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Part 1: The Clothing

It’s the night before my flight, so I’ve …

stuck an address label with my contact info on the inside of my bag in case the luggage tag gets lost.

gathered everything I plan on packing and checked it against my list.

planned my in-flight outfit. This includes my heaviest clothing, like my coat and/or bulky sweater. On my feet, the biggest pair of shoes I’m bringing.

opened bag, commenced packing.

lined the inside edges of the bag with my shoes, soles facing out.

stuffed underwear, socks and hosiery inside my shoes.

rolled, not folded, the bulk of my clothing to save space.

placed my heaviest items along the bottom of the suitcase. This includes rolled jeans, pants, and skirts to fill in the footwear frame I’ve assembled.

laid a layer of my tightly rolled soft-and-squishies – sweaters, tights, leggings, socks, underwear, t-shirts, pajamas, etc., in the middle.

placed my toiletries (see “Toiletries and extras”) either on top of that layer, or inside and inner zipped pocket.

carefully placed the Zip-loc(s) containing my neatly folded business wear (see “10-Step Method of Folding a Suit Without Using a Garment Bag) – across the top of the bag.

placed sealed bag of toiletries on top of the final layer of clothing or inside in an inner pocket so the TSA agent won’t have to tear my bag apart looking for contraband hair care products.

zipped that sucker shut.

The Travel Checklist