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Hercules was a pigeon.

A very special kind.

He could fly a long, long way

and never seemed to mind.

He flew from Mr. Roger’s house

to Mr. Murphy’s place,

and then he flew right back again,

all in one day’s space.


A homing pigeon he was called.

He liked best being home, and only went to

Murphy’s place when he felt he should roam.




Now one sad day,

when he flew out, it started in to rain.

although he flew with all his might,

he couldn’t get home again.

He beat his wings against the rain,

But then they slowly drooped.

He tried his best to make them go.

He knew that he was “pooped.”




She cared for him for seven days.

'Till he became quite strong.

She watched him fearfully:

she knew he wouldn’t be there long.


“Please, Mother, may I keep this bird?”, her voice was sad and low,

“ He loves me now, and I love him I just can’t let him go.”




Her mom spoke softly, gently too

She knew just what to say,

His home is somewhere else from here.


He must soon fly away

Our yard has been a resting place,

just like a small hotel,

but he will soon be leaving here

as soon as he is well.”


Yes, what she said was very true.

It happened that next day.

The pigeon circled overhead,

and then he flew away


Now Hercules is home again,

and all in one day's space

He flies from Mr. Roger's house to

Mr. Murphy’s place.


It takes a little longer now,

though not because he’s slow.

He always stops at Sara Jane’s

to tell his friend hello.