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To Deb, Matt, Scott and Stephen, my inspiration.


Special thanks to Susan K. Varesko for your encouragement, moral support, brainstorming, wisdom, advice and faith but most of all for getting the whole The World Needs Dreamers And The World Needs Doers But Above All The World Needs Dreamers Who Do thing.


To my good friends Ben and Sue Uribe.


To Abeba, the messenger.


To the totally awesome high school, middle and elementary students, faculty and staff of the Modoc Joint Unified School District, Alturas, California, and the wonderful staff of the Alturas Public Library.


To the memory of F-16 driver 1st Lt. Scott Trapp, United States Air Force, who did it right.


To the memory of James V. Forrestal, the first United States Secretary of Defense and former Secretary of the Navy. A good man.


To the memory of Wu Yongning. Some people risk a little, some people risk a lot. A brave few risk it all.


And last and least, to those the outer barrier is for - your time is nigh. Good riddance.


No animals were harmed in the writing of this book although a great many trees met an untimely end.









1            Nightmare on North Oak      

2            Banished                  

3            Trouble In Paradise            

4            Whistle Stop                  

5            Field of Nightmares            

6            29 Messages From ET             

7            Where’s the Thunder?            

8            The Mound                  

9            Giants, Giants Everywhere      

10            Jail Birds                  

11            Liars and Thieves            

12            Skyfell                               

13            The Crown Jewels            

14            Invisible War                  

15            The Ring                  

16            Lying Spirits                  

17            “We Are All In Danger”      

18            Stonehenge                  

19            Father Malvic                  

20            Demon On A Field Trip            

21            Road Trip                  

22            Lake of No Return            

23            Ambush                  

24            ZNN                        

25            The H-Stones                  

26            The Broadcast                  

27            The Mountain                  

28            Yikes – Aliens!                        

29            Yellowstone                  

30            Taken                        

31            Partly Cloudy with 90 Percent Chance

of Rocks      

32            Return to Chickasaw            

33            Just in Thyme                  

34            The Cenoté                  

35            The Gloves                  

36            Xibalba                        







37            The Ruins                  

38            Fengdu                        

39            Leap of Faith; The Politburo      

40            Going Home                  

41            Witch House II                  

42            Lights On the Moon            

43            Ripleys’ Revenge             

44            The Expedition                  

45            Goodbye Kitty                   

46            Nanos Here, Nanos There, Nanos

Everywhere; Skin to Die For            

47            ET Phone Home; A Local Call