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I am Sophia Politou-Ververi. My kids call me

mummy douce, that means sweet mum.

You can call me as you wish, but first let me

Introduce myself.

Inside me there are:

Many notes as I am a piano teacher.

Many letters as I have been writing fictional


Since I was a child.

Many images as I read many books.

Many voices as I am talking to the fairytales’


Many colors like the voices and the emotions.

A few numbers as I was never good at


Although I can remember numbers easily.

Enough sugar as I am a sweets lover.

All the things in blue because I love the sea

And dolphins.

The sky’s voices because I talk to a

Bird named Xeriola (he knows everything)

Come and fly with Xeriola’s


Through the fairytales, we will travel


So as to find the truth!