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Unlocking the Orion Code - BOOK I

The Killer's Daughter


Leonard J. Walker

Published by Effective Life Strategies Pty Ltd

Copyright © 2012 by Paolo F. Tiberi - All Right Reserved

All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,

electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from Paolo Tiberi.


Although this book seres falls into the fantasy genre of fiction, it provides a means for a

factual message to be delivered. The storyline is fictional, and all the characters are

fictional. However, the author believes that the details provided in this book are both

factual and true.

This book is about you; it is about awakening your inner capabilities, skills and


These supernatural powers are factual. Things like bi-location, instant miraculous healing,

manifesting out of thin air, seeing the future, past life viewing etc are all capabilities well

reported in the past history of all world traditions, as well as in the present times.

I, the author, have witnessed and achieved many skills thought impossible by current

understanding. This book series will translate this knowledge into exercises that you can

do in your own time, anywhere on the planet.



In fact, by means of this novel series, I will teach you, as I have done with hundreds of

people before you, how to see your past life (Book 7); if this really is one of the things you

wish to achieve. I am not kidding; I am serious. However, as this spiritual discipline and

practice requires at least two individuals, and is even better with four or more, I advise you

to get some of your friends to read these book series also.

In many cases, and wherever possible, references, video clips, and scientific and medical

evidence showcasing so called 'special powers' will be provided in the form of web links

that you can use to expand on the knowledge provided (From Book 7 Onward). For

example, in the case of the boy who has re-trained his brain to see without eyes, a link to

the You Tube video will be provided. The author believes that this is the best way for you,

the reader, to make up your own mind on the validity of such a skill set and knowledge.

There is so much that science has yet to uncover, as we humans use only a small fraction of

our genetic potential and the capabilities of our brain/mind. This book will guide you to

unlock some of this inner potential. It will be up to you then to, either read this manuscript

as a simple story like all others, or get actively involved in the process.

Although the story is about the fictional character of Blair and a few others main

characters, I invite you to take the journey with her. The knowledge gained will, not only

unplug you from the matrix of illusion that is clogging your life right now-not dissimilar to

the character Neo in The Matrix movie, but will also give you a set of skills and knowledge

that you will need in order to recognize what is happening around you, and to deal with

events unfolding in your real life.

A lot of real changes are going to happen shortly in your lifetime, changes, for which

reading this book will help you prepare.

Every time I, the writer, want to speak directly to you, the reader, I will write in CAPITAL


This book is also very time sensitive. This is the reason why I felt the urgency to create this

series at this particular time. Many of the events in the book that have not yet come to pass,

will in all probability happen within the next twelve or so years of your lifetime. So this

manuscript could be used by some even as a reference book, or a map to prepare and

understand the unfolding of certain human and natural events in the future.

This is one of the reasons why the writing of this series of book has been rushed. The

author asks for your forgiveness if at times the book is not written as well as it could have

been. As time and more funds become available, better-written versions will be published

with new editions of the books.

Although many of my readers love the first 6 book, for me the real 'great content' and 'true

training' will only begin from book 7. The first 6 books serve as an introduction to the Plot

and characters and to set the scene for what is to come...


Unlocking the Orion Code