Daughter of the MorningKara Parsons
Liquid SkyC. E. Dorsett
A Colony on MarsCliff Roehr
Bridge at WarTrevor Hopkins
Hanako's HeartTomek Piorkowski
Zero - OptionLindsay H.F. Brambles
Star Trek: Both Hands Full - Fourth EditionJohn Erik Ege
The Map of the Known WorldSteven Smith
The Trolls of Lake MaebiewahnapoopieJeff White
Bozo and the StorytellerTom Glaister
Death JagA. C. Ellis and Jeff Staten
Peter Carrot-TopYolanda Jackson
Ravaging MythsFrederick Marshall Brown
Scalp Bounty: Ravaging Myths, Book 2Frederick Brown
Questing for Adventure!Jean Marie Romana
The Run: London's SecretElla Roberts
From the Dreams of MorpheusSteven Ford
Millennium Chronicles Book 1Anthony Perry
Millennium Chronicles Book 1 (Alternate Ending)Anthony Perry
DreamCarlos Mota
The AlternativeRichard Dante
AwakeEgan Yip
Coranite Chronicles: The JudgeEgan Yip
The Heart of TarkonStephen Meakin
Thinks and ThingsCrystal Johnson
Fader (Act I)Rye-n
2023John Ivan Coby
SourceMatthew S. Williams
LiabilityMatthew S. Williams
The Morgan AffairJohn Lyne
PAXRichard Dante
The Bialien Series - Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human EvolvedVlane Carter
OgatuJ Barrett
A Bridge of TimeLou Tortola
Sex, the Stars & Princess SimlaGurmeet Mattu
Mars on EarthClayton Fehr
Dawn, The PlanetSam Goldenberg
The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7Leanne Schroder
Villainous AspirationsPaul Weightman
Jovian Uprising - 2315Michel Poulin
Arise a HeroWayne Schreiber
Govicide: ComplyEdward Dentzel
The Secret to AthenessS.M.Gilson
Space CrazyK. Rowe
The Filght of the RavenSusanne Ashley
Destiny ScornsBeryl Oduor
24:01 One Minute AfterEric Diehl
The Soma TantraObsidian Eagle
Codename: AthenaMichel Poulin
Blessings of A Curse - 2012 Metric EditionWayne Edward Clarke
ReturnJ. Barrett
Ledman PickupTom Lichtenberg
RiverlillyJ. Evans
Gods of Men # 1Joseph Pignataro
Dream Magic: AwakeningsDawn Harshaw
One Way to MarsGary Weston
The Emperor's EdgeLindsay Buroker
World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half ElvesH. L. Watson
Adventures Through TimeMichel Poulin
Jake - Book One of the Early YearsJ. Barrett
Spirit RunnerLeon Southgate
EnmaAlex Hughes
Gods of Men # 2Joseph Pignataro
Dark Matter the Wolf Warrior: the Heart of WarriorsAmelia F. Lopes
Bleeding San FranciscoJacques Freydont
The Venson MadaC.C. Hazel
Maya's FoldJ. Barrett
North of RoswellDick Harvey
The Aeolian Master - Book One - RevivalJohn Northern
Trixie & MePeter Cawdron
Children of TimeMichel Poulin
Arantur: Book One of the 'Riothamus' TrilogyRosemary Fryth
Valotin - Book Two of the Early YearsJ. Barrett
The Two Books of Saint AndreDanielle Perez
The Western Front (Part 1 of 3)Archer Garrett
The Right PathA. M.
Warriors of Gaia: Liberty's CryD. S. Northrop
The White Wind Stories: The Phoenix TeardropJonathan Emanuel
GrailemGary L. Beer
Kidnapped My HeartKatie Ickes
The Creatures that History ForgotAshley Douglass
XIN: The Veiled GenocidesRobert G. Moons
The Wizard That Wasn't: Book One of Mechanized WizardryBen Rovik
Artifact and the PrincessR. D. Ray
TimelinesMichel Poulin
Call of the HeraldBrian Rathbone
Entropic QuestTom Lichtenberg and Johnny Lichtenberg
The Unenchanted PrincessAlex McGilvery
Her own DaughterLacey Ann Carrigan
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2023.2John Ivan Coby
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Peter Pays TributeLiana Burnside
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Orange Car with StripesTom Lichtenberg
Missy TonightTom Lichtenberg
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EvolutionJ. Barrett
The Hidden RealmAdrian Kyte
Kingdom of a ThousandEftos
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ZhlinduLee Willard
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The Aluminum QuestLee Willard
LharLee Willard
The Search for a Legend (Book 1 of Quest for Knowledge)Christopher Jackson-Ash
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ePulp Sampler Vol. 1John Picha
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Guardian Core Chronicles Time after TimeMichael Youngblood
Black Heart Phantasy: Boy Meets HonoiJoel S. Williams
Guardian Core Chronicles: HomeworldMichael Youngblood
The Martian TragedyJacques Freydont
Shining in Crimson: Empire of Blood Book OneRobert S. Wilson
Guardian Core Chronicles: The ReckoningMichael Youngblood
Guardian Core Chronicles the Great DivideMichael Youngblood
Guardian Core Chronicles Death Becomes MeMichael Youngblood
The Rainbow BridgeChrys Romeo
DestiniesMichel Poulin
Cave - Trolls and AmazonsJonathan Pidduck
Agartha's Castaway - Book 2Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 3Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 4Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 5Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 6Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 7Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 8Chrissy Peebles
Agartha's Castaway - Book 9 (the Conclusion of Series)Chrissy Peebles
Another Look at My PastWayne McKinstry
The Time BeforeDerek P. Blake
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CrushChrissy Peebles
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Doubt, Among us Trilogy 1Anne - Rae Vasquez
Element, Part 1C.M. Doporto
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Final Fantasy VII: A New ThreatM. J. Gallagher
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Blood PurpleAshley Nemer
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The Hampton CouplesChristina Sophie
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Ariki and Other Short Stories of an Uncertain FutureAntonio Castro
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When the Sky People Came to Brooklyn (Chris T. Sun and the Monsters) Day 1Carlos Rodriguez
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Different (a Manon Maxim Novel)Mel Hartman
In Which Time Stands StillBill Hibberd
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The Phoenix ConspiracyRichard L. Sanders
The Enemy of an EnemyVincent Trigili
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City of Rogues: Book I of the Kobalos TrilogyTy Johnston
A Warrior's LegacyGuy Stanton III
A Warrior's ReturnGuy Stanton III
A Warrior's RevengeGuy Stanton III
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A Sword of Wrath, Book I: Blood and DustK. E. MacLeod
Burning Blue: Boy Meets HonoiJoel S. Williams
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Apollo 918 the Trip of No ReturnJoseh Thomas
The EADUN DirectiveBarti Cox
Tethered TwinsMike Essex
Timeline TwinMichel Poulin
Dragons Hill: Book IIIJ. Barrett
The Sword of Light: Book One of the Veredor ChroniclesE. J. Gilmour
Earth ReconqueredKevin Berger
Dieselpunk ePulp Showcase 2John Picha, Grant Gardiner, et al
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ForagerPeter R. Stone
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His Dark Empire (Tears of Blood, Book One)M. R. Forbes
Tales of Aria: The Legend of Damiano's Disk Carl Russ III
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Alice's Zombie Adventures in under City: Downward SpiralRichard Schwarz
iCerMichael C. Brausam
The Roaming ZubrChrys Romeo
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Totem (Book 1: Scars)C. Michael Lorion
A World Long PastWayne Schreiber
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Dan Sheman Space Guardian All Worlds Book OneColin J Platt
Dan Sheman Space Guardian All Worlds Book TwoColin J Platt
The Elf & HuntressJ. L. Lawson
Ascension: The End GameAP West
The Sorcery Code: A Fantasy Novel of Magic, Romance, Danger, and IntrigueDima Zales
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A Cat From Canada Book 2Bassam Imam
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Aloren: The Estralony Cycle #1 (Young Adult Fairy Tale Retelling)E. D. Ebeling
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Perception 6 'The Island'C.A.Dayhoff
The Book of the Living (The Eighth Power, Book 1)Paul Lytle
The KingdomGuy Stanton III
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Destiny Scorns 2Beryl Oduor
Big TimmyChris Manson
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A Collection of Two StoriesChristina Sophie
Redemption's WarriorJennifer Morse & Wiliam Mortimer
The Queen of CarleonLinda Thackeray
The Scout Brooks Story: The Freshman InvasionScott Donnelly
Marked (Soul Guardians Book 1)Kim Richardson
To Rescue General GordonJ.P. Medved
The Shadow RisesK.S. Marsden
Psuedo AlchemyKurt Burnum
Slimeborgs of the Behemoth: A Scout Brooks Story (Book 2)Scott Donnelly
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Time OverA M Kyte
TrimmerKalisto Barques
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A Slave of EvilJames Brittain
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Lifting the Curse, Part I: A New DawnKonstantine
The City of the BrokenCeri Beynon
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Winter Solstice Winter - A Viking SagaE. J. Squires
The Forever Man - Book 1: PulseCraig Zerf
UntamedSteven Jeral Harris
House of PryceWil Clayton
The Border Between Magic and MaybeBarbara Bretana
The Black Dragon of AmberBarbara Bretana
DominionBarbara Bretana
The Road to AmberBarbara Bretana
Dead to the World - SacrificeA. K. Denic
Through His Eyes are the Rivers of TimeBarbara Bretana
Lord of the Strings-The String BearerBarbara Bretana
The One Way ForwardWil Clayton
Breath of the Titans: Little Black StormcloudRIley Amos Westbrook, Sara Lynn Westbrook
Psycho vs ScientistsMan H
NovacadiaK. E. Ward
A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)Morgan Rice
Death Perception - Murder In Mind's EyeBarbara Bretana
Troy Zander and the Sign Of The UnseenL.A.Immanuel
NEBADOR Book Nine: A Cry for HelpJ. Z. Colby
The Darkfern Lexicon Book 1 - WebwayBenjamin Feral
The Darkfern Lexicon Book 2 - SanctoriumBenjamin Feral
Quest for Knowledge (Volume 1 of the FirstWorld Saga)Christopher Jackson-Ash
SuspendedDaniel Roozen
Galax_GalaxyMike Bozart
No Dogs in Philly: A Lovecraftian Cyberpunk NoirAndy Futuro
Blood and GenesisLA Morgan
REEL Rangers Adventure: Volatile MoonDarrell T. Boyd
Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1)Morgan Rice
Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals)Morgan Rice
Arena One: Slaverunners (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy)Morgan Rice
The Quest for ParadiseGuy Stanton III
Koalaland: The Making of a KingdomDavid Earl Bolton
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After - Part OneD.R. Johnson
Surrealism - or Ones Lost in TimeFarhad Mammadov
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Space-Time OdysseyMichel Poulin
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Sundowning Diary- Part 2Farhad Mammadov
Baests: The Escaped Demons (Book #1 of the Baests Series)M.H. McKinney, Jr
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The Inner Dragon Book OneColin J Platt
The Inner Dragon Book TwoColin J. Platt
The Wind Drifters - Complete SetGuy Stanton III
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The Swamp is Full of MysteryAnnemarie Musawale
The BoundJM Douglas
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The Amazing Galaxy-Man - Part OneBrent Bunn
3012: The ArtifactJohn M. Grier
Nunca Esnifes al AnochecerMarco Montero
Stowaway BoysGary Whitmore
Air RescueGary Whitmore
Escaping From ParadiseGary Whitmore
Harvesting ParadiseGary Whitmore
The Space DreamersGary Whitmore
Prince Luna and the Space DreamersGary Whitmore
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The Hidden Portal Book TwoColin J. Platt
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Oracle MoonWayne Ellis
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Forbidden OutpostTony Rubolotta
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The Journals of Raymond BrooksAmit Bobrov
Sexpocalypse 1--The BearersK.D. Long
The Essence of MarsWayne Ellis
The Amazing Galaxy-Man (Part Two)Brent Bunn
Gift Of The MancynnDominic Hodgson
A Fluttering of WingsPaul Worthington
The Invasion of Ragged MountainBill Russo
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Beyond the Great JunctureWayne Ellis
Mission ImprobableJ.J. Green
Safe at HomeO. H. Reads
Two Hundred and Eighty-Nine Stones for Ray CraftJaymes Shore
The Will of the ThreeWayne Ellis
Errant Spark (Elemental Trials, Book 1)Ronelle Antoinette
The God Slayers: GenesisBarbara Bretana
The WayGuy Stanton III
Dream JournalNichole Haines and Dima Galdin
A TaleAlina Udrea
Homo-PosterusRoy T. James
EmbattledDarlene Jones
Sunborn Rising: Beneath the FallAaron Safronoff
The Jewel of AndarO. H. Reads
Spirit StoryShane
Puzzle MasterT.J. McKenna
The Frozen Desert (After Us, #1)Moein Mansoori Fard
Winter TrialsK.S. Marsden
A Tale Volume 2Alina Udrea
Legends Of Atalmor: The Caryn Chronicles Volume IIIJeff Stanhope
The Perennial MigrationD. M. Kirtaime
The Time Rippers Book 1Pete Bertino
Stay of ExecutionGary Whitmore
Convergence: Genesis (First Four Chapters)Heiner Flores Bermúdez
Sundowning Diary- Part 4Farhad Mammadov
Star Wars: A Dark RunJohn Erik Ege
Death of a DwarfPete Prown
A Djinn, Lotta Fairies and Sundry GodsGregory Edward Flood
Al, the Friendly AlienAlina Udrea
MINECRAFT: The Story of Steve the Hermit: How It All Began (The Book 1)Steve Ranger Jr.
I/Tulpa and the Worlds of CrossoverIon Light
The God SlayersBarbara Bretana
Chosen (Majaos Book 1)Gary Stringer
Dead or AliveD.P. Prior
I/Tulpa: Learning CurveIon Light
Illustrated Book of FantasyJuan Grandio Luque
Out of Time - Encounter at Mid-dayDerek P. Blake
The VortexChrys Romeo
The Book of NoceraLuke Raven
A Planet for EmilyM S Lawson
A Million BodiesErica Pensini
Al, the friendly alien Vol. 2Alina Udrea
Blessings Of A Curse - USA EditionWayne Edward Clarke
Blessings Of A Curse - Metric EditionWayne Edward Clarke
Consequences (Majaos Book 2)Gary Stringer
Everywhere and All At OnceIon Light
Ginia: The Planet's CryWilliam Holloway
The Fountain of Eternal YouthAlina Udrea
Roses of the DreamerBenjamin Granger
How My Brain Ended Up Inside This BoxTom Lichtenberg
The Trinity's DreamDr. Sherif Mekdam
Life QuestProngs
I/Tulpa: Pokémon Go NYIon Light
Puzzle Master Book 2: Master of NoneT.J. McKenna
NothingArnold East
Demon Stalker: Volume OneMichael Fulkerson/Michael King
Choice (Majaos Book 3)Gary Stringer
A Minor GlitchMichel Poulin
I/Tulpa: the Seven Year GirlIon Light
The Fountain of Eternal Youth Vol 2Alina Udrea
Crazy Hole Time TravelersGary Whitmore
Eternity's WarRuben Stelliswolfe
Lady of the Icy ShoresIsobel Robertson
As Above, So BelowRichard Lawther
Oli, A Star Bridge Too FarCarl Derham
To Step into the DarknessAnnin Brothers
Virtual HeavenTaylor Kole
Gerald Becomes A WizardCarl Hackman
Underneath It AllLoxy Isadora Bliss
Puzzle Master Book 3: Missing PiecesT.J. McKenna
A Tale Volume 3Alina Udrea
Buddy and BuffyRobert H. Cherny
Action AwaitsAdeba A. Islam
The Road That Went Right (Revised Edition)Luke Peace
I/Tulpa: Sex, Stars, and SingularitiesIon Light
Star StruckJohn Erik Ege
Archangel DownC. Gockel
Urban MythicC. Gockel & Other Authors
Fatal MoonL. E. Perry
Earth SevenSteve M
The InterviewLawrence King
The Lucid Series: Android UprisingDen Warren
Power Rising - The Tymorean Trust Book 1Margaret Gregory
Doctor WHO: The Continuity of OneIon Light
The Catharsis: Book OneCody Knox
Bryxx (Crimson Forest, #1)Tarisa Marie
Iron Five - Dogs of WarSeon Stronghold
Derek Vortimer MBA Manager of WorldsUncle Jasper
Future HobbiesAdam Ninnis
NEW EARTH 8 : Will Humankind Survive or Perish?Tao Mundus
Detective In TimeUncle Jasper
A Mars OdysseyMichel Poulin
Queen Purrpuss & OwlUncle Jasper
SG1: Point Five.John Erik Ege
Ytterbium FiresBill Kandiliotis
At the MidwayJ. Clayton Rogers
The Death of David PickettG.A. Matiasz
Spindown: Part OneAndy Crawford
Great Ones - The Tymorean Trust Book 2Margaret Gregory
I/Tulpa: Onuk BayIon Light
The Abnormal Life of Al NormCody Knox
ZILBWIT The Fist of InfernoDavid Edward Martin
Firefly: the One SongJohn Erik Ege
Lost in SpaceTrisha McNary
The ConqueredJohn T Buckley
From The HeartKristina Ortiz
The Lucid Series: Toys of AnarchyDen Warren
Dreamscape ErinHeidi Hallifax
I/Tulpa: Chitty Chitty Steam PunkIon Light
Nowhere's EndLogan Deane
The Darkness Beyond the LightFrank W. Zammetti
Sentinel Event: a paranormal thrillerSamantha Shelby
CHUMJohn T Buckley
Star Trek: This Side of Darkness, part 1John Erik Ege
The Vindijan LineJohn T Buckley
Adrift On The River Of TimeUncle Jasper
Tales from the Land of DragonsClive L Gilson
I/Tulpa: Casey SensitiveLoxy Isadora Bliss
Diary of a Zombie SurvivorS. Michael Choi
The ReturnDerek P. Blake
Lost Among The StarsMichel Poulin
2123John Ivan Coby
LiminalIon Light
The Codex de Sacretua Of Those Who From The Heavens CameH.L. Dowless
Angels of the UniverseKristina Karen
Emilia LawkensMN Precious Charles
The awakening (Dark Passenger)L C Ainsworth
Ice ClawArtem Demchenko
Star Wars: The One, The Force, and LegionJohn Erik Ege
3004Natasha Murray
Splinters of ImmortalityIon Light
Discover TomorrowNichole Haines
Sex With GhostsIon Light
Adaptation - Part 1Jeremy Tyrrell
A Trekkie's Unofficial Book SummariesGeoff Canham
Taliban TelemarketerKim Cancer
Adam in ChainsMorgan La Femina
War Among The StarsMichel Poulin
Star Trek: This Side of Darkness, Part TwoJohn Erik Ege
A Starlet is BornMaysam Yabandeh
Impossible Journey, A Tale of Times and TruthJames M. Becher
Planet FallSteven Philips
Mystic TattoosDavid Ellinger
I/Tulpa: Aeneas RisingIon Light
The FabulistAndrew Johnston
The One Who IsChrys Romeo
WormwoodJohn Ivan Coby
Martian Short Stories ThreeCliff Rhodes
Through The StormSherif Guirguis
The RitualRyan Pitterle
The Dome CityNichole Haines
Saydin Mak Doom (The Pentarchy of Solarian: Book #1)W.D.Worth
Far Side of the Shadow ScreenM. Thomas Champion
United States Space CorpsMichel Poulin
Lighthouse of the NetherworldsMaxwell N. Andrews
Under a Starless SkyIon Light
SHEILAEmerald Lordsfame
Grozorg: The FallJonas Wong
ELLANDRAT.S. Alexander
MAZENichole Haines
Immortals' RequiemVincent bobbe
The Year Of My Life: VR YEAR 1Mark I. Jacobson
Interstellar AcademyKennedy Harkins
TravellerL.W. Samuelson
Dragon DreamerS. G. Ricketts
My ProtectorMallory Davis
InverseMikey Luke Mitchell
Morningstar/AlignmentKeith Trimm
The TimingJoe Parente
My Vampire Kidnapper: Bloodstains Series: Book 1Lillith Devero
The Moon MetalGarrett P. Serviss
Earthbound: Volume I of the Earthbound SeriesDM Arnold
Edison's Conquest of MarsGarrett Putman Serviss
The Full Moon: Part 1 Of the Werewolf ChroniclesAmber Riel
The Blood Moon: Part 2 of the Werewolf ChroniclesAmber Riel
The Double Moon: Part 3 of the Werewolf ChroniclesAmber Riel
Project Sable RoseWolfheart
The Lost Colony: Volume V of the Earthbound SeriesDM Arnold
Solutions: The Dilemma for MenJames Gerard
Solutions: The Dilemma for the GodsJames Gerard
Solutions: A Dog's DilemmaJames Gerard
ChameleonOtto Gramm
DivisionsJames Gerard
Solutions: A Man's DilemmaJames Gerard
The Happy HavenJames Gerard
The Millennial Box: Book Four of the Martian Prophecies SeriesJulie Steimle
EclipseSmiley sn
The Unimaginable World: Part 1 of the World of the Unexplained SeriesAmber Riel
The Mojave HeathenRobert F. Clifton
DUSK: It's all in the brainEsther Machethe
Asmyne: Book 1 of the Worlds Collide SeriesAmber Riel
The Garden ClubJames Gerard
LiseDM Arnold
The Ark: Altered VersionMythic.,Captain Private
EmergenceChris Harris
Palimpsest: Part 1, WormholeThunderfield
Bones in the Sand: Book Five of the Martian Prophecies SeriesJulie Steimle
Solutions: The Dilemma of HopelessnessJames Gerard
The Demon of Egypt: Nala's SideAmber Riel
A Parthan Summer: Book Two in the Martian Prophecies SeriesJulie Steimle
Apocalypse Before Finals: Martian Prophecies Book 6Julie Steimle
Sylent Nyght: Part 1 of the Sylent Nyght SagaAmber Riel
The Mars Project: Book Three of the Martian Prophecies SeriesJulie Steimle
The Lexal Affair: Volume II of the Earthbound SeriesDM Arnold
Caught In The RiverRonald Lee
Saving the Cyber SoapsMike Morris
Still Valley At 20,000 Feet: A Twilight Zone Alternative StorylineMike Burns
The Dawning OreIon Light
FragmentPaul G Swanson
Frozen Embers: First in the Gabriel Hawks SeriesD. S. Novis
Siete minutosIsmael Camacho Arango
Planetbound: Volume III of the Earthbound SeriesDM Arnold
Kiran the SorcererJoel Ogunberry
A Trekkie’s Unofficial Book Summaries Volume TwoGeoff Canham
The Adventures of Billy Bob, Jimmy John, and Cletus: Fly by the MoonB.A.McKeon
The Musketeers of Haven: a Science Fiction StoryM S Lawson