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Working with Web Pages in Dreamweaver 8 updated June 05, 2007

Introduction and Preparation


In this tutorial you will be creating a fictitious book selling web site. Because the web pages that you will create will be linked to other pages and images it is important to start by


1. creating a folder which will contain your web pages and images. If you will be working on multiple machines you may want to create this folder on a jumpdrive or floppy disk.


Please follow the following protocol for naming your folders and web pages

o No spaces, extra periods, or special characters (except dashes or underscores) o No numbers at the beginning of the file name
o Every file name must be unique
o Use lowercased letters

2. Within your web site folder create another folder to contain your images.


By having all elements of your web site contained within one main folder, you will be less likely to "break links".


Table of Contents

I. Setting Up Your Home Page
A. Open Dreamweaver
B. Save Your File
C. Give Your Page A Title
D. Create A Table

II. Adding Content To Your Home Page
A. Add A Heading To Your Page
B. Text Alignment, Font Face, Color, And Style C. Add Text For Navigation Linking
D. Making Hyperlinks
E. Resize The Table To Set Up A Large Content Area F. The Content Area Of Your Web Page

III. Creating The Next Web Page
A. Save Your Existing Web File With A New Name B. Change The Web Page's Title
C. Remove The Background Image
D. Remove Contents From The Content Area Cell Of The Table E. Add Background Color To The Table Cells
F. Add New Content
G. Add Unordered (Bulleted) Lists
H. Add Ordered (Numbered) Lists
I. Add Anchor Links To Your Page

IV. Adding A Form
A. Insert A Form Object
B. Form Objects
C. Insert Text Field
D. Insert Checkboxes
E. Insert List/Menu
F. Insert Radio Buttons
G. Insert A Multi Line Text Field
H. Insert Submit and Reset Buttons