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About EFL Classics


Every EFL Classics text contains three sections. The main story, a glossary of unfamiliar words found in the text, and a series of questions. These questions focus on detailed aspects of grammar, and also general understanding of the work. There are also more open-ended questions encouraging the student to think about some of the themes in the texts.

The books are suitable for intermediate students and above. For all levels of learning, it is recommended to use the book in combination with the audio material.

EFL teachers also have the possibility of using these texts in class. While it would be simple for students to be set the reading tasks for homework, other approaches might include:

  • Ask the students to read through the vocabulary lists, and decide what the books might be about
  • Divide the book between the class. Each group to read and summarise their part, while imagining what came before and after the events described. The whole class then puts the story together.
  • Students can discuss the text as a literary piece - with discussions about character, language or theme.

These texts have been slightly adapted for easier reading by students. This has been done by simplifying some of the older or more complex grammar styles that are not used in modern English; and by finding some more common variants for extremely unusual words that are unlikely to be of much use to students in every day speech.

However, very little of the original style or design has been lost in this process, which can only improve the student's learning experience.