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131 Yarra St, Victoria,


Australia, 3220


(m) +61 400 315 606




The log cabin sat nestled deep in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney


Australia. The pristine woods were filled with towering trees, and the craggy


mountains lined the horizon. A young eight-year-old girl played in the


backyard of the cabin. She had large blue eyes. Her hair was long, brown,


and messy. Her small face was covered with freckles. She loved being in the outdoors. She had an inquisitive nature and a great love for animals. She


was Georgia Livingston.


She watched the squirrel as it played with an acorn at the woods edge.


She smiled.


“Hello little Squirrel.”


The Squirrel stood up. It looked at Georgia.


The squirrels little eyes looked at the girl.


“Aren’t you cute?”


The Squirrel tried to break the acorn. It fell and spun over the acorn. It fell on


its backside. It caught the acorn in its feet. Georgia laughed.


“Silly Billy.”


The Squirrel jumped up. It ran into the woods. Georgia was disappointed. She


called after the Squirrel.


“Hey, wait!”


She chased the squirrel into the woods.


Georgia ran through the woods. The trees towered over her. She stopped.


The Squirrel stood on the log. It held the acorn in its little arms.


“There you are.”


The Squirrel looked at her. It turned and ran away again. Georgia ran to the


large fallen log. She looked down. The egg lay under the log. It was very big


and green. Georgia said amazed.


“It is an egg.” She leant down with excitement.


“A big egg.”


She looked around.


“Where is your momma?”


She heard the adult voice filter through the woods. It was her father’s voice.


“Georgia! Georgia!”


She picked up the egg. She held it under her jacket. She flashed a smile. She


told the egg.


“Do not worry. I will look after you until your momma comes back.” CHAPTER 1




The little girl with long brown hair ran with the egg tucked gently under her




She ran from the woods. She skipped through her backyard, past her toys,


and through the back door of her cabin.


Dan Livingston sat at the kitchen table. He was a strongly built man, and he


had a weathered face. He was dressed in dirty farming gear from a long day


working in the fields. He watched his daughter walk quickly past the kitchen




He called out quickly as she disappeared out of sight. “It was getting late honey”


He heard Georgia call back.


“Sorry Daddy.”


Georgia walked up the stairs with the egg under the jacket.


Georgia closed the bedroom door. She lowered the egg gently to the bed.


She looked at the egg.


“I bet you are so cute.”


Georgia heard her father call out, “Georgia! Dinner’s ready!”


She moved the egg onto the pillow. She looked at the egg amazed.




She ran out the door.


The wind lightly caressed the nighttime woods.


Georgia sat at the kitchen table. Her father placed the vegetables on her


plate. His weathered face looked at Georgia.


“You know how I feel about you playing in the woods at night alone.”


Georgia said with a guilty look.


“I am sorry Daddy.” Her father looked at his bright eye daughter. He told her.


“Just, I cannot loose you like I did your mother.”


Georgia ate her vegetables.


“I miss Mummy too.”


Dan Livingston looked sad.


“Do not be so sad Daddy,” said to cheer her dad up.


“I love you.”


He smiled.


Georgia made sure her bedroom door was closed. She placed the blanket


over the egg. She patted it lovingly.


“All warm and comfy. Tomorrow we will find your momma.”


She kissed the egg. She turned off the lights. She went to sleep.


The light cover of fog hung over the woods as the sun rose.


Georgia ran from the back door of the house with the toast in her mouth. The


egg was tucked under her jacket. Her Father shouted from the kitchen


window as he watched her run towards the woods.


“Don’t you want the rest of your breakfast?”


Georgia ran towards the trees. She did not hear her father. She looked at the


egg in her jacket.


“Let us find your Mommy.” She ran into the woods filled with towering trees.


The morning light faintly cast down on Georgia as she ran with the egg


through the woods.


Georgia stopped at the large fallen log. It was the same fallen log that she


found the egg under the previous day. She looked at the ground around the


log. She looked for any animal footprints that showed the mother had


returned for her egg. There were no footprints to be seen.


“No animal footprints. My dad says mommy’s always come back for their




Georgia looked sad. She looked at the egg.


“I do not think your mommies coming back.”


She put the egg to her cheek.


“I am going to care for you. I am going to love you so much.”


Georgia sat at her computer. The egg sat in small basket covered with the




“I have to learn how to care of you little egg,” Georgia said.


Georgia searched the Internet Website’s with the pictures of reptile eggs. The


Internet Website’s flashed across the screen as she searched. Georgia wanted to learn how to take care of the egg. Georgia read the Website’s with


a serious expression.


The snowy white Owl sat in the tree outside, as if watching the little girl


through bedroom window. Georgia sat at the computer for hours reading how


to care of big reptile eggs.


Dan Livingston walked along the corridor towards Georgia’s room with the


plate full of cookies.


The doorknob in Georgia’s room began to turn. The doorknob stopped, as if


the door had been locked. She heard her father call through the door.


“Georgia honey!”


Georgia looked around. The door shook as her father tried to open it. She


heard her father’s voice again. It was more urgent this time.


“Why is the door locked?”


Georgia panicked.


She said quickly as she jumped up from the chair.


“Wait a minute!”


She threw the blanket over the egg. She changed the website to a screen


filled with little Princesses. She ran across to the door. She unlocked and


opened the door. Her father stood looking at her questioningly.


“Why was the door locked Georgia?” She said innocently.


“Even little girls need privacy daddy.”


He placed the plate of cookies on the bed. The egg that was concealed under


blanket sat next to the plate of cookies. Dan Livingston looked over her room.


“You have been up here all day. You need to eat,” he told her worried that


she had been hidden away in her room all day.


She nodded.


“I will eat.”


She took a cookie from the plate and ate it. Father moved to the door. He


told her as he left.


“And don’t stay up too late honey.”


Georgia swallowed the cookie, and said.


“I won’t.”


The door closed and Georgia gently locked the door again. Georgia flicked


the computer screen back to the website filled with the pictures of reptile


eggs. She pulled the blanket off the egg again. She smiled.


“It says I have to keep you warm.”


Georgia placed the lamp over the egg.


“Until you hatch.”


She looked at the egg.


“They say it is good to sing to babies. So I am going to sing to you.” Georgia lay on the bed in her pajamas. She sang a soft song to the egg as if


singing it to sleep. CHAPTER 2




The picturesque woods surrounded the small school.


Georgia sat at her desk. The teacher wrote on the board. Georgia opened her


desk gently. She peered inside. The egg was covered with the small blanket.


She closed the desk again.


Georgia stood with the large backpack in the library. The forty-year-old, thin


faced, Librarian looked down at Georgia.


“I am baby sitting my niece Miss. Do you know a good bedtime story to read


to babies?” Georgia asked.


The female Librarian with short brown hair thought about what book would


suit the best. She told Georgia.


“I think we can find a good fairy tale book for your niece.”


The Librarian reached up and took the book from the shelf. Georgia looked at


the front of the book. It had the picture of three little pigs on the cover. The


Librarian told her.


“The Three Little Pigs.”


Georgia smiled. “Perfect,” she said.


Georgia lay in her pajamas in her bedroom. It was night. The blanket covered


the egg. The lamp kept the egg warm. Georgia held the Three Little Pigs story


in her hands. She read the bedtime story to the egg.


“And the big bad wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down.”


The birds flew up from the woods. They flew through the moonlight. It was


very late at night.


Georgia sat at her computer. She read the Internet Website that had the


pictures of many different reptile eggs. She was studying the website on


Reptile Eggs. She heard the small sound from the egg. Georgia looked


around to the egg. The egg began to shake lightly. Georgia’s face lit up.


“You are hatching.”


She leant down to the egg. The egg shook again.


“C’mon little one.”


The egg began to shake strongly. Georgia was excited.


“Do not be afraid.”


She leant her face down to the egg. It shook strongly. The cracks began to


appear on the egg.


“C’mon little one.” She was eager to see what was inside of the egg.


The egg cracked open.


Georgia smiled beamed. She was very excited


“Hello little one.”


The Baby animal’s small head stuck out of the egg. It had small innocent


eyes. It had a small little snout. It was very cute.


Georgia told it as it blinked.


“You are so cute.”


The animals little eyes looked at her. Georgia picked up the Baby animal




It looked different from any animal she had ever seen.


“What are you?”


The baby animal licked her cheek. Georgia giggled.


“I love you too.”


Baby animal rubbed its head against her hand.


“You think I am your mommy.”


She placed it gently in the basket.


She told the Baby animal.


“I have to learn what kind of animal you are so I can take care of you.”


Baby animal looked up at her. Georgia turned to the computer. She scanned


the Internet website of animal baby pictures. She wanted to find out what kind of animal it was. Georgia looked at the Baby animal in the basket. It was


snuggled in the blankets.


“You do not look like any baby animal I have ever seen.”


The Baby animal made a small roar.


Georgia was surprised.


“You made a roar.”


Georgia looked at the Baby animal. She told it.


“We will find what kind of animal you are.”


She typed into the Internet search engine.


“Baby. Lizard. Roar.”


The Internet website flashed onto the screen. The drawing of a baby


Tyrannosaurus Rex appeared. Georgia looked at the drawing. She looked at


the Baby animal. They looked the same.


“It looks just like you. “


The Baby T-Rex jumped up as if for its mommy. It roared lightly again.


Georgia said.


“I think you are a Baby T-Rex.”


She knelt down. She patted the Baby T-Rex’s head.


It’s little eyes looked up at her. She patted its snout lovingly.


She flashed a wide smile and told the little Baby animal.


“I am going to call you Cleo.” CHAPTER 3


The school bell rang. The kids poured out the school doors.


Georgia rode quickly on her bike back to the log cabin


Georgia ran along the corridor.


She ran into her bedroom. She closed the door. She ran to the closet. She


opened it. The Baby T-Rex, now the size of a two-year-old Baby, looked up


from basket.


“I have a surprise for you Cleo.”


She pulled out the baby bottle and milk.


“A babies bottle so you can drink warm milk. “ Georgia sat on the bed. She held the Baby T-Rex gently. Its little snout fed


from the baby bottle eagerly.


“Drink up all the warm milk Cleo,” Georgia told it lovingly.


The weeks past as the T-Rex grew in size. Georgia ran with the T-Rex that


had now grown to the size of a five-year-old child, through the woods.


Georgia looked out the window of the sedan. She was wearing her school


uniform. The T-Rex was too big for her to take to school and hide in her desk


any longer. The T-Rex snout peered out from the curtains of her bedroom.


Dan Livingston reversed the sedan onto the woods road. The sedan drove


along street and away from the log cabin.


The T-Rex, which had now grown to the size of an eight-year-old child,


pushed the bedroom door open. It peered around the door. The corridor was


empty. It walked into the corridor. It ran with joy along the corridor.


The T-Rex stood in the bathroom over the toilet bowl. It dunked its head into


the bowl. It drunk the water with its snout. It pulled the head up. It sneezed. It


spat out the water. It roared as if it was an awful taste. It stood at the top of the stairs. It looked at the steep steps. It looked scared. It


sniffed the air. It made a low Roar as if tempted by the smell of delicious food.


It nervously took the first step. It stumbled. It rolled down the stairs.


It tumbled past the kitchen door. It walked back to the kitchen door. It sniffed


the air. It looked at the fridge. It roared. It ran up to the fridge. It opened the


fridge door. It looked at the food. The T-Rex grabbed the milk carton in its


jaw. It bit it in halves. The milk spilt over its snout. It drunk the milk with it’s


snout. It licked the milk on its jaw happily. It eyes fixed on the chocolate cake.


It stuck its head into the cake. It lifted its head. The chunks of cake were


laced over its face. It ate the cake tastily.


The black tabby Cat sat on the windowsill. It was watching the T-Rex. The


kitchen floor was covered in food.


The soda bottle was lodged in the T-Rex jaw. The Soda ran into the T-Rex’s


mouth. It was hyperactive. It jumped. It bit the soda bottle in halves. T-Rex


burped loudly.


Georgia ran up the front path of the log cabin. The backpack bounced on her


small frame. She was excited to see if Cleo was okay after being left home


alone all day. Georgia stood at the kitchen door. She looked at the T-Rex with food all over


its snout. Its eyes blinked innocently. The drink and food mess covered on the


floor. The T-Rex smiled. It gave a happy Roar.


Georgia said at seeing all the mess.


“Oh, Cleo!”


Cleo ran to Georgia. It licked her face. The cream streaked on Georgia’s face.


“You have made such a mess Cleo. That is naughty. You are going to get me


into such trouble.”


Georgia looked at the mess. She said annoyed at Cleo.


“I have to get this cleaned up before daddy comes home from work.”


The T-Rex looked upset. The T-Rex ran past Georgia.


Georgia mopped the mess on the kitchen floor.


Georgia walked into the bedroom. She could not see T-Rex. She looked a

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