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By JacoBasson

Copyright 2019 Jaco Basson

The Seed is a work of fiction, authored by Jaco Basson.

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In the Beginning, He already existed, He was One! Triune in excellent splendor. He was the First and He was also the Last, the rank supreme power. All of creation was in perfect submission to His rule and most supreme majesty.

Not only in Heaven but all of Creation was in perfect harmony to His Kingly dominion, rule, and reign. The most grandeur design was yet to unfold even before the first tick of time was ever put in place or ever recorded He was Perfect! No fault nor blemish was to be found in Him! He was Holy.

He was also Love! Love in itself in its perfect nature and form was impossible to be retained, yes! Even by love Himself. He was perfect love, He did not create love, love was His Heart. This most powerful force of Life could no longer be contained.

Taken and Formed from the earth. He will be of the earthly kind, for he will be taken from it. But even greater, an even more wonderful thing.

Surely! this creature would evidently be leafed and adorned and in its season bear much fruit.

Fruit after its own kind with its seed inside of itself. This is the True SEED that comes from the Father. Deeply planted and rooted in the inner recesses of the Heart. This earthly creature would not just have dominion in the earth, he would multiply, subdue it and reign in it!

In God were the Life and the Light of all creation. For as He had perfect order in Heaven, in like manner, the earthly ruler would bring this order into the earthly realm. For as God ruled the Heavens, to such degree He would delegate authority and Lordship to this creature that would be called man.

-And so it Begins:

“There shall be one...” as God whispers to the Godhead. “Yes, one, a man after Our kind. Modeled in Our form and image, yes, this is the one I will love. This is indeed the one upon whom I will pour My everlasting abiding love. He will be like me, alone, and not only will He receive my love but surely..."He will love in return.” Finally, it is proclaimed; all heaven stands in awe as He is about to make the announcement to things created and uncreated. “I will pour myself into this creature. There shall be none like this ever again, not in this age or even, even into all eternity.” The angelic hosts hold their breath for a moment. Can anything good come from this wretched earth? One angel cries out of turn: “How is this possible!

Will God indeed create a counterpart in His own likeness? What will be the purpose of this?” The angel is quickly silenced by God, who smiles for but a moment.

Few of the angels gather together and a discussion occurs amongst them; they know their Creator, so with newfound revelation, one angel speaks, “There must be a plan.” In an instant, God envelopes the speck of dirt called earth in His love. “Look,” says God, as He slowly turns towards a crowd of spectators. He shall be like me, and I shall set Him on this earth.” God sighs for a moment, breathes out and says, “I will provide one command. Yes, this will be the greatest: He will love me with everything he has.” One angel wonders to himself, what does God mean by it? God senses the angel's inner thoughts, and puts him to silence with tremendous thunder...“EVERYTHING!

With this God looks at this wretched planet earth, closes His eyes and speaks: "Let there be Light.” For a moment something that resembles a blazing fire appears out of nowhere.

The brilliance of this light is so intense that even some of the angels have to look away. With this God announces, “I will divide the day from the night, the greater light to rule by day and the lesser light to rule by night.

With unprecedented excitement, God jumps with joy as he proclaims, “It is good!”

It is the next day; God appears on the scene as He is about to complete His painting on the empty canvas of earth. First He divides the water from the land. Then He carefully plants all manner of vegetation known under the sun. As if this is not enough, He speaks the heavenly bodies into existence, galaxies blazing with fire, fury and revelation, lights in the heavenly realms, reflecting the Glory of their Maker. He creates every animal in the field, every bird in the air, and all manner of sea creatures.

Finally, a moment of silence ... Never has any angel seen God expressing such passion and love. All angels waited with keen anticipation, wondering what God will say next, and their silence is interrupted as God proclaims, “It is time. I will now create my counterpart, for as I am Lord of the heavenly realms, so will I delegate authority to my counterpart to rule and reign in the earth. He will be very much like me ... alone!”

God stretches out His hand and takes a handful of soil. Looking deeply into the grains of soil, He looks at what appears to be nothing, and all heavenly hosts witnesses a smile on their Maker's face: never have they seen God so content.

God bends to His knees and starts to model a figure in the soil. As He digs deeper into the earth the angels witness something they have never seen before, tears of joy start forming in His eyes, each time He reaches into the soil one can almost hear Him whisper, “Never ... never alone!”

God carefully leans over the sculpted figure in the soil, reaches into the deepest parts of His Spirit. All the angels and heavenly beings momentarily have to close their eyes for this force of Life was set aside for a far greater purpose than any angel will ever fully understand.

God lovingly breathes into the nostrils of this newly modeled figure. A sudden brilliance of light explodes in the all, and all manner of creation pauses for a single moment.

Some of the angels brave enough, slowly open their eyes. All they can see is a soft glowing creature, lying on the ground. God slowly stretches out His hand to the last addition of His creation and helps it to its feet. God turns to a crowd of spectators standing by, and with a sense of ecstatic delirium cries out, “Behold, a man after my kind.

He is mine, mine forever. And I shall call him Adam.” With this God turns to Adam.

God waits earnestly on Adam's first words, and so he speaks: “Lord, I am truly yours.” It is almost as if deep inside Adam there is a part that recognizes his origin. So he continues, “I am man, and I look like you ... Lord. Why this resemblance?” Adam gazes at the angels standing nearby and notices that they are not like him. “Lord,” Adam speaks, “am I the only one like you, will I be alone?” Indeed, you are like Me, Adam. Yes, you are alone ... Like Me, there is no other like you, except ... Me.

“Look,” says God,” I have given you all manner of creation on Earth to rule and reign over, for as I am Lord of the heavenly realms so shall you be lord of the earth, for now, I will place you in a garden that I have planted for you. It will be your duty, Adam, to look after it for me...” Within the blink of an eye, God and Adam travel to a place in the garden, to a tree. “Look,” says God, “I have given to you all manner of fruit to eat, but from this tree, Adam, from this tree, you shall not eat, for the day that you eat from this tree you shall surely die.

Remember, Adam, this fruit will not be for food.” Adam slowly nods his head in recognition of this command.

With this God withdraws to the heavens to rest and to give Adam time to spend on his own.