this concludes today's group therapy, thank you for your Part as a patient too (/participation too)

Surprise ending: It wasn't MY LIST of crimes at all, it was someone else's. And YOU the listener are a criminal mental patient as well because this is 'group therapy'"

Rap Is An Art Of Fact! 7/09/2017

This rap was an extremely rare occurrence, I was in a strange mood one night at work, and I decided to spend every break writing the lyrics for this rap. I already had the idea to call this “Rap is an art of fact” for a long time. I had the idea for the first 3 lines that rhyme with that for awhile as well. The remaining lyrics I was just so strongly compelled that night to write a bunch of lines that I thought would meet my minimum criteria. The highlight for me is the compound syllable rhyming portions of this rap, and the “makin’ vertebrae’s slit / may convert a bracelet” line!


"Rap is an art of fact, and the mic also proves rap is an artifact

Me and the other strugglers in the game also prove that rap is our-tough-act,

Don't believe in me well I could've called it quits a long time ago, in a place far far away,

Hell, don't wanna go back even if the idea to 'catch heat' becomes a throw-back!

They say my anger proves I got demons,

But I reject Satan so why should I believe-in myself as a decent human bein? Too egregious

I wouldn't even sell my soul to the devil, for any futile reason for only a fool would lease it!

People want me to mumble rap about sex thugs clubs and drugs,

First second I rap its better then what they ever heard but in my era I was something once,

They want nonsense? Then one punch fucks it up!

Nonsense I'll go offset like I'm behind the scenes, rhyme a theme decisively of a conniving fiend silencing a violent scream inside a dream I was seen in of vile secrets Cuz I'm caught sleepin' and you saw the final sequence of my own decent to fight old demons for untimely regrets wildly said just to put it mildly, childishly he's dead

I kept a tally of accounts score for score,

I got good rhymes forever I will never sell out, there's always more in store!

I once felt like I was a king (/aching),

now I'm all worn out, oh that's the same thing!

Ive worked hard forever, at the bottom, but even being cramped never got me concerned,

So if my organs don't fail and I keep writing I'll always be able to show my bodies of work!

I could look at anything and view it in a gruesome form,

Horse with a sharp bone in front, people say one thing I say it looks like a Unique-horn, (/not unicorn)

While Im shooting towards my corporate media critics to get attention, I'd think Press release,

but no one listens to Adam Stark cuz I'm not on tv so no one will get to see,

Long as the volume is loud and your mind control is set to listen,

A 'Speaker' from that will tell a vision!

Remarkable with subtle remarks on the street... outstandin'

People think I won't cross the line, that's 'outlandish',

All I do is work but I'll tell you something positive to spare my listeners,

Work work work but the errands (air runs) great like a good air conditioner,

Bunch of mini me's and plagiarists that you can't deny deceived us,

There more popular then me the original, but they shine light on my pupils, that's a bright eye (/idea),

Bitch you wish you were well rounded and real in a bigger dimension but instead your fake and we all see through,

Your a Flat artificial character like looking at a Star Wars drawing on paper, you are 2D too (/R2D2),

Curse my name again, dare you, I'll hurt you worse than a paper cut from a greater pay stub before cashing in from making bucks,

How badly will I fuck your face up? Equal to or greater than: becoming grazed up, a rough embrace from a grenade thud crush your frame such to custom made-fudge crumblin' 8 cups to the point it looks like an inverted funnel cake does!

Brave dissing me for my bigger shirt size, that's something that I'm accustomed too,

But the one good thing about being fat is I know for a fact I have more guts than you!

I might Stab you all in the backs and where the pieces I cut off i could make an arrangement,

What's Adam thinking? - Makin' Vertebrae's slit! (/may convert a bracelet)

Get it? Makin' vertebreas slit, may convert a bracelet, where it on my arm as a souvenir, for those whose in fear of my newest gear,

Something simple isn't always the case, hence (/hens) chicken eggs, three types of farm land things,

I'm eating whole grain bread what do you think? that's sweet (/wheat),

I can always learn something new, any techniques I will learn to acquire and get it,

A drug smuggler's teacher could train me how to keep the most dangerous stuff out of sight... they'd say I got the method (/meth-hid)

I could do anything in this life, I chose to write and perform

And nothing will cloud my judgement from that on any night of the storm."

I Don't Write With Rules! 1/28/2017

This rap I wrote with one simple idea: if my brainpower was placed into a robot, and it’s operating power was functioning at it’s maximum output, what would happen? Thinking like a robot, they would only write the most difficult type of lines which are multiple literal meanings. So I wrote every single rhyme as a multiple literal meaning(s) including a few triple multiple literal meanings; a new quintuple literal meaning; and a LEGENDARY septuple literal meaning rhyme! The first one in the history of the English language! The only thing I do not like about the line is that I did rely on using proper nouns (specific things that won’t be relevant in the future without doing research just to understand how I had 7 meanings)


"Adam Stark's weakness today = he will only speak in multiple meanings... my 'fault!'

I'm into voodoo causing this pussy pain, she's going to wanna take my-doll? (/Midol)

Don't wine and cry after that big fall you took, I'm just saying nobody saw you wipeout (/why pout?)

I'm a nasty writer you'd compare my mind to a Pervert's,

Call this writing: "perverse" (/perv-verse),

I'm offensive and I'm not tired so I Wont stop here I'm taking it farther,

you can ruin houses to fix em' while ruining good spouses for all involved being a Home wrecker looking for a Maintenance partner!, (/mate and it's partner)

shoot someone in the head to see if can open but he died for false beliefs, isn't it bizarre?

He wasn't Dominican at all but he was in his own head, so you shot him in the Dominican-part, (/Dome-and-it-can-part)

I wouldn't but it's good writing for a bad verse,

Your immune to pain but you think it's worth the risk, 'can't hurt!'

You want to improve yourselves, what... better?

You and your partner have lots of talents so count them up as a team and measure-skills-together! (/Mesh your skills together)

What's to lose if you get punched you could get a fat lip,

And if you whine about it I'd say hey "get tough fat lip!"

Suffer from multiple annoying cuts in need of bandages,

And scratch yourself from all of the damn-itches! (/damages)

Be lucky your not me though or more so...

the fact that I can only eat spirits so I'm always looking for more-souls! (/Morsels)

My friend my age always stays way high over the shore by these pillars I'm at and he's a stabber,

So for your safety listen to my answer while you look in my specific direction and location, the problem: ...a Peer's hazard

(/appears hazard)

(/up here's hazard)

(/a Pier's hazard)

(/a pierce hazard)

Perfect Unity like 2 tittys,

Naked eye in a new dimension senses Nudity,

Puff Daddy should remix himself and make a new Diddy,

I stink while being a free horn instrument teacher, it's a tutor thing, (/tooter thing)

Never fail in fact I've only dropped the ball twice in my life... puberty!

Awhile ago you'd view Adam as an unemployed lazy peasant who would never blow your mind as Earthlings,

I'm the ruler of the commercial business now so imagine if you saw that Adam, working

(/Adam were king)

(/that ad i'm working!)

Your constipated and no longer making any raps to present that are bad, you don't have 'shit' coming out to be honest,

If you want to discuss choices for who's the greatest rapper, I know who's face is the highest up so I can shed some light on the topic! (/top-pick)

Which is me and I can prove it now cause see I sight (/eyesight) things as painless,

Being that Adam's completely colorblind you all look at me as someone who can only register for the Greatest! (/Gray-test)

there's young Carnivorous mammals knocking cattle over and the young Boy Scouts wanna stop them from winning,

So you can reward the kids for their service or help hurting the cattle, engage in the Cub's cow tipping

(/Cub Scout tipping!)

I saw your looking for a hot girl to advise your money and work your keyboard, is that right?

Here's one woman for those reasons: Financial type!

(/fine-and-she'll type)

I was stupid trying to get people to vote for Adam,My Horrible political campaign I just mentioned out of nowhere: that was ran dumb


I pee 34 ounces every time while trying hard for a dictatorship, it's a 1 liter per-piss

(/1 leader Purpose!)

silent cat with no oyster necklace, purr-less (/pearl-less)

You Saw a woman who needed a change, gave her advice and more in hopes that she'd use-it,

You saw her on one side, one angle, ugly legs with obtuse curves, your a smart surgeon and a physical trainer advisor with a chance to prove it,

Plus She has a bad buildup of ear wax, you solved all of those problems with good measure when she was given Acute tip

(/a q tip)

(/a cute hip!)

Strange weird town, you run it and you hate mobile phones and had a motive to get rid of it,

you also wanted the music bands to play only one type of sound maker I despise but those are my feelings you don't give a shit,

Some nerve you have... You got the (/audacity) odd ass city to get on board and vote: "Exile a phone instrument" (/xylophone instrument)

I bought your aquarium for freshwater fish, I'm so glad but only one kind so far to surface,

So for now I'll say thank you for the Purchase (/perch's),

I'm here with everyone else lost at sea, no parents with this group of poor-kids,

And I'm not sure if they can't swim or can't breathe in the water so I will ask all of them: "do you need gills or fins?" (/Orphans)

Your meticulously counting everything trying to lose weight without weight watchers,

You commit arson on automobiles as your workout so every time you do you say: "Another car burnt" (/carb burnt)

Time for a surprise secret road trip to big casinos, you prefer me to tell you where though,

and admit I'm bad at being specific? You win... I say Vague is (/Vegas) definitely the way to go!

Imagine the worst job ever, porn, with everything making you feel hard -on yourself, and during your review you don't know what to say,

Your boss is a director and a fickle critic and he tells you: "You did 'fucking' great, you 'suck' today..."

Never met your mother until now and i forgot her name this is dandy,

she looks like an hourglass 'figure her name is 'sandy' ?

What are you up to with your cab company you run, greedy evil agenda your gas is hurting people perusing,

So extra fuel money levied for the cars purposely offensively coming down hard on people on what A-Taxis using

(/a tax-he's using)

(/attacks-he's using!)

After I shower I realized what my life was meant for something better, I'm tired of always being on the prowl,

drying off and I'm quitting my job on laundry day... time to throw in the towel!

I laugh at those who never even try,

even though I try to avoid using pronouns I will leave you all with this seven implied meanings line:

I have your collection of rye bread, your rice, your letter 'i' writing practice sheets, your ice, your Ryse video game disc, your Rise 2014 DVD, and your paying attention to me during this matter,I'm throwing all of these things and your looking around in all directions,I made your i's scatter

(/made your ice scatter)

(/made your rice scatter)

(/made your Rise scatter)

(/made your rye's scatter)

(/made your Ryse scatter)

(/made your eyes scatter)"

Kiss Of Death! 1/27/2017

This was a fun challenge! A very good friend of mine made a beat and said to write a rap as long as the beat. I added another challenge of making this rap be one subject equivalent to the title of the rap that I came up with!


"I'm gonna get writers block... when I'm dead no other explanation,

Authorities leaked my scandal, now its a fed-drool (federal) investigation!

The gap between us speaks for itself like a missing tooth,

My plan is mooch (/smooch) off of my kissing booth,

leaders are dumb as drunks on 50 proof what-more-to-say?

Crooked... figures... can't even 'make out' on your own, orchestrate! (/or-kiss-straight)

I have the kiss Of Death it's a tempting-curse,

You'll hum a different tune like lipsyncher's,

I kissed myself to see the damage that can be done all-alone,

Remember the 'kisses sickness'? (/kiss is sickness) oh that's why they say I have a monotone! (mono, tone)

Proof that I made myself sick"

Don't Even Think About It! 11/03/2016

I wrote this rap to be released on my birthday that year! I wanted to hype people up that I had a surprise present for people to give everyone on MY birthday. It worked to an extent. I was also inspired to do a lot of rapping with speed and compound syllables while taking a break from complex metaphors for once.


"Don't even think about it, fuckin with me will get you injured for sure,

Malicious intentions is what I'm holding in store,

I'm impolite when I fight, and don't play fair when it's a fight I'm rooted to lose comparing its members within the board,

If I had to fight with my own friend it wouldn't be a 'civil' war!

Generally (/General Lee) speaking

Politicians are all slimy gritty dirty people that we have no choice but to follow,

You stay positive preaching you can give these dirty people the stuff to cleanse all folks,

Your products won't get them clean, no matter how much you promise your selling False hope! (/False soap!)

This is a bar fest (/barf fest) so don't vomit just pay and throw up some green,

I oppose your directions, better not Look at me sideways... Bitch if you say im going 'down' that's 'up' to me!

Duke it out, punch you so hard it has an echo, put you in a hole in the grassy meadow,

I'll tell you where you'll end up if you can't Grasp-it... grass-pit!

I could turn anything bad into a positive, pitch'n some Advice while proving I will win every fight,

So you say I'm bad at sports, get some balls to come at me me and my bat'l strike!

See i am bad at sports, but I'm also a bad sport,

I would say I don't like you as much as I could throw you but you would need a passport for that sport!

Who wants to jump out of the gate first?

I'll take a sharp turn with a dull knife as I have an insurmountable insane thirst to draw blood like a shotgun to your neck like a beer can drinking game til your pigment changes and the wounds bigger then a broken piggy bank is and I mix powder to make it a citrus tasting drink creation simulation!

You no longer have absence of abysses,

A lot you wack pieces of shit ruined hip hop I don't give a fuck if I am rude,

I'll pay the consequences for telling the truth- just put that on Adam's tab...wound (/stab wound)

99% of rappers past the year 2000 I can't wait til your in a hole (/urine a hole) like I'm explaining what an urethra is,

Sex Ed rule number 1 don't be a dick or be convinced you can write rhymes that are even preconceived as a legitimate assembled sentiment like the way I got in the rap game successfully the way I mettled with it, settle businesses or be outdated before I get old with it with different speeds and pivots bitches we even pedal different!

Outside of hip hop I've been beat up before,

Eaten up for sure,

But as a true champ I am I worked hard and bounced back to even up the score,

Yes, Adam took some falls, then Adam grows some balls, or Gruesome (/grew some) balls? gross (/grows) either way!

But you say that I'm bad? I already know my pen is evil but here's what's next,

I'm in progress of trying to make it good and study telekinesis so for now I can't make my pen Righteous yet (/write just yet)!

I think it's safe to say that when you created these rhymes your brain should've conveyed to us a vacancy sign because the horrible word choices you make don't take any pride and they sure as fuck won't hold any weight against mine!

Time to enforce my whit til your at your whit's end with force from its stem, Abhorrent important imported shortages of morticians for the whirlwind of course it is when misfortune hits the message from my most northern orifice is what to take note of from my discourse is this, don't try and ride the tide aboard my ship, hang like an ornament from going up the ladder like a tournament!"

My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me! 8/24/2016

I wrote this in 10 minutes! I was going through a horrible time in my life and I just decided to freehand write and after 10 minutes I got sick of it and quit writing.


"My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me,

Everyone i invested trust to split on me,

My wallet was spent keeping up with ex lovers and friends' bummers,

My wallet wasn't as much for me as it was for others'

My wallet used to be lighter than a fighter pilot's eyelids in sky-winds,

Now my wallet is so heavy it could sink in the ocean as soon as it dives in!

100 friends to 0.1 %

They left me, didn't check for me, disrespected me,

When i needed help they took more evasive-actions than Jason-Statham's crazy-backflips,

This shit makes it hard to sleep period... like being on a red stained mattress!

I always listened, I took more directions than a 910 page atlas!

And why oh why is it that the people I hate that truly belong in prison,

don't ever get to do the longest sentence,

No amount of politicians can prove a flawless system!

I'm firing on my tracks, like this is an Ode to tanks,

Take your breath away, now you need O2 tanks!

People prayin' on my downfall can now have as much asthma,

I wish haters would just keep their mouths shut as much as monks!

I thought life was figured out,

But it isn't nothing but dirt from a ditch I'm diggin' out!

Shame on me thinking day one friends would make themselves seen in the crowd,

It's obviously turned in to a riot now,

I highly doubt I'll end up seeing what happens to me in my life a few miles down,

My ass never got kicked softly... My mind is playing tricks on me."

Rest In Peace Philando Castile (End Police Brutality) 7/09/2016

Being from Minnesota I can tell you that a lot of people were upset and affected by this father/husband that was shot on live camera footage multiple times with a child in the backseat of the car... to have that many bullets fired and to actually have that officer win in the court of law against all charges was a disgrace. I reacted with lyrics, using my creative talent to make specifically tailored material to something but skillfully talented to the point that my lyrics are better said than anyone else venting about the tragic situation. In other words, I put my talents to use for something that had meaning to people outside of just hip hop and competition.


"Rest in Peace...

Police rolled up, they were sweating bullets

Their window rolled down, they were catching bullets!

While a child was in the back, it was on the front of his mind,

This poor woman recorded this chunk of the time,

That her bravery captured and uncovered the crime!

False incrimination to lacrimation is what's to come non stop,

crying a lot from dying from cops,

this song is thoroughly important, you saw her face there ain't no 'dry-spots'

I hate the way some people look at each other, when we're gone we're going to the same place to rest,

People are scared to death of race, when I'm only scared of the race to death!

The law restricts our guns but not the law's,

The librards have got this wrong,

And martial law has got us all on high alert I'd be surprised if people are not alarmed!

We got to try peace...What's peace? A 'broken' theory dammit!

(Peace-is) Piece-is... the definition of something shattered, get it 'pieces' are shattered?

Politicians should pay for these funerals,

But they're too busy getting down with a group of ho's!

My favorite rapper is 2Pac, he would be all over this and relate,

Victims of police brutality don't get a 'break',

Pac was shot with multiple bullets,

went in a wheelchair after he had to 'take 5' ...translation: he wouldn't have 'stood' for this!

Don't hold your 'brakes'"

I Fight For My Respect! 6/01/2016

This was one of the hardest times in my life BY FAR. Just had to experience 2 funerals in a row, 1 grandfather and 1 great grandfather... I got very personal in the beginning of this rap. I spoke the lyrics of this rap with raw emotions and I am very proud of myself for that. I also talked about how much I hate television and the news, which may seem irrelevant but there was a purpose to it. It is truly not there to help anyone, only distract. Don’t get me wrong, distractions can be good in moderation. Anyways the point is, I was in a very depressing time that needed venting and I took advantage of my own angst and despair. The highlight of this rap for me is mentioning the personal stuff (which I rarely ever do in any lyrics I write) and at the end I did something special that I believe a lot of people can relate with. I wrote an all out attack to a bunch of anonymous internet haters/trolls/shills. I just lined them up one by one and dissed them in different ways skillfully and for different reasons. Anyone who uses the internet with content for the public can understand how scary the internet can be. Profiles on the internet aren’t as they appear and will threaten you and do anything to harm you or steal information from you. So those millions of people that know what I mean can hear these lyrics and recite them loud and clear because I too hate the pieces of shit that go on the internet with no good purpose.


"In the end When I look at myself I see Santa clause in the mirror,

I'm gifted and do the most deliveries when you listen with your ears,

but as time went on I saw lots of friends disappear,

just like Christmas cheers,

When it's New Years!

Even if I was Santa and I come through the chimney,

I beat all competition, I won't be the guy to get smoked up in this building!

Check out what I'm going through since few people are actually asking me what's happening,

First my Grandpa died,

and that ain't even half the rhyme,

a few months later my other Grandpa died,

I didn't even have the time to analyze,

and where were a lot of my so called friends at at the time?

Everybody and their mother has my line,

Not many call up or message me asking why,

How to push away the pain trapped inside of this strange path of mine,

2 different sides of my family dealing with tragedy,

This is for you two fellas,

I never showed you my artistic side, only the sides that I thought you two would relish,

I didn't get to be there either time it's like I put my foot down and got shoe'd to the cellar,

I miss you both at least our relationships weren't ruined forever!

You guys were great and so real to me honestly,

Even with the plastic hips, there was not a fake bone in your bodies!

Rest in peace Irvin and Francis,

You both taught me a whole lot of things I hope I don't suppress your lessons so they can work to my advantage,

But there's people that pretend they see that I'm hurt & I'm saddened,

I still rap for my true fans because unlike me they are deserving these chances,

I fuckin feel like I fell off a motorbike over enormous heights,

I get into so many fights with people I like because I don't know how to cope & grow in life!

I appreciate my blessings and try to conduct myself the right way,

I do my best to help my folks out but it doesn't always go down well like Maalox & lidocaine,

In real life I want honor respect loyalty to be my strength in all of this,

I know where my DNA comes from, but I could never be half the man that my father is!

Lots of love lost because I've got so much hostility with no possible possibility of declining,

There are people who only try to tear me down without doing the right-thing,

Which is consulting with me when I'm not insulting you unless you start it first,

A mans only as good as his word well if you heard and observe the accolades what Adam Stark has earned,

My word must be worth at least close to the highest score on this shit,

Like I said in hip hop I have achieved so many mother fuckin' accomplishments!

I've broken barriers in the English language with my arrangements this is what people are knowing me for,

I officially wrote the first sentence with 5 literal implied meanings in its final form,

I've performed some of the world's fastest rapping when I grabbed a stopwatch & pressed record,

I've freestyled so many times on camera with endurance and talent to the core!

Tried every single style and rhyme pattern never backed down from sharpening my sword,

I was also the first to rhyme full length sentences with every single syllable and so much more,

Now I'm rubbing your fuckin' faces in it like I stole your photo I.D. badge and tried to open the door!

I truly think some people hate me because I'm an alpha male figure,

The corporate mainstream media hates people like that naw they want a beta male sinner,

A feminine male with no job no responsibilities in his life,

They brag about heinous unequal treating feminist women type,

not the real women who work hard and do everything right,

They don't like a man like me who works so hard and might look ugly but trust me I'm happily earning these scars,

According to them it's not cool unless your a selfie takin' mental patient who hates kids and has a runny nose and goes to the E.R.,

The corporate media loves the weak people not the blue collar mafia as strange as it seems,

Why shouldn't we trust them well let's see what's on the top of that listing,

They celebrated Alfred Kinsey on the fucking cover of Time Magazine?

Fuck em' I only pay attention to what's right,

Be successful in life I strive to be the best on the mic,

Every single second in life

make my list and I'm checking it twice HAH

I picked up a pencil and that's what 'lead up' to the end of the line,

If you didn't catch that metaphor it ain't over, but the other mention is bright,

As in smart not dark cuz I'm not pessimistic or the unintelligent type!

It's a judgmental world if you don't fit the mold your scolded and people look at you crazy,

Stay in good health, don't let your first push up be when your pushin' up daisies!

Expect the unexpected learn from every rhyme that this author has offered,

just like Paul, he was driving yet he stilled died labeled as a 'Walker'!

What if only the highest church authorities can get in heaven despite our beliefs though?

we can reach to try to unlock heavens door all we want, but It's only so high our keys can go,

get it? So hierarchies can go?

Don't ever be a fuckin quitter no matter what happened to transpire,

To make it right you do everything under the sun like a suicidal vampire!

When people have challenged or asked things Adam Stark doesn't avoid it,

Fuck bad fathers who leave pregnant women, take their kids lives and destroy it,

Doctors can force those single women into labor, but that doesn't mean their not continuing unemployment!

My rhymes are relative to the present times, No matter when it is,

I stay current, my rhymes are more 'up to date' than a bitter divorce victim is!

I want my voice to be the most powerful like Ella Fitzgerald,

The fallacies in your arguments are 'straw man' I say go to hell with your scarecrow!

I'm going off yet I'm still completely well balanced,

When have I ever been someone who isn't beating the challenge?

I have so much experience, my status up the ladders won't be knocked off,

Hey amateurs I've been around the block a few times and so have you guys but that's because you got lost!

I could lie and make up some complete bullshit and you'll still find it dope,

Which famous Jackson family sibling was a custodian? Janet or Michael? Get it, Janitor Michael?

All jokes aside there's changes to be made it seems,

I'm far from perfect, my fears are the same as your fears,

I don't wanna switch... 'Y' 'F' around and get 'four years' ?

Get it? Cuz if I'm not scared anymore then I could change the course of my life,

In these very unfortunate times,

Think about that, from the start,

I have a vision while most people can't see past 100 yards!

Negativity gets the best of us no matter how positive your target is,

I could do ten things right for ten straight nights and then do one thing wrong to tarnish it,

Every single time I step out of my comfort zone

I just expanded the borders to another specialty that becomes my role,

For example I wrote an entire book which is an action suspenseful thriller,

Nothing but pure imagination that took me tenfold to new heights of experiences and skills earned,

Do what makes life right for you even if this insight for you means to get involved in church,

As long people remember my mantra which is safety second and impulses first!

That hating raging crazed engage in making comments for me to stop being successful,

They want me to be regretful,

But they're gonna see something special,

Lemme slow it down and bring it back to speed like a taxi speeding past the people that's been screaming for the last half the street that we're reaching past the peak of,

Now the rest of this rap is a counter-attack to the Internet punks who run their mouth about me on a keyboard,

1 by 1 I'll use punchlines til your screens broken and you're officially being warned:

Hater # 1, your on the jock of terrible MC's out there, you would be so kind to them in their company,

If you were with all of them it would be like a broken down apartment with a wobbly ceiling fan that's very crummy,

Translation: that's you, the one annoying 'fan' that's in the building blowing everybody!

Hater #2, you hide behind fake accounts it's like 30 different names you founded,

You and your supporting cast are acting a role, while I'll do that too man, with a big gun in this plot,

I'm like Orson Welles, i get mad then 'act' on your 'set' and 'direct' the 'shots'!

Hater #3, give you a fierce fist to the face fast since your always disrespecting me according to your 'report' on my words,

Then you'll really be mad, "breaking news his face was hot off the 'press', now that punch was 'fire'!"

Get it, you lyin' critic? I'll explain since you can't write like me and you lack hip hop common sense,

Hot means mad, get pressed on means hit, punch also means punchline and fire and hotness are synonymous,

Hater #4, your the drama queen on the scene,

your not loyal to your rotten team of haters your gone when I fight back and you feed off my 'ammo' when I spit out some heat, I know these things but your not often seeing,

For your crew, you wouldn't 'bite the bullet' if you were a young 'gunner' teething!

Hater #5, you say I can't be a good rapper since I don't rap about guns or some shit,

Well I'll stack up and repeatedly shoot you with the same magazines, 'Time' and 'Time' again!

Read into that if you ain't seein' the facts,

Hater #6, besides you I got another enemy in my pocket, everyone knows to keep my enemies close so here's the prospect,

My knife ain't my friend, but I concentrate and watch as it wants to give you hickeys, my foe kisses on your neck! (/Focus's on your neck)

Hater #7, you hate how my fictional violence is a form of art yet you wish death for me so if I die unexpectedly its not concerning ya,

Well the same knife I just used I'll slime with lube for easing (/freezing) it into your organs like hypothermia!

Hater #8, you say I'm ugly as sin, well miss maybe so but that's just odd, you got that pissed off?

Your so ugly that the last time you made it to third base with a man that had your panty's drop,

Are now underwear being sold as a rare collectors item in a clothing antique shop!

Hater #9 and beyond, the common fringe of the Internet with ill intent to be all bitter,

I have a beautiful girl puppy, I'll hand you a large picture,

Pull out a shotty and buckshots to permanently put you to sleep, translation: You got 'bucks' to watch her and say goodnight, your a dogsitter!

Stop fuckin' with me and play nice, I would waste my time worrying about your judgements even with stage fright,

If this battle I just had was at a park, it would be the 'sickest' thing to be alone there once before and come now in great fear,

Cuz that person would think to themselves, was there a Playground here? (/plague-round here?)"

Proliferation! 6/15/2015

This one I just simply had a bunch of random lyrics that I had been writing over time and I put them together in this rap!


"I was a prisoner, now I'm free and it's ironic to be quite honest,

I'm making a generic prison-shank, that's a byproduct of a 'cell-product'

When I said prisoner I meant I cannot escape my dreams I followed from here on forward,

Not everyone gets born and raised but everyone gets born and lowered!

why not change my whole identity & live a life where people cherish us,

Instead of Adam Stark I could relax and be chill-layin' low in South America, get it? Relax & be Chilean low in South America?

I'll stay being myself despite all the vast hate & little joy,

most speak with such vulgar highfalutin language & still can't make a cogent point!

most MC's don't know what hunger is, yet success is what they're gunnin for,

I'll eat breakfast skip lunch & dinner then dessert time I'll eat one smore (/once more)

Even sober drivers are reckless crime ravers,

Driving a car without insurance is like buying a Toyota (toy yoda) without a lightsaber,

When I used to host at a restaurant, people would ask me if there was a booth in the bar, i'd say hell no but I got bars in the booth!

I've been at the bottom of the ladder, but I've had a habit to climb it,

I make the best of every opportunity, I'm like a great English student cuz im Punctual about capitalizin'!

My body of work is a landscape of astounding greatness,

Even if you put my life's achievements on paper, collect boulders & become a landscaper, still won't be in your favor Cuz Xerox (/cuz ur rocks) couldn't copy my foundation!

When I'm practicing punchlines solo (/so low), I might get jabbed in the foot,

Are you lost? Bitch learn how to Read directions (read erections) like a male anatomy book!

Some people ramble but I give discourses,

the platitude of hip hop to me is very important,

every metaphor I say is an intelligent Paragon,

If I say I'm Jammin' nonstop, is it finger fucking foreplay or a music marathon?

A whore today sucks to make millions cuz the industry is too greasy,

In the 90's they'd still be downin' the pipes like Mario and Luigi!

who wanna battle? Come get served,

He thinks he's this great Boss, it makes sense when you know what I heard,

people around him say he never fires, has no fun with his gun so he'll just Walk around with a clip-bored (/clipboard) like a supervisor!

You can go first pshh

Smoking gun evidence.... Taking the steam out of your round is as easy as (*blow sound)

Now, Notice as you lose focus when you have control of something,

Your back, how the fuck did it go? You got some bucks & some dough (/doe)? I don't know if your talking about animals or money!

I should just stop I'm so smart my words put you through Painstaking anguish!

I'm so Finnish (/finished) like the Sweden Native's language,

Let me end this on a dark note, getting twisted is where you'll wind up again,

Your such a bitch you could die as a Sim who's trying to swim,

Buy my products for sale, you'll get the most bang for your buck as if I was a pimp!

I love all my switch blades I use with ease,

when im stabbing its like a mousetrap, when my metal sprung, you get caught, & turnover looking like swiss-cheese!"

DaFilthyAnimals Tribute Rap! 11/26/2014

DaFilthyAnimals is a label music group of very talented MC’s, Filmmakers, and Producers. I discovered their group which had a lot of members already and I was happy to be able to join them. We all live in different parts of the country. The head producer and manager is Maurice Da Moose and he has created many beats for my raps! He has produced a lot of songs for me and I am very grateful for his hard work and dedication. This song was meant to be a dedication to the group. I used funny punchlines, dirty funny perverted sense of humor throughout. I shouted out the group to show my love and respect. The highlight of this rap for me is the very end where I wrote a literal double meaning using my producer’s rap name for a compliment! Look at it like this, anybody can show love by simply saying: “shout out to my producer he’s great!” But I took it a step further by writing a rhyme that could only apply to his name literally and complimented him in a more talented way than using some general words to say thanks.


"DaFilthyAnimals’s, that’s my crew here to let the people-know,

We supply beats raps and tapes that are so awesome, it’ll make ‘make believe’ believable,

Easy on the ears, gross to the nose, with hard hitting punchlines we’re the grimiest-bunch,

I don’t make it easy for nosy people tryin’ to copy my flavor... even the spiciest stuff! (/spies-see-it's-tough)

Imma confuse you for a second when I start kickin’ punchlines,

Here’s some secrets, imma rookie career ender sometimes,

I’ll tell a bitch rapper ahead of time, I’m quick to ruin Another's-surprise! (/another's-uprise)

I put 'U' in a box like I’m horseshoe packaging!

Haters sleep on my bars, pay attention you don’t even have-to-blink,

You weren’t on point... my insults woke you up...that’s what the distracted-think (/the-diss-track-did...think!)

In other words if you aint listening then your life aint meant for shit, your rhymes won’t ever broadband,

You tried for these other groups and couldn’t make one song-land?

Embarrassing, you got written off, even without an eraser on hand!

people in all walks of life come and join our bomb-unit,

Theres lots of tools in prison, formed groups get together and write raps to be heard, now have you ever seen a conduit! (/conduit(2)) (/con-do-it?); ([triple entendre’ a conduit it a tool, another definition of a conduit is an organization that acts as a channel for the transmission of something, and a con is slang for a convict, ‘conduit’ and ‘con do it’ sounds the same.])

Why hate when you could join us and get it right?

Credit scores’ so low you couldn’t even lease a car... from Fissure Price!

You learn to love the Filthy lifestyle, beats raps tapes cyphers blogs all on the checklist,

We’re so filthy you’d rather eat a 'blue waffle' breakfast!

Don’t love us then hate later, don’t do what your foolish pride-says,

Don’t switch from homie to hater, then if you’d stop bein’ with my-friends,

I’d hate the animal you'd become... a lion (lyin') faggot lookin for guidance (/guy dens) …get it, GUY DENS!

For the new fans this is something about my bars I should mention-too,

Punches SO GOOD, I fought the wall and I didn't-lose!

I’m bout to spit an oxymoron for those hatin’,

How dare you tell the greatest inventers that we won't make it!

I’d never cry in a fight I’m focused and blank when my fists throw-and-weave,

If I played Street Fighter with alternate costumes that’s the only way you could say I Fought Emo-Chun-Li! (/emotionally)

Bad girls please leave your pimps to rap with us and get jottin’,

she should say no to the dick, so in other words the head is noddin' ([the head (of the dick) is not-in])

DaFilthyAnimals is scoring birdies and eagles no bogeys in sight, as far as competition we’re killing-all,

Your so terrible I’d bet ya couldn't get on par playing midget minigolf!

Without DaFilthyAnimals’s beats I might’ve had no-future,

Next I’m talking about someone who be droppin’ hot shit, a pro-deucer (/producer)

Shoutout to a divine human being, a god amongst men my producer Maurice the Moose,

He furthers our rap careers with so many beats to choose,

His music is so powerful and loud when it’s released miles away in the booth,

That you’ll think theres a crowd of loud cows, all you'll hear is the moo's! (/the moose)

Join DaFilthyAnimals or hate all your life!"

Final Seconds! 8/22/2014

This rap was an experiment for me! I wanted to write this in a way that came off unorthodox, sloppy, lazy, ect. I wanted the reaction from people listening to this to be like: “This is great but seriously who writes likes this?!” So I wrote it in the craziest way possible where it’s almost against logic to think about writing anything the way I did it. It’s almost uncomfortable to rap these lyrics because it isn’t normal!


"Chorus: I don't got time to wait, I need to make this shot count..

it's the Final seconds

I get ticked talking (/tic-toc) around the clock, I need to make this shot count.. It's the Final seconds

If I don't make it now before you know it I'll blow it, I need to make this shot count.. It's the final seconds

I'll be a senior citizen or an antique stopwatch, that's an old timer! (/old person/stopwatch) it's the Final seconds!

invest in a great planet despite its hardship for humans, avoid the outside or you'll drop,

The Ewoks' say it's out of this world... people... Endor's (/endures) (/indoor's) (/endorse) the spot! (Quadruple entendre', Endor is a planet from Star Wars occupied by Ewoks whom killed humans in battle, 'the spot' is a phrase that means that place is cool; indoors is safer because the outdoor areas is where the battles took place with the most deaths; I said to invest in the planet in other words: 'Endorse' the spot; since it's hard for humans to survive here they would have to endure it; 'Endor's' 'Endures' 'Indoors' & 'Endorse' all sound the same if pronounced a certain way making this a 4-meaning metaphor in one line.)

I just referenced Star Wars creating 4 metaphors-in-one-line,

you wanna 'Burn' down these 'cold' rappers, but you wouldn't think 'fire-works' (/fireworks) on the 4th-of-July!

chasing me but you ain't built to drive me nuts ya would-tire (/wood tire)

you see what the top names are doing, they're who you wanna be, that makes you Aspire (/a spyer)!

DaFilthyAnimals going to concert at Hawaii til our times'-exempt,

I'll sit farthest back of the plane where you'll see the islands/isle-ends.

you want the ho's? I'll teach you since you ain't gettin'-it, (getting ho's and understanding)

get money then label your body parts to let her know where the interest-is,

pointed at my arm and said "So she'll tax it", point at my pants and said: "Social-security-it" (/so-she'll-suck-here-idiot)

potheads want to kill me I don't wanna get smoked, time to outsmart em' & take control-of-this,

Tell the potheads I have paper... And they all 'roll'-with-it, ('roll with it' means to go along with it, and potheads roll marihuana with paper)

I'm surprised they heard how far my aim was, can't jump-my-fence,

only one got your ear after all the guns-i-lent (/after-all, the gun's silent)

I'm not like you, being abnormal is what I'm great-for,

I can fall asleep having fun on a wake-board,

take your shot before I repeat-the-number,

I'm considered Toxic but I'll talk sick & quietly-recover,

rock climbing down the longest precipice,

Money stacks too small but you don't listen, that's not what you call 'deficit'? (/deaf,-is-it?)


I don't build the suspense to hear bars when I'm rhyming-mean,

I give punches right out of the gate like the Scarface riot-scene!

Got my hands dirty as a youtube rapper superb superhero with tons of fight left-in-me,

soccer is similar to women you cut corners and kick it to score, wanna bet-me?

I would rap (/wrap) around the net (internet, goalie net), but I've touched on that already,

tried to size me up, too bad I attack better,

My kitchen must be big you can't believe my counter measures! (/countermeasures)

I know I'll find my way it must suck seeing succeeding with no tears-at-stake,

You wanna see yourself shine? bring a flashlight in a mirror-maze!

Your angry side rises showing through-the-eyes,

Keep that bitch locked down or you'll see the continual (/cunt-in-you'll) rise!

you used to hate my songs, better get your doctor's pardon,

he'll say your sick of me growing on you, now the fungus (/fun-gets) started!

big small whatever I treat every fight like it's my last round,

It's like a pooping contest, cuz every piece of shit counts!

I don't take it easy dickhead every foe is fuckin'-done,

you must of failed SexEd if you don't know where I'm coming-from!


Ear Regular Rap! 5/16/2014

This rap took me a very long time to complete! I had worked very hard! Rigorously! There was a lot of heavy punchlines and entendres in this joint. It starts with a quintuple literal meaning rhyme! It was originally a quadruple literal meaning rhyme from my song “I’m A Winner!” But I found another meaning to add on to make it even more talented! However as crazy as this sounds, that is not my personal highlight of this joint... I wrote the world’s first interchangeable double literal meaning rhyme! Where you have 2 different options for words to use (exact some pronunciations) at 2 different parts of the line, and it will still remain a double literal meaning! It does have a long setup, but it delivers with a strong bravado!


"I wrote stories about the greatest rappers looking on my map's icons to travel the never ending cliff with my GS cars to roam with the best-men,

I can show you the Legends (/ledge-ends) (/icons on maps) (/famous people) (/cliffs) (/story) (/GS Legend vehicle)

you got hurt yet you hate seeing violence-though,

once the spotlight is on your dumbass turn the other cheek and look away, you don't get it I-suppose (/eyes-oppose)

The top dogs off the chain! Or should I say he's unleashed,

My fam dreams of moving off this level, you could witness us-leep (/asleep)

I gotta diss the referees, they don't wish to see-me-win,

Attention ignorant critics, your all juiced up, mixed with enjoying being salty, you All-of (/all-love) (/olive) martini's ingredients!

I'm laughing so hard it's killin'-me,

you think your favorite artist says what he really means and rolls with a killer-team?

not in reality but see him change in Front of the camera like a filter-screen!

Rappers almost always lie in interviews it's so-atrocious,

ya lost me.. first you say you've battled tons but come to find there's no-opponents?

then I hear there's firearm possession yet you don't-condone-it?

Damn you couldn't keep your story straight if you were homophobic!

I coach the game but I'm still fast to take shots at these pricks,

even my best player can get hit if he don't watch his mouth, watch Adam bench-a-king quick (/been-chucking-quick)

Women don't need their products or machines for beauty, build on your own, I make-compliant-sense,

Learn from my words or go back downstairs thats where ya makeup-lyin'-since (/make-appliances)

gimme every diss you got I still wouldn't bend!

I'm 'skilled' do I need to spell it out for you? you'll get 'killed' in the end!

lyrically kill ya self your career will rest any day,

it's obvious when you surrendered your life that was a 'dead giveaway'

turn your passion to ashes, it's no secret, I don't just be looking like a fighter,

I'll find the way to end your career and fire you beyond treatment, I'm just looking for the Right-turn (/right-urn)

I can prove you stink as a mixtape recorder... because your mixtapes (/wreak odor!) (/reek odor)

Ignorant fans act like bad lines are good, when will they hurl-more-truth-again,

I mean they'll Gas a line up (/lineup) like it's world war 2 again! (execution squad / hyping up a bad rhyme)

some rappers have big imaginations with Avid-prospect,

Some think they can reenact the Manhattan Project on their Manhattan Project!

I always win but haters conspire to make my abundance drop,

but soon become unwilling even with their fake fortune, they notice their reluctance (real-luck-tends) to stop!

those ratchets you clash-with now caused scorching-pain,

let's play a game before you take another step towards-the-grave,

stop saying you'll survive your dumbass was never good at seeing signs...not to make you more-enraged,

but I have to ask this before-we-play,

how do you expect to go Forwards (/4 words) when it's forsure-A.I.D.S.? (/for charades)

I'm very scientific with my internal teachings,

I'm not a priest but at the Last moment of Recognition there's Funeral (/few-neural) readings,

to sing is slang for a snitch, with the wire ringing,

You have 'high points' and 'low' ones, you don't 'sound' like a snitch but I heard you In-choir (/inquire) singing!

with that reputation is it worth the business?

playing with fire causes people to start burning bridges..

I'm smart I belong with the top scholars, besides raise views what could ya do for me?

If I failed to hang, that would be a breaking news (/noose) story...

Fuck average gun rappers with those poor weak slogans,

How are you killing me when you say your "Poppin a clip?", to me: "pop in a clip" sounds like your reloading...

there's alotta snake bitches that infiltrate our force-fields,

your a snake i put under the water now sharks have warm-meals,

I'll record a short film about it when the funds-will-land,

for the other snakes it's educational, people won't understand, not kidding it's made forreals (/for-eels) (/4-reels)"

The 'Key' To Hustling!

This whole rap is one visual punchline, you actually have to watch the video of me performing this rap because I pull out a key hidden in my knuckles at the perfect timing to make my point.


"Stark was in a fight with a giant guy, his Knees bucklin' mean punches sent,

Yet Adam kept momentum fists would keep pummeling,

all the sudden the big guys bleeding, it looked like teeth scuffed his chin,

he's bigger than Adam tho, how could he fuck with him?

Let me show y'all what's between my knuckles then... I just showed y'all the 'key' to hustlin'

(I actually pull out a hidden key out of my knuckles when I say the final line)"

My Shot! 3/16/2014

I was inspired by another very talented MC Jay Pacifica AKA Derrick Vice, he sent me a beat with a chorus on it that sang about us finally getting “our shot” to mainstream success. I loved it and I was on a time crunch. I wrote these lyrics in about a week and I Rap really fast throughout this because the beat intended for it was fast paced. Unfortunately, the song never happened but I’m glad that I was inspired because I love what I did here! The highlight for me is just my creative insults towards general haters in this rap. Wanna hear something interesting? Jay/Derrick told me his favorite line was me saying “You don’t have to switch to vibrate to ‘feel’ what I’m saying in this message!”


"MY SHOT! I'm gonna keep pushing til I pull through, full-throttle,

Me and my gun are in a bad relationship, I have control-problems!

I used to think about life like what the heck is the point of it?

I have a compass in my right hand and a magnet in my left, I don't know what direction I'm going in!

your favorite rapper treats girls like-objects,

a pimp for broke women, but can't win a dumb fight with-knowledge,

oh I get it he's a 'homeless home wrecker', that's why they say he 'kickboxes'

im a product of rap just multiply my full-supply im always hard at work its tiring,

Add-my-earnings that would equal peoples' admiring!

From awake to awoke from rest less to restless,

you don't need to switch to vibrate to feel what I'm saying in this message.

My hustle game top score with stats like this,

once you proceed to bleeding start changing-colors like the Wayon's-Brothers when you act like a bitch!

your weapons were left outside, while mine weren't (/were-in)

um whether I'm assisting God or swearing to him, the masses I can Assure (/usher) them!

futures get pushed back as time passes these-days,

once your cards are dealt follow suit cuz you can't change the deal-ace (//delays)

im the closest thing to being the perfect human being,

My only dysfunction (/diss-function) is verbally hurting feelings.

The new art of war I made for real men needing tests,

witness my intelligent combat techniques against foes; you copy?.. then you'll get to sieging,-yes (/see-genius)

defeat for you is imminent, at phase one you'll face one,

even your hometown rejects you, and that's where you stay-shunned (/stationed)

whether you wanna witness me suffering, or toast to celebrate my campaign,

after all your broke ass's threats remember one thing, you'll never bring the Champagne! (/champ-pain)"

Too Many Bars! 12/31/2013

I wrote this right before the new year at the time. I just simply wanted to try and write some lyrics that I thought would stick out at the time. I also pronounced the word esque as it is spelt instead of how it is pronounced to take people by surprise. My personal highlight is the ‘backyard baseball’ line and the double literal meaning ‘hold up laws / hold applause’ line!


"you said I would lose a battle? Your view is not in favor, pussy your vision is sad-to-see,

bitch you lost your marbles, man-call-a player, (/Mancala player) for tips on winning strategies!

I contain a heightened Clairvoyant sense of awareness on the throne,

If my worst words were THC even the mayor'll-wanna-smoke the marijuana-smoke,

I can't afford to go under 100% while you could spare-a-round-of-jokes,

2 kicks, 2 jabs, 4-bones-ruptured,

blood dripping your hands keeping your-nose-covered,

then I peak around the corner... see you in the elevator, repeatedly pressing the door-close-button!

takeover your drop shipment with the element of surprise as I sat Calm cool & collect,

wait for my team to roll in then I call-em' on cue & collect!

as far as my team you couldn't achieve or Reach-our-genius credit,

the rap council should start Recharging-us credit,

1 shot 2 kills, hence-that-sure-would-seem i have 200%-accuracy,

I'll make it even even though it won't look the same, Symmetrical,

Lay down my foundation, let the cement-trickle,

With all the wack rappers these days, the universe is at a loss, but I'm undefeated, even with A.D.D. you couldn't add a loss or say Adam's lost,

Greatness is what an Adam Stark Bar-esque,

your rhymes are trash! They should be on the show Bar-Rescue,

I'll assume your soft ass prefers a music choice soft with acoustic-grooves,

if you ain't lookin for trouble then don't speak my lingo or else it's a problem you fluent-too (/flew-in-to)!

No justice it's rubbish if something's wrong you just-nod,

why Clap for a corrupt cop if he tries to hold up-laws (/applause),

you want to be a rapper? I won't let you graduate I'll rearrange the main stage with no floors,

you at college for rap fame I'll sabotage your craft with phenomenal-force,

& I'll erase your name so You'll get no credits for your major like an optional-course!

I spit expensive heat, like an active kitchen with no one home,

in a rap battle I get personal,

bars remind you of backyard baseball, 'hits' close to home!

I'll throw a Fiesta mate,

what's the Fee? estimate,

how many bars per minute? 60 minimum, I'm funny but not running from anyone!

if you say I'm a clown, then I kill like john Wayne Gacy,

I'm cold as ice I think Lebron James hates me,

with these skills I rank you couldn't match-my-wits-willingly,

You can't touch my level I'm a Hazardous-intangibility!

My next bar isn't offensive, it's perspective:

You suck cock for tickets, The game urgent?

No I mean you suck cock for tickets, The gay Merchant?

I'm enforcing some regulations for rap battles & rap duels,

be flawless or I'll separate your words & reverse them if you slip-up in my Pupils! (slip up backwards is pupils)

blaming others for your failures, like You got stabbed in the back, that's preposterous but you pretend like your story should-sell,

I'm tired of that (/Acupuncture Therapy) Act-you-punk-sure, therapy could-help,

when it comes to hip hop, you give off this sound of a lost-villager's-slang,

If I told you to write down & recite loud something dope you couldn't break out the bars with John-Dillinger's-gang!"

I'm A Winner! 10/06/2013

I wrote this to be viewed as an underdog who becomes the ultimate winner and still has to rap to prove that I will remain at the top! Highlights for me are spelling B I N G O twice at the end with word association techniques; and my amazing double meaning setup and double meaning rhyme connected with it- the “life support/ cut you off” to “dead rookie/ six feet underdog” rhyme.


"I'm a winner cuz of the life I chose I could've been minutes away from serving a long prison sentence, livin' with a skinny cell mate, all i'd lift is a small dumbbell, that's "Heavy time with a light wait," (lightweight/) (/light weight)

but I get away with murdering beats i didn't fight fate,

I pulverize all competition no matter the challenger,

On a scale of 1 to 10 you can't bare-it (/Barrett) cuz 50 is my caliber,

I go long distance a futile few'll fuel my mighty writing pen,

watch a Titan come tighten the tight-ends,

both sides of society I can convert to my-friends,

I'm colorblind yet I paint a perfect picture for hip hop despite my haters recanting,

Take i out this painting you'll start panting,

my words come-to-me like a summoning somebody must agree in my absence rap just ain't complete?

I'm a winner cuz I make rap atheists change-beliefs,

my knives slice precisely like cold cuts through the coat of your cult's culprit cunt!

what's technology without tech knowledge equal?

an incomplete project of the genome,

don't judge a book by its cover, or by the price of it,

if you judge me by my clothes, I ain't jack shit,

in other words my clothes were paid for cuz I ain't jack shit,

when you heard the first part I just said you thought I dissed myself,

I proved your judgmental next time listen-well,

you didn't even realize I just experimented with your thought process,

allow to demonstrate again without using a hard context,

I can write a dope paragraph with every punchline reversed,

here's the story NOTE viewer discretion you have been-warned:

I seen men-die for a diamond, it was a cool-heist in high-school, told my punk tutor I never seen a-more-soft sophomore, I had to torment a mentor!

rapping in reverse tires me dog please stop it or I'll make a pitstop

onto the next lesson which is knowing when to react,

keep my friends close & my enemies closer, since they fed me static it's only right that I feed-back,

if your in an ambulance on life support I'd risk getting pulled over just to cut-you-off,

Your dead rookie we'll call you the 6 feet underdog,

I went from rock bottom to on the rocks bottoms-up,

life changes I've tangled when I got-it-rough,

I wrote stories about the greatest rappers looking on my map's icons to travel the never ending cliff to roam with the best-men,

I can show you the Legends (/ledge-ends) (/icons on maps, famous people, cliffs, story, quadruple entendre')

each thought travels through the pen-stem,

with all the hate I used to get, I prevented a pre-teen-suicide,

other so called good rappers pretend they can't see-me-through-the-blinds,

I can prove your not even close to my level, between you & I, there's eleven letters between U & I (you & i).

my fast pace pays to see-me-moving-dimes,

as far as your speed bitch your crawl's-pace-is-slower,

as far as intelligence not even your crawlspace-is-lower!!

as I climbed to the top spot people wonder how did I appear up-here?

I ain't repeating myself I just knew my fate & accepted it,

Your apprentices' appendages end up-in-ditches when a-pen-dishes up-relentless-ness!

the only thing rappers pack with us-is-tents, no assistance the hate between us-is-tense

don't think I won't play-my-luck,

a starving cannibal would hate-my-guts,

to all my loyal fans & fam i require your attention-now,

I don't care if your sober or if you drank ten-sips-now I have a speech on why I should accept-the-crown,

I love all of you haters won't even get a slightly indented-frown,

this is exactly how a winner's voice should be expected-to-sound,

my life defies gravity I went nowhere but up yet I kept-my-ground,

I just want all you to know who respects-me-now,

I could pilot a jet with no fuel through an electric-cloud & better bet I still wouldn't let-ya-down!

front on a G with etiquette, sounds like you better get-a-kit, first-aid ([G + etiquette = sounds like get a kit]),

Im the best-with-this, always wanted to be number 1, i shoulda never-left, first-grade,

my skills high as Mt Everest, front on that to see an L i got the cleverest, wordplay! ([C & L cl+ Everest = cleverest, an L is slang for a loss])

listen close B4 Stark punches your I25 times N40 kicks to the gut he's considered a G50 states would agree he'll O75 percent of skill to his own style he flows,

Did you listen closely to the last scheme folks, I proved I'm a winner at the king's-throne,

listen close I said B4 I25 N40 G50 O75 that's BINGO! ([N sounds like end, N also sounds like and; most bingo games play #'s 1-75])

I can do it all over again in reverse, Stark will O61 sticks of dynamite for bombs dropped in each-verse, he'll bet a G47 assault rifles couldn't N40 percent of haters misconceptions on each-end, but focusing gave my I20 20 vision to know that your B10!"

After The Apocaplyse! 7/24/2013

I was given a beat by my amazing producer friend named Maurice Da Moose. He told me to write a rap to this beat. I was inspired to create a story. Fuck that, I was compelled! I wanted to take a break from all punchlines metaphors and entendres for once! I wrote an entire story beginning to end while rapping at a fast pace. The highlight of this rap: I seriously wrote the action sequences of this story so detailed that you can visualize the whole 360 degree view of the choreography! Not only that, but I mentioned many types of different medieval weapons. I did not repeat any action words or verbs! How boring would a story be if it was worded like this: “I punched him... I shoved him... he punched me... he shoved me...” So listen carefully... I wrote this so carefully as to which there aren’t any action words repeated! Perfection!


"Before the world crumbled they built me an olympic-temple,

but this isn't what you think it is i didn't get-it simple,

before the earth started corroding i wrote rhymes scripted within twisted cryptic riddles,

thought I was gonna marry the rap game for all of the splendid-pay,

but after the apocalypse I decided to disengage (/dis engage),

even the wealthiest upper class celebrities become refugees,

no more cops laws armies or fire fighters to come & rescue-me,

nobody knows how the tragedy actually happened & the truth becomes-stretched,

not many survived BITCH its the opposite of alright cuz there's none-left!

no airports left yet my closest friends made a departure when bullets take flight you don't want me as a rival (arrival),

I begin to sink in new rhymes on parchment paper to start the hip hop bible,

teachings of the former legends that paved the way-for-us,

but to translate it into universal writing it would've taken-days-because,

the lack of resources means that recipes for survival are needed before the remaining-papers-rust,

Society wants me to tell them what happened, they no not about earths continents,

how is it that I remember it all & they lack their common-sense?

everyone's panicking & attacking others without a purpose,

how can I teach these people that the only threat we have is each other with out causing an appalling disturbance?

so i made raps about peace & unity & put myself as the sole-proprietor,

severe weather conditions put all of us on high-alert,

if there's one thing about humans it's that when we are at our weakest we can only become mightier!

no longer in existence is there any electricity gasoline or any automatic firearms-left,

mostly medieval clothing gear weapons & horses people try-&-harness,

people whose profession is to find boots have a fighter's-edge & are considered veterans,

they'd find your possessions & they put their timberlands on your tender-limbs,

i mastered every fighting technique so my #1 spot you wont knock-it-from-me,

trying to commence a battle for a victory you will not-get-from-me!

every anarchist heathen defeated after I don't leave em' breathin' I retrieve the weapon & sheathe-it,

single handedly protect every village I scarcely witness being very-threatened,

so its either hide from the murderous thieves wherever & cherish-my-lesson,

or accept my training join my legion when prepared you carry-a-weapon,

but its hard not to think of a place where to bury-your-friends-in,

when the lack of medical science despaired means we cant spare a pair-of-paramedics!

I can only heal minor cuts & bruises on the injured innocent people,

but most outlaws that come about-cause contusions to the survivors in the depot,

all gathered at once to takeover the new world & make mayhem for everyone!

their whole evil allegiance is here to murder me cuz I'm their only threat that ever-won,

the army of non-believers rushed me from the backside & thrusted his dagger but i caught it between my hands,

twisted this timid instrument out & into a different target seen in my path,

everyone rushes to kill me I'm outnumbered by the most dangerous odds,

spotted an arrow rippling through the air-slow so i tumbled away-there-unstopped,

hurdled a small boulder over to the horse's chauffeur broke his shoulder now I'm closer to the one-spot,

the dark shadows of the trees was my plan of out maneuvering the vast amount of well rounded bounty-hunters,

I threw-a-fake-jab & knew-he'd-take-that from my cruelly-laid-trap so i pounded-him-dourly-upword,

i shoved many enemies & made great plays to try to gain space but around-me-clustered,

knives thrown at me so i twisted my body to avoid impalement of my armor's chest-plate,

next guy charged a spear at me last second dodge i acquired it to put him in check-mate,

by kicking him down while holding the wooden-end & then-stayed,

strong while he let go but it wouldn't-end without my next-play,

both of our steel blades made sparks fly I couldn't cut his glove's grip from the Velcro,

so a rapid knee followed up with a knockout comin' from my elbow,

next was a brute with a heavy ax using all his strength to make it-drop,

somersaulted forward & held the ax from the bottom during mid-flop,

the center of gravity allowed me to gradually subdue the knight's swift-chop,

my flurry bashed his shield away from a higher angle quickly then lateraled it towards the fighter hiding in the shadows,

trying to throw moves as rapidly & correctly without getting over fatigued surviving from the battles,

face one while I threw a punch in the direction towards my back to corner attack the bigger threat who wasn't ready to absorb a quick-jab,

stepped on his jaw while the momentum allowed me the big-chance,

it's a mind game & although I've demolished many of the attackers I know I'm outnumbered,

I'm feeling weak & soon-I'll-die I'm doomed-if-I get over-encumbered,

so I led the army of betrayers to the bridge on the valley,

Knowing that my fighting chances are better when I'm cornered one sided in the middle of an alley,

The bridge is a dead end with me on the side fending for the freedom of Earth's good-members,

knowing that I may not win I had contemplated what route of fighting would look-better,

The only way to save the good people who are defenseless without me on this planet,

was to wait for all the killers to try & surround me thinking ill be slain from-their-damage,

then they all got close-enough so I chucked my last hammer & it broke up-the-latches,

so the whole bridge with me & the evil people on it collapses,

I took my own life along with the betrayers to keep the good hearted survivors-safe,

remember what I did for the new world & to help you all make it to a higher-place,

by becoming the one smart enough to avoid extinction of thee entire-race!"

Cypher Verse For Jay Pacifica! 7/09/2013

I was offered a slot in a cypher! Unfortunately it never ended up happening but I love my lyrics here none the less. I wrote these lyrics to be easy to understand but to still be skillfully done to the point that people listening would be impressed. The highlight for me by far is the last line: “in a cent / innocent like Abe Lincoln!”


"I'm manic I can make any man I see (/man-i-c) disappear,

your afraid of the dark so when i knock your lights out my fist interferes with your inner-fears!

I'm richer than a banker with unparalleled-credit,

i cant be broke, put i in debt it spells-debit!

taxes after me with terrifying tariffs-flying, i spot the county Sherif-hiding, so only share-if-hiding,

my method of exercising, is cyphering while driving with Jay shotgun writing some expert-rhyming til i get carpel-tunnel, in the car-pool-tunnel!

stealing from every bank with no-halt,

when i begin robbin' hoods (/Robin Hood) i "jump" for the opportunity to pull-vaults (pole vault)!

forgive my rhythmic grimy-cadence, with this Productive product-I've created,

biters need to take heed & dont step-in-my-grind,

when you steal my lyrics yall should Recognize you wreck-a-nice rhyme,

never touch my pen & pad you would waste-imagery,

I could be a starving artist in the Hunger Games & taste victory!

Im always raising the bar,

not raisin' Barrs like the Roseanne show

not raisin bars like Quaker-Oats,

I'm raising the bar because what you say-is-dope I raise-the-quota,

My first name is Adam, i will take my apple back so your throats-gone,

its not a thrift store when the last thing you see is a boat-pond (/pawned)!

in other words you drowned-dead, but drown-it out & listen-up to Jay Pacifica's cypher-jam!

Last name is Stark because of the tickets i earn man (/Iron Man),

I'm the strongest in my opinion but to each-his-own,

Spent 7 days in solitary confinement to prove I'm not weak-alone, cuz I survived a week-alone,

just because I'm a psychic that likes to remotely show off doesn't mean I'll tell-a-vision (/television),

Im psychic cuz I'll leave your brains' red (/read) in fights i excel-at-winnin'!

there's a bounty on my head, one day we'll all be sittin'-in-dirt,

someone tell Dog his bones will "break up" when I kick that bitch to the curb!

when they show the public the suspects for the 328-victims,

just pretend this face is in-a-cent (/innocent) like Abe-Lincoln!"

4, 3, 2, 1 Freeverse AKA Short Punches! 6/04/2013

I love the beat to the song 4, 3, 2, 1 and I’ve heard many rappers perform over this beat, I took an approach myself! The highlight for me is the very last line: “Think you won’t drown? Put ‘I’ against ‘most’ you get ‘m o i s t’ which is true if the directions I give are taken literally.


"If you still don't believe-in-me-y'all,

Then your an atheist bleeding beneath the sea-&-I'm-jaws,

which makes me the deadliest, catch it? even an amputee bro can (/broken) give me-some-applause,

I got 2 lines, that symbolizes youll proceed-to-the-pause,

press play your about to meet-with-the-gods,

im warning warriors you should call-home,

although, finding a dope rhyme of yours is also bout as likely as finding a hatless Waldo in a crowd of all bald-folks,

people say I'm diabolical? Nah, try-methodical,

I'll make you all see that I AM thee optimal-beast,

even if your eyes' are covered by an optical-leach,

i have metaphors that are American-ninja-warrior-obstacle-deep!

once you see what this boy'll (/boil) do his haters become a product-of-heat,

for anyone who doubts my enemies will drowned after using my pen paper & voice,

just think about it, when you put 'i' against 'most' it spells moist!"

Legendary Last Words! 5/28/2013

For the first part of this rap I cleverly crafted, I made every single word/syllable rhyme PERFECTLY ALIKE to showcase a brand new style of rhyming entire long sentences together, then I go on to kill the rest of my verse with bars & metaphors I also cleverly crafted.










































i wrote verses to kill verses to save lives i'll leave my foes froze-in-their-tracks,

like a blizzard warning on an Alaskan bass-fisherman's weather rotary-map,

Metaphorically & physically, im gonna destroy your heart-complex with one-bar-now,

locate your ribs and jab a sharp-object the fourth lumbar-down,

for those that don't know that's the chamber-to-the-heart,

For those that don't know I've been a danger-from-the-start,

directly related to this art,

nobody knows no wordplay like Stark, when I write I wreak-benefits from re-editin' pre-predicates for my rhymes to have a supreme symmetrical electric-fit,

if your weak, this rap game will get you fucked so if your ASS-is-tENse, & you need ASS-istANce, then you shoulda stayed ABstinent!

I wrote a reservoir supply of metaphors to try,

they brought the caution-sign-in when I caught-him-signin',

i will fuck up your mainframe like control alt delete if you don't know-my-type,

I will even leave-you left-stranded & beat-you left-handed like I don't know-my-rights!

secretly contaminate all the food then let you choose to order ordeaurves or-dirt,

I'm as intelligent as a member of an Ivy League,

stalk my opponent while he suffers from H.I.V.,

then I poisoned-his-I.V. with Poisonous-Ivy!

i hope everyone can respect my prominent-lecture,

and tell every whack rapper to go back to being audience-members!

And to all those who STILL disrespected-me,

FUCK YOU! fuck everything-about-you!

fuck everything you ever-think you ever will amount to!

Willin' to prove my lyrics are-fire like sparks from startup car-tires when I-get-to-rappin',

my phlegm comes flammable like a wicker-basket,

so when i spit i can set you on fire quicker than a scissors when it's rippin'-plastic!

if you heard me say you qualified,

i probably meant to say a koala-flied!

I prevail in the long run like women's suffrage,

gettin dissed by Adam Stark doesn't have insurance coverage!

"if your weak, this rap game will get you fucked so if your ASS-is-tENse, & you need ASS-istANce, then you shoulda stayed ABstinent!" my metaphor using these 3 words that sound the same & have the same amount of letters

"secretly contaminate all the food then let you choose to order ordeaurves or-dirt" 3 words that rhyme perfectly, and can make sense grammar wise to use in a row, plus its a deadly punchline, cuz if he doesnt know the food is contaminated then he wont choose to eat the dirt and he wont think hes in danger but will still die by surprise!"

Mindset Of A Dirty Rapper! 3/01/2013

I wrote this to try and experiment with compound syllable rhyming and something new. I created punchlines by connecting words where the first few letters are the same!


"Haters better agree to my terms-&-conditions,

don't talk shit or I'll be on a murderous-mission,

I'll diss em to their face while in most instances disses prefer-to-be-distant,

haters get evictions their mouths close im as mean-as-can-be,

i can make even the richest critics zip-it so seamlessly,

you better change-routes to your safe-house before i take-out my TNT,

im so sneaky when im creepiiing up in it secretly,

that even the top ten percent of the most attentive tenants tend to get dented when meeting-me,

it makes sense that im cynical since the central senate sent-in a spy to D.-I.-E.,

other rappers obnoxiously awkwardly copy-me but i end my competition call me the worst-of-the-bunch,

you outta-be cautiously walking when talking-of-me or stark will start stomping you when ur down you'll get served dirt-for-ya-lunch,

one of the many plenty perks of working-with-guns,

but it's also false-hope cuz your cursed-when-you-lust,

when me & hip hop met i was perfect to perfECT-this-friendship,

the only dopeness opponents have is what I inject-in-their-breakfast,

I'll send you to the holy lands thats the Methodist-method,

my rhymes will make you overdose unless this lesson lessens-the-meth-binge,

y'all should know by now im the strongest contestant-to-contest-with,

homie your fucked like the concept-of-conception!"

Funny Ass Rap Volume 2! 2/05/2013

Pure comedy, dark twisted humor! But also I wrote perhaps thee most compound rhyming structures ever attempted! No dry spots!


"This is only meant to be funny:

it's a concerning journey me & hip hop merged-worlds-wit,

i defer to disperse the words firm n donated my sperm to ya current-girlfriend,

The girl you thought was hot-&-sexy,

now on to the topic that draws-up-envy,

her slot wasnt often-empty,

not knowin' she was blowin' my cock for a promise of a Mazda-Bentley,

but I only gave her a toy car bitch where you think these odd impossible obstacles-get-me?

she must've thought it was awful-tempting,

im omnipresent to these wanna be model-peasants,

after destroying an annoying crack-house i blacked-out then got-arrested,

one pound 7 ounces of tar in my large clogged-intestine,

trust-me nobody could've taught this top Dog-a-lesson,

the problem in my awkward trial that went wrong in the long-session,

i DID tell the judge the truth... i just forgot-to-stretch-it,

so the storm of cops swarmed & got-me-arrested,

but i happen to have an elaborate-alibi,

i said that coulda been any rap-hasben jack-rabbit with a bad-habit-to-vandalize,

caught off guard on tape i raged to say it was an arrogant-trial,

then prepared i tried for American-idol,

apparently my fame is way more apparent-then-i-knew,

They shouted "hey stop right there square-in-the-isle,"

i timidly stared there-in-denial,

as i saw randy jackson giving Nikki-minaj a titty-massage,

Nikki quickly hit-me & said piss-off!

hey Nikki if you wanna diss-me win a Grammy-first,

& if you ever do win-it give-it back to make us happiER,

I'd have-ta mark that day on my lavender Calendar,

this type of info im not gonna release to the public,

that would only teach-you feeble people what a grudge-is,

i will punch-fists & nudge-kicks to punk-kids who judge-this rubbishness,

tunnel vision up in an industrial tundra prison

where i dare declare some of the dumbest-live,

showed up to drug deal with a strange gray bag of baking soda,

to his dismay they tasted the display of the fake-coke-stuff,

agged the 8 men to drag his face on painted pavement til he made the arranged payment but ay too late his brain's-broken-up!

the punk must be surely-dead-then,

NO SHIT! was that your first-impression?

was it the perverse action of this nerdy perverted person's worthless brain in one thirty third of a fraction that made you infer-ur-question?"

Funny Flawless Rap Flow! 1/31/2013

Pure comedy with flow! That’s it!


"I'm living lucky like a little 4-leaf-clover,

pack more-heat than a 40's-soldier,

poor sportsman performing for an adoring-culture,

too-bad most new-rap is overdosed with hopeless-quotes & corny-vultures,

planning an extravagant takeover,

punk but-fuck that i aint gettin a day-older,

my blunt slash drunk-ass feeling like im on 8-folgers,

learn to burn sherm less take the-day-slower,

Hear bad news in one-town but somehow maintain the same-composure,

have-the-green for gasoline my brain-takes 8-motors,

if my pace aint changed rates play-the-tape-slower!

death is overused, people asking Adam why have you brought-up-an-awful-topic?

its an odd-distraught-persona,

I got caught when i copped-the-product,

people need-to drop the drama-stop-it!

or i'll stock-up on pot from-ya-Mama's-pocket,

then put the potent pot-on-a-chopped-up-omelette,

i promise-im-an-honest-docta,

me losing a battle is like sayin a faucet-lost-it's-water,

on my phone i often talk alot so i bought-a-pocket-charger,

imagine havin' more ammunition,

than an-Atlanta-prison,

Half the staff cant stand my ass but my raps have-had-them-distant,

trap the rats the cash I've grasped from rap-is-sickenin',

R.I.P. cuz rap is precious im on-my-league,

on this topic im at the top-i-see (/top-i-c),

get the metaphor? If not get off this is hip-hop-hypocrisy,

top notch non stop labels been offeriiiiing,

photoshop crop my loft so its not on Obama's-screen,

i cant let the president know where my residents' be?!

ever-since 4 I've been least-10%-G,

extra-vents to cover up the evidence-of-weed,

I've been-cleansed-see what did y'all expect-of-me?

pity people praise God but repent-the-priest,

Peter picked a patch of pickled peppers pretentiously,

weaker bitchass punks didnt ever wanna mess-with-me,

you say you aint a bitch but if the shoe-fits your Cinderella,

these critics are useless like citrus-mixed-with-vanilla,

spit til im toothless i inflict flip kicks-til-it-kills-ya!"

Harsh Life Lessons! 1/14/2013

I wrote this to implement some philosophies of my own plus some that I invented. The punchlines are simple here, nothing complex. I also made the point that guns are not dangerous, they don’t discharge by themselves, so kids need to be taught about them, instead of being scared of them, for many reasons. Highlight for me: “stop dealing drugs and guns or your doomed, it doesn’t lead to anywhere good!”


"Your little in this league, thats why your going-to-stay-an-amateur,

you don't make money you waste time like throwing-away-a-calendar,

when life pulls me down, like a calculator im always comin'-up-wit'-somethin',

my sales is like an elevator there always runnin'-up-the-numbers,

the only time you should ever forfeit,

is if & only if your tryin to forfeit an orphan to a foreign home for-it,

I move weight better than a fork-lift on the fourth-shift,

you need to appreciate yourself but no you don't you just-hate-life,

until a thug puts metal to your teeth maybe then you'll embrace-life!

i must be in Nashville, cuz its nothin but rough terrain i tend-to-see (/Tennessee),

its ironic that i have to 'cross' paths with Satan to repent-the-beast,

get-a-job, forget-the-mob, or end up eating prison-slob,

my words are rough & gritty it's too late to get a dentist-job,

the solutions are hard to find, whether (weather) or not its in-the-fog,

Learn to appreciate your ride be better than the simpletons,

i hate it when people hate their cars just remember next time your kickin'-it & hittin'-it,

be thankful you got-one cuz poor people that don't got-funds would be thankful to live-in-it!

i got some questions for you to think about:

is your life about checks & balances or balancing-checks?

do you live for the moment or think about what happens-next?

How many people are depressed & barely-know-the-reason?

How many people push barriers-from-Jesus?

How many people are buried-underneath-us?

These questions are scary-to-one-who-needs-love,

People need to unleash their brain's untapped-potential,

be done-packin'-pistols

before one-last-essential


cuz you run-past-this-info

you dumb-ass-resentful

punk learn that some-bad-peripherals

could end you sunk-back in drug-traffic-central

where no father could bring his son-back-from-his-doom!

kids need to know that grounding you doesnt count-as-abuse,

pounding you does but pounding back won't amount-to-a-truce,

study hard make a success out of yourself,

let the best out of yourself,

read the right books throw the rest off of your shelf,

dissect a check accumulate the best out your wealth,

graduate college anticipate & acknowledge bout being passionate on passin'-tests to subtract-the-stress & surpass-the-rest!

impress your best adversaries,

learn from mistakes as well as expand your vocabulary,

go the whole-distance,

repair all of your emotional broken golden-bridges!

parents need to get their priorities straight,

put your kids first don't add more-to-your-plate,

quit-drugs or get your body zipped-up cuz the path-your-finding is only advertising an absentminded fool who never had-the-time to give your kids the right income,

that income is time spent with your poor kids if you don't their broke, then,

get it together like a blind date with fate except open,

talk to your kids bout guns so i don't have to fucking read about any more of these ruthless-school-shootings!

lonely-ones toting-guns cuz of abusive-cruel-humans!

save the cemeteries from gettin' buried with various-crowds,

any old new strong weak poor rich or extraordinary parents shouldn't have to bury-their-child!

I'd rather sit their-in-my-house comfortably not uncomfortably wondering about somebody's gun-to-be blaring-ten-rounds!

the bullets don't just penetrate shirts-&-skin but what hurts-within,

each life taken prevents any future generation of the victim's lifetime & beyond,

so 1 bullet really kills about 99 times the impact that we-thought..."

12/21/12 Mayans Prediction! 12/20/12

I wrote this the day before the Mayan calendar was supposedly suppose to end. I wanted to capitalize off of the idea that creating mass hysteria is a horrible thing to do to people, I saw people joining cults and killing themselves in groups because of this idea of the calendar ending, and it pissed me off! Some of my best rhyming was done here for such a short rap.


"On the date of 12-21-12....

the mayans predicted-the-existence of the living would weigh-off,

but what they didn't-predict was the intricate-prediction's infliction-of-chaos,

if scared inconsiderate-ignorant-citizen's were aware of their relentless-sympathies wouldnt it pay-off?

dare to be timidly simply kicking the indifferent equilibrium off of the simplest people make the prediction no better than adolf?

both the mayans & adolf wanted the destruction-of-mankind,

hence commencing somethin' that sunk-in to one-hundred percent of the center of each man's-mind,

quit vicariously-scaring-folks

with very scary generically generated barely various-anecdotes!

dont let anyone with a ruthless-behavior,

ruin you for having a jubilant-nature!"

Killing The Competition! 7/13/2012

I finally decided to join the horrorcore genre! Where you rap and there’s violence! I did it to prove that I can adapt and do it myself no problem!


"Just started my rap career & someone tried to shut it down it felt like it was time-stoppin for me to be making a wide-profit,

went to his own house party & the guy-stopped-quick,

found the shit talker & hurdled a 9 inch knife in his eye-socket,

then plucked it out & made his eyes-rotten,

the dude was so wack im surprised i could even make a dope rhyme off-it!

found another rapper talkin shit then i hide-in-his-house,

jump out from behind the fine-denim-couch & hear him crying-out-loud,

grabbed the stapler of his desk & started putting staples in his chest,

no idea how pissed off ive become-right-now,

through his unconscious body over the front-gates & gave his clothes mud-stains before i hung him up-side-down,

hit the accelerator on my car until i felt his head-crushing-through-it

with some red-musty-fluid

of another dead-fucking-human!

the second i get a little fame someone starts spreadin'-lies,

some on the internet & some televised,

i hate rappers who make up lies & dont keep-it-truthful,

so despite the competition we cant-keep-it-mutual so i have-to-see-his-funeral,

so i made an incision with precision thrusting my phillips-screwdriver

to kill-this-rude-liar

who was spilling-news-prior to that day, talking shit bout my raps in his wack tracks that lacks class & his rhymes stunk but it didnt stop me from putting a fast gash in his gas mask for that trash!

later a jealous rapper came up to me & first words-were-exchanged,

& then my nerves-were-enraged,

so a roundhouse kick to the temple put him on the curb-for-his-ways,

although i didnt get the job done he was hospitalized takin'-through-municipal

while my crimes were being investigated-by-Interpol,

stole the doctors badge & clothes to go undercover in the patient's room,

to await-his doom,

he only needed a portion of the Succinylcholine

but i thrived to shove-in-the-whole-thing,

he knew it was me & tried to push the security button but it was off cuz i cut-the-cord so that they couldnt come-in-&-support,

his nerves started failing but i wanted to give him pain-in-full,

thats how i wanted his last day-to-go,

i replaced his healthy I.V. with an open-straw of Propofol,

he threw up & it soaked-the-wall,

had a stroke-&-all i had to do-with-this-one is escape through the sewer-system,

you wish this shit was a dream but it isnt-fake,

when it comes to rap careers I've ended I'm doing numbers like the city-bank,

it aint a one man funeral its more like a city-wake!

rappers cant make friends its like our co-workers treat us like goat-herders,

my helpful tips to hateful/ungrateful rappers is to just refrain from talking trash bout me or you know the consequences cuz the raps-i-say-we-know,

contribute to the fact that my rhymes are an entity of my active-raging-evil

that will kill the last-remaining-people

cuz of my aggravating-ego!"

Hater's Pride! 7/13/2012

This was an experiment I did for a fast rap to try and make people laugh while deciphering my lyrics.


"I was holdin' goldin' watches the size of dinner plates

then got locked up with prison mates

reminiscing on the time i didnt waste

then helped the bitches make a quick escape

but because of twisted fate,

i never got out, it was a dream the shit was fake

quit jacking off, give ur wrist a break

my words are never sloppy

i cant change my ways cuz nobody ever taught me

i got a whole army of clones but youll never find a better copy

my music sales accumulate quicker then garbage

im murderous & heartless

me against haters is a one way fight like the Persians & Spartans

hip hop has moved on now people shouldve accepted the change

stark is a contender with the best in the game

my rhymes stuck in ur head like it infected ur brain

so i will rhyme the word stark a million times so u remember the name

to every hater dissin' on me i want u to know that im way better then u

so play ur part & just accept that its true

i hate pussies that go beefin' when touchin' the mic

when they havent been punched even once in their life?

somethin' aint right...

hip hop police follow me its my first time cuz im new to the chase

punkass hater took 2 to the face

ur disses arent even trash, there nuclear waste

you haters stealing rhymes wondering who u gonna rob next?

im gonna rap & make some-pay one-day & then repeat the process

i'll hit the pussy right out of the cop-dress

took a look at real rhymes i made

then you tried to decide my fate

but i diss everybody coming after me



stabbing me for the rap i speak

im going home like Barry Bonds, but i aint swingin' the bat

you couldnt pay me to quit music dont try to swindle me rat!

haters claim i killed hip hop when im really the one who's bringin' it BACK!"

How To Win At The Casino! 5/30/2012

I love card games! Not the nerd ones but the card games for money! I don’t gamble very often at all but I love table games. I wrote this rap to give my take on how to win big. It’s like an instruction manual.


"(Chorus): I came to win! I'm makin'-this-money!

No one is takin'-it-from-me,

I came to win!

The Casino floor is my respected throne,

I go so much its like my second home!

I'm winning from the beginning' every inning im the Loudest-on-set,

i'm gonna leave when i'm rich i got Houses-on-deck!

(verse 1,2,3):

i have a platinum players card, you don't think that i gamble-much?

When you wave your fist at me i can tell that hands-a-bluff!

When i was broke, my heart was filled with Animosity,

when it comes to different casinos i Travel-oftenly,

get money! get money! Im Latching-onto-greens,

amateurs play games like keno & bingo & red dog & penny-slots,

you wont go home rich with those petty-thoughts,


thats where the fools-bet,

turn 2 vouchers into 2-checks,

the jackpot on my last-slot is louder then group-sex,

tried a small casino at this country-road-spot,

take-it-from-me if your makin'-the-green its gonna be on the buffalo-slot,

pull-tabs with do full-jabs to your wallet i'm not for much-of-those-thoughts!

its a fool's bet, stick to card-games if you expect some hard-change,

from blackjack to baccarat, its a balance-act like hacky-sack,

if you know how to play & you summarize- my-tips,

then you can colorize-your-chips,

play big hands for a couple-rounds,

& don't be fuckin'-up your hundred-bucks when you double-down!

next is pai-gow,

it takes no hesitation, but rather a separation like eye-brows,

pull out your chips & hit-em'-up,

take your seven cards & split-em'-up,

if you play smart, then the game isn't a true-dare,

play to make money like you-care,

in each hand pocket split up the 2-pairs,

so your less likely to result-in-a-tie,

i chose to gamble myself its my fault-that-i-tried,

& brought up my stack-of-chips,

which you couldn't do with a lack-of-wins,

if i'm heavy-loaded every-moment with chips then 3 card poker is where i have-to-sit,

smaller chips placed on the pair-plus-bonus,

only small bets on the optional part so you can still tear-up-opponents,

then place a big bet on the ante,

til the dealer places down 3 cards that you cant-see,

if you have at least a queen high then go-for-it,

but don't hold your breathe til you turn your throat-orange,

bein' patient & waitin' while the game advances might make you wanna hear a lullaby, til you mummify,

but then you'll find out if the dealer's card can qualify,

if so then you just experienced vivid-greatness,

cuz you won chips in 3 different-places!

now there are over 40 bets you can choose from in the game-of-craps,

but listen to my strategy if-you wish-to gain-the-cash,

make a field bet, you'll only lose on a 5 6 7 or 8,

plus a 2 is double 12 is triple so its better-the-rate!

or you can also make a place bet on a number that better-show-up,

long as that comes before number 7-don't-touch,

dont waste your casino money on drinks, its not-about-the-bars,

learn not about keno, learn how-to-count-cards!

take-risks, raise-chips, oh & if you haven't-learned-this,

when security is nearing-me i'll lose my hand-on-purpose,

so they wont suspect me of cheating-the-odds,

scared players will be retreating-the-spots,

get-all-the-loot, be quick-on-the-move so security will wonder-where-the-crime-is,

i wont leave the casino til i'm rich enough to buy a house made of 100-carat-diamonds!"

Untouchable Insane Rap Flow! 5/01/2012

This was a fast rap I wrote with many tongue twisters! Hard not to slip up, try it yourself at a fast speed as I performed it.


"In america our biggest problem is "my phone is gonna die"

cant you see how lucky we have it here? OPEN UP YOUR EYES

my attack plans i think-through to sink-you like a game-of-battleship,

my aim-is-accurate,

i put my mind-at-ease cuz rhymes-like-these you couldn't create if your average

back in the day people thought i couldn't-rap,

then after travelin' & battlin' & hasslin' & tacklin' the baddest-men' i proved em' wrong & well look-at-that?

im a conniving cold case killa with a wooden-mask,

your hook-is-trash

so scared of me you need therapy you couldnt-grasp

how now im lookin-past

the hate that i was used to getting back-in-the-day

my absurd words can merge turfs from rappin'-this-way

when i unleash my tactical impractical magical lateral rapid-flow to make my status-known

i made a rap career without needing or receiving a witness resistance assistance or a lieutenants admittance to get-this interest as my penance i don't just spit-it cuz i'm vicious i have a sickness

rhymes pop into my head outta nowhere with a flow-rare from corrupted-thoughts

if i'm someone you come-across it'll be a troubled-loss

i'm dedicating this to the underdogs

soon i'll be front-page on one-stage that im ready to be rumbled-on

like a kickboxer

or a shit-talker

fuck you if you say i spit-awkward

i was born-to-rap your now implored-to-ask any of my six-doctors!"

Silence! 4/23/2012

I wrote this to try and touch people battling depression, without actually talking about depression. I always refer back to the title throughout my lyrics. I also wrote this right after my great grandma passed away, she was a real sweetheart. Highlight for me: “silence is the plan that THEY need!”


"My skull is so thin,

my ideas are golden,

silence is broken soon as words are spoken,

my heart is broken, when bad ideas are provoked out in the open,

my friends I told-them,

now I have to scold-them cuz they ditched me like i sold-them

All my cash got lost in a living-nightmare,

I was sitting-right-there,

collecting my-share,

cuz whenever I was broke & hungry my friends were never right-there,

I stand alone in a fucked up position shut up & listen so I can explain to you what the pain will do

i'm changing you back to the same old you

i'm feeling like my fame is through

every artist feels like hating mother fuckers want to disable you,

Im changing the mood,

I ain't no longer takin' no losses

you'll get beat up in the process

yall sound like squeaky leaky faucets

in our picture I will crop this

i'm a monster like the loch ness,

health insurance is a scam I call that death with profits

i'm that honest

if you don't believe me please rewind this,

My lyrics have backbone Im not rhyming-with-fear,

even if that means violence-is-near,

hopefully no riots-this-year,

if you really knew me you would know that im quiet-&-sincere,

I guess that why they say silence-is-pure!

I want you all to control those sad lips,

im a living breathing rap legend with pro status,

I don't condone your madness,

just stop spreading hate that's my only last wish

For every hateful speakin ungrateful thinking person ive learned that if you look close enough as they open up you can see the jealousy underneath it,

If Your looking for the reason for the treason you believe in just know that you wont just find it in the chatter,

because sometimes 'silence' is the answer,

There isn't one person's heart ive touched that hasn't touched me back,

people speaking hate need to fade & shut their fucking trap,

Lets all show silence in respect for people that fight for progress,

and they stand up tall like the long necks,

I wanna thank each & every one of you here tonight

Whose pure & bright

& clear in sight

You can see me when you look up to the stars

My body is no longer fucked up from the scars

Back then when I was up in your arms

I felt like something was ours

Since birth I was a determined baby

Still stupid but learning daily

Hoping one day I can return to safety

& to everyone who's spreading hate, 'Silence' is the plan that THEY-NEED!"

Calm Down! 4/15/2012

I wrote this because I simply felt like I needed more content to present to the world, honestly. Highlight for me: mentioning Denzel Washington’s line in Training Day and rhyming with it- “you disloyal fool ass bitch made punk!”


"I have a platinum players card, you dont think i gamble-much?

when you wave your fist at me i can tell THAT hand's-a-bluff!

i kept-it-low to get-this-doh, you think im just gonna forfeit-this-money?

thats like saying abortion-is-funny,

left-hook hows ya head-look? torture-this-dummy,



thats your shitty life i-just-described-it,

make you laugh-&-cry relax-your-mind in ample-time then i-bust-a-rhyme-quick,

after all that its nothing but fuckin judgement-i-get,

you disloyal-fool-ass-bitch-made-punk,

get-spoiled-too-fast then get-ate-up,

ive been-royal with true-raps & get-laid-much,

i end beefs real-quick with a steel-fist then my mind makes really-great-stuff,

never take a different-route i eat rappers then spit-em'-out into sixty-eight-cups,

my sharp whit is what your fantasy-lacks,

my words are bulletproof you couldnt damage-these-raps,

ive been a rapper since conception

i gotta lotta weapons

in detection

of the session

i'll ruin your life if you beef with me like messin' with depression'

i cause a tornado with my aggression

im faster then you've ever-been

as soon as you start measurin'

im sure your head'll-spin

from the leverage!

i need to calm myself my blood-pressure's-low,


you try to freestyle then quit, ur new nickname is one-second-flow!"

Dr. Stark Mentality! 4/07/2012

I’ve always used the alias DoctaStark or Dr. Stark, and I wanted to create a rap to associate with it. Highlight for me: “doctor by day with a nice rap finish... I’ll put a hole in your head and throw an ice pack in it!”


"I'm tired of being broke, i should start sellin big keys like spacebars,

forgive me, when I spit-at-times my-vicious-rhymes will hit ya in the face-hard,

rhyming battle grave-yard,

i'll steal your undivided-attention its about-time-mentioned i never take-hearts,

when my songs sell my name-starts to break-charts!

yo since i became homeless im the best-in-the-box-now,

winning from the beginning every inning by technical-knockout,

i'll spit in ur iris with a virus to start wreckin-ya-thoughts-down,

even if u have extra-power i know every-bouncer so im gettin-ya-tossed-out,

you'll get messed-up baby i'm quite-tough,

i could sell ketchup to a lady in white-gloves!

i dont fear-people im pure-evil like abusive-villain-comics,

my raps so sick i can make your future-children-vomit,

by day im a doctor with a nice-rap-finish,

i'll put a hole in ya head & put an icepack-in-it,

im done tahday fuckin A your an obnoxious-drastic-whore im knocking-back-&-forth like ping-pong,

my crew hyped-the-game the only way you wont see that is if you type-my-name in bing-wrong!"

You Still On That Hook? 3/17/2012

A cool guy I met made beats at the time and he told me to write a rap that utilized the exact words: “you still on that hook?” So I did precisely that! At the time I had just won second place in a blackjack tournament, I was very pissed off. You don’t get a fucking thing for second place!


"I went from no-deals to a talented-artist,

i went from no-meals to having-a-harvest,

people say i'm goin'-bald?

Gee i'm SO-appalled,

i'll put Rogaine on the back of my hand & smack you with an open-palm!

you must be expectin'-to-lose,

if you come up to my session-&-choose

to drop-a-rhyme


Im a rapper slasher slash serial-killer

my microphone combine with rhymes is a lyrical-winner,

my hook is bomb like a nuclear warhead,

i'll leave that bitch's body bruised with a scorched-neck,

meat your maker even before-death,

any men makin' more-threats?

my method is expectin' perfection & not a score-less!

Haters cant diss me wit a rhyme they aint got my permission-to-speak,

with under 2 reckless seconds of freestyle they'll be admittin'-defeat,

Hip-Hop is a fad to some people but it's a religion-to-me!

you cant reach my status i rank-better,

tell me somethin', is it bad when your best friends are bank-tellers?

money is everything dont fuck-with my green,

you better run faster that a cat climbing up-in a tree,

before i grab the nearest sharp object & puncture-ur-spleen,

aint no other rapper been as hungry-as-me,

my rhymes will kill foes cuz nobody wunted-this-beef!

i control the whole field like a farmer-crew,

it aint ever easy to beat-me its hard-to-do,

so if ur whole block want beef i'll turn your street into a barbecue!

all i have is my music i'm still on my hook-shit,

my feral-rhymes will paralyze em' then i win-brawls with good-kicks,

spend-all n look-rich

without my hook, every hater will then-fall n look-pissed


for those who respect music you better stay on my hook,

if my lyrics got stolen you better take off like crooks,

Hook Line Sinker,

Good Rhyme Thinker,

lets plant weed seeds so the real crops can cook,

now ask yaself, you still on that hook?"

Bank Heist! 2/21/2012

I wanted to make an action pact story! I wrote this without any complex writing, and I came up with some original gunfight action sequences!


"Don't fuck with us we've had a long day, still bein patient & waitin to make our songs pay, youll have a troubled loss if ya come across us in the wrong way, so dont fuck wit us its been a long day

started off my morning in court sittin in the defense chair next to my enemy who supports snitchin

& now im forced to be livin in... poor conditions

he was gettin involved in my biz i told em "scram punk" i bet that fat fuck has ham chunks between his damn thumbs

but anyways now im broke i need to find some work to do

i hit up my partner in crime & he supplied the perfect clue

a devious scheme & dimensional plot,

somethin unpreviously seen but gettin us guap,

so whats the plan how we wrecking the shop?

we entered the store,

couple warning shots started wrecking the floor,

he grabbed the hostage as i bagged the cash

took the employees wallet then chased the rat,

tackled him, put him in the corner spot,

no more run away witnesses gonna abort this shop,

one of the hostages had the balls to throw a bottle at me, dodged it,

cashier tried to give me a crotch kick,

my man smashed the bitches head thru the glass & prevented the path of escape for the mosh pit,

no more trouble from our hostages,

our robbery was almost accomplished when,

all the sudden bullets started rushin in the building,

44 calibur bullet hits the wall ricochets cracks the ceiling,

no turning back we have our suitcase with half a million,

the swat team negotiator got on the megaphone,

telling us to come out quiet our future is set in stone,

i look at my future in a way that says ya neva know,

my skimask shows anger but underneath it im sweating ferociously,

wondering if a bullet hits how far will the autopsy have to open me?

scary thoughts as i glared across,

taking cover reloading my magnum gizmo still,

crouching underneath a window cil,

we risked it all to get fast cash instead of getting a crum paid pension,

i shoved a shopping cart to block the front gate entrance,

i spot a target with flashbangs equipped, thats our concern

one shot turned his face into a mashed brain quick, kill target confirmed,

i set off some cover fire shots landed,

my magnum is steaming its got me hot handed, goddammit

all the sudden i looked up shouted quick,

swat guy crashed thru the ceiling dual wieldin as i kicked away his gun out his grip,

unarmed he pulled a tactical knife out,

i put a twist on his wrist then maneuvered to grabbing the knife now

& used the sharp end of it to start stabbing his right crown,

all the weaponry turned the building into a wasteland,

we needed a new escape plan,

i shot at the gas tank of the police van,

the van started smokin,

we ran out the barricaded door it was hard to open,

the van explodes with the next hit,

my man said to follow as he exposed the exit,

one swat member saw us running & they chased us thru the alley,

i was runnin top speed but my wound was bruisin badly,

we swam under the boats & headed north

set forth as we put the bag of money in the secret spot, beneath the dock,

kept it there for a month, burned all of our clothing & other secret evidence,

grabbed the money bag our mission was completed with excellence

me & my homie gathered our girls & started leaving pronto,

our new permanent home is a beach in Cabo!"

World's Fastest Rap Possible 2! 2/12/2012

One of the world’s fastest rappers out to prove it!


"Lets go, make me room when im comin through,

Unless you want something bad to be done with you,

Im tight as fuck & nice enough to share a blunt with you,

my ridiculous & meticulous rapid rapping is the lesson here,

Its about that time to kick it up to second gear..

Rhyming is super sonic speed its hard to go witness

I rap fast for exercise as my cardio fitness

Im sparking your interest

Im sicker then the diseases carried by bard old bitches

Im charging the fences

Hardly a menace

Party in seconds

Im marking ur deathwish

Smoking mc's so much im getting charged wit possession

Why should I start slowing it down

when Im the one whose holding the crown

im the king and the champion

with flavors like mandarin

posing for my mugshots with a savage grin

im travelin

with the tapestry

everybodys comin after me



stabbing me

for the rap I speak

My words are charity there makin a difference

I saved rap to start changing ur interests

ho's comin into my room 24-7 with the daily admission

i fuck sluts a lot its a shady addiction

made wit precision

I love to rip it with acapellas

ive been seein so many babes & bitches I almost forgot the fellas

I promise you are not sicker

im the top spitter

ur nothing but a cock sniffer

around me nobody is safe I'll leave the toughest guy in the place with the bloodiest face and check back in 10 days to see how long the sufferin' takes

dangerous rapper fits my profile just like the joker I'll leave em' with no smile I'm so wild other rappers need assistance like a kickstand I made 6 grand sellin' 6 grams and after 20 minutes I made ya girl switch hands

homeboy hit me up like you wanna hang bro? me and my bitches is takin' a stagecoach im coming up with great quotes I mean think about it I wouldn't say it if it aint dope?

I don't know how much annoying rappers I can be tolerating I mean shit I'm not complaining I just think I should have given them their proper trainin'

you better with guard ur back as i target that

ya boy stark ask him it aint really hard to rap learn to stretch your rhymes like an anaconda or face the consequence I'll

grab the choppa and I'll have to drop ya

in the gutter I've suffered just so I could come back and rhyme more cleverly the bitches I live with will never-leave until I get my next felony

then after-the-crime im smackin'-this-guy in the back-of-his-spine fuck his average-rhymes I know you a big fan big man but get to the back-of-the-line

Im feigning many benefits by playing sega genesis my punches they will never miss with treacherous elements a fella gets for being a seldom bitch ill tell em quick to sell a brick and maybe then we can tell if it's a fellowship!"

World's Fastest Rap Possible! 10/29/2011

One of the world’s fastest rappers out to prove it! Things really changed for me once I wrote and recorded this rap, people honestly stopped doubting how fast I could rap after this! I was so proud of myself!


"Sticken my fist in the thick of the ground

as I will enter the town

and you remember the sound

of my venomous rounds

you should be trembling now

yall remind me of camp sight

im so damn bright like a lamp light you lost in a cat fight last night thats right im livin in a half life blowin up like bagg pipes never havin stage fright stickin out in crowd wearin plain stripes im so dang nice

Who gives a fuck if I rap with unusual patterns

tryin to get to the top while maneuverin ladders other mother fuckers rap with the stupidest patterns

jus like a telemarketer there useless with chatter

sittin at the end of the table without using their manners bringing unscrupulous laughter

breakin a smile takin a while

hiphop is my bitch im makin' a child

Adam Stark can spit so fast

you won't even get yo cash

you'll lose it or get broke fast

bic lighter to lit yo hash

don't be scared of me now

you aware of me now?

I'm tearing you down

blaring my sounds

like a merry-go-round

you wish you could do this

I can spit so fluent

grab a pen and get yo blueprint

scary ass schizo music

you think you can spit as fast-as-me

I call that blasphemy

why the fuck am I rappin free?

yall should be taxin me

Im too far ahead of the game for yal to be touching me

you don't wanna be suffering

beef is anotha thing that you don't wanna bring

unless by beef you meant that you have an offering

im the only one whos breakin the necks taking the checks and making the threats followed by dangerous regrets

My rappin im attack wit moves faster then the bullet of a 50 calibur

itty bitty amateur

these are the fastest words that your ass has heard

im leaving competitors stumped

sever their lungs dead in the trunk

its never enough im getting em' stuck I aint respecting you punks

Speakin and feedin the browser with the power of a nuclear tactile missile

wack rappers and backpackers need to have a dismissal

your rappin is lackin the action with tactics I have the practice and you has-been's haven't had this this is madness

your trapped in your building im tearing it down to the last brick

yal must be on ritalin

ur equivalent to rat shit

once my rappin' start,

u wont wanna see adam stark,

after dark,

imma smack this mark,

my opponent's crappy bars, got me laughin' hard

no steppin' to me not even half a yard

ur a broke-ass,

u against me dont tempt me u got no chance,

to beat u i dont even need to use both hands,

i met ur girlfriend in bed with no pants

nobody is betta then this

im the fastest rapper in Winona to ever exist"

Rap Champion! 3/21/2011

I talk like a gladiator in a blood sport! Killing all who oppose!


"I'm the champion in the greatest of battle-leagues

stabbin' competition in the nasal-cavities

causing fatalities

if you got-a-sec i'll throw em' off-the-ledge just to show the principals of gravity

I'm gonna get anotha win because i know i need this

i dont even need to know my opponent's weakness

i'll just punch him til his cheek-rips,

which will render him speechless

I'm more than ur average punk-boxer

i dont need a gun-locker

to make sure the kill is done-proper

while my scared enemies are blastin'-the-pistol,

I'm showin my true strength by beating them into submission with a plastic-utensil

I'm counting all my money, stacking-the-crystals

and after i git-those,

i'll prove that I'm not just a hasben thats-been-broke

I'm also a savage that-spits-dope

Stark is the rapper-with-sick-quotes

nobodys defeated-me-in years,

i'll stab you repeatedly-with-spears

til ur so broke ur seeking-a-career,

and secretly-in-tears

hip hop is my life, i deserve-a-stage

and if anyone tries to curse-the-name

i'll put em' in a dirty-grave

at an early-age

send em' to the pearly-gates to see if they deserve-a-space

or else they might end up in satin's burning-place

one of the dopest rappers from Minnesota

i spit fast, but i can spit-it-slowa

in case u didnt git-the-quota

Stark is an honest citizen,

but did u ever stop n think of this?

that i can verbally destroy u without using proper engl-ish

then i say "bring-it-bitch"

causing me to start chopping-ligaments

without a single-fist, til

when it comes to u... NOT A DAMN THING EXISTS!!

and believe me i'll be singin-this

til i git-my-wish

my enemies will scream "help me"

then i will jump up twelve feet

then kick his face in til he sees that fuckin' with Stark is un-healthy

maybe i USED TO BE a mental-house-patient

living in a seven-pound-spaceship

in heaven's-round-basement

but still my rhymes are alot better more clever forever and they are never-crowned-ancient

Stark aint scared of any winy-challenge

and if u take ur best written material thinking ur rhyming will manage,

my lyrics are cutthroat and will cause untimely-damage

last but not least, if anybody want beef, i'll show u what a snack-is."

I Wish I Was A Kid Again! 1/04/2011

I wrote this to get a little bit personal for the first time. More importantly than that though, I thought of a universal idea! The idea that universally is thought of by almost everyone at some point in time in their life- the wish to go back to being a kid again! No more bills, no more jobs, no more drama, the world isn’t as scary, ect. Being able to create a universally relatable idea is a concept that I love and I’m proud to have been able to do!


"Chorus: I wish i was a kid again

back then life was so different

i felt so innocent

back then i was winnin' shit

used to have nightmares and now im just livin' it


i miss havin' recess

life didnt seem stressed

and i wasnt de-pressed

i didnt fit in with re-jects

back when failing didnt make me sadder

back when i didnt need a planner

back then grades didnt even matter

back when girls didnt hate the guy thats fatter

remember when detention didnt mean much?

remember when bully's didnt pack a mean punch?

i wanna go back to when weird things were normal and real things were strange,

i wanna go back to when i didnt have my feelings of pain

i wanna see my friend again before death was screamin' his name

why did my friend have to die?

back then the pain wasnt trapped inside

back then i didnt feel like i was the last alive

back when people cared what i said, so i could rap with pride

back before i knew about savage crimes

i wanna go back in time......

back then i didnt lose my buck$

back then when i didnt knew-i-suck

back when a girl loved me for who-i-was

back then i knew dudes i could trust



i miss back before i knew bein' ugly was my fatal flaw

back when i thought everybody obeyed the law

back before innocent people got laid off

back before i knew there was people living worse-er

back when my t.v. showed cartoons instead of people gettin' murdered

back when it was okay for parents to see their sons' lose

back when our emotional states were unbruised

back before - i knew thugs owned a gat drawer

back when trying our best is all they asked for

back when i rolled with the safest bunch

back before i knew what a stranger was

back when i thought the world wasnt danger-ous

back when Playstaion games was the only kind of shootings

back before i knew prison wasnt only in the movies

back then i wasnt the only one pushed

back then my friends werent rollin' with crooks

i miss back when suicides were only in books

back then it was okay to have my 'lonely bum' looks


Spit A Dope Rhyme! 12/05/2010

I wanted to rap a certain flow, and this is what I came up with!


"Lemme spit a dope rhyme quick

if you dont mind it

since i was 1 month old

i had respect for rap by the truckload

been meeting ladies with even more of those hormones (/whore moans)

me and my lady with the door closed

what happens there, only lord knows

time is sacred, so why you waste it?

how come i come up with the dopest rhymes

when i dont have a smoker's mind

my mind is larger then a vacant island

i trust myself more so i stay inside it

only a hundred have been discover'd but theres a thousand ways to rhyme it

tomorrow is yours, but today is mine

my raps are dark, but they wont fade in time

my life is my favorite ride

copy my raps and i'll slay the guy, make him cry and maybe break his spine

girls stuck to me like they were magnetized

i dare you, to stare through, these naked eyes

i made my way through the line to save a dime

i'm, great with pride

i tell the truth even when i say a lie

i stay alive, because i cant find a way to die

i created your favorite rhyme so thank this guy and say goodbye

i'll break your neck son

white noise you better respect em'

my rap skills are on a higher spectrum

your favorite contender cant rhyme better cuz i wont let em'

reverse murder = redrum

to scare ya i never even cussed once

i dont need to bust guns, although i'd love some

put my rhymes in a trust fund

wanna take it outside i'll grab the gloves son

i'll knock you out with 1 punch num nuts you dum fucks yall suck much slum cunts

wanna fight much?

i'll write stuff

my rhyme schemes so tough

dont talk crap, like he knew stuff?

i dont believe you a thug

hes so fake he probly bleeds blue blood

his best gat is lookin like a see through gun

your rhymes suck you NEED NEW ONES!"

Story About A Bad Person! 10/18/2010

Still trying to figure out how to write a story at the time, this was my way of being vague but saying a bold statement... that there are people out there that are so terrible that no one would miss them if they disappeared. Rare, but possible!


"His friends told him he was lazy as hell

theres 700 ways u can tell

u say u want help?

but u dont care about anyone else

found dope so u be craving a sale

but that means ur just playin' urself, waisting ur wealth,

so lazy that even babys can tell

he has a crooked face

nobody should have to look this way

his dad left him so criminals took his place

a little bit of anger turned into a rookie fight

got pissed off, cuz he's a pussy right?

nah man he's just a pussy type lookalike,

fuckin' took his life

now he's on the run, with a lotta guns, never stopped at once,

he's seen alotta stars but he hasnt seen a lotta suns

only once in his life, did he live a day happily,

back when mother and father were lovers with honor gettin' paid by the factory

he got no love at all, even tho love is found thru the soul,

he hates his neighbors and his stupid home,

he called his ex-lover a stupid ho,

unexpectedly the next day was her funeral

less performin' for em', fewer shows

ignored so damn much, that the dudes a ghost!

noone cares about how the cold illuminates his stupid clothes, and his lonely stare, into NOwhere,

where ever he's headin' i dont wanna GO there,

this rhyming is SO rare....

he ruined his life for a second time,

the lonely punk should check his mind,

throwing up, but the bad shit is still left inside

now thats sick, nuthin more real then rap shit

dont try and get to know em', STOP ASKIN'

he harmed every person he crossed paths with

he tried being a villain for a day,

so when the bill showed up he could support the pay,

she's dead, cuz of what he said, is there any more to say?

his common sense got lost again, it's torn away

he went thru life too fast he still wishes for everything he would like to have,

he got his dreams sliced in half

because he didnt take the righteous path

he's exiled like a communist during the red scare,

no matter who u are, regardless of race the darkest place which he was left there

he took his last breathe of air,

before he collapsed at the death chair,

few cried, while the rest stared..."


I Cloned Myself For A Rap Battle! 7/29/2018

I took punchlines going all the way back from 2007 til 2018 for this! In the video I use special effects to clone myself, where the ‘clone’ has none of my memories but has my same artistic talents and capabilities. So I prepare a round for a rap battle to use against my clone and once my clone arrives I battle him. He is forced to ‘freestyle’ his entire round of his portion of the rap battle against me while I unfairly wrote and prepared my round beforehand. Note, every single aspect of the video was scripted, nothing was actual freestyle. But I wrote the clone’s rebuttal round of the rap battle to make it sound like a freestyle. This battle takes a serious tone, a tone that the loser will die! I used more complex and technically more skilled punchlines for the original Adam Stark who raps the first round. However, I made the clone have a much better ending because he goes second, he goes last in the battle, right before the whole video ends. I wanted to make sure to have the ending of the rap battle be a memorable ending. Another strategic thing I did when writing and putting together these lyrics was how careful I was about insulting myself. I didn’t use some of my favorite punchlines about insulting a random hater’s manhood because that would hurt the clone as well as the original Adam Stark in the battle as well! Some punchlines that are amazing that are battle rap lines wouldn’t work in this particular fictitious rap battle because it would insult both battlers in this instance. I made a very debatable battle, clearly picking a winner would be difficult. The original Adam Stark had some very amazing technically skilled punchlines; but the clone (who was playing self defense) used some very cleverly ‘thought of’ concepts as to why he’d make a better person as a whole then the original version. As well as actually referring to the whole fictitious battle in third person and saying how ridiculously sad it is for someone to be so desperate for attention that they had to clone them-self just for a video! See, this fake battle was written and performed so well that it comes down to your personal preference and point of view to pick a winner. The point of this was that if I could clone myself, this is what I would do (without the part about the loser dying.) I would test out my talent to see which one would prevail... my writing talent going up against my freestyle talent! Which one hypothetically would win in a rap battle?!

Adam Stark's Round Lyrics:

"I am the original, bitch and moan all you want, I will taunt you and flaunt too cuz I’m the version with vast strength,

Any punchlines that come out this clone’s mouth is because of me, if your wondering why that’s strange,

I’ll teach you my audience, the problems when, if y’all really feel lines (/felines) of his, then at that rate,

Besides myself as an exclusion, to describe everyone else I defined the solution... think: ...Copycat’s traits! (/copy cat’s traits)

If that went over your heads don’t dread, I’m saying y’all felines, of his, and he’s a copycat since he’s the clone you copy that?

If he drops mad raps that’s as hot as heated pots and pans that’s just pure deception,

We may look exactly alike, but your insignificant making you just a mere reflection! (/mirror reflection)

My body of work is a landscape of astounding greatness,

Even if you put my life's achievements on paper, collect boulders & become a landscaper, still won't be in your favor Cuz Xerox (cuz ur rocks) couldn't copy my foundation!

I’ll make you bleed just to make you clean it I’m fierce,

I don’t want blood on my floor! I’ll make you use your tongue, because you are dumb, anyone think this is weird?

I’ll explain, don’t look at me, and we can all watch this duplicate up here / dupe lick it up here!

When you in the ambulance on life support, I’ll risk getting pulled over just to ‘cut you off’

That’s a double meaning, your dead rookie, we’ll call you the ‘six feet underdog’

That was like a compliment, no more false hope,

Although, I’ll bet finding discovering a dope rhyme of yours is as difficult as finding a hatless Waldo in a crowd of all bald folks!

Torture you, Tie you to a chair til you starve, let you choose to order ordeaurves or-dirt,

You believe there’s a chance to move forwards Forsure, you wouldn’t wanna expect the choice of starvation, or dirt

so you choose the choice of perusing foods I offered you but notice something tastes extra saturated?

Well, just when you thought you had a chance to live... the food was secretly contaminated!

I'm very scientific with my internal teachings,

I'm not a priest but at the Last moment of Recognition there's Funeral (/few neural) readings,

Not to mention your life was pathetic to begin with thanks to my cruelest plot!

Since you just became into existence, technically your a 25 year old Virgin! While my dick has been used lots like car dealerships, my dick is used a lot like movie props, my dick has circulated and been used a lot like a nudie shot!

Your trash ass round coming up will be entirely defective!

The only time I’d stop being a dick is if I retired as a detective

Dissing you using the same exact 5 syllables... as far as your speed mentally not even your crawl's-pace-is-slower,

And as far as intelligence not even your crawlspace-is-lower!!

I'll hurt you worse than a paper cut from a greater pay stub before cashing in from making bucks,

How badly will I fuck your face up? Equal to or greater than: becoming grazed up, a rough embrace from a grenade thud crush your frame such to custom made-fudge crumblin' 8 cups to the point it looks like an inverted funnel cake does!

I can tell that there’s jealousy without embellishing that you’ve become all bitter,

try and transcribe this story before it’s delivered,

I have a beautiful girl puppy, I'll hand you a large picture, Pull out a shotty and buckshots to permanently put you to sleep, translation: You got 'bucks' to watch her and say goodnight, your a dogsitter!

KNIFE BARS! I should clone you again and wait til his placement is adjacent,

Stab you both in the backs and where the pieces I cut off i could make an arrangement,

What's Adam thinking? - Makin' Vertebrae's slit! (/may convert a bracelet)

Get it? Makin' vertebreas slit, may convert a bracelet

I'll take a sharp turn with a dull knife as I have an insurmountable insane thirst to draw blood like a shotgun to your neck like a beer can drinking game til your pigment changes and the wounds bigger then a broken piggy bank is and I mix powder to make it a citrus tasting drink creation simulation!

I love all my switch blades I use with ease,

when im stabbing its like a mousetrap, when my metal sprung, you get caught, & turnover looking like swiss-cheese!

besides you I got another enemy in my pocket, everyone knows to keep my enemies close so here's the prospect,

My knife ain't my friend, but I concentrate and watch as it wants to give you hickeys, my foe kisses on your neck! (/Focus's on your neck)

you may hate how my violence is formidably foreshadowing what is certainly concerning ya,

the same knife I just used I'll slime with lube for easing (/freezing) it into your organs like hypothermia!

Now you can tell people what I did to you by kindly reciting my quintuple entendre,

5 implied meanings in one line to bomb ya,

My friend my age always stays way high over the shore by these pillars I'm at and he's a stabber,

So for your safety listen to my answer while you look in my specific direction and location, the problem: ...a Peer's hazard

(/appears hazard)

(/up here's hazard)

(/a Pier's hazard)

(/a pierce hazard!)

I just committed murder on camera for the sake of a made up grudge,

Most of us can’t believe I’m insane enough and brave enough to say this stuff!

a starving cannibal would hate my guts!

Whether you wanna witness me suffering, or toast to celebrate my campaign,

after all of your broke ass’s threats remember one thing, you’ll never bring the Champaign (/champ pain)"

Adam Stark's Clone Round Lyrics:

"Forcing me to freestyle when you already prepared, I’m at disadvantaged odds!

He knew he had no chance in a fair fight This is sabotage!

See, a good freestyle rebuttal is’ Smoking gun’ evidence.... Taking the steam out of your round is as easy as (*blow sound)

You directions are all over the place like your uncontrolled emotions!

Damn so first you said you didn’t want blood on your floor... then you stabbed me like 80 fucking times but what I’ve grown to notice is:

Well, Damn you couldn’t keep your story ‘straight’ if you were homophobic!

I will disregard your rules and orders and I don’t come in peace,

I oppose your directions, better not Look at me sideways... Bitch if you say im going 'down' that's 'up' to me!

You should’ve just freestyled yourself if you were confidently ready for me,

Remember folks he’s trying to show me the ropes... if I failed to hang with him, that would be a ‘breaking news / noose story!’

Speaking of breaking news That punchline was amazing, yes?

Now since that punch was fire If I just stopped rapping and punched you, your face would be ‘hot off the press!’

He thinks I just look like him and have no talent of my own! Y’all knew this guy’s a damn liar!

Cloned yourself just for a video...Sounds to me like, to be famous you’d do everything under the sun... like a suicidal vampire!

Shit look I should be suicidal, greatly and everyone watching should concerned gravely,

Because I have you to thank for the out of shape body and horrible hairline you gave me!

To be famous for anything at all, you go about it in the weirdest ways!

instead of making a clone, if you really wanted to see yourself shine just bring a flashlight into a mirror maze!

I wish I could turn the 3 worded term ‘wack as shit’ into an actual adjective and patent it as a dramatic attack to plaster Adam’s ass with attached with an ampersand adding to command and demand that any man that happens to have called him an antonym will be quarantined and for it: deemed hazardous for the bad opinion that was said and have it crammed back in his head as fast as a sled but also damaged as if it crashed on a bench battered and snapped off his neck til which that man would be dead, dammit!

Sadly I’m whipping your ass without knowing no info,

in a rap battle I get personal,

bars remind you of backyard baseball, ‘hits’ close to home!

For example, I don’t have any of your bad memories or regrets, I would’ve stayed in shape and kept my body toned too,

If I’d go have my own chance I would’ve lost my virginity years before you!

I’m not about to ramble about my dick like you did you fuckin' punk,

I’ll rip you apart like pumpkin guts,

You must’ve failed Sex Ed if you don’t know where I’m ‘coming’ from!

He probably treats girls like-objects,

guessing your like a pimp for broke women, but couldn’t win in a ‘dumb’ fight with-knowledge,

get it, he's a 'homeless home wrecker', that's the only reason people would say he 'kickboxes'!

Your probably a failure to your parents of some sort,

I’ll teach you a lesson as this ass whippin’ has him come forth,

Stop acting like your some gangster drug lord!...... You need to unleash your brain's untapped-potential,

be done-packin'-pistols

before one-last-essential