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The Author of DSLR buyer’s Guide is Beno Ibrahim from Nikon D3200 News, it’s a free Ebook, you can use it and send it to your friends or for your readers in your site/social media/ email list, but without change anything on it.



This EBook contain:



1. Introduction

 2. What is DSLR

 3. Old it in your hand

 4. Brands

 5. Megapixels

 6. High ISO performance

 7. Large and high resolution LCD

 8. Live view

 9. Frames per second FPS

10. Movies mode

11. Sensor Size

12. Sensor cleaning

13. Lenses

14. Flashes

15. Buying Guide (step by step)

16. Why Nikon D3200

17. More Free Ebooks for you