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Rosina S Khan



This ebook is about the impressive and extraordinary biography of a girl named

Pinky. Starting right from her birth, through her education and career, along with

friends, colleagues and a family, the author portrays the image of an imposing and

graceful girl, who is an able and competent person, rising up to the challenges of

life and overcoming them as well in the passage of a little time. “How does she

manage it all?” – A question that arises in everyone’s mind and hence, the title of

Pinky as “The Mystery Girl”. Well, the answer simply lies in the fact that she is

talented with especially fine qualities and partly, because it is in her genes and

partly, because of the values, teachings and train-ups of her most amazing parents.

In order to know Pinky in more depth and details, I encourage you to follow up a

merry reading, dear reader.

- Rosina S Khan

Copyright © 2015 by Rosina S Khan.

All rights reserved. No part(s) of this ebook may be used or reproduced in any

form whatsoever, without written permission by the author.



-------------------------TABLE OF CONTENT----------------------

PINKY COMES TO THIS WORLD .............................. 4

PINKY HAS A SISTER ................................................... 6

PINKY IN SCHOOL ........................................................ 8

PINKY’S NEW LIFE ..................................................... 10

PINKY ON FURTHER EDUCATION ......................... 12

PINKY ON HER JOB CAREER .................................. 15

PINKY FINALLY ABROAD ........................................ 16

PINKY’S COMEBACK ................................................. 19


RECOMMENDED READING...................................... 23


-----------------------Pinky Comes to this World--------------------

A young woman in her early twenties was in labor, trying to give birth. Her

husband was patiently, yet anxiously waiting outside. Soon the yelling cries of the

baby could be heard. The husband was called in and yes, it was a girl!! It was

another day at the hospital before the couple set out for their sweet home with their

blooming family. Yes, she was the first born.

Daddy of the girl soon set out for buying sweets and sent them out to every home

of the colony. Dresses, food and cards came in flooding from the colony homes in

return. Yes, the couple was very happy.

It was high time to name their baby. Daddy looked again at the baby and remarked,

“Her cheeks are so pinky!! Let’s name her Pinky.” Mommy agreed.

So a girl by the name Pinky came to this planet earth. What challenges and

momumental happiness lay in front of her? Her story starts right from here.

She is well fed and grows to be a healthy baby. She has rich fruits like papaya from

the garden which has been grown with so rich manure by Daddy that Pinky grows

to be much more than being just healthy. Also, she has drops of vitamin in her

Cow & Gate milk. So, that also accounts for her obesity. Mommy read in a babies’

book which said: “If your baby doesn’t fall sick within the first year of her life, she

is going to be healthy and immune to sickness for life”. This was inportant

information for Mommy, and both Mommy and Daddy made sure their little angel

did not fall ill during the first year of her life.



Soon Pinky grows up to a bit more. The family’s servant gives her a ride on a cycle

that has a back seat. Mommy always makes beautiful dresses with her own hands

and makes Pinky wear them when she gets on a ride on the cycle. Oneday her dress

was so fanciful that child boys, a little older than her exclaimed, “Here comes the


By this time, Daddy also offers to give little Pinky rides in his Volkswagon car

when on errands. And Pinky enjoys it all very much. So far so good. It was a

happy world for her. Here is a picture of growing baby Pinky.


----------------------------Pinky Has a Sister--------------------------

All this time, Pinky was the soul attention of the family. She liked and enjoyed

every bit of it. But somehow, all of that was shattered when Mommy and Daddy

got a second newborn to home. Pinky was curious about touching her and

especially her eyes, to see if she was for real, or she was only just like her other

fancy doll.

Pinky did not like the fact that her sister was gradually getting all the attention of

the family and started to feel neglected. When mommy would try to feed milk in

bottle to her sister on her lap, Pinky demanded her share of mommy’s lap. When

her sister was placed in the cot, Pinky would climb the cot and try to reach inside

to attack her!!

But there was a dramatic change in these circumstances when Pinky turned out

three. She knew she was the older sister and therefore, started taking great care of

her. She baby sitted for her, played with her, became her best friend and protected

her. Wow how responsible!!

They would always hold hands together and walk or ride wherever their parents

took them out, either for lunch/dinner parties or simply just for an outing in the

envirinment outside. As you can see, their bond was so strong that noone could

tear them apart. After all, they differed in ages by just 1 year 1 month.

Gradually, Pinky’s world once more started to lighten up. Daddy got a brand new

taperecorder and as he played songs, Pinky and her sister would dance as they

wished, or just lie down and fall asleep. The most exciting thing about this brand


new object Pinky realized was how come it could record their own voices and play

them out exacly in the same way she spoke or sang. The other interesting thing she

found in those of her childhood years was the camera with which Daddy took

photos of her solo, and also with her sister. Her sister was not so interested about it

at all and she hated to wait for the camera to click and always tried ways to escape.

On the other hand, Pinky liked to pose in different styles in the lonesome balcony

hidden by trees and tree shades and seeing this enthusiasm in her, Mommy made

sure she wore different dresses each time and Daddy was always eager to click her

innovative pose.


-----------------------------Pinky in School----------------------------

On one weekend, Mommy and Daddy asked Pinky,”Would you like to be in

school?” Pinky remarked,” What is that?” They said, “It is a place where you

learn new things.” Pinky asked, “Will they let me draw pictures?” Daddy

replied,”Why not? They will even give you free drawing paper, and colored

pencils to color your drawings.” Pinky was over the moon. She excitedly replied,

“Really? I would love to go to school!!”

Then the day arrived. Both Pinky and her sister, ready with their school bags set

out to walk to the school in the vicinity of their area along with their parents. The

family came to the choice of their destination a while later and went inside. All

along, Pinky was walking fast and almost running ahead of her family blissfully.

Soon they met the headmistress of the school, and after her parents talked a while

with the headmistress, Pinky sensed an air of negativity in her surroundings.

Although the headmistress was very cordial towards her, seeing her immense

enthusiasm, Pinky wondered what the problem was. The family was soon heading

towards home. Pinky could not hold her inquisitiveness. She asked, full of sad

curosity, “Didn’t they like me? Why can’t I be in school?” Mommy replied,

“Nothing to worry about. You have to be six before you can get to grade 1.” In

those days, in the area where they lived, there was no kindergarten or playgroup

unlike as they are nowadays. Pinky was extremely disappointed with Mommy’s

answer because it didn’t make sense to her then how age could be a factor.

Years rolled by, with Pinky thoroughly enjoying the parties, festivals, birthdays,

picnics, and simply outside strolls. Yes, now it was the good right time for Pinky to

attend school in grade 1 at age six. While her Dad took her all the way to school


and admitted her and she sat there in the in the classroom, along with a bunch of

little boys and girls, she terribly missed her then best friend, her sister. Her sister

couldn’t be in school yet because she had just turned five. Little was Pinky to

know how much she was going to love her school and what great friends she was

about to make. Yes, the best was yet to come.


-----------------------------Pinky’s New Life---------------------------

As far as her memory goes, the first day at school in grade 1 was all about getting

drawing books, notebooks, colored pencils, crayons and what not!! It was also

about fun games and amusement. The next day began with little bits of science,

math and art. Teachers contributed the lessons in a story tale manner. So Pinky

couldn’t get what she should grab or there were any lessons at all to learn. They

even gave away free textbooks to read which she put inside her bag. She updated

all her story tales to her mom when she got home by school bus. Mommy was

clever to understand what was being taught in school from Pinky’s conversations

with her. A year passed away and Pinky’s mother helped her all along with her

studies, homework and art projects. Daddy also tried to teach her some of the

stuffs. But mom understood that since he was a professor of graduate students at

the university, it was very hard to for him to come down to her little first born’s

level of understanding. He lost patience and scolded her for not catching up with

stuffs. But with mom, Pinky had a great fun way of learning. So Daddy gave the

whole charge of teaching Pinky in grade 1to Mommy. Soon a year passed away,

and she had made two great friends Tania and Shauli. Tania was a bit older and

Pinky relied on her at school since mommy and daddy were not accessible at

school, for answers to questions that cropped up in her mind or getting anything

she needed. She was her best friend and so was Shauli. She was about her age and

the same height but Tania was taller, being older.

Soon it was results time. Pinky asked Mommy for the hundredth time what a result

of the outcome of exams looked like. She explained again patiently about the

gradesheet that would be handed to her and to keep counting with her fingers at


what position number her name would be called. Pinky was very anxious on results

day. Daddy almost expected her to fail since he wasn’t in charge but mommy was.

Now comes the result scenario: the teachers lined up grade1 and grade2 into two

columns. The first person they put in grade 1 line was Pinky. She wondered why?

Probably the teachers liked her as much as she did, she thought. When it was

finally results declaration time, the first name in grade 1they announced to be first

in class was Pinky. Dear reader, do you believe it? There were dozens of smart

older people in her class but she beat them all, coming out on top. It was Pinky’s

jubilant victory. She went excitedly home to tell mommy the big news and later,

her daddy when he was back from the office. Dad wanted partial credit as well and

said,”Afterall, you are Daddy’s daughter!!” And Pinky chuckled in joy.

With Shauli and Tania being great friends at her side, she remained on top of every

class she was promoted to. Her sister also had joined school by now after she

became six. Pinky’s performance was all time remarkable and extraordinary. Her

sister, although, did not perform any less.

Now with so many smart people in the class who always responded to teachers’

questions and comments and could understand every lesson crystal clear within the

classes themselves, how did Pinky always manage to be at the top, she being very

silent, and also very quiet in breaks between classes, only exchanging a few words

with her best friends? She sure was a mystery on everyone’s mind in the class. And

that is the beginning of the real story of “The Mystery Girl”.


----------------------Pinky on Further Education-------------------

Pinky was in the first primary school till grade 3, and her sister till grade 2. Soon

they were both going to another school. And Pinky lost touch with her very best

friends in her life. She had not come across them again nor heard from them till

date. But she made friends in her new school soon. She pinpointed the person she

wanted to be best friend with. Classes began, and Pinky studied hard, and now Dad

helped and boosted her all the way in spite of his impatience and ill temper. It was

not long before her best friend was leaving school, and Pinky cried secretly time

and again but remained composed in front of her. For the rest of the class, she was

once more the mystery girl in everyone’s mind, with her not talking much, but her

grades were always high, and she always managed to remain at the top. After her

best friend in this school left, she really did not have a best friend. Nevertheless,

she worked her way up through the grades and felt kind of lonely though, but that

was overcome in the weekends when it was time to play games with playmates in

her home complex, like hide and seek, skipping, stapoo jumping, catch-catch,

chain-chain. Some weird names of games but they were simple still with some

rules. And they all involved jumping and running which were good for Pinky’s

health and growth.

Pinky remained in the school until grade 8 when Daddy wanted his daughters to

study in a much better school that would prepare them best for O-levels and later

for A-levels. So Pinky and her sister soon found themselves in another school. But

this time Pinky had the challenging moments in her life. She was a mystery girl

alright, and the magazine brought out from her class in grade 10 wrote a small

poem about the class, targeting each and everyone. About Pinky they

wrote,”…….yet she remains a mystery much of which we have failed to fathom.”


Guys knew she was a good girl and a good student but they also wanted to

communicate with her. But Pinky managed to escape everytime. Now why were

her times challenging? Because she couldn’t beat the boys in first and second

positions in her class at all. Either she stood third or fourth. This made her sad,

really, really sad. But Pinky’s sister remained all time topmost and her Olevel and

Alevel results were super duper excellent unlike her. The fact that Pinky was

gloomy and depressed showed on her facial expression all the time, and she was

sunk in low self-esteem and self-pity. She had a best friend, Mou in this school,

and although they spent memorable, good and happy times together, her depression

did not fade, which is probably why her Olevel and Alevel results were affected.

But they weren’t too bad; it was just that they weren’t up to her expectations. Even

Mou did better than her in Olevels, yet worse in Alevels. After this episode of her

life, Pinky rarely got to see Mou. They went in different directions. Later Mou

married and went off for US along with her husband.

Pinky was now in an engineering university. With all the lessons she learnt from

grade 9 till Alevels, she decided to be a happy person and had a burning desire to

make it to the top once more, so that it would make up for her all her previous

griefs and depressions. And boy was she right!! Her changed attitude was the

perfect antidote for her. She helped her classmates and had special friends and with

high and low times, she made it finally to the top, like a princess conquering the


Guys and gals admired her and wanted to be like her; they too studied hard and

graduated with flying colors. In the midst of this, she was still the mystery girl.

“How did she manage it all?” This was their question. But didn’t she just show


them, and didn’t they follow her footprints in the sands of time, making it possible

for them as well? Pinky knew they sure did.


-------------------------Pinky on her Job Career---------------------

Having the best possible results for undergraduate studies, the university was only

happy to take her quickly as the faculty member of the university. Pinky still

remembers the first day she lectured her new students in a lab about algorithms and

programming. She explained as lucidly as possible, and students bombarded her

with questions and she answered them all competently. She came out of the class

as if she were on top of the world. Yes, career as a faculty member proved to be

very successful for her right from the beginning. She loved her students and

students loved her back with respect as well, the right dose for Pinky because she

liked it exactly that way. Every semester she met new students and took

challenging courses, and she succeeded in imparting lectures to the students crystal

clear every time. She became a popular teacher soon. She got her first promotion at

the end of first three years and was she happy!! These moments are those she really

treasures. She celebrated her happiness with her close colleagues.

She thought about going for higher studies abroad, which would help her to get

further promotions and higher status. Accordingly, while she was still teaching, she

applied to several universities in Germany because some male classmates who

lived there encouraged her to go there.


--------------------------Pinky Finally Abroad------------------------

She arrived in Germany finally, with all the help and information of her classmates

living there. Gradually she got familiar with the area. She got acquainted to and fro

from her dorm. She familiarized herself with her university premises. Doing a little

bit of the pending formalities, she was on track soon, attending classes. Her then

best friend lived on the same dorm floor as hers and studied in same program at the

university. And in addition, she had a new deshi classmate, as well, who lived

further away. She didn’t think of switching to his dorm a year later, because she

already felt comfortable with the original one. There were French, German,

American and Indian gals and guys on her dorm floor. By turns, they were treating

eachother menus of their cultures.

And soon it was the Indian guy’s and Pinky’s turn to cook for their floor

dormmates. Pinky’s one dish of potatoes and tomatoes curry with spices was a

huge success. Everybody loved it!! So were roasted chicken legs prepared by her

only, which received similar applause. Pinky couldn’t feel happier giving her

buddies such a great treat.

Back to classes, yes it was a busy time. Lots of projects-both individual and group

ones to implement. And she surpassed all of them diligently, skilfully and

wittingly. She soon had thesis coming over; she got the offer of a trainee for

working on her master’s thesis in a company, which would cover one of its

projects and would pay her well enough, and at the same time, it would serve as

the partial fulfillment of her master’s degree at the university.


Earning her degree, she came back home to serve on her old job again from which

she was on study leave. A year passed and Pinky did not at all think about doing

her PhD. Her friends back then in Germany had told her to continue PhD studies if

she was interested but she had ignored their advice. She had felt homesick and

overwhelmed; so she had returned home happily.

Well, joining her job and getting back to schedule, she somehow formed the desire

to do her PhD. USA proved to be a good option, because when she applied, they

responded positively, giving her I-20 along with teaching assistantship and

doctoral fellowship. Getting US visa was easy for her, the main focus of their

interview being on her research in Germany. After she blurted it all out, she was

given the token for getting the US visa on a specific date. On that very day,