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Chapter - Two


Seven years have passed and they have not heard anything more and seen more of the beast Shadow.

Erik who is now seven years celebrates his birthday. Sven he arranges the finest suits and tastiest food someone can get. Mother Maria has made several fine birthday cookies to all the children in the village. The kids smile and have lots of fun. The king gives wooden sword to all children. Everyone starts to fence also Sven join in. The kids were so happy and Erik is so happy. Erik he felt like a King of King's Village. Erik had a particularly close friend named Eva. She has blonde hair and Erik he thinks Eva is mighty cute but he has of course not told to her. Eva is more tomboy than a girl who likes to hit with swords and shooting bow. Erik who never tried shooting bow can for the first time to do it. In King's Village there may not be children fewer than seven years trying shooting a bow and they can only play with wooden swords and therefore was Erik extra cocky when he would finally shoot with a bow. Sven showed how to shoot with the bow. Erik he tried to tighten the bow, even if the bow was made ​​for kids, it is a mighty powerful bow. He drags the string and fired off an arrow but it flew just a few feet. Eva she giggled and laughed at Erik because she is eight years and is already a master to shooting a bow. Erik was a little sour and tried again. He took aim at the target and released the string and flew far out and over the wall where it landed in the forest. Erik wanted to retrieve the arrow. Sven ordered that Sigurd would be with him. Because Erik is not like normal children, he must always be accompanied by a bodyguard. This time it was Sigurds turn. They started to go to forest an Eva wanted to follow to find the arrow. They came to the edge of the forest and began to look for the arrow and did not find it there. They went further into the forest where and found the arrow on the ground. Suddenly there was a rustling sound among the tree tops and Sigurd he protected Erik and Eva while they looked terrified. They hear see that branches from above and falls down on the ground and frozen leaves fall over the snow. Reddish Slime drips down from the trees. Then they get a glimpse of what it is. It looked like the Shadow was back but this was a little different than Shadow. This beast has red eyes, black as charcoal and red wisps around the body and it was not as big as the Shadow. It was approaching Sigurd who protected the children. Erik he was so scared that he urinated on himself but Eva was a little tougher and took her bow and aim at the beast. Suddenly they hear a big cry further away and then came a figure running towards Sigurd and the children. Red and black beast shot off a red beam of light against the yellow and black beast that was probably Shadow. The beam landed on the front of Shadow that stopped. Shadow looked angry towards the red and black beast. The red and black beast jumped against Sigurd and chipped away the sword while it turned at Shadow. It began to sizzle and snort to the Shadow and began running toward Shadow and he hit Shadow so hard that yellow Slime flew out everywhere. They both started fighting and shooting each other with light rays. Sigurd and the children began to running towards King's Village when suddenly a scream came and a big explosion with a blast that was so hard that Sigurd and the kids flew back a few feet and fainted, they landed safely on the high grass. The red black beast chased away the Shadow. It began to crawl slowly forward to Erik and licked at him. Erik he woke up and saw two large red eyes staring and the slime drain from the beast’s mouth. The red and black beast started jumping and leaping like a dog and waving his long tail that was two egged. Suddenly woke Sigurd and Eve and he disappears into the forest with a sound. Branches were broken and leaves fall down, then came twenty men running with Sven with swords as they screams out like they were obsessed to scare the beast that has long since gone.

Sigurd shouting: "Take it easy, it's gone, we're ok."

King Sven orders to take it easy and they stop running and walk to them. Erik tells him what had happened and Sven sees that he has urinated on himself and taking his coat around him and says: "Ok. Everyone cannot tell to anybody that Erik has peed on himself. Is that clear?"

Everyone answers yes, including Eva. They looked around and saw broken trees and fire everywhere.

Sigurd says: "It was Shadow and another creature that was blackish red saved us."

Sven: "What! Is this true?"

Erik replies: "Yes it is true. The black and red creature saved us and it licked me and jumped like a dog."

Sven took Erik to the side and whispered in his ears: "Stay away from the creature we know nothing about them, they are dangerous." Erik nodded as an answer Yes.

Everyone started walking slowly against Kings Village and went through the gate and mother Maria comes running to his son Erik and yells: “Are you okay?" And she kissed and hugged him so hard that he could not breathe.

Erik says: "Yes I am ok, but let go of me. I cannot breath!"

Maria took Erik to get a bath and he was full of red slime and dirt. She boiled some water and mixed with cold water so Erik could jump into the bath.

Erik jumped in and said to his mother: “I think the red and black beast was kind and wanted to help us."

Maria replied: "Maybe so, but we know they have a great power and it can always strike at the King's Village and turn it into ruins."

Erik replied: "Yes, but we have to find a good name to the beast."

Maria replied: "Yes, we should call it Slime. God name because the beast haves a lot of red slime as you said."

Erik replied: "Well, that sounds good, we call it Slime."

Erik smiled at his mother and gave her a big hug and went to bed. Erik lay down in his bed and could only think about Slime. But eventually he fell asleep with a big smile. The night turned into morning and Erik was up early to eat breakfast but neither the mother nor father was awake so he went around in the village and met Eva that usual shooting the bow at targets. He had not brought his new bow but asked Eva if he could borrow hers. Eva showed how to aim and actually he hit the target.

Sven came running from his house and shouted out: "Out of the way I have to do something big!"

He runs to the outside toilets and there came a big groan and finally he shouted out: "Where is my royal ass wiper? Harald please come to me and wipe my ass. Just kidding!"

He came out with a big smile and relief and said: “That was great relief but I must have lost at least two pounds.” And he winked with his right eye at a woman who was nearby. The woman looked at him with wide eyes and started giggling at the same time hiding her mouth with the hand. Sven went to big house and breasted up to show himself great. Erik and Eva they laughed out loud and could not stop laughing at the King but eventually they started to calm down.

Erik said: "My father is crazy but he is so funny."

Eva replied: “Yes! He is cool as hell.”

Erik and Eva started talking about the event as they had the day before. Erik said that the beast would be called Slime. At the same time Sven and Harald came out and they rang the big bell. Everyone gathered at the King's house to hear what the King has to say.

King cleared his throat says: "Dear citizens. As you know what happened yesterday with Erik, Eva and Sigurd. They could be killed by the beasts that were out in the forest edge. I and Harald have decided that we will send ten men to kill these ruthless beasts."

Harald shouted if there is some out voluntary and then Ivar shouted: "I want to kill the beast so I see this as an honor, give me a big ax and I'll split the beasts into a thousand pieces, eating the monster's heart while it pumps out blood!”

Big cheers were heard and quickly got the entire voluntary they wanted and actually the majority of men who do not want to miss this great honor to kill these beasts.

Erik was sorry and he said: "Please do not kill the Slime he saved us from the Shadow."

Sven replied loudly: "So Beast has got a name now, let it be Slime but we will kill them beasts who try to harm our loved ones."

Erik was upset and went into the house. He began to cry and was heartbroken that they would kill the beast that had saved his life.

Erik heard the king shouted out: "Now we celebrate the brave ten, tonight they will be kings and let the mead flowing high for tomorrow they will battle to save the village."

The house was soon full of people where the brave ten are drunk and they toasted. The women drank mead too and felt the intoxication of the body. Harald that’s has no woman took one that he beloved all night like it would be the last night of his life. The night turned into morning and Sven woke up and saw that there were lots of people sleeping everywhere. This was a really big party and he thought that everyone would remember this rest of their life. The leaves had fallen off and the snow began to fall, one after another of the brave ten came to life. It smelled bad everywhere and they took one last mouthful of mead that was left in the barrels and is ready for battle.

Erik who has been awake all night and thought of Slime went to Harald and said: "Please Harald! Spare Slimes life. He saved us from the Shadow so he is not dangerous. He can help us against the Shadow."

Harald grunted and replied Erik: "Quiet little boy, I will make it fast when I cut of the beast head and I promise he will not feel anything." And he laughs out loud.

Erik became even more upset and runs to her mother and hugged her tightly and crying.

Erik says: "They will kill Slime. Harald will cut off the head of Slime."

Maria tried to comfort Erik while people cheers outside, this is not easy, she thought. The brave ten men started to walk on the heavy snow. The cheers echoed across the valley and the neighboring village heard it and wondered what is happening so they sent out a man to hear what it is. They sent out Rune to get information about these cheers. He started walking towards the King's Village and it is hard to walk on the new snow. He was not the preparation that it would snow and did not have winter clothes. Suddenly there was a scream that he recognized.