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Fourty Blogs from Big Dave

Over the years weve received many offers and requests through our website for Big Dave to do a bio style novel but the book is practically all ready in existence.

While blogging about his shady and sometimes controversial history Dave‟s short stories have received well in excess of half a million reads mostly via our website.

These short to medium length stories are that book.

The team have run through over 150 blogs published by Big Dave over the last 5 years (May 2006 to May 2011) and selected 40 of the best.

Each blog has been re-edited and tweaked.

Some of the blogs needed tidying up or had new detail added.

Finally we have compiled them in to one handy pdf including a few pictures.

Kokyprik is proud to present – Against The Grain.

Over 140 pages that should give you a clear idea of who Big Dave is and where he came from.


1) Ripped Off By The Australian Federal Police.

2) Attempted suicide with only 12 months on his sentence.

3) A broom makes a good stabbing tool.

4) The Canberra bushfires a Symonston remand centre perspective.

5) A crazy night the Eminem concert 2001.

6) Superstition.

7) Gaol a gamblers paradise.

8) Cannabis hunting a Canberra childrens sport.

9) Organised beatings, a close call.

10) Oh sweet revenge.

11) I swear Chief we weren‟t playing cards.

12) A buck naked biff.

13) The first jail brawl I ever saw.

14) Childhood trips to the track.

15) The case and conviction that got me a five year jail sentence.

16) Only the good die young.

17) What $50.

18) A shifty little thief named Ben.

19) Another get away, never picked her as a copper.

20) The hazards of smuggling narcotics in to prison.

21) A prison escape gone wrong.

22) How my ex screwed me out of my cash and belongings.

23) Stabbed in the back by my best mate.

24) Bashed and brutalised.

25) Using cars as weapons and hiding from pigs in underwear.

26) Arrived in Berra with an ounce of skunk, mobile phone and beaten up telstar(story of my weed bizo)

27) Tennis racket to the head.

28) The dangers of being a testosterone charged teen.

29) My worst day in Goulburn jail.

30) Some childish revenge on an ex.

31) Money and young luck.

32) Friends, firearms and the right thing to do.

33) Real mates and learning to rap in prison.

34) Biffo in the jail kitchen and a good laugh had by all.

35) Close calls in the hooch business.

36) The perils of trusting a kings cross hooker.

37) Jail cosmetic surgery, a razor blade to the penis.

38) Murders, attempted murders, ol mate robbed n beaten twice...18 months in quite Canberra.

39) The return of Death Row Records.

40) Back in the dirty south.

A) Against The Grain photo‟s.

B) Big Dave biography mid 2011.