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From Colored To Negro To Black




History can be very exciting and an excellent learning tool for many. However history cannot be fully understood unless examined through the eyes of those who were most affected by the series of events being studied.  This book attempts to look at the history of the United States from approximately 1920s through the early 80s. It does not try to identify and quantify each historical happening but instead only uses major historical events to show how they affected the lives of two Black Women who lived during the 20th century. While the characters are completely fictional, they do represent a cross section of Black Women who survived a time of change for the United States.


This book gives an insight into events that changed the lives of many. It does not attempt to promote any one idea or philosophy but instead again is written as a cross section of experiences. It is hoped that the book will provide an opportunity for the reader to re-think their thoughts of those years. If one is old enough, maybe the reader can remember where they were at the time of some of these historical events. If the reader is younger, maybe the reader will be able to better understand the decisions that were made by many.


History is important but we must learn from it. History is not just events but it is real people who succeed regardless of the circumstances presented.