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Ripped Off By The Australian Federal Police.

First published – Nov 14 2006.

Since it seems I am now able to earn a quid moving music instead of weed I can finally drop a few bombshells that I have been keeping to myself for a while.

Now my mates in Canberra already know what Im talking about but I‟ve all ways wanted to drop these bombs publically and now that Im no longer mixed up in all the bizo I can finally spill the beans and I figure a blog is a good way to do it.

On most occasions I can prove every crime tale I rap about or talk about.

I will all ways keep it true but I cant prove this one (other than eye witness accounts from friends) and you will see why.

Now at the time this all went down I was living in Ngunnawal which is a suburb right on the edge of Canberra.

I had moved there a few months earlier as I had been raided by the police and charged with possession and supply of cannabis amongst other things and so I was awaiting my day in court.

I had been on a suspended gaol sentence and had a Supreme Court trial for other matters coming up so I felt it best to lay low because things were mounting up into one big pile of shite.

So I made my retreat and got myself a runner to keep the coin rolling in.

Each morning I would meet the runner at scrivener dam, load him up with the product and collect my cash from the day before.

I would give him enough to supply most of my clients but I would still deal with the larger customers personally and that's really how this came about.

The runner who we will call Ando, rang me and told me a couple of regulars were coming south of the border in the next couple hours to grab a couple of pounds.

I was at Belconnen mall at the time and headed home for a few pipes and some lunch while I waited for them to ring when they hit Canberra.

A few hours passed by and the lads finally rang so I grabbed my bag and headed out the door to head over and meet them at a spot across the street from a service station located at the edge of Canberra. (Across the street from where they hold the summernats)

I had no drivers licence at that stage so I used to get my girl of the time Bridget to drive me about and as usual she drove me to meet them and brought a friend of hers that was down from QLD and staying with us along for the ride.

As soon as we hit the road Bridget and I started our usual argument about breaking the speed limit while I had product in the car, she could never get it in her head how stupid that was, despite my protests she sped on anyway and in hindsight I should have stopped her.

As we got closer to the designated meet spot she began to play an overtaking game with a car that didn‟t want to let her to pass.

A silly game of „let me overtake you bastard‟ ensued until we turned onto the street across from the service station mentioned earlier and at that stage the other car involved in the game made its true identity known.

They pulled out a siren and forced Bridget to pull over no more than one hundred metres from the clients I had waiting.

I was in the passenger seat and simply had the bag of ganja sitting on the floor between my legs and if you are a skunk fan you know that car smelt like an the back room of an Amsterdam café during peak holiday season.

With all the shite I already had hanging over my head I was sure I was royally F**KED!

So the piggers get out of there car and mosy over to our car, recognising my face from a previous encounter one officer comes to my side and opens my door spotting the bag Im lamely trying to cover with my legs.

He asked me what was in the bag and I told him it was a bag of rubbish so he asked me to open it which of course I refused to do.

What could I do really?

So he gets me out of the car and opens up the bag himself.

Then he begins asking the usual questions who owns this where did it come from etc.

Figuring Im busted I decide now is a good time to start refusing to answer any questions but to my surprise he shuts my passenger door and casually tells me and Bridget‟s friend to "piss off".

Unsure of what was going on but keen to not be associated with pounds of weed I take his advice and leave heading over to the service station just in time to see my clients drive past and take a right back out toward NSW.

Next the pigger goes past in my car while his partner and Bridget followed in there car heading back in toward Canberra.

Still a bit dazed I figure I should head home so race over to the servo and call a taxi.

A few minutes later Bridgets friend and I jump in a cab and off we go.

On the way there Bridgets friend started screaming about how she didnt need this crap on her holiday so I dropped her off on the side of the road, continued to Ngunnawal and got myself dropped off near home.

As I get to my place I see the cop car and my car in the driveway but there was no other cop cars in the area which I found really strange.

In all the raids I had ever been in there was alll ways a whole bunch of cops involved, usually a lot more then necessary.

So I snuck up the back of my place and looked through the back window just in time to see the piggers have a brief chat with my ex and leave.

I then ran inside to see what had happened, as I came in the door Bridget told me straight away they had takin a few ounces of pot some party drugs and $2200 on top of the two pound.

I asked if she had been charged or if she had to go to the station and she replied NO.

I thought for a second, checked my hidden cupboard at the front of the kitchen bench and my main stash was still there which was a relief and then I asked if they had left a seizure report or any documentation at all.

Again she said NO.

I was shocked, on one hand I was so happy that I had not been charged or even questioned about all this but on the other had I was a bit shitty that these guys had blatantly ripped me off.

I considered my options and figured that I had got lucky despite the loss.

Had I not been so dodgy I would have loved to get these guys busted but doing what I was doing meant I couldn‟t do much about the situation at all.

So I told my crew but other than that I have pretty much kept it to myself until now and it feels good to put it out there for all to see at long last. (This happened in early 2002).

You can see why I can‟t prove it because what‟s a couple of eyewitness account against the word of "respected" police officers.

So next time you trust one of "The force" I ask you to judge each of them on an individual basis cause under that sheep‟s clothing could be a wolf.

Maybe the same wolf that bit me.