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The Judges Chronicles: The Fairytale Slave

Introduction: The Child Trade

It was a sunny morning in Shavron which summed up most of the spring season in the

land. Many of the Shavronites were just waking up to start the day of labor and trading.

Among the Shavronites were two creatures: one pulling the other by the hand as if they

were late for a meeting. A young pup and his step-mother traveled quickly down into the

grand shipyard where the crowds and horse drawn carriages came zipping by without

concern for any innocent pedestrians. It was important to keep their wits about them, for

the busy dock rarely allowed a mistake. The youngster kept his senses alert as

carriages towered over him. The child’s step mother quickly took hold of his hand the

second time, with more of a grip, as not to lose it again. She guided him through the

crowd in earnest of the goal. He was pulled with such aggression and force that the

child wondered why he was hurried in such a manner, after all he was going on a


“You haven’t told me yet” said the youngster, “Which island are we going to see?”

“Many of them,” said the step mother looking around the dock.

“When are we coming back?”

“You’ll be gone for some time-- there!” she said finding the exact ship, “Hurry up now.”

The ship in question was immense, known to carry cargo and other good long distances

across the oceans. Once on board the child’s step mother gave a simple command.

"Don’t move, wait here until I call you over," she said.

The child watched as a male cheetah, a porcupine, and his step mother began to

debate over an issue. The three creatures talked quickly in whispers as not to unsettle

the child. A few times they glanced over to the youngster; the porcupine himself smiled,

but the expression concealed a secretive plot that the young pup was unaware of.

"Let’s not waste too much time,” said the porcupine, “How old is he?"

"Seven, but will be eight next month." said the step mother. “His parents died and their will gave him to me. He’s an extra mouth that I don’t want to feed.”

"Is he healthy," replied the cheetah.

"As fit as you and I."

“His name?” asked the porcupine.


Finding the information to his liking, the porcupine took a folded sheet of paper from this

jacket. The sheet of paper contained the bill of sell. Oblivious, the child obeyed the

command of his step mother.

“Come along Flint our room is ready down below.”

“Its nice to meet you Flint,” said the cheetah with a whimsical smirk as they passed.

“We’ll have plenty of time to get to know one another.

In the hull, the young pup was taken to a room. Inside was a small bed and crates of cargo.

“Now, I’ll be right back.” said the step mother earnestly, “I’ll be back.”

As Flint turned to unpack his bag, the door was closed and locked from the outside. A

voice came from behind him, and Flint saw that he was not the only one in the room.

Two other kids came from behind the crates, both looked to be ragged in dress and


“Well, he’s new.” said the first kid, “Won’t be long though before they break him in.”

“Yeah, that’s the hardest part,” said the other,. “He’s a dog though, he’ll work in the


“Work? Factories?” said the sold child, “I...I’m going on vacation. My step-mother....”

Both children chuckled.

“He’s stupid too.”

“You don’t know what has happened, huh?” said the other child. “You’ve been sold.”

Suddenly the cabin door opened. The cheetah and porcupine entered the room. The

other two children retreated behind the crates.

“I heard you were going on a vacation,” said the cheetah smiling, “I will be one of your

escorts, the name is King.”

“And I am Chim,” said the porcupine.

The child stood afraid and called twice for his step-mother; when there was no answer,

he began to believe what he was told by the others. King slowly strolled forward, patting

a cudgel in his hands. The shadows the engulfed the room made him look like a


“Now if you mind me, you and I will get along very well, but first there’s something we

have get straight first.”

“Don’t damage him.” said Chim sharply, “I’ll get my money back at slave block.”

King, with the cudgel, proceeded to accost the child. The blows came quick and only

lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to make the point. The child fell to the floor

weeping profusely. King stood over him satisfied with his work.

“Let this be the first and last beating you get.” said the porcupine. You were sold to me and what I say goes. I’ll feed you later, and you two,” the porcupine said to the other

children, “if he starts yelling give me a call.”

The cheetah smiled wickedly and left the cabin with the porcupine, The door was

slammed behind them. The child stayed on the floor weeping wanting as the nightmare


Here the sixth chronicle begins