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A Collection of Short Stories

Collected and Created By

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad





A Collection of Short Stories

Collected and Created By

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad





Part One

Collected and Created By

Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad

September 2018








An Everlasting Love

The Ride For Love

Love of the Mountain Man

Prom Night of Grandmother

The Monument of Love

A Promise

An Incredibly Inspiring Love

The Voice that Helped

Love of a Pen-Friend

A Loving Gift

Love of a Brother

Travelling for Love

The Inner Beauty

An Accidental Love

A Reformed Father

Unconditional Love

The Meaning of Love

A Special Way to Express Love

A Happy Family Life

Love is the Greatest Remedy in Life

Perfect Love in Old Age

Happy Married Life

Bain Tumour and Love

Tender Loving Care



Usually a short story is fictional work of prose that is shorter in length than a novel. In fact a short story should be read in one sitting. The short stories in this collection are shorter than usual and they lend themselves to experimentation. They may not contain all the five elements of the genre of short stories but they are presenting a specific theme of love.

These stories have been collected and created with a specific aim to let the readers enjoy a particular idea before it gets tedious. The readers are free to imagine and fill in the gaps for all the background information that is missing.

The imagination of the readers is also required for plots and characters so that each story could be understood better.

Enjoy reading because I have enjoyed creating and collecting them.

  1. An Everlasting Love

One day at her work, Amanda received a beautiful flower bouquet. In it, she counted eleven beautiful flowers and found a short note as well. It was written in beautiful lettering and said: “My love for you will last until the day the last flower in this bouquet dies.”

The note was from her husband Albert who had gone on a business trip. Unsure as to what to make of the message, Amanda went home in the evening and soaked the flowers in a vase with clean water. One day after another, the flowers became a little less beautiful until they all died. All but one flower still could be seen in the vase. This was the day when she realized that there was one artificial flower in the bouquet that would last forever.

On Albert’s return Amanda ensured that their love remained eternal and full of meaningful compassionate events every moment of their family life.

  1. The Ride For Love

It is the year 1975, Charlotte, a 19-year-old student of a wealthy English family, travelled to India to get a portrait made by a gifted artist. The artist was born into a poor Indian family living a very modest and simple life. Despite the incredibly difficult circumstances, the artist named Pramod had gained an outstanding reputation for being a gifted painter. His reputation led Charlotte to travel all the way to India to get her portrait done.

By the time the portrait was finished, the two had fallen in love with each other. Pramod was fascinated with Charlotte’s beauty. Never before had he seen a more beautiful woman from the western world. He gave his best to capture all her beauty in the portrait, yet never fully succeeded. Nonetheless, the portrait was magnificent and Charlotte fell for his simplicity and his beautiful character. Because of him, she spontaneously decided to stay longer in India. Out of a couple of days became weeks and then even months. The two had fallen so deeply in love that they decided to get married according to traditional Indian rituals.

Unfortunately, the time came when Charlotte had to leave again in order to complete her studies in London. Thousands of miles separated the two but their feelings for each other never changed. They stayed in contact through letters, which they exchanged almost weekly with each other. Naturally, the newlyweds terribly struggled with the great distance between each other. Charlotte offered her husband to buy him air tickets to travel to join her, which he refused. He had not only decided to complete his studies first, but he had also set his mind on reuniting with the love of his life on his own terms. He even made her the promise that he would do anything he can to see her again.

After Pramod had finished his studies, he took all his possessions and sold them. Unfortunately, the money he earned didn’t even come close to a flight ticket. All he could afford was a cheap and used bicycle. Many would have been greatly disappointed; some would have even given up but not Pramod. Instead of allowing the difficult circumstances to stop him from seeing his beloved wife again, he made the decision to use what he had in order to see her again. Nothing could stop him from reuniting with his wife, even if that meant an exhausting bicycle ride half around the world.

His decision was the beginning of a bicycle journey from India to the Western world. Pramod took all his paintings and brushes along with him in order to financially support his endeavour. His voyage led him through eight countries and took more than four months. Eventually, he arrived at Charlotte’s hometown in England by crossing the English Channel on the ferry. Finally he was able to see her again. From then on, the two never left each other’s side for too long.

3. Love of the

Mountain Man

There are people who say love can move mountains. This might not be physically possible, but Dashrath, also known as the ‘Mountain Man’, came quite close. In one day of his life, his wife fell while crossing a nearby hill and hurt herself seriously. She needed quick medical assistance, but that wasn’t possible due to the hill that isolated their small village from the next town where an appropriate medical facility was plausible. Tragically enough, his wife died from the serious injuries before Dashrath could do anything about it. It was the night when Dashrath decided to carve a small path through the mountain in order to give his village easier access to medical assistance.

It was an ambitious plan and he was heavily ridiculed for it. However, after working for twenty long years with the greatest determination and willpower, a path was carved into the hill. Even though he was initially mocked and ridiculed for his mission to give his hometown easier access to the nearby town, he finally succeeded.

His life’s work helped to reduce the distance between the two towns from fifty five km to only five km, so that never again such a tragic thing would happen to anyone. Thus he gave a lot of meaning to the positive power of possibility thinking to the world.

When faced with a mountain of difficulties people have many choices. They can go over the mountain. They can go under the mountain by digging a tunnel or they can go the long way to either the right or left of the mountain or just stand there until the mountain moves and makes way for them to proceed.


When faced with a mountain, I will not quit!

I will

• keep on striving until I climb over,
• find a pass through,
• tunnel underneath, or
• simply stay there and turn the mountain into a gold mine,

I will do these with God's help!

  1. Prom Night of the Grandmother

Alex and his grandmother Mary always had a unique bond with each other. He would spend hours with her, listening to his grandmother’s stories of a lifetime. She once told him that she had met his grandfather a long time after graduating from high school. This was also the reason why she was never asked out to go to a prom.

When the day of Alex’s prom had arrived, his grandmother was so excited for him. She had watched him save money for months so that he could afford a tuxedo and even a limousine. His grandmother eagerly waited to find out who Alex would be taking to the prom.

It was the evening of Alex’s prom function and to Mary’s great surprise, Alex told her that he would be taking her to the prom. He told her that every woman deserves to go to prom, no matter if they are 18 or 80.

“Grandmother, you are so special and I would love it if you accompanied me to my prom.”

  1. The Monument of Love

The story of the building of the second Taj Mahal began when Faizul Hasan and his wife Tajmun Begum realized that their marriage will remain childless. It was a very sad and difficult situation, especially for Tajmun who began to question whether anyone would ever remember her after her death.

Moved by his saddened wife, Faizul decided to erect for her a monument so that his beautiful wife could be remembered for centuries. His decision marked the beginning of the construction of a scaled-down replica of the famous Indian monument, the Taj Mahal of


It has now become a location that attracts many tourists each year. It was constructed in Faizal’s yard in Mumbai in 2002. It is the love home of Faizal and Tajmun and is known as The Second Taj Mahal. Both Faizal and Tajmun are very proud of their monument of love.

  1. A Promise

When Susan saw Matt, a weightlifter, during a contest on TV, she immediately became interested in him. She was so determined to meet the athlete that she kept asking the TV commentators for his contact details for so long until they finally gave in. Once she had his email address, she contacted him and they both agreed to meet each other. It was love at first sight and the two married not long after meeting for the first time.

The young weightlifter moved for his wife to Germany and applied for the German citizenship. He was so in love with her that he also promised her that he would one day bring her an Olympic medal. Matt was determined to live up to his promise, but things came differently. In 2007, his beautiful wife Susan died in a car accident. It was an unimaginable tragedy for the young man. But he remembered what he had promised his wife. It was the promise that kept him going through this difficult time. He became so determined that he was finally selected to become part of the German Olympic team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

During the contest, Matt was faced with incredibly challenging competitors. He had three weightlifting attempts but failed in two. Seeing his chances of ever reaching the podium diminishing, he put everything he had left into the third and final attempt. And as luck would have it, he managed to lift the incredibly heavy weight, which won him the Olympic gold medal. The scene when he was awarded the medal was broadcasted to millions of viewers all around the world and Matt simply couldn’t help himself but broke out into tears while holding a picture of his wife into the cameras.

He had fulfilled his promise to his wife Susan.


  1. Incredibly Inspiring Love

In 2012, bomb disposal expert Allan Morris was severely injured after the explosion of an improvised bomb in Afghanistan. The explosion took all his limbs and changed the life of the 23year-old US military soldier forever. While recovering from the injuries in hospital, Allan was confronted with the painful realization that his limbs had gone. He also had to face the fact that he would be dependent on assistance for the rest of his life. It was an incredibly difficult situation not only for him but also his family and especially his long-term girlfriend Janet. But instead of ever giving him up, Janet became Allan’s pillar in life. She helped him recover and took care of him during this incredibly challenging time.

Janet played an important role in Allan’s quick recovery. She never went away from his side and assisted him greatly when he learned to walk again with his new prosthetic limbs. After Allan had recovered, he proposed to his beloved girlfriend and they got married. It is a beautiful ending of an incredibly inspiring love story that shows that nothing can ever stand inbetween two people who really love each other.

  1. The Voice That Helped

When Richard’s wife had a car accident, she was so injured that she fell into a coma. Years passed but Richard did not stop visiting his wife at the hospital. Even though almost everyone – including the doctors – had given up hope, he remained faithful that she would one day recover. Every time he visited her, he began talking to her, recounting all those beautiful moments they spend with each other.

One day, when he showed her the video of their wedding day, she slowly began to move her hand. She whispered his name and began gaining consciousness. Several weeks after she had woken up, she had fully recovered and was finally allowed to leave the hospital for good. When the couple left, she told Richard that she heard his voice while she was in a coma and that it was his voice that was the greatest aid in helping her to return to consciousness.

  1. Love of a Pen Friend

In 1907, Elliott moved from his hometown in Jamaica to New York City. The migration wasn’t easy for the young man and he became terribly homesick. He missed his hometown and the company of his friends. In order to distract himself, Elliott began searching for a potential pen-friend from his homeland. He found a woman called Jacinta from the Caribbean who was interested in establishing a correspondence with him.

The two slowly got to know each other, with one letter after the other. One year later, the two had fallen in love with each other, without having ever met. Seven years later, Elliott and Jacinta met for the first time. It was the day before their wedding, as Elliott had proposed to her shortly before. The two married and had six children.

  1. A Loving Gift

When James was diagnosed with melanoma, he had only been given six weeks left to live. It was a shocking diagnosis but James decided to use the time he had left to make all the necessary arrangements for his wife Carmen, with whom he had been married for thirty years. He cashed out his pension and used the money to pay off the house they were living in. The second step was to arrange a trip for his wife Carmen and the rest of the family to Italy. When they visited a specific church in Venice, a priest was already waiting for the couple. It was in this church that James’ parents had married more than fifty years ago. On that day, James and Carmen renewed their wedding vows and had the most beautiful day.

After James had died, his wife Carmen discovered that he hid hundreds of Post-it notes around the entire house, shortly before he died. Throughout the course of many months, she found one note after another. The notes were extremely beautiful and very personal statements that meant to encourage Carmen in the difficult time. But James also reminded his wife in these statements to fully enjoy every aspect of life, to sell his car and to move on with her life. It was the most heartwarming farewell gift one could ever imagine.

  1. Love of a Brother

When a surgeon operated a little girl, complications started to arise. She lost a lot of blood and was in need of blood transfusion. However, she had blood type O, which wasn’t available in the hospital. The surgeon, therefore, asked the girl’s little brother, who was an O-type as well, if they could draw blood from him. He explained that it was incredibly important and a matter of life and death.

The young boy, seemingly afraid, sat a couple of moments in silence until he finally agreed. He got up and hugged his parents, wishing them goodbye. After the nurses had taken the blood from him, he whispered anxiously if they knew how many minutes he had left to live. He was absolutely convinced that he was going to die so that his sister could live. And he was willing to do so. When the nurses realized that the young boy thought he was going to die, they cheered him up and explained to him that he had many wonderful and joyful decades left to live. He lived long enough to see his sister enjoy rest of her life.

  1. Travelling For Love

When a young student of a Catholic Church asked her teacher about the reasons why she decided to become a religious nun or a sister, her teacher told her a heart-warming love story. Many years ago, when she was at a similar age, the teacher Miss Patterson fell in love with a young man who was from a wealthy family.

The two began seeing each other and quickly developed a deep connection with each other. Unfortunately, the young man’s family was not at all in agreement with the relationship. They even threatened to enrol their son at a university overseas and far away. As Miss Patterson came from a poor background, she couldn’t possibly have afforded to go with him at that time. This meant that if they wanted to continue the relationship, they would be separated from each other whether they wanted it or not.

But they both had fallen so much in love with each other that ending the relationship – no matter in what way – was not an option. For this reason, they decided to run away. In great secrecy, they planned their escape and set these plans into action when the young man’s family finally found out about it. But instead of quickly returning to their home after running away, the two never went back.

They joined the church, took holy orders and began travelling the world for various humanitarian missions. The two of them spent forty years travelling and even got married, shortly before the man’s life came to an end.


  1. The Inner Beauty

David was a make-up artist who regularly held makeup artistry classes at the local community college. Usually, the majority of his students were middle-aged housewives who wanted to fine-tune their makeup skills. But this one time, he held a class that was attended by man as well. The new student was a gentleman in his best years with a seemingly boundless interest in makeup artistry. He was keen to learn as much as he possibly could and wouldn’t stop until he was satisfied with the result of his work.

Understandably, the man was the number one subject of conversation when the other women were alone. Speculations quickly started to spread. Was he perhaps a transvestite? Why else would he attend such a class? The community college was placed in a conservative rural area, which is why the other participants were quite doubtful of the man’s intentions.

Throughout the lessons, the man carefully listened and wrote everything down he learned. When the day and class were slowly coming to an end, the outer attendees simply could not hide their curiosity any longer. When they finally asked him why he was so interested in makeup artistry, he gave the most inspiring beautiful reply:

He said, “You know, my beloved wife partially lost her eyesight because of diabetes. She is no longer able to apply her makeup. I think she is absolutely beautiful, even more so without makeup. She knows this and I tell her every day. But the thing is this that she simply feels uncomfortable leaving the home without makeup. She never went outside without wearing any makeup-up. Seeing the love of my life like this makes me really sad. So I decided to take this course to surprise her. I do not only want to learn how to apply her makeup; I want her to wear the most beautiful make-up so her inner beauty also shines on the outside.”

  1. An Accidental Love

When Sonya was driving her daughter to school, she was a witness to a shocking car crash. The accident was pretty serious, so she got out of her car in order to see if she could help. There were two

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