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Dear son,

This is the second book I am writing for you and the generation next, to benefit from. While some of the stories I write in this series were handed down to us by our ancestors I will be adding a few of my own experiences so that the stories and messages reflect the current life scenario.

During travelling, we made it a point to have some discussion or the other on life and events.

During these discussions, we realized that each one of us held divergent views on most topics. That is, we realized the existence of several realities and all of them were valid in one’s own situation. There we learnt to accept the other person’s view without seeing through our own narrow views.

I am sharing with you, , the essence of those discussions along with some stories in this book. Why stories?

We might forget the theme with the passage of time. But stories stick around in the mind for a longer time.

You will do well to share these themes and stories with friends and colleagues whenever you find an occasion.

When you are on a family trip or a holiday with your grand children, make it a point to tell as many themes and stories as they can listen to and internalize.

N Natarajan