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???About the author???

?who is Sam Khan?

Hi, I am Sam Khan you can also call me a writer or blogger who wants to explore the world as an artist.I am a day-dreamer who always thinks and acts weirdly in order to live differently in this world or in a world that I keep building everyday for myself.My real name is Sameer.You must be wondering about the what kind of degree level I reached yet in my life?

But I as an author believe that the degree doesn’t matter, all that matter is the skill that you have.Your skills separates you from the herd not the degrees.I won’t disclose what kind of degree I have but it’s a fact that I got skills :)

If you have more questions then you can mail me or call me personally.I will be there always for you!


Contact at , +919717382699


I am glad that you are reading this book and before going through this book I wanna let

you know two things that every reader

should know:

First thing I wanna say is ‘thank you for

buying this book’.

The second thing is:

As you know this is my first fictional

book.So, if you find that I have done

something wrong in this book then feel free

to share the fault with me so that it won’t happen later in the future again.



Help, Please, Help!

I was there on the ground with a headache

and the blood was moving out of my hands

due to cut of blades.Now you must be

wondering who the hell am I? My name is

Aryan.I am a 30-year-old married guy who

was extremely confused about whatever

happened.I don't know who did this to me

and why, but believe me my headache was

distressing me at the extreme level.

So, as I looked around, I found a cell phone

which was actual y not mine but I believed

that it was the only source that can help

me to know how and why I was there on the ground with this much harm.

There's a voice cal for me on that cell phone

but the voice wasn't recognizable

Criminal's Voice: Never forget those people

who always care for you! maybe you don't

know who am I, but I know who you are so

if you want to keep you and your family safe

then do as I say.Get up and start moving


suddenly, I got a threatening message, I felt

that I was going to die that day.But, the

headache was already kil ing me.

So, the message was: If you want each and

every single member of your family alive then

reach airport and head to the Berlin.You

wil see a man out there with a red jacket and red rose, he wil give you the rest of


As I stepped out of that room, I looked

around and got to know that it was 4:00

am.Everything seems very disastrous and

horrible.There’s no one on the road and the

criminals already directed me to reach

airport before 6:00 am, the road was a mile

away from me and there’s no vehicle.It was

a chal enge for me.I was completely

desperate and my mind wasn’t working

properly so, I was running on the road

recklessly while crying out loudly



Please help!

While running, I saw a car.I don’t believe

that it was my luck because whatever was

happening with me did not belong to any

luck thing.

But stil , I had to run after that car

because the car was moving slowly.

I managed to get that car but later I

realized that it wasn’t a good idea.

Do you know why?

Because as I got there.The strange driver

was driving slowly and steadily.

I don’t wanna say this, but the strange

driver was fucking crazy.

While driving, he told me everything about

his family, and of course, I remember every

single word that he said to me right

there.He told me that there are 4 members

in my house, me, my wife, and my two sons.I

have one son just like you and the other one

is at the age of 18.My elder son is more

obedient than the younger one and I think

that he is hiding something from me?

I asked him what?

He replied ‘I think he is taking drugs’

I thought in my mind how the hell am I

supposed to answer his problems?

That moment was very irritating!

But I found a trick that helped me to hold

the conversation slow and steady like his

car.That time, I wasn't in a mood to chit

chat with someone who I actual y don't

know because my family was captured by

someone whom I didn’t even know about?

The dirtiest thing about this driver was, he

keeps asking me loudly


And every time I reply him ‘it can be’

Because that’s the only thing which could

hold that conversation.

That driver doesn't know what I have been

going through and if I shouted at him, he

wil definitely pul me out of his car, so the

only thing that I could do at that time was

just to sit and listen to his freaking things.

Final y, I took a deep breath because luckily

I reached the airport.As I stepped out of

that car, I saw a big watch in front of me

on the wal which was showing me the time 5:55 am and the date 14th December


I met a man with a red rose having a red

envelope and a book (Children of the Dark,

by Jonathan Janz ). Whatever had been

going with me seems very horrible.I don't

know what that red envelope, red rose, and

horror book meant to be, but al that I

cared about is my family, they were in

extreme danger.

So, after opening that red envelope I found

that there's a ticket to Berlin and a letter

that was very threatening

the letter was:

I know you but I am sure that you don't even remember me who am I.If you want to

keep your wife and two little children safe

then take that ticket and reach Berlin, you

wil get answers to al of your problems.

What are you thinking? go ahead, I don't

think you have more time to think.

But first, before reaching there! you need to

take some precautions. this information

should not be leaked.Otherwise, you wil lose

al of your family members.

I hope you know what am I talking about!


So, the only option that I had at that time

is to take that flight.My heart was beating

fastly and I wasn't in a situation where I

could possibly think properly and went

through that loop.

I took that flight and I suffered for 10

hours to reach Berlin.

That 10 hours felt like the eternity, I was

very mental y disturbed.

So, in order to keep myself focused, I was

reading that book given by the criminals

it's my hobby and I usual y read books, at

the worst moment of my life.

So, I started reading slowly so that I can

easily suffer through those 10 hours!

I spend most of the time looking at that

book like an idiot.

I can't tel you how the hell I managed

those 10 hours but the only thing I wanted

to do is to cal police after reaching Berlin so that I can set free my wife and children

from that crapy kidnapper.

Final y, I reached Berlin and after getting

out of that monstrous airport, I looked

around to see what kind of place that was

because I had never been to there before

but the first thing I wanted to do is to cal

the police but there was a problem, I didn't

know police's phone number, so there was a

beggar who luckily told me the phone number

of the police is '110'. As I cal ed the police

and before letting them utter a word, I

spoke in a flash and told them everything

about my situation.

Here lies another mistake that I

made.Suddenly, two bikers riding towards me

snatched my phone away.I run after those

two guys but they managed to escape

because I was hit by a car, I was there on

the floor and everything becomes so blur

and I got fainted.I was extremely injured,

but thankful y I was alive.

I opened my eyes and I saw that a doctor

was asking me 'how are you feeling now' my


In the past 12 hours, at least there was

someone, who talked to me politely.

I told him I am good.

Suddenly, I remembered what was I doing?

Ohh shit!

I told the doctor politely please let me go out of this hospital.It's an emergency.

He and other members of the hospital tried

to stop me but unwil ingly, I had to hurt

that doctor, I attacked his head and he

started bleeding and this was the only

chance that I got to move out of that

freaking hospital.While running, I reached

Prinzessinnengärten garden and completely

managed to evade them.

My life came to naught ( everything spoiled )

and I was there sitting alone in the garden,

no one was there to help me.I felt very


Suddenly, a man turns out from the bushes

giving me a phone.

I asked him 'who are you?'

he replied 'your misery'

I tried to threaten him by holding his col ar

in my bare hands asking who the hell are

you? and why are you doing this to me? but

he smiled at me and punched right there in

my face.


I was there on the ground and I got fainted

again, due to weakness, I hadn't eaten

something for so long.

A lady helped me and I woke up after a long


So, another splash of water that helped me

to wake up.That girl told me that your

phone is ringing.I stood up and grabbed

that phone, thanked her, and started

moving away from that place.

I picked up the phone cal and whatever had

happened to me after picking up that cal is

real y miserable that I won't forget until the

last breath of my life.

the kidnapper replied ' I kil ed your elder son

Aran and If you think that you can take

the help of the police then think twice

before doing it again!'

I replied ' what? are you kidding me?




You are lying to me, it's not true.

criminal replied 'you can see yourself on your phone.'

he sent me the image of my child, in which

he was lying dead on the floor with the red

stamps of blood al over his body.

I cried out loudly after watching that


Nooooooooooooooo! ! !

the phone rang again.

I picked up the phone and said

(aggressively) 'you creepy lady, what do you

want from me?'

and she replied (aggressively) if you want

your remaining members of the family safe

then do as I direct you okay and next time

think twice before speaking those dirty words.

She instructed me to reach forum factory

and told me to wait there so that her men

can get me.

I wait there while feeling al the guilt in my

heart.I had been going through too much

pain that I have never experienced in my life


so, final y, her men reached there.

both of them were black guys and looked like

a bouncer.They asked me, are you Aryan?

I replied 'yes'

they said 'you have to come with us'

I replied 'I know idiots'

I have no option so I went with them.

It took me 2 hours to reach the

destination.Final y, they took me to an

unknown cafe and that was actual y empty

and nobody was there.They pushed me in,

from the front gate and went away.

As I stepped into that cafe.I smelled the

fragrance of a very known perfume that I

smel ed before but stil , I don't remember

who used to use that perfume.

Suddenly, a voice is coming through the

speakers 'welcome Aryan! save your family if

you can, they are upstairs ( laughing loudly )

I ran upstairs and that moment everything

just stopped and I thanked God


The guilt I had been feeling went away!

my elder son was there and he wasn't

actual y dead and everyone is fine.It was a

trap for me.Al of my family members were

arranged in a manner if one bomb blows

away then the other ones wil definitely blow

up.I had no idea how I can release them

from that trap.

It was actual y a very difficult moment for

me, but as you know, according to old

sayings, you can't get everything.So, that

criminal too, wasn't able to manage

everything because I already arranged

something that made me win this losing


A coincidence happened to me that turned

the whole game.

As you know, the criminal instructed me to reach the forum factory so while reaching

to forum factory I saw that an old friend is

coming through my way and it was my luck

that he was right there.

I have an old friend from the school time,

his name is Aban.We studied together at a

col ege.We were best friends.He is an army

guy and I wanted to go in the army too, but

my physical condition wasn't good at that

time so that's why they refused to accept me

and now I am a blogger who works online

24*7 to earn a ful -time income.Now, here

comes the main twist.When I was trying to

reach forum factory and then suddenly that

old friend was coming from the front-side

having a smile on his face.He said ' hey!

Aryan what's up man? where have you been


I said ' I am stil in India but someone got

me here'

he said ' what do you mean?'

I said ' actual y, there's a problem.I told him

everything that had happened to me

yet.Final y, I asked him for help.

He was wearing a wristband and he gave me

that wristband, that was actual y very

helpful because it was built with a locating

chip that usual y helps soldiers to track

each other.So, back to that moment, my

family members were arranged to a bomb

mechanism and I was completely sure that I

can't set them free with my bare hands but then I touched that wristband button

because I believed that there was nothing

that I could do except this!

The timing was set to 5:00 minutes and I

was waiting there for an action because I

believed that Aban won't left me alone.

Again, I heard the voice, you al wil be dead

soon.I shouted why are you doing this to

me? I was completely trapped in that

moment and I couldn't do anything so as

time kept going on and when the only four

minutes were left, I heard some noise from

the outside and there was my bestie, Aban!

He and his team breached into that cafe

and covered every area of the cafe.

Final y, the bomb squad team arrived when only 1 minute was left.I cried loudly SAVE


My heartbeats were running too fast and I

was listening every single heartbeat of my

heart.Final y, after praying for so long, It

took them 49 seconds to defuse that bomb

and I took a deep breath of relaxation.

On the other hand.Aban and his team were

finding the real culprit who did this!

They dig into every place.

Final y, they arrested the real culprit from

the basement.

There was a girl who was actual y using a

professional voice changer with the CCTV

cameras set up.

I was standing there with an act of

prostration ( extreme physical weakness or

emotional exhaustion )

Aban asked me ' Do you know her, buddy?'

My feets were under landslides

I replied ' yes '

There was a beautiful girl Rozee that I loved

10 years ago and I was going to get married

to her but something's happened that

couldn't let that wedding going on.She got

into an accident and went to the I.C.U.So,

I waited one year for her but her condition wasn't that good.There was no option for

me and I moved on and got married 9 years

ago to another beautiful girl who is my wife

now.Her name is 'Vanessa'.

I asked Rozee,


she replied ( smiling ) ' you cheated me?'

didn't you?'

I replied (aggressively) ' you didn't have to do

this with me, now stay in prison forever'

I wasn't able to accept the truth that she

did this to me.

Me, my family, and my friend Aban were

offered to stay in Aban's mansion and I

believed that it was the safest place for me so I went there with my family.

But wait! what about Rozee?

She was in prison until death, but after

some time, I get to know that her mental

condition wasn't good actual y.

So, for humanity, I went there with my

friend Aban and I talked to her politely.This

time, she becomes so much psychopathic

than before and I believe that it was

happened due to her accident that

happened 10 years ago.

After looking at Rozee's condition I

requested Aban for her treatment.

After some time they set her free after a long treatment and now she's fine and living

her life peaceful y.

And me, I love my family more than before

now because we don't care about things

that we have but I realized that how special

my family is :)

I also told my friend Aban to keep an eye on

her so that something like this won't happen


I don't know if that was my mistake, I

didn't get married to her due to her accident

but I believe that it was the right thing

that I did because sometimes we have to

move on in order to grow.

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