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In 2006, I signed up the Lunarpages’ Basic Hosting plan for 2 years at USD166.8 (USD6.95 per month). Today, the price still remains as same as it was in year 2006. However, they offer more benefits for their customer.

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For new starter, Basic Hosting Plan is more than enough.

You get (Basic Hosting Plan):
- Free Domain Name for Life (i.e. www.[YourName].com)
350GB Storage (has been upgraded from 250GB to 350GB)
- 3500GB Bandwidth (has just been upgraded from 2500GB to 3500GB)
- Includes 10 Free Add-on Domains
- Unlimited Databases
- Unlimited Email / FTP accounts
- Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery
- Free Web Design Templates
- Webmail
- …..

Recently, Lunarpages offers $700 CoffeeCup Software for Free for new sign-up. CoffeeCup provides simple to use solution for you to create very cool website. I didn’t get this offer when I signed up a year ago. But all my friends who use the software said, CoffeeCup is really a powerful software package and super easy to use.

To learn more about their offer, you can check it out at


Once you sign up their web hosting plan, they will send you an email to confirm your order along with your username & password.


3. Install the WordPress
3.1 What is WordPress


WordPress is recognized as one of the most popular and powerful blogging tools. It is an “open source” application that anyone can download for free.


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3.2 How to Install the WordPress to your Lunarpage WebHost


Step 1: Login to Lunarpage by using your username and password Step 2: Go to “Control Panel” “Go to cPanel” “Fantastico”


00005.jpgStep 3: at “Fantastico”


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3.3 WordPress Installation


00007.jpg4. Register the WordPress for your blog


Now, you can register the WordPress for your blog at www.[YourName].com/wpregister.php


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5. Choose a WordPress Theme to Design your Blog

WordPress Theme is a way to “skin” your blog. After you installed your WordPress, you can login to your WordPress at www.[YourName].com/wp-admin, Select the Presentation subpanel. You can find the default WordPress theme.


You can also download the Free WordPress Template at :

You can choose:


- One-Column Themes


- Two-Column Themes


- Three-Column Themes


- Widget-Ready Themes


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- Four-Column Themes


A Small Tip: Where to get your desired wordpress themes like others?

If you visited a blog and you found you like the theme they have, you can found the theme author’s website URL at the bottom bar. You can just visit the theme author’s website to download the theme.

Example: This is what you can find at the bottom of Carol’s blog (


00010.jpgHowever, you may not be able to find it in every blog. If the blogger designed his own wordpress theme and reserved for his usage purpose. You couldn’t find it anywhere.

Although a nice “skin” is very important for your blog, I strongly recommend you to use simple and clean WordPress Themes. Two-Column Themes are good enough for a beginner. Those complicated design themes like three-column or four-column themes more suitable for those who understand HTML scripting so that they know how to put all columns in order and display them nicely.

6. Add a new theme to your WordPress installation
6.1 Download WordPress Theme


Follow these basic steps:

1. Download the theme archive and extract the files it contains. You may need to preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files. Follow the guidelines provided by your theme author.

2. Using an FTP client to access your host web server, create a directory to contain your theme in the wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress. For example, a theme named blueSky should be in wp-content/themes/blueSky. Your theme may provide this directory as part of the archive.

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What is an FTP Client?
FTP = File Transfer Protocol. FTP Client is a software that is designed to transfer files back-and-forth between computers over the internet. You need to install FTP Client on your computer and it needs to be used with a live connection to the internet. Please check out this website to learn more about how to transfer file by using FTP Client.

You can download FTP Pro at It is available as a fully-functional 30-day evaluation.


3. Upload the theme files to the new directory on your host server.


4. Follow the instructions below for selecting the new theme.


6.2 Select the Active Theme


To select the active theme for your site:


1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels at www.[YourName].com/wpadmin


2. Select the Presentation subpanel.


3. From the Select column in the table, click on Select for the theme you wish to activate.


4. To view the new look, click View Site at the top of the Panel's screen.


Your selection should immediately become active.


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7. Congrats! You can Start Blogging now


1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels at www.[YourName].com/wp-admin


2. Select the Dashboard subpanel


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1. Opt-in Email Marketing Strategy
1.1 Opt-in Email Tools


Opt-in Email Marketing is to collect your customers’ email addresses so that you can keep them posted for your new posting.

Generally speaking, there are two popular types of Opt-in Email Marketing tools in the market. They are Web-based List management service and the List management software.

List Management Software


¡ Mailloop


¡ Exp Elite


Web-based List Management service


¡ GetResponse (Recommend)

Personally, I do NOT recommend List Management Software. It is usually a desktop based software which means you need to keep your computer on a network connection and can't turn it off. Another thing is that you need to install it if you use the server system.

It's a pain in the neck if you don't have technical experience. And you have to do a lot complicated configuration, etc. Another problem is that email deliverability will be a problem and you run the risk of being blacklisted by the big email players.

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1.2 How to add the script to your blog

Once you sign up GetResponse at the system will generate the HTML sourcecode for you. You just copy & paste the sourcecode to your blog will do.

1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels at www.[YourName].com/wp-admin


2. Select the Manage subpanel Files. 3. Copy & Paste the GetResponse sourcecode to sidebar.php


2. Join Reader Community (mybloglog)


00012.jpgMyBlogLog is to help you discover who visits your favorite sites. You can register at


Once you register it, you can copy & paste the source code to your sidebar.php


1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels at www.[YourName].com/wpadmin


2. Select the Manage subpanel Files.


3. Copy & Paste the mybloglog sourcecode to sidebar.php


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Go to at and register an account. Then you can upload your photos to create slide show. Then you can copy & paste the coding to sider.php

1. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels at www.[YourName].com/wp-admin
2. Select the Manage subpanel Files.
3. Copy & Paste the sourcecode to sidebar.php

4. Google Advertising Programs

For Advertisers : Googles AdWords
This is to advertise your website at Googles so that you can get targeted visitors directly to your website. You only pay when people click on your ad.

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For Web Publishers : Google AdSense
Earn more revenue from your website by adding Google AdSense to your blog. Google AdSense automatically delivers text and image ads which are well-matched to your site content. Your readers will find them useful. You earn ad revenue with no additional cost.

For details, please refer to


5. Affiliates program
5.1 What is Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is a marketing program. By linking to the affiliate products and services, you can add compelling content for your site visitors enjoyment and receive up to 10% 20% in referral fee for doing so.

¡ Join Amazon Associates


After you join Amazon, you will be given a Tracking ID.


¡ To add Amazon product to your website:


1. Go to


2. Login to your associate pages by using your email address and password


3. On your left hand side, you can find “Build Links” “ Product Links” choose your favorite product “Get HTML”


4. Copy & Paste the sourcecode to “Sidebar.php” or “rsidebar.php”


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6. Submit to blog directories and search engines


¡ Technorati (


¡ Blogwise (


¡ Blog Search Engine (


¡ Blogger Blog Search (


¡ Google Blogsearch (


¡ ( Page 21 of 25


1. Blogging Free Tools
¡ Blogger ( ¡ Typepad ( ¡ Moveable Type ( ¡ WordPress (

2. You can use these resources to teach yourself some HTML ¡ Dave’s Site : ¡ HTML Code Tutorial: ¡ W3Schools:

3. Internet Marketing Bible(Strongly Recommended)
"Learn the little-known secrets to starting, growing, and promoting a wildly profitable e-business!"

If you want to learn EXACTLYhow to...
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5. Score a top ranking in the search engines and directories like Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, ODP, AllTheWeb,, to name a few...
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6. Use blogs to drivemassiveamounts of targeted traffic to your website for FREE...



... Plus a TON more step-by-step Internet marketing strategies THOUSANDS of regular people are already using to start and grow profitable Internet businesses, click here now...

4. How to earn from eBay

"Discover how to easily claim a HUGE portion of the $86,000,000 spent on eBay every day!"

00015.jpgYou can refer to Brandon's eBay profit-generating system for a FREE preview.
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5. E-book Pro



eBook Pro 6.0 is easy to use! They've put in a bunch of "point-and-click wizards" that literally make building and customizing an eBook from scratch as simple as clicking your computer's mouse!

To read a more detailed report about how eBook Pro 6.0 works, and how it can help YOUR business at Page 24 of 25


“The best time to plan a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW!”


If you have been thinking to create your own personal blog for long times, isn’t it your best time to take ACTION NOW ?


Just simply take the following 4 steps, you can create your first personal / business blog in next 45 mins:

Step #1: Sign up Web Host Service
Click HERE
Step #2: Install WordPress and Choose a Theme
Step #3: Write your first post
Step #4: Promote your blog to your target audience

Get comfortable with some small successes, and the bigger one will follow.


I will see you at the blogger community next time. To Your Success,